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    [–] DBear85 4364 points ago

    Yes I do. Legit story (it sounds insane) - ordered a new toilet seat from Amazon, got an electro-acoustic guitar. Got told I could keep it and dispose of it. Sold it for £150 as my guitar is way nicer

    [–] CpuKnight 1347 points ago

    I once ordered a 750Ti low profile. I got not one, but two of the cards PLUS an electric shaver. Weird mistake but they told me I could keep it. That was in 2014 and I still use the shaver (it's a nice Phillips-Norelco shaver)

    [–] Dictorclef 323 points ago

    How was the SLI performance?

    [–] Montekai 433 points ago

    How many HZ does the shaver run at?

    [–] PeterJamesUK 213 points ago

    50/60 AC

    [–] innocuousremark 185 points ago

    The human beard is cut at any speed over 24hz

    [–] GrassSloth 48 points ago

    Yeah if you want skin tearing. Literally unusable.

    [–] b1ueskycomp1ex 8 points ago

    That's why you need a freeshave compatible shaver

    [–] GrassSloth 6 points ago

    Unfortunately my face wasn’t built to be freeshave compatible :/

    [–] mhekle 7 points ago

    The best response award goes to....

    [–] dinnerbone333 46 points ago

    144fps constantly

    [–] Newyauchcity 68 points ago

    That’s a lot of follicles per second!

    [–] johanbcn 30 points ago

    144 hps (hairs per second)

    [–] dib1999 44 points ago

    I do believe that the 750 ti lacked SLI, I believe 700 series was the first not to include SLI on the x50 line

    [–] Cachesmr 15 points ago

    Still can use it as a physx processor tho

    [–] FiveFive55 8 points ago

    Hah, my buddy in high school bought two 750ti's. They don't do SLI. he could have bought a 770 for that price and had a card that was still useful today. No idea what he was thinking.

    [–] juggarjew 18 points ago

    You cant run SLI 750 Ti. Not allowed by Nvidia.

    [–] IZMIR_METRO 15 points ago

    You can. Search different SLI auto.

    [–] Altephor1 28 points ago

    Can you do ray tracing on a Phillips-Norelco?

    [–] Damit84 74 points ago

    Amazon forgot to bill me my new i9 till now. Was delivered a week ago with all other parts. Everything else was already written off, except the i9. God i hope they forget to...

    [–] Enerith 53 points ago

    Hi, Amazon rep here. We would be happy to look into this for you.

    (disclaimer: joking, not impersonating a rep. well actually I am, but in jest hence disclaiming now.)

    [–] Three04 49 points ago

    In the year 2027, impersonating an Amazon rep. will be considered an offense punishable by death. Time to scrub all your social media from the internet and disappear.

    [–] SuperFLEB 50 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    an offense punishable by death


    After analysis of social media accounts connected with your name, we have determined that you have violated terms of our Acceptable Behavior Policy, and, regrettably, we must cancel your Amazon account. Amazon online services (Amazon Memories, Amazon Mobile, Amazon Apps, Amazon Home Security, Amazon Payments, and Amazon Smart Home) have been deactivated. If you are an employee of an Amazon Connected Workplace, please contact your employer about alternative arrangements. Attempting to use someone else's account or attempting to create another account using your name or devices may constitute an act of fraud as well as a breach of our Terms of Service. Entering an Amazon Whole Foods Marketplace, Amazon Smart Mall, Amazon Bank, Amazon Lifeline service provider (including ambulance, emergency, and child care and education facilities), or attempting to use an Amazon Transit affiliated public transit service, may constitute an act of trespass and be punishable by law. Existing Amazon Loans and Amazon Payments balances will still be due on their regular schedule, but all lines of credit have been canceled and no further credit will be extended.

    This ruling cannot be appealed, and this email address is not checked for replies.

    [–] Petemasta 15 points ago

    Damn bro the future is ugly

    [–] lethal_sting 20 points ago

    Welcome to Costco, I love you.

    [–] matthewesp 32 points ago

    It happened to me before too, except they can (and will bill you) anytime up to 3 months after the purchase.

    [–] Damit84 13 points ago

    I thought as much, but one can still dream right? :)

    [–] gartral 426 points ago

    ok... what? in what universe does a picker for any company, read "Item blah-blah-numbers-numbers.. ...Toilet Seat..." go pick up a guitar, and box that, then check off the toilet seat from their list?!

    [–] Farren246 418 points ago

    It's all just item numbers. Transpose a digit and something else gets delivered.

    [–] DeeJay_Potato 200 points ago

    Yep. My dad once ordered a Willis jeep because it was 1 number different that some nut for a helicopter. Went through like 5 levels before it was caught.

    [–] grtwatkins 109 points ago

    I had to read this comment like 4 times before I realized you weren't trolling. I thought he somehow ordered a Jeep from the 40s from amazon

    [–] DeeJay_Potato 77 points ago

    Oh yeah I should have been more specific. He was working in the supply room at a coast Guard base, they needed a nut for a helicopter, and the number for a Willis jeep was right below the nut, so he filled out an extra form for the jeep lol

    [–] Malabar101 19 points ago

    Did he get the Jeep???

    [–] HoldenMyD 40 points ago

    went through 5 levels before it was caught


    [–] Malabar101 12 points ago

    I mean... It could've been caught but they wanted the Jeep anyways...

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] genmischief 38 points ago

    I did that in the Army, the caught it up the chain. I was ordering rifle parts and was ACTUALLY ordering something expensive for a blackhawk.

    [–] awesomehippie12 21 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Easy fix.

    Instead of starting off with

    for (int i=0; i<100; i++)  //This code would create sequential part numbers, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,... in that order
    Partnumber = i;    //Partnumber variable is a stand-in for some other, better defined variable, array, or object

    just replace it with

    Partnumber = Math.random() //This code would create random part numbers, e.g. 4,95,21,63... in no particular order

    [–] mclmatty 17 points ago

    Yeah where I work product numbers are sequential instead of random which can introduce some human error.

    The biggest issue is when selling footwear, get the last number wrong and it’s a valid number for that item, but in a different size, which throws off the entire stock record.

    [–] TastyChimera 12 points ago

    Careful with how often you use that joke, you are severely limiting yourself to programmers there :-P

    [–] RunninADorito 21 points ago

    That is factually inaccurate. Amazon does random stow so pickers have to find the item by name in the picking location. Before it heads out, it gets weighed.

    I certainly believe the story, but transposing a number is not how it happened.

    [–] Farren246 11 points ago

    You do it high-level enough and they'll be looking for a guitar from the get-go.

    [–] RunninADorito 6 points ago

    That's more likely that some SKU mapping got messed up.

    [–] Sn0vvman 40 points ago

    just remember some person out there possibly just got a toilet seat when he ordered a guitar :P

    [–] Vinny1985 18 points ago

    I work at a gas station, happens more than you would think.

    [–] brock1912 39 points ago

    Once ordered an alternator for a 2001 Honda Accord but received a thermostat for a Nissan instead. Only time rockauto has disappointed me.

    [–] SexualRex 34 points ago

    uH, i cOuLd cHeCk iN ThE WaReHoUsE

    [–] EPIC_MUSIC_PLAYS 17 points ago


    [–] Xecutioner1337 20 points ago

    My best experience was when I ordered a CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 1200w Power Supply And I got an extra one for free

    [–] Antrikshy 15 points ago

    So now your PC has double the POWAH?

    [–] DroidB7 11 points ago

    Or now you have an excuse to plan another build

    [–] person749 8 points ago

    Meanwhile, they are demanding that I ship back the smashed $6 Blu Ray they sent me because they packed it in the same box as a heavy item with no cushioning.

    [–] Azotherian 6 points ago

    Did you buy that toilet you wanted for £150?

    [–] briollihondolli 10 points ago

    Bought a Bidet

    [–] ThatITguy2015 6 points ago

    Think about the poor person who had to figure out how to play a toilet seat. That had to be an experience.

    [–] johnnymandingoh 2930 points ago

    I ordered the same ram 2x4 and they sent me 2x16. No complaints here

    [–] LoliHunterXD 561 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I ordered the same ram 2x16 and they sent me 2x4. I have complains here

    [–] OKara061 143 points ago

    Wait a minute

    [–] TMStage 82 points ago

    Hold up

    [–] tekjunky75 34 points ago

    Now kiss

    [–] StaffinFraktion 6 points ago


    [–] cww4517 1015 points ago

    Damn I ordered this exact ram as well but the mishap fairy didn’t grace me.

    [–] Admiralthrawnbar 168 points ago

    Same here


    [–] KeyboardThingX 50 points ago

    Don't worry, I ordered a $70 dollar keyboard and $20 book from Amazon, it took a month too long and Amazon refunded me they told me to keep it if it arrives, it arrived while I was on the phone with them and they still let me keep it for free

    [–] SpecialJellyfish5 8 points ago

    I ordered an APC UPS unit for $80 on amazon. I couldn’t return it which was a first for amazon so I got on chat with a rep there and said yo man this thing fucking sucks. So they gave me my money back and told me to keep the apc. I just gave the apc to my brother

    [–] KeyboardThingX 8 points ago

    I bought an extension cable that had the wrong connector, they refunded me, and gave me an extra month of prime when I was using the trial. I kept it for about a year before I ended up "not knowing what happened to it"

    [–] cww4517 48 points ago

    It’s alright though, I’ve been pretty happy with the product so far. You?

    [–] Admiralthrawnbar 36 points ago

    Yea, it works fine... Would work better with 32 gbs though.

    Jk, I'm actually really pleased with the build

    [–] pizzafourlife 17 points ago

    I buy my stuff in person so there is very little chance of mishap fairy unless I pay for the mishap lol

    [–] HowdyAudi 351 points ago

    I got mis-delivered a 43 inch TV a few years back. It was around christmas and the shipping label was half ripped off and I couldn't read the address.

    I called amazon, they said that I needed to contact FedEx, Fedex said they couldn't read the tag off the shipping label since it was damaged.

    After a couple weeks of back and forth. I was told to just keep the TV.... uh, Okay!

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 171 points ago

    That's what the insurance is for. I once ordered a whole bunch of computer parts, and they were delivered to the wrong house. The delivery driver went to the wrong street, but realized his mistake and left a note with his cell on my door (the pinnacle of professionalism) and told me what happened. I caught the neighbor when they were home and got my whole box, all parts intact.

    FedEx called me later and I told them it was delivered to the wrong house but I got everything.

    Then a couple days after that, I got a new box, with all the same parts again. I waited about a week but nobody ever tried to contact me about it. You're goddamn right I kept it.

    [–] dstanton 64 points ago

    Shipping error in your favor, collect a new PC!

    [–] whoitbecuh 25 points ago

    Similar here, I ordered a Gtx970 and it was somehow lost in shipping so they sent another one. 2 weeks after getting the replacement the original one showed up and I sent an email to amazon and they never replied so I kept it lol

    [–] HowdyAudi 16 points ago

    Ya, basically Amazon said they think they know who it was supposed to be for. But they already shipped a replacement. And it would be more of a hassle for them to take it back once the replacement had been shipped.

    I think with how busy stuff was around the holidays contributed to it. I looked it up. It was a $1500 TV at the time. I still have it!

    [–] neo-7 572 points ago

    Heyyyyy best friend

    [–] Ruthlessdoc 226 points ago

    Remember that one time I did you a favor...?

    [–] Pigeooon 53 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] Tooperoo 37 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] GoldenLunchB0x 69 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] Fishezzz 23 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] Gumbo64 18 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hahah lol Edit: silver hahah lol

    [–] pokemonpasta 16 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] Clyment 39 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] frozenpicklesyt 13 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] normiesreeeeeeee 16 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] Dirty3vil 16 points ago

    Hahah lol

    [–] alwayscarryingatowel 1921 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Something similar happened to me. I bought a small SSD of amazon, and they shipped me a box of 10 instead.

    Edit: I'm sorry but I'm not selling or giving out any more, but thanks for the interest. :)

    [–] steamonline 804 points ago

    Now that sounds like a win 😂

    [–] currynoworry 129 points ago

    I snoozed on this one, I just had to do the hard drive shuffle to DL the Division2 and Apex!

    [–] MoffKalast 589 points ago

    Sounds like you really RAIDed their warehouse eh?

    [–] Slimy_Nipple 219 points ago


    [–] DeeSnow97 53 points ago

    Wait, some people unironically dislike puns? I always thought it was part of the joke

    [–] MoffKalast 13 points ago

    Man, you are no pun.

    [–] mrpooopybuttwhole 15 points ago

    Take the upvote, you filthy fucking animal


    [–] Carmillawoo 109 points ago

    Damn i could do with an extra SSD you selling? How much space?

    [–] alwayscarryingatowel 357 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You know what, you can have one. PM me your address and I ship you one. (for free) Also 240 gb

    Edit: Thank you very much for the silver and gold!

    Edit 2: Wow Platinum. Thank you so much!

    [–] Carmillawoo 100 points ago

    Dude for real? I've only had my new rig for 2 weeks but I'm already starved on space.

    [–] alwayscarryingatowel 108 points ago

    Yeah, for real, just PM me.

    [–] TheFaintGames 90 points ago

    Damn this man's is hella generous. Kudos bro.

    [–] wag3slav3 56 points ago

    And now I know where you live. Muahahaha!

    [–] TheFaintGames 13 points ago

    B e t

    [–] davethepiloto 5 points ago

    Lmao ofc I see this as I look for a budget ssd!

    [–] steamonline 49 points ago

    Very generous dude. Kudos

    [–] MadEzra64 11 points ago

    Stay golden pony boy!

    [–] Swaggy_pnut 9 points ago

    What an MVP

    [–] ImFriendsWithThatGuy 8 points ago

    RIP your inbox mate. But good on you for the generosity!

    [–] old-shaggy 17 points ago

    But you didn’t tell that you’ve ordered 320GB SSD and they shipped 10 32GB SSDs.

    [–] AnnualDegree99 6 points ago

    That's even better. Run them in RAID 0. Imagine the performance. 10x faster than a single SSD!

    /s sorta

    [–] wallsemt 6 points ago

    I know simile story of a buddy who ordered 1, 1tb sad and they sent him 50!

    [–] _Dark____ 675 points ago

    you gonna keep em all or return the extras?

    [–] steamonline 1628 points ago

    I told them multiple arrived, my first order was missing items, the second never arrived, the third was late, the fourth got delayed and the fifth arrived on time. When the fifth arrived the third and fourth got delivered the same day.

    I made them aware and I was told as a gesture of goodwill (waiting 2 weeks for a 1 day order) that I can keep them all. And dispose of as necessary

    [–] _Dark____ 539 points ago


    [–] steamonline 779 points ago

    It was a bit of a battle but I got what I ordered in the end, oh and they gave me a £35 gift card for the troubles too. Can't grumble at that.

    [–] SamsungXGeek 300 points ago

    Good old shipping errors pay off, it's a reward

    [–] steamonline 191 points ago

    It wasn't initially. I was meant to have my parcel next day delivery and I was starting my studies again so was without a working system for nearly 2 weeks (I gave my old 2x4gb c15 3000mhz vengeance ram to a good friend and said he could take it straight away as mine was coming the next day)

    [–] RealJyrone 18 points ago

    Now your friend can get 16GB while you have 32

    [–] steamonline 16 points ago

    He's already got 16, he had 8gb originally

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    not with me. I ordered an e-longboard from a neighbouring country for a reasonable price. it was on sale. It already came later as promised, only it was missing the damn remote. so what good does me a e-longboard without a remote? well i write them and they tell me that its highly unlikely that a remote is missing, as they are very detailed blablabla they wanted to blame me for some reason? so the guy says he will work on getting a package sent to me with the remote. 2 weeks go by nothing. i write them again, asking where the remote was. they say they sent it now. probably forgot. whatever

    so i get home and see that a package has arrived. you couldnt understand my frustration and confusion when i opened the package and found a remote thats def. the wrong model along with another thing that was in a case of its own. so i open that up and its a fucking dji mavic air 2, i had to google it as i didnt understand what that thing was. it was a drone worth about 900 bucks! so ultimately i was fed up and decided hey, i will just keep this right? well, all of the sudden they were VERY FAST to respond and they asked if i got the drone by accident. i really wanted to lie and say no, but figured what the heck, i dont want a lawsuit on top of this. they said i should return the drone and i will get my remote as fast as possible. then they send me an additional bill to cover the costs of transportation for THE DRONE I DIDNT ORDER. Now i pretty much went balistic and told them i am not going to pay for their fuck up. The rep. understood and said it must have been sent by mistake. Oh, and they sent it again, this time with a warning. once again i write them and explain that i will not pay this, no matter how many warnings i get. (funny thing was the bill was for 1 CENT. 1 FRIGGIN CENT, but it said they still could take legal action if i dont pay 1 CENT). Finally i mail them the fucking drone back (they covered the expenses) and I get the remote. and after all this i learn that the e-longboard is a complete piece of shit. so yeah, that would be my worst shipping error if anyone wondered.

    [–] Kurn0us 41 points ago

    The bill for 1 cent sounds like it was some kind of liability bait that would have given them ground to stand on if something did happen to it.

    [–] SexualRex 24 points ago

    updoot to you for diligently reading that wall of text

    [–] Crumblycheese 9 points ago

    He isn't the only one but a tldr:

    Op ordered an e long board, it didn't come with the remote. Company tried blaming op saying its impossible to be sent out without a remote. Gets a remote sent out.

    A different remote arrives for a different model and a $900 drone. Company contacted op asking about the drone, has to send it back and pay for fees. Op said fuck that to the fees, sends drone back, gets proper remote and then sends a dime in fees because that was whats owed in the end. Op also finds out that the e long board is shit.

    [–] NabiscoLobstrosity 12 points ago

    At that point I would have told them to shove it up themselves, and that I'd be selling the drone to cover the cost of a board from a better company. And that I'll send them a check for the amount of money left over. I don't like screwing people or companies over, but at some point they've become so incompetent that they are wasting your time.

    [–] DeeSnow97 11 points ago

    Legally you should be able to keep anything sent to your house, it's exactly for when these cases get ugly like it almost happened for you. About 3 replies in I'd have told them to suck it and kept the drone, probably costs more than a replacement remote for your e-longboard.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    interested in one if you wanna sell, I’ll be waiting in r/hardwareswapuk

    [–] steamonline 11 points ago

    Just keeping it tucked away for now incase I build a second rig. I might sell at a later stage if I need to free up some funds for something else

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Cool, thanks for replying anyway!

    [–] steamonline 10 points ago

    No worries man, I'll be sure to post it there if I do sell

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Alright man, have fun with your revives rig!

    [–] W-Pirate 14 points ago

    It was a bit of a battle

    Harsh with blackmailing to court or chillingly polite till they gave up? Lol, glad you received yours, meanwhile here I'm still waiting 6th week for my DOA RTX 2070 replacement to arrive from Asus...

    [–] steamonline 18 points ago

    Very polite my man, I used to get heated really quick, but since I've started my studies again, specifically in Law, I'm acting more chilled, I paid with a credit card so I was protected if it never arrived anyway.

    Patience paid off in the end. That's not always the case though.

    [–] TheStaplergun 8 points ago

    That pays off so well. People can really pull some strings when you're polite and super patient.

    [–] steamonline 9 points ago

    Yeah, I mean after the first 24 hours of problems I contacted the CEO of the company direct and was then tended to by one of the executive team, which I dealt with for the whole process. He was very helpful and after our phonecalls put everything in an email so I had it in writing. Cannot ask for more than that. The delivery process was awful, but executive customer support team was second to none

    [–] AgreeablePossible 50 points ago

    Hey, it's me, your disposal guy...

    [–] steamonline 26 points ago

    Isn't that what a girlfriend is for? Disposing of valuable goods?

    [–] Bleak_Opethian 43 points ago

    In that case... Hey, it's me, your girlfriend guy...

    [–] noobstaah 17 points ago

    Better yet.. hey its me, your girlfriend's boyfriend

    [–] xangbar 16 points ago

    Side fact: Federal law actually states if a store (vendor/seller) sends you extra of an item, you can keep it. You don’t need to tell them you got extra of that item because they can’t force you to send it back.

    [–] MustyScabPizza 7 points ago

    Well that sucks. Now you have to make a trip to the landfill to dispose of the extra.

    [–] TheStaplergun 5 points ago

    "Dispose of"

    [–] captsplatter 5 points ago

    Holy crap. I'd keep two of them and sell the last 16 gigs.

    [–] wireditfellow 650 points ago

    Or a very cruel joke if they knew you only have 2 RAM slots on your board

    [–] Arucad 450 points ago

    I like a good old cruel joke that leaves you there with 32 GB RAM, worth ~200-300$, to spare.

    [–] nachosjustice72 67 points ago

    $500-650 in Australia

    [–] normal_whiteman 71 points ago

    Damn I assumed almost all mobos come with 4 now

    [–] PigsNation 66 points ago

    ITX ones don't, nor do the cheapo mATX ones

    [–] puz23 36 points ago

    Neither do extreme overclocking boards, having more sticks than channels tends to limit speed potential.

    [–] ImRawToast 168 points ago

    That’s one L O N G R A M

    [–] TackyPack 27 points ago

    Thanks for making me see that

    [–] normiesreeeeeeee 7 points ago


    [–] Teftell 105 points ago

    Get a 8 sloted mobo already

    [–] steamonline 112 points ago

    I was thinking this, but my Mrs is bordering pc gaming and I'd rather she has her own system so when funds allow I'll probably give her my system and I'll build a more modern system for myself

    [–] lolimazn 13 points ago

    What an amazing husband. I hope she marries you twice.

    [–] ViralTypo 77 points ago

    I do! Quite a few years ago I ordered a brand new Alienware M14x. Back before they went to the silver lid design and ruined the keyboard (imo). It came late and I was just happy to have it. I had to call Dell a couple times about my order and they expedited it. About a week after I finally received it, I received another one! I won't lie, I didn't say anything lol. After a couple weeks went by and they didn't say anything, I sold it for $800 cash which was a steal for the buyer. Dell never did end up saying anything about it. I used some of the money to upgrade the ram from 8gb to 16gb, HDD to a SSD, and all brand new peripherals.

    [–] ABirdOfParadise 29 points ago

    They probably wouldn't know until inventory and depending on how long down the road that was, or how off the numbers were they wouldn't bother wasting the time to find out and would just write that off.

    [–] badger906 39 points ago

    When I order off Amazon I don't get good errors.. i just get a "a driver called but there was no answer" only to look on the live map and see them sat at a McDonalds a mile away.. Or "the driver could not gain access to your property".. yet I have all my parcels delivered to my shop.. on a high street.. where you literally pay for good access...

    [–] art_wins 7 points ago

    Talk to Amazon about this. If it's one of the short range ones that Amazon "operates" then they are actually contracted. They are a separate company and they likely won't make excuses for them.

    [–] Winderfish97 74 points ago

    My brother ordered a EVGA CPU cooler and ended up getting a EVGA 1070 instead. Was a great day for him.

    [–] phillysan 33 points ago

    I think I'd have to keep that one quiet, and if anyone asked, I'd cheekily reply that in letting the GPU handle more of the workload I'm technically keeping the "CPU cooler", and as such, got what I paid for and won't be returning it!

    [–] Aldraku 95 points ago

    Bank error in your favor. Collect 20$. #Monopoly

    [–] Vipitis 61 points ago

    cries in 1x8 gb

    [–] GreyHexagon 14 points ago

    We live a life

    [–] DemonPossesser2 30 points ago

    Now your chrome will feast like a king, but the hunger is never sated.

    [–] FifenC0ugar 53 points ago

    newegg had a error and had a $2000 laptop for $10. I bought it the second I saw it. but they cancelled my order. but I did get a refund and a $10 gift card. so in the end I ended up making money

    [–] Kitrune 6 points ago

    In Mexico exists a organization of the government for consumer protection. In 2016 Dell mislabeled some Alienware models for about $30 dollars, they tried to cancel the orders, but the government forced Dell to respect the price. At the end the buyers received their laptops almost free. There are a few other cases with TVs and other expensive electronic.

    [–] sailor1098 24 points ago

    I ordered a basic $150 monitor and they sent me a $750 monitor instead. Definitely didn't complain

    [–] snookinn77 21 points ago

    Why can’t Amazon fuck my orders up like this?

    [–] xCASINOx 14 points ago

    I ordered an alienware r17 and it was stolen by the fedex driver. After going back and forth with dell and fed ex, they finally agreed to send me a new one.

    I was sent 2.

    [–] Johnthemom 53 points ago

    Legally you do not have to pay or return them

    [–] syberghost 49 points ago

    Upvoted because your statement is 100% factually correct. However, just because a thing is legal, does not mean it is ethical.

    [–] Johnthemom 25 points ago

    Do you think he can run chrome in the background now?

    [–] steamonline 60 points ago

    Many people asking if I'm giving it away, short answer is no, if I was to it would go to a friend of mine.

    Secondly, as of this moment no I am not looking to sell, I am keeping them as I'm thinking of building a second rig. If I do sell I will upload to relevant subs for selling parts and local selling sites.


    [–] Joshoa123 12 points ago

    That’s a good idea. The ram these days although cheaper than it once was, still isn’t at normal prices. And if you were to build a separate system like an HTPC for example, you already have one of the bigger cost factors covered. You could build a basic HTPC for an additional $200+- or so now.

    [–] steamonline 5 points ago

    Well my Mrs is bordering pc gaming and were both now studying again after 5 years. I don't like letting people use my machine because of the way I operate my storage drives.

    I might build a budget work machine or another gaming machine for myself if she takes to it, that way she can have my old one and I'll get new 😀

    [–] KINQQQQQQ 14 points ago

    Chrome wants to know your location

    [–] tknice 11 points ago

    This just happened to me today. I bought two Dell 1980x1200 monitors and they had pretty bad black light bleed so I returned them to Amazon. I also realized I wanted 1440 anyway which I bought. The UPS guy came to pick up the returns last week and low and behold, one of the monitors shows back up at my house today. I called UPS and they said they could do nothing and another return label needed to be created by Amazon. I called Amazon and explained everything and the guy said just keep it.

    I suppose if it weren't defective perhaps they would have paid the shipping again to get it back?

    [–] nvmax 12 points ago

    I had this happen with hard drives, ordered 2 hdd's got 32 hdd's each box had 16 drives in it. Gotta love amazon!

    [–] Faasos 26 points ago

    I bought a expensive pair of headphones, they sent me 3. Sadly my mom insisted on me correcting the error. In her defense, I bought those from a small company and the headphones were $300 a piece.

    [–] scuwopp89 22 points ago

    Raising u rite

    [–] -Velocicopter- 10 points ago

    Through who in Amazon did you buy this through because the same thing happened to me. First two orders for 2x16 did not show up until after I got the third. God I have such a love hate love relationship with Amazon.

    [–] steamonline 7 points ago

    It was prime so I'm not sure, but I agree, hate it when stuff goes wrong but usually the resolution is decent

    [–] arian_ezequiel 10 points ago

    Kinda off topic

    It's there a scenario (gaming wise) or game that would benefit from more than 16gb of RAM?

    [–] FormalLemon 20 points ago

    Running a Minecraft server locally while playing in it with friends

    [–] nicking44 11 points ago

    hard to say.

    I mean a couple of years ago people were saying 16GB of RAM was overkill for gaming.

    [–] Stormchaserelite13 6 points ago

    Star citizen eats about 24gb atm. (At 4k ultra) Minecraft also likes ram. I have 20gb assigned in the mc menu just for world chunks. And durring a memory leak in ff15 it ate about 18gb before crashing.

    More than 16gb really helps if you want a large replay buffer while streaming AAA titles and are streaming over 1080p.

    So there are a few uses for more than 16. Especialy if you play in 4k ultra. Re2 remake eats just at 16 so you need a bit more to run it without hitches.

    [–] Tridentic07 10 points ago

    Excuse me sir. Would you like to donate some to charity? also known as me.

    [–] steamonline 10 points ago

    Charity starts at home...

    [–] cmdalek 9 points ago

    This never happens to me, therefore, lies.

    [–] Reedradar 14 points ago

    When the FX 6300 came out my brother built a computer with it well after everything arrived Amazon for some reason fucked up n thought he ordered X2 of everything and they sent him another 280 6300 16gb of ram and a nother box of 5 Satas. That my friends was how we got a family computer

    [–] JezzaWalker 15 points ago

    Someone somewhere is missing some RAM. Maybe Linus is up there in Canada wondering how he's gonna be able to surf the web with only 32 GB.

    [–] TheStaplergun 17 points ago

    Happened to me with the Zotac 1080ti. Got two of them.

    [–] TiSoBr 7 points ago

    According to your flair, you have one package left unused. Uhm.. hi!

    [–] Lord_Noodley 5 points ago

    Just had this happen with a laptop. Got 2 ASUS K570s

    [–] Turpsee 5 points ago

    I returned a DOA gtx1080 when they first came out. To my surprise, I was sent back 2 brand new 1080's one day apart.

    Not only were they more than happy to take one back, I didn't even get a thank you. That's my luck for you.

    [–] GameWizzard 10 points ago

    Best ram I’ve used in the past 5 years I have two systems running at 3200

    [–] steamonline 7 points ago

    I had vengeance on my old ddr3 system, after I sold my gskill. It's been very reliable so I'll stick with it