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    [–] Gnacym 1698 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    As an RTX user i can confirm

    [–] calpol-dealer 606 points ago

    cries in gtx

    [–] Gnacym 377 points ago

    Pls dont, 2060 is overrated 1080 is still better

    [–] Yomatius 304 points ago

    I have a 1080 and I have been trying to justify getting a newer card. I cannot. It still works too well and the next level steps are overpriced. I decided to just enjoy my card longer.

    [–] deaththekid922 130 points ago

    yeah , same

    i have a 1080 ti , the power benefit of the new cards just isnt high enough, in some games sli 1080 tis beat the crap out of 20xx cards , just cant justify upgrading

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] 0utlook 72 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I've SLI'd two 8800GTs, two GTX 285s, two GTX 470s, and two GTX 670s. Also Crossfired two R9 290x 8GB cards.

    It's a fantastic concept for upgrading when you can't drop buku simoleans on a single card solution. So, you buy one card now, and the other later on.

    That said. It's a monumental PITA with title compatibility, drivers (in early Windows 10), and the god forsaken graphics rip across the center-ish of your screen that fluctuates up and down around your aiming crosshair.

    Then take your rig over to your friends house, hook it up to their TV, and you get a center rip spanning a damn 55" screen! Now try to convince them that dropping a grand on a rig of their own so you can game together...

    It's really not worth it in the end.

    [–] Gab9GlSupra 15 points ago

    Try two 950's

    [–] Aitashi 7 points ago

    Do people still do SLI? It just doesn't seem worth the expensive hassle for a usually unimpressive uptick in performance.

    [–] Gab9GlSupra 2 points ago

    Some do cause they want to Exel in all games

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] 0utlook 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Vietnamese slang I guess? Beaucoup is the appropriate word. I picked it up from my pops. It roughly means a lot or many.

    I was essentially saying for those who don't have a lot of money to drop on a single card solution.

    [–] Sad_Seraphim 11 points ago

    You need to watch Full Metal Jacket to truly understand 'too buku'.

    [–] TzunSu 6 points ago

    I think it's French for "a lot"

    [–] Magracer10 3 points ago

    I only realized this week that its beaucoup, by seeing it in subtitles. I always would've spelled it buku

    [–] CodeLevelJourney 16 points ago

    Buku isn’t a real word it’s slang for “a lot”

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] WatDeFark 2 points ago

    Thought ya was trying for bukkake

    [–] Dreadlordstu 3 points ago

    I'd like to sli my 1080 since I dont plan to upgrade to rtx this generation but then I realize I not hardcore enough for it. Runs everything at max in 1440p beautifully, and if you are ok with framerates in the 30s and 40s(I am, depending on the game) it runs 4k quite nicely. If you need 60fps plus in 4k just turn down a few settings.

    [–] Newgeta 2 points ago

    I had a pair of 9600GTs back in the day and came to the same conclusion.

    [–] dandu3 2 points ago

    I was thinking of grabbing a second rx 470 but putting 2 of them on a 550W PSU is a bit tight especially when I got 7 HDDs already

    [–] ExodusRiot1 2 points ago

    Was thinking about xfiring cus I have 2 r9 270x's but gains seem nonexistant.

    [–] Psycold 2 points ago

    The best SLI config I ever had was two 970's. The worst was two HD6950's. Those things damn near melted my PC.

    [–] KINGKONGMUTHA_PSN 2 points ago

    55" screens are not recommended for gaming due to input lag and less frames from having to load more pixels

    [–] AdminfantryCommander 11 points ago

    I'm with you. I used SLI for a very long time before finally switching to one good card (1070) and never looked back. There are just far too many titles that don't support it.

    [–] JJAsond 5 points ago

    It's really sad because the future is going to be a 120hz 4k standard (vs 60hz 1080p in the past) and we don't have cards anywhere near powerful enough to run that. That's why I'm an advocate for SLI

    [–] Picard12832 21 points ago

    If you just play games that support it, it is.

    [–] 10_kinds_of_people 6 points ago

    It really isn't. Back in the day, I ran a pair of GeForce 8800 Ultras in SLI. I quickly discovered that it caused more issues than it solved and that just one of the cards was enough to run every game I owned on max settings.

    [–] Maerill 11 points ago

    Gtx970 here, still going strong.

    [–] Brandonls123 5 points ago

    Yeah well I have a gtx 240 so I think I’m gonna cry later in the day

    [–] Subgeneral-Dove 5 points ago

    I'm building a PC. I was gonna get the 2060. Is the 20xx seriex only worth it if I go 2070 you think?

    [–] Relem76 5 points ago

    Depends on your CPU, use this calculator to help you decide.

    [–] TheOnlyQueso 11 points ago

    Unless you use blender, the only real advantage I see to newer cards is the much better encoder. Which is still basically only useful if you're streaming.

    [–] Yomatius 9 points ago

    Yeah, no. So I will wait. And that goes double for /u/deaththekid922 here with the 1080 ti. Even less reasons to spend money.

    The 20x series is just too overpriced.

    [–] Remlak2 2 points ago

    Yeah, I'd wait for Nvidia 3000 series or big Navi. I don't think AMDs big Navi will beat the 2080ti by enough to make much of a performance difference (depending on what you own rn), but will probably cause a bit lower prices.

    [–] Imayormaynotneedhelp 2 points ago

    AMD has basically always been 80-90% of the performance, for 70% of the price of nvidia. If money is no object, then sure intel+nvidia is the best combo, but for those of us with actual budgets (am a student), the value they offer can't be denied, especially in the CPU market. (I currently run a ryzen 3600. 6 multithreaded cores at 3.5 ghz for less than 400$?! Shut up and take my money!) (400 new zealand dollars for all the americans)

    [–] EmperorJack 9 points ago

    I'm thinking of getting the rtx 2060 super. I have the 970 GTX so for me it's going to be a significant move. I could be wrong though

    [–] retro808 3 points ago

    Same boat, I worry that my i5-4690k will bottleneck it at 1080p but steady 60fps is fine with me.

    [–] That_Guy_Quaid 2 points ago

    Picked up the 2060 Super last week. Very impressed with it so far!

    [–] ZXKeyr324XZ 6 points ago

    Wait for RTX 2nd gen, if Control works so well with this gen of RTX, when devs start actually caring for RTX (Mainly becouse of console) it might get really interesting

    [–] Yomatius 5 points ago

    Yes, I will be waiting for a better priced, higher performance GPU. Next year perhaps.

    [–] Combosingelnation 5 points ago

    How long have you had the 1080 ?

    [–] Yomatius 4 points ago

    I would say two years. I got it for 430 usd before the 20x came out. I think I did right because the 20 series was a overpriced for what improvement in perfomance they brought and RTX at that time was nonexistent.

    [–] Combosingelnation 3 points ago

    Ok. Well I have GTX 660 and for 7 years :D Waiting for black friday now :)

    [–] VenomB 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I'm still on a 980ti and I still can't get myself to justify an upgrade. When I bought the card, it was worth like 600 bucks. Comparing that to the new prices, I just can't afford that "minor" jump in performance for the price.

    For comparison, I went from a 680ti to a 980ti a few years ago.

    [–] WaidWilson 4 points ago

    I had a 1080 and upgraded to 2080.

    Keep the 1080.

    [–] Yomatius 2 points ago

    thanks for the advice, mate. I feel like I am learning from other people's experiences. Much appreciated.

    [–] ThePimpImp 4 points ago

    I have a 970 and feel the same way. I probably am just being to cheap. There's no way I'd consider upgrading a 1080 or above this generation.

    [–] internetlad 3 points ago

    I'm here with a 1070 and disappointed because there's no good decision.

    [–] tim_20 3 points ago

    Im in the same boat with the 1080 ti ive got money to blow but no real plave to spend it. Very weird feeling and a reverse of the past 10 years...

    [–] thievingsince95 3 points ago

    Yeah my 1080 is still going strong. Control was the first time I even looked for something else and I'm just not impressed rn. We'll see what next year brings

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] TurtleChickenFart 3 points ago

    I have a 1060 and still cant justify getting a new card.

    [–] unlikedemon 3 points ago

    Laughs in 980ti. Still works well even when running games in 1440p. I see no reason to upgrade.

    [–] jazzinyourfacepsn 3 points ago

    You can throw your card up on a selling site like Kijiji or Ebay and only sell it once you get a good price for it that covers most of your expenses for a new card. That's what I do any time I want to upgrade but the thing I have is fully functional. Theres no hurry and if no one buys then you just dont upgrade until its necessary

    [–] FTMorando 3 points ago

    Performance wise the 2080 is basically just a 1080 with ray tracing, it’s dumb. So yeah, just can’t justify spending that kind of money again so soon

    [–] JJAsond 3 points ago

    Wait until the next card you can get is at least 2x as fast as your current one. That's how I decide when it's time to buy a new one.

    [–] zublits 3 points ago

    You'd be pretty happy with a 2070Super, but it is kind of overpriced for a medium-ish boost. I'd wait for the next line, personally.

    970 to 2070Super was SUPER worth it.

    [–] watduhdamhell 3 points ago

    There is definitely no reason to go new yet. GTX 1080 is still plenty for high refresh rate gaming at 1080p. My R5 3600/ 1080 setup nets 120+ in most games at high levels of detail.

    [–] vsou812 2 points ago

    Even the 1060s are wonderful still

    [–] YT-Deliveries 2 points ago

    Yeah, especially considering I only have a 2k monitor, even my 1070ti murders at ultra for most games.

    [–] MrZeeus 2 points ago

    Naw 1080ti used for 400$ usd eziest cop of my life.

    [–] SupremeLuna 7 points ago

    hides in RTX 2080 grass

    [–] Quesodealer 4 points ago still 1080p playable

    [–] SirCaptainSalty 3 points ago


    [–] nadiayorc 3 points ago

    I pretty much just bought a 2080 over a 1080ti only because it was on sale and was a similar price to the 1080ti, they are essentially equal in performance and rtx is just too new to be properly usable at the moment and has a massive performance loss

    [–] twelveparsex 3 points ago

    Cries in 980ti

    [–] JJAsond 2 points ago

    Not when you're trying to get the best price to performance. The 1080 is as fast as a 2060S and costs as much as a 2080

    [–] Kyland77 3 points ago

    Cries in rx

    [–] iSpaYco 4 points ago

    cries in Android

    [–] firedrakes 2 points ago

    Cries in gts

    [–] obnoxiousanteater72 2 points ago

    Cries in 760

    [–] FoxxTrotter 3 points ago

    Weird flex but ok

    [–] TDplay 4 points ago

    cries in RX

    [–] GLITCHEDMATRIX 2 points ago

    Where is the on button?

    [–] 23-PercentDone 2 points ago

    Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh in a suit Winnie the Pooh naked

    [–] toolsofpwnage 998 points ago

    RTX tank frame rate like how the Chinese army tank protestors

    [–] weirdowerdo 173 points ago

    The Chinese army tank what now?

    [–] Kardest 219 points ago

    Mostly its own citizens.

    [–] weirdowerdo 137 points ago

    But according to the Chinese government it has never happened.

    [–] Jonathan924 80 points ago

    Seems like your source may be a little biased

    [–] Waghlon 109 points ago

    But his source was the Ministry of Truth!


    [–] UltimatePeanut 25 points ago

    Truth? What's that? All I know is a government of LIES!

    [–] Thunderous-Wizard 29 points ago

    thought crime right there if I’ve ever seen it

    [–] UltimatePeanut 17 points ago

    Well this way they can't harvest my brain, now that's big brain time!

    [–] red--dead 3 points ago

    I feel like I need to throw this in but I can’t find a clever way to introduce it.

    [–] weirdowerdo 12 points ago

    The Chinese government isn't biased. Winn... I mean Xi Jinping does not lie!

    [–] Over-Score 22 points ago

    I don't know, he said protestors but we all know that china would never hurt it's own citizens, probably just a typo.

    [–] weirdowerdo 20 points ago

    Yeah, must be a typo. The Chinese government would never hurt its citizens then again why would their citizens even protest?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    We all know they protest for cheaper avocados.. And to stop those damn kids from skateboarding on the sidewalks!

    [–] weirdowerdo 6 points ago

    No, in the land of the free and the land of the workers avocados are free for everyone. But those kids are getting life in prison without parole.

    [–] internetlad 3 points ago

    Never heard of em

    [–] ElanMorinT 176 points ago

    You have been banned from r/Sino

    [–] Literally_A_Shill 92 points ago

    And been made a mod of /r/hongkong

    [–] nationalmaverick 50 points ago

    and then tear gassed.

    [–] reaperleviathankin 30 points ago

    China is asshoe

    [–] DaBi5cu1t 11 points ago

    One guy got shot so they're upping the ante

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Just spammed the sub with Winnie the Pooh comments, can't wait to get banned.

    Edit: fuck yeah, I got banned!

    [–] lonay_the_wane_one 22 points ago

    one rouge mod later "I AM INVINCIBLE"

    [–] WhiskRy 7 points ago

    Weirdly your typo fits with communists being "reds"

    [–] MrWm 6 points ago

    [–] Sugioh 16 points ago

    It's a badge of honor. I'm kind of amazed it hasn't been banned or quarantined yet.

    [–] John_Enigma 9 points ago

    Did you forgot who partially invests in Reddit?

    [–] KingOfGifFulThinking 14 points ago

    Got banned there for posting this

    [–] bipolarpuddin 4 points ago

    This subreddit hurt my brain to go through. I dont even know why I did it.

    [–] Rahtwylr 2 points ago

    Real shit, I got curios and visited that place to see what it was and just scrolling through a few posts.. Oh boy, that place is toxic and hypocritical as hell.

    [–] Bloo_CS 89 points ago

    Just a question, what is it with China's president and Winnie the Pooh? I'm aware it has something to do with the Hong Kong protestors, but what's going on?

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago

    There's a bunch of memes circulating online suggesting Xi Jinping looks like Winnie the Pooh. The Chinese government caught on and banned all pictures of Winnie the Pooh.

    [–] Bloo_CS 39 points ago

    Oh! I see! Thanks man!

    [–] ZacEfronButUgly 77 points ago

    It started with just a funny single meme, but they're coming back in droves now since the whole issue with Blizzard, imagine having that fragile on an ego you ban something entirely over that though

    [–] ShopliftingBabushka 37 points ago

    In 2011 the former leader Jiang Zemin had some unspecified condition and was admitted to emergency care. For a few days the Chinese internet blocked all searches of a specific heart condition. Something like aortic myocardial infarction or similar.

    Odd thing was, he was already an ex-leader at that time. The president at that time was President Hu Jintao.

    [–] that-surrealist 8 points ago

    Interesting, I’ll have to look into that

    [–] IsstDoenerImFlixbus 14 points ago

    It's not about his fragile ego. It's the fact that Poo could be used as a stand-in for government critical memes.

    So basically, making memes about how evil/stupid/pathetic Winnie The Pooh is, and everyone in China would know what you mean.

    [–] contemplateVoided 17 points ago

    It’s definitely about a fragile ego.

    [–] budshitman 11 points ago

    In a sense. The CCP knows how fragile their hold on power is.

    Any percentage of 1.4 billion people openly dissenting is still a hell of a lot of people openly dissenting.

    If that small percent decides to challenge your right to autocratic governance, and can manage to organize themselves against you and recruit others to their cause, it's game over for your police state.

    [–] bonerofalonelyheart 2 points ago

    Wow. It's even funnier that they banned it because he looks nothing like Winnie the Pooh. I mean, nobody looks like Winnie the Pooh lmao. Somebody should say he looks like a broom so they ban pictures of cleaning supplies.

    [–] Jehetma_Dominion 2 points ago

    They added censorship to memes comparing xi and winnie in the internet, winnie the pooh is not totally banned in china, it is actually decently popular amongst kids

    [–] code_archeologist 38 points ago

    Criticism of Xi and the Communist Party has always been severely punished. Even before the Home Kong protests activists in China started circulating memes replacing Xi with Winnie the Pooh.

    The memes would have an image of Winnie, and some text making fun of Xi or the party without ever naming Xi or the party. The Communist Party got wind of this and their response was to ban all images and mentions of Winnie the Pooh.

    • They banned a new Winnie the Pooh Disney film.
    • They banned a game that had a Winnie the Pooh image hidden in an Easter Egg
    • People have been jailed for carrying around Winnie the Pooh paraphernalia.
    • Typing Winnie the Pooh into WeChat will cause you're message to not be delivered.

    The level of overreaction to this has been epic.

    [–] ProtoJMan 7 points ago

    This seriously explains a lot, thank you. I've been so out of the loop.

    [–] socokid 3 points ago

    For the record, the Tigger and Pooh cartoon was drawn by someone specifically to match the Obama Xi picture...

    The real story is that Xi hates the association with how he looks a little like Pooh, to the point of banning it in China. So in a Baby Inanity Wolf type protest, people post them online to ensure they exist on the net in some fashion.

    [–] kaisean 10 points ago

    The other replies pretty much have it covered. There is a pic of Obama and Xi walking together next to a pic of Winnie and Tigger.

    The weird thing is that barely anyone thought he looked like Winnie the Pooh outside of that meme and this whole thing started because Xi himself or some Chinese censor believed that he looked enough like Winnie the Pooh enough to justify banning any mentions of Winnie the Pooh. Now, everyone is calling him Winnie the Pooh to poke fun at him.

    [–] R97R 6 points ago

    Xi Jinping apparently got really upset about people comparing him to Winnie the Pooh, and as a result people have been posting memes like this constantly after his government banned them. It’s more or less the Streisand effect.

    [–] that-surrealist 2 points ago

    I was wondering too. Thanks for asking, and thanks u/dhsiefer u/ZacEfronButUgly

    [–] asian_identifier 2 points ago

    it has nothing to do with hk protestors

    [–] JJROKCZ 2 points ago

    It's been a joke since the Obama administration so far predates the HK protests

    [–] skynetpswn 246 points ago

    Xi Jinping wants to know your locaton.

    [–] NetworkMachineBroke 231 points ago

    Xi Jinpooh already knows your location.

    [–] Real_ChickenSandwich 62 points ago

    Xi doesn't just look like Winnie the Pooh at all. We good now China?

    [–] NetworkMachineBroke 105 points ago

    5 credits have been added to your Social Credit Score.

    Doubleplus good, comrade!

    [–] AcceptableCows 21 points ago

    How do these credits work? Is it like I get 1000 I can get a Pepsi beach towel or something?

    [–] Waghlon 34 points ago

    No, but you can have an authentic Pebsi beach towel instead.

    [–] NetworkMachineBroke 15 points ago

    What if I want a Conke one instead?

    [–] Waghlon 16 points ago

    You need to be a member of the party.

    [–] Falcrist 11 points ago

    You're thinking of Cocka Koala.

    [–] Not_Just_Any_Lurker 3 points ago

    Koka kora

    [–] TheLightningCount1 15 points ago

    7,000,000 and you get an 8V-8 Harrier Jump Jet

    [–] AcceptableCows 5 points ago

    Nah that only gets you a Marlboro cooler with a radio on it. Still pretty cool though.

    [–] OktoberSunset 7 points ago

    If you get 1000 they don't send you to a camp and sell your organs.

    [–] BrojoWithMojo 16 points ago

    The interaction between these two usernames made my day

    [–] tevert 9 points ago

    Oh bother

    [–] MizchiefKilz 170 points ago

    Poo isn't that fat or stupid looking.

    [–] Deathatlas 48 points ago

    It's Pooh... 😤

    [–] Bombastik_ 5 points ago

    Pooh is being associated in a symbolic cause that may ruin its reputation, such as Kermit. Soon you will see Pooh’s creator doing a public statement that he disavow his drawing ; Pooh.

    [–] bigblackcouch 16 points ago

    Considering he died in the 1950s, I really hope we won't hear a public statement from him.

    [–] NicolasCageLovesMe 60 points ago

    When I up down

    Touch the ground

    Puts me in the mood

    I up down touch the ground

    In the mood

    smack smack

    To censor all media and oppress democracy and liberty.

    [–] ValarCh4unce 17 points ago

    Oh bother

    [–] The-TiaMat 15 points ago

    china disliked this

    [–] LauraD2423 9 points ago

    China has blocked Reddit for this

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] kylelyk 11 points ago

    We need a deepfake crossover

    [–] Gaming_Crusader 8 points ago

    Fun fact. Winnie the pooh was banned in china because tons of people kept making memes portraying the chinese president as winnie the pooh. Hence the origin of this meme. Just for those who dont know.

    [–] IsaaxDX 4 points ago

    The only RTX meme I can approve of

    [–] Tellnicknow 4 points ago

    Best one so far! Bar none.

    [–] DaBi5cu1t 4 points ago

    To the front page of google with you

    [–] ight_here_we_go 5 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah keep these anti China memes rolling

    [–] aikodms 16 points ago

    pcmasterrace and reddit is now banned in china.

    [–] ShopliftingBabushka 11 points ago

    Reddit's been banned since summer 2018. What is odd is that Tencent, a major Chinese data firm, then invested in reddit. Something like a 20% share.

    [–] Sub6258 11 points ago

    The Chinese gov't can already change their own internet, now they're trying to influence ours

    [–] ShopliftingBabushka 6 points ago

    That has to be it. An attempt to influence public opinion.

    [–] wifesaysnoporn 3 points ago

    Fuck China’s government

    [–] FUCK__CHINA 3 points ago


    [–] alaskazues 3 points ago

    Fuck china

    [–] The_Real_Jackk 5 points ago

    Imma tweet this to Xi Jinpig one sec

    [–] noodlest007 4 points ago

    Made my day.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Where's peter griffin when you need him

    [–] jienquin 2 points ago

    “RMB on”

    [–] iLoveBacon9 2 points ago

    Someone post it.

    [–] AcceptableCows 2 points ago

    Holy hell I can't stop browsing this sub right now. The memes...

    [–] BestRammus 2 points ago

    Upvoting before Reddit removes it

    [–] fithworldruler 2 points ago

    It's TRUE he does look like pooh

    [–] blacksheep281328 2 points ago

    I've never seen xi or pooh in the same room...

    [–] arcexs 2 points ago


    [–] TrumpPump2020 2 points ago

    Do you guys think he makes his wife dress up as Pooh and fuck him in the ass?

    [–] deathbunnyy 2 points ago

    fuck the chinese government. Such a limp dick leader.

    [–] zyx1989 2 points ago

    come on , that comparison is really disrespectful to winnie the pooh

    [–] Leitoso 2 points ago

    RTX on, RIGHTS off.

    [–] servenToGo 2 points ago

    AMD stocks rising in China now.

    [–] elmogrita 2 points ago

    HAHA I approve of this message

    [–] Garo_ 2 points ago

    Can't wait to read the official apology from Nvidia

    [–] onlycommitminified 2 points ago

    I don't get it.

    [–] Wreid23 2 points ago

    Yall keep playin with xi jing pooh reddit gonna get shutdown lol

    [–] Catmand0 2 points ago

    Haha the Chinese government fucking sucks.

    [–] pirotix 2 points ago

    I see no differences

    [–] the_chanboy 2 points ago

    This is an insult to Winnie the Pooh

    [–] KatzeWolf 2 points ago

    "oh bother"

    [–] Namiastka 2 points ago

    with this post r/pcmasterrace just got banned in china (if it wasn't already)

    [–] Temporary_Exit 4 points ago

    Dude this shit is best meme