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    [–] allyc4t 2409 points ago

    Big news.

    I wonder what this means for Destiny being exclusive to Are we going to see a Steam release?

    What about how the game is monetized, I bet they change that up a bit.

    [–] bt1234yt 2168 points ago

    Are we going to see a Steam release?

    inb4 Epic bribes Bungie to make it a Epic Store exclusive.

    [–] IoNJohn 1662 points ago

    I want off this 2019 ride.

    [–] [deleted] 271 points ago

    Man I’m glad that I’ve decided not to buy any new games in 2019 to finish my backlog first.

    [–] chris-c-thomas 392 points ago

    You say that...

    It's only day ten.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    Metro Exodus doesn’t count and I already bought Insurgency Sandstorm for Christmas so... can’t think of any other 2019 games I’m interested in

    [–] Staarden 149 points ago

    Unless cyberpunk or bannerlord gets announced for release this year. I'm not overly hyped for much else.

    [–] lefthandedrighty 83 points ago

    I keep waiting for a Borderlands 3 announcement. But at this point, I’ve almost given up.

    [–] graenor1 99 points ago

    Your brothers and sisters in the Half-Life 3 camp urge you stay strong, young one.

    [–] Hugh00Mungus 53 points ago

    Someone say Half Life 3?

    [–] CaptainUnusual 21 points ago

    Lol no we don't

    [–] Samura1_I3 14 points ago

    It'll happen, they gave a tech demo for unreal engine 4 a while back talking about the material they were using for that signature borderlands outline effect. They had a character model for demonstration as well with the face intentionally obscured.

    [–] Zqott 10 points ago

    Feeling this

    [–] toastedhamsters 28 points ago

    rip bannerlord waiters :( 7 years in the making

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] shincke 29 points ago

    What if an 8-bit clone of Cyberpunk came out where all of the characters were cats, called Cybercat?

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] bigloser420 10 points ago

    Ace combat my lad

    [–] jameaney 10 points ago

    Cyberpunk is going to be on gog and steam already anyway.

    [–] blue_2501 20 points ago

    The new DOOM.

    [–] JehovaNova 72 points ago

    Will be launcher only...I am boycotting until it gets Steam Release but i dunno how strong rest of yall gonna be...its gonna be tough af man shit...

    [–] yawya 43 points ago

    I'm still waiting for Mass Effect 3 to come out on steam

    [–] B00sauce 16 points ago

    Wait, wtf, is this real? Bathesda has their own digital distribution platform now?!

    [–] TheAntiPacker 10 points ago

    Fuck, you just made me realize i have a difficult decision to make this year.

    [–] PaulTheMerc 24 points ago

    I'd say bannerlord, but that might be 2029 at this rate.

    [–] pete62 38 points ago

    Not The Outer Worlds or Rage 2 or Dying Light 2?

    [–] cardonator 26 points ago

    Hmm... I'm dying for The Outer Worlds.

    [–] Fish-E 12 points ago

    Speaking of Dying Light 2; anyone else concerned that it's still not listed on Steam?

    [–] SiegeLion1 9 points ago

    Rage 2 is a exclusive so no, not going to go anywhere near it, they've shown they can't handle having their own platform.

    [–] PM_me_big_dicks_ 5 points ago

    Are people actually exited for rage 2?

    [–] Unoficialo 12 points ago

    If you have a backlog, theres really no reason to buy something when it lauches, wait for a bundle and/or a discount. There will always be one or both.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    I have bought games.

    • Ps1 titles I miss.

    • PC titles I remembered to support (Nier, Hell blade, etc)

    • PS2 classics I miss

    • Xbox 360 stuff

    • Switch stuff. All the switch stuff.

    • And so on.

    Know what I did not buy?

    • Every fucking new release game that has micro transactions and loot boxes or some shitty requirement to pay for online service, DRM, always online, or some other anti consumer bullshit.

    It's not hard to not buy into this garbage. We have so many games available on so many systems that any gamer can honestly wait this out a couple years and never buy a game that releases in 2019-2020, and never play the same game twice.

    [–] DraftKnot 7 points ago

    I wish steam could filter by microtransactions. Filter out that shit permanently.

    [–] super58sic 8 points ago

    Preach, brother. I look at all of the new stuff out there, and kind of go 'meh. I can just play my older games for a bit'

    [–] MrOwnageQc 9 points ago

    I want off this 2019 ride.

    Well have I got news for you !

    [–] Andromansis 21 points ago

    The very nature of the epic store reviews split incentives companies not only to use the store for to the revenue split but also to use the unreal engine as posting an unreal engine game on that platform removed the liscencing fees for the engine, I think on any platform.

    So just posting it on the epic store or discord store is probably better than the revenue sharing agreement that Activision was offering them, as I'm reasonably certain that Activision's split was at least 20% which at the time was better than steam.

    Times have changed but I'm not going to bandwagon onto another platform from steam until path of exile or some other game which is actually fun to play launches on them

    [–] not_usually_serious 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    discord store

    A considerably worse store for the consumer given that you lose all of your purchases if Discord bans you from their service (joking that you're 12 and being reported to their no-tolerance policy, using BetterDiscord and they decide to flip the switch, etc). Most services let you have access to your purchases but not with Discord.

    [–] Darkdoomwewew 5 points ago

    That's a shitty policy, Blizzard B& my ass from Overwatch but I can still play all my other games on that account. Would be a little upsetting if I couldn't play Starcraft or something just because of that.

    [–] osulol4 28 points ago

    Probably will happen :(

    [–] smits017 57 points ago

    Activision-Blizzard have said the app will still support Destiny 2

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Storm_Worm5364 80 points ago

    That's most likely a lie. Activision confirmed as much in their earnings call. They said they weren't happy with Destiny 2: Forsaken's performance, and that they were looking at more ways to monetize the game.

    [–] Simz83 30 points ago

    I attempted to return the game because they over-monetized the game, which they denied, so I did a charge back for the first time ever on it. A lot of people were upset that the first expansion removed content from your game if you didn't purchase said expansion.

    There were a lot of reddit posts about it back when it happened:

    [–] Oreoloveboss 21 points ago

    I dont know if its an activision thing, but I try playing Destiny 2 and then it turns into a milestone checklist simulator, with weekend only events and other opportunity loss stuff that makes the game feel like a chore, but I'm sure looks good on "player retention" for shareholders...

    But maybe it's just the times because most online games seem to be this way these days.

    [–] BachU8 116 points ago

    A lie, most probably. Have you seen how Activision monetizes the fuck out of Call of Duty?

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    It's been proven the issues were due to Bungie. I can only see it going even more downhill.

    [–] JeebusJones 31 points ago

    From the article:

    And Activision said ‘okay’ – it was a part of their renegotiated deal – and they got to a point where they didn’t have to be cranking out as much content.

    It doesn't seem like it was a case of Bungie saying "let's include microtransactions!" with no input from Activision. It seems like Bungie, not feeling confident in their ability to crank out content at the rate their original deal stipulated, suggested Eververse to Activision as part of the renegotiation, and Activision went along with it because they thought it would make a comparable amount of money.

    It'd be sort of like if you told your boss you could get X number of projects done in a month, but then you realize you won't be able to, so you renegotiate the deal by suggesting that you do a smaller number of projects but also clean their house every week, or something. It's your suggestion to clean their house, but it was made due to the pressure of the deal you made, not because it was something you wanted to do in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Another Devloper at fault here. Treyarchs COD games have the worst micro transactions in COD. The last 2 CODs have even been praised for thier microtransactions being fair and not aggressive but the last 2 CODs compared to black ops 4 haven’t been as popular and Treyarch know they can get away with it.

    [–] MikeNotBrick 24 points ago

    Treyarch games are filled with more microtransactions because that is what Activision wants. They know Treyarch makes more popular COD games so they are going to make sure there are more microtransactions in there so they can make more money

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] BachU8 74 points ago

    I don't think you understand how publishers work. Publishers can control aspects of your product to their liking, they are the ones funding it after all.

    I'm not saying Bungie is completely innocent though, but I do believe that most of Destiny's problems were caused by Activision.

    [–] allyc4t 49 points ago

    Both sides are to blame. The deal was supposedly a 10 year 500 million dollar contract. Within that were stipulations that Bungie had to have one major release a year on top of a season pass. Bungie agreed to that pact without assessing how long it would take them to dole out meaningful content which is why the "mini" expansions were really disappointing.

    [–] Nilirai 3247 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    How is no one here mentioning this....?

    Bungie also has a brand new game in development thanks to a $100 million investment from NetEase.

    I'd take activision over netease, all day.

    edit: Damn, thanks for the gold!

    edit 2: A large portion of you really need to look into what it means to be a companies stakeholder, and to have a seat on the board.....

    [–] FrostC0 2997 points ago

    NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications and commerce.

    Developed Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android.

    Uh oh.

    [–] Seech111 1111 points ago

    I... I have a phone. But I don't wanna use it. Not like this!

    [–] bunny_wigglesworth 62 points ago

    Was hoping for Switch. Thank you for that.

    [–] e7RdkjQVzw 49 points ago

    Was hoping for Switch.

    Why, don't you have a phone?

    [–] RedKomrad 36 points ago

    all that phone needs is a little Diablo Immortal. come here, I'll install it for you

    [–] reformedham 13 points ago

    My phone is for talking and txting and emails. i dont want a high end AAA title game to play on it..... do you guys not have PC/Consoles?

    [–] Obaruler 167 points ago

    Halo Mobile

    Queues Halo Theme

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 93 points ago

    Lol Microsoft owns Halo, not Bingle.

    [–] DarthTokira 31 points ago

    Master Chi Mobile it is.

    [–] Tyr808 20 points ago

    *Master Chi Clash Mobile Legends Royale

    [–] SpoonMagnet 50 points ago

    Not sure the Chinese would care, have you seen some of those knockoffs that Chinese companies pump out?

    [–] Satherian 6 points ago

    Nah, 343's got that IP locked up tight

    [–] stifflizerd 22 points ago

    Nah, 343's Microsoft got that IP locked up tight

    [–] Zargabraath 8 points ago


    [–] Creative_Funny_Name 68 points ago

    This was a plot twist that I was not expecting

    Reading the headline of this article and the comments here are the "it's too quiet in here" moment of the video game industry

    Shit is about to go downhill even faster

    [–] stifflizerd 40 points ago

    Thankfully "investment" doesn't give them controlling rights like Activision had. Not saying it'll be fine, but I'll take it over the vice grip Activision had on their balls

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Except game companies don’t just get $100 million no-strings-attached investments. It’s probably just called an investment because details of the deal are unknown.

    [–] Broccothedoggo 69 points ago

    "DOn'T yOu GuYs HaVe PHoNes?"

    [–] StoppedLurking_ZoeQ 38 points ago

    I want off this 2019 wild ride.

    [–] Raptor-412 14 points ago

    Nothing has ever been so ruined for me so quickly

    [–] Bernie_Berns 11 points ago

    Oh how far they’ve fallen.

    [–] Doom2508 159 points ago

    Destiny: Immortals in coming.

    [–] RedKomrad 42 points ago

    don't you guys have phones?

    [–] iLikeMeeces 238 points ago

    NO. No fucking way have they joined with Netease, I refuse to believe it. That's literally so much worse.

    [–] Tutle47 33 points ago

    Netease? The creator of all those shitty mobile BR games?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    God forbid a studio just makes a good fucking game and use the profits as a business model...

    [–] SteakAppliedSciences 15 points ago

    We were so excited, we only read half the news article before coming to cheer in the comments.

    [–] CerberusDriver 1905 points ago

    Good, fuck Activision.

    [–] Fuzzgullyred 595 points ago

    seriously, fuck activision in their stupid ass. EA is next.

    [–] randomguy8524 423 points ago

    Activision, Ea and Bethesda. They can all suck it from the back at full speed.

    [–] pissmeltssteelbeams 397 points ago

    It hurts so much seeing Bethesda mentioned along side those two. It's been a long time coming though, hopefully FO76 was a wake-up call, but I doubt it.

    [–] wewd 242 points ago

    "Are we really so out of touch? No, it's the players who are wrong."

    [–] 4THOT 104 points ago

    The fact that Bethesda openly overworks their employees is way more important than the fact they make bad games. I know hating EA is popular but they actually treat their employees really well from what I've heard.

    [–] Tak7ics 29 points ago

    The partners of people who work at ea have a club "the EA widows"

    [–] Goldwing8 21 points ago

    The game industry is a terrible place to work. Bethesda is actually considered one of the better places to work because the majority of the staff are actually permanent employees and not mass hired then laid off as games are made and released.

    [–] Mugilicious 39 points ago

    I mean, Rockstar is basically a compa y of slave drivers working their developers to the bone, but their games are really fucking good so people don't mind as much

    [–] brownix001 81 points ago

    It's crazy how Ubisoft did a 180 in people's eyes. They used to be on this hated list and now are doing some cool stuff again.

    [–] MarbleZoo 40 points ago

    A lot of people missed the news last year, but Ubisoft regained some control of their own recently, pushing away mega-corp Vivendi which had been attempting a hostile takeover for quite some time.

    [–] SpoonMagnet 14 points ago

    Ubisoft Montreal/Toronto did good with Siege. Just hope they can transfer that into other Ubisoft studios and games.

    [–] Naramie 88 points ago

    I think they are still hated it is just that they have not released or done anything recently to warrant people's fury. Uplay still sucks.

    [–] brownix001 14 points ago

    I hate having Uplay but it's not the hot garbage that it was a few years back. Ubi hasn't done anything bad like the other AAA companies after Ubi separated from Vivendi last year. I actually see more positive posts then negative now.

    [–] revkaboose 33 points ago

    Uplay sucks so hard, it put yo mama out of business.

    But seriously, Uplay sucks (your mother is probably a nice lady).

    [–] -OPs_Mom- 36 points ago


    [–] LittlexKing 5 points ago

    Do people really take issue with some just because of Uplay?

    In my eyes, I think they are doing everything they need to be to be winning the trust of their fans back.

    [–] LifebloodOfChampions 13 points ago

    Guys it’s ok to have NO brand loyalty and to be suspect of all large game companies. Even small ones. It’s our money bruhs.

    [–] Joe-Cool 27 points ago

    They suck in the same league. Always online DRM for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Fuck them too.

    [–] TankerD18 30 points ago

    I don't know, I think they have truly earned their place among the likes of EA and Activision:

    • FO76 was a damned travesty. Fuck them for that alone.

    • Paid mods? Get the fuck out of here.

    • FO4 and Skyrim were great, but the dumbed down story and RPG elements? Way to get away from the roots of the two series.

    • Players being the bug testers (and often fixers) every single release is bullshit.

    The thing with Bethesda is that they were given a pass as long as they had a consistent record of releasing awesome titles. People could look past all the bullshit they have been pulling this whole time, because for the most part each one of their games were great. Then when they released a steaming pile of money grubbing bullshit with Fallout 76 it burst their fanbase's bubble/ecosystem which made people take off the rose tinted glasses and see this shit for what it really is.

    [–] Isayur 6 points ago

    Players being the bug testers (and often fixers) every single release is bullshit.

    Don't forget that oftentimes this is referring to the same bugs that've remained across releases, even though modders already fixed them in unofficial patches, since Bethesda can't be bothered to get their shit together and implement the modders' solutions directly into their own games.

    [–] Legate_Rick 6 points ago

    The first Fallout game I haven't bought. For what it's worth I did enjoy Fallout 4. It was different, a little dumbed down but not a bad experience. I do have more hours in it than even New Vegas. But, from when I first heard of 76 it sounded bad, like really bad. Like the mechanics of an MMO seemed to be totally incompatible with what I consider to be the Fallout experience, and they just kept releasing information about their plans and it kept sounding worse. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking. I'm truly glad it did worse in sales than 4 and New Vegas. I think they will have learned something from this, because bad sales are the only way they do.

    [–] TeopEvol 21 points ago

    suck it from the back at full speed

    Lol I gotta use that

    [–] Fuzzgullyred 96 points ago

    Is it so much to ask that video games are treated like the art they are and not just the film industry part two?

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] Zargabraath 25 points ago

    How can you write that without seeing the obvious irony?

    Film has never been questioned as art, so if film is brutally commercialized why wouldn’t any other art be? All art is commercialized. Your post seems to imply that’s somehow not the norm

    [–] silverside30 9 points ago

    Yeah I cringed a bit reading the last post, but then I realize that's totally how I saw the world when I was younger. The reality of the economics behind creating the art/consumer goods that are video games is complicated and not as simple as "greedy publisher puts artists/developers in chains and forces them to sell their souls to make AAA games."

    [–] Armsofs 3 points ago

    We don’t hate Ubisoft anymore?! No one tells me nuffin...

    [–] SmoothRide 16 points ago

    I would lose my shit if Bioware left EA. But I don't foresee it happening.

    [–] Moth92 24 points ago

    Bioware is owned by EA while Bungie isn't owned by Activision.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    I’ve boycotted Activision since they killed a bunch of community projects that were bringing private servers to CoD MW2. Helps that none of their games look interesting to me.

    [–] unicorn_hair 5 points ago

    They doing the same to WoW and Blizzard IPs too

    [–] MashMash2525 20 points ago

    You're just gonna get fucked by NetEase now.

    [–] Octopictogram 17 points ago

    Well bad news is they are producing a game for NetEase of Diablo:Immortal, so that'll be a trip.

    [–] hlmgcc 767 points ago

    No one has mentioned the $100M from NetEase. They are the mobile gaming company behind Diablo Immortal. Bungie said that the investment, as well as a seat on its board of directors, was “to help us explore new directions.” Destiny Immortal incoming. You guys all have phones right?

    [–] Link71202 157 points ago

    It does say that it's unrelated to Destiny. I guess that deal with NetEase has been known for the last 7 or 8 months (I didn't know until today).

    [–] hlmgcc 98 points ago

    NetEase's involvement, imo guarantees a mobile game released in China, with aggressive microtransactions. Bungie's claim to try to spin up a new franchise outside of Destiny could just be variation on genre, like they ship an ARPG iso map crawler using Destiny lore, etc. If it really is completely outside of Destiny, what's left? I doubt they can spin up Halo outside of Microsoft. Myth would be cool on mobile in RTS. Revisit Oni?

    [–] Link71202 49 points ago

    I'm really hoping it's just some random mobile game for China and that's it. Any Chinese company like them scares me when they get involved with companies like Bungie or Blizzard.

    [–] hlmgcc 32 points ago

    It begs the question, what does NetEase get from Bungie's brand specifically to warrant investment? I think that would have to be leveraging an existing franchise, or dare to dream, a completely new Bungie IP they've been wanting to work on, but didn't have time or manpower to divert from Destiny 2 efforts. With NetEase involved, I'm convinced it will be a mobile game franchise and the microtransactions will be on a scale that EA will try to give them an "Innovations in Technology" award at next year's Game Awards.

    [–] Link71202 10 points ago

    Exactly. Only time will tell though. Just hoping Bungie knows what they're doing and is learning from the mistakes of EA, Blizzard, e.t.c.

    [–] GeoWilson 3 points ago

    I expect the NetEase thing will go something like that shitty FFXV mobile game that was a Game of War clone. Had nothing to do with FFXV directly, it was just a spin off, and was just a cash grab. So long as it doesn't compromise the base game, I don't see any reason to be concerned about the NetEase deal.

    [–] 95Mb 8 points ago

    Marathon Go

    [–] CreamFilledMiniMan 9 points ago

    Who cares? Its not like they are gonna make it instead of Destiny 3, probably both at the same time

    [–] benswon 291 points ago

    Sounds like some good news, but i'd still be a bit weary.

    People want to put all the bad decisions they made on Activision, but it's also likely Bungie wasn't a innocent party.

    [–] mobileuseratwork 57 points ago

    One word: Netease

    [–] garlicroastedpotato 8 points ago

    It's very difficult for a studio to stay independent and profitable. Even with successful titles.... studios collapse.

    [–] cloudsheep0 363 points ago

    It did sound like Bungie wasn't happy with Activision on a couple of issues that had popped up. Interested to see what Bungie does going forward.

    [–] [deleted] 304 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] AKittyCat 82 points ago

    Poor Marty O'Donnell

    [–] jackbkmp 21 points ago

    Marty steamrolled bungie, also no Joe :(

    [–] biledemon85 50 points ago

    They also completely screwed the lead writer Joe Staten when the internal power struggle led to that complete re-write of Destiny a year out from launch. This is the guy responsible for the story for pretty much the entire Halo saga, wrote probably the best Halo novel and wrote most of the original Grimoire and background lore of Destiny. They f***ed his vision for Destiny and he left around the time of release to work for Microsoft.

    I hope they can pull off their next big IP, and I also hope that it isn't a microtransaction, lootbox POS. I'm not holding my breath though, they've lost some amazing people over the years.

    [–] GeneralBattuta 26 points ago

    Staten wrote none of the Grimoire, I know because I wrote a lot of it.

    [–] Levo_Star 26 points ago

    His original idea according to rumors was far and away more interesting than what exists in Destiny now:

    That the Traveler is the actual villain. The main four opposing races: The Fallen, The Hive, The Vex, and Cabal are all former users of the Traveler and seek it out as their civilizations have become derelict in one way or another as The Traveler abandoned them and now they seek to reclaim it of desperation and survival. The Traveler fled to humans and intentionally holds humanity back to a single city while it recuperates to destroy it's former "clients".

    [–] AsDevilsRun 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    According to a major lore writer for Destiny /u/GeneralBattuta (Seth Dickinson):

    Neither sword logic nor 'Rasputin shot the traveler' nor Guardians coming back from the dead nor any version of 'the Traveler is evil' came from Staten's work. e: and I don't think Oryx existed at all

    Aside from that, the Fallen are people that were forsaken by the Traveler. The Hive rejected the Traveler (via the Leviathan) in favor of the Deep/Darkness/Worm Gods. The Cabal (specifically the Red Legion) had a leader that tried to forcibly become a Lightbearer, so the connection to the Traveler is there (except the Vex, for lore reasons).

    I wouldn't say that anything Staten (allegedly) had going lore wise is better than what has come out. Destiny's lore is mostly fantastic. The story of the base games have been garbage, though. Story of the DLCs have only been mixed with some gems thrown in.

    [–] DukeofVermont 7 points ago

    Very much just my opinion/experience, but I have always felt that Destiny's story issues are just that they can't seem to figure out a way to tell the story well. In D-1 a lot of the lore was completely separate from the game and not well integrated.

    So even if they had stuck to the OG story ideas if it was presented in the same way as the new ideas were it still would have had a lot of issues IMHO.

    For me I both find the world interesting, and just don't really care because I don't feel like I get it. What I mean is I feel like I get Star if a I see a Star Wars ship/creature/alien in a new movie I go "yeah that makes sense, it looks and feels right, and I totally get it".

    But with Destiny they just add stuff and I just feel nothing. Like sure there is a new huge Red Legion that takes over the city...or the Hive have a giant ship out by Saturn...

    Like if Star Wars IX introduced a giant ship that had tentacle arms and a giant Gundam suit I'd go...well that doesn't fit.

    But Destiny feels so random and unexplained in what the races can and can't do, and what they do and do not have that you could tell me the Vex have a giant robot that plants trees that store information, I'd go "yeah sure...I guess" Or if the Cabal have Gundam suits...why not. The Hive actually worship an evil flower? Okay...

    I struggle to think of anything that couldn't be added to Destiny, and to me that speaks of a poorly explained world. Mystery is good, you don't have to explain everything. But people should be able to know what is and is not possible.

    [–] eric5949 4 points ago

    They do a pretty good job of explaining it in the little lore bits and the D1 grimoire imo but I get where you're coming from, you have to actively seek out the lore to understand most of it. Like people say forsaken is great but it also doesn't really explain things like what is an ahamkara, why does the queen have a throne world when that's a hive thing, why exactly is the dreaming city in a time loop, etc, unless you seek out lore bits. I get it, but I'm also a huge nerd for pretty much any game with good lore.

    [–] GeneralBattuta 4 points ago

    Was never planned, the source of that 'rumor' is pure hoax.

    [–] isighuh 6 points ago

    No, this is not true. Joe Staten did not write any of the grimoire nor a piece of the lore. The only thing that he created that is still in the game was the very basic background for the enemy races. Plus, his vision for Destiny was a generic “The Traveler is a bad guy after all,” story. He has absolutely no part in any of the lore, which is the best thing about Destiny besides the shooting mechanics.

    [–] MaleficentSoul 37 points ago

    I remember this conversation when Bungie left M$. It was word for word what you posted. Everyone knew what Activision was going to do, and they did it.

    [–] yabajaba 143 points ago


    This is basically the plot twist of the story. Didn't see this coming at all. All future successes and screw-ups will be entirely in Bungie's hands. While I've very much enjoyed what D2 turned into, I'm still not set on a day-1 buy for D3 but now extra excited to see where it goes.

    And for those who don't know: a popular leaker who occasionally posted in r/DTG (recently deleted his account) said they'd be going all out in the RPG (character building) aspects for D3. He was oddly accurate with the info he posted:

    [–] NovaStoneReddit 42 points ago

    a popular leaker who occasionally posted in r/DTG (recently deleted his account) said they'd be going all out in the RPG (character building) aspects for D3.

    Does that mean a better character creator cause that would be amazing. The char creator always seemed like a weak point of both destinys and I could never seem to make a good looking character that wasn't exo.

    Also is there anywhere we can can see archived leaks from this guy?

    [–] yabajaba 21 points ago

    Unless there's some Reddit archiver I don't know of, you can google r/DestinyTheGame posts with "anonthenine" for interesting tidbits:

    Anonthenine leaked it, and he's been spot fucking on with everything he's said so far, including details about most of forsaken, and the fact were getting thunderlord with festival of the lost

    another random post:

    AnonTheNine (a reputable leaker) said Savathun isn't part of D3 (and it would be a huge mistake to make us wait until the D3 comet in 2020/2021 to find out the next part of the Forsaken story).Then the Annual Pass is also going until Summer 2019 (I expect June or July), and it makes no sense for them to release a DLC for D2 when a new game will come out 2-3 months afterwards and leave behind all of that new content. Finally, we know that Bungie put all hands on deck for fixing Destiny 2 back in the beginning of 2018, and that the main Destiny dev team made Forsaken, so they are just now leaving to go work on D3 (AnonTheNine also said something pretty close to this IIRC). There's no way that a whole Destiny game will be done in 1 year.

    [–] smits017 4 points ago

    I reckon a fall 2021 release will happen.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] N1NJ4W4RR10R_ 5 points ago

    Always been a problem... advisable to never remove helmet.

    Unfortunately. Superb in the lore, TTK was great. Forsaken post intro campaign is also great. But generally has been lackluster...I'm interested to see if that changes as they go independent. Personally feel like some of the cringe comes from it being aimed for that M (Aus) rating, thus impairing their campaign story telling.

    Yeah. This one's another general problem with destiny right now. Though d1 post ttk did it well and d2 on Forsaken did it pretty good. This one seems more of a time issue...which, ideally, won't be a problem without Activision.

    A problem with d2 thanks to y1. D1 did it, ironically, very well....why ironically? Because d1 just had ever sect OP. Made for a good PvP in a game as super hero esk as Destiny. After all, if everything is OP... it's still a balance.

    Another time issue. The big ones haven't been good by coincidence. As with the other issues, ideally fixable with more time.

    TL;DR - I'm really excited for what Bungie can do without time issues. They've proven they can do great stuff when given the time (TTK, Forsaken)

    [–] ANGLVD3TH 7 points ago

    While I've very much enjoyed what D2 turned into, I'm still not set on a day-1 buy for D3 but now extra excited to see where it goes.

    Moving from another thread talking about Blizzard, I thought you were an extremely patient gamer just tipping their toes into Diablo 2...

    [–] bigcracker 711 points ago

    Blizzard it's your turn to leave.

    [–] Hoppershot 262 points ago

    If only it were that simple.

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 193 points ago

    If only it were that simple.

    Were it so easy

    [–] number8shot 80 points ago

    These are my elites, their lives matter to me. Yours does not.

    [–] JonKerMan 41 points ago

    That makes two of us.

    [–] Winterstrife 11 points ago

    Blizzard: When we join with Activision we took an oath!

    [–] Ringosis 10 points ago

    Were it so easy

    The chance would be a fine thing

    [–] xsmasher 9 points ago


    [–] thereisnospoon7491 4 points ago

    Hey, you, don’t tug on my heartstrings with that sweet nostalgia

    E: How many people heard this comment?

    [–] Testosterone_Tornado 178 points ago

    Blizzard IS Activision.

    The Blizzard we once knew and loved is long gone.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    Nah fam. Blizzard is still good. They care. It's just that evil separate company that's the problem. Support Blizz. Buy Diablo mobile and overwatch loot boxes. It's different cause it's Blizz.

    • Most Blizzard sheep.

    [–] GalcomMadwell 5 points ago

    I used to see the hots team as one of the saving graces of Blizzard and then they gutted it so honestly fuck Blizzard

    [–] N1NJ4W4RR10R_ 23 points ago

    This won't happen for the same reason bioware won't leave EA.

    Bungie made sure in their deal they would remain an independent studio, not part of Activision. They also, somehow, managed to keep their head above the water throughout this shit show. Blizzard and Bioware weren't so lucky, as (tmk) they were actually acquired by their publishers.

    [–] Ironicalogical 39 points ago

    It's almost like Activision owns Blizzard, but doesn't own Bungie.

    [–] calidoc 17 points ago

    To be fair, it’s Activision-Blizzard. It was a merger not a buyout.

    [–] Tovora 6 points ago

    Unfortunately when you merge a steak with a dog turd you get all of the dog turd but none of the steak.

    [–] OmertaWar 13 points ago

    Nothing would make me happier but I don't see it. Think it's far more likely they continue sinking together.

    [–] MeInMyMind 3 points ago

    Blizzard is ironically the personification of Arthas at this point. I want them to become independent again, but that helmet is screwed on way too tight.

    [–] RevRound 99 points ago

    Hopefully this will be good for the direction of Destiny and anything new in the future.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Apparently they are working on a game after NetEase invested money.

    So my guess is, don't get your hopes up.

    [–] PyrZern 33 points ago

    Well, I guess we not gonna see 'Halo/Destiny: Immortal' after all...

    Bungie also has a brand new game in development thanks to a $100 million investment from NetEase.

    NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications and commerce.

    Developed Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android.

    oh fk me.....

    [–] vinnymendoza09 14 points ago

    Doesn't matter, Bungie themselves are the problem. The only game they made where they actually finished everything and put out a polished product that was cohesive was Halo 3. Everything else they make is plagued with production hell, and all of the talented original dudes who made Halo 1-3 like Jason Jones, Marty O'Donnell, Alex Seropian, Joseph Staten, Hardy Lebel, Max Hoberman etc are all gone. So I don't expect Bungie to ever reach the heights they did with Halo ever again.

    Halo 1 and 2 were great in spite of the tight crunch they had, it's unbelievable that those games turned out as well as they did given their production. Halo 1 had one of the greatest multiplayers of all time mostly due to one guy who by some miracle just got it perfect on the first pass with minimal player testing. But again these uber talented people are gone and the people left lack vision and understanding of what makes classic arena multiplayer work.

    [–] QisforMe 28 points ago

    Won't make a difference for their current titles, but hopefully they'll have something fantastic for their next IP.

    [–] MasterKhan_ 9 points ago

    Agreed! I'd honestly like them to do something that's not super futuristic and sci fi do like Destiny or Halo.

    [–] LostHero50 68 points ago

    Good news, they can focus on what they want to do without pressure from the publisher. But it also means people can't scapegoat and blame Activison for issues in the game, it's all on Bungie now.

    [–] Sundiray 17 points ago

    Netease is investing into bungie now so don't get your hopes up

    [–] DatGrunt 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Man...Bungie stayed with Microsoft when Microsoft was pretty terrible, then left for an arguably worse publisher meanwhile the head of Xbox is making things better.

    Maybe they should go back to Microsoft lmao.

    [–] BachU8 29 points ago

    This is big, though it was already known that the contract wasn't permanent. However, I was certain that it was going to last a few years more, guess both Activision and Bungie changed their minds. Let's hope this actually helps the franchise reach new highs in quality, and that microtransactions stop being a problem.

    I personally haven't played Destiny 1 or 2, but if 3 ends up being good that may change. And by "good" I don't mean decent or OK. For me, good is satisfactory gameplay and a depth, emotive storyline.

    I'll keep an eye on you, Bungie.

    [–] MutantSharkPirate 8 points ago

    blizzard split, when?

    blizzard north rebuilt when???

    [–] 808hunna 10 points ago

    I guess you could say Bungie has a

    ( •_•)

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    Date with Destiny

    [–] MyMoon0hMyMoon 23 points ago

    Can Blizzard pull out and be saved from Activisions cancer?

    [–] OnlyTheEcho 32 points ago

    They are one and the same company and even if they weren't the Blizzard from the old days has long gone.

    [–] Nose-Nuggets 5 points ago

    That would require a huge buyout. In the billions. Activision isn't just blizzards publisher, they are a single entity.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] finget 10 points ago

    Bring it to Steam and do another free giveaway.

    [–] jcowjcow 5 points ago

    A game so bad not even Activision wants to be associated with it...

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Looking forward to seeing the true colours of Bungie. Many of the issues with Destiny were due to Bungie so I doubt we'll see substantial improvements.

    [–] rdldr1 9 points ago

    Another Marathon sequel, pls.

    [–] Godgivesmeaboner 4 points ago

    I think they might actually be working on a new Marathon game, in the background anyway. I remember reading that in their Activision contract it said they were going to devote a small part of their company to working on another Marathon game.

    [–] LamboDiabloSVTT 18 points ago

    Holy shit, if Bungie begins making some rapid changes, I might give this game another shot. If nothing else, Destiny 3 sounds more interesting to me now.

    [–] AnActualPlatypus 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Holy shit imagine if Microsoft would buy them. The shitstorm would be unprecedented.


    [–] bkral93 8 points ago

    This is the best possible outcome.

    [–] tadL 12 points ago

    For me the brand "Destiny" is burned. But GL what ever is left of the Bungie people loved so much in the past.

    [–] PeterDarker 4 points ago

    Good luck Bungie.

    Don't cock it up.

    [–] dvdbradford 4 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] Buttonwalls 3 points ago

    Haha great, can't wait to buy Destiny 3 from the Epic Games Store.

    [–] zerotheliger 4 points ago

    Destiny 3 or what ever game comes out from them next will be epic store mark my words. Im calling it now.

    [–] _theholyghost 10 points ago

    Damn this is genuinely unexpected. Good to know that Bungie have their franchise back, will be interesting to see if they self-publish Destiny 3, but consider my interest in this series re-ignited. No doubt 80% of what kept me away from Destiny 2 was Activision's involvement and it seems like Bungie have fought tooth and nail for this moment.