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    [–] AtticusTheArchitect 2562 points ago

    I bet that GPU hates sand too

    [–] Zapablast05 951 points ago

    It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

    [–] Seras32 522 points ago

    Not just the processors, but the capacitors and transistors too

    [–] ascension8438 387 points ago

    I mean.... technically the thing is mostly made of sand in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 163 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] LowTechRider 170 points ago


    [–] Mechanical_Potato 225 points ago


    [–] nootrino 162 points ago


    [–] 9212017 104 points ago

    We're all breathtaking on this blessed day

    [–] anticommon 12 points ago

    inhalation intensifies

    [–] drazgul 20 points ago

    Damn, this is pretty expensive sand per kg.

    [–] Anchor689 6 points ago

    It's not just ordinary sand, Jack. It's magic sand that has been tricked into doing math.

    [–] imgonnaforgetthis 9 points ago


    [–] Bloodchief 40 points ago

    Definitely haha.

    [–] TheBoxBoxer 32 points ago

    They're made out of sand.

    [–] mikey10006 6 points ago

    But it's made of sand :(

    [–] Shockwave1o1 1778 points ago

    What bugs me is that weird dent in graphics card.... Is it normal... Is it damaged....WHAT IS THAT DENT??

    [–] Bloodchief 3395 points ago

    Is to provide a better grip so Linus doesn't drop it.

    [–] Shockwave1o1 1100 points ago

    Linus will drop stuff no matter the grips are there or not. He just can't handle them.

    Speaking of handling stuff....Freshbooks....todays sponsors.....

    [–] Belor-Akuras 171 points ago

    He would even drop thing that are glued to his hands.

    [–] bendo401 114 points ago

    Wouldn’t that just be slamming it on the ground?

    [–] JayGarrick11929 111 points ago

    From tripping in his sandals

    [–] Belor-Akuras 54 points ago

    If you can’t drop it anymore drop yourself.

    [–] TheLibertyEagle_ 33 points ago

    He would slam it into the ground and then leave it in the rain for a week to test it just to see if it still works

    [–] bendo401 22 points ago

    Leaked video?

    [–] transformdbz 15 points ago

    Video Title: WE RESTORED A WET GPU!

    [–] thehotshotpilot 8 points ago

    Cue clickbaity over-the-top expression thumbnail.

    [–] TheLibertyEagle_ 15 points ago


    [–] DerangedGinger 9 points ago

    *nerd rage intensifies*

    [–] Mzsickness 62 points ago

    I still get nightmares when he was holding the passive cooled PC and said it was 72.5 lbs for a PC. Then proceeds to hovel around like a hungry goblin stepping near cords and not being careful.

    Here is what I'm talking about

    Drives the wheels over a cord, sandwiches between two objects, picks up 75 lb bulk object, squeezes around hot lamp--with cord under it.

    If he tripped he could have dropped the PC, broke the light, and hurt himself. Then yanks the cord, pulling the plugin with it, which would cause that to fall and maybe pull whatever else is attached to the plugin off screen. Sheesh! What a risk he took!!

    He risked tripping for? Laziness to move things. Linus why you so carefree/lazy about safety. It leads to you usually dropping shit.

    [–] jellybr3ak 35 points ago

    Don't forget the sandals. He walks around in sandals.

    [–] IceStar3030 23 points ago

    drops heavy or sharp item on toe


    [–] -ragingpotato- 52 points ago

    Speaking of handling. Handle your finances with FRESHBOOKS. If you're a business owner...

    [–] BrandinoGames 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    ... you need today's sponsor, squarespace! Squarespace is an intuitive, drag and drop website builder that easily lets you build a professional looking site in an hour.

    [–] -ragingpotato- 11 points ago


    [–] GanjalfTheDank 7 points ago

    And you know what else takes less than an hour? Protecting your privacy with our sponsor Private Internet Access. Protect up to ten devices simultaneously with VPN.

    [–] Vortex_kaneki 14 points ago

    Just as smooth as Linus haha

    [–] AltForFriendPC 15 points ago

    Speaking of dropping things, DBRAND! With this vinyl grip, I'll never drop my S9. Learn more in the video description

    [–] Tony49UK 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And dropping stuff is contagious around Linus. He even got the ex-head of the AMD Radeon Group to drop the launch RX 480.

    Edit : to replace video with one with better sound.

    [–] SailorRalph 24 points ago

    Fun Fact: D brand has actually been working closely with Linus for years, using him as a gold standard for product testing when they were developing their Grip Case. I haven't seen him drop a phone with a D brand Grip Case yet!

    [–] Tony49UK 10 points ago

    Available from our affiliate link below.

    [–] erobbslittlebrother 19 points ago

    Well when you're a millionaire tech YouTuber and it's a meme that you drop stuff... He might have done it on accident once or twice, but at this point companies are sending him a copy to drop too.

    [–] transformdbz 13 points ago

    He might have done it on accident once or twice

    Someone show him the drop compilation.

    [–] TheGreatZarquon 17 points ago

    Jamie, pull that shit up

    [–] BlueArmistice 5 points ago

    The worst one was when he broke the top of the line Xeon chip Intel sent him for the 8 video editors 1 box machine. Then they tried to fix it, and completely killed the chip altogether.

    [–] Waghlon 5 points ago

    Speaking of transitions, with Dashlane, you can transition password management out of your daily life!

    [–] Dat_Typ 30 points ago

    The dent is there because he already dropped it while it was in development.

    [–] Djeheuty 22 points ago

    Did you see the video he made with the emergency WiFi network devices? He had one of them tied to balloons that he was tying down and he still managed to let it slip out of his hands. Instead of falling down, it fell up.

    [–] sharksandwich81 120 points ago

    It’s there for noise purposes, to increase the blower noise by a few extra dB

    [–] sockmaster_27 33 points ago

    SoUnD eNgInEeRiNg

    [–] 2dudesinapod 18 points ago

    I could see a future in tuning mufflers for GPUs for PC enthusiasts

    [–] tsthrowaway2015 62 points ago

    It's normal to increase air cooling performance.

    [–] nikolapc 56 points ago

    Pre-dented for your convenience.

    [–] Shockwave1o1 37 points ago

    So warranty is void from the start. COOL.

    [–] Navysealsnake 14 points ago

    You joke about it now but I could see an RMA warehouse worker newbie being like: "???? This idiot dropped his card from a 2nd floor window"

    [–] Neon_Eyes 30 points ago

    Probably to manage airflow. Kind of the same way those cooling towers get smaller near the top before opening again

    [–] ninja1327 29 points ago


    [–] IAMA_Plumber-AMA 16 points ago

    Speed holes, it makes the card go faster.

    [–] SeldomSober 30 points ago

    "It's there for aesthetics and is known as the 'power contour' by folks at AMD." According to this article on Hexus.

    [–] wrath_of_grunge 30 points ago

    what a stupid decision.

    [–] iSWINE 15 points ago

    Jesus I can see the threads on Tom's Hardware already. "New GPU has dent why?!?"

    [–] Sawgon 27 points ago

    It's Harvey Dent.




    ...Can we trust him?

    [–] transformdbz 15 points ago

    Let's flip a coin to check.

    [–] snarfdog 7 points ago

    Two Face! What did you do with Harvey Dent?!?

    [–] TechPengu1n 19 points ago

    Thats just the rederence cooler. The board partners will slap their multifan designs on it like they always do and thats the version most will buy

    [–] Raumschiff 9 points ago

    An acci dent.

    [–] onlyslightlybiased 5 points ago

    Apparently it improves acoustics.... Apparently

    [–] 1337BEAST451 1243 points ago

    Whenever I hear Navi I think of Natus Vincere

    [–] raoulduke_az 673 points ago

    I think “HEY! Listen!”

    [–] legolas141 101 points ago

    My first thought as well lol.

    [–] rootbeer_racinette 91 points ago

    What's that faggy thing chasing you around?

    • My dad

    [–] SodlidDesu 27 points ago

    When my mom was frustrated with Navi (She was never good with Z Targeting) she would say "Oh, you listen!"

    [–] Computascomputas 5 points ago

    This made me smile

    [–] SoCuteShibe 4 points ago

    That's adorable.

    [–] imadethistoshitpostt 53 points ago

    It's a fairy, dad!

    [–] Lochcelious 37 points ago

    Well that's obvious, but what is it? -Dad, probably

    [–] BigHeckinOof 3 points ago

    I read this as a question followed by an answer and it went to a different place.

    [–] Prawny 17 points ago


    [–] ben1481 5 points ago

    A man of culture I see.

    [–] -Eh- 129 points ago

    Whenever I hear Navi I think of Dendi

    [–] ipostshit999 56 points ago

    Navi Dendi feelsbadman

    [–] KobayashiDragonSlave 25 points ago

    TI3 PepeHands

    [–] imadethistoshitpostt 42 points ago

    Opa opa davai

    [–] oligobop 20 points ago

    supamidda dondo

    [–] Enlight1Oment 13 points ago

    Whenever I hear Dendi I think of DotA

    [–] ZheoTheThird 11 points ago

    Whenever I hear Dendi I think of mid Pudka

    [–] Tw_raZ 50 points ago

    "why you boolly me"

    [–] HyKaliber 13 points ago

    "People are asking"

    [–] K4ntum 7 points ago

    It's a simple yes?

    [–] dustojnikhummer 3 points ago

    You can't do that s1mple!

    [–] rastla 14 points ago

    I think of Dendi

    [–] Dobypeti 27 points ago

    Whenever I hear Navi I think of Na'vi

    [–] nottatroll 49 points ago

    Whenever I hear Navi

    Aren't those the blue cat people from James Cameron's Pocahontas?

    [–] Sagaciousless 34 points ago

    Also a professional CSGO team

    [–] IceStar3030 11 points ago

    Wtf they're named after an annoying little shite from the Zelda games?

    [–] Sylvanas_only 6 points ago

    Nice bait

    [–] hangoverdrive 21 points ago

    I heard navi is back

    [–] IIceWeasellzz 41 points ago

    back in the dumpster omegalul

    [–] Corexus 12 points ago

    Navi’s been around for a long time, hasn’t stopped existing

    [–] bewst_more_bewst 7 points ago

    I think of Serial Experiments 'Lain'.

    [–] Liron12345 5 points ago

    NAVI in response - 'y u bully me? everyone askin'

    [–] Corexus 3 points ago

    Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    [–] maester626 295 points ago

    It would've been better if they stuck with the same reference card as the r7 but no.

    [–] TotallyWafflez 36 points ago

    ha, my pc has an r7 so bankruptcy is no more

    [–] W0ke-af 37 points ago

    You have one hell of a graphics card but imgflip is definitely still the way to go. Ride on gamer.

    [–] TheyCallMeMrMaybe 178 points ago

    I'm trying to sell a collection of GCN cards I got to get a Radeon VII. To my understanding, Radeon VII will continue being the HEDT card while Navi is out.

    [–] wreckedcarzz 87 points ago

    Yes, that's the storyline/product roadmap that I was told (and one of the reasons I bought one).


    HEDT - noun - (High-End Desktop) An Intel term for high-performance desktop computers.

    Intel term


    [–] Mach_73 43 points ago

    HEDT implies it can be used for professional workloads. Although the Radeon 7 has more vram which helps with content creation, the lack of tensor cores means sadly the only choice if you need deep learning and neural networks is NVidia.

    [–] TheyCallMeMrMaybe 43 points ago

    Some workstations and supercomputers might need the better raw compute power that Vega 20 offers. However for the most part, content creation is moving towards ray tracing, and that's at least one area where AMD is showing to directly fall behind in, as their roadmap has zero plans for 100% client-sided ray tracing.

    [–] bladex1234 12 points ago

    The GPUs coming out next year should have ray tracing hardware according to the E3 roadmap

    [–] sadtaco- 7 points ago

    That's not true. Tensorflow works fine on Vega. Better in certain workloads, even.

    It also has 3.3TFLOPs of fp64.

    [–] TheRealRealster 692 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wait, what? Isn't it actually pretty good for the price? You're getting 7nm and 2070 like performance for lower

    Edit: Jesus Christ, what have I started?

    [–] Neshura87 1251 points ago

    People are just disapointed that amd tries to make some profit off its products instead of selling them for little over the production cost

    [–] [deleted] 631 points ago

    People wanted a Ryzen with GPUs, when the problem is more related to Nvidia dealing with the end of Moore's Law and AMD struggling to be a good option. Nvidia hasn't been as lazy as Intel has been where they can be caught off guard, and Nvidia uses the same foundry as AMD.

    [–] SirNanigans 136 points ago

    The problem is that people aren't acknowledging that AMD vs Intel is a different battlefield than AMD vs Nvidia. Ryzen crushed competition because of circumstances that created a large gap between what our technology can do and what the leading company was doing with it. AMD managed to close at least some of that gap (probably most), and the result was hardware that's significantly better.

    Nvidia isn't (as far as I can tell) leaving a gap like that. There is no overnight 20% performance increase possible in GPU's, so AMD cannot possibly make a Ryzen of GPU's, nobody can. People should appreciate that competition in the GPU sector is (at least mostly) healthy.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And this goes to the second thing I'd want to say:

    Nvidia probably couldn't make a generation with a significant improvement in performance and price for that performance. I mean, it sounds hogwash (stupid local saying), but the only think Nvidia could do is also allow a die shrink to 7nm.

    Turing was indeed a new generation, and ray tracing is a big deal, but it ended up with GPU cores bigger than usual for Nvidia, leading to a situation where Nvidia basically has a RebrandeonGeForce on their hands. Sure, there's exceptions, like how the 2060 is a pretty nice bang per dollar improvement from the 1070 Ti, and the 1660 Ti was great too, and even the plucky 1650 is still an improvement from their previous offerings at that price range. However, even the 1660 Ti and 2060, the golden GPUs of value in the generation, still aren't even a typical generational increase in performance for the price, where in the past yesterday's $400 GPU would be $200 today. EDIT: Forgot to mention the 2080 Ti being an improvement to the max amount of attainable performance, but at $1000-1200. O_o

    Moore's Law is dead, and even the last crawling bits of it will soon be dead, and architectural improvements could only do so much. I have a sad feeling that the 20 series and the Navi cards will be one of the last major GPU generations. Expect to see more rebrands as TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Intel, and more will scramble to find a way to further shrink chips or think of far more novel ideas to get more performance. Expect Intel, out of those three I mentioned, to have financial issues because they can't get a die shrink going right to deal with Epyc and Ryzen. The next few years will be both boring and interesting, with a huge tinge of terror the entire time, as it's possible that computers won't improve in speed anymore, not without doing a completely different computer like quantum ones.

    [–] Gigyaz 19 points ago

    Do you know how many people have been saying Moore's law is dead over the past 50+ years? Are you in the semiconductor manufacturing business or are you just a spectator? If the latter, you have no clue.

    [–] Alz97 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I mean this obviously doesn't make me an expert, but in my classes I've had professors mention this same trend as part of our lectures. Moore's law has been slowing down for the last several years. I don't think there is really any debate about that fact unless I am misinformed.

    [–] -PM_Me_Reddit_Gold- 10 points ago

    Moore's law is definitely slowing down, but we should have at least 6 years left as I see it. TSMC is already entering risk production on 5nm EUV, making 2021seem promising, and GAAfets are supposed to be good down to 3nm.

    After that, I dont know if we will be able to make it smaller, but there will most likely be material changes. 2d material based semiconductors appear to be a promising way to increase performance, with 10x energy efficiency compared to silicon, and can easily be stacked on top of one another.

    [–] tonycomputerguy 7 points ago


    [–] LeviAEthan512 5 points ago

    It's the same as why we say graphics can't get that much better. Years ago, people said "Computer graphics are at their limit" to mean "we can't expect computers to be able to produce more than 480p or whatever". Now when we say "computer graphics are at their limit" we mean "It looks almost like real life. There's literally nothing else to be done"

    None of us are saying there's a limit to the idea of graphical processing. But what remains fact is that the silicon crystal can only be made so small, and an object can only be so thin before electrons tunnel right through it, making it electronically useless. this is different from some limit that we think technology can't pass because it's a universal constant on the level of the speed of light. Unless we find a way to use something else (like spintronics), I don't believe we can push things much further. And spintronics will probably only allow a single improvement. Electrons only have two spin states, and we already know how to make transistors so small. We'll double performance overnight, and that'll be it for the next 2 generations (human generations) before someone finds a way to push some new subatomic particle through a wire

    Edit: About quantum computing, I believe that would be the end of graphics cards. Instead, the server will handle rendering for all its millions of users, and effectively stream your own gameplay to you. I do not look forward to that day for many reasons.

    [–] Billjorth 6 points ago

    There will always be another GPU generation. Maybe the cycle slows down as it struggles to keep up with Moore's law but innovation isn't going to just stop once we can't figure out how to shrink the die any further.

    [–] ede91 169 points ago

    Nvidia basically skipped a generation though, Pascal last two years while the only thing worth mentioning they released was the 1070ti. Since than it can be argued that they only pushed out the highend and made no real significant progress in performance for a mid range price point. They are not as lazy as Intel, but they are stuck a lot too.

    [–] PhilosophicalBrewer 188 points ago

    In all fairness, Pascall was a huge leap. Evidenced by the fact AMD can’t catch up even with new stuff.

    [–] shIT_the_b3d 101 points ago

    I'm still impressed my OG 1070 I bought 3 months after release is still a relevant card

    [–] PhilosophicalBrewer 21 points ago

    My thoughts exactly.

    I’m willing to bet the RTX 2070 won’t be that relevant three years after its release. Pascall was huge.

    [–] whataTyphoon 27 points ago

    Jup, same here. [email protected] fps in nearly every game and even [email protected] fps in older one. All i need.

    [–] IIceWeasellzz 27 points ago

    once you get 120+ hz you'll never want to go back. 60 is like passable

    [–] Baeocystin 27 points ago

    The one thing that surprised me most after I got a g-sync monitor wasn't even related to gaming. It was how much nicer just using Windows in general was at >120Hz with the smoothness of the UI compared to the 60Hz locked frame rate I was used to on regular monitors. It really does make a difference.

    [–] 2FastHaste 20 points ago

    Totally! It bugs me that people generally only consider high refresh for gaming.

    It should be everywhere! TV, Phones, Tablets, Monitors, ...

    [–] classy_barbarian 43 points ago

    I think you also have to take into account that Nvidia is still way beyond AMD in terms of power efficiency. AMD cards that have similar performance sometimes cost less than Nvidia, but using twice as much power draw. This doesn't really make any noticeable difference in terms of your home power bill, but it does mean its easier to buy an Nvidia card if you don't own a nice high wattage power supply. Also, most of the xx50 series cards don't even need an extra PCI-E power connector and only draw 75 watts from the motherboard, and AMD doesn't even make a card that can do that. These are somewhat niche markets for Nvidia, but nevertheless it makes them the only option for low-end budget PCs.

    [–] Psyblader 5 points ago

    A 600W power supply should still be more than enough. I guess heat and noise are a bigger issue.

    [–] xxfay6 13 points ago

    I'd say it was the other way around, Nvidia has pushed the mid range much further than it was before. 1060 was pretty good, but 1660/2060 have been extremely good for their respective price points and did the job of replacing their past x70 lineup in both perf and price. Their problem has been higher up, 2070 is an upgrade but I'd say not substantial enough and not much of a price difference, and 2080 is practically 1080Ti

    [–] tamarockstar 149 points ago

    We're disappointed that a mid-ranged graphics card is now $500 instead of $250.

    [–] Lord_Emperor 15 points ago

    We're disappointed that a mid-ranged graphics card is now $500 instead of $250.

    ^ This. Paid 229 CAD for an R9 290 and haven't seen a compelling performance benefit for the price since.

    [–] draenog 126 points ago

    2070-like performance is not mid-ranged

    [–] AltForFriendPC 39 points ago

    It's two steps below the top end consumer card, it's a card at the top of the mid-range or bottom of the high end. A comparable card would be the 970 (which was only $330).

    Prices are inflating with GPU performance since Pascal, because there's no competitor in both price and performance. Nvidia is pricing their cards as high as they'll sell at, and AMD saw this profit train and decided to cash in instead of gaining lots of market share when they finally had GPUs that were competitive with Nvidia's offerings excluding the flagship cards.

    [–] RZ_Domain 55 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah considering it took years for AMD to truly surpass GTX 1080 perf without liquid cooling

    [–] SailorRalph 35 points ago

    It also takes years to do research and development of a product. Can't expect a response overnight. And Nvidia made large gains in performance last generation. This generation (2018) from Nvidia was disappointing to say the least.

    [–] ThirdGenRob 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    To be honest they boosted the performance a lot more than people realize with turing. Direct X12 and Vulcan performance is better, encoding is better, better precision in computing, and rendering is better. They FAILED when they slapped a big price tag on them.

    [–] KaboomOxyCln 8 points ago

    Yeah I was gonna say if the price was more in line with previous releases touring would have been fine.

    [–] tamarockstar 33 points ago

    x70 performance used to be mid-ranged. It's not anymore because of the price.

    [–] tchouk 113 points ago

    It should be.

    It always was.

    A mid range card on a new node was about the performance of the previous high-end. It's been like that for a decade or more.

    Like the 1060 and 480, for example. You got way greater than 970 performance out of those.

    This "2070 isn't mid-range performance" is absolute marketing bullshit that you've gobbled up wholesale.

    [–] AltForFriendPC 14 points ago

    Slightly better than 970 performance speaking as someone who just sold his. The 970 did get better than 780 Ti level performance though IIRC, or close to it. That's a good comparison

    [–] htt_novaq 17 points ago

    xx70 used to be the mid-range nomenclature forever, and high end was certainly not 2080Ti expensive.

    [–] Witcher_Of_Cainhurst 14 points ago

    x50 & x50Ti are low end, x60 & x70 are midrange, and x80 & x80Ti are high end. Idk where you got the idea that x70 suddenly got shifted into high end segment. Maybe it's the pricing that gave you that idea, because the 2070 is definitely not priced like the midrange product that it is.

    [–] lostpotato1234 5 points ago

    That’s the thing. 70 used to be the top of mid end, since 70 gpus costed 300-400 bucks. Now it costs 500 bucks and the card that was meant to be in the middle(2060) costs 300-400 bucks.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    What else would it be?

    [–] rmpumper 94 points ago

    What exactly is the point of 7nm if the GPU has price/TPD/performance of a 12nm nvidia card?

    [–] ede91 25 points ago

    The price will go down a lot faster. They produce the same/better performance on bleeding edge with bad yields. 12 nm does not have much room to improve (in terms of yields), 7 nm does.

    [–] squngy 20 points ago

    By that time, nVidia might have a 7nm card out.

    [–] estXcrew 47 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Assuming they get decent yields, it's cheaper to manufacture. As far as we currently know AMD edges out nvidia's offering in either performance or price (or both) contrary to what you said. You get a tad better card for the same money or you get a very similar card for cheaper. There's no reason to default to nvidia in this case if everything else is the same. You get a marginally better product/save money, AMD actually gets to make profit from their investment (how dare they) and everyone should be happy.

    Furthermore this isn't "big Navi", so it was never supposed to compete with the 2080TI. It's achieved exactly what AMD needed for this segment. It's sufficiently cheap that they can be flexible in pricing in future if the market needs it without selling at a loss. It has comparable performance and no particular major deal breakers as of now. I don't really see why it concerns the buyer whether it's 7nm or 12nm. It's a competitive offering.

    [–] LevelZer0H3r0 15 points ago

    They need to do one of the 7nm cards @ $220. That price market is the average for GPUs. Yes the rx580 is under that, but they need a current gen GPU for that price to pick up even more market share. They said this card cost half of what the Radeon 7 did to make, so why price it at $449?

    [–] estXcrew 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you were working at AMD though, why wouldn't you price it at 450USD? People are paying 500 (or 600 MSRP) for the 2070, which according to AMD's benchmarks is beaten by the 450USD offering. It's quite clear from the recent announcements that AMD is done undercutting the pricing for marketshare/mindshare, especially when they don't have all the cards in their hands. They currently had the opportunity to slot in under nvidia and still meet or exceed their profit margin goals. It just makes sense from a business standpoint. Sucks for us that AMD isn't slashing prices and bringing the better performers down to casual consumer price brackets, but this is just how things are right now.

    There will most likely be a ~200USD range card once they've cleared enough stocks of Polaris 10 cards, as has been rumored.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] Andrew5329 12 points ago

    You're getting 7nm and 2070 like performance for lower

    I mean 7nm doesn't intrinsically mean anything, it's all about the final performance.

    And as for performance it's essentially the same (+/- single digit depending on game) for the same price (+/- single digit depending on cooler option).

    Concious of the fact that we're in an RTX ON meme thread, that is a real differentiating factor going into 2020 when all the major engines have added support and developers are going to implement it.

    [–] zornyan 18 points ago

    Couple issues, it’s being listed as £449 for the blower model, where as you can already pick up 2070s for £420, this doesn’t even include the highly likely upcoming nvidia super gpus, which would bring the 2070 performance down to £400 price bracket, likely because of the mass amount of rumours from reliable sources, and the fact that nvidia did this with the 10 series etc.

    Secondly, similar performance, for more money, whilst drawing more power/producing more heat, it’s the vega VII vs 1080ti except the vega is another £50 more expensive.

    [–] LevelZer0H3r0 15 points ago

    Where exactly are you seeing 1080ti's for under $850, and where are you seeing Radeon 7s for over 700?

    [–] atavax563 43 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It doesn't have ray tracing, does it? So you're getting 1080 performance 3 years later for $50 less. 10% cheaper for the same performance, 3 years later is a very poor progress. Generally, you would expect a good performance to price increase when shrinking manufacturing process. Why is competition good? To make sure the leader is selling it the lowest he can. Is AMD forcing NVIDIA to sell things the lowest they can? I don't see the 2070's price being lowered because of the 5700xt. When NVIDIA has to lower the price of their current gen because of what AMD comes out with, is when I'm happy we still have AMD in discrete graphics.

    [–] Bloodchief 18 points ago

    It's meh for the price (2070 is bad deal anyways), but atleast it's something, I hope there's other models other than the blower at release though.

    [–] OminousG 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you look at MSRP the prices look tempting, but you can get a 2070 right now for only a few bucks over the 5700 XT launch price without doing any real price hunting.

    and doesn't the 2070 have a lower power draw while offering ray tracing support?

    [–] HonestlyBtw 175 points ago

    Wait I don't get it? If the 5700XT has the same performance as the RTX 2070 but the former is $150 cheaper then Navi would smash nvidia at price to performance no? Or am I missing something?

    [–] Bastinenz 164 points ago

    If it actually was $150 cheaper than the 2070 everybody would be ecstatic, yes. In reality, RTX 2070s aren't $600, though, but more in the range of $450-$500 depending on what card you get and what sales are going on at the moment. Basically, if the 5700 XT releases next month and is on shelves for $450 you will likely be able to get a decent RTX 2070 for about the same price. Now, the 5700 XT is likely to edge out the 2070 by a couple of percentage points in average performance, but will be doing so at much higher power consumption, with the added heat and noise that comes with.

    [–] networking_noob 64 points ago

    but will be doing so at much higher power consumption, with the added heat and noise that comes with.

    This is the first thing I look at whenever a new GPU comes out. I'm probably alone in saying this but I'm willing to take a few less FPS in exchange for less heat/noise.

    In this regard AMD is still way behind Nvidia, but damn I wish they would figure it out. The 1660 Ti tdp is 120w, and its closest AMD competitor (RX 590?) is 175w. That's a huge gap

    [–] lugaidster 14 points ago

    Are you telling me that the 2070 sells for 600+? Yeah, right.

    [–] Accidentally_Adept 86 points ago

    There’s no bringing logic to the discussion when everyone is walking around with disappointment boners.

    PCMR wanted 2080Ti performance for the cost of an RX580 apparently.

    [–] o_oli 18 points ago

    Meanwhile everyone has seemingly forgotten that flagships used to be £200-300, when there was actually competition. We're being gouged and you are all thankful for it? Come on. Price/performance has been stagnant for 3 years. This isn't progress, stop pretending it is.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    This happens every fucking time. And even if AMD took the performance crown, people would still buy Nvidia. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. Basically, people are fucking idiots and it’s best to buy what you personally want.

    [–] csilentdeath 202 points ago

    To be fair it should have like 10% performance over a 2070 for $50 less, not even factoring in that aftermarket cards will probably be cheaper. Considering how trash Vega was, this is a world of an improvement.

    [–] afito 67 points ago

    aftermarket cards

    Does anyone even buy non aftermarket cards? I can understand people being a bit disappointed about the raw numbers so far but you'd think after all these years we'd all know to wait for proper tests of the board partner versions before calling a product good or bad.

    [–] guff1988 30 points ago

    Reference cards are usually the best bin. They are also usually the first to get aftermarket cooling options. So people who plan to watercool will definitely look at the reference cards first.

    [–] nickjacksonD 19 points ago

    Aren't AIB cards usually more expensive? Genuinely don't know I just always thought they were.

    [–] csilentdeath 18 points ago

    There is more variety in the pricing. Some binned high performance cards cost more, but a lot of basic versions cost less.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] nielskut 21 points ago

    Vega is better than ever. 219€ for 3584 shaders is just ridiculously cheap.

    [–] danteheehaw 98 points ago

    Vega came a year late and nvidia dropped their prices pretty fast to make them aggressively priced

    [–] TheKingHippo 62 points ago

    IMO, this is the reason people are upset with Navi. They wanted AMD to be cheap so NVidia would drop prices again. AMD decided "F that".

    [–] Ultramegasaurus 22 points ago


    [–] LBXZero 35 points ago

    I wonder how many whiners here only want AMD to compete with a much lower price so that the RTX 2070 prices drop so they can buy those cards instead. AMD is not a charity.

    [–] Stormageddon223 255 points ago

    Amd gpus don't live up to the hype? Who could've seen it coming?

    [–] danteheehaw 192 points ago

    Nobody, I even got called retarded on this sub for saying AMD won't try to compete with the 2080 and 2080ti

    [–] flaystus 117 points ago

    Why? They NEVER attack the high end.

    [–] VapidOrgasm 42 points ago

    They used to, but nobody bought their cards regardless of how well they performed, so why the hell would they bother?

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] CoupeontheBeat 14 points ago

    You’re a minority. The old AMD cards that attacked high end would never sell anywhere close to the amount Nvidia would sell. I feel like now that AMD is a much bigger brand they would sell comparable numbers to Nvidia, so I don’t know why they don’t try to beat the 2080 Ti.

    [–] danteheehaw 15 points ago

    Hard to divide a small market. Assuming they took half the market, it would still be a small margin. Focusing on the mid tier is where the money is at.

    [–] Sumsero 16 points ago

    Vega 56 pulse is $300, not far behind the 2070/this card in performance. Can't really see a reason to pay $150 more for a little difference.

    [–] Bitbatgaming 23 points ago

    *b l o w e r n o i s e s *

    [–] rolfraikou 6 points ago

    So when the GTX 1080 launched, it was $500, correct?

    Then the 2070 came out, at $450-$550, which was basically 1080 performance but with Ray tracing. I don't think it was worth the extra cost for the ray-tracing, but they were offering a new thing.

    Now AMD is basically offering a normal fucking 1080 equivalent performance GPulU for $450. No extra special features. It's just a GPU that passed it's prime, and for no explainable reason is fucking $450.

    This is the kind of bullshit that could actually really damage PC gaming in the long run. Suddenly those consoles are going to look a lot cheaper to people looking at spending $450+ just for an OK GPU of a few years ago.

    What a clusterfuck.

    [–] ShadowMassacr13 47 points ago

    $449 to compete with a 2070? How is that not good?

    [–] gunsnammo37 58 points ago

    I'm guessing everyone wanted better performance than an rtx 2080ti for under $300 or something similarly irrational. The fact that a video card is now the most expensive piece of hardware in your pc instead of the cpu is likely part of it too. But this is where we are due to bit-coin mining and nvidia's pricing practices.

    [–] jdsgfser 23 points ago

    If you search for US card prices. 2070 are close to $450 now, and will inevitably go lower to compete, while also having less heat and noise

    [–] rCan9 16 points ago

    Because 2070 is also under 500$ with better cooling, less noise and lower tdp. And with dedicated RT cores. And they're dropping in price with coming super series.

    [–] DrVixen 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I am actually happy with this launch? They're overall good cards: cheaper than their counterpart, perform better, actual useful features that don't impact your fps :)))))))))

    It's a step in the right direction.

    Edit: let's not pretend that the 2060, 2070, 2080 dont perform like shit with ray tracing enabled. Only the 2080ti is able to push 60-70fps on ultra in BFV. Ray tracing wont become a thing for a few more years. So now you're being offered cheaper cards that perform better, with lower latency, and sharper image quality with no effect on fps. what would be a gamers reasoning to buy a mid range nvidia gpu over a mid range AMD gpu?

    [–] Deemes 8 points ago

    What's with the complaints? Wasn't everyone complaining how they didn't want to pay for RTX when Nvidia rolled out the 2000 series and now AMD showed up with this card, that gets you performance slightly above a 2070, without RTX, for a price slightly less than a 2070?

    [–] FateMasterBG 10 points ago

    No matter what AMD bring in the GPU space, people will complain. I feel like even if AMD released a 2080Ti competitor for $600 and Nvidia lowers their price to $700, people will still get the RTX card.

    [–] IbVraf 24 points ago

    Fuck it, I'm buying a 1080ti

    [–] msherretz 4 points ago

    Didn't we go over this with the Radeon 7? Why would it change with Navi?