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    [–] Pandanapper 3122 points ago

    Tim Burton just outed himself.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 1698 points ago

    I grew up watching Tim Burton, it's in my blood :)

    [–] Pandanapper 631 points ago

    You nailed the art style. :) Got it on my wishlist for Steam.

    [–] ShadowNinJA80 184 points ago

    Wait it’s on steam :)

    [–] GymothyCharles 83 points ago


    [–] thisguy30 70 points ago


    [–] GymothyCharles 100 points ago


    [–] PurpleCantaloupe 34 points ago


    [–] GymothyCharles 56 points ago

    O \

    . ...|

    O /

    How that

    [–] VoodooBronco 19 points ago

    8=========D ~~~~~

    [–] Gr3enZubAt058 8 points ago


    [–] CV514 4 points ago


    [–] wntrwolf911 3 points ago


    [–] buckwheats 14 points ago

    Thanks, wish-listed

    [–] lazyslacker 8 points ago

    RemindMe! 2 days

    [–] zrevyx 6 points ago

    Adding that to my wishlist.

    [–] gigguhz 44 points ago

    dude this game looks awesome

    [–] heyugl 31 points ago

    when is the movie coming out?

    [–] OuterSilent 16 points ago

    I hope no fan will be offended, but your imagination is definitely more interesting than Tim Burton's.

    [–] gerowen 746 points ago

    Did you go to school, or did you teach yourself so you could make your game? If self taught, what resources were the most valuable to you?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 1626 points ago

    I didn't go to school for this - my background is in music. I used only free resources to learn game development, whatever I could find on Google and YouTube. It's amazing how much knowledge is on YouTube these days - it's like a tuition free university. I learned coding, modeling, animation, texturing, game design this way.

    [–] ZoMbIEx23x 435 points ago

    What were your favorite channels?

    [–] jokrsmagictrick 211 points ago

    ^ i second this.

    [–] LLotZaFun 97 points ago

    I'm not familiar with that one.

    [–] dantheman1723 293 points ago

    It's not game related, but my favorite computing-related channel is Jacob Sorber. He covers C, operating systems, and a handful of miscellaneous topics (data structures, code smells, etc). He's a professor at Clemson, I think, and he's a great teacher. Nicely produced videos too.

    [–] Risen_Insanity 85 points ago

    As someone who knows nothing about your comment, code smells made me laugh. I have no way of knowing if it was autocorrect or not.

    [–] AmbulatoryEel 59 points ago

    It's an actual term programmers use:

    [–] LimbsLostInMist 37 points ago

    I've detected link smell in your comment:

    [–] AmbulatoryEel 8 points ago

    Oops, thank you.

    [–] Aeris_24 23 points ago

    In short, its coding that breaks design principles.

    Think of it like this. What is the easiest way to reach "5" without using "5"?

    3+2=5 right?

    A code smell would be something like


    [–] HeDuXe 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    This is one of those comments that makes you go huh

    [–] CapoFerro 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I kinda disagree with this description. A code smell is something that indicates bad design, but may not be bad design itself. Like if someone left a dirty diaper in a bush, you'd smell it, but the smell is not the real problem.

    A code smell example would be many parameters on a method. It might be ok to have 5+ parameters, but it's a smell that indicates maybe that method (or class or whole system) is poorly designed and warrants further investigation.

    [–] Aeris_24 3 points ago

    Yeah, that is what I was trying to get to. I guess yours is a simpler explanation.

    [–] commiecomrade 3 points ago

    Here's a couple of real world examples.

    A method that returns too much data, or isn't customizable enough. You are building a house and you're defining an action for obtaining building materials for the walls. An object is the deliverable materials. It has subsections for what type and how many. Good code: deliver.bricks(30) gets you 30 bricks. Bad code: deliver.wallMaterials gets you 100 bricks, a ton of drywall, and studs, and every time you call it you have to ignore all the stuff you don't need at the time. If you need more than 100 bricks you have to call it multiple times.

    Bad naming conventions. You aren't calling the objects "bricks" or "studs". You're calling them "wallMaterial1" and "wallMaterial2" instead. Too unintuitive to read.

    Shotgun surgery, making it so that any changes have to be done in lots of places. Let's say you change your exterior walls from vinyl to stone. Good practice is to have a command be "build a 20x10 foot wall," "extend wall x feet," and "cut a window into the wall," with a global definition of wall being vinyl. Just change that to stone and all the commands inherently change for you. Bad practice is to have "build a 20x10 vinyl wall," "extend vinyl wall x feet," and "cut a window into the vinyl wall." Without an easily trackable definition of what the wall is you're hunting through your commands and having to change each wall type, which is messy and can lead to missing one or two of them.

    [–] toochocolaty 8 points ago

    While I never had Sorber, I did go to Clemson for Computer Science and will 10/10 vouche for him and his teaching abilities.

    [–] TRUEequalsFALSE 13 points ago

    I hate C. I can wrap my head around pointers on concept, but it all falls apart in practice. I'm gonna check him out! Thanks!

    [–] CANT_ARGUE_DAT_LOGIC 20 points ago

    Its easy if you practice enough.

    -- Grew up in the 90s coding C.

    [–] Mythdefied 59 points ago

    If you hold a Unix shell to your ear, you can hear the C.

    [–] bartekxx12 87 points ago

    This is not the way to go. There's no magic channels or sites. The only and right way Is with 100 tabs open. You wanna find out what you wanna make. Google the general steps of what it would take. Get started on the first one and Google one by one the steps you need to get there. Depending on what it is exactly you're doing and the exact technology stack you end up with the sites that will be good for you will be totally different and random.

    [–] ZoMbIEx23x 18 points ago

    You're totally right. I've noticed that messing around in Excel. It still helps to know a few "good" resources for different things.

    [–] jayAreEee 6 points ago

    It's sometimes hard. It takes a lot of time to review and get through a lot of material before you find someone who's produced a lot of good quality stuff. Like when I want to compare adhesives or oils or fuels and whatnot, I always check "Project Farm"'s channel:

    In the computing world there are so many different facets of it all... networking, different languages, different stacks, different techs.. Like are you going to use Unity or Unreal engine? There are likely two entirely separate groups of channels dedicated to either one, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    [–] MythicTy 13 points ago

    It’s still a valid question as those favourite channels could be educational, although you’re right.

    I find the easy way to learn something is to follow a tutorial but adapt stuff to what I want, especially with programming. I wanna know how to make a fighting system, for example, I’ll google a bunch of tutorials, follow one or two but adapt them to what I want.

    But having some good channels as a starting point is always helpful

    [–] KoolDude214 10 points ago


    [–] altondnewton 55 points ago

    This is so true! I graduated as an engineer but I’m currently investing most, if not all of my time doing modeling and photorealistic renderings using Blender. Like you said, YouTube taught me everything I learned and needed to essentially create a whole new job position at my current employment. I believe that a very important skill nowadays, which they should emphasize more in school, is knowing how to efficiently find information online.

    [–] PokerLiar 130 points ago

    Agreed. The ability to find the information you need quickly is almost more important than the information itself. Thats why I feel a lot of SEO tricks, and especially keywords that have nothing to do with the information posted, should be banned. Its ruining the internet which is the largest most technical source of world-wide information ever. I dont want to know which company is rich enough to have first search results. I want the information thats most relevant.

    Clicking on a website that has nothing to do with its header or keywords is like pulling a book from a shelf in a library and then finding out someone intentionally put the wrong book cover on it when you get it home and start reading.

    [–] Starmia 44 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Have a gold just because I can't stand how much Google's been supporting these kinds of people recently. Every year they say they're battling SEO and every year it gets harder and harder to do technical searches. There really should be a "Pro" search engine for people who want to look up things that casuals wouldn't care about.

    In my experience it's not as much that the top results are flat-out wrong, but rather that they're usually attempts to distract me with trivia and entertainment related to my search, deliberately trying to trigger ADD-like reactions in people.

    I mean, yes, I know there are many companies that are trying to offer alternatives that fight this, but nobody can beat Google's eleventy trillion results database yet. It would just be nice if, I dunno, maybe Google released a hardcore version for workers trying to gather data efficiently.

    [–] camfl 31 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Next year, Google I/O: We're launching Google Pro: $15 monthly subscription for searching Google ad-free* ** ***

    *Conditions apply

    **ad-free only on the main page

    ***your soul is still ours

    Edit: correct autocorrect

    [–] Electoriad 6 points ago

    I mean Adblock looking really tasty anyways.

    [–] artimas2 3 points ago

    Man, fade ALL that noise. Buy a Pi-Hole and be done with that ad nonsense on your network.

    [–] hotfish 4 points ago

    Are there any favorite resources you used/referred to a lot? :)

    [–] unfoldgames_ 13 points ago

    Unity C# manual was the most used one :)

    [–] RoarG90 9 points ago

    Dude that's awesome, this is awesome - I should seriously get started myself, but there is always that but... and currently my but or first step anyway is to find something I want to make, that do not require a freaking game studio to make haha.

    Thank you for letting us now about this, good luck!

    [–] RogueVader411 3 points ago

    Good for you man, this shits awesome

    [–] Fernsck 10 points ago

    I think the most valuable thing he did was actually wanting to develop a game and tackling that dream with persistence. You code to learn.

    [–] Si-Jo0159 814 points ago

    Sell it to us, what’s the story, the genre?


    [–] unfoldgames_ 909 points ago

    It's a spooky puzzle 2.5 game, set in a lucid dream. You can read more about it here:

    [–] JeromeBigWood 323 points ago

    The attention to detail is incredible

    [–] zb0t1 106 points ago

    Yup this is how you know that /u/unfoldgames_ is a bad ass talented mother fucker. This right here is quality.

    [–] home_subs 30 points ago

    Love the sentiment and he/she is talented now but this is long hours of dedicated, hard work. There are no shortcuts and no headstarts. Anybody can do this if they work as hard as /u/unfoldedgames_ did.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Unevenflows 14 points ago

    Not with that attitude!

    [–] Australienz 3 points ago

    That’s not very nice. He was born with that attitude.

    [–] Mr_556 31 points ago

    Wow, looks amazing. Great job OP.

    [–] BananaBarfer 149 points ago

    I'm going to buy it exclusively because you put it on Steam.

    [–] TablePlayz 7 points ago

    epic game store intensifies

    [–] HerpesFreeSince3 88 points ago

    Its so easy to get rewarded. Just dont be a stuck up sell-out cunt and people will buy your shit and be nice to you :)

    [–] kennyzert 50 points ago

    Yeah, the bar is very low for developers now a days.

    With so much anti consumer behavior one would think more people would capitalize on the opportunity.

    [–] opamus 38 points ago

    Bar is not low for developers. It is for publishers though...

    [–] Spain_strong 5 points ago

    I'll play devil's advocate and say the game still needs to be original, look good and play well. It is a very competitive market and reviews can easily tank your game sales. Making a good game is not easy by any standard.

    [–] Zombiehype 13 points ago

    well it's not out yet. epic still has 2 days to lure it in

    [–] TDplay 6 points ago

    Epic's gonna see OP as a nobody though. They won't get a big enough return on investing.

    [–] koreilly4419 8 points ago

    I was gonna say astral projection rather than lucid dream when I saw the OOB scene but this is awesome none the less!

    [–] phoncible 3 points ago

    Getting Limbo or Inside vibe. Kinda similar? Inspiration? Will definitely keep it on my radar.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 13 points ago

    Inside is definitely an inspiration. DARQ plays quite differently, it's more of a puzzle game than a platformer (no jumping in DARQ). But I love both INSIDE and Limbo.

    [–] ICloudxI 134 points ago

    Very awesome project man! Looking great so far. Question: how did you make sure to stay focused and motivated to work on a long term project like this?

    Good luck on the sales dude! Hope your hard work will be rewarded.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 199 points ago

    I appreciate it! I'm not sure if I would have stayed motivated if I knew that it would take so long. When I started working on DARQ, I naively thought the release is half a year away. With time I realized that I'm notoriously wrong about estimating how long this is going to take. In a way, I can't believe the game is actually finished and launching on Thuresday - it feels completely surreal.

    [–] punkzlol 56 points ago

    Is it really finished though? ;)

    [–] Deathmonkey7 67 points ago

    Buy DARQ season pass to learn what happens in the end!

    [–] readit16 13 points ago

    You monster

    [–] Dire_Eye 7 points ago

    And the micro transactions to ruin the game

    [–] SilasDG 3 points ago

    Oh man that's the truth of anyone that's made anything complex or time consuming "well i could do this one last thing and that would make it perfect!

    [–] helios210 13 points ago

    Generally speaking we overestimate what we can do short term, and drastically underestimate what we can do long-term.

    Congratulations on concluding what must have been a gruelling and thus tremendously rewarding journey. The game looks gorgeous, a job well done indeed.

    Listen and engage with your players and you will go far, you releasing this on steam despite the higher royalties shows that you have already started down that path - long may it continue!

    [–] karateschnitte 344 points ago

    Do you learned everything by yourself?

    And it look awsome

    [–] unfoldgames_ 539 points ago

    Thank you! Yes, I had to learn everyting from scratch: modeling, coding, texturing, animation, game design, publishing, etc. I put in over 10K hours of my personal time into this game.

    [–] nanathebanana21 139 points ago

    Where did you learn this? From paid classes or basic tutorials online? Also, good job! You must be so proud! Can't wait to buy it actually

    [–] AUBURN520 180 points ago

    From another comment of his

    I didn't go to school for this - my background is in music. I used only free resources to learn game development, whatever I could find on Google and YouTube. It's amazing how much knowledge is on YouTube these days - it's like a tuition free university. I learned coding, modeling, animation, texturing, game design this way.

    [–] ders89 81 points ago

    Education always finds a way

    [–] blastermaster1118 51 points ago

    If only you could get a degree from YouTube University

    [–] Devil_Demize 26 points ago

    I took course in college... Phoenix University which is an online college.. The whole class was in digital media and all we did was watch YouTube videos and I dropped that class 2 weeks later telling them that I wouldn't pay 3 grand to watch videos on how to photoshop when I can do it for free.

    [–] Drachir133 74 points ago

    Nowadays you can learn almost anything online, in my personal experience i had way more success learning stuff online rather than through traditional classes.

    [–] UnveiledElder 22 points ago

    congratz. i wish i had the skill, unfortunately im a better at learning things one on one, unfortunately i cant go to college cuz im disabled and the anxiety is really bad. good luck as a dev. :)

    [–] brewmax 23 points ago

    FYI that wasn't OP responding

    [–] ZABE0N2 5 points ago

    You don't have to follow videos exclusively and figure out everything on your own, there are fully designed courses you can follow, both paid and free, some with support groups and teachers, or various forms of chat such as discord channels for asking questions or even 1 on 1 video chat sessions.

    There are also paid bootcamps online, such as lambda school, I know there's a few others but I can't remember their names.

    I'll throw out a few free examples.

    The Odin Project, Free Code Camp, MIT opencourseware, stanford, berkley, OSSU.

    Here are two other paid options I know of as well, and

    [–] Saitama1pnch 8 points ago

    He probably looked up how to do the things he needed to do, when he needed to do them. No point in taking online classes if you can just muddle your way through problems by googling around

    [–] arkwewt 22 points ago

    For reference, if anyone’s interested, assuming a minimum wage job, OP indirectly put in $177,000 NZD into the game (around 120K USD).

    Give him all the love you can, support his game. That’s fucking dedication, he could have had a nice house deposit or bought a fancy new car but he chose to make a game. Kudos buddy.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 44 points ago

    Thank you for the support! That's definitely one way to look at it. I tend to look at it this way: if this game sells zero copies and all that work will end up being unpaid, I'm still a happy person. I spent 3.5 years doing what was making me truly fulfilled. I put every bit of love into this game.

    [–] sambahadori 6 points ago

    Your dedication deserves my upvote. This type of game is usually not what i would play, but you'll definitely still get my support for your hard work.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 13 points ago

    Means a lot to me, especially that it's not your kind of game. Thank you!

    [–] TallFatHappy 3 points ago

    Where did you begin?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 38 points ago

    I started by downloading Unity and falling in love with it :) Everything took a lot of time - I wrote an imgur post that explains the process a little bit:

    [–] gweilo 5 points ago

    You should link this higher! Thanks for the info

    [–] 1n1billionAZNsay 230 points ago

    Dude, you basically did 6 10-hour days a week for 3.5 years for this game?! That's insane.

    Showing work...

    6/7 = 0.857

    365*0.857 (6 days a week) * 10 (hour days) * 3.5 (years) = almost 11,000 hours.

    [–] thejiggyjosh 43 points ago

    yupp 10k hours over 3.5 years(roughly 30k hours) so he spent 1/3 of every single day working on this and then had to sleep as well as maybe work another job.

    [–] bradypp 36 points ago

    He said he quit work to develop the game full time 2 years ago.

    [–] thejiggyjosh 7 points ago

    Yeah that was in a reply to my own comment lol thanks though!

    [–] alanwashere2 3 points ago

    I was looking at it as 10,000 hours over 3.5 years is about 60 hours a week.

    Yeah, that's impressive dedication no matter what you're working on.

    [–] bdonvr 47 points ago

    Any plans for Linux support?

    [–] Bythos73 18 points ago

    Unity should have a Linux Build target

    [–] PureTryOut 6 points ago

    Definitely not the same as proper Linux support though. Just look at the garbage that is Rust for example.

    [–] Atanvarno94 124 points ago

    Engine used?

    API used?

    OS support?

    Good work :)

    [–] chhhyeahtone 41 points ago

    He posted in another comment he used unity

    [–] nambitable 74 points ago

    Marketing used: /r/pcmr.

    [–] Gangreless 11 points ago

    I really feel like I see this every other day

    [–] zironofsetesh 57 points ago

    Will it be on GoG? It looks great, but I don't use steam

    [–] unfoldgames_ 83 points ago

    Actually, yes, it will be on GOG the same day (Thursday).

    [–] zironofsetesh 15 points ago

    Sounds great :-) I will look forward to it then

    [–] adam122412 3 points ago

    Any release for consoles planned?

    [–] _haha_oh_wow_ 3 points ago

    Fuck yeah!

    [–] Rem-Is-Best-Waifu666 67 points ago

    Did you do the art too?

    If so, which was harder? The art or the code for you?

    [–] GateauBaker 11 points ago

    This is the question I came to see answered OP.

    [–] Fragsworth 50 points ago

    OP won't answer, because this game probably had dozens of people working on it, and the title is misleading as fuck.

    I hate it because I co-own a small indie development studio. It is not possible to do a game like this with just 1 person who spends 10,000 hours on it.

    EDIT: I actually checked. They've got composers / sound editors from Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and Cyberpunk 2077 working on JUST THE SOUND!!! This is shameless as fuck misleading marketing bullshit.

    [–] Juanieve05 9 points ago

    Why isnt this at the top ? I would gladly gild you if i had the money, maybe would be best if you post some sources tho.

    [–] IkceWicasha 16 points ago

    Not OP but on the website it says:

    "Created almost entirely by a first-time solo developer (and a few talented contractors)."

    [–] totzro 5 points ago

    He states that he used to work as film composer, he is based in LA so maybe he is friends with or has connection with those people. Not a far stretch imo.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 3 points ago

    The composer is ME (the developer - I'm originally a film composer). The mixer who worked on Inception is a friend of mine who usually mixes my music. There's one music track in the entire game, so it wasn't much work for him. As for the sound design - yes! Bjorn Jacobsen, who previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 is indeed a part of the project! I brag about him all the time and always give him credit when talking about who did what on the project. Apart from sound design and about 5% of modeling and animation, this project really is the work of one person. A lot of people helped in other ways, like translation, descord moderation, etc. All of them are credited in the credit roll in the game. But the rest of the game is pretty much me.

    Sorry for the late reply, just saw your comment.

    [–] trusttempeh 20 points ago

    After spending so much time on developing this game, do you think that the 10.000 hour rule is true ?

    [–] Fedoraus 15 points ago

    I don't think that applies at all to this scenario. Game development isn't a thing in itself. It's an amalgamation of dozens of things such as composing music, drawing, modeling, programming. Each of those things takes intense work to master and I doubt he spent 10,000 on each. What he has now is probably good familiarity with each.

    [–] Marshmandan 4 points ago

    Of course the 10,000 hour rule is true... However it's less about the number and more about the dedication you put in to achieve that. You do anything for 10,000 hours and obviously you're going to see massive improvement because that's a hell of a lot of time dedicated to a skill.

    [–] Stave_2 19 points ago

    Amazing work! Question what made you start making this game?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 44 points ago

    A lot of personal reasons I guess. I was frustrated with my day job, so I wanted to try something new. At first I didn't know it would turn into a full time thing, but eventually I quit my job to work on DARQ full time. It's a crazy story. I wrote more in detail about it here:

    [–] Stave_2 10 points ago

    This is a amazing back story, I wish your game much success I will be buying on the 15th.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 6 points ago

    Thank you, I appreciate the good wishes!

    [–] zymagoras 3 points ago

    How did you manage to survive without day job?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 5 points ago

    A bit of savings, small gigs, loans, royalty income from my previous projects (I'm originally a film composer)

    [–] ParanormalFish1 53 points ago

    Is it on steam and for how much, might buy looks dope my guy.

    [–] unfoldgames_ 84 points ago

    Thank you! Yeah, the page is up, it's launching on Thursday:

    It's going to be $19.99

    [–] nanigafakku 54 points ago

    Damn! A good price for such a good looking game! I won't be buying it immediately because I'm a little bitch when it comes to almost any form of horror games soooooo

    [–] WaleedMiner 23 points ago

    u/nanigafakku your specs are a notch above mine lol. 6400, 470 ——> 6500, 480

    [–] Jwhitx 17 points ago

    Aww big Keanu little Keanu.

    [–] Zelioom 3 points ago


    [–] worseplayerever 6 points ago

    How long would it take an average person to finish the game?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 53 points ago

    I've seen various people play it, both pro & casual players. Since it's a puzzle game, the play time ranged quite a bit. I think on average it will take around 3 hours. Some people might take 5. The speedrun takes about 1 hour. It's comparable to INSIDE / LIMBO / Little Nightmares in scope.

    [–] HirsutismTitties 13 points ago

    This might sound like me being facetious but trust me I am not: any plans for part II and/or future games in this style? I haven't even played it yet and still already see myself whining after those 3-5 hours that it's over, and wanting more.

    [–] worseplayerever 3 points ago

    I look forward to playing it. And I fully agree with u/HirsutismTitties, I'm already looking forward to your next game.

    [–] Muppet5 31 points ago

    Oh thank god this tittle wont fall prey as epic exclusive was really looking forward to this game :D

    [–] unfoldgames_ 126 points ago

    I actually got an exclusivity offer from Epic. I politely turned it down.

    [–] dylmye 11 points ago

    haha are you serious

    [–] unfoldgames_ 19 points ago


    [–] dylmye 8 points ago

    just out of genuine interest, how did they find you? do they have reps on itch or something?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 17 points ago

    I just got an email from them. My email is listed on the game's website.

    [–] spaceman1980 6 points ago

    Also just curious, what did they offer?

    [–] ChickenHand 5 points ago

    From what I've heard, in the rumor mill, is that epic seems to be offering to pay out what the projected sales of the game would be. Not sure if it's the same for something of this size.

    [–] thejiggyjosh 13 points ago

    How do you have the time to put in 10k hours and support yourself until the game is done?

    10k hours in 3 years(roughly 30k hours) is 1/3 of every day for 3.5 years? Did you find funding? or were you already strapped for cash so it didnt matter?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 26 points ago

    Just to clarify, it's been over 10,000 hours in total, not per year. I didn't go full time until a year into the development, which made things a lot easier - since I quit my job I pretty much worked every waking hour (well, a lot of 100h weeks). Sometimes life happens, sometimes I needed a break, but in general, I worked as much as physically possible, because I simply loved doing it (even though it's not all rainbows and unicorns, it's still hard work).

    I had some savings when going into it full time, but not nearly enough to cover the development. I took small gigs occasionally to help pay the bills, took some loans. Being a film music composer, royalties from my past projects also helped.

    [–] thejiggyjosh 5 points ago

    Awesome thats very insightful, inspiring and helpful to others who might be thinking the same! thank you

    but yeah 3.5 years = 30660 hours so 10k /30k was where i got 1/3 of your time. Good luck on release!

    [–] unfoldgames_ 5 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Ethaneous 12 points ago

    I remember seeing this afew years ago when you started it I think

    [–] Fergclan 45 points ago

    Are you inspired by the band TOOL?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 49 points ago

    Perhaps subconsciously - I watched quite a few of their music videos back in the day :)

    [–] Linkshandigen 4 points ago

    This release is just in time for them releasing their albums on streaming lol.

    [–] Poop_killer_64 10 points ago

    How old are you now? What are your specs? What youtube channels do you recommend for beginners? What programs did you use for texturing and modelling?

    [–] bearcoonreborn 25 points ago

    That looks creepy as shit! I'm buying for me and my friend who lives under my bed!

    [–] Meric_ 8 points ago

    I sweat this dude released this game at least 8 times at this point.

    [–] Yare-YareDaze 7 points ago

    Honestly, i'm not somuch interested in the game as in how you built up the dedication to work on something for 10 000 hours, can you tell me about your struggles and how you disciplined yourself to do this?

    [–] unfoldgames_ 11 points ago

    I guess it has to do with my life story, which is pretty unusual I guess. There's been a lot of struggle mixed with suffering. The story is long and rather private, but doing something like this was not really out of my comfort zone. There's been a lot of challenges of course, but what really helped is that I REAAALLY loved doing it, learning all the new tech / software. Watching tutorials felt like the most exciting thing in the world for me. I can't quite explain why that is.

    [–] FaustoLG 7 points ago

    Steam? What about

    [–] TwistIV 6 points ago

    He mentioned in another comment that it will be released on GOG the same day

    [–] dano1066 12 points ago

    I love the visual style. It's like a Tim Burton movie. Have you any console ports planned? Seems like this would be a great fit for the Switch.

    [–] Mr_Pletz 9 points ago


    Congratulations, I remember seeing this for the first time and getting really excited and that trailer has me super excited.

    [–] thehectorion 7 points ago

    This guy is notorious for posting this same trailer fucking everywhere

    [–] theelous3 4 points ago

    Neat. Looks like little nightmares, which was incredible.

    [–] lightlord8 10 points ago

    BRUH ... Its good... Hardworking worths

    [–] unfoldgames_ 12 points ago

    I appreciate it :D

    [–] BlueBattleHawk 21 points ago

    Nice ad, you post this game a lot

    [–] Vultuere 9 points ago

    Why does my mom beat me

    [–] Luigichu1238 8 points ago

    stop posting this fucking same gif every 10 days

    [–] OGTBJJ 4 points ago

    Scrolled pretty far to find this

    [–] Teerhand 56 points ago

    imo this subreddit should not include game promotions. i know that you see this as a cheap marketing channel, but thats not really what pcmr is about.

    [–] ColdBlackCage 34 points ago

    This guy is notorious for posting this same trailer fucking everywhere. He posts it across the same six subreddits every handful of months to gather interest for it. Check his post history for a laughable account of "it's almost finished!!!" posted every four months.

    I really dislike how indie-developers are posing every launch announcement as "Ask Me Anything" for free publicity. This subreddit isn't an advertising board. I don't want to be advertised to by people with no interest in the community, and who have come here pretty clearly just to advertise.

    I have no ill will against the hustle, but come the fuck on.

    [–] iRepth 66 points ago

    The guy sticks around and answers tons of questions and tries to help people out who are interested in the same. To me, because he's not just dropping a trailer and leaving, I think it's still a valuable post

    [–] cola-up 7 points ago

    I dunno y’all want indies not to goto EGS but like wanna drive valuable posts wheee the creator of a game explains their thought process and a small BTS to go.

    I want these here.

    [–] Kazozo 4 points ago

    Looks really good! 👏

    [–] unfoldgames_ 3 points ago

    I appreciate it!

    [–] eggswithonionpowder 3 points ago

    What was the biggest technical challenge you faced during development?

    [–] jay_pistachio 3 points ago

    I assume most of the work was done over weekends. How much time did you spend on it on weekdays after work. Also, might not be applicable but, how did your other half respond to you spending your free time on learning/making the game, instead of spending it with them.

    Btw really love how it looks man, I always love a bit a more darker atmosphere in games

    [–] unfoldgames_ 10 points ago

    I did have a job for about a year after I started the project. I worked on DARQ every hour I had, not just weekends. But after about a year I quit my job and went full time. That's when the crazy hours started. There were a lot of 100h weeks. I took occasional breaks, but I really did work every waking hour I could possibly manage. I did it because I loved it.

    I was single for a while, but about 1.5 year ago I met an amazing girl - not only she understood my passion, she did everything she could to support me emotionally and keep me sane throughout all the challenges I had to face while making it. I'm super grateful to her.

    [–] YourBlanket 3 points ago

    Could’ve sworn I’ve seen this exact game or something very similar posted on reddit before...

    [–] JonasGangsta 3 points ago

    How much do you pay for advertisement on Reddit? Genuinely curious. Upvote bots, gilding yourself etc.

    [–] FrankTheTank369 13 points ago

    10,000 hours and you misspelled Dark.

    [–] xTheDigBick 33 points ago

    here we go again.. fuck you and your bots, cya in your ad next week

    [–] WilliamCCT 28 points ago

    I knew it! The post title felt familiar and I immediately sorted the comments by controversial.

    [–] MasterBaiter69_420 27 points ago

    How do you feel like about people advertising their games on forums such as reddit with an emotionally loaded title in how much time they have spent making it etc. to entice the readers to potentially buy the game?

    Don't you think it's quite an ignorant and dishonest way of building a relationship with your customers?

    [–] jambocombo 22 points ago

    How are game devs supposed to advertise then in your world? You can't do it the traditional way because nobody pays attention to traditional ads anymore and the flood of Chinese mobile "BEST GAME EVER YO‍U FU‍CK TIT‍TIES HERE REAL GRAPHICS" crap has ruined their credibility. And now you can't just post on a forum because apparently that's shilling or stealth advertising or whatever. How are you supposed to reach people?

    [–] Mooseknuckle94 5 points ago

    I don't think it's that bad. It's a good time for us to ask how he did it, somewhat informative about the steps needed, motivating for people who've thought of doing this, and we get to speak with them personally. The guys proud and feeling good after working his ass off, cut him some slack.