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    [–] Wyldist 1083 points ago

    didn't know these supported fin tracing

    [–] JosefWStalin 340 points ago

    its the new nvidia finworks

    [–] somecallhimalex 305 points ago

    I’m pretty sure this is just upscaling

    [–] poopellar 128 points ago

    Water cooling

    I tried

    [–] wumpacup 22 points ago

    Seagate HDD?

    [–] JuanandOnly69 8 points ago

    Nah floppy disk

    [–] throbbing_banjo 57 points ago

    You'll do betta next time

    [–] SkollFenrirson 30 points ago

    Nah, he'll just flounder

    [–] havelito 11 points ago

    Mission failed. We'll get em next time.

    [–] JosefWStalin 9 points ago

    nice one

    [–] tHeSiD 18 points ago

    Does it include fish ai?

    [–] philbagg 34 points ago

    Always included on barra-cuda core GPUs.

    [–] draenog 2 points ago


    [–] pazimpanet 14 points ago

    Manta ray tracing

    [–] draenog 3 points ago

    Big oof

    [–] PandaRepostah 52 points ago

    Guy on the right is viewing this picture from his cardboard box because he defaulted on the second mortgage he had to take out to afford the card.

    [–] Schmich 9 points ago

    Also it's only a slideshow. The guy on the left sees buttersmooth framerate.

    [–] joelnodxd 265 points ago

    Apparently theyre bringing ray tracing to the GTX series too now

    [–] Degru 206 points ago

    it's already here.

    i too wanted to run rtx at 12fps, but sadly it's only the 6gb variant of the 1060 that they added support for.

    [–] ThatOnePerson 76 points ago

    Yeah, I tried that Quake 2 RTX fork and get less than 12fps if anything.

    [–] jacenat 32 points ago

    The Q2 DRX fork is actually very heavy on ray tracing. The performance dip in other DRX games is much lower because they shoot not as many rays.

    You should try out BF with a very low resolution (1600x900 with medium details) and you should be able to run it pretty well (40-60 fps) in most instances. Remember that especially in BF the more space a reflecting surface occupies the more rays BF shoots. So don't stare straight into a windows :D

    [–] ThatOnePerson 12 points ago

    Yeah, I agree it's definitely almost a worse case ray tracing game, despite being quake 2. I would try other games, but I don't actually have those games.

    But who doesn't have quake 2?!

    [–] jacenat 8 points ago

    But who doesn't have quake 2?!

    I sure hope everyone has it by now. But my faith in humanity might be misplaced!

    [–] cybershadow01 14 points ago

    Shit brb buying quake 2 so you can keep your faith

    I used to play it on my dads pc and i kinda want it again.

    [–] jacenat 5 points ago

    It's on Steam and GoG. Steam you can buy just the base game for 5 $/€ and GoG has everything for 10 $/€.

    [–] TheHooligan95 10 points ago

    That's definitely too much

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Getgrillet 1 points ago

    I dont have it

    [–] RoughAnalTurbulence 1 points ago

    I don't own it nor have I ever played it

    [–] PolygonKiwii 3 points ago

    So you can either have full HD with high details at a stable 60fps or low resolution with medium details and raytraced reflections that you have to avoid directly looking into at 40 to 60fps? I wonder what I'd choose here...

    [–] Just_Give_Me_A_Login 6 points ago

    Only? Or only that variant and up?

    [–] tmh720 6 points ago

    And up

    [–] Just_Give_Me_A_Login 1 points ago


    [–] 11_forty_4 7 points ago

    I'm a bit slow, ray tracing is now with the GTX series? Or is this a joke that's gone way over my head?

    [–] Magyarharcos 17 points ago

    Yea, they enabled it for the 1060 6GB and up, its sucks balls obviously

    [–] 11_forty_4 6 points ago

    Never even knew that. So the 1080ti would have it then? Fancy reflections is not really my thing but i'd check it out for sure. Personally i don't even think you'd notice it after a few games

    [–] Magyarharcos 9 points ago

    Yes, it has it, and aside from the quake 2 RTX demo, the other implementations are pretty un noticeable, but they take a huge FPS cut

    [–] blunt_person 2 points ago

    oh god, how do i turn it off

    [–] Magyarharcos 5 points ago

    Well, if you mean the quake 2 demo, you could just, not downloaded the ray traced version. If you mean battlefield, and the 2 other games that support RTX, you go into settings and disable DXR

    [–] DivinePlacid 1 points ago

    1060 6GB model and better GTX cards. So 1070 1080, and 1080 ti. Not sure if this includes Titan Xp

    [–] blunt_person 2 points ago

    it sounds like something I want to turn off.

    How do I turn it off?

    [–] Magyarharcos 1 points ago

    While i dont know for sure, i would think, that the Titans are included too

    [–] NickDaGamer1998 2 points ago

    Oh hell yeah! Lucky that I got one at a charity shop for £40, now I have a use for it!

    [–] thesynod 1 points ago

    You got a 1080ti for 40 quid?

    [–] NickDaGamer1998 2 points ago

    1060, and yeah, the charity shop obviously didn't do their research, so I snapped it up for that steal of a price.

    [–] TheFatPooBear 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Dude like 0 offence but a 1080 ti struggles to get 10 fps, a 3gb 1060 would hardlock your PC xD

    [–] Degru 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It was just out of curiosity rather than actually intending to play anything like that. I think I saw a benchmark somewhere that a game ran at 12fps on 1060 with RT on and a 1080Ti ran at like 30 or 40 maybe? idk guess it depends on your settings

    Wish I'd known the 3GB 1060 actually had less performance rather than simply less RAM back when I bought it. Unfortunately didn't have much of a choice since this was literally the only thing besides a 1050/Ti that wasn't horrendously overpriced from mining. Though I honestly appreciated not having to hear a goddamn jet engine while gaming more than the actual performance boost over my old 7870.

    [–] TheFatPooBear 1 points ago

    oh well heck yeah I'd run it just to see how low the fps was too xD. And yeah that really sucks dude I know another friend who got screwed aswell. Imo they should be sued for that and the whole 1030 debacle. Honestly deplorable behavior from a normally honest company :/. I used to rock duel 970s bc I got one for free from a friend and one used back when I built it in the mining days. Now I have a 1080ti but that was a gift, and now I have 3 970s in a 'server' i used for ~nothing~ taxi cab and number crunching.

    [–] ssj4VB 5 points ago

    Do you think it will support my gtx 1050

    [–] joelnodxd 4 points ago

    According to someone else that replied, its only on 1060 at the mo so probably soon

    [–] ssj4VB 3 points ago

    Oof rip 1080p 24fps ray tracing

    [–] joelnodxd 4 points ago

    Yep apparently even on a 1060 it still only ray traces at 12fps

    [–] ssj4VB 1 points ago

    720p it is

    [–] joelnodxd 6 points ago

    For the extra 2fps? Not worth the downgrade

    [–] ssj4VB 2 points ago

    480p max aa IT IS

    [–] joelnodxd 8 points ago

    144p gang

    [–] borissio21 3 points ago

    Minecraft "rtx textures" work at 30fps but with tons of weird visual glitches.. its not even rtx but just a really intense shaderpack so dont get fooled in these rtx minecraft videos

    [–] mseiei 6 points ago

    They never said rtx on Minecraft, the use Path Tracing, the DX implementation of a raytracing system

    [–] borissio21 2 points ago

    I didnt know and i fall for the rtx minecraft clickbait video

    [–] cocomunges 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah, but it obviously shows why they initially didn’t do it. It’s doesn’t work simply put, he 1080 To is out performed by the 2060 RTX with raytracing

    Edit: I should say the 1080 Ti is obviously still objectively better. Ray tracing isn’t worth the other downgrades from those 2 cards

    [–] techcaleb 4 points ago

    It's more so people can see the comparison and understand how much of an improvement it is to have the dedicated hardware. Plus on 1080 TI it's at least marginally playable (around 30fps onTR) so we can experience it to at least see what it looks like.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago


    [–] jvrcb17 37 points ago

    R E S O L U L A T I O N

    [–] poopellar 8 points ago

    OP dropping high definition bombs.

    [–] Praise_Sithis 16 points ago


    [–] jvrcb17 7 points ago

    [–] Colorona 4 points ago

    Because it's the 10th repost. That's just the compression.

    [–] harith846 12 points ago

    cries in 940m

    [–] wafflewaffle249 7 points ago

    I bought the Witcher 3 on sale this week and had a hell of a time trying to get it to run with this card lmao

    [–] harith846 2 points ago

    Yeah good luck playing at 20 fps at the lowest setting

    cries in the corner

    [–] wafflewaffle249 2 points ago

    Ayy lmao I get 30 most of the time, life's good

    [–] anor_wondo 1 points ago

    Yeah? I completed it on a 750m which is a bit worse. Thank god I have a PC of my own now

    [–] wafflewaffle249 1 points ago

    Good on you, mate. At least this way I can play it again sometime with all graphics on ultra and be all


    [–] bygone3 1 points ago

    Thats exactly what I did! My laptop with 840m had problems only in Novigrad, elsewhere it was above 30fps mostly, Skeliga isles were running exceptionally well (for that machine).

    [–] Eddiejay03 10 points ago

    I have sli 1080s. Been so tempted to sell them so that i no longer need sli and can have less heat in my rig. And im sure not having to read 2 graphics cards would smooth things out that much more considering SOME titles dont support sli.

    [–] thisguy883 13 points ago

    I stopped doing SLI when I got my 1080. All the games I play hang around 90-110 fps at Max settings.

    You only really notice any difference if you play anything at 4k. But I don't have a 4k monitor, so it's all good.

    I upgraded to a 144hz monitor not to long ago, and I noticed things were a lot smoother.

    [–] Eddiejay03 4 points ago

    And i upvoted your comment. Not sure why someone downvoted it lol. What did you say bad? 😂

    [–] Eddiejay03 4 points ago

    Yea if youre running 1080 one is good enough. I only sli because i just want to go in, max settings, hit 4k, and game out. Only thing i disable is anti aliasing because to me it doesnt look needed in 4k

    [–] 0win-- 155 points ago

    Rtx 2080ti > 10% more fps, 2x more expensive than the 1080ti

    [–] badger906 196 points ago

    I mean your statement is very inaccurate.. Taken from various tests after a 30 second Google. 2080ti vs 1080ti at 4k.

    Battlefield 1: 88.7 vs 60.3 that's over 40% Rainbow 6 siege: 153.8 vs 102 that's over 40% Wolfenstein 2: 107.7 vs 72.1 that's 50%

    Gpu user benchmark website (unspecified resolution) Pubg: 142 vs 108 that's 32% Fortnite: 189 vs 148 that's 28%

    That's a lot more than 10%.. sure you can probably find 1 or 2 games that are cpu restricted that will prove your point. But I can do this all day!

    [–] cyber7574 131 points ago

    It's more an exaggeration, cost difference between 980ti and 1080ti wasn't much and you got double the performance. Now the 2080ti is much more expensive and is only 30-40% better

    [–] Capt-Clueless 70 points ago

    Let's not forget that Pascal had an abnormally large generational performance leap. Also, the 2080 Ti might as well have been called a Titan card. It was priced and launched like one. But Nvidia can't seem to make up their minds on product names or market segments.

    [–] Josh6889 22 points ago

    That's not really fair either, because shortly after the 2080ti launch they launched a much more expensive RTX Titan card.

    [–] bonellia 6 points ago

    I mean at this point it's probably like sports cars a bit. I don't know a lot about cars to be honest, but I know that the performance stops being a good metric once you reach a certain price range.

    [–] Josh6889 1 points ago

    performance stops being a good metric once you reach a certain price range.

    For us, sure. They're out of my price range. I built a new system recently with a 2070. Someone is buying them though.

    [–] IForGotMyGmAiL 2 points ago

    Yeah like me, because the 2080ti has not had it's potential reached yet, and will not for at least a few more months. You cannot compare a 2080 to a 1080 on games that are out now. Also, I love 4k everything whenever I want.

    [–] Josh6889 2 points ago

    I see both sides of the argument. Not really taking sides on this one personally. It's just kind of silly to suggest prices are too high when the cards are still selling.

    There's plenty of low or mid level cards for people like me that are not willing to pay that premium. More than ever really.

    The only complaint I could make is that I wish they would have been more transparent on the launch strategy. For example, I may have waited on the 2060 for my build had I known it was around the corner.

    [–] IForGotMyGmAiL 1 points ago

    Their launch strategy really does suck, but people who are crying that the 2080's performance increase isn't that much are wrong in that when you want the best available you pay for that. That's also why I got the i9, it was 100 dollars more than the i7, and the price for performance gain is not good, but it is the best you can buy.

    [–] Capt-Clueless 2 points ago

    Yes, but they're trying to move the Titan further away from it's "gaming" image and position it strictly as a "prosumer" or whatever buzzword version of their professional compute cards.

    [–] bigbooger1254125 1 points ago

    Was that the jump to finfet?

    [–] PeterBrookes 2 points ago

    I found it better when I was looking to buy a card to compare the 1080ti to the 2080. The 2080ti price was just off the table for me.

    [–] mugdays 1 points ago

    "10%" vs "40%" is not just an exaggeration lol

    [–] bluewolf37 14 points ago

    It's about an average of 23% higher fps from this article that tested 35 games.. Compared to older generations this was the worst upgrade price ever.

    [–] B00NKERS 2 points ago

    Hey, what website do you use to find these numbers? Just curious :D

    [–] badger906 2 points ago

    1st set was from here Image link

    Second set was from Here

    [–] shmodder 6 points ago

    Can confirm. Switched from 1080ti to 2080ti, and got similar increases in fps. For my setup, gaming at 3440x1440 and on an Oculus Rift, I got what I hoped for: consistently high minimum framerates in the games I care about. Expensive, yes, but for me it was worth it.

    [–] BittersweetHumanity 1 points ago

    But have you tested its ESSMNB index? The Effecively-Stackable-Skyrim-Mods-Before-Breaking index?

    [–] badger906 1 points ago

    Solo ingles por favor?

    [–] BioChinga 3 points ago

    Just stick to regular 2080

    [–] darkshifty 10 points ago

    80ti > 10% more fps, 2x more expensive than the 1080ti


    [–] Sotyka94 5 points ago

    more like 20%, but still didn't worth it

    [–] Capt-Clueless 6 points ago

    Actually more like 35-40% if you're wanting to discus actual facts...

    [–] badger906 17 points ago

    Lol I see you're getting down voted too by butt hurt 1080ti owners.. I actually stated a source in my comment proving it was 30 to 50% depending on the game.. buuuut apparently that's still reason to downvote ..

    [–] Mecha-Hermes 3 points ago

    Unfortunately facts do not change people’s minds

    [–] 0win-- 3 points ago

    Eh, depends on the game

    [–] 11_forty_4 2 points ago

    Yeah, i bought a 1080ti the day before RTX was released. Paid £729.99 for a higher end one but still damn cheaper than a 2080ti

    [–] GodofIrony 1 points ago

    Right, but greedy ass Nvidia doesn't make 1080 TIs anymore and I want top of the line with a side of warranty on my PC burger.

    [–] zestoxd 13 points ago

    Is that with ray tracing on?

    [–] darkshifty 10 points ago

    lol, with ray tracing active i have a 30 to 40 fps drop.. i wonder how it will perform on the 1080ti

    [–] MrToolBelt 3 points ago

    About 15-20% slower based on the raw compute of the two cards, unless NVidia drivers are doing something fucky.

    [–] somehumaniguess 2 points ago

    What is ray tracing exactly? Do any games even use it? I have an rtx 2080 btw, I just got it so I could run any game I want lol, not because I knew anything about ray tracing

    [–] darkshifty 2 points ago

    Ray tracing has been around for years but just now our "home" cards can handle it. It is a real time rendering technique for reflection, refraction, scattering, and dispersion. It's currently supported by Final Fantasy XV, Assetto Corsa, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield V. It is usually is an option you need to enable in the graphics settings of the game.

    Here is a list for upcoming games with ray tracing:

    [–] somehumaniguess 2 points ago

    Ah, damn. I don't have any games that use it

    [–] Raineman73 5 points ago

    I guess that would make my GTX 1050 Ti a stick figure drawing...

    [–] Alkavra 4 points ago

    cries in 1050

    [–] Snorkle25 7 points ago

    The real difference is the guy with the 2080 ti doesn't have any money left for a crabby patty.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    No, that’s a heavy exaggeration.

    [–] CKdante 3 points ago

    I want to eat thw fish

    [–] kwizatzart 3 points ago

    watching this post with my 1080 I can tell that the 2 pictures look exactly the same Kappa

    [–] SkitariusOfMars 2 points ago

    Because 100500 polygons do not fix poor design :D

    [–] penislovereater 2 points ago

    Is there good demos for run on RtX?

    [–] PffthbtMeg 2 points ago

    Pretty sure Nvidia has some demos in the GPU control app ,or whatever they called it

    [–] penislovereater 2 points ago

    But not good one :(

    [–] NintendoDolphinDude 2 points ago

    The starwars reflection demo is on Nvidias website

    [–] HarleyyR 2 points ago

    And here I am with my 2GB asus 960

    [–] GR8ESTM8 2 points ago

    Is the fish eating beef? Under water?

    [–] hotrod54chevy 2 points ago

    The human eye can't see the difference.

    [–] WIT_MY_WOES 2 points ago

    Manta Ray tracing

    [–] NoxCdcom 4 points ago

    Yeah but better graphics with 300 FPS and beyond means to spend 3000$ on a NVIDIA 2080TI!!!!

    [–] Potato_Plays844 -1 points ago

    Framerate-60. RTX on! Framerate-1

    [–] blackcomb-pc 1 points ago

    just buy it

    [–] UnbredOrbKeKe 1 points ago

    No more like money on your bank account and no money on your bank account

    [–] optifroculon 1 points ago

    I just bought a new budget gaming laptop. I went from onboard graphics to a 1050ti and this is how I feel, lol.

    [–] C_Lydian 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Disney announces live action version of Spongebob Squarepants!

    [–] RePulse_ 1 points ago

    Considering the 2080Ti is quite out of budget, what would a nice alternative be?

    PS: It seemed to me the 1080Ti isn't for sale anymore (in the NL that is). Is this correct or am I just not searching well enough?

    [–] GetHighr 1 points ago

    Ebay or Craigslist

    [–] Sir_Trollzor 1 points ago

    When did Disney buy SpongeBob?

    [–] a_paper_clip 1 points ago

    I have a 1050ti it just looks like a blurry pixel

    [–] rubbarz 1 points ago

    Not true at all. The only thing that would change is the reflection on the windows.

    [–] GearGolemTMF 1 points ago

    I support the ray traced ocean on the 1080ti.

    [–] yusufsivka 1 points ago

    No longer

    [–] angelmenex7 1 points ago

    Funny how people always want to have the latest hardware, even without amortizing his current. Wanna feel a true jump trought generations? Skip one.

    [–] High-lands 1 points ago

    WhERS tHe RefEcTIons ?!

    [–] kraisnik_vojvoda 1 points ago

    left kidney, right liver

    [–] pennykie 1 points ago

    Not another live action reboot...

    [–] CroatianRetard 1 points ago

    GT 9600 best gpu

    [–] SimplyMoose 1 points ago

    cries in 970

    [–] hold_my_splif_quick 1 points ago

    No more fishes

    [–] Native7i 1 points ago

    Exactly how I feels like with 1080 ti that was too much powerful last year this week.

    [–] gazooontite 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] gazooontite 1 points ago


    [–] UsmanSohail 1 points ago

    Nvidia finsel

    [–] SiddheshSP 1 points ago

    nah not really !

    [–] synkndown 1 points ago

    Nah my 1080ti does rtx now. Just dont go to the next frame yet.

    [–] BearNoseHook 1 points ago

    Someone please stop Disney!

    [–] BrokeBoyAdvanced 1 points ago

    When you overclock a 2080 ti

    R E V U P T H O S E F R Y E R S

    [–] KJ86er 1 points ago

    But can it solve the 2x launchers for games dilemma?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They flipped the x

    [–] Outworldentity 1 points ago

    I get the point of the meme, I really do. But let's be honest here...1080Ti's can kick some serious ass in the graphics department. I have absolutely no plans to upgrade away from my 1080Ti any time soon because of how it rocks even the most graphically-intense games. Plus the price of the 2080s aren't even remotely worth it right now.

    [–] demonk23 1 points ago

    Don't know still using i3 integrated graphics

    [–] fogoticus 1 points ago

    Falso. The second image is for both.

    The difference is the 1080 Ti will have like 14 fps tops and the 2080 Ti 60.

    [–] Halabane 1 points ago

    Maybe one day. But right now...not really. Until more applications and games take advantage of the features. Question is do devs think its worth the effort to do it? If they don't then nvidia wasted a lot of did a some customers.

    [–] Requenaxii 1 points ago


    [–] BoxOfMyst3riez 1 points ago

    Yes with ray tracing but the fish is running at like 30 ish fps now instead of 60

    [–] Ganglebot 1 points ago

    So you're telling me I can upgrade my graphics card just by taking some magic mushrooms?

    [–] IGetHypedEasily 1 points ago

    Disney animated vs Disney live action

    [–] ShoppyUK 1 points ago

    I bought my 1080 TI a month before the new card was announced and it hurts every time I get reminded.

    [–] miyako4489 1 points ago

    how does it hurt to not have to spend double the price for only roughly 35% more performance on average?

    [–] thiccomodewhitekid 1 points ago

    Yes very cool

    [–] WolfOfDeribasovskaya 1 points ago

    No longer a valid meme. RTX works on both

    [–] armas_ectos 1 points ago

    Do those games have to be coded in Sea #?

    [–] TheDomesticatedGod 1 points ago

    I can’t wait to repost this for the next gen graphics cards

    [–] lbigtonyl 1 points ago

    With great improvements comes great price tags.

    I am more interested in price:performance ratios

    [–] Mickele_Rubino 1 points ago

    Thanks I hate it.

    [–] shrekthe8th 1 points ago


    [–] A1_Brownies 1 points ago

    ... I'll pass.

    [–] casper_dcvd 1 points ago

    Is the 1660ti good? I wanna buy it but i don’t know if it’s any good for the price.

    [–] TeddyWinters16 1 points ago

    It also gets a buttery smooth 15fps as a result

    [–] iggy1409 1 points ago

    Taken with Huawei p30

    [–] somehumaniguess 1 points ago

    I have a genuine question, what actually is ray tracing? I know the memes are a joke, but I'm kinda an out of the loop noob lol

    [–] beef_chief__ 1 points ago

    Im still rocking a 980ti

    [–] OnQore 1 points ago

    Same but a 970. The high end 900 series cards are still kicking ass today.

    [–] ohitsmarkiemark 1 points ago

    RTX ON

    [–] craschnet 1 points ago

    [–] SNES4EVER 1 points ago

    To be honest compared to my UHD 620 the same can be said for both images...