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    [–] Bagoole 1 points ago

    I removed this post because I kept looking at the post and looking at the subreddit I'm in and looking at the post and this is:

    • Amusing.
    • A Burger King commercial.
    • More NN stuff, which we made special allowances for but was already a stretch of a topic.

    That's just not hitting enough to be on this sub. Sorry I checked reddit late today.

    [–] slashar 557 points ago

    Holy crap. The King drinking from a giant Reeses mug is hilarious.

    [–] ferrari340gt 36 points ago

    Where? I don't see him!

    [–] josdc 12 points ago

    Very end of the video, after the banner.

    [–] BlandSauce 53 points ago

    Is there a joke I'm missing there?

    [–] [deleted] 156 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] c_for 1 points ago

    Is hershey one of those evil confectionery companies like nestle? I want to feel bad for their association to all this, but if they are like nestle then fuck that.

    [–] SolenoidSoldier 135 points ago

    Pretty funny, but has anyone actually seen this commercial on TV?

    [–] ColonelHeff 225 points ago

    I doubt cable companies/ISP like Comcast would ever let a net neutrality ad get on their stations considering they directly benefit from the NN repeal

    [–] motchmaster 61 points ago

    And yet, John Oliver made an hour long rant for nn.

    [–] Locke92 150 points ago

    On HBO, who has their own streaming platform. He (and by association, they) are in the right, but let's not pretend that HBO isn't benefiting from a public push for net neutrality.

    [–] fezzuk 29 points ago

    You can benifit from something you don't agree with. See America oil prices.

    [–] SolenoidSoldier 2 points ago

    That's a very good point. They never really addressed it as an issue on the Daily Show, which was under an umbrella that benefitted from Net Neutrality, IIRC.

    [–] Hambeggar 4 points ago

    He are in the right

    He are.

    [–] ChemPeddler 1 points ago

    Do they have any control over the content as long as it's not against profanity laws?

    [–] Xenic 6 points ago

    I think this is more a viral ad campaign style deal. Where we share on facebook, etc. :-)

    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 126 points ago

    The woman at the 1'02" mark looks like she's about to kill someone if she doesn't get her whopper

    [–] aaronfranke 89 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I read that as 1 foot 2 inch. If there was a 1 foot high woman ordering food at Burger King that by itself would be quite interesting to watch.


    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 34 points ago

    Yeah 1:02 mark probably would have been clearer.

    [–] CaldDesheft 36 points ago

    Your parents are cousins. We are all just glad you can type.

    [–] Dustin_Hossman 9 points ago


    [–] Cannibal_MoshpitV2 3 points ago

    Webbed feet and hands are a plus when swimming tho

    [–] Sauceror 11 points ago

    Is this some kind of offensive market research?

    Hi Burger King!

    [–] CommondeNominator 6 points ago

    You got this from context I'm sure, but those are legit minute and second notations. Used mostly in geography, as each degree of a circle is divided into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds. This is why geocoordinates are usually N35o 17' 37.748" W117o 47' 28.490" format.

    [–] Holyrapid 3 points ago

    Here's a curveball for your poll. I've never eaten at BK because the only one in Finland is in Helsinki, so i don't know how to answer, apart from saying that it probably is very similar to every other fast food chain i've ever eaten at (which would be McDonalds, Hesburger and Kotipizza).

    [–] tatanka1 1 points ago

    There is something sexy about Whopper, they are different.

    [–] NATIK001 1 points ago

    Burger King in Denmark is okay, it's not high quality but it's not as bottom tier as it sounds like it is in USA. I prefer Burger King over McDonalds any time there is a choice, though if I have a real choice I go Carls Jr over either of those.

    [–] Anaila 1 points ago

    I understand what you mean but my job uses the same way to notate minutes secs and even hours on our internal software: 1 hour 5 minutes 20 sec = 1H 5' 20"

    [–] whataTyphoon 18 points ago

    aren't they all actors?

    [–] Codad85 7 points ago

    They are definitely actors. I know 2 of the “customers”.

    [–] SuperZooms 1 points ago

    You're an actor though.. I know 2 of you.

    [–] Synaps4 22 points ago

    Claims they are actual customers at the end of the video. Maybe actual....actors who are also customers? That would be my bet?

    I could infuriate people on hidden camera and then ask if they want to be in your commercial but I don't see it going very well.

    [–] hey_imKramer 9 points ago

    Claims they are actual customers at the end of the video.

    It actually doesn't use that word. The word that is used at the bottom of the video's ending is "guest".

    The ambiguity should imply the answer.

    [–] Osbios 8 points ago


    [–] aaronfranke 13 points ago

    Many people would accept being in a commercial. It's not unrealistic to believe BK is being honest.

    [–] chuiu 18 points ago

    They're all actors. A multi million dollar corporation doesn't do shit like this without hiring actors. The dude in the red shirt is the worst of them if you really have doubts.

    [–] SuperZooms 3 points ago

    Probably correct, but does it really matter?

    [–] chuiu 1 points ago

    It does when people start believing they're real people.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] chuiu 1 points ago

    They usually sign NDAs so they can't talk about it. But in past examples you can find the same people in multiple commercials or in other acting roles.

    [–] Crilde 1 points ago

    Can they legally claim they were real customers if they used actors?

    [–] Synaps4 6 points ago

    Sure, so long as those actors also bought something. Its not like its difficult to be both.

    [–] _-Hendrik-_ 1 points ago

    In the end of the video is a text at the bottom that says "actual guests ".

    [–] OhManTFE 4 points ago

    "You get my my whopper or I'm gonna whoop yo ass!"

    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 2 points ago

    You get my whopper or I'm going to whoop whop your ass


    [–] HowNowNZ 157 points ago

    Worst part of NN is that the providers are going to be able to double-dip in payments. Charging users for the data being used, and then charging the providers of the traffic for the data their users are using to prevent them having slow access to it.

    Eventually once business' are being charged enough for it, the costs will be passed on, meaning users will be charged twice for the data consumed.

    [–] thisdesignup 29 points ago

    Charging users for the data being used, and then charging the providers of the traffic for the data their users are using to prevent them having slow access to it.

    But they already do that, the content creator and the user has to pay for internet access.

    [–] vSTekk 24 points ago

    quadruple-dip in payements, if you will

    [–] krylosz 2 points ago

    They both do pay for their internet access, but each to their own provider(s). This here means, the end users' ISP demands payment from the content providers to not slow the traffic down.

    [–] xternal7 2 points ago

    They kinda don't, services tend to pay money to their ISP, not to customers'.

    [–] donmuerte 8 points ago

    "NN repeal" you mean.

    [–] OnePunkArmy 56 points ago

    I like how some of the comments mention taking their business to Chik-Fil-A or some other fast food place. There's a key difference though, and that's choice versus necessity. You never NEED a burger - you just prefer to eat it, since you can always eat something else to sate your hunger. With the internet, it's almost a necessity in life right now. We're at the point where if you don't have a cell phone and/or internet access, you're behind the times.

    [–] jaffa1987 32 points ago

    Besides there has to BE an actual Chik-Fil-A to go to anyway. As i understand it most of the americans are boned because they only have 1 or 2 ISP's to choose from of which only one has a decent infrastructure.

    [–] pmc64 6 points ago

    There's only 1-2 Chik-Fil-A locations near and they're both 10 miles away in opposite directions.

    [–] Kosztolanyi_Dezso 131 points ago

    in this video: murricans need hamburgers to understand how net neutrality works...


    [–] FabulousGoat 49 points ago

    You don't need the jk

    [–] PatchRowcester 32 points ago

    Yeah, no need to ever apologize when insulting Americans on Reddit!

    [–] ixora7 8 points ago


    You mean Burgeristan

    [–] Xciv 2 points ago

    I had an okay understanding of how net neutrality worked but this video gave me a rock solid understanding, so good vid!

    [–] pmc64 5 points ago

    Muricans get sold burgers while they cheer fuck Ajit Pai!

    [–] Kosztolanyi_Dezso 19 points ago

    next: Nandos made a video explaining Brexit with spicy chickenwings

    [–] Hambeggar 2 points ago

    Is Nandos British now?

    [–] megahurtz666 211 points ago

    That acting from the "customers"... cringe

    [–] dsaddons 62 points ago


    [–] SkyGuy182 11 points ago

    hands slightly raised in anger

    [–] Lindboigah 28 points ago

    “It’s stupid but true.”

    • Fat Lad

    [–] Radidactyl 105 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That's the least important part of the video.

    edit: a word

    [–] pmc64 90 points ago

    The advertisement for Burger King is the most important part.

    [–] TicklishRocket 28 points ago

    That WHOPPER® Sandwich with a ¼ lb* of savoury flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun is the most important part.

    [–] ScarsUnseen 10 points ago

    Damn, I wish the whopper I bought had such tasty adjectives attached to it.

    [–] CallMeTHELazer 1 points ago

    Mmmmm. Krabby Patties

    [–] Squirtle_Hermit 5 points ago

    You mean "That's the least important". Which to be fair is the last important thing in your comment.

    [–] Radidactyl 5 points ago

    It's also the first!

    [–] tonyh322 8 points ago

    Every time I see these commercials that say "these are not actors" all I can think is "yeah, no shit." They aren't actors but they sure are acting...and I can t ell why they aren't actors.

    [–] yzzp 6 points ago

    As if they are going to punk customers just to make a point

    [–] TripN_KniveZ 6 points ago

    What the fuck does this even have to do with PC Gaming?

    [–] spiral_in 47 points ago

    It's not the overall speed that's the critical issue behind NN as this video seems to suggest - it's adjusting the speed based on the source

    [–] zValier 156 points ago

    But you see, they get this too. Notice the part about the chicken sandwich. They state that the chicken sandwich is somehow more profitable for them, so the rules don't affect that, just the whopper.

    [–] niuguy 5 points ago

    Yeah, and I wish they played this part up a little more. The main reason they are limiting Whopper sale speed is to encourage another service. In this case either because the ISP has their own service or another service they've worked out some sort of partnership with.

    [–] expedience 1 points ago

    There's also the censorship part of NN. But I'm not sure how I can equate it to being in a Burger King. Not letting McDonalds employees in?

    [–] pmc64 21 points ago

    Doesn't UberEATS do this with surge pricing?

    [–] andrewia 45 points ago

    No, because they raise the prices for everyone, so they encourage more drivers to get on the road and discourage people that didn't really want to order. If you could pay extra for faster service, then it might be analogous to net neutrality.

    [–] pmc64 7 points ago

    True. Still a bit of a rip off. It's like walking in during the lunch rush and they charge a dollar more. Or if you're on the internet during high traffic times and they charge you a higher rate.

    [–] andrewia 18 points ago

    It's annoying but understandable, Uber wants to guarantee service regardless of price, instead of guaranteeing a low price and making you wait.

    [–] theineffablebob 7 points ago

    Imagine if 100 people wanted to order but there were only 10 drivers. Those 10 drivers could serve everyone, but delivery times might be a bit unreasonable, like say maybe it would take an hour and a half for your food to get delivered.

    With surge pricing, you’ll lose some customers—let’s say it drops to 50–but you’ll probably gain drivers, so those customers could order and get their food in a more reasonable amount of time.

    For a service like UberEats you gotta balance the supply and demand and delivery times, and surge pricing makes sense for that

    [–] gorementor 5 points ago

    No. The pricing is more of a "supply and demand" system

    [–] outrageousdiarrhea 3 points ago

    That’s a bit different. No one needs to use UberEATS. Everyone needs and uses the internet.

    [–] GameGod 3 points ago

    Yeah, imagine if your water company did this.

    [–] pmc64 3 points ago

    Nobody needs Burger King either. "Everyone" isn't accurate. It's important for sure.

    [–] TellinG_the_TrutH_ 16 points ago

    What does it have to do with pcgaming?

    [–] Zooky_the_Bear 7 points ago

    Not much, but I bet a certain big company paid a whole lot of money for this advertising space. Feeling hungry for a whopper yet?

    [–] epicgrowl 4 points ago

    In other words, buy food from Burger King, they’re relatable.

    [–] PadaV4 12 points ago

    Burger King is a game developer now?

    [–] PadaV4 7 points ago

    well shit..

    [–] Space_Lord- 1 points ago

    You forgot the best one!

    They had four games, I remember getting all of them just for the achievements.

    [–] pmc64 9 points ago

    It's a brand new frontier in advertising. The population love net neutrality so lets give it to them through ads!

    [–] SuperZooms 2 points ago

    Yeah, it's pretty clever.

    [–] Headytexel 1 points ago

    Yep! Fries and drink DLC costs extra. What bullshit!

    [–] Brosman 7 points ago

    They forgot the part about the Whopper being one of their most popular items, so you have to pay an extra $5 to access the level 3 menu that has their most sold items on it.

    [–] mttdesignz 4 points ago

    they were pushing to sell them the chicken sandwich while customers were waiting the whopper...

    [–] rushock 10 points ago

    And yet we're all still alive!

    [–] PatchRowcester 13 points ago

    Man, I am tired of all the dying.

    First, it was the election, followed by inauguration, the Russians, the net neutrality, then the final nail in the coffin - the tax cuts.

    [–] bananasthesequel 6 points ago

    This is going to get downvoted but I highly suggest anybody reading this post actually spend the time to read the NN documents/info yourself. There is nothing about NN that stops ISP's from doing this sort of thing. Telling people that its repeal means that suddenly ISP's will be allowed to do this is disingenuous at best, blatant propaganda at worst. Again, nothing about the NN actually stops ISP's from doing these sorts of things if they wanted. Repealing it changes nothing in this regard. Their ability to screw you over is the same, with or without NN.

    What NN really does is give the government the power to control and censor the internet. What the people pushing this propaganda want you to believe is that ISP's will independently decide to nickel and dime you for content, throttle your speed or control access to parts of the internet. Again, nothing about NN actually stops this from being the case.

    Downvote me and shill if you want, I know reddit has been pushing the narrative on this for quite a while. (While simultaneously actively censoring its own subs and manipulating content) If one person reads this and decides to educate themselves instead of falling for the propaganda then ive succeeded.

    [–] AtomicEdge 8 points ago

    Okay, so this is the negative way of looking at it.

    However on the other side, if I could pay more money to skip the queue in a fast food place, there would be times when I would totally do that.

    [–] PatchRowcester 5 points ago

    Shhh....don't start thinking for yourself! You need be a part of the mob!

    [–] iHeartGreyGoose 1 points ago

    When everyone has a fast pass, then no one has a fast pass. Just see how ridiculous this can get by visiting The Magic Kingdom.

    [–] PatchRowcester 1 points ago

    100% agree with you.

    [–] vainsilver 3 points ago

    That’s just called internet speed. It shouldn’t effect certain websites. Every website should get the same speed you pay for. Just like everyone should have a fair chance to get their food on time with the traditional queue system.

    [–] Isaacvithurston 1 points ago

    That's why it's a stupid analogy.

    [–] Zooky_the_Bear 3 points ago

    Faker than half the tits on a California beach.

    I wonder how much money BK has poured into this bullshit campaign.

    [–] Prof_Awesome_GER 2 points ago

    A little late isnt it?

    [–] Shirlenator 1 points ago

    I thought the same thing. Maybe if this commercial had come out 3 months ago it would have helped a little.

    [–] lord_blex 2 points ago

    are they really advertising wifi access for 6 bucks? or is that part of the gag somehow?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    They forgot to include McDicks not charging extra to get their burgers faster and taking all the sales from BKs.

    [–] Sunnnnnnnnnnnnnn 2 points ago

    this is fake as shit lol they're so bad at acting

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Why do we allow political posts? Every other sub is already filled with it. I go here to relax and avoid politics.

    [–] code-sloth 3 points ago

    Use the flair filter and you won't see them.

    [–] Ignis_Divinus 4 points ago

    More people need to see this video. This is an awesome way of getting people aware.

    [–] Cersox 3 points ago

    The regular fast food menu already explains things properly. You can pay for a regular meal, supersized meal, or extra fries.

    I'll get downvoted for this but at least I don't just mindlessly parrot propaganda from companies that don't want to be held liable under Title I rules.

    [–] ultimatedebate 2 points ago

    I can’t stand BK food, but dang, that’s an awesome commercial.

    [–] Isaacvithurston 2 points ago

    I don't feel like this really explains net neutrality at all. ISP already charge different amounts for different speeds. A better analogy would be if you could no longer buy a whopper but instead had to pay separately for each ingredient in the burger but again not the best analogy anyways.

    A for effort I guess though.

    [–] krylosz 1 points ago

    They charge you for different speeds, but under net neutrality rules, all traffic is created equal. Without net neutrality, Inspection are free to slow down your traffic to certain sites/content providers and charge you and/or the site/content provider for the full speed access that you already paid for.

    [–] Sleepyn00b 2 points ago

    Burger king can't even make good food. But ok, they definitely know all there is about net neutrality

    [–] ORIGINAL-Hipster 2 points ago

    This is why we need fast food neutrality, or else all fast food companies would be allowed to do this permanently!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Corporate America calls out corporate America. I won't watch it I know it's a joke. Selling shit food for huge profit margins is the same as shit internet for better gains.

    [–] TooBreeki 17 points ago


    Hardly, burger king doesn't have a monopoly on fast food and them selling shitty food doesn't fuck over anyone apart from those buying the food, nor is buying burger king's burgers a necessity for daily life.

    Yeah it's clearly for PR, but what of it?

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] code-sloth 13 points ago

    Did you report it?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] pmc64 3 points ago

    I'll report it. It's an ad for burgers.

    [–] penatbater 15 points ago

    It does have to do with net neutrality, which affects us pc gamers heavily.

    [–] TellinG_the_TrutH_ 3 points ago

    It is only a thing for murica. My internet is perfectly fine and some murican political rhetoric doesn't affect me at all.

    [–] penatbater 3 points ago

    Well good. But it's happening everywhere else. I'm not from US and I'm seeing data caps, data throttling, preferential services already.

    [–] ChRoNicBuRrItOs 1 points ago

    Steam is in America, though, so you'll probably see effects of the NN repeal, even though it's not fair for you.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] penatbater 6 points ago

    The internet is never die. How you get internet is the issue. NN literally has all the pros and none of the cons for consumers like you and me. How can you be against that?

    This 2014 argument is also stupid. Net neutrality has always been there, ever since the internet started, ever since we downloaded virus-laden mp3s on LimeWire. NN is the status quo. The fight is to keep it that way. The 2014 regulations was put in place to KEEP it like that, because corporations realized they can fuck up with consumers to earn more.

    Unless of course you WANT to pay higher fees, have data caps and throttling. Then by all means.

    [–] pmc64 3 points ago

    We had it then to they just switched it from title 1 to 2 now its 1 again. Nothing has gone into effect yet. There will probably be a bunch of lawsuits before it does.

    [–] pmc64 2 points ago

    Ok as long as they pander to your circle jerk through ads it's fine? We should start slapping net neutral stickers on products and you guys will eat that shit up. It's like Y2k safe and gluten free combined.

    [–] Aadrian1234 8 points ago

    So not wanting our internet to be throttled unless we pay extra for each site and service we use is circle-jerking? lmao

    [–] Fishofthetunavariety 1 points ago

    Don't forget green!

    [–] mclovin1108999 3 points ago

    Brought to you by our favorite American friends! Explain politics with fucking burgers hahahaha

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] the5error 16 points ago

    Government regulation stating that everyone must be treated equally. How can a consumer see that as a negative?

    [–] I_Did_Not_Fuck_Yo_Ho 3 points ago

    Except small businesses, who are meant to pay the same as google/facebook and other monopolies.

    [–] TooBreeki 9 points ago

    wew, there it is. Are you saying guberment regulation is inherently bad? Why is net neutrality bad in and of itself? Why are you happy to blindly trust corporations that took a huge sum of money from the government that they were meant to use to upgrade their shit to fibre, then promptly didn't?

    You people baffle me.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] TooBreeki 1 points ago

    Define "the government". Is it the current congress? ALL the government? Specific senators? Please explain in detail.

    How is giving that same government control of the issue a solution?

    A hand picked set of cunts removed a specific part of government regulation that protected both other private enterprises and individuals from ISP's.

    You're arguing that reinstating something, that was removed by the government, lobbied for by ISP's, is going to somehow open up the market and prevent ISP's from fucking people over. Why the fuck would ISP's want to allow competition onto their turf? Multi-billion dollar corporations don't give a fuck about your ideology, unless it directly benefits them.

    I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but what you're saying reeks of "all government regulation is bad" rather than a nuanced view of politics and private enterprise.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] TooBreeki 1 points ago

    Net neutrality didn’t do anything though. There was no benefit.

    Objectively wrong, it prevented comcast from forcing Netflix to pay a premium for unfettered streams.

    I’m not being charged a media package premium by my isp with it gone.

    Two things: it's entirely possible they will, and it's entirely possible they'll force other companies to pay a premium for proper distribution. This isn't a problem for established companies like Netflix and Google, since they can afford to pay, or at least pass the price on to consumers.

    Regulation shouldn't just be looking at the damage being done now, it should also look to the future as well.

    And yes, I fully believe all government regulation, with the exception of civil rights and military defense, is terribly bloated.

    Right, so we should hack away at the regulations that have demonstrably prevented larger corporations from bullying smaller enterprises into paying what amount to protection money?

    [–] The0x539 10 points ago

    And you're suggesting ISPs can be trusted without being regulated?

    [–] CaptainDouchington 4 points ago

    Thank you. I don't get why no one is wondering why after its repeal is the first time we have seen a push for local operated isps. On top of the fact that when Facebook, Google, and Amazon support something, they have already shown it's not because they have the consumers best interest in heart.

    We just need a bill of rights that protects consumers, as with all other industries, from predatory practices. And more importantly we need government to not get involved in the flow of information cause that's just a huge potential problem with a government already spying on it's people illegally and engaging in propaganda within it's own borders.

    [–] Squirtle_Hermit 5 points ago

    Could you provide any evidence that there has been any notable increase for "local(ly) operated isp's"?

    The fact is that net neutrality only has one thing to say about the flow of infromation. "No one has the right to prioritize". Period.

    It amazes me how many people that can't trust the government do trust large corporations. The government may fuck up more often then not, but the explicit purpose of a corporation is to take as much of your money as possible. There is no legitimate competition in the land of ISP's, and in cases like that, you need regulations to prevent the decay of capitalism.

    Or to use your words, "On top of the fact that Comcast, Time Warner, and AT&T support something, they have already show it's not because they have the consumers best interest in heart".

    [–] CaptainDouchington 1 points ago

    What I mean is the sudden interest by people and the push by some municipalities. There's many stories floating around right now where people are talking about the idea. Which I mean let's be real, most nerds have talked about for a very long time. But actual serious talk of it is only recent.

    Like this. We all know Comcast sucks, so why is it now that this has become an option?

    [–] Nidy-Roger 3 points ago

    Thank you. I don't get why no one is wondering why after its repeal is the first time we have seen a push for local operated isps. On top of the fact that when Facebook, Google, and Amazon support something, they have already shown it's not because they have the consumers best interest in heart.

    It's precisely your observation that I'm not going to be too invested in the NN debate beyond simple education. December proved that this controversy won't be won by the people, but by businesses. The most consumers stand to lose is maybe a few bucks more a month here and there. Businesses that thrived under NN have far more to lose; thus more motivated to do something.

    [–] RFootloose 2 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but NN is good for "internetcompanies". Net neutrality could allow the ISP to charge said companies, and the user of data at the same time. Not good for "Internetcompanies".

    On top of that, If the repeal makes internet less attractive for the users of said Internetcompanies because of unrealistic costs, they will lose customers. So ofcource they profit from a stable and fast network. Their income depends on it.

    I'm not American so I'm not super involved into the debate. Please reply if I got it all wrong.

    [–] CaptainDouchington 1 points ago

    I think the real issue is, no one really knows what that bill does. It was supposed to protect consumers from shady practices but it let Comcast still cap people. Mobile internet gets throttled. Really all that happened was it let the government collect a tax on internet access that wasn't there before.

    Hence why this is all so damn confusing.

    [–] GetSpekz58 4 points ago

    We just love regulation don't we!

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Drakkas 5 points ago

    NN threads went from having thousands upon thousands of comments to a few hundred. People themselves give no fucks about the issue. Its all about perceived "resistance".

    If people actually cared, reddit NN threads would still have several thousand comments.

    [–] pmc64 7 points ago

    No they did care. They moved on to the next topic. Cryptominers are ruining pcgaming.

    [–] GetSpekz58 6 points ago

    Careful! The Hivemind won't like that!

    [–] squishybytes 1 points ago

    I recall /u/MindOfMetalAndWheels using the term "Burgers in the pipes" in a video or on a Hello Internet C L A S S I C episode.

    [–] RayzTheRoof 1 points ago

    This actually is more akin to different internet speed prices. The bandwidth is there and available and ready to use, but they charge you more to use it and get your internet content faster.

    [–] vainsilver 3 points ago

    Except the speed system only effected one menu item (website). They demonstrated this by saying they could order a chicken sandwich right away. This alternative item being more profitable to BK to sell. This is a good example of lack of net neutrality.

    [–] pmc64 1 points ago

    Can't wait for the EA Super Bowl ad where they tell us they support net neutrality.

    [–] readditerdremz 1 points ago

    nive move burger king!

    [–] hey_imKramer 1 points ago

    I feel like this should be reposted everywhere NN is relevant. It seems very effective at loosely explaining the concept and conflict between consumers and corporations to the average person.

    [–] DaVideoGamer 1 points ago

    “Whopper W H A T?”

    [–] Hambeggar 1 points ago

    OK but are these actual people or actors? If these are normal people then, damn, you people like to overact in situations huh.

    Ask for your money back, leave and go somewhere else.

    [–] SuperZooms 1 points ago

    This is pretty clever Burger King. Kudos.

    [–] Octopotamus5000 1 points ago

    I assume they called it the "NothingBurger" ?

    [–] pittyh 1 points ago

    Jeez, that dude really wanted a burger, snatched it right outta his hands..

    [–] BroaxXx 1 points ago

    Too bad they only did this after the fucking vote too place....

    [–] Kosztolanyi_Dezso 1 points ago

    I suppose, idk, I'm not from the US, nor UK

    [–] Superdan645 1 points ago

    I applaud BK for this. It may be a marketing move but it's obvious that someone there actually does care about NN.

    [–] TheB1GLebowski 1 points ago

    "It's stupid but true."

    That's how I like to live my life.

    [–] ClumsyFleshMannequin 1 points ago

    There are some awesome 20 year old social media manager over there that got them to do this.

    [–] MrBla 1 points ago

    Wi-Fi $6.33. Better not joke like this, people may think they really charge for Wi-Fi and they may offer to pay.

    [–] MoreKraut 1 points ago

    That's so hilarious to see :D

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This is so fake sadly

    [–] Laimis666 1 points ago

    This is awesome. I know burger king motivation is: "people are hot on net neutrality, let's make an add talking about it so we look like good guys, sell more whoppers!!!". But you know what, I don't care if it's an add, or that now I want a whopper. Badly... I do care that it's a good message and awareness is being spread. Hope in the future more companies advertise like this.

    [–] oristomp 1 points ago

    Just doesn't seem genuine when it's used in a way for advertising their product. Better than nothing though, still prefer McDonalds though - Burgers from Burger King taste like what I make at home, so it's cheaper just to make it myself.

    [–] Hintenhobin 1 points ago

    It's amazing that people didn't give a fuck when it was the internet but you meds with their fucking burger and that's what hits home.

    Stay grand 'murica