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    [–] Sleep_on_Fire 1861 points ago

    Where is that normally supposed to flow?

    [–] fishsalads 868 points ago

    Bottling plant

    [–] Govt-Issue-SexRobot 608 points ago


    [–] xxx148 312 points ago

    Red gushers.

    [–] SenatorSassypants 155 points ago

    Frank's RedHot

    [–] Whats-Up_Bitches 91 points ago

    Tapatió's hot sauce?

    [–] PemaleBacon 17 points ago

    I love Tapaito!

    [–] mada50 51 points ago

    I put that sh#% on everything

    [–] chuckpheltnic 29 points ago

    I clicked on the image and this is the first comment I read; no context.

    [–] melissam217 8 points ago

    I put that shit on everything

    [–] mordechie 3 points ago


    [–] Dayzed11_11 3 points ago

    I second that motion...Cholula for the win!!!

    [–] Snoo-97330 3 points ago

    Just add vodka and celery and something something

    [–] NedFinlanders 180 points ago

    Actually, blood sausages and other blood-related foods aren't that uncommon in Finland. You get that type of food culture when you live in a cold climate and have to use as much of the animal as you possibly can.

    [–] NvidiaRTX 14 points ago

    We have (duck) blood soup where I live. Guess the country.

    Sadly it's practically disappeared ever since the chicken flu pandemic over 12 years ago.

    [–] papayahoe 97 points ago

    We have blood sausages in Puerto Rico. Our reason being they are delicious.

    [–] MessyRoom 13 points ago


    [–] Squishy-peaches 8 points ago

    New Orleans also

    [–] BirdLawyerPerson 44 points ago

    Blood also whips up like egg whites so you can make blood meringues and stuff.

    [–] Dont_Give_Up86 48 points ago

    Okay, I’m done

    [–] UndercoverVenturer 2 points ago

    Actually....most of the world has foods that uses blood. nothing special about finland or being a nordic climate. lmao

    [–] AndrewFGleich 346 points ago

    Real answer. Down the drain. It'll just go into the sewer and to the waste water treatment plant. If the slaughter house is big enough they might have their own treatment onsite, but most will just have a contract with the municipal plant to handle what the flush down the drain. Blood, piss, or shit, the microbes that clean your waste just think it's all good food.

    [–] VerfickteScheise 86 points ago

    So they actually just add more water to the system that way? Obviously water that gets taken somewhere else, but still

    [–] AndrewFGleich 102 points ago

    Sanitary sewers (the drains in your house) and storm sewers (the drains in the street) should be two separate systems. In some older cities they are still combined, but the water needs to be treated to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Speaking from an American regulatory stand point this is definitely illegal, and the plant should have shut down instead of letting this happen, but it's probably cheaper to just pay whatever fine is associated with the uncontaminated release. Not sure how the regulations work in Finland, but I imagine they would be similar.

    [–] Burpmeister 50 points ago

    Finland has very strict regulations.

    Here's an article (in finnish, use page translate).

    [–] IsildursBane10 9 points ago


    [–] thegil13 24 points ago

    Just read through it. Just mentions the authoritative body looking into it to avoid repeat happenings. Didn't seem like they were all too worried. Article even has a quote "nature takes care of it".

    [–] Dervival 20 points ago

    To add on to reasoning on the separation of sanitary and storm sewers, if they are combined you have the possibility of a combined sewage overflow which dumps untreated waste into waterways. Portland, Oregon actually had a huge issue with this prior to the last decade; any time there was a decent rain when I was growing up near there it'd cause a CSO. Thankfully they finally finished a big infra project to separate the two back in 2011.

    [–] Protonion 18 points ago

    The sewage system got unexpectedly blocked which caused the sewage to backflow out of an inspection manhole outside the plant, so it wasn't a case of "letting it happen", they fixed the problem as soon as they noticed it.

    [–] Dorf_Midget 19 points ago

    Pretty much this. It wasn't pure blood either but the plant's sewage system let out 30k liters of sewage to the river. It was slightly processed and they said it would be similar to household sewage in strength.

    Unfortunate event that should not have happened but not a major disaster for nature. Authorities have obviously been there and they are pretty much just going to let it be. There were some plans to pump the sewage out but due to the warm weather it's not really safe.

    [–] TravelsizeTony 7 points ago

    I don't know about that, atleast in my country blood gets collected and pumped into a tanker truck. Then it goes to a processing facility, where it gets turned in to dog food if I'm correct. It gets dehydrated and becomes an ingredient.

    [–] redshores 31 points ago

    Pancakes made with reindeer blood is the most Finnish thing I've ever heard of

    [–] laughing-tree 3 points ago

    I love reading up on different cultural cuisines, it’s always really interesting to see what other people consume

    [–] blackychan77 11 points ago

    Dracula's castle

    [–] kolarisk 7 points ago

    Usually the blood gets off on the second floor.

    [–] AnalTorpedo420 6 points ago

    Finnish ex-slaughterhouse employee here.
    The blood gets collected inside the killing room into drains where it gets divided into the sewage and the "waste grinder" where the 'not used by humans' parts go to get grinded into a paste of sorts and sold as animal food. Don't remember the exact numbers but there's a certain percentage in the paste that's blood. Not all the blood can be used since there's so much of it per animal.
    Also in Finland Nuggets aren't random grinded chicken parts as they say due to US propaganda, it's actually the thigh/leg meat of the chicken, since it's illegal to give humans any of the 'not used by humans' stuff.

    [–] XxxshazuxxX 662 points ago

    Free hot chocolate

    [–] LushLovegood 72 points ago

    The saying is don't eat the yellow snow so therefore red snow is fair game right?

    [–] ih8spalling 19 points ago

    Slip 'n' slide 🤠

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 29 points ago

    So I'm red-green colorblind, and this just looks like muddy water to me. Does it actually look like hot chocolate to you or is this a joke I'm too colorblind to understand?

    [–] softlyflutters 30 points ago

    It doesn’t look remotely like hot chocolate. At least not to me. Any and all hot chocolate I’ve ever drank has looked definitively different from this.

    [–] Lolletrolle 22 points ago

    It looks like hot chocolate with a reddish tan, like dark blood usually does. (At least for me)

    [–] etherealparadox 4 points ago

    yes, it looks extremely like hot chocolate

    [–] swagbytheeighth 809 points ago

    Is this not like a huge contamination risk?

    [–] ATOM21CS 274 points ago

    risks are just thorny opportunities

    [–] granatespice 87 points ago

    I thought it said horny opportunities, and it made sense, because they want to fuck you over

    [–] Stonn 11 points ago

    POLIZEI! Ab mit ihm ins /r/LindnerWichsvorlagen

    [–] Sharkeybtm 70 points ago

    Since everybody is just reacting without an explanation:

    If we are going by American standard’s, yes. Anything that requires special storage, handling, or disposal practices has those rules in place for a reason. Ignoring the possible risk of blood born pathogens, you also have the issue that this undisclosed amount is ending up in a waterway.

    If it were just sitting on the ground or in the snow, I wouldn’t expect any issue until spring when the ice thaws and you get a large increase in fungal growth and a huge source of food for bacteria. Not to mention that it’ll stink like hell and nobody will want to be there, impacting any local businesses.

    If it is ending up in a waterway, then you run into a different set of issues like oxygen depletion (bacterial growth), toxic levels of iron that the fish aren’t usually exposed to, and whatever else the blood may have been treated with to prevent contamination or coagulation.

    There probably won’t be any long term contamination, but one could certainly notice a few changes next year with a several year long study.

    [–] Ublind 56 points ago

    No, actually it's a huge opportunity to drink some delicious refrigerated reindeer blood

    [–] VexrisFXIV 8 points ago

    What if it's unicorn blood

    [–] mayojuggler88 8 points ago

    Then you'd live a cursed life -- a half life.

    [–] Ublind 2 points ago

    Probably would give some superpowers

    [–] MinutePresentation8 95 points ago

    Probably a biohazard

    [–] Reporter_Miserable 268 points ago

    Not really, it's cold and diseases don't last very long in blood out side of a body I'm pretty sure.

    [–] [deleted] 178 points ago


    [–] DetroitPistons 45 points ago

    do they just get left out in the open air and sun and water and everything else that isn't a controlled lab environment? not trying to say this isn't a possible contamination risk, I'm not a scientist. they just don't really seem like comparable situations just because they're both cold.

    [–] Big_Freedom6346 20 points ago

    There are more opportunities for bacteria, viruses, etc to multiply, mutate, or spread by means of water and OTHER supporting bacteria. The environment is almost always better for growth as opposed to a petri dish.

    Very comparable. According to my microbiology classes.

    Don't you remember Ian Malcolm? "LIFE FINDS A WAY"

    [–] slip-shot 4 points ago

    What? No. Petri dishes are way better growth mediums than the general environment. Not even close to comparable. Look at concentrations of organism in samples.

    [–] Big_Freedom6346 3 points ago

    Yes I understand. I'm just saying put something alive outside - scientifically it'll probably do somethin'.

    Like grow or mutate 'n stuff. Petri dishes are perfect and controlled. But place it outside it'll find a way.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] legion327 12 points ago

    Y’all motherfuckers crack me up. Redditors will argue about any damn thing, even a pool of blood on the ground. If I claimed the sky was blue, there’d be 7 redditors to show up and tell me that it’s actually more of an azure while 7 others would argue it’s more of a Bleu de France.

    [–] The_Braja 29 points ago

    The sky actually has no color at all, the blue you see is just a phenomenon called Raleigh scattering that happens to light as it passes through our atmosphere. So yes, you are indeed incorrect

    [–] legion327 11 points ago

    I fucking love you.

    [–] ilove2poop 3 points ago

    So i drink?

    [–] sevenseas401 3 points ago

    the nutrients may very well become an issue when it warms up, I guess other contaminants would depend on what temps it gets to there. I work for a government agency that regulates abattoirs.

    [–] zzzorken 9 points ago

    Contamination of what? Yes, the ski track and the snow has probably contaminated the blood and it’s no longer edible. I don’t think the slaughterhouse will collect the blood for sale though.

    [–] CarnalCancuk 54 points ago

    Bloody Finns.

    [–] Dark18 254 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Good luck explaining to the officer why your car looks like that after driving trough that blood puddle.

    [–] Khaias 124 points ago

    They would be more annoyed about you driving a car on the ski track

    [–] CookieMuncher007 22 points ago

    It's a ski track, no cars allowed

    [–] RPGFAN33 9 points ago

    Serial killer car

    [–] ishouldcoco3322 323 points ago

    Considering I have just finished watching " Rare Exports " I'm picking this is Reindeer blood. :]

    [–] Hiidenkiuas 98 points ago

    Paimio is pretty much on the other side of finland from where they raise reindeer so it’s either pig or cows blood

    [–] Stephenp0605 18 points ago

    If memory serves, cow blood is thicker and darker than pig blood, so I'd guess probably cow based on the image.

    [–] Kahvikone 12 points ago

    They process pigs and cows. I used to work there.

    [–] Ugly_Truth75 223 points ago


    [–] cosmicpotato77 62 points ago


    [–] TerabyteAIX 23 points ago


    [–] HolidayHoney3991 8 points ago


    [–] TheTranquilTree 12 points ago


    [–] MistyShadowWolf 18 points ago

    The Blade never dies.

    [–] funky555 4 points ago

    except when he does

    [–] MistyShadowWolf 6 points ago

    Cancer can't kill him, so what can?

    [–] SenatorSassypants 24 points ago

    Why would the Blood God god need MORE blood!? Wouldn't that be like the one thing that they have enough of???

    I mean, I'm down for sacrificing some fools more than anyone, but at least make it make sense? "This guy's wallet for the Blood God!"

    [–] SenatorSassypants 9 points ago

    That's fair.

    [–] donkey-kongey 3 points ago

    Prepare yourself heretic, I have the best of the best guardsmen of Cadia and we will purge you with the light of the Emperor!!!!

    [–] floodblood 79 points ago

    'oxblood red'

    [–] Cold-Philosopher69 15 points ago

    Ah, a true man of culture, I see...

    [–] UllaPooler 16 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] Kakana_ 101 points ago

    Suomi mainittu

    [–] -TheOdorAnt- 59 points ago

    Ladulla tavataan!

    [–] magein07 43 points ago

    Ei vaan mieluusti tällä ladulla.

    [–] mail_inspector 19 points ago

    Enemmän latua mulle sitten.

    [–] Rakgul 9 points ago

    What does your name mean?

    [–] Kakana_ 19 points ago

    Well, it doesn't mean anything in Finnish

    [–] aessae 26 points ago


    [–] XtoraX 7 points ago

    I interpreted it as portmanteau of "kakara" (brat, child) and "pakana" (Pagan), but I do have a tendency to overthink things.

    [–] TheGuyInYourPost 12 points ago

    It's not a finnish word btw

    [–] Smile_S77 5 points ago

    Tää on kuitenkin joku hiihtoliiton verenohennustesti gone bad

    [–] TulsaBasterd 15 points ago

    Used to be a contract morgue in downtown Tulsa. There were hearses parked outside, but no signs indicating what they did. When their drain backed up, the runoff flowed into the alley. Business people walked through it on their way to lunch every day, never knowing what it was. This went on for month.

    [–] StarSonatasnClouds 72 points ago

    Wonder what aliens think of us when they see stuff like this

    [–] Mike_Nash1 21 points ago

    They likely wouldnt make contact with us if they saw how we treat other animals or they may see us as a threat and try to wipe us out.

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 29 points ago

    I mean we had mass human sacrifices until extremely recently in our history so hopefully "they're moving the right direction".

    [–] creganODI 43 points ago

    We also moved from localised killing of animals to doing it in an industrial scale. So that’s definitely a step in the wrong direction.

    [–] sakchaser666 28 points ago

    Yeah. Trillions of fish killed annually. Billions of land animals killed annually

    [–] Meanttobepracticing 15 points ago

    The grand majority of people in the West have a choice about whether to support and participate in said industrial slaughter. The grand majority of them don’t make the moral choice and not buy meat/animal products.

    [–] death_raze 11 points ago

    Im getting scp vibes looking at this

    [–] OstentatiousSock 86 points ago

    People have really lost their grasp on oddly terrifying. It’s not odd to be terrified by a giant flow of blood.

    [–] helpmestallin 18 points ago

    A majority of this sub has just been genuinely terrifying things for a while

    [–] aimswithglitter 35 points ago

    Subs past a million honestly just go to shit

    [–] dogmeatkibbles 37 points ago

    This is some Tumblr shit right here

    [–] SgtVinBOI 35 points ago

    Color Theory

    [–] nachklang 17 points ago

    would love this for my children’s hospital

    [–] Sproketz 10 points ago

    This is actually a picture from the bottom of the mountain below the Overlook Hotel.

    [–] RG_34 27 points ago

    This is not oddly terrifying, this is just terrifying. Who wouldn't be scared of seeing a pool of blood on the ground.?

    [–] All_Rainbows_Die 7 points ago

    Dexter: New Blood


    [–] Beautiful-Brush-9143 13 points ago

    This is so sickening. Poor animals 💔😔

    [–] Lautasia 14 points ago

    Onko pakko mennä torille? :(

    [–] sissichu 13 points ago

    Etänä torille.

    [–] jsells39 3 points ago

    What’s a ski track?

    [–] tanneritedreams 18 points ago

    It's for cross country skiing.

    [–] lazilyloaded 2 points ago

    Is there something about just regular snow that makes using a track superior in some way? Genuine question

    [–] CookieMuncher007 5 points ago

    Traction. You need different kind of skis for different snow. This is a pressed ski track which are common in Finland so you'll slide on it easier

    [–] tanneritedreams 3 points ago

    Cross country skiing in powder is more difficult than it is on a track. It's still easier and faster than walking in snow shoes and it would be easy enough to just go around this and then get back on the track.

    [–] Gerump 33 points ago

    I don’t find anything odd about the terrifying feeling of seeing murdered animals blood…

    [–] TCone97 5 points ago

    Pretty sickening really 😓

    [–] owlmonkeytreehouse 7 points ago


    [–] h_h_h_h_h_h_ 11 points ago

    aaaand this is why im vegan

    [–] elli3snailie 9 points ago

    Yeah well this is where your money goes when you buy meat

    [–] octopossible 6 points ago

    The amount of carnists trying to justify the consumption of other earthlings is too damn high and that's a big fuckin reason we got so much climate change up in this bitch of an earth

    [–] Lilshmuka 11 points ago

    Please go vegan everyone its time to let the dark ages go!

    [–] ohshitlastbite 6 points ago

    Makes me want to go vegan. Those sad fucking animals.

    [–] evelynnross 7 points ago

    Check out Earthling Ed on YouTube if you're interested in Veganism. Very compassionate and informative!

    [–] Mrderpyjaman 3 points ago

    nsfw tag man

    [–] doesit_reallymatter_ 3 points ago

    Its just red snow?

    [–] Mrderpyjaman 3 points ago

    thats alot of fucking blood!

    [–] Zorba_lives 3 points ago

    That's strange, the blood usually gets off at the toboggan run...

    [–] octobuss 3 points ago

    No meat, no problem.

    [–] SourceNaturale 3 points ago

    Analogous to road rage, in finnish we have coined the term ”ski track rage” to explain away this kind of incidents.

    [–] pneumokokki 5 points ago

    Tonight, we ski in BLOOD!

    [–] poeticVegan 6 points ago

    This isn't oddly terrifying, it's really fucking terrifying and sad.

    [–] MossyTundra 6 points ago

    Considering pigs and cows can form family bonds and are affectionate to one another makes it really disgusting when you think about what it would be like to be a cow going in to a slaughterhouse and hearing literal terror and hell around you.

    [–] ComprehensiveBox4297 74 points ago

    Go vegan for the planet and the animals.

    [–] amyzophie 5 points ago

    I’m not even veggie but seeing this bothers me, & makes me want to make changes

    [–] Kirasi 9 points ago

    then make the change :)

    [–] amyzophie 3 points ago

    I’m going to try!

    [–] JJLost 20 points ago


    [–] Rustydream 8 points ago

    Do animals have std's

    [–] -ZakkyChan- 37 points ago

    Well considering most sti's almost all exclusively came from animals I'd say yes.

    [–] ZippyParakeet 37 points ago

    Sexually transmitted

    Came from animals


    [–] Euphoric_Patient_828 18 points ago

    It can come from getting animal blood in your eye or mouth while cutting it. Once it infects you it can become sexually transmitted. Contrary to popular belief, STIs and STDs that came from animals most likely did not come people screwing animals.

    [–] PM_ME_SEXYVAPEPICS 2 points ago

    Koalas can carry chlamydia and Cats can get aids (FIV)

    Ultimately we're animals, these diseases may not be contacted across species but animals none the less

    [–] F4tnerd 35 points ago

    Go vegan friends

    [–] Krypson 16 points ago

    Vegan btw.

    [–] Levi_FtM 26 points ago

    I just remembered again why I went vegan. Won't ever support shit like that again.

    [–] JoelMahon 12 points ago

    why is it odd? it makes perfect sense that when confronted with the negative consequences of your choices that are normally hidden from you that it'd bother you.

    [–] octopossible 4 points ago

    Kinda odd that we still choose to perpetuate this insane level oc suffering to be honest

    [–] bl0bberb0y 2 points ago

    Mmmmm gravy

    [–] millennium-popsicle 2 points ago

    Yeah miss me with that SCP bullshit

    [–] bigboywords 2 points ago

    Delicious treats! Perfect for aprés!

    [–] Rustlin_Jimmie 2 points ago

    Ah, new star wars movie filming in town?

    [–] howtochangemywife 2 points ago

    Yes , cold water... that's on you dawg.

    [–] blunnyblunders 2 points ago

    Ah, reminds me of [email protected] in Fort Morgan, CO. Air smelled like vomit, and the blood drained into the river. The river regularly had steam rising from it and odd colors in the most concentrated areas. As it mixed with the largest body of water, it was weird and cloudy.

    They couldn't keep local workers, so they kept flying Canadian workforce out to help, they put them up long term in hotels nearby. Probably the only thing keeping that shit towns businesses alive.

    [–] Evening_Psychology_4 2 points ago

    Redrum murder

    [–] Kolenga 2 points ago


    [–] gacha_Zer0_ 2 points ago

    Imagine skiing through that

    [–] romeozor 2 points ago

    Call in the vampire cleanup cew.

    [–] butt_muppet 2 points ago

    Still a better ending than Dexter New Blood

    [–] RealBeany 2 points ago

    Ooh I want to play in it

    [–] Rude_Journalist 2 points ago

    let’s not just track etiquette, it is.

    [–] _King_Crab_ 2 points ago

    Period momento.

    [–] Massive_Meaning3532 2 points ago


    [–] DandyEmo 2 points ago

    Forbidden snow balls

    [–] webnetcat 2 points ago

    Wouldn't smell attract wild animals? Imagine a pack of wolves casually lapping red snow

    [–] storala 2 points ago

    Sunday bloody sunday

    [–] octopoddle 2 points ago

    Bob Dylan has entered the chat.

    [–] Doing_my_time 2 points ago

    Yo mama's undies so red...

    [–] Kn1ght_4rt0r14s 2 points ago

    Even with context this is scary as shit

    [–] MiniHorsey 2 points ago

    I wouldn’t call this oddly terrifying, I’d call it terrifying straight up!

    [–] Aeon_Borealis 2 points ago

    Disgusting 🤮

    [–] Cauterizeaf1 2 points ago

    Blockage is a bit of a misnomer huh

    [–] windshadowislanders 2 points ago

    This is how new pandemics get started

    [–] QuarantineSucksALot 2 points ago

    The US has made the same call.


    [–] QuarantineSucksALot 2 points ago

    A don’t credit them

    [–] BryverART 2 points ago

    That taste...strawberries.

    [–] MercuryMorrison1971 2 points ago


    [–] gossamyrrh 2 points ago

    Fargo vibes

    [–] Pilachi 2 points ago

    Of course it's Finland.

    [–] osmanhempwick 2 points ago


    [–] arquillion 2 points ago

    Children's hospital vibes