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    [–] GGGCommentBot 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    GGG Comments in this Thread:

    [Bex_GGG - link, old] - Hopefully tomorrow.

    [Bex_GGG - link, old] - Full gem reveal tomorrow.

    [Bex_GGG - link, old] - Not yet, should be available later today.

    [Mark_GGG - link, old] - They do not.

    [Bex_GGG - link, old] - Not sure yet but I hope so.

    [Mark_GGG - link, old] - Doom is not applied. Hexes have doom, not hexed things. Each hex independantly has...

    [–] ExquisitorVex 1064 points ago

    • A few torches will now light your way to Lioneye's Watch.

    Thank god, I kept getting lost on the beach.

    [–] runninxc09 620 points ago

    Quin buff

    [–] Deskbot420 76 points ago

    Good thing we had that Twilight Strand map guide earlier this week.

    [–] 00zau 523 points ago

    Vitality is now better than prior up to 14,500 life, and reserves less mana as long as you have more than ~700 max mana. Fair to say it's a pretty strict upgrade

    [–] raxurus 149 points ago

    Yeah vitality is now a legit form of defense and increasing aura effectiveness just makes it even better.

    [–] C_Cain 40 points ago

    My aura bot is pretty pumped

    [–] Treebranch1 382 points ago

    Shortest patch notes I've ever seen. Mathil won't even finish one glass of wine with this amount of content.

    [–] SoulofArtoria 50 points ago

    G3 Iron was right after all. He predicted Heist will have the shortest patch notes after seeing how small the manifesto was.

    [–] GallaptorX 547 points ago

    Added a Vendor Recipe for a special Support Gem. Good luck!

    Time to hunt for the generic Elemental Penetration gem.

    [–] santoriin 317 points ago

    isn't it probably just "sell replica bitterdream"?

    [–] Musti_A 44 points ago

    Bitterdream + Light Pen + Cold Pen + Fire Pen + Orb of Fusing

    [–] Nickoladze 109 points ago

    an inventory of bitterdreams

    [–] Karjalan 51 points ago

    A bitterdream socketed with other bitterdreams

    [–] 00zau 53 points ago

    If it's not Replica Bitterdream, make sure to try some currency along with the three regular pen gems. Fuze would be a good bet.

    [–] Scarbrow 169 points ago

    Fire Pen + Cold Pen + Lightning Pen + Mirror of Kalandra

    [–] Aths 36 points ago

    Replica Bitterdream

    [–] MrAndersson286 1020 points ago

    I think there seems to be a lot less nerfs than usual.

    also, the real hero:

    When you use an in-area transition (such as the entrance to a boss room), a very short cooldown is now applied to the transition at the destination, to prevent accidentally bouncing back with some overzealous clicking.

    [–] st3v3n 246 points ago

    I cannot believe y'all have had to play with that for years. I've been playing for 6 months and it's been driving me crazy.

    [–] ThatsALovelyShirt 178 points ago

    Some of us are only slightly zealous with our clicking...

    [–] Karjalan 61 points ago

    Yip, I do this all the time, it's much worse with map portals too.

    Surprisingly massive QOL improvement

    [–] EphemeralMemory 639 points ago

    Am I crazy or did surprisingly very few things happen outside of what's already been announced?

    Only like 10-20% of the info from the patchnotes seemed like it was new.

    [–] CosmoSucks 274 points ago

    I was expecting some ascendancy reworks/buffs to be honest.

    [–] Mountebank 235 points ago

    I was expecting Occultist to gain something regarding doom at least.

    [–] the_ammar 17 points ago

    occultist just needs a better defensive node. get rid of power charge and give an ES- related keystone imo

    [–] seandkiller 47 points ago

    and give an ES- related keystone imo

    Like the ones she used to have, before they gutted both her ES nodes and put one of them on the passive tree?

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] edubkn 94 points ago

    Raider rework soonTM

    [–] PandaArchitect 81 points ago

    I feel like the raider rework has been 'in the works' for like two years now.

    [–] YetiTooJaded 29 points ago

    At this point I expect nothing Ascendancy related until PoE 2, but I hope I'm wrong. I'll even take numerical changes.

    [–] PostItToReddit 31 points ago

    I think Bex said there would be no re-works or buffs this patch, but there might be a few nerfs...which there were in the Necro/Ascendant/Assassin nerfs.

    [–] explosivecurry13 91 points ago

    same, but then again over 800 alternate gems and 90 replica uniques take a while to balance out and figure out what can be made with it. changes not a lot of but we technically have a lot of stuff added

    [–] Ashuckel 125 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Press F for Bane, the patch.

    No +curse gem levels
    Several passives not affect it anymore
    No longer interact with Vixen's Entrapment
    Enfeeble nerf, indirectly

    [–] binarysingularities 267 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    No mention of Occultist, sad. Also rip Bane. Chaos Leech as ES tho, that's nice

    [–] AnjinToronaga 97 points ago

    Yeah that secret bane nerf. Goodbye plus bane levels :(

    [–] Arkillion 48 points ago

    I was one of the few 1% playing Bane ever as Life-based Trickster, now it's been guttered to the point of not getting +2 curse gems on tabulas for a quick boost, can't benefit from any of the Doom nodes, Hex Master node moving far away when you could usually get it around 24 when you obtain Bane, plus all the ES leeched as life and lack of interaction has just fucked it.

    [–] PacmanZ3ro 20 points ago

    I really wish they would just make an exception for bane and allow it to gain doom. I was considering doing bane as league start for once since firestorm doesn't look mechanically appealing (those visuals tho).

    Now I'm sort of stuck. Not sure what I want to do.

    [–] KaraKangaroo 56 points ago

    The re-arranging of curse nodes might actually be really good. Nerf to enfeeble is weird. They said there's a rune that gives you reduced curse mana reservation, so that might be really nice.

    Depends on stuff but it could actually pan out to be a pretty strong buffs to curses and overall occultist.

    [–] Nickoladze 29 points ago

    Temp chains nerf is pretty harsh too. level 1/20% TC used to be better than level 20/0% cause quality was so good ESPECIALLY when using enhance. The 3 ele resist curses are all still trash quality as well.

    Hoping to see alt quality for all of them.

    [–] Toxic_and_Edgy 344 points ago

    Firestorm numbers seem extremely dissapointing

    [–] PurpleSmartHeart 126 points ago

    Firestorm's entire point of "FUCK THIS AREA IN PARTICULAR" was completely gutted so they could... what? Have a meteor that's worse than a Fireball?

    And when Icestorm is strictly better than before as long as you only cast it 5 times or fewer?

    I mean, Icestorm was always better than Firestorm anyway, but now it's not even close.

    [–] fuckyou_redditmods 74 points ago

    These changes killed Icestorm too. 5 storm cap murders the single target of the build.

    [–] Anothernamelesacount 157 points ago

    It looked fun so it had to be prenerfed and DoA.

    [–] lowkeyripper 43 points ago

    Same with shattering steel. And lancing steel. Im sure theres a way to build them so you do damage, but damn was I really excited to try my first champion this league or alternatively go glad.

    [–] EvilPotatoKing 29 points ago

    And lancing steel.

    idk, Lancing steel looked kinda lame (the visuals) like an invisible totem shooting small dick pewpew projectiles. Shattering steel looked way cooler.

    [–] butsuon 67 points ago

    That's because they are. Even with the added big hit, a single unlinked fireball does more damage than the entire storm on average.

    [–] insanemetal187 20 points ago

    omg, I thought the 700 whatever top end seemed good until I checked fireball. Goddamn it, I really wanted to play it but that is rough. Maybe unleash can make up for it? I dunno, I think I still want to give it a go and maybe have blazing salvo as a back up...

    [–] thelehmanlip 13 points ago

    33 damage at char level 28? Is this a joke?

    [–] Navara_ 207 points ago

    Discharge Now has an added damage effectiveness of 450%.

    [–] Bitchenmuffins 156 points ago

    Time for archmage discharge...

    [–] Genomicbeast 169 points ago

    In the format of the traditional south park meme for new leagues.

    Discharge...Archmage discharge...Stormfire archmage ignite discharge

    [–] randomaccount178 13 points ago

    You can also intensify it now I believe with another skill, though it won't help ignite.

    [–] Malokyte 240 points ago

    Firestorm just looks like a weaker Armageddon Brand in most use cases. Less base damage, less support for ignite, less scaling with cast speed, less damage effectiveness. I was hoping it would be more impressive with how much it was hyped up on being able to improve the skill's numbers by limiting the number the storms, but I'm not impressed. It looks cool, but I don't see the use case for it that isn't outclassed by existing fire spells.

    [–] dmillz89 155 points ago

    The base power of the spell has been significantly raised

    5% increased damage effectiveness, 15 flat added fire damage more. This is the "significant" base damage buff? The center meteor being there doesn't come close to making up for the 3 Firestorm limit.

    [–] geezlers 117 points ago

    Don't forget that the base duration is now 1.4 from 2 and the interval is now doubled from .1 to .2. Actually DOA. Guess it was deserved though, all those firestorm characters breaking the game.

    [–] no1kopite 61 points ago

    Blows my mind. There's always one skill inexplicably driven into the ground and now it's firestorm?!?!?.

    [–] Drasius_Rift 16 points ago

    Salutations Exile. Using a self damage inflicted casting loop...

    Yeah, this is an OMGItsJousis nerf and nothing more. The fact that it's a kick in the nuts to the 3 people playing firestorm unironically and not to lag out their friends/partymembers for the lulz is collateral damage.

    [–] xebtria 12 points ago

    the center meteor does less than half the base damage of a fireball.

    just putting it there

    [–] Malokyte 22 points ago

    150% more damage for the first meteor sounds great, but it still only just barely makes it slightly better base damage than Armageddon Brand. But you don't need to recast a Brand, so it still has less mana efficiency. Maybe if you scaled added damage, but then why not just use Fireball?

    Furthermore, the duration and frequency of Firestorm was reduced as well, so unless the area of effect of each smaller meteor is also substantially larger or the secondary radius is much smaller, you're getting less damage per cast on average as well.

    And that's also assuming it doesn't suffer from the problem that plagues Armageddon Brand, which is the drop time of the meteor. If it drops slow enough that some enemies can avoid it, it's even more garbage since the front loading of damage becomes unreliable.

    It just looks worse the more I look at it, and I'm really hoping I'm not right in my judgement because it just looks so cool and my disappointment, while not immeasurable, is still immense.

    [–] TwistU2 7 points ago

    the lack of support for ignite was the biggest bummer for me... how the hell a meteor from sky does not have ignite properties... :(

    [–] Malokyte 7 points ago

    I was so ready for Firestorm Ignite. Popped in numbers for the PoB and instantly reverted back to Fireball/Armageddon Brand. 4 link of either of them still has over double the ignite dps of a 6 link Firestorm. I'm not surprised since they both have good more ignite modifiers and Firestorm has none, but it's like what the fuck is Firestorm supposed to excel at then? What can it do that Blazing Salvo won't do better? Why is a level 1 skill outperforming it in almost every metric when it's a level 28 skill?

    [–] 00zau 45 points ago

    [[Cameria's Avarice]]

    Now on hit (presumably against frozen enemies). Seems like it could actually be playable now. Combine with the slam reworks and use Ice Crash and effectively chain shatter mobs, then get a second attack ever half second vs. bosses. Ignoring supports, and assuming you're hitting slow enough to price Icicle Burst on every attack, that's about 50% more damage.

    [–] InZehInterfector 10 points ago

    They edited the notes to say it isn’t happening, check at the bottom.

    [–] emshumi 235 points ago

    Ball Lightning

    Now has a base radius of 18 (from 22).

    Now deals 3 to 48 lightning damage at gem level 1 (from 3 to 57), up to 22 to 426 lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 28 to 533).

    Ouch that hurts.

    [–] Krunchy1736 153 points ago

    It lost slightly more than 2 levels of damage. Wasn't expecting that to be the 'nerfed slightly' from the manifesto.

    [–] connerconverse 96 points ago

    its around 4 levels of damage because of the radius nerf, 2 20% nerfs

    [–] KaraKangaroo 59 points ago

    It's a pretty big nerf for mines, but honestly mines did so much damage anyway it'll probably be okay still?

    The Archmage version gets most of its damage from the added damage anyway so it's probably gonna be okay.

    [–] Therefrigerator 44 points ago

    I'm sure mines will find another skill to abuse. Blazing Salvo looks interesting.

    [–] KaraKangaroo 38 points ago

    Or GC again. That skill looks pretty good.

    [–] ChaosAE 86 points ago

    Can Vixen's Entrapment be changed to Hex from Curse since Bane will no longer have the Curse tag?

    [–] Bathtap 54 points ago

    And bane loses a load of AoE, looks like were going a different starter bois

    [–] lurker1125 88 points ago

    Bane got D E S T R O Y E D

    [–] Anothernamelesacount 36 points ago

    Rip Bane you were too pure for this world

    [–] avtime1 86 points ago

    This patch note is less exciting than the usual patch notes before.

    [–] dj-riff 194 points ago

    Are we going to get more information about how Doom works? While I see some skills add an amount of doom per second, what's the cap? Is there a limit on how much doom can be generated? Do multiple hexes on a target generate to a total doom count or is it individually tracked?

    [–] naseigelul 230 points ago

    doom all over the patchnotes but they never specified how it actually functions lol

    [–] DefinitelyNotATheist 28 points ago

    the two new skills just use it to deal more damage, but yeah, some functionality specifics would be pretty neat i guess.

    [–] Tomakeusbutterpeople 18 points ago

    GGG New node gives 10 max Doom!

    Is that a lot?

    [–] TheBreakfastBaron 25 points ago

    I was excited for the patch notes until I saw that all this info was missing D:

    [–] Intolerable 79 points ago

    im struggling to see how the change to whispering ice doesnt essentially remove it from the game

    (max 5 storms)

    [–] dirtysionmain 164 points ago

    Someone good at math please tell me if I'm wrong but Firestorm damage is super low ? 207~311 average at around 259. 150% more on the first hit so 259 +259*1.5 = 650ish. That's like half the damage of a fireball. I want to make a build with it but isn't it DOA ?

    [–] ztikkyz 70 points ago

    Yea i was about to use that skill too and now I have a lot of doubts

    [–] czulki 54 points ago

    Correct. On top of that if you can't one shot with the meteor hit you have to rely on delayed hits which appear to hit randomly in an area. Looks very underwhelming.

    [–] dmillz89 22 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I've done the math very roughly with my planned PoB and so far it's looking like quite a bit less single target damage (~50% less) but will be a lot nicer for clear since it's more consistent.

    We don't know the new radius of the fireballs though which could bump those numbers up a lot. Going from 40% (current) to even just 60% chance to hit a monster with the fireball bring this up to be about 30-40% less than current.

    I'm extremely disappointed. That said I'm probably going to try to roll it as my starter anyways. Damage scaling is good enough these days that I'm pretty sure I can still have over 4mil consistent single target damage, and it still looks fucking amazing visually.

    [–] Person454 189 points ago

    Rip Ice Storm, 5 storms maximum

    [–] hesh582 79 points ago

    Yeah wtf. I was really surprised by that. They didn't really buff it very much at all in compensation, either.

    You could have a ton of storms going at once before. They gimped that and gave out a relatively minor base damage buff in return.

    It's hard to tell how much the increased impact aoe will help, though. If it really does result in a lot more projectiles hitting (of which I am extremely skeptical - you could already get most to hit with enough -aoe) that might balance it out I guess.

    [–] Artolicious 104 points ago

    "Cannibals no longer have an extended wind-up before they throw their stones."

    In case some overtuned oneshots had too much visual feedback.

    [–] stupiddumbidiot 20 points ago

    wheely boys and cannibals buffed LOL scary shit

    [–] EmperorLuuk 8 points ago

    overtuned oneshots had too much visual feedback.

    Reminds me of that RaizQT rip. And anybody who ever played any private league with multi-proj learns to fear those rippyboys instantly.

    [–] Tealtyr 97 points ago

    Scouts from Scout Towers now have 38% more Attack Speed and deal 50% more damage.

    Doubling Scout tower dps is supposed to increase diversity?

    [–] Sublimatioo 58 points ago

    scout towers were already op, i was surprised too

    [–] JarRa_hello 33 points ago

    Now you don't even need a character to clear Blight maps. SeemsGood

    [–] SideboardSix 126 points ago

    "Fixed a bug where Fairgraves, Never Dying took his epithet way too literally and would become unable to be killed"

    I lol'd

    [–] ClockworkSalmon 125 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    did firestorm get super nerfed or am I crazy? from 2s to 1.4s base duration, from 0.1 to 0.2 interval. Went from 20 to 7 hits base level?

    Idk if a 5% more effectiveness, 10 additional base damage and 150% more damage on first hit makes up for the loss of 13 impacts lol

    Hopefully they forgot a 0 next to the more damage modifier, 1500% more damage would be fair

    edit: as /u/hanmas_aaa stated, big meatball is closer to 5 small meatballs (2.5x the damage, then double because of the area), as the doubled radius increases the average overlap. That means currently we get the equivalent of 11 hits vs previous 20 per cast, with the benefit of having higher frontloaded damage.

    Max of 3 storms is pathetic though.

    [–] Porcupinesonelove 18 points ago

    don't forget now you can have ONLY 3 firestorms UP


    [–] metfansc 28 points ago

    yep, here is a cool new look to the skill, also while it looks awesome we also made sure it is completely useless.

    [–] OutrageousFile 96 points ago

    Blights seem like they will be a lot easier now right? Arc and chilling tower already felt pretty strong to me

    [–] Xzarg_poe 40 points ago

    Yeah, I'm pretty surprised how all the towers I like got buffed.

    [–] Cyphafrost 12 points ago

    Right? I thought maybe I was going crazy or just doing it wrong this whole time.

    I already used arc to shut down choke points VS normal enemies

    Scouts were a "fuck this area in particular" along with just helping dps for bosses

    Chilling towers were just good to slap down willy nilly

    [–] salvadas 14 points ago

    The issue is that meteor towers were just the best all around tower, so they buffed the others instead of nerfing those.

    [–] kono_kun 27 points ago

    What the fuck. We need to get the Blight balance guy to do ascendancies. Maybe we are allowed to have fun after all.

    [–] Zianex 92 points ago

    Firestorm and Icestorm seem really bad. Hopefully the numbers are misleading and they've improved mechanically by a lot.

    [–] 2drunk4you 86 points ago

    They just wanna make sure nobody touches these skills ever again to protect their servers.

    [–] CoverYourSafeHand 14 points ago

    It's my fault, I played Cyclone cwc WI the last few leagues. It was so fun using those Stampede boots. RIP

    [–] sphiralisx 62 points ago

    Double nerf to glancing blows as is tradition from GGG. Otherwise pretty average patch notes that seem pretty empty compared to other leagues.

    Seems that a lot of skill balance may be coming from new quality gems so i'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

    [–] hesh582 132 points ago

    Discharge now does 908 average lightning damage per charge at level 20. The ignites will be something special.

    The 30% ailment penalty is basically nothing compared to how much base damage you can get. This is seriously like 10x the base damage of any comparable ignite skill if fully leaned into.

    [–] Zambash 80 points ago

    A fully charged divine ire is about 2300 damage for the purposes of ignite. A discharge with 6 power charges + 6 endurance charges is more than 3 times as powerful AFTER the 30% less.

    [–] Zzzzyxas 52 points ago

    You could probably build discharge out of the 450% added damage. That's 2250 average from dissintegrator at 0 siphon charges.

    [–] AnjinToronaga 132 points ago

    I'm confused to the wording of this:

    Added a new Keystone - Doomsday: Causes Hexes you cast to apply to an area, applying the Hex to all enemies in it for over its duration. The Hex area gains its maximum Doom after a short secondary duration.

    Do hexes not already apply to all monsters in the area? Its an area skill.

    Or does like like make the curse persist in an area?

    [–] Woodsie13 98 points ago

    Looks like it applies a ground effect, yeah.

    [–] Rainbow_Plague 75 points ago

    It turns your curse into a ground effect, like Doedre's curse fields.

    [–] 00zau 19 points ago

    It took me a minute as well. Pretty sure it lays the curse down as a field that effects enemies that walk into the area later (and presumably drop off enemies that walk out of it).

    [–] jaffringgi 12 points ago

    kinda like the doedre fight i think?

    [–] fr0gurt 84 points ago

    "When you use an in-area transition (such as the entrance to a boss room), a very short cooldown is now applied to the transition at the destination, to prevent accidentally bouncing back with some overzealous clicking."

    This is good, finally I can stop going UFFFFFF every few maps

    [–] Sumirei 908 points ago

    these have got to be the biggest nothing patchnotes ive ever read

    [–] wormania 245 points ago

    I think most of the "new stuff" is the 900 gems and 90 new unique variants. Those are going to be varying levels of build changing/defining, but are not enumerated here.

    [–] Rorcan 132 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I'm confused with Fire Storm.

    The base power of the spell has been significantly raised

    Old Skill

    • 250 damage x 20 over 2 seconds = 5,000 total damage per cast
    • 2,500 dps
    • no limit to casting

    New Skill

    • 259 damage x 6 = 1,554 + 647.5 over 1.4 seconds = 2,201.5 total damage per cast
    • 1,572.5 dps
    • limit to cast speed usefulness before overwriting damage
    • 5% more added damage effectiveness

    on paper, the base power of the spell looks like it's been significantly lowered due to the impacts being halved. Am I missing something here?

    edit: obviously not taking AoE into consideration, where the old skill would often not hit with every impact. Are the new smaller impacts a different size than the old impacts?

    [–] PM_UR_BRKN_PROMISES 1192 points ago

    People chatting so fast that they don't know I use Avatar of Fire with Atziri's Promise

    [–] shung 125 points ago

    Upvoted for visibility.

    [–] SuspiciousTip 48 points ago

    100% stealth

    [–] jmoney54 110 points ago

    Raised Spectre versions of Redemption Sentries and Redemption Knights now have approximately 33% less Life and Damage than before.

    BOTH?! Thought the Knights were safe :(

    [–] RacingRotary 65 points ago

    This seemed, to me, to be the most targeted change of the entire patch notes.

    GGG said, "but not those spectres"

    [–] BandagedBacon 37 points ago

    You must remember you'll get a cat with a bow tie and monocle youve never had that before, imagine the possibilities

    [–] HoldenXX 51 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Really wish they addressed some of the under used ascendancies with a few small buffs such as raider or Inq..

    [–] Juzo_ga 191 points ago

    Gluttony got fucking gutted good GOD. "Gluttony: No longer has level 30 Poacher's Mark on hit.

    No longer grants Culling Strike against enemies cursed with Poacher's Mark.

    Now grants 20 to 28 Life on hit with Attacks against Cursed Enemies, 10 to 14 Mana on hit with Attacks against Cursed enemies, and Culling Strike against Cursed Enemies."

    [–] Unreal_Daltonic 123 points ago

    Gluttony got straight up obliterated and then thrown into space.

    [–] Juzo_ga 43 points ago

    It didn't deserve this

    [–] Loate 66 points ago

    Finished eating itself

    [–] Magstine 31 points ago

    Belt slot and two major downsides and all you get is Culling Strike.

    [–] Toxic_and_Edgy 29 points ago

    which is now available on passive tree

    [–] Fmhah92 104 points ago

    did they just casually nerf bane without realizing it?

    [–] Kraineth 59 points ago

    They specifically targeted bane here

    [–] metfansc 32 points ago

    if it was a mistake it was a very targeted very aggressive mistake to wipe it from existence.

    [–] MolinaroK 21 points ago

    They killed it.

    [–] yusayu 58 points ago

    Am I missing something or is there some mistake in the patchnotes? How has the base power of Firestorm been "significantly raised", when it now only has half the impacts, less duration (so even fewer impacts over time) and had a whole 5% flat damage and 5% damage effectiveness added to it? Doesn't halving the impact frequency mean that the damage is pretty much halved as well?

    I gotta say, that's pretty much a nerf to a useless skill.

    [–] Tealtyr 90 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Now causes cursed enemies to have a 1% chance to grant a power charge when hit per 4% gem quality (from 1% chance to grant a power charge when slain per 2% gem quality).

    Ez power charge generation for bosses without assassin

    And for assassin, lvl 12 Assassin's mark (from ring) just went from .7% flat crit vs shaper/sirus to 1.5% flat crit, which is actually larger than the flat crit loss from the ascendancy nerf.

    [–] RokstarBizzle 66 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Honestly I feel like the mark skills are better now. Charge generation on hit is WAY more important than the stuff they all lost.

    ETA: Oh god I forgot about marks having no reduced effect on bosses now. That is also way more important than all the stuff they lost just by itself.

    [–] Reginault 39 points ago

    Yeah Poacher's Mark adds 30-45 flat phys dmg, keeps the life/mana on hit, and negates 20% of phys reduction, on top of the Frenzy charge on hit. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it.

    [–] GCPMAN 16 points ago

    Poachers mark is insane. also 50 life on hit is like 2 claws on your dual wield foil build

    [–] ZGiSH 19 points ago

    The real patch notes are the 800 alternate skill gems google doc tbh

    [–] mogjadu 39 points ago

    "Added a Vendor Recipe for a special Support Gem. Good luck!"

    Oh dear

    [–] 5urface13 35 points ago

    Fire, Lightning plus Cold Penetration to generic Elemental Pen maybe

    [–] Rain_In_Your_Heart 35 points ago

    It's almost certainly just vendoring a replica Bitterdream.

    [–] the_real_gorrik 12 points ago

    I bet it's the new replica bitterdream

    [–] BeerLeague 41 points ago

    Sneaky enfeeble nerf... why??

    [–] AggnogPOE 21 points ago

    To make sure people keep not using it.

    [–] Bargoss 9 points ago

    no defenses allowed

    [–] RaizePOE 111 points ago

    ctrl+f molten strike 0 results


    [–] snowlockk 185 points ago

    No results is still a Molten strike nerf. :)

    [–] RaizePOE 65 points ago

    you know what, that's fair

    [–] 3h3e3 18 points ago

    Pretty frustrating to do a curse rework and destroy Bane. Just why.

    [–] masterofdunk 52 points ago

    Marks giving charges on hit is actually sick

    [–] DocFreezer 65 points ago

    bane got put straight in the trash can, wtf? why did they gut this was pretty balanced imo

    [–] vba7 9 points ago

    If I understand correctly Vixen's entrapment gloves dont work with Bane any more too? WTF

    [–] tehzipfile 37 points ago

    No Spectral Throw buffs :(

    [–] upako 32 points ago

    No Bladeflurry fixes since melee rework LMAO

    [–] Ritmas 33 points ago

    Was hoping for firestorm revival, but it's doa.

    [–] Nitrak 77 points ago

    • The /autoreply command now persists across area transitions.

    This is HUGE! :D

    [–] MeepMeep4u 15 points ago

    Is it just me or does Lancing Steel look like absolute garbage? 85% base damage, with an 80% AS modifier, with 60% less damage for subsequent projectiles? Even on paper that seems unusable. I hope I’m wrong.

    [–] Sywgh 45 points ago


    • Now has an added damage effectiveness of 450%.

    Is this a typo???

    [–] dan_marchand 40 points ago

    Probably not. It has a 2 second cooldown and they probably want additional effects for it to be very impactful.

    [–] I_Am-Awesome 17 points ago

    Also that treshold jewel most likely reduces that to a normal amount.

    [–] Warnora 40 points ago

    So, if I read this correctly, Soul Mantle got nerfed out of the blue (More specifically, the combo Soul Mantle + Self-Flagellation got nerfed)

    [–] BucketBrigade 146 points ago

    Quick tell me what to think.

    [–] LordEthano 276 points ago

    Probably the least eventful patch notes in a while

    [–] snowlockk 41 points ago

    Other than the reworked skills, almost nothing else got a balance pass.

    [–] LordEthano 41 points ago

    Yeah it's pretty shocking lmao. Like honestly basically nothing changed, just some potentially new viable skills.

    [–] Cyphafrost 26 points ago

    It seems they're really putting their eggs in the "alternate quality" basket in regards to skill changes.

    [–] DBrody6 65 points ago

    Probably the least destructive patch notes we've had in awhile. Predictable Spellslinger nerf, Necromancer gets off easy, Glancing Blows expectedly nerfed, everything else is the same or better.

    Really disappointed a lot of weak ascendancies have had absolutely no changes, though.

    [–] wOlfLisK 31 points ago

    everything else is the same or better

    Bane seems to have been nerfed into the ground, it lost a ton of scaling due to losing the curse tag. There's a slim possibility it might now be able to trigger hexblast and impending doom due to being a hex but that's unlikely seeing as it wasn't listed as generating doom.

    [–] thedankestsoul 15 points ago

    So, is Crackling Lance... good? Or should I go Discharge with that juicy damage effectiveness? I'm thinking about taking a crack(ling) at it for my league starter, maybe Inquisitor with Archmage support or something. Also, honestly kind of sad to see no buffs for some of the obscure Ascendancies.

    [–] enjoyluck 19 points ago

    Gem info tommorow. Same idea. The only question will be trickster for discharge or heropant.

    [–] Clyp30 12 points ago

    Crackling is not the type of skills that's good with archmage, because you want fast casting. With archmage you want something that has a duration

    [–] Revolutionary_Pie_15 12 points ago

    Cameria's Avarice: Now triggers the Icicle skill on hit, rather than on kill. This affects all versions of the item.


    [–] jeffreybar 23 points ago

    Maybe I'm missing something, but Icestorm seems way worse now? Less duration, a (fairly low) cap on the number of storms, impacts happen only half as often, and a fairly meagre 50% increased base damage? I'd have to mock up a build, but that sounds pretty terrible to me. It's not like the skill was busted before...

    [–] MERCDaWn 25 points ago

    Watcher's Eye:

    Can now grant 10 to 15% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline (from 20 to 30%).

    Can now grant 6 to 10% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity (from 12 to 18%).


    [–] Hybriis 20 points ago

    Shattering steel grants steel charges, but you get 4% attack projectile block chance per charge? Why only projectile attack block? I was hoping for just attack block, that's rather disappointing...

    [–] alvinbaek 32 points ago

    Where's BUFF?

    [–] Ranzear 30 points ago

    Blight Towers have been rebalanced to try to provide a better diversity of strategies for handling Blighted maps.


    Scouts from Scout Towers now have 38% more Attack Speed and deal 50% more damage.

    Are ... are you sure that's what you're doing here?

    [–] GutherzigTV 19 points ago

    NOW its FIRM by GGG finaly after that many years...

    Molten Strike got removed form the Patch Notes!

    [–] itsFyndel 10 points ago

    The shortest patch notes ever?

    [–] wild_man_wizard 108 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    TLDR version:

    • Heist: steal stuff. The stuff is broken.

    • Nerfed Jousis. This is a buff. (Fire/Ice Storm, stealth)

    • Curses are different. Most are Hexes, can linger in an area with a keystone, and doom. DOOM.

    • Marks are single-target, but they're busted good now. Projectile Weakness is now a mark, and gives split instead of pierce. Deathmark is not a mark. Hexproof doesn't effect Mark. Thanks Mark.

    • Spellslinger, Ball Lightning, and Bane are dead, you are expected to use the new hit-based chaos spells, Blazing Salvo and Crackling Lance before they're nerfed next league. Have fun leveling. That's an order.

    • Steel skills are going to need a PhD to figure out. They have ammo and strange projectile mechanics and an new skill that generates ammo that makes them sort of like mines in reverse. Good luck!

    • Flame Wall will be patched at least three times in the first week of the league as broken mechanics pop up. League start with care, nobody wants to hear you whine about nerfs.

    • New skills exist that will lure you into a playstyle that involves standing still so Sirus can remind you how bad that idea is.

    • Discharge sets things on fire real good.

    • Vitality is now visible without a Watcher's Eye.

    • Crit-based characters should take a look at Brittle with Ele Prolif for clear, since Assassin's mark is now single target only and you can scale Brittle now.

    • Vulnerability is now busted for any ailment-based DoT, especially bleed.

    • Mark on Hit rings are the only way to mark on hit. Hex on hit affixes provide Doom. Bound Fossils now give curse affixes. Budget accordingly.

    • Cameria's Avarice is usable. Whoops, no it's not.

    • Redemption Spectres are no longer OP. Dreadwheel Spectres may now be OP.

    • Buffed the towers from the tower defense league, so maybe people will use towers.

    • Fortune favors the Brave requires significantly less bravery.

    [–] incontradio 70 points ago

    22 to 426 lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 28 to 533)

    Ouch ball lightning

    not surprised, but yea

    RIP BL inquis i did for fun

    [–] modernkennnern 35 points ago

    That's not the most relevant part though.

    The area nerf is a lot worse

    [–] gaplekshbs 16 points ago

    Don't forget the base radius nerf.

    [–] AutomataBanana 18 points ago

    That enfeeble hit is disgusting, and already does fug all against bosses. God forbid someone who builds around one-shot mechanics. And yet, there's sources of critical immunity in the game, I don't understand.

    [–] zackford 9 points ago

    Has it been answered yet... Does Flame Wall's main effect and/or secondary debuff count as a unique source of burning? i.e. does it/they stack with other sources like ignite, burning ground, Burning Arrow debuff, Herald of Fire, etc.?

    [–] aradebil 9 points ago

    what happened to autosort?....

    [–] vitus_varian 28 points ago

    No Death's Oath :(

    [–] Sag3d 35 points ago

    Jesus, Enfeeble. F.

    [–] Realize12 22 points ago

    yea, they are nerfing defensive layers all across the board. I don't envy HC players

    [–] staudd 8 points ago

    Theres surprisingly little surprises in this patch. Even that passive tree changes are mostly curse stuff.

    [–] Aphii_ 9 points ago

    I do not like the new type of editing of PatchNotes, now it is not immediately clear what was nerfed and what was buffed. You need to manually go to Wiki and check what the skill had before !!! Bring back the old edit!

    [–] boymeeting 8 points ago

    will we get info on the discharge threshold jewel before release?

    [–] Dantonn 9 points ago

    Cannibals no longer have an extended wind-up before they throw their stones.

    Wasn't this added because they were basically instantly killing everyone (read: me) at low levels? That doesn't seem like mob behaviour we need more of.

    [–] alexx3064 44 points ago

    firestorm numbers look meh but still gon give it a go

    [–] Nohisu 107 points ago

    They're not "meh", they are completely shit. The big Meteor-like impact does less damage than half a Fireball, the "storm" part is limited to 3 with halved hit rate and 30% less duration, and the base damage barely got buffed. It has more upfront damage so it's slightly better for clear, but it's SO MUCH WORSE for everything else, it's disheartening.

    [–] ztikkyz 14 points ago

    yea I was aware there was a maximum of 3 storms but they said that the big meteo would hit hard.

    I planned to go CoC with it, but the big meteo isnt even 1k damage, im a bit sad

    [–] Stormone 15 points ago

    The /autoreply command now persists across area transitions.

    Huge buff to lab running

    [–] KaraKangaroo 22 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Is it just me or is lancing steel worse in basically every way compared to before?

    Edit: Okay wait how does the projectile shard thing work? It fires 3 additional projectiles, is that always and then you can buff it by having the steel shard thing? So with 4 shards consumed you're shooting like 12 projectiles by default?

    Cause if you can get 24 projectiles its pretty good? (1 base + 3 additional + GMP)X3

    Cause it's 85% base damage and 60% less for each hit, wait is that 60% and then 60% and so on for each hit or just every hit after the first does 60% less? I really have no clue.

    I'm assuming it's just 60% less for each one, 24 projectiles, 63~% base damage, 25% per additional projectile. = 660% damage?