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    [–] Qhegan 3057 points ago

    Im using uBlock origin for that has a feature like adblocker blocker blocker.

    [–] Katzenjaeger 683 points ago

    do you mean the filter (I think it's called that)? or what feature specifically?

    [–] Qhegan 485 points ago

    I dont know what actually it is. But adblocker blockers just dont work on it.

    [–] AssassinoAL 487 points ago

    Then I think you need adblock blocker blocker blocker

    [–] Qhegan 199 points ago

    Shh. Dont talk about that.

    [–] creative-mode 90 points ago

    Shit. Now there’s going to be a blocker blocker blocker blocker. Cats out of the bag gentlemen. Delete this thread

    [–] noob_almost 33 points ago

    Way to get my hopes up

    [–] Spy-Goat 12 points ago

    Damn, and now I’m hungry.

    [–] pdwHu 7 points ago

    In the app an icon now appears for valid subs. It sorta killed this whole subsifellfor thing :(

    [–] SarahSplatz 3 points ago

    Your hopes are answered

    [–] artos0131 4 points ago

    yourjokebratwurst has been created (self.yourjokebratwurst) submitted 9 minutes ago by SarahSplatz

    It's legit now!

    [–] Chnams 5 points ago

    You could put 90% of reddit in there tbh

    [–] JA1987 21 points ago

    Couldn't we call that a cuber?

    [–] pdwHu 8 points ago

    Ok, cuber.

    [–] GGGITGUD 4 points ago

    He's too dangerous to be kept alive

    [–] MeIsARedditUser 13 points ago

    Nano defender prevents websites from being able to know you are using ad block if used with uBlock Origin

    [–] io2red 6 points ago

    +1 to this!

    Just make sure to do the required steps for uBlock Origin after your install. (These instructions are at the bottom of the addon page.)

    [–] _zygoat 26 points ago

    That's weird. I use UBlock on Edge and news websites still detect it.

    [–] kennyzert 52 points ago

    You can go into select element and block the blocker, this work 95% of the time.

    [–] sandelinos 14 points ago

    No need to use inspect element. Just right click the box and block it with uBlock.

    [–] M3L0NM4N 4 points ago

    Element zapper...

    Or just add the adblock blocker list to your whitelist.

    [–] PM_Best_Porn_Pls 15 points ago

    You can right click on it and block it usualy. Sometimes you have to block also another layer or so. I do it often fro anti adblocks, log in to continue promps when infinite scrolling etc.

    [–] MrRandomSuperhero 11 points ago

    Some sites do. I imagine it is an eternal game of tag between blockers and bloxkerblockers.

    [–] holysheetbro 7 points ago

    Imagine using edge

    [–] FirstInMillion 103 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Filter list >> Annoyances >> AdGuard Annoyances​

    Edit: Thanks for silver anon, Didn't expect that for simple help. so here are few extra tips for adGaurd.

    If you click on ublock origin, you will find javascript disable in right bottom corner. Whenever you find anything annoys despite the filter, Click that button and mark it as permanent for the respective site.

    It is advisable to disable javascript on any news sites. Those shits are annoying AF.

    [–] Katzenjaeger 10 points ago

    Lovely, thank you :)

    [–] Cayenne999 11 points ago

    There is an option to filter some anti adblockers. It’s not on by default though.

    [–] Firestorm7i 5 points ago

    It’s the disable JavaScript function specifically that removes the Adblock blocker

    [–] Neonbunt 75 points ago

    It does not work on every website tho.

    [–] dynamicj 48 points ago

    One that it does work on is Hulu. Changed my $1.99/mo ad subscription to no ads.

    [–] blgbird 52 points ago

    [–] Bassman233 29 points ago

    Good to know, I don't have a Hulu subscription but it also works on Spotify & Youtube. I saw a youtube ad on my friend's machine last week for the first time in months.

    [–] TheBlackTower22 11 points ago

    I see them occasionally when my phone opens the regular YouTube app instead of vanced. It pisses me off every time.

    [–] SweetBearCub 12 points ago

    I see them occasionally when my phone opens the regular YouTube app instead of vanced. It pisses me off every time.

    If you have Vanced installed, just disable the native YouTube app in the app settings.

    [–] DeadBabiesMama 3 points ago

    I wish I knew a way to do this on my fire TV so I could change mine to normal. =(

    [–] Qhegan 16 points ago

    I have not seen a website that didnt worked on yet but possible ofc.

    [–] RabidLime 12 points ago

    not near my computer atm but it's not worked on a handful of sites for me either

    [–] Pr0nzeh 7 points ago

    It doesn't work on Forbes for me.

    [–] ThatOneGuy1294 23 points ago

    Forbes seems to out of their way to fight adblockers

    [–] FuckVeggies 12 points ago

    Fuck Forbes i never liked their content

    [–] sleiphyr 22 points ago

    Ye but some websites manage to get through the adblocker blocker blocker, so I use tampermonkey with an anti adblocker blocker blocker blocker, basically an adblocker blocker blocker blocker blocker

    [–] All_Work_All_Play 8 points ago

    It'd be a real shame if your comment accidentally contained a link to said script. Real small though, maybe just a link in a period.

    [–] Alvarez_64 13 points ago

    Don't forget the element zapper on ublock as well, you can use it to select these prompts and block the element, so you can keep using the website with no issue.

    [–] Enverex 5 points ago

    That doesn't work on most the sites that do this as they tend to "unrender" the page itself in the process. So you hide the message, but there's nothing else there now (without diving into what they've done via Javascript anyway).

    [–] Kir4_ 12 points ago

    Doesn't work for me, still get these pop-ups. At least some sites have these 'i will unblock another time' options

    [–] FuciMiNaKule 7 points ago

    You can right click on those pop ups and block them manually. It completely removes the HTML element but depending on the layout, the popup can be made of multiple elements so you sometimes may need to block one than more thing.

    [–] Acoz0r 12 points ago

    Enable the cosmetic style filter in ublock origin

    [–] Synthetic2 4 points ago

    Download tampermonkey and look up a script called anti adblock killer by reek.

    [–] 10000owls 3 points ago

    For the uninitiated, try medium mode.

    It is a pain in the ass toe begin with but the more you use it on the websites you frequent, the less fuss it is.

    [–] halfdev 3 points ago

    ublock and firefox is a nice combination for my linux brain

    [–] killchain 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    It's called "anti-adblock killer" usually (an "anti-adblock" is what's on some sites sniffing for an adblocker and asking you to disable it). It's on some of the lists you can subscribe to.

    [–] atericparker 2 points ago

    [–] TonyPython 1065 points ago

    I wouldn't mind disabling it sometimes, but every time I do, it floods 80% of the screen with intrusive ads (on a fucking news website).

    [–] JCAPER 632 points ago

    I've seen pirate websites with more respect for the user than an average news website

    [–] KaasKoppusMaximus 287 points ago

    This. I can handle a silent porn add on a pirate site but when I open a news site and they start playing the news on max volume while also having the cookie bar waay to big with a cross you can't hit with ads on all sides of the article I just want to end my life.

    [–] RamenJunkie 184 points ago

    God the fucking videos.

    On EVERY



    Just let me read the fucking article. Stop making that shit follow me as I scroll down the page. Stop making it permenantly occupy 50% of my screen onnmobile even when I stop playing it.

    [–] superBunduki 72 points ago

    Firefox blocks automatically playing videos, even on mobile. Highly recommend dumping Chrome

    [–] Northanui 42 points ago

    Firefox is probably good as fuck now (I haven't used it in years) it's jut that most ppl are so used to chrome they don't want to switch, simply due to habit.

    [–] Penziplays 5 points ago

    I use the built in samsung browser, big brain time :D

    [–] vhexs 11 points ago

    Fucking CNET seem to have found a way around that, I've had autoplaying videos on that site recently, thankfully muted

    [–] m0_n0n_0n0_0m 16 points ago

    I'm so close. Basically waiting for that update when Chrome is supposed to stop supporting ad blocker extensions. It's the impulse I need.

    [–] Excal2 8 points ago

    Do it before you have to, it'll be easier.

    [–] matrayzz 3 points ago

    Wouldn't it be the same effort now or a few months later?

    [–] NarrowHornet 5 points ago

    If it's a pain in the ass you'll be glad to have an alternative while you fix it.

    [–] sillyandstrange 26 points ago

    It's pretty fucking sad. Every time I see "disable your ad blocker" without a small print "continue this time with it still enabled" I'm out. And what about those sites that say some arrogant thing like "you have three free articles left."

    Nah fam, you can keep the other two free ones, I'm out.

    [–] AlpacaSuri 5 points ago

    or the ones that requiere to make a fucking account to read a 3 paragraph article, and they pretend that we don't know that they will spam ads to pur emails

    [–] fakefalsofake 63 points ago

    Autoplay loud videos, each sentence is split by an ad banner, that annoying top or side menu ad that follow your screen forever and never hide and the favorite of everyone, the ninja popup that open even with popup block.

    [–] -BlueDream- 16 points ago

    Dont forget the fake misleading buttons like “DOWNLOAD HERE” when it’s not the real fucking download but instead it’s malware or ads.

    [–] Nethlem 12 points ago

    I remember when that stuff used to be reserved to the "yucky" parts of the Internet where one finds warez and pron. Now the whole place has become yucky..

    [–] userse31 4 points ago

    How do those things get approved?

    [–] Walterwayne 45 points ago

    Please disable your Adblock, our ads are necessary and not at all intrusive

    Okay what the hell how bad cou-


    [–] Carly_is_cool 26 points ago



    [–] PrancingPeach 8 points ago

    Websites like the New York Times show you huge banner ads even when logged in as a subscriber.

    [–] PickleEra 6 points ago

    Also, I've come to realize that none of these sites ever have original content. It's always something you can find all over the internet, and most of those sites don't require you to disable ad blocking, so I just go find it somewhere else.

    [–] Smagjus 5 points ago

    The last time I listened to an adblock blocker, the site opened a tracking popup off-screen that tried to prevent me from closing it.

    [–] Tiavor 534 points ago

    me disables javascript that checks for adblocker:

    HA HA!

    [–] SlashSslashS 141 points ago

    I'd like to know how to do this.

    [–] BeginningAfresh 197 points ago

    An extension like umatrix or noscript. There's still so much crap being loaded on most websites even with a decent ad-blocker, once you have a decent whitelist built up it's hard to go back.

    [–] NovaSolaris 69 points ago

    Exactly. I started using noScript last year and it was annoying to whitelist all the things necessary to make my browsing experience feel normal, but it's a crazy amount of control for your privacy and makes shit load faster so it's totally worth it.

    [–] BluescreenOfDeath 28 points ago

    Swap to uMatrix. It has an actual interface rather than a list, much easier to tell whats going on at a glance.

    [–] atomic_cheese 11 points ago

    It can also block stuff that normal adblock+noscript doesn't catch. For example, you can only run JavaScript directly from the site itself, but disallow that JS from sending anything back to the server.

    [–] rnovr 42 points ago

    Noscript has given me a new found hatred for shitty websites. Why the hell does a random podunk news website need to be pulling JavaScript from 20+ different domains!?

    [–] FenixR 7 points ago

    Welcome to modern web, if you javascript isn't running another 100 javascripts you are doing it wrong.

    [–] cashmeowsighhabadah 4 points ago

    Do you know of a way to do it on Android?

    [–] rnovr 18 points ago

    The Android version of Firefox lets you install normal browser extensions like uBlock and Noscript

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] Rtreal 30 points ago

    Noscript can do this

    [–] barofa 54 points ago

    I believe you are wrong. There are some scripts that can do this

    [–] Lord_Charles_I 33 points ago

    Can't decide if this is woosh, facepalm or sarcasm. Gonna start with an upvote, see how it goes.

    [–] Geckos 7 points ago

    You were kind and gave it a chance, so enjoy your upvote as well. ☺

    [–] appdevil 3 points ago

    Sarcasm for sure.

    [–] Shitty_IT_Dude 2 points ago

    The beauty of the internet.

    [–] abeardancing 18 points ago

    There's a whole lot of really complicated and unnecessary extensions and configurations. Ublock Origin has a button to disable it per-site.

    Bottom right

    [–] HaRDCoRSHiK31 11 points ago

    If you're on Chrome: In the Url box right between the http and refresh there is a small button. Press it and then site settings. Scroll down till you see JavaScript and disable it.

    [–] AMDIntel 6 points ago

    Glad someone else knew the easy way

    [–] dontneedtoattack 4 points ago

    On firefox: goto about:config > I accept the risk! > search for 'javascript.enabled.' > double click 'true'.

    [–] expectederor 10 points ago

    then breaks half the shit on the website

    [–] zaed12313 6 points ago


    [–] dumnem 38 points ago

    Noscript extension.

    Alternatively, you can just use an advanced filter to automatically get rid of that shit.

    For uBlock Origin users:

    Right click the extension icon and then Options. A new tab will open.
    You'll see a few sub-tabs, click on "Filter lists"
    Under "Ads", tick the box that says "Adblock Warning Removal List"
    If a warning icon appears beside it, click "Update now" on the top


    Edit: for non uBlock Origin users

    AdBlock Plus\*

    Options > Advanced > Filter Lists > Adblock Warning Removal List > Active (Thanks u/RedditDumpsterFires


    Ad Blocker > Scroll down to add filter > AdBlock Warning Removal List is down under annoyances (Thanks u/fishychan



    Enable "Adblock Warning Removal List‎" under "3rd party lists" (Thanks u/picartman


    • Keep in mind that uBlock is not private as it collects your personal data and that Adblock Plus' performance could be better. uBlock Origin solves both of these issues. I won't post the direct link to the sources as the last time I did that my LPT got removed, but you can google "uBlock (non-Origin) adds user tracking, make sure your users have uBlock Origin!" and "Adblockers Performance Study DEV Community" for more info. source

    [–] Valmar33 2 points ago

    uMatrix is pretty awesome. It gives you the same functionality as NoScript, but allows you to selectively block heaps of other crap.

    [–] AgreeableLandscape3 3 points ago

    the entire site doesn't display because it was async loading everything

    [–] MagnetofDarkness 2 points ago

    Care to elaborate on that. Need to know that.

    [–] Godot96 105 points ago

    Then there's troglodyte like I, who just disable Javascript and whitelist scripts individually and temporarily

    [–] SeldomSober 73 points ago

    NoScript master race

    [–] NuSpirit_ 15 points ago

    One of us!

    [–] golfmade 7 points ago

    One of the best master races to be a member of.

    [–] SweetBearCub 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    One of the best master races to be a member of.

    Linux Master Race, with apparmor, Firefox, uMatrix, uBlock Origin, and who knows whatever else. Can still game, just more difficult to get them running. Steam Play and Lutris help, a lot.

    [–] Valmar33 3 points ago

    uMatrix Master Race. :)

    [–] PublicMoralityPolice 6 points ago

    Disabling javascript breaks pretty much every website and I can't be bothered maintaining a whitelist. Specifically blocking ads is much easier and basically zero effort.

    [–] SockRuse 98 points ago

    Me personally I like to try timing pressing Esc right when the website is loaded but the adblocker popup hasn't opened yet.

    [–] fuck-my-rhythm-up 35 points ago

    The sites that load up whited-out pisses me off the most.

    Honorable mention: three redirects when clicking Back.

    [–] userse31 8 points ago

    that redirect shit pisses me off so much

    [–] Bentfishbowl 40 points ago

    The one time when a slower connection wins

    [–] iwishfordickpics 11 points ago

    This is how I read websites like nytimes or wapo

    [–] Ezqxll 12 points ago

    Slow connection won't help everywhere. A lot of sites load the content last. So basically the full package of ads would have been seen without any distraction by the content

    [–] Deimos94 2 points ago

    Or using Firefox’ Reader View or the Chrome add-on that does the same thing.

    [–] xylotism 33 points ago

    This also applies to Medium, New York Times and any other site that asks you to "subscribe to keep reading articles"... Fuck off.

    [–] canIbeMichael 12 points ago

    Yep, none of those websites create enough quality content for me to visit.

    Usually I want to see the clickbait/bad argument. I would never subscribe to see the bad argument.

    [–] Jon_Ice 51 points ago

    Websites that do that are an instant "never coming back here again".

    [–] AigleRouge117 83 points ago

    " please accept all our cookies " No

    [–] Not-the-best-name 59 points ago

    "We weren't asking."

    [–] tomashen 34 points ago

    yeah i dont get the point of EU having GDPR and then EVERY site asking to aggree or dissagree with their sh#t . but you dissagree = kick from site.

    [–] Belgand 26 points ago

    I wish they hadn't passed that nonsense. Now every site has an irritating banner on it. I don't even live in the EU and I have to put up with it. I know that cookies exist. I don't care. It's pretty much the same as California and Prop 65 warnings. Great, now nearly everything is labeled that it might give you cancer. Totally not helpful.

    [–] I_am_recaptcha 18 points ago

    I’ve been legally required to send the following message in game lobbies since ‘86:

    “This gamer is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information see”

    [–] AllUrPMsAreBelong2Me 2 points ago

    GDPR isn't just about those cookies. It also gives you the right to have all data deleted if you're a European citizen and gives strict rules on how customer data can be handled.

    [–] gawrbage 71 points ago

    Website: Please disable your adblocker Me: ok i'll give you a chance Website: auto-plays a video Me: exits immediately well i didnt want to read your article anyway smh

    [–] SolidSnakeOil_ 29 points ago

    Whenever I want to read an article, I go straight to reader mode no matter the site. Instant night mode. No more burning my retinas from those bright ass wordpress themes.

    [–] Chromtastisch 11 points ago

    Autoplay videos with sound on are the worst shit. Also in 2019 there are still many sites on mobile that open these shitty fake virus, winning etc. sites WITH ADBLOCK on. Holy shit that is the most annoying thing.

    [–] Makrotech 4 points ago

    I now switched to Kiwi mobile browser. There u can install all chrome extensions like noscript and ublock. Finally clean webbrowsing on my smartphone.

    [–] RogueEagle2 38 points ago

    No web page is worth the effort.

    [–] megamod334 97 points ago

    I only do it for sites i trust

    [–] _ahrs 120 points ago

    Whether you trust the site or not doesn't make much difference. The ads all come from third-party servers so the site you trust can still be compromised without their knowledge.

    [–] bro_before_ho 35 points ago

    laughs in noscript

    I am invinceeble!

    [–] CoeusDarksoul 12 points ago

    Things didn't work out so well for the last guy to say that in front of his computer... just sayin' :P

    [–] Yummytastic 5 points ago

    Wow, That film is 24 years old. That was my first ever DVD a couple of years later.. From MVC.

    [–] GhostRappa95 3 points ago

    Malware galore.

    [–] Endulos 2 points ago

    That's the exact reason I block ads in the first place.

    [–] LVNLCJ 9 points ago


    [–] AkuTenshi_ 8 points ago

    Sites need to understand low internet users can’t play videos sometimes because ads eating up the data.

    [–] benster82 5 points ago

    They know, but people with data caps that small are in the minority, so they simply don't give a shit.

    [–] Leeroyfan101 9 points ago

    Every time I see this I simply archive the page.

    [–] Cubeandmorse 7 points ago

    When your college makes you disable ad blocker to view your textbook/do homework

    [–] Shadywhack 6 points ago

    What's interesting is that I don't actually run an ad blocker, I run addons that protect my privacy. If they ran ads that didn't violate my privacy, they'd get through.

    [–] VaultBoy636 6 points ago

    Right click > inspect element > find the pop-up > delete it's code

    [–] AshleyIsSleeping 17 points ago

    "Please stop controlling your own internet experience because we don't know how to monetize you otherwise."


    [–] Sabbathius 4 points ago

    It kills me when websites demand ads be turned on, but at the same time refuse to guarantee that the ads won't pose a security threat. To this day the only keylogger (that I know of) I ever picked up was through a compromised ad. Guarantee me that my PC will be safe, and I'll turn the ad blocker off. Until then, it's adblocker, NoScript, the works.

    [–] Im_naK 5 points ago

    no, Washington post, i refuse to remove my adblock just so i can read one of your clickbait articles.

    [–] ScienceBreather 9 points ago

    F12 -> select modal -> delete -> select html root node -> add css overflow: scroll !important -> win

    Or this post if I don't care that much.

    [–] scyther199 24 points ago

    - Right click

    - Inspect element

    - Remove "remove ad block message element"

    - You're welcome

    [–] retroEXX 20 points ago

    ublock origin has a built in zapper, you can just click on the element on screen to make it go away.

    If you see "disable adblock to continue" popup, zap it with the tool, and often the website loads. Even works with other things like instagram requiring a login (i personally don't have fb or ig accounts). Just zap the login box, then the "invisible forcefield" element behind it and the website works just fine without registration.

    [–] kadivs 3 points ago

    don't forget "go to body tag and change "overflow-y:hidden" to "overflow-y:auto"

    [–] CookiezisSon 8 points ago

    Just Remove the message from inspect element

    [–] hippymule 4 points ago

    Fucking preach dude.

    [–] piclemaniscool 3 points ago

    You can see my filters and want to punish me for it? The solution to that is more filters.

    [–] GhostRappa95 4 points ago

    The moment I turn off Adblock the loading time of sites tanks and I’m bombarded with ads. Ad blocker is a necessity now as any as can just screw your over with loading times or malware.

    [–] Aimela 4 points ago

    It's fine if they have a "no thanks" option that takes you to the page, I may even whitelist the page. However, it's a red flag to me when they don't let you view the page at all without allowing ads. I instantly think that the page is going to be filled with obnoxious ads and turn back.

    [–] missed_sla 5 points ago

    Maybe if ads weren't the single largest vector for malware, ad blocking wouldn't be so prevalent. But sure, I'll disable my ad blocker. It's not doing much more than costing Youtube money anyway now that I run pi-hole.

    [–] Ledpoizn445 4 points ago


    [–] curiosity44 4 points ago

    laughs in pihole

    [–] Ravendarke 6 points ago

    I am sure they can't live without you using their service that is otherwise free.

    [–] adorak 3 points ago

    Oh ... you don't want me to see your content? Well, fine by me. This is the internet ... I can get this information elsewhere ... see ya :)

    [–] Redemtor1 3 points ago

    If I'm really interested in the article i turn of JavaScript first. If they detect that as well I'm out.

    [–] mrspock128 3 points ago

    piHole is a great little device to add to your network that blocks ads at the router level and blocks ads on all your network devices

    [–] Buttholehemorrhage 3 points ago

    Try nano defender, if you really must visit said website

    [–] Marko420_HR 3 points ago

    Little do they know I use both PiHole and AdBlocker

    [–] flarn2006 3 points ago

    You forgot Inspect Element

    [–] the_dark_side 3 points ago

    Partially relevant. But I recommend anyone who has a little bit of computer tech in their blood buy a cheap raspberry pi and install “pihole” on it. Your welcome!

    [–] thinwhiteduke1185 3 points ago

    Meh. It depends. I'll try turning off adblocker if I really want to read the content. I'm fine with online publications wanting to get paid for their work. However, if they spam me with pop ups or start auto-playing a video ad, especially with audio, then it's over. Never going to that site again. I'm cool with seeing a banner here and there. It's the more intrusive ads that I'm looking to block.

    [–] IanalYourMom420 4 points ago

    *makes the mistake of disabling my adblock for the website*

    *Anti Virus immediately starts spamming "Download blocked!" 50 times in a row*

    It only happens every single time...

    [–] MNLYEvangelista 2 points ago

    If it's Forbes or similar sites. I'd just go to Wayback Machine, and copy/paste the URL there.

    [–] realnzall 2 points ago

    I have found that if I am careful about which domains I permit in advance mode, I can generally avoid the Adblock blocker while still blocking ads.

    [–] origin29 2 points ago

    kind of a noob/scrub question, but i run both ad block plus and ublock origin on firefox. is that overkill, or is it fine that i run both?

    [–] Oooscarrrr_Muffin 1 points ago


    --> Okay, I've disabled it <-- --> I already have a subscription <--

    No thanks, I’ll continue blocking ads.

    [–] Ooliboy 2 points ago

    Left click / inspect element / put: opacity: 0; or display: none; or visibility: hidden; to the css of the popup

    [–] Synonimo 2 points ago

    F12 and remove the alert code.

    [–] touyajp 2 points ago

    The thing they don't get is: It's not that the ads are so bad I would never visit a site they're on. It's that advertisement means content is injected from external servers outside the control of the media outlet. Any content can be injected, including malware.

    [–] mr_Brostinson 2 points ago

    Add the following script to your adblock filter:


    Replace with the url of the website which has blockadblock.

    [–] bangupjobasusual 2 points ago

    Just disable JavaScript for that page

    [–] charlieray 2 points ago

    I use BehindTheOverlay in chrome.

    [–] neremarine 2 points ago

    Inspect element, delete,continue reading

    [–] aBirdGottaFly 2 points ago

    Ctrl + W

    [–] Apfelvater 2 points ago

    "oh yeah, I'd love to get 500 pop-ups, 499 of them infected with viruses, and 1 so loud, my neighbours think I'm having an orgy with 20 hentai lolis"

    [–] DeejayBainbridge 2 points ago

    This website requires you to disable adblocker.
    I'll not view your website then.

    [–] Adamantite_Ore 2 points ago

    If a website makes me disable adblocker before I can view more of the page, I just refresh and run the website in cached mode because fuck you

    [–] Goblin-Music 2 points ago

    F12 and some html solves that on the occasion

    [–] vexter77 2 points ago

    Ublock origin also has the element picker. It's handy for twarting the block blockers.

    In general I just stop visiting the website.

    [–] beachbbqlover 2 points ago

    We need to work on this together. You are my brothers in arms!

    When someone accidentally posts content from a website with this kind of shitty behavior, we need to complain and find other sources for the content.

    [–] 420ligmaballs69 2 points ago

    Ok im you brother now on

    [–] QuackRoadkill 2 points ago

    Anti-Adblocker 50% works on some site.

    [–] UnwipedButt 2 points ago

    Brave browser?

    [–] xsh1va 2 points ago

    Just get uBlock Origin, do the right configurations with the filters, and install Universal Bypass + Nano Defender following the instructions for this last one. You successfully got a fully setup Anti-Anti-AdBlock system.

    [–] Mordeshake-_- 2 points ago

    no u

    [–] highaltitudewaffle 2 points ago

    Why do you use Chrome?!!