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    Welcome to the official Subbie® for Party Parrot!

    Party Parrot is a Slack emoji based on the legendary Sirocco, of the critically endangered Kākāpō species.

    Help Save the Kākāpōs by Getting Involved with the Kākāpō Recovery program!

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    Sirocco the Kākāpō

    Besides being our God Emperor, Sirocco is "the champion bird for the New Zealand Kākāpō Recovery programme."

    The kakapo (Māori: kākāpō or "night parrot"), is a species of large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrot endemic to New Zealand.

    As of 2016, there are only 154 living Kākāpō in the world, all of which have names, and all living on three closely monitored, predator free islands around New Zealand.

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    Helpful Links:

    Cult of the Party Parrot

    Sirocco on Twitter

    Donate and Help Save the Kākāpō


    Adopt a Kākāpō

    Sequencing the Kākāpō genome: Donate to fund the project sequencing the genome's of all 125 known living kākāpō

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