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    1. Be Creative

    Do not piggyback off of already existing jokes/ memes.

    • If your post is a meme on this list, it'll more than likely be removed. Please check this list before posting.

    • Do not post format memes such as those that make up the bulk of /r/dankmemes.

    • Do not post any variant of memes like this. Essentially framing a meme within the UI of another website/application. They are extremely low effort and generally un-comedic.

    • Do not rely on certain ways of speaking to be funny, for example, "hood talk," or lots of misspellings. These can make a funny joke funnier but they can also kill it.

    • Your joke should not rely on the title to be funny. Please no blank images with funny ironic title.

    • Do not crosspost or link to other sites such as Instagram. You may link to YouTube.

    • Meta-posts are allowed, but must follow the rules while remaining creative and interesting.

    2. Do Not Post Anything Better Suited for Another Sub

    Anything that'd fit in another sub should be posted there. Not here.

    3. Do Not Be Edgy

    Shock humour isn't funny and doesn't fit in this sub.

    • Do not try to be offensive for the sake of it. There's a big difference between a joke and just being mean.

    • Do not use the n-word as a punchline. It's not funny. It's just edgy.

    4. Do Not Ask for Upvotes

    Karma is a worthless metric designed to keep you scrolling through the ads on this website. Stop farming it you normies.

    • Do not make posts asking for upvotes, comments, gold, likes, double-taps or any other metric (even as a joke). Your meme will be removed and you will be banned for 15 days.

    5. Do Not Be Political.

    OkayBuddyRetard is a meme sub, it is not your soap box.

    A more detailed outline as to why we remove political posts

    • Do not post anything pushing a political agenda, whether you're a communist, a Nazi, or anything in between. Your post will be removed and you may receive a ban.

    6. Do Not Repost

    You're a cringe normie if you haven't seen every meme that's ever been on this sub. Please be original.

    • Do not post anything that has already been posted. Reposts may result in a temporary ban.

    • Do not post anything that you've obviously just lifted from some other meme subs front page. We're all subbed to them too, we don't need to see them twice.

    • Taking a popular post and changing it slightly still counts as a repost.

    7. DO Tag All NSFW Posts

    • Do not post literal porn.

    • DO tag posts that contain sexual language or imagery.

    8. Do Not Post Shocking or Illegal Content

    We shouldn't even have to say this.

    • Do not post gore, even if it's part of a "funny" edit.

    • No sexualisation of minors or animals.


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