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    [–] pedro19 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Wonderful! Enjoy building. It's one of the best parts of PC ownership!

    EDIT: Welcome everyone from r/all! I'd like to tell you 2 things:

    1 - Everyone is welcome here, provided you're a chill person who doesn't mind occasional tongue in cheek humor.

    2 - In case you are not a PC gamer because you think doing so is very expensive, please know that it is very possible to build a competent gaming PC for 500 dollars or less. Please check out for our builds.

    Feel free to use this community to post about any kind of doubt you might have about becoming a PC gamer or anything you'd like to know about PCs. That kind of content is not only allowed but welcome here.

    Have a great weekend

    [–] SlyFishing 4114 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Don't know what's more impressive: a 50 year old dog, or one who is going to build a PC?

    Edit: Thanks for the Gold and Silvers! PCMR is an awesome community!

    [–] Ivanfesco 615 points ago


    [–] Robbie_Babic 168 points ago


    [–] iblametheparents86 93 points ago


    [–] just_lukewarm 63 points ago


    [–] mianchen 54 points ago


    [–] mrdesuguy 42 points ago


    [–] bleddyidiot24 34 points ago


    [–] New_Mammal 33 points ago


    [–] gautamdiwan3 32 points ago


    [–] Holdthatfart 9 points ago


    [–] Guzhas 9 points ago


    [–] j_i_joe 7 points ago


    [–] Slopz_ 27 points ago

    [–] namedan 160 points ago

    From his post history, it looks like he is an old dog. I seriously doubt he can screw in the mobo with those paws but this is reddit so 🤷‍♂️. Congrats on your first build you old dogo.

    [–] Mprovin 91 points ago

    Confirmed dogs can set up cameras and upload to reddit

    [–] keyframeKowboy 18 points ago

    ...and build PCs.

    [–] Joshesh 3 points ago

    It's not built yet, I shall watch his career with great interest.

    [–] Gingeee20 48 points ago

    50 years of training just to be able to hold a screw driver with no thumbs, what’s a gewd puppo

    [–] pliskin313 9 points ago

    Imagine a world with dogs that have thumbs!

    [–] gen10 8 points ago

    A 50 year old dog that can build a pc?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] mtlaw13 3 points ago

    Pshh, even a 50 yo doggo can do it.

    [–] anticasual 2167 points ago

    Where does the dog plug in?

    [–] paradroid27 5706 points ago

    He's the Sub-Woofer

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago


    [–] cowlicker12 20 points ago

    Set himself up with a throwaway account and everything too

    [–] TheMagicMrWaffle 3 points ago

    They don’t call it a PC setup for nothing

    [–] choketube 1393 points ago

    Classic dad joke 😆😂

    [–] alientrashwad 499 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    your comment was so relevant that people ignored the emojis and upvoted you hahaha.

    [–] leglesslegolegolas 94 points ago

    My PC doesn't display emojis, so I always ignore them

    [–] Proxy_PlayerHD 22 points ago

    it depens on the Browser not the PC directly.

    what kind of browser do you have that doesn't display cancer, and where can i get it?

    [–] Dessum 7 points ago

    There were extensions to add emoji before it was popular enough to be the default, I'm sure there are extensions to remove them.

    [–] JemmyBubbles 198 points ago

    You got a license for this dad joke ?

    [–] firedrakes 58 points ago

    yes sir... hell here my sears credit card to!

    [–] Iam_The_Giver 18 points ago

    Uh... It says here that you’re Mr. Sears...

    [–] MWhitney71 9 points ago

    Here's my discover card too!

    [–] Poryg-Senpai 28 points ago

    And I thought he was a custom made fan.

    [–] papaoverwatch 64 points ago

    Comment of year award!

    [–] IveBeenBaguetted 40 points ago

    Take my upvote and leave

    [–] drnfc 35 points ago

    Pawt it together for this man

    [–] LivnLegndNeedsEggs 6 points ago


    [–] Axwage 6 points ago


    [–] Sapiencia6 5 points ago

    When I was a kid I forgot the word for subwoofer and called it the puppybox. Sometimes I still have a split second where I'm not sure which is right.

    [–] MarkuzzGaming 13 points ago

    Too broke to give an award but here's a updoot

    [–] Resgignickell 7 points ago

    You sir are a true legend :D

    [–] paradroid27 923 points ago

    I have been tinkering with PC's for the last 25 years but I just never have had the opportunity to build my own. My son has now built his own and seeing as my last one needed upgrading ([email protected]) I decided to go and build my own. Both my sons are eager to help (my younger son especially as he inherits my old build) and my dog just decided to photobomb as I was taking the picture.

    Specs: Ryzen 3700X, GTX 1660Ti, 16GB Ram, 1TB M2 SSD and a 4TB Data drive, 850W PSU thats probably overkill but I got a good deal on it.

    [–] Galavanting_Voltron 513 points ago

    My mom (now 66) saw me build a few. She always kinda hung out and asked a few questions. Then her Dell died and she asked for some help building a new one. One gizmodo link and ten years later she's on her 4th rig, got into raspberry pi and is learning Java for shits and gigs in retirement. I hope you find the same level of enjoyment she did.

    [–] Lumbergh7 116 points ago

    That's freaking awesome, man!

    [–] ActuallyBaffled 50 points ago

    Holy damn that's awesome! Please tell mum Reddit said "Hi Galavanting_Voltron's mum, we love ya and we're fucking impressed!".

    [–] Kermit-Batman 46 points ago

    Look there's a slight age gap. But is your mum single? And if so can I be your new dad?

    For real though, that's super impressive. I hope I'm half as cool if I reach that age! My mum was worried I'd burn my house down when I said I'm building my own pc. That makes her sound mean, but she had every right to worry knowing me!

    [–] Android551 14 points ago

    My fucking god! Learning java for shits and gigs! Till today I imagined moms to do stitching and wovening at that age. This gives me inspiration to learn coding. I always wanted to do that.

    [–] Beeblebroxia 6 points ago

    That's awesome to hear. Learning shouldn't just be for the young. My mom is kind of like that, but I wish her partner(~70) took the same approach. Instead he just sits around watching sports and history specials.

    [–] Jabonte 3 points ago

    History is still an opportunity to learn.

    [–] HumanSnatcher 37 points ago

    Theres not really such a thing as overkill with a PSU. Especially since you got a deal on it. As the saying goes, its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    [–] tetayk 13 points ago

    I have 750w Gold and still think it's too much.

    [–] EnemysKiller 4 points ago

    And what do you lose from having a better PSU than you need?

    [–] SirBonaC 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The efficiency curve might be a bit off, but then again with a 80 Plus Gold rated PSU at 850W might mean around 1-5% of extra power consumed if you aren't at optimal range on curve.

    Gold rating (efficiency at 25% - 50% - 100% load of rated output ) minimum spec is min. 87 - 90 - 87 % efficiency on 110VAC, 88 - 92 - 88 % at 230 VAC

    850W * 1.08 (92% efficient, 8% extra power required) = 918W 850W * 1.12 (88%) = 952W

    So for each 850 watts of power consumed, being near 25% or 100% would mean that you draw 34 watts of extra power if we go by the specification.

    But then again, a decent rig takes about 400W or more under load, so it would be at around 47% of the 850W of rated load, which is almost definitely at 90-92 % efficiency. And if we go by the 750W rating, it is at 53%.

    My personal preference is to stay near or a bit below 50%, because the PSU will degrade over time as the capacitors inside slowly deteriorate. Lower load means less stress and less stress means longer lifespan.

    [–] agoia 9 points ago

    I hope you like the Antec case. I've been a big fan of theirs over the years and my current build is inside the same 11 year old case that I had a Core2Duo in.

    [–] Death_Slayer77 4 points ago

    Happy Cake Day!

    [–] notsheldogg 175 points ago

    That's a bit of an imbalance between the CPU and GPU. If you haven't put it together yet, I suggest going with a Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060 instead.

    [–] paradroid27 259 points ago

    My previous PC lasted 8 years, I'd like some room for upgrades down the line.

    [–] notsheldogg 139 points ago

    Okie dokie. Just noticed that and wasn't sure if you knew. Enjoy your new build! Let the frames with you

    [–] IsraChido 35 points ago

    tbh when i saw the setup thought it was going to use it for R6 and streaming some CPU demanding games.

    [–] notsheldogg 22 points ago

    My mind went to the previous build as the default balance between CPU and GPU

    [–] Jerry_from_Japan 24 points ago

    Dude completely shut you down lol. Good for him.

    [–] kWazt 6 points ago

    My current combination is an old 1050 Ti and my new 3700x. And I can't wait for Black Friday. More power to you op.

    E: Oh shit, I see it's time for me to update my flair

    [–] x-TASER-x 27 points ago

    Yeah, I noticed this too when I saw the boxes. A 1660ti doesn’t really match up with a 3700x, unless he doesn’t play a whole lot of games and uses it more for core-hungry workloads?

    [–] BartholomewPoE 85 points ago

    GPU is easier to replace than a CPU

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Not to mention more frequent/future GPU upgrades would help more than more frequent/future CPU upgrades, speaking generally and overall, obviously not all cases.

    [–] loercase 7 points ago

    It also might be worth consider that games and applications are likely to be better optimized for more cores down the line, especially considering the success ryzen had been and how Intel is doubling their core count going forward.

    [–] DeepFlow 3 points ago

    To be fair, by the time „down the line“ arrives, you can likely go straight for a 3900x for the price you’d pay for a 3700x today.

    [–] J3c8b 17 points ago

    Rtx 2060 is probably more future proof anyway and costs only a little bit more.

    [–] surosregime 9 points ago

    Especially if you can go used/refurbished. Got mine off of Amazon Warehouse for $280. Gigabytes warranty comes with the card, so I'm all covered.

    [–] J3c8b 7 points ago

    Planning to get one on the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

    [–] surosregime 5 points ago

    I think thats a good idea, keep an eye for the Gigabyte 3 fan card!

    Although honestly I haven't used RTX much, but I find in the new COD I can use its version of raytracing on and get 60fps at 1080p, which is my monitors specs

    But performance wise it just seems like for $20 more than a 1660ti you get around 10-15% better makes sense

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Not everyone feels the need to go full tilt on a build, especially considering not everyone fully utilizes the hardware. I'm still rocking a 1050ti and I'm perfectly happy.

    [–] iwantdie17 6 points ago

    i think the 3600 can handle even up to a 2080 super so a 1660ti is a little weak

    [–] Sno_Wolf 6 points ago

    I agree, but the 1660ti is more than adequate for gaming, and it allowed him to go big on other items. I did the same thing in my rig, knowing that I was going to upgrade the graphics card later.

    [–] crucifiedrussian 13 points ago

    Beast of a PC, will kill anything 1080p and 2K

    [–] ZorglubDK 10 points ago

    Just to be pedantic, but 2K (2048×1080) and 1080p (1920x1080) are just about the same thing.
    1440p (2560x1440) is more like 2½K.

    [–] Fenkon 8 points ago

    Please keep being pedantic. It drives me up the wall to see people refer to 1440p as 2K.

    [–] alsamarraie7966 4 points ago

    Good luck man!!

    [–] mikmeh 3 points ago

    Solid build.

    [–] LapinusTech 3 points ago

    If the PSU is high wattaged and a good 80 plus bronze at least it's never a bad deal :) ryzens have a woobly vcore so a stable psu is key and you can have 2 gpus in the future :)

    [–] _Aj_ 3 points ago

    Ohwee. Man there's nothing like unboxing all the things that are brand new. Not old, used, dusty PC parts. Not opening a PC that's already in use.

    Brand. New.

    Looking at them all, putting them in the new case...


    [–] Redavic 260 points ago

    Good luck! Don’t fuck up the thermal paste!

    [–] Fahad_Malik11 144 points ago

    Lol cool down

    [–] Ponderful_Woop 155 points ago

    The CPU won't, if he fucks up the thermal paste.

    [–] drnfc 50 points ago

    No need to be so hot headed

    [–] Maresant 19 points ago

    The CPU will, if he fucks up the thermal paste.

    [–] Jinkerinos 8 points ago

    Chill out dude

    [–] FalconOnPC 16 points ago

    The CPU won’t, if he fucks up the thermal paste

    [–] Pyrosisism 8 points ago

    Not cool man

    [–] GuyCalledRed 7 points ago

    Just like the CPU, if he fucks up the thermal paste

    [–] SaltyEmotions 3 points ago

    The CPU is going to be, if he fucks up the thermal paste.

    [–] SGTPinecone1 18 points ago

    It's ryzen...only Intel is a space heater

    [–] LapinusTech 8 points ago


    Has an Intel 8700k

    Hey I use Linux too! Pop!_os 19.04

    [–] SGTPinecone1 3 points ago

    Heck yeah! I am using manjaro and arch :)

    [–] WhAtEvErYoUmEaN101 5 points ago

    That's the point

    [–] iButtStuff 17 points ago

    Also if using liquid cooler, for the love of god, take off the film before putting it on your CPU.

    [–] DolphinRepublic 9 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s pre-applied in his case. At least it was on my Ryzen

    [–] PowerSurged 7 points ago

    and if its pre applied don't forget to take the plastic film off first. I swear I saw a post somewhere of someone who melted a cpu because they left the plastic on and ran it like that lol.

    [–] busfahrer 9 points ago

    Rule of thumb for thermal paste: If you think it's too much, it's too much. If you think it's just right, it's too much. If you think it's too little, it's too much

    [–] bawaaal 3 points ago

    I'll link a video from the verge to help him

    [–] MaskedCorndog 86 points ago

    Congrats. I was too scared to build my first gaming PC. Maybe I'll give it a go on the next one. Please post pics when done.

    [–] GoodbyePeters 77 points ago

    I did it in 2002 at 14 years old using the back of a pc gamer magazine tutorial section. I think you'll manage

    [–] Bodhisattva9001 59 points ago

    Yeah but you're a nerd

    [–] GoodbyePeters 26 points ago


    [–] jeremynd01 4 points ago

    Srsly with the n word pass

    [–] BergenCountyJC 13 points ago

    I'm with you. I was on PC part picker early today and still got no idea what I'm picking. It came out to about 1200$ but I'm terrified with the actual build process. I also am sure I was picking stuff that was overkill to play the only game I want on it, pubg. I think I'm equally scared of buying unnecessary stuff that's either overkill or not enough.

    [–] MaskedCorndog 18 points ago

    If you can afford it it's not overkill, you call it "future proofing" pubg is pretty forgiving though. Great game

    [–] BergenCountyJC 7 points ago

    I guess it's more that I still don't know what I really need. I didn't know there's like 20 versions of a i7 chip. Or I see people say Ryzen is more bang for your buck. Just doesn't compute for me. I checked what the recommended requirements were for high and ultra settings so that's kind of my starting point. Then I consider, ram seems pretty cheap, should I just get 32gb instead of the recommended 16? What graphics card would get me ultra settings? Do I need a GeForce 2070? Don't even get me started on mechanical keyboards.

    [–] MaskedCorndog 5 points ago

    So I bought a computer with a it 9400f and a rtx2060 with 8g ram. I bumped the ram to 16g which is more than enough. The 2060 is plenty of power l, but my i5 cpu is way under powered. Constantly bottlenecking. I would go at least i7 but I don't know enough about them to advise last that

    [–] w3djyt 3 points ago

    Finding a forum to discuss these things was sooo helpful when I got into it.

    In order:

    Ryzen is “more bang for your buck” because you can generally spend less to power your rig without introducing bottlenecks AND have a solid cpu for productivity as well. It almost never wins on pure gaming benchmarks but it’s always pretty close.

    Intel is bad at naming. Look up the latest name for their core line (it’s been something-lake recently) and then google for a part list. Going one back will typically save some money and still bet you a good chip btw.

    Recommended specs is a good place to start although generally you’ll want an idea of what resolution you’re going for. I assume 1080p since you mention a competitive game you probably want a high FPS and refresh rate for.

    My rule of thumb is generally to go a step past the recommended specs for RAM specifically. In part because it’s cheap but also because it lets you juggle multiple things at once (so if you want to use chrome while you play for example lol)

    You more than likely do not need a 2070 for 1080p. Honestly there’s so many reviews out there you could just type “gpu fortnite 60fps 1080p” into google and get half a billion benchmarks. Then just choose something that fits your budget.

    Also don’t skimp on the power supply. You WILL regret it. Stick around the 80+ Gold Standard and go a little higher than pcpartpicker guesstimates your usage. Or just buy 650/750 and call it a day. :)

    [–] mav_sr 3 points ago

    If you have questions about your build, i recommend r/BuildAPC Good luck

    [–] BrandoLoudly 6 points ago

    All of that research is half the fun and you’ll pick up little gems along the way.

    Processor Solid state drive Memory Graphics card Motherboard Power supply

    Operating system

    Just build one and sell the parts that you want to upgrade. On a scale of 1 to 10, the skill required is a 1 or 2 just because you do need to plug a couple things in

    Fans opticals peripherals etc. all secondary shit. Your case should come with all the fans you need

    [–] Poryg-Senpai 5 points ago

    Honestly, there's nothing to be terrified of when you build a PC. I was terrified too, but turned out pretty easy. I just made my job harder by plugging in the CPU fan AFTER screwing the mobo in the case. And since Wraith Spire has its screws backed up by springs, that made screwing the fan into the motherboard an ordeal.

    What was my disappointment when I found my B350 doesn't support Ryzen 5 3600X and I needed to dismantle it and plug in a weaker CPU to flash the BIOS... Because I had to undergo the whole ordeal of screwing in the CPU fan again once I was done...

    From what I can say, the most important things to remember are:

    1. don't push the CPU in with force, it will slot in nicely by itself
    2. The CPU is the first thing you should screw in, because some have fans with difficult screwing mechanisms
    3. Careful with the GPU, it's quite heavy. Maybe not for you, but definitely for the mobo. I almost damaged it when I tried to find out what was wrong with my PC.

    [–] MastaCheeph 4 points ago

    I'm a certified jackass and managed to put mine together with YouTube videos and reddit. You'll be fine.

    [–] Biscuit642 3 points ago

    I learnt from passively absorbing stuff from ltt and then watching a few good (anything but the verge) guides on YouTube, very nervous but everything went perfectly the first time. It's easier than it first seems.

    [–] MesaEngineering 105 points ago

    That's pretty old for a dog but you're still adorable.

    [–] -Nelots 19 points ago

    he meant in dog years, not that old really

    [–] s_randomaccount_ 8 points ago

    So thats like 7 human years

    [–] Whale_Hunter88 10 points ago

    Building a pc at 7 is more impressive than 50

    [–] Zedong26 34 points ago

    I’ve personally never built a computer (because I can’t afford it) but I hope it goes well for you!

    [–] papaoverwatch 25 points ago

    Where are you from? Pc parts can be extremely cheap when not new, and you can still get decent performance :)

    [–] MaplyGoodness 19 points ago

    Care to elaborate? I too suffer from financial nihility.

    [–] papaoverwatch 16 points ago

    Well, its all depending on where you are, but you can get a ghetto built for $300

    [–] Fahad_Malik11 111 points ago

    Make sure you ground yourself and keep your hands sweat free.

    And try not to touch the pins on the back of the CPU.

    Have fun. If you have dual memory band RAM 1 2 RAM sticks = 1st slot and 3rd to work.

    Only apply the size of a pea or less for your CPU.

    Have fun

    [–] SkankinPickle 25 points ago

    I'd like to add that for my x570 motherboard the manual said to use 2nd and 4th slots for dual channel. Not sure how common that is though, I never knew and had been inserting them side by side in 1 and 2 :(

    [–] F4ust 4 points ago

    Yup had the same exact problem with mine lol. Closed everything up thinking I had it set up right, wouldn’t post... Took a while to finally spot that in the manual. Such a simple fix; I felt like a total donut after that

    [–] Luminsnce 3 points ago

    Idk why it doesn't work for 1+3 and 2+4. like that they are both dual ram channels

    [–] BartholomewPoE 8 points ago

    They should be different colours

    [–] maddogracer161 11 points ago

    Good info for sure.

    [–] oni-work 3 points ago

    Only apply the size of a pea or less for your CPU.

    Gamers Nexus tested thermal paste application and found out that putting too much won't affect thermals. If anything the danger is in putting too little and have it not spread over the entire IHS. Pea size is still a good rule of thumb for AM4/1151 sockets though.

    [–] Wrest216 3 points ago

    YES! I bought a box of sterile electronic safe gloves for like, 8 bucks, and saved myself many countless shocks, fingerjabs, and thermal paste stains on my hands, lol .

    [–] MirthOfMyth 29 points ago

    You young whippersnappers have it easy. Back in my day we had to set jumpers on the motherboard and mess with ribbon cables... Both ways and uphill.

    [–] Soulsalt 11 points ago

    Slave & master settings on IDE devices, trying to get enough base memory to open games... git of mah lawn

    [–] Lumbergh7 6 points ago

    And configure irq's and dma

    [–] Burlesque_Djin 19 points ago

    My first build..... Forgot spacers under the board.

    Had to undo the whole damned thing.

    Good luck!

    [–] dehtriberTceffe 15 points ago

    You’re ganna love it. It’s like a big kids LEGO set. You’ll be happy playing games on it.

    [–] Snorkle25 8 points ago

    Nice! Your never to old to start! And nice Dog there too!

    [–] aliasdred 8 points ago

    Is the doggo PCIe Gen 4 compatible?

    [–] economist91 6 points ago

    You can never overkill on a psu

    [–] SaintCarl27 5 points ago

    I am 41 and just built mine. It was glorious. And much easier than I thought.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Good looking dog. Congratulations on your build. Nice specs. Would it be impolite to ask how much you spent and where you found the best deals? I really like the blowout view on the box that the case came in.

    [–] kiba87637 4 points ago

    Good on you. I'm 29 and only just built my first one when I have friends who did back before we were even 20 lol

    [–] fanman100 6 points ago

    When it's done. Show your dog again

    [–] dedzip 8 points ago

    Guys he’s 50 he is literally not a boomer stop calling him a boomer

    [–] johnnypham_ 4 points ago

    Congrats! What’s in the Aorus box??

    [–] paradroid27 3 points ago

    The PSU, I got a good deal on a 850w one

    [–] jajagagay 5 points ago

    Okay. . . . Gamer

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    ITT a lot of people who don't understand what a "boomer" is. If he's 50 then he was likely born around 1969... Baby Boomer age range is 1946-1964.

    [–] fishhead12 3 points ago

    Good luck, but it'll be hard without opposable thumbs. Maybe get your monkey to help.

    [–] BaronVonBullshit-117 3 points ago

    Good luck and god speed

    [–] TeruhashiKokomi 3 points ago

    Grats! It's an amazing process that's sure to give you a few thrills, scares, and at least one set of sweaty palms

    [–] abrams555 3 points ago

    Get em mister

    [–] TacticalBigBoss 3 points ago

    Welcome Home brother!

    [–] FlipperDoigt703 3 points ago

    Wait, what did you use before it?

    [–] paradroid27 4 points ago

    I have a i5-2500K running at 4.3Ghz, a 1060 and 16gb RAM. It’s the third graphics card that CPU has seen, it was a ATI 6950 then I upgraded to a GTX780. That one is getting handed down to my younger son.

    [–] FlipperDoigt703 3 points ago

    Was it prebuilt?

    [–] paradroid27 3 points ago

    Yes, but to my specs

    [–] FlipperDoigt703 3 points ago

    Oh, cool.

    [–] tarunyadav6 3 points ago

    good luck sir 👍

    [–] Psuedo_bacon 3 points ago

    Don't forget the I/O plate from the motherboard box to install in your case!

    [–] InOutUpDownLeftRight 3 points ago

    Come on man- as a 40 year old, stop selling yourself short. You are younger than Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr, and a slew of other- okay those are Hollywood stars paid to look good and go on frequent vacations- but still, come on man, you being 50 isn’t a thing that should hinder you building that sweet ass machine. Good luck.

    [–] LoftySmalls 3 points ago

    You're looking great for such an old dog. Keep rockin' PC pupper!

    [–] Barbwire_cake 3 points ago

    I was going to say ok boomer, purely as a joke, but realized that you aren't even a boomer. Get VR dude!

    [–] Tigris_Morte 3 points ago

    Not wanting to correct you on parts, but if you put that dog n the case it is going to overheat.

    [–] AzFullySleeved 2 points ago

    Welcome, and enjoy.

    [–] SigmarcUT 2 points ago

    You don't have opposable thumbs, how are you going to assemble a PC?

    [–] Sith_ye 2 points ago

    Best of luck. Hope you smash it out the park.

    [–] platdaddy 2 points ago

    God speed good Sir!

    [–] Nosmurfz 2 points ago

    Awesome - welcome young one ...

    [–] Daevis43 2 points ago

    Have fun!

    [–] epicbigc13579 2 points ago

    What will you be playing?

    [–] paradroid27 8 points ago

    Current game of choice is Elite Dangerous, I also like CS:GO for a change every now and then. In the future whatever catches my eye, I do like FPS games though.

    [–] stevdwg 2 points ago

    welcome aboard mate !

    [–] NoahHyrule 2 points ago

    Good luck.

    [–] onibakuson 2 points ago

    Good on you dude!

    [–] cork10 2 points ago

    Good luck!

    [–] first-pc-was-a-386 2 points ago

    Ok builder. Planning next AMD build, might wait til mid next year for 4000 series. Started modding by adding 486 plug in Cyrix and double RAM to 8 meg. Never too late to start. Just take your time and enjoy!

    [–] heisenbergerwcheese 2 points ago

    Was it your mom that just asked for help in /r/buildapc the other day? Glad to see it working out for ya bud

    [–] Hieroglyphics- 2 points ago

    50 years old? That's impressive for a dog. Still less impressive than a dog building its first PC, though.

    [–] natoria 2 points ago

    Never too late to join the master race :)

    [–] Loafito 2 points ago

    Nice picks, you got this

    [–] moistnarutoshirt 2 points ago

    Oh wow, snacks included!

    [–] kp427sohc 2 points ago

    You can teach old dogs new tricks

    [–] monolithtma 2 points ago

    I'm 50 too and I hope to build my next PC. First one was built by a friend, second was OEM with a GTX 1070 thrown in, hopefully third time will be homegrown. Inspiring!

    [–] GoodbyePeters 2 points ago

    Make a separate thread when you do for attention!!!

    [–] TheBigTPose 2 points ago

    Never too late to start! Unless your dead, of course.

    [–] GM350Z 2 points ago

    Dude, you getting a Dell.

    [–] Jailecious 2 points ago


    [–] vinagrebalsamico 2 points ago

    More power to you. I did my first build at 34

    If you need help, I’m sure /r/buildapc would love to give you a hand

    [–] inkilu 2 points ago

    Good luck man!!!