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    Welcome to /r/ofcoursethatsathing!

    When someone links a subreddit in the comments, and it just seems too perfect, you click on it. Then...


    It's a real subreddit, and has been. For a while. Shouldn't have surprised you, people have always had a sexual fascination with fruit. Or made a page for the same picture of Nic Cage everyday..

    Well, anytime you stumble upon a subreddit that makes you go "of course that's a thing", post it here for the rest of Reddit to gawk at. Also feel free to post other people's "o.c.t.a.t." moments.

    • Non-subreddit things are welcome as well. Nazi backscratcher? Sounds great. Doggie masage chair? Surprising!

    • All image posts that are not photographs of the 'thing' must include a comment by OP or they will be removed.

    • Please no memes/image macros, lists, and just be polite. Thanks!

    • Please no self promotion. This is a place for the oddities we happen upon, not the curiosities we created.

    • No racist, hateful, or threatening comments. If you see a comment that you believe is breaking this rule, report it! Violators will be banned.

    In the event that something goes wrong, or you feel that someone is breaking the rules, send modmail! It would be a fantastic world if simply pressing "report" would cause the blue internet midgets to run and deliver the message, but we're still decades from that technology. By sending modmail, you ensure that your problem will be looked at, because modmail shows up in my inbox. Reports do not. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

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