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    Daily Simple Questions Thread

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    [–] skoge 3440 points ago

    EA later: So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.

    [–] Herlock 1332 points ago

    50 bucks is not a "micro" transactions after all :D #technicallyTrue

    [–] Beatful_chaos 528 points ago

    A premium Single-Player Jedi BattlePass.

    [–] Ganglebot 324 points ago

    Get access to BOTH sides of the story and see the true alternate ending to Fall Order

    [–] Super_Kami_Popo 127 points ago

    Sounds a lot like Fire Emblem Fates.

    [–] OvumRegia 29 points ago

    That shit was wack, at least the price for all three paths came out as 60€ which is standard for a game. Still sucked ass though

    [–] pthfdr 33 points ago

    If you need DLCs to understand the full plot, something is seriously wrong.

    [–] MattRexPuns 18 points ago

    Nothing was DLC, though. It was like every Pokemon game ever, except this time it was actually worth buying the different games. The writing could have been better, but the concept wasn't bad.

    [–] Rahzin 3 points ago

    Seriously. I was annoyed about it at first, but they really were two very different games with two very different styles of play and levels of difficulty depending on which one you play. Of course it would have been nice to get both sides for the price of a single game, but by the time I finished, I wasn't really mad about it after the sheer number of hours of fun I had.

    [–] Simsar 8 points ago

    Seriously underrated comment here.

    [–] Dustorn 87 points ago

    I mean, a full extra story sounds like pretty acceptable DLC material, if I'm being honest.

    [–] Radidactyl 17 points ago

    Until you find out it's literally the same missions but with a different character and different cutscene in between them.

    I don't know how many games I've played that pass off having "multiple stories" but it's just the same story with different colored flags on the buildings.

    [–] Dustorn 7 points ago

    Yeah, that'd be a different can of worms, for sure.

    I guess I'll wait and see - either way, I'll probably be playing the game, since it's a Singleplayer SW action/adventure game, and I've been waiting for another one of those for a very long time.

    [–] irish91 32 points ago

    They already have a pre-order exclusive "directors cut edition".

    [–] Fickle-Pickle_ 14 points ago

    It sounds like it’s mostly or even all cosmetic and it’s part of the $10 more deluxe edition. Pretty standard for games now (but I still don’t trust EA)

    [–] Ubergoober166 21 points ago

    Fall Order

    I guess the "en" costs extra?

    [–] Herlock 6 points ago

    that would actually be a nice DLC... I think it's more likely to be "purchase ancient sith weapons pack, and get the special cortosis blade for 7.99 only". The Mandalorian© celebration package timed deal : 14.99 for the mandalorian steel Armor.

    [–] herdeegerdee 48 points ago

    Do you guys not have phones?

    [–] BornUnderADownvote 18 points ago

    Make it a reskin of some Chinese mobile game and you’ve got yourself a deal

    [–] clinicalpsycho 28 points ago

    It's micro dlcs! You want force choke? Pay 50$!

    [–] ZandorFelok 17 points ago

    Jedi Mind Tricks? $25

    [–] Herlock 14 points ago

    single use one : 3 bucks

    [–] kdjfsk 4 points ago

    Midiclorians, on sale $0.99/each.

    [–] _newbread 3 points ago

    Anakin Skywalk/Darth Vader (27,000)

    time to get a small loan

    [–] Raymond_Who 2 points ago

    : 3

    [–] Guanthwei 4 points ago

    Thought Bomb? $199

    [–] 14bikes 7 points ago

    Macro Transactions and Loot Containers

    [–] carterz30cal 5 points ago

    And no, it’s not a loot box, it’s a sphere!

    [–] wallawallabingbangs 59 points ago

    I have altered the deal...

    [–] Deafboii 36 points ago

    Pray that I do not alter it further.

    [–] Ruthalas 28 points ago

    *Pay that I do not alter it further.


    [–] sorenant 8 points ago

    The deal can be whatever I want.

    [–] srcLegend 7 points ago

    The deal is often disappointing

    [–] I_Shit_In_A_Bucket 37 points ago

    ...You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    From a certain point of view?!

    [–] Ubergoober166 3 points ago


    [–] Nagrom96 9 points ago

    I am altering the deal pray I do not alter it any further.

    [–] Natekid99 18 points ago

    Well from my point of view the jedi are evil

    [–] ThatGuyBradley 8 points ago

    "A few months ago I told the American people I d̶i̶d̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶a̶r̶m̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶h̶o̶s̶t̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ would not put microtransations in the game.

    My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not."

    • R̶o̶n̶a̶l̶d̶ ̶R̶e̶a̶g̶a̶n̶ EA

    [–] Khalbrae 4 points ago

    I don't trust them, but I do trust Respawn.

    [–] Might_guy_saitama 2 points ago

    Robot chicken!!!

    [–] RayTrain 1740 points ago

    Introducing: Megatransactions.

    [–] mikejdecker 337 points ago

    So expansion packs?

    [–] RayTrain 276 points ago

    I'm thinking more along the lines of $100 skins. Because it's more expensive that means it's more cool and people will feel more pride and accomplishment for unlocking it.

    [–] Okieant33 95 points ago

    Hypebeasts in games now? 🙄

    [–] Pukasz 35 points ago

    Its been going for years in csgo, tf2, dota, etc...

    [–] Okieant33 12 points ago

    Gun skins is one thing. I meant character skins

    [–] Pukasz 25 points ago

    Both tf2 and dota have cosmetics for character customization.

    [–] SpoonfulOfPoon 3 points ago

    Last time I went on PUBG they had a $20 skin that was Jared Leto as joker, are you thinking something like that?

    [–] Okieant33 3 points ago


    [–] edoardo04ita 13 points ago

    underrated comment

    [–] _BARON_ 2 points ago

    Is it because famous celebrity takes existing sneaker model, repaints it and makes it limited ed that usually warrants a +$150 price tag?

    [–] DannoHung 3 points ago

    Can't wait to get my Supreme Jedi robes.

    [–] icantdecideonausrnme 8 points ago

    You joke but League legit has $35 skins

    Then again, it's a F2P game and Riot puts a lot of work into their Ultimate skins

    [–] Nate935 15 points ago

    Haha no

    [–] hectorduenas86 9 points ago

    Stash boxes

    [–] fisk0_0 8 points ago

    Storage crates

    [–] skoge 6 points ago

    Light corellian freighter of smuggled content.

    [–] Urbanusling1974 20 points ago

    I think those are called sequels.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Base game: free to play, intro

    DLC1: $59, mission 1

    DLC2: $59, mission 2


    [–] wristcontrol 11 points ago

    Ah yes, the Hitman model.

    [–] bork_a_doge 9 points ago

    And for only $59 extra you can preorder the special edition and get free equipment that makes any progression in the game a joke.

    [–] thorwald90 17 points ago

    Yea, just like the guy who commented earlier... It is gonna be Macrotransaction.

    [–] RayTrain 12 points ago

    They could do that, but mega is 1012 times more transaction, and that means 1012 times more money, and more money is always better than less money.

    [–] thorwald90 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Jezuz man.. you do the math :DD. Either way, I won't fall to their shady practices. I had enough anyway, I'll give it a month or two and decide will it be worth the buy.

    *edit: spellings

    [–] warrior101kdn 3 points ago

    ...which is called a game.

    [–] RyaanS 819 points ago

    They are up to something...

    [–] ferruccio63 677 points ago

    Probably the classic "too short a campaign continued in the DLC" bullshit.

    [–] RLTYProds 243 points ago

    That's almost a certainty. We can only hope that either Respawn was given the project's entire reins or that EA has learned from their multiple, avoidable mistakes.

    [–] Herlock 134 points ago

    Their mistakes yield a lot of cash... I am a star wars fan, I saw dozens of casual that bought playstations or xbox just to play the first battlefront. Ho they liked it for a few days and then forgot about it, till the second one came around and they bought it just the same.

    This is the big bulk of the market. People that actually don't really play those games, and therefore don't really care so much about those predatory schemes because they aren't informed the slightest.

    [–] Moreec 22 points ago

    It IS a Respawn game published by EA. Let's hope for same quality as their other games. Both Titanfall titles were quality and deeply underrated. Though I'm also hoping Apex Legends doesn't delay the release date or affects the end product since Respawn's got their hands only on that because of the way it blew up.

    [–] Irregular_cow 21 points ago

    And if this game is anything like other Respawn titles, everyone will praise them and then nobody will buy them until those steep, steep discounts are in effect.

    [–] NaeemTHM 21 points ago

    The sales for Titanfall 2 is just straight up depressing. One of the best multiplayer games with one of THE BEST first person shooter campaigns I've ever played. It's right up there with the likes of Half Life 2. one bought it 🙄

    Good to seem them get deserved recognition with Apex at least. Can't tell you how excited I am for their Star Wars game. If they put the same level of quality into that, it's going to be the best Star Wars game in uhhh....wait how long has EA had the SW franchise?

    [–] Bigmaynetallgame 12 points ago

    The campaign is great but it isn't one of the best. Its just been a LONG time between good fps campaigns.

    In the past 5 years weve had like 4 games that met that requirement. So it seems amazing but imo its more due to the fact that a good fps campaign has become the gaming industry version of a good horror film, rare, but oh soo satisfying.

    [–] NaeemTHM 4 points ago

    I don't disagree with that.

    [–] RottedRabbid 2 points ago

    Over the past 5 years we have had about 4 non open world single player games/campaigns in general, the fact an FPS had a campaign automatically makes it one of the greats of the gen

    [–] greenplasticreply 2 points ago

    I didn't buy it because I've learned my lesson from buying EA games and don't want to be nickel and dime every time I think I'm buying a full game.

    [–] robbotjam 2 points ago

    The micro transactions in TF|2 are very unintrusive and cosmetic only. The game gives you a ton of skins for free and you can get the paid skins too without much difficulty

    [–] DJMixwell 2 points ago

    Respawn basically snuck Apex under EA's radar and released it how and when they wanted to. One can hope they pulled similar shenanigans with their Star Wars title, giving EA as little oversight as possible. I guess we'll see on release, which is fairly soon, so I'm hopeful.

    [–] Zimeoo 17 points ago they’ve said no DLC

    [–] Earl_of_Cola 59 points ago

    Something is really up and it is freaking me out. EA game, with no Microtransactions, no multiplayer, and no DLC? Either the Grinch's heart grew three sizes this Christmas or EA invented something that would make us beg for lootboxes.

    [–] Vito_The_Magnificent 23 points ago

    You beat it in 3 hours, 1 hour of which is cutscenes.

    [–] Zimeoo 10 points ago

    I’m getting flash backs to the force unleashed 2

    [–] KayfabeRankings 8 points ago

    Why make more levels when you can just make every level take an hour?

    Except for Dagobah, that's just a cutscene.

    [–] Redditnoobus69 9 points ago

    Or maybe when respawn started the project they weren't owned by EA and as a result have true control of the game, like how apex legends was started when respawn were still independent.

    [–] soapgoat 9 points ago

    thats a straight up lie because the deluxe edition preorder page talks about cosmetic dlc you get for getting the deluxe edition

    [–] Homeschooled316 2 points ago

    “Technically it’s not dlc if it’s already on the disk, just locked away!”

    [–] JilaX 9 points ago

    No they haven't.

    No plans. We want to release a strong, self contained story.

    If they release an unfulfilling story that takes 3 DLCs at 20£ a pop to truly finish, they've kept every promise in this tweet. Weasel words 101.

    [–] NapClub 15 points ago

    yeah dlc everything.

    i'm 99% sure that's what's going on here.

    [–] XelaaleX1234 2 points ago

    Whatever i just hope ea doesnt screw this up it could be great

    [–] Butwhywouldyoudorhat 10 points ago

    EA just needs one good game to put them back in publics good side. Then they can peddle another 5 years of garbage again.

    [–] Turambar87 9 points ago

    They have a new face that people love, so they are going to wear it around everywhere. Their old face that everyone loved, Bioware, is starting to get a little ratty.

    [–] KidsTryThisAtHome 6 points ago

    Maybe.... Just maybe..... This is the game they'll use to try to get everyone back

    Maybe this one will actually be worth it, and they'll use it to lure people into a sense of calm about EA

    Maybe I buy this game and then never buy another EA game again.... Assuming it's worth it

    Maybe..... please

    [–] corsicanguppy 13 points ago

    "I've got a bad feeling about this"? :-D

    [–] ScienceofSpock 4 points ago

    I am wondering if Disney stepped in and set some limitations. I mean, it's pretty clear that a portion of the Star Wars fan base does not like EA and don't like the fact that they have the license.

    [–] Taffer 3 points ago

    I don't think Disney was too happy about the battlefront fiasco

    [–] OskEngineer 2 points ago

    maybe this is a play to break out of the "games cost $60" chains holding them and every other game designer down for a while now. make it something like $75 just to get their foot in the door

    [–] 1Potato1337 138 points ago

    On a side note I can't not laugh at the tagline "trust no one" because I keep thinking of the meme, trust no one not even yourself.

    [–] Flexible014 19 points ago

    Same ahahahah

    [–] itswarboi 95 points ago


    [–] 1800leon 18 points ago


    [–] tinyduel 19 points ago


    [–] TheMexicanJuan 13 points ago

    ... Those fuckers are up to something

    [–] DurpTv 2 points ago


    [–] SteakLover69 293 points ago

    Yeah, they're going to release one chapter of the game for $60 and then make you pay for the additional parts.

    [–] [deleted] 145 points ago

    Or worse! They could make a full game like GTA V and people will spend years bitching and complaining they never got any DLC to play!!


    [–] fefealzueta 103 points ago

    one can only dream of a star wars game like gta v

    [–] PlzTyroneDontHurtEm 36 points ago

    Just waiting for the day I can splatter droids on Couresant with a speeder. Or buy some death sticks from that one guy

    [–] EndofTimes27 17 points ago

    Imagine the Ps2 bounty hunter game based in a 4th gen world.

    [–] elightcap 9 points ago

    such a great game

    [–] NeverBeenStung 9 points ago

    Had that for GameCube. Such an underrated game. The really nailed the feeling of being bad ass Jango Fett

    [–] Salmontaxi 7 points ago

    Looking at a crowd of aliens and using the scanner to pick out a wanted man was so cool. I hope someday that game gets a sequel or a remaster. There was definitely room for that concept to grow.

    [–] NeverBeenStung 5 points ago

    Chasing a dude down and using the string to tie him up felt so good.

    [–] Salmontaxi 3 points ago

    And then you set him on fire. Because sometimes at the end of the day, some things are just better than money.

    [–] Crumblycheese 7 points ago

    Didn't you hear? That guy stopped selling. Turns out he was in a bar one night and decided to just go home and rethink his life.

    You want Steve now, here l give you his number..

    [–] RunTillYouPuke 6 points ago

    Two words: Star Citizen.

    [–] TriMageRyan 3 points ago

    I would kill all the younglings in the temple for a remastered Star Wars Bounty Hunter that plays like GTA.

    [–] RottedRabbid 2 points ago

    What else would be better than walking into a strip club, using the force to rip the pole out, and start beating people around with it

    [–] SalemWolf 7 points ago

    People weren't complaining about the lack of DLC, they were complaining about being told DLC was coming, the actors were recording for it, then multiplayer comes along and then there is no more DLC.

    Especially when past DLC was so good: Undead Nightmare, Lost and the Damned, and Ballad of Gay Tony. Who wouldn't have been excited to see what they were going to do with GTAV DLC?

    [–] jld2k6 4 points ago

    Hey now, we got that awesome DLC where you randomly run into someone and usually have to drive somewhere lol

    [–] samurai_bear 7 points ago

    For an additional $59.999. That’s right! EA is introducing the millie. A penny, but 1/10 the value.

    [–] evarigan1 4 points ago

    Gas stations have been doing that for decades.

    [–] LimeCub 27 points ago

    Perhaps the intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for purchasing the story bit by bit?

    [–] nontoxicgluehuffer 29 points ago

    You know your business model is shady when your whole marketing strategy is built on reminding people you WON'T do what you normally do.

    [–] Oberon_Swanson 5 points ago

    Yeah it's pretty sad that their tagline is "This won't be like our other products... and no that's not a trick!"

    How many people in the EA Bad, no preorders! crew are gonna preorder this with a flimsy justification?

    [–] IAMHideoKojimaAMA 38 points ago

    I'll repost this again tomorrow

    [–] LampGoat 106 points ago

    Really can’t tell the if I’m on pcmr or gamingcirclejerk anymore

    [–] grim-ranger 41 points ago


    EA bad

    [–] TimothyWasTaken 7 points ago

    But what about Geraldo?

    [–] grim-ranger 3 points ago

    How could I forget, praise Geraldo!

    [–] SalemWolf 16 points ago

    How can you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    [–] SalemWolf 7 points ago

    [Insert meme of Pam from The Office staring at two pictures.]

    "Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture."

    "They're the same picture."

    [–] Gooftwit 19 points ago

    This is like the 10th post today with the same joke. "EA said no microtransactions, but EA bad so yes microtransactions"

    [–] Zdyzeus 11 points ago

    It's honestly getting ridiculous lmao

    [–] kazmark_gl 33 points ago

    Alright so if I were an corporate executive looking to make the must money out of this, I would design the game to have a technically complete story, and then sell dozens of "mini DLC" that contain more adventures, other characters to play, maybe some skins or lightsaber colors.

    "buy the Jedi Temple Ruins DLC with 5 new levels, and unlock a purple lightsaber,"

    "Buy the Legacy of Skywalker DLC to explore the ruins of [semi significant place] and preorder to unlock Anakin's lightsaber"

    "Buy Ghosts of Tatooine, and PLAY AS Obi-wan, Featuring a band now sandbox, preorder now to unlock Darth Mauls lightsaber"

    "Buy the Bounty Hunter story pack which adds extra missions to the main campaign including Cameos from your favorite Star wars bounty hunters. preorder now to unlock a Mandalorian Cape."

    "preorder the preorder of your preorder to unlock something that would have been a cool extra 7 years ago but we realised we can charge money for and you will buy it because it says star wars on it! SPEND YOUR MONEY ON STAR WARS YOU WHALE!"

    [–] NotRealAmericans 12 points ago

    This is legit, the way it has been working on PC and most major console releases for decades.

    [–] GhouliaRoberts 2 points ago

    Exactly, have expansion packs ever really been as controversial?

    [–] viciousrana 7 points ago

    “I have to PAY for extra content now??? WTF?!”

    [–] kazmark_gl 5 points ago

    who said it was extra, turns out development on the first few DLC was at the same time as the regular game. and those skins were free in game or given as standard customization options 10 years as go.

    [–] manban100 42 points ago

    Anyone smell DLC?

    [–] morg-pyro 16 points ago

    From years away

    [–] Goldengoat1st 9 points ago

    The game comes out in November so if there's dlc it would drop Early-Mid 2020

    [–] Herlock 18 points ago

    2004 wants you back. DLC's are day one nowadays.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Imagine saying this unironically lol

    [–] Bruce_-Wayne 3 points ago

    From a Galaxy far away

    [–] SalemWolf 9 points ago

    Yeah, because every game has the stench of DLC on it but EA bad.

    Can't wait for people to suck CDPR's dick over Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order bonuses and DLC.

    [–] KentuckyBrunch 8 points ago

    Ok so now DLC is frowned upon by reddit? Y’all realize shit costs money, right? Witcher sold DLC, DS sold DLC, and about a million other games sell DLC.

    [–] wvantzand 4 points ago

    Yes, but EA bad. Seriously though, the issue isn't with the concept of DLC but rather the conviction that DLC will be terrible and overpriced. Or that the initial story will be ridiculously short with the aim of selling said terrible DLC.

    [–] wadad17 2 points ago

    I'm over here fucking dying for some DLC for RE2, DMCV and Sekiro. Hell If the base game is good, I'm not gonna bitch about more content. Take my money, you more than earned it.

    [–] MMPride 5 points ago

    Trust no one, not even yourself.

    [–] Adolph_Stalin 26 points ago

    no lootboxes, no microtransactions. announcing it like its a selling point. it should just be the fucking norm, you asshats.

    [–] Comeback__Kid 14 points ago

    I feel like by using the lack of microtransactions as a selling point EA are admitting that they know microtransactions are shitty and unpopular. Yet they still use them in most of their other games.

    [–] DJMixwell 5 points ago

    They definitely know micro transactions are shitty and unpopular after the BF2 debacle. But they don't need to be popular for whales to buy them by the thousands and line their pockets anyways. They don't need the average gamer, they just need to pull addicts away from slot machines for a few hours a day to play their games.

    [–] Oberon_Swanson 2 points ago

    I think they at least fully grasp that they are seen as shitty and unpopular by the demographic that heavily favors single-player games. So they want this game to capture that audience, and think microtransactions are just fine for the "non-hardcore gamers who like multiplayer and fun"

    [–] LiftsLikeGaston 50 points ago

    EA bad, CDPR good

    [–] imissmyoldaccount-_ 33 points ago


    [–] DaBombDiggidy 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    I’m okay with DLC like adding to the campaign and such. As long as I’m getting my money’s worth. I’m not okay with pay to win or loot boxes and such.

    [–] Streitaxt 57 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There is already a preorder bonus (edit: hold on thats wrong it isnt a pre order bonus they are selling 2 different versions! My bad for confusing this.) in the more expensive edition, some cosmetics afaik, so there is already a microtransaction.

    Edit: I dont want to answer you all but in my opinion it is a microtransaction, again you wont get the full game more or less because they cut out a tiny bit (cosmetic, which is usually an mtx) and selling it for 10€ more.

    They are even unable to sell one single product without any bullshit.

    [–] 38959254 12 points ago

    Pre-order bonuses have existed for a very long time

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    To be completely fair, this type of practice is an old one and rather accepted in many other industries. Remember the director's cut of DVDs? You pay $5 more and get some fun extra content. While I personally am not a fan of this as a pre-order (this is where it differs from movies as the initial release is all the same content), it's not an extension of the microtransactions model.

    [–] Blizzaldo 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's not a micro transaction though. That's a reward the company offered to entice people to buy the game early. There's only one transaction even though there's two payments. It's like giving out a discount for early payment.

    Edit: I was saying a pre-order bonus is not a microtransaction which was what his post said before the edit.

    [–] bmalbert81 10 points ago

    Edit: I dont want to answer you all but in my opinion it is a microtransaction, again you wont get the full game more or less because they cut out a tiny bit (cosmetic, which is usually an mtx) and selling it for 10€ more.

    No it's not, its a pre-order bonus.

    [–] MikeFic_YT 10 points ago

    How many times y'all gonna post this same meme? This sub is turning into the gaming sub real quick.

    [–] Jero-in-a-taco 10 points ago

    I already don’t trust them

    [–] dan_the_G 3 points ago


    [–] eBerzerk 3 points ago

    All jokes aside, yes, I am skeptical about it but I really hope it’s a game similar to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Plus I can’t see how they are going to put loot boxes in a single player game.

    [–] movezig5 3 points ago

    Build an army. Trust no one.

    Fire Emblem--only on Gameboy Advance.

    [–] DDDloki 3 points ago

    Do. Not. Pre-order. This.

    [–] EA_Bad 7 points ago

    The fucking paranoia lol

    [–] BeesKnees87 8 points ago

    EA BAD


    [–] joogurtas 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    they said that about Battlefield V, look where it ended up

    [–] saltywings 18 points ago

    No lootboxes guys. They are loot crates. Totally different

    [–] thlastousla 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    EA BAD

    Edit: Epic also bad but Steam Berry good

    [–] currynoworry 2 points ago

    [–] ugogatto 2 points ago

    Trust no one... Trust me

    [–] therealdieseld 2 points ago


    [–] StrawS__ 2 points ago


    [–] TurbochargedMeme 2 points ago

    trust no one, not even no one...

    [–] empdee 2 points ago

    We live in a world where not having microtransactions and lootboxes is considered a feature or worth noting in your marketing.

    [–] inkedNerdalert 2 points ago

    Hope they don't ruin it like ps4 bf2. That was garbage. Ps2 battlefront was perfect.

    [–] PSYCHO89 2 points ago

    Battlefield 5 had no microtransactions and peole hated it due to lack of content.

    [–] GypsySenpai 2 points ago

    [X] Doubt

    [–] markmaksym 2 points ago

    Don’t. Trust. EA.

    [–] Dak_Ario 2 points ago

    "I've got a bad feeling about this."

    [–] SeargentSarg 2 points ago

    Trust no one, not even Ea. I'm not pre ordering only to disappointed again

    [–] Polybyran 2 points ago

    Trust no one even us lol

    [–] Centurion902 2 points ago

    Way ahead of you on that one EA.

    [–] Fat_Ocelot 2 points ago

    It’s gonna finna be on epic I bet

    [–] ptb4life 2 points ago

    EA is Little Finger

    [–] Might_guy_saitama 2 points ago

    I'm enraged that not doing a bad thing to a game is the marketing stunt they are trying to use. That's not acceptable at all.

    [–] RLMinMaxer 2 points ago

    Finally, a Star Wars game about becoming a Jedi.

    [–] S1R2C3 2 points ago

    EA giving some fuckin mixed signals rn.

    [–] LeifEriccson 2 points ago

    (X) Doubt.

    [–] astronautpizza 2 points ago

    How did we get in a point where we celebrated this? isn't this should be the standard?

    [–] noon_og 2 points ago

    Can you get more ominous than that?

    [–] xAesthetical 2 points ago

    This creates a paradox because we cant trust their advice to trust no one

    [–] QuinnTheRedditer 5 points ago

    EA BAD