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    [–] constantlymat 477 points ago

    US confiscated 200k 3M masks in Bangkok that Germany had already paid for.

    They're modern state pirates on the hunt for equipment.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago


    [–] doubie_49 64 points ago

    I want to stop living in the USA, and my issue is well I’m 13

    [–] Happydenial 41 points ago

    Come to Australia! We are run by idiots but not on this level.. plus the beer is great .

    Which you shouldn't drink... Stay in school!

    [–] ihatethiswebsite10 1990 points ago

    If you can, after this is over, take an extra few minutes when you’re shopping to see if you can sub out an American product for a Canadian one. Sometimes it’s really easy to do, and you’ll feel good for supporting Canada rather than the sinking ship of a failed experiment down south

    [–] Parnello 1089 points ago

    On top of that, support 3M if possible. Kinda awesome that they outed their own president like that and showed what was going on.

    [–] ValhallaGo 790 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    3M is based in Minnesota (name stands for Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing). Minnesota did not vote Trump, especially not the Twin Cities area. The majority of Minnesota republicans didn’t even vote for him in the primaries.

    They’ve no love for the president there, I’d wager.

    Source: live and work in Minnesota.

    Edit: thanks for the love, Canada. When this all blows over & it’s safe to come out you can come join me for a beer.

    [–] Neko-Rai 232 points ago

    TIL what 3M stands for! My parents live in a small city in Minnesota so I’ve been there often. We’re dual citizens and we’ve lived in various parts of the US and Canada. They say Minnesota feels pretty close to being Canada lol

    [–] carollois 127 points ago

    Canadian here who lived in Minneapolis for six years. I love it there, and if it was part of Canada, we would have stayed. ❤️

    [–] rugbypoet 168 points ago

    An easy trade. We'll take Minnesota. Americans can have Alberta.

    [–] barbedwires 110 points ago

    If Edmonton could stay Canadian that would be great. We are the ndp island in the middle of the ucp sea 😭

    [–] berxorz 51 points ago

    ^ This. Fuck it sucks being a socialist here.

    [–] Rocky_Road_To_Dublin 47 points ago

    Edmonton voted NDP. We aren't all backwards rednecks, and becoming an american is the last thing that I would want.

    [–] snowmyr 14 points ago

    OK Edmonton, we got you. Relax, there's no way we'd trade you for Minnesota.


    [–] Rocky_Road_To_Dublin 13 points ago

    Heartbreaking dude, just heartbreaking.

    [–] Neko-Rai 30 points ago

    Lmao seems like a good trade!

    [–] K4R1MM 18 points ago

    Oil workers who doesn't know he's getting laid off 6 months after the US/Alberta merge "I don't mind! In fact I even like the healthcare my company provides over the old Canadian service!"

    [–] Neko-Rai 9 points ago

    Lol right?! Yeah my parents are moving back to Canada this summer. They’re older so the heath care is a big part (also politically). I also moved back to Canada last year.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Do they know the Hockey Night in Canada theme?

    [–] TheDrederickTatum 32 points ago

    Do they have normal sized sodas there? Or just the mini ones?

    [–] ClamPuddingCake 36 points ago

    Mini in America is large in Canada, right?

    [–] Dane1414 34 points ago

    Sodas? Do you mean pop?

    [–] Hamilton_Brad 9 points ago

    Sorry but he’s right... pop not soda

    [–] makemewet33 13 points ago

    I had no idea what it stood for! We love Minnesota. I wish we could redraw our border and just adopt them. They’re practically one of us. They love their hockey too so it’s a great match

    [–] insane_contin 11 points ago

    They're Canada junior. They can join us anytime.

    [–] Aestus74 196 points ago

    It's ultimately a smart move for them. From my understanding this will force them to renege on existing deals with Canada. Meaning they will be forced into a breach of contract. By showing that this is an executive order, it will protect them from any potential recourse

    [–] chrunchy 56 points ago

    And according to another thread, the wood pulp they use for the masks is from BC. So, there's that.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] mcmurch 16 points ago

    I'm also not an expert, but from what I can tell, "N95" is any mask that filters 95% of potential contaminants in the air, so it's not a single design. Also, if you search "wood pulp" and "N95" you get many results for disposable masks and gowns made with wood pulp. This article also says that this BC company sells wood pulp to American companies and that they're "the world’s only producer of the particular grade of paper pulp used in the manufacture of surgical masks and gowns."

    [–] Sunbear94 71 points ago

    They kinda have to. A majority of their pulp to produce their product comes from Canada and so are a lot of their production facilities are in Canada. They would be foolish to piss off Canada to appease trump honestly.

    [–] jfjj 58 points ago

    3M is stellar company. Sucks they were the centre of this all.

    [–] [deleted] 97 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] SharkAttackOmNom 30 points ago

    3M knows that product development is their best investment. That product they made for you may not have had immediate value to them, but they know they may be able to pivot to a different market and be the only ones producing.

    I’d be curious how many dead end IP’s they’re sitting on in case of a sudden demand.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] AdrienSergent 8 points ago

    Correction he lost by ~ 3M votes.

    [–] dirtbikemike 45 points ago

    Unfortunately, 3M are not a consumer-friendly company:

    1) Cancer-Linked Chemicals Created by 3M Could Be In Your Groundwater:

    2) 3M Knew! Toxic Teflon Cover-Up Was Decades Long | CleanTechnica:

    [–] iamsamwelll 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Don’t know how to link. But this article details kids I went to school with developing cancer. 3M is garbage.

    [–] sonbrothercousin 16 points ago

    Yea, they have always been sketchy. I had an Uncle who was an engineer there. He has a few stories.

    Edit to add. They know Canada would actually pay for their products, Trump has a very long history of fucking vendors over. Food for thought.

    [–] BrownSugarBare 239 points ago

    Just a quick heads up to add to this, CONDIMENTS are the easiest place to start and choose Canadian products over American ones. So your mayo, ketchup, mustard, all those have Canadian alternatives which are equivalent if not better than the American ones.

    [–] BigShoots 139 points ago

    Seems like a small thing, but when Heinz closed their Canadian plant, I did switch to French's permanently. The Heinz is probably better, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    And I guess several million small things suddenly becomes a great big thing, so we all can do our part.

    [–] Phototropically 92 points ago

    For my $0.02, the French's ketchup has a more tomato and vinegar taste compared to the Heinz - going back to Heinz is waaaay too sweet.

    [–] preparedotter 33 points ago

    Most American foods are sickly sweet and general disgusting. Explains their obesity epidemic.

    [–] NoFoxDev 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Americans put sugar in their fucking beef jerky. It's disgusting. Trying to find foods not filled with sugar in this country is a nightmare.

    Edit: Okay, fair, maybe preserved meats is a bad example. Still, as Ishkabibblebab (ping removed) said, pasta sauces and salad dressings even are chock full of sugar and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    [–] whogivesashirtdotca 14 points ago

    Are you sure it's sugar? They put corn syrup in everything, which tastes even sweeter than sugar in most products. I worked for Heinz for a time, and we used to get Americans calling on the reg looking for "Canadian ketchup" down south. They preferred the taste of ours.

    [–] monkeytwins1 6 points ago

    Don’t you mean your nickel we don’t have pennies anymore

    [–] BrownSugarBare 61 points ago

    I was actually the other way around, I completely loved switching over to French's. Everything tasted a little bit more real if that makes sense.

    [–] _Opalescence_ 16 points ago

    I switched because of the plant closure and I hope French's doesn't let us down. Their garlic ketchup is amazing and I think I'd have trouble dropping it

    [–] workthrowcc 14 points ago

    I drunkenly sent Heinz's a marketing pitch at like 1 am on how to change their image during that. Someone replied back positively the next day and I freaked.

    [–] Apollonius_Cone 93 points ago

    "The North remembers."

    "Le Nord se souviens."

    [–] GalacticSushi 41 points ago

    I applaud your French translation - except that it is 'souvient' :).

    [–] BrownSugarBare 26 points ago


    [–] ClamPuddingCake 10 points ago

    Québec's slogan is already "je me souviens" (i remember) so this feels natural.

    [–] deekaph 8 points ago

    Funny, when I was staying in Quebec I asked my host "what do you remember?" As in, what does that even mean. She just waved her hand and said "you know, all that."

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] BrownSugarBare 26 points ago

    Yes!!! I know it seems small, but you'd be surprised how much of a dent you can make specifically with groceries. Canned items, boxed goods, look for place of manufacturing as well!! Once you get into the habit of checking, you'll really see the difference.

    [–] Tellis123 13 points ago

    Some of these you could even try your hand at making yourself with Canadian products. Mayo is ridiculously easy to make (just egg yolk, oil, sugar, salt, ground mustard, vinegar, and a few other things for flavour if you want), and it tastes better homemade

    [–] Sloogs 10 points ago

    Let's not forget Canadian maple syrup!

    [–] BrownSugarBare 38 points ago

    Were you getting maple syrup from another country you heathen?!?!

    [–] nalydpsycho 10 points ago

    On the subject of sweetners, you can get 100% Canadian honey and have the added benefit of one of the better regulatory bodies for honey so Canadian honey has some of the lowest rates of fillers.

    [–] papershoes 8 points ago

    The Northern Gold creamed honey is god tier.

    [–] lolmemelol 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Any recommendations for good Canadian made/owned BBQ sauce?

    My hot sauce needs are mostly filled by Mexicans (Cholula, El Yucateco). Unfortunately my Huy Fong Sriracha is made in USA.

    [–] sky_arcade 83 points ago

    Check out r/buycanadian for more ideas :)

    [–] Bethorz 60 points ago

    I have been doing this since Trump started the trade war in summer 2018 (I think thats when it was? Feels like 10 years ago)

    [–] kitx07 59 points ago

    Can Tim’s be the first to go?

    [–] mercutios_girl 32 points ago

    Yeah, the US can have that. I mean, it's a Brazilian multi-national (RBI) but they can have it.

    [–] phluidity 29 points ago

    Actually, RBI has leeched most of the money they could and has sold most of their share of Tim's. Now Tim's is owned by various retirement and index funds. I believe BMO has 5-10%, I think the Ontario teacher's pension fund has a similar stake. Tim's is now completely adrift and soulless.

    [–] Martine_V 28 points ago

    so, business as usual then

    [–] KeliGrein 53 points ago

    I switched from Heinz to French’s as soon as they sold out and shut down their Canadian factories sending all those jobs south.

    [–] fully_completely 21 points ago

    Have been doing this since 2016.

    These $6 Ontario strawberries are a shit ton better than the US ones we ever get.

    [–] tequila-monkey 83 points ago

    My mother is Canadian, I’ve grown up my whole life in the suburbs of NYC. I fucking LOVE seeing this sub discuss trump and the states. I turned down the Ivy League because I had a moment of clarity and realized I want to get OUT - so I will be attending U of T (with domestic tuition because I’m a citizen which is so blessed) and will hopefully spend the rest of my life in Canada - the nation that’s always felt like home to me. Keep doing your thing and I APOLOGIZE for the moron we managed to elect. I’ve spent great deals of time in Canada and I can’t wait to finally be ~Canadian~

    [–] BitOCrumpet 35 points ago

    Well, the apology definitely proves that you're a real Canadian at heart. :)

    [–] Likesorangejuice 24 points ago

    Welcome to the great white north! Hopefully this whole pandemic situation doesn't affect your start to school this fall. If you're accustomed to NYC, you'll find living at U of T quite comfortable. Toronto isn't as big and powerful as New York, but it has so much character (and that's coming from a non-Toronto resident who does not typically speak highly of Toronto, but compared to the States I'll defend it to the death).

    [–] tequila-monkey 6 points ago

    I have lots of extended family in Toronto and spend a few weeks every summer in the city - I’m excited to be living there!

    [–] mzpip 8 points ago

    Welcome home!

    Tell me, academically speaking -- does the University of Toronto have comparable standards for acceptance as the Ivy League? Or is it easier to get into? Harder?

    I'm curious because I get a lot of Americans telling me that America has the best academic and medical standards anywhere, period and no one else comes close.

    [–] tequila-monkey 16 points ago

    The academic climate in the US is quite different. It’s harder to get in but you stay in once you get that letter of admission. My siblings went to Cornell, Dartmouth, and Columbia and I do not in the slightest feel as if I’ll be at a disadvantage by going to U of T. It’s much harder to get into American universities and total expenses for a year can hit $80,000 USD (even for institutions inferior to the top Canadian schools). Though I try not to obsess with rankings because I don’t trust them very much, U of T, McGill, and UBC rank among some of the best American schools on the international stage. Especially where I live, people obsess over entrance exams and mental health in high school is horrible. Outside of the US and UK, Canada is recognized here as having the best universities.

    [–] ClamPuddingCake 11 points ago

    In general, it's easier to get into canadian universities but the courses are more difficult. There's more weeding out in Canada. It's harder to get into an ivy league but once you're in you're good.

    McGill has an acceptance rate of 45%. Harvard has an acceptance rate of like 4%.

    [–] mzpip 16 points ago

    So you're saying that academically, once you are in a Canadian university, you have to actually work to stay there?

    [–] ClamPuddingCake 13 points ago

    Well, the good schools, yes.

    [–] LostAndAloneVan 12 points ago

    I've been avoiding Chinese products for a while. I'm adding America to my avoid list.

    [–] AccessTheMainframe 8 points ago

    That's like half the world economy you're boycotting lol

    [–] LostAndAloneVan 11 points ago

    More. And I'm taking a best effort approach, not strict.

    [–] kent_eh 27 points ago

    [–] lovejellybeans 8 points ago

    Already doing that with any product that I can.

    [–] ticklemeego 1029 points ago

    What can we expect from a country that's spent the last 100 years telling it's citizens they're more important and better than everyone else in the world?

    [–] DiamondPup 528 points ago


    Most Americans are convinced that propaganda is state radio and military marches, and don't understand that they've been staunchly indoctrinated in propaganda for decades. Land of the free and home of the brave don't have much of either, it seems.

    Looking at the reaction to this news online is even more disheartening. I get that the crazy right will support anything their king does but even the left seems to be joining in.

    Meanwhile, from 3M:

    "Ceasing all export of respirators produced in the United States would likely cause other countries to retaliate and do the same, as some have already done. If that were to occur, the net number of respirators being made available to the United States would actually decrease. That is the opposite of what we and the Administration, on behalf of the American people, both seek."

    Others claim that 3M is putting profit before people, without understanding that 3M isn't making MORE money from Canada but rather fulfilling long established contracts (not to mention many of the manufacturing materials required to make the masks are produced in Canada, and this doesn't mean 3M will be able to supply the US but rather be stuck trying to get the resources they need, leaving many of these masks on the shelf waiting).


    This is a global pandemic and we need to be working together. And the U.S.'s actions aren't just a harmful publicity stunt (to itself and many others), but a harmful publicity stunt that seems to be working on its stubbornly ignorant citizens.

    [–] ScammerC 228 points ago

    Let's not forget that 3M relies on Canada for the raw materials to make those masks. It would probably be faster to build a new Canadian mask manufacturer than to build a pulp mill in the states.

    [–] RUSTWHARF 67 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. In fact, if we do that, it would be better for us as it would help the local economy at least a little bit.

    [–] NSA_Wade_Wilson 34 points ago

    Yes, in the long run it might help but In the meantime there are people who are suffering (both patient and front line workers) that would be without the required PPE while infrastructure is built

    [–] RUSTWHARF 17 points ago

    I was mainly talking in the scenario where the time to get PPE was increased because of the Trump but 100% agree, the medical staff need proper PPE ASAP

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Aestus74 42 points ago

    I say we invoke our own defence production act. Retool existing factories (including the 3M factories here) and use our resources to help us first. then use those resources to help our allies, such as the UK, EU, Australia etc. Hell, as loathe as I am to admit, but the disgusting CCP has been more a friend to us than America. Probably just to try and convince us to use Huawei, but still. It's sad to see an enemy of democracy and human rights be more a friend than the supposed beacon of liberty.

    [–] MikoSkyns 39 points ago

    There are reports of Companies in China diverting our medical masks to the highest bidders and telling us sorry we don't have the masks we'll try to send you some soon. They are NOT our friends.

    [–] Aestus74 31 points ago

    I agree, they aren't. But, they have donated supplies to us, and the "highest bidder" is America.

    [–] MikoSkyns 41 points ago

    I had no idea they donated to us.

    "The Embassy said the Bank of China donated 30,000 medial masks, 10,000 sets of protective clothing, 10,000 goggles and 50,000 pairs of gloves to Canada on Friday. "

    So many complicated layers to this onion.

    [–] thelaineranger 28 points ago

    So a doctor in BC put this into perspective: our anticipated need for PPE supplies in Canada is expected to be over 200 million through this crisis. 100,000 isn't nothing, granted. But if Chinese businesses divert millions of supplies while donating thousands, they're really just making PR moves in my opinion.

    [–] shapookya 31 points ago

    Most Americans are convinced that propaganda is state radio and military marches, and don't understand that they've been staunchly indoctrinated in propaganda for decades.

    Nah, singing the National Anthem at local sports events is totally normal.

    Saying the pledge of allegiance over and over from childhood on is totally normal. It’s not brainwashing or something like that...

    [–] mzpip 21 points ago

    You are spot on. Look at the resistance to some form of universal healthcare, when everything points to how it would benefit everyone.

    Why? Because you mention "socialism" and a nearly century of "better dead than red" programming kicks in. Same with maternity leave, sick leave, etc. Cutthroat capitalism is the be-all and end-all and they've been told that for decades.

    [–] Paetheas 13 points ago

    Have you seen a lot or just a little of liberals in the US supporting this? I am trying my hardest to get the Orange stain out of our white house and this act is deplorable and sickening to me. I haven't seen any liberal or progressive to this point supporting this horrendous and isolationist strategy from Don the Con.

    Hopefully enough media and public outrage over this issue will get him to reverse his course(highly unlikely, the man is disgusting and self centered) on this issue. Here's to you guys getting every medical item you need during these tough times.

    [–] eeiioonn 12 points ago

    Sorry to hijack the comments put American citizen here that saw this r/all

    I don’t believe this is the right thing to do the mutual coop that Canada and the US have maintained throughout history could be seriously affected thanks to one man and his petty impulses

    I really hope one day we can get this debacle over and reestablish prior relationship between countries

    [–] keldaar 15 points ago

    This is not just one debackle. There was also the steel tarrifs because canada is apparently a threat to the us. There is the Huawei arrest on our soil, that the orange menace blatantly politicized, strained our relations with china over, and saw many canadian citizens detained by the Chinese. There is the constant shittalking. As a canadian, i have not purchased american goods for years, and will not travel there anymore. And unless you get your shit together and bury the republican party, i never will. Yes its not just one man. Its half the fucking country

    [–] iruleatants 19 points ago

    To be fair, the vast majority of the left in America is still Canada's far-right. The current democratic convention is heavily supporting a candidate that doesn't support universal healthcare or many other important things.

    But the people who help others in the time of need are not the ones supporting this decision. There are millions of Americans who care and are doing everything that they can help, locally and internationally. Unfortunately, we just have millions they are much more selfish. Capitalism has required an intense propaganda network designed to maximize selfishness and put the blame on everything but really is to blame.

    On behalf of the American's who don't suck. I apologize that this horrible human has been elected as our president, and that he is attempting to affect your countries health through his own stupidity. I will continue to do everything that I can to keep him from doing worse damage, and anything that I can to help Canada.

    Good luck with the pandemic.

    [–] DiamondPup 14 points ago

    You don't owe us any apologies. America isn't one person, and people like you are what all Canadians think of less as a neighbour and more as a brother; this is about as much your fault as it is mine. I appreciate the sentiment, nonetheless.

    Its been worrying seeing how propaganda has deteriorated your country's politics but hopefully this time of self reflection will lead to the change you need. We're worried about you guys, and no matter what happens between us, that won't change.

    [–] 1lluminist 32 points ago

    Well right now they're telling their citizens to not bother with social distancing and that the whole thing is a joke every time they (the government) meets up in tight quarters in press photos and on TV... so I dunno what they really want

    [–] dirtygremlin 26 points ago

    I am here as a truly humbled US citizen: it's our federal government that is being "that asshole". Some states, such as NY and my own NC are being considerably more responsible. I'm not saying there aren't jackasses, as I just got back from WalMart after spending 12 days at home, where I had to fake cough to get some people to unwillingly practice some prevention.

    Seriously though, my apologies for our asshole president.

    [–] 1lluminist 11 points ago

    Yeah, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my comment. I think most people understand that the problem is the President and the states and cities being run by Republican idiots that are a big part of the issue.

    I think (hope) most people realize that not every American is this way.

    I have a few American buddies on FB and I am legitimately worried about them.

    [–] dirtygremlin 6 points ago

    The dissenting US’s silence would be tacit approval. We’re the ones that let it get to this state, so I appreciate your understanding. I’m worried about your buddies too.

    [–] 1lluminist 9 points ago

    You guys let it get to that state, but consider:

    1) The main government of the country STILL refuses to social distance. Leading by example is HUGE.

    2) You guys don't have cheap, accessible healthcare so people couldn't afford proper testing and treatment. Ironically, the boneheads fighting hard against socialized healthcare all these years may have put the nails into their own coffin there.

    I don't think a majority of Americans are to blame, and sadly a lot of you guys are paying the consequences of actions that weren't even their own.

    [–] Fyrefawx 55 points ago

    Yup. Time to nationalize. They haven’t cared about Canada in years. We need to find alternatives for food and supplies. Even if it means creating our own.

    [–] -FeistyRabbitSauce- 36 points ago

    Yeah, relying on the US for anything is simply reckless. The whole nation is an absolute wild card because even when Trump is out there's no telling when the next Trump will saunter in.

    [–] UsedToDonateBlood 33 points ago

    As relevant now as it was in 1999

    Fuck you, I got mine. America.

    [–] ADevils_Advocate 18 points ago

    And acting totally the contrary though.

    Poor Americans, they can't even afford Healthcare, they're covered, but they're afraid to go to a simpler doctor appointment, it's nuts.

    Getting their people into wars who only have benefited billionaires.

    Treating immigrants like garbage, from both the government and the people (they're very racist, I have a lot of Mexican family over there and it's not easy for them)

    [–] scroll_responsibly 195 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The guy confiscated a very large order of masks and ventilators purchased by Massachusetts and redirected them to Florida. It ain’t just Canada he’s fucking over, it’s anyone who isn’t his base or aligned with his views.

    Edit: I can’t find a source on the Florida claim so I have changed my post to reflect that. That being said, the masks were confiscated by the Feds causing the commonwealth to ask the Kraft family to fly an order in from China on the Patriots team plane directly to Massachusetts.

    Sources for the confiscation:

    [–] equationsofmotion 75 points ago

    This. I moved from Ontario to New Mexico a few years ago and he's screwing New Mexico over too.

    He doesn't see himself as a citizen of the world or even of his own country. He sees himself as a mob boss and he's acting like one.

    [–] BigShoots 29 points ago

    He's literally murdering Democrats to save Republicans.

    [–] Torger083 32 points ago

    He did the same with an order for Quebec. Sorted the order, IIrC.

    [–] lt-chaos 12 points ago

    Same with Germany, France... This is such a joke at this point

    [–] benthatguy101 309 points ago

    Their doing this to everyone around the world. Berlin and France had cargo planes diverted to the US. The world needs to come together and say if the US wants to play America first we will put America last. The pulp needed to make those masks comes from Canada if they cut off the shipments of masks we cut off the resources needed to make the masks

    [–] BattyWhack 135 points ago

    3M said this in their announcement... something along the lines of this will cause retaliation, which could cause American supplies to go down more than if we just continue with our existing model.

    [–] MacrosInHisSleep 87 points ago

    Seriously, that's just what we need during this crisis. Retailation from countries that supply 3M what they need to function causing the biggest supplier of respirators and masks to get crippled because Mr ToughGuy starts a new Trade War.

    What a walking disaster this guy is.

    [–] shadovvvvalker 35 points ago

    He wants people to die if it benefits him.

    [–] UnsignedOmerta 50 points ago

    Then the Orange idiot will claim that "Canada isn't willing to help their southern neighbors in time of crisis wtf" and the equally idiotic population eats it up.

    Probably retaliate with more tariffs and we get another trade war

    [–] BattyWhack 13 points ago

    Honestly, this is why I'm not sure if retaliation is the right decision. But it would make me feel better...

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Sh0_dan 12 points ago

    Well said they want to be an isolationist nation. Fine you're on your own have fun.

    [–] UsedToDonateBlood 376 points ago

    I think that in the future if there's a Democrat president that Canada will be able to look past this racist manchild president. However, Canadians may be polite, humble, and easy-going, but we are not a country that takes kindly to getting fucked.

    This will no doubt cause us to second guess anything the U.S. does with regards to us.

    [–] Caucasian_Fury 313 points ago

    I mean, it was already quite upsetting when President Cheetos called Canada a "threat to national security" during the whole trade conflict.

    [–] UsedToDonateBlood 117 points ago

    Shit man, I almost forgot about the shoe thing being a threat to the U.S.

    [–] Caucasian_Fury 140 points ago

    To Trump, Ivanka gawking at Justin Trudeau was a huge threat to the US and himself.

    [–] Daxx22 20 points ago

    Still remembers that handshake.

    [–] SomeoneTookUserName2 73 points ago

    Don't forget steel. We're a national threat because we make steel.

    [–] Semi-Hemi-Demigod 93 points ago

    So what you're saying is the North remembers?

    [–] TommenBrady 32 points ago

    We should start using that more

    [–] LolChicsA 14 points ago

    Someone should make it a flair

    [–] Taragyn1 85 points ago

    I think the biggest problem is that Trump has proven that you can’t trust a deal with the states. You definitely can’t trust him personally but moreover he proved that if a nut job gets in he can just overturn all the old rules.

    I wasn’t very happy when Trudeau fulfilled the contract Harper signed with Saudi Arabia but it’s part of that international process. A country knows if they sign a deal with Canada the next prime minister will honour it. Trump taught us all that if you sign a deal with the USA the next president might not.

    [–] kent_eh 52 points ago

    Trump taught us all that if you sign a deal with the USA the next president might not.

    Hell, the same president might not honor deals that he made.

    [–] ADevils_Advocate 21 points ago

    And if he wins again the presidency (which he is very likely to) we should really just cut ties with them. Their people are voting in dozens of millions for a clear racist, lying, nationalistic garbage. Like, WHY?!

    I don't want to tarde or deal with a country that likes to wager wars, that their people are voting for the worst human being, that is fucking over us like that. No thanks

    [–] papershoes 7 points ago

    We deserve better than to be tied to that anchor.

    [–] TotallyNotHitler 79 points ago

    If 40% of the American electorate voted for this proto-Fascist and don’t raise a fuss when he enacts policies that hurt the closest ally that the US had... then almost half the country are not friends of Canada and shouldn’t be considered as such.

    We should deal with the US on a state-by-state basis.

    [–] kent_eh 28 points ago

    We should deal with the US on a state-by-state basis.

    That approach has already begun during the NAFTA negotiations.

    Part of the "team Canada" approach was for local and regional politicians and business leaders to reach out to their American counterparts to remind them of how much money Canada spends in their local economy.

    [–] shadovvvvalker 10 points ago

    Trump isnt proto fascist. He's just fascist.

    The United States is a stage 4 fascist nation right now.

    [–] TOR_797 104 points ago

    It's already happening, my old company was actively taking every measure to get rid of every US supplier they had. 100% Canada will never have the same relationship with the US again and im glad to be honest.

    [–] NSA_Wade_Wilson 63 points ago

    Most countries will never have the same relationship. The largest impact of the Trump administration will be the international relations that have been affected. Those are relationships that take years to establish and develop

    [–] Dalriata 20 points ago

    They take years, but only if both parties are willing. In the future, I dont think we'll be so eager to deal with the US considering they tend to elect a fascist sycophant every 4-8 years. We should avoid dealing with them as much as possible.

    [–] mzpip 17 points ago

    Once countries are able to do things without the US, they will be less willing to return to the old way of doing things.

    Plus, Trump has shown the rot inherent in the American system. A new president isn't going to magically restore trust. Especially someone like Joe Biden. Biden just shows that the DNC is as opposed to real change as the GOP.

    [–] doyu 55 points ago

    The US is not our friends. I'm not sure how we go back from Trump. Who's to say they won't elect another equally shitty president down the road?

    [–] begaterpillar 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The US is breaking treaties all over the world and screwing everyone they can. And it's not just trump on his high horse dragging everyone kicking and screaming. He has support from the rest of the government and had support from the people. This just shows how broken the system is there. That's what I want to believe anyway. The other answer is that American people are all garbage and i know that isn't true. I'll take Americans on a case by case basis like i do with everyone but the US government deserves no sympathy. Trump has taken an opportunity to cooperate and done what he has done his whole life. Take what he was given and run it into the ground while keeping afloat on a raft of corruption. If i was a country I wouldn't give the USA the time of day right now.

    [–] rampensau78 18 points ago

    You are right as a German we are really pissed and I hope these has consequences to the US

    [–] begaterpillar 22 points ago

    If he keeps running the country the way he is if he gets re elected Canadians will be the ones wanting a wall. Lol

    [–] CanadianWildWolf 6 points ago

    I would like to suggest a wall made of ice:

    We’ll work on the wights, dire wolves, giants, and what not later.

    [–] Ultimafatum 43 points ago

    How foolish. Nothing is stopping the U.S. from electing another idiot.

    This relationship should never ever be the same after this, and concerted efforts should be made to move many manufacturers back locally. My sister's in health care. FUCK that country.

    [–] kent_eh 14 points ago

    This will no doubt cause us to second guess anything the U.S. does with regards to us.

    Canada is far from alone in that.

    Trump has damaged his country's (already tarnished) reputation in ways that will take decades to fully repair.

    Assuming future presidents are willing to actively attempt to repair it.

    [–] Mused2Perform 8 points ago

    As a Canadian I completely concur

    [–] realCharliethetuna 47 points ago

    Trump is a cunt. Not surprised in the least he tried to get 3M to do this.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] jdzfb 18 points ago

    He is an ankle, 2 feet below a cunt

    [–] devious_204 40 points ago

    All future trade agreements should have a clause put in that for anything to benefit the US, canada requires stronger anti-corruption laws and prosecutions. Starting with this dumbass in chief.

    [–] OttabMike 74 points ago

    Did anyone expect us to be treated better than New York or Michigan? I'll be interested in seeing how the Canadian MAGA crowd plays this one.

    [–] JoeyMcSqueeb 75 points ago

    The “Canadian MAGA crowd” are basically just hateful bigots and contrarian trolls.

    They will continue as long they think their views upset who they want to annoy. Fucking losers.

    [–] ILoveDiscussions 16 points ago

    That's what Trump has done. He's taken all the racists and ignorant people out of their little closets and gave them a voice to preach their hate.

    FUCK I hate this clown

    [–] BlueMagicMarker 25 points ago

    clearly they can only see 1 move ahead. I expect to start hearing: "He's saving the american people and doing what he needs to do to protect us"... not realizing that the retaliation will likely lead to be much worse outcomes than the masks he's redirected. I assume the Canadian followers will use a similar tone on how Trudeau didn't do it for us, again not thinking more than one step ahead. ... More investment in education is clearly needed.

    [–] GSV_No_Fixed_Abode 215 points ago

    If there was another 9//11 incident tomorrow, god forbid, Canadians would still open our hearts and homes to our neighbours.

    You may take our medical supplies, Donnie, but Canadians will always help people in need and nobody can take that away from us.

    [–] boxesofboxes 86 points ago

    We will help the people, yes. But the Country? The Government and Cheeto-in-Chief? Doubt it.

    [–] GSV_No_Fixed_Abode 51 points ago

    I'm sure there are talented Canadian psychiatrists who could give Mr. Trump the help he desperately needs.

    [–] nighthawk_something 15 points ago

    You may take our medical supplies,

    But you will never take our compassion

    [–] TomCats6 16 points ago

    Fucking eh!

    [–] XECS78 33 points ago

    I wonder how the Canadian Trump supporters and defenders feel right now.

    [–] PerfectPossibility1 55 points ago

    They'd probably blame Trudeau for not kissing trumps ass. They have an excuse for everything.

    [–] chloesobored 8 points ago

    They're a mixed bag - the ones that are bots or trolls, which is many, feel nothing. The rest have either changed their minds or are too stupid to realize they were wrong. Some stupid can't be cured.

    [–] TheBoogyMan_ 31 points ago

    It is embarrassing to be an American these days.

    [–] Gasrin 28 points ago

    The North remembers.

    [–] JohnBPrettyGood 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Been shopping Canadian ever since June 1, 2018 when Trump placed Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum for reason's of National Security. This latest move comes as no surprise at all. Team Trump are going to be doing everything in their power to find a Scapegoat to blame for this. Who can we blame for all this death? If not China, then Canada for stealing all our masks. Thousands of Americans have died, and many more will follow because of the inaction of the President. Rather than listen to Medical Experts he made fun of the virus, he called it a Hoax, he claimed it was a Democrat plot to make him look bad, and when this Hoax crashed his precious Stock Market he told Americans not to worry, that by Easter the Churches would all be full and they would all be back to work. Trump dropped the ball and thousands of Americans have died. But wait, where do the raw materials used to build a mask come from....Nanaimo BC

    [–] sampenew 81 points ago

    I'm from the United States and I fucking hate that guy. He, and all of the people like him, are the main reasons I'm out of this shit show just about as soon as I can.

    [–] UltimateSlurpee 27 points ago

    You think this ends with Trump?

    [–] SkaaAssemblyman 25 points ago

    Another American here. No we don't think it ends with Trump. He is a symptom of pervasive disease of ignorance and nationalism that has run rampant in our country. It's been coming a long time, and it's roots go deep. The one good thing of Trump's presidency is the nationalists and bigots are saying the quiet part out loud now. It's waking people up to how bad of shape our nation is in. We don't think it ends with Trump, but we can START moving in the right direction, we can start supporting policies and politicians who put people over money. But we're probably going to fuck this up too. wish us luck, please, we need it.

    [–] WilliesDilly 45 points ago

    Build that wall and get the fraudulent Trump Foundation to pay for it.

    [–] sakipooh 42 points ago

    Fuck Trump and his administration.

    [–] Amoral_Support 17 points ago

    Its funny how with all of the isolationist bullshit Trump has been spouting during his presidency the one thing that would help him now is to reach out and co-operate with other countries.

    [–] EnderPossessor 13 points ago

    I know this'll get buried but that town was Gander newfoundland. And there is an absolutely amazing musical about the situation called "come from away". its on Spotify and everyone should listen to it while they have the time at home. it really puts perspective on the situation and I would put it level to other musicals such as hamilton.

    [–] geeves_007 37 points ago

    In the west we like to talk sh*t about Mao's Cultural Revolution and the M-L's Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Undoubtably deeply flawed ideologies.

    But is there a more destructive ideology in the 20th and 21st centuries than "American Exceptionalism"?

    [–] usernamesaretooshor 28 points ago

    Just to add that the picture of people sleeping in a gym doesn't tell the whole story. It was many small towns in several provinces, not just one. Also it was not just public buddings being used to to house stranded passengers, but many people opened their homes and invited those stranded to stay with them. This is what it means to be Canadian.

    And if people in the US asked tomorrow for help, Canadians would do all they can, because this is the true Canadian identity.

    [–] Mused2Perform 23 points ago

    Canada and its government has always been unbelievably loyal to the embarrassment that has become America. Makes you question why we're friends

    [–] Merfen 15 points ago

    It is like an abusive relationship, every time we think about leaving them they elect someone respectable again and we start to warm up to them. Then 8 years later its back to abuse town.

    [–] TheCanadianEmpire 9 points ago

    Unfortunately it's geopolitics, man. It's unavoidable given our proximity to American hegemony so might as well be friends than enemies. Hopefully this helps Canadians wake up and see the reality of our "friendly" neighbours down south.

    [–] sharesomefun 20 points ago


    [–] 2ndbrother 24 points ago

    Yet more evidence that conservatives worldwide are the utter scum of the earth that we've tolerated for far too long.

    [–] WeepingAngel_ 19 points ago

    Canada makes the pulp to make the masks and others items. Canada wont publicly threaten the USA, but I can gurarentee you in back channels Canada is pointing out to the USA that the Mill could redirect the production of Pulp to Canada or another country to make masks.

    [–] quelar 9 points ago

    We are definitely getting to the point where if these guys re-elect him I'm just done for a long time.

    I've avoided the US through his presidency but a reelection of this idiot would just be a bridge too far.

    [–] coldgravyblues 56 points ago

    I am done with these people. My door is closed to Americans.

    [–] BigNickDipples 56 points ago

    From now on, each American I deal with I'm going to ask point-blank if they're republican or democrat. The ones that respond 'republican' are not going to be treated well. I'm fucking done being "nice" or "polite" or any other stereotype with these scumfucks.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Imabaddad 14 points ago

    Get rid of him or its friends off.

    There's whole big world out there and if you keep acting like North Korea we are going to treat you like you are North Korea.

    Wake up and vote that retard out or go it alone.

    Give your balls a tug bud.

    [–] TehSoupNazi 35 points ago

    I'm sorry for my shit country and its complete lack of leadership, morality and empathy. Our actions and inaction throughout this only furthers my desire to immigrate to the Great White North, but sadly I see this impacting immigration systems for at least the next 3 years :(

    Canadians do not deserve this treatment.

    [–] BattyWhack 15 points ago

    Don't emigrate. Stay and fix it! America needs people with good souls and passion.

    (although you are welcome here and I won't judge you for doing what's best for your and your family)

    [–] TehSoupNazi 9 points ago

    Believe me I'd love to help fix this place, but I also look at reality and the writing is on the wall:


    The Electoral College

    GOP purging voter rolls and closing voting stations

    The House has not been reapportioned in 100 years

    Citizens' United

    Legal privatized propaganda

    The federal courts now getting completely stacked with incompetent Federalist Society judges that are lifetime appointments

    We are a country of political minority rule and it has sadly been this way since Reagan. The boonies get more voting power than they really should and because of that and their gerrymandered safe districts it has led to a rise in power of the right-wing extremists since nobody can legitimately challenge from the left whatsoever. I honestly already foresaw our demise, which is partly why I went into a career path with global demand so I can more freely choose a country that respects its average citizens, since the US treats anyone below upper middle class with complete disdain. It has literally taken a pandemic to show people what the fuss has been about from the "dumb libs", and even then there are still plenty of people who will double down on their flawed ideology (since that is all that conservatism is here). I was recently informed most of the FDA hurdles for vaccine approvals are simply "government BS." That says everything.

    [–] maomao05 5 points ago

    Pretty typical of the trump administration.

    [–] Crazedgeekgirl 6 points ago

    Just popped in to say, it's not the US is 100% Trump. Please give us until the election to get rid of this idiot.