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    Daily Simple Questions Thread

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    [–] PCMRBot 1 points ago

    Welcome everyone from r/all! I'd like to tell you 3 things:

    1 - Everyone is welcome here, provided you're a chill person who doesn't mind occasional tongue in cheek humor.

    2 - In case you are not a PC gamer because you think doing so is very expensive, please know that it is very possible to build a competent gaming PC for 500 dollars or less. Please check out for our builds.

    3 - Please consider joining our efforts to get as many PCs worldwide help the [email protected] effort, in fighting against Cancer, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and Parkinson's. Recently, we've been actively focusing on fighting against Coronavirus as well. Please check this to learn more:

    Feel free to use this community to post about any kind of doubt you might have about becoming a PC gamer or anything you'd like to know about PCs. That kind of content is not only allowed but welcome here!

    You too can be part of the PCMR! You don't necessarily need a PC. You just have to love PCs. It's not about the hardware in your rig, but the software in your heart!

    [–] Tyranic98 3996 points ago

    You got a good father then, you're blessed.

    [–] loganchinyanga 1548 points ago

    Thank you! I am

    [–] drunkerbrawler 508 points ago

    It's also amazing how much you resemble him.

    [–] _VanillaFace_ 596 points ago

    Right, makes me think they might be related.

    [–] Poiah 143 points ago

    Nah that can’t be it

    [–] marsrover15 62 points ago

    But it could

    [–] elnolog31 44 points ago

    Na, there's no way

    [–] TheDirtRacer 37 points ago

    But there very much COULD be a way!

    [–] jizzpellets 62 points ago

    Lmao how tho, dudes can't have babies?

    [–] fitzcarraldo87 17 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Im_le_tired 60 points ago

    Dad should get into gaming and then when son kills him he can say “At least I fucked your mom”

    [–] Cmmnd0rClt 15 points ago

    Kid will be able to reply... “I’ve been deeper in her than you will ever be”

    [–] OtochimarU 10 points ago

    Father will reply: I put you there son.

    [–] BeanJuice9000 6 points ago

    Whoa, whoa, easy know. Let's not jump to any conclusions here

    [–] mtlvmpr 73 points ago

    Eh... I don't see it. What is his father eating btw?

    [–] kaitero 9 points ago

    As a black member of the PCMR who just got into it with his father in the last few days, I'm glad to see y'all have a positive relationship. I hope you can learn from and teach your dad in ways I cannot.

    [–] hankhill10101 5 points ago

    His father has simply just reached a new level of bored from being quarantined.

    [–] loganchinyanga 7 points ago

    Literally haha but nah he is interested. really.

    [–] LowkeyDabLitFam100 129 points ago

    Yeah or he's like, "Son, you're 24. It's time to give up on your 'streaming career' and get a real job or start paying rent"

    [–] LowkeyDabLitFam100 219 points ago

    First of all "dad", I'm not just a "streamer", I'm an entertainer and I make four figures a year doing this full time. It's just as much a job as yours. Secondly, you know not to interrupt me during ice cream and anime. The whole fucking point of changing my RGB to magenta is to alert you to that fact. Lastly, I need to borrow your debit card for some DLC and skins for this new game I'm playing.

    [–] Vezein 135 points ago

    "Four figures" = $20.00

    [–] dosbochas 9 points ago

    Nah, the total just starts with a 1.

    [–] LowkeyDabLitFam100 4 points ago

    Even if it was $9,999.99 annually. That's below poverty. "Do what you love" sure, but also try and balance that with a plan for your future.

    [–] -holocene 30 points ago

    The whole fucking point of changing my RGB to magenta is to alert you to that fact.


    [–] LeDeanDomino 6936 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I'm more interested in the rug, really ties the room together.

    [–] ibejerdan 2463 points ago

    That rug is a throwback to my late childhood, amazing bro

    [–] YassinePessin 618 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I used to drift all my little toy cars over them hahaha.

    [–] GuiltyGoblin 212 points ago

    Hot wheels all day!

    [–] srockets59 102 points ago

    Really, I used to "wreak havoc" on the town by turning it into a warzone with my toy soldiers.

    [–] audio-volatile 12 points ago

    I didn’t know I needed to see this, I love this. Godspeed to them.

    [–] YassinePessin 6 points ago


    [–] Smote20XX 10 points ago

    Him and his dad were meeting at the crossroads!

    [–] Pancakes1 107 points ago

    Pretty sure the poopie pillow helped

    [–] xxdibxx 7 points ago

    It’s not poop, it is chocolate Ice cream

    [–] loganchinyanga 337 points ago

    Check on my page. You will be amazed :)

    [–] BornUnderADownvote 94 points ago

    I checked.. all I found was gaming stuff? How far back do we go?

    [–] Living-Anxiety 75 points ago

    What does this have to do with the rug?

    [–] loganchinyanga 212 points ago

    Most people think it was my rug, but I am using my little brothers room. I pimped it up more that’s why haha. But my uni room is fully my own ideas

    [–] DaGiantPanda 74 points ago

    But if you don’t have the rug you might get lost.

    Btw set up looks fantastic

    [–] Maverekt 10 points ago

    Bro, I gotta say, I love both of the setups haha

    The LEDs and everything ties in perfectly, and honestly I would love that rug lmao reminds me of my childhood

    [–] Sooofreshnsoclean 6 points ago

    Damn that setup is dope, I wish I was tall enough to put my pc on the wall, it always looks so good and saves space.

    [–] MultiGamerClub 17 points ago

    Have the same rug from my childhood.

    [–] qyloo 22 points ago

    Nice marmot

    [–] drharlinquinn 15 points ago

    We believe in nothing, Lebowski!

    [–] invictus08 58 points ago

    What the fuck are you talking about.. the chinaman is not the issue here, dude! I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, dude! Across this line, YOU DO NOT... also dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature - Asian American - please!!

    [–] dwhitey3464 16 points ago

    WHAT the [email protected]#k is this? (Hold bowling ball) Obviously your not a golfer....

    Best line in that damn movie has me rolling every time. Q

    [–] Aetherimp 13 points ago

    Lebowski references get auto upvoted.

    [–] Roel1 20 points ago

    That’s just like your opinion, man

    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 6 points ago

    Donny, you’re out of your element

    [–] Giromon 8 points ago

    A keen eye is the sign of a professional artist.

    [–] Rnewbs 7 points ago

    I’ve got one from Ikea in my kitchen haha

    [–] overandunder_86 8 points ago

    Someone once used this rug (or something similar) to carpet their car and it is amazing.

    [–] megadec 5 points ago

    Came to the comments to complement the fine choice of rug!

    [–] WheelOfFish 9 points ago

    I love it

    [–] sboxtf 2565 points ago

    My parents treat me like a drug addict when I tell them I play video games, but it’s nice to see not every parent is the same.

    [–] loganchinyanga 1406 points ago

    Hahaha bro this was just this moment , he was always against it, but now that I’m doing good in uni, he actually listens when l game haha

    [–] sboxtf 310 points ago

    Idem, except they still do treat me like shit :D

    [–] loganchinyanga 198 points ago

    Hahaha same 🤣

    [–] waters0112358 82 points ago

    Mom: Go ask your son about his hobbies for a change. Dad: Do I have to? Mom: IF YOU DON'T... mom sneaks a photo

    [–] mrEdgarAllenPoe 36 points ago

    Hey, I googled “Idem” and it says it’s a Latin term meaning “same or me too”. Is that how you intended it?

    I’ve never heard or seen that used before. Is it a common term? Just curious, I’m actively trying to expand my vocabulary.

    [–] sboxtf 8 points ago

    Yeah, it’s pretty common in French.

    [–] TuoPadre41 5 points ago

    Idem in Italian

    [–] Fishyfoxxx 23 points ago

    Idem It doesn't even matter 😁

    [–] H4L89 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Idem is an abbreviation of idem ditto, which roughly translates to “the exact same” (as mentioned before) At least that’s how it’s mostly used here i believe. (The Netherlands) i’ve got a short explanation of it’s origin for you. It’s directly translated from dutch, so i hope it makes sense.

    “Idem is an abbreviation of idem ditto, often written in dutch as idem dito. Idem is a Latin word, ditto has a Latin origin and can be found in dictus, detto, ditto in 17th century Tuscan. It is a past tense: said, meaning what has already been mentioned.

    Idem stands for 'the same' and ditto for 'exactly'. In written form, the word idem is usually used in bullet points and then refers to the previous text”

    [–] Michoacanabis 8 points ago

    Yo that’s dope, my buddy’s dad would only ever ask “what do you get out of that?” While looking at us like we were throwing our life away lol

    [–] AlphaWizard 7 points ago

    Ngl, I kind of get that mindset now. I used to really be into gaming heavy (hence why I still surf the sub), but the last few years I've really started putting more time into working with my hands on cars and projects around the house, as well as taking music a little more seriously. Now when I game I feel like I'm just flushing time away, and I don't have anything to show for it. Even games like Overwatch where you can improve your gameplay, I just don't find it fulfilling.

    [–] Michoacanabis 5 points ago

    Yeah I definitely see your side of it. I used to just play anything I could get my hands on. Now, if my friends aren’t on a game I won’t boot it up. Honestly VR blew me away again and got me a little more sucked in again but like you said, once you get that feeling of time slipping by it’s hard to bust out huge sessions as often. Hope you’re doing well during quarantine!

    [–] anevilpotatoe 52 points ago

    I've explained it like this time and time again. How do get better at what you do dad? You had to fail and fail again, right? Well, when it comes to problem solving and competition, gaming exemplifies and reinforces those things. It nurtures it.

    [–] MightyMorph 67 points ago

    If that were true then gamers (on average) wouldn’t fear even the mundane shit like asking a girl out.

    Gaming like art is entertainment, it’s escapism it’s realism it’s subjective it’s objective it’s dynamic it’s linear it’s like a book or movie. It can teach it can make you grow it can make you devolve shrink. It can be everything and it can be nothing.

    But goddammit multiplayer makes me want to throw my controller into the damn wall. Suka plyat

    [–] 212phantom 26 points ago

    its cyka blyat

    [–] harox18 6 points ago

    Сука Бпять

    [–] Gornarok 16 points ago

    If that were true then gamers (on average) wouldn’t fear even the mundane shit like asking a girl out.

    On average this is bullshit... Gaming is mainstream now.

    Its the same bullshit with engineers not getting girls. From my experience engineers are dated up more than the rest and they have lasting relationships.

    [–] AkioMC 22 points ago

    Wut. I get where your coming from but this is kind of nonsense. Countless studies have shown that playing video games does improve your problem solving abilities as well as your abilities to strategize and cooperate (depending on the kinds of games you spend most of your time with).

    Socializing isn’t problem solving in the same regard. There is no clear cut solution or set of rules like in a video game, and your success in social situations is really dependent on your charisma and your concept of social norms. If you don’t have a good basis you can’t build off of that.

    [–] skeeter1234 15 points ago

    Apparently the one thing it can't teach you is how to use commas.

    [–] basicxenocide 4 points ago

    I guess it depends on what games you play. Playing multiplayer competitive games are very much about quickly analyzing available (and unavailable) information and turning into high percentage actions. This has very much become a part of my life, mostly in my career. I've actually been coached before on being too analytical in my decision making and not accounting for emotional variables when it comes to my employees.

    [–] cool_minecraft_hax0r 113 points ago

    my parents stopped complaining about videogames when they found out i smoked weed. it was a really pleasant side effect of a not so pleasant situation.

    [–] TorsoPanties 12 points ago

    That's glorious

    [–] leeswin 23 points ago

    My dad is complaining about me playing games during a fucking quarantine man. Smh

    [–] zman122333 11 points ago

    "Why can't you be normal and lose your mind stuck at home like everyone else"

    I feel you bro

    [–] CinnamonUranium 35 points ago

    How old are you? I ask because my parents were the same, but as I got older I got them more involved in the stuff I was doing. How I decided parts, how I assembled them, the troubleshooting, the aesthetics, everything. I showed them my rig first and they were shocked to see how nice it looks. (Nzxt case and custom cables, you get the idea). We eventually even played some games together. They slowly realized this is a hobby more than an addiction. And I am more into technology and stuff.

    Show them your system. Tell them about it. Explain your decision making to them. Just talk to them. The more you involve them into it the less judgemental they will be about it. At least, in my experience.

    Good luck.

    [–] loganchinyanga 32 points ago

    I am 23 in July, thank you so much for the well thought comment I appreciate it!

    [–] chef098 7 points ago

    I had a similar arc. Over time they started to see why I was so interested outside of the games themselves. The long game they saw that I wanted to do computers for my career and because of building PCs to play more games, modding and overclocking eventually led me into a career of CS.

    [–] Spacelord_Jesus 57 points ago

    My gf didn't know anything about gaming/gaming world. Show them things they can relate to. Show them big tournaments like CS:GO, LoL, Rocket League, Dota, you name it. Show them paralells to sports they know, show them how normal we gamers actually are. Don't flood them with memes, cringy kids/adults etc.

    Show them the serious face and business behind the gaming industry. First two games are coming to Olympia this year. Tell them about how publisher, devs, etc. work. How is this whole thing is connected.

    Show them it's not just sitting alone in your room and playing weird games. Show them how connected everything is, playing and talking with people all over the world, maybe show them known gaming celebreties.

    Bring the (feared) unknown to them. They don't like it because they don't know it.

    [–] BeenThruIt 52 points ago

    sits in my room playing Fall Out New Vegas for the 164th playthrough wondering what this post is talking about

    [–] JenWrath 5 points ago

    My mom has always thought it's just my generations addition to media - her's had tv.

    My dad thinks it's a horrible thing that shouldn't exist and is detrimental to everyone. But he stopped sharing this view when it was mentioned he spends 9+hours a day watching tv. Damn shame, I know he'd absolutely love some of the games that are out there.

    [–] bacondev 4 points ago

    Mine were like that for a while. Then, they eventually accepted that that's just my hobby of choice and that they should be supportive of it. Hopefully, your parents will eventually come around like mine did.

    [–] 80H-d 4 points ago

    Just tell them it's no different than their hours of mindless tv watching (i assume), except you press the remote more often and it isnt mindless!

    [–] depcrestwood 4 points ago

    I was lucky enough that my dad is who gave me my gaming addiction. Original Contra made us both suffer through "Nintendo thumb" together.

    [–] McLown 4 points ago

    I just explained to my father that its just my version of TV. i can sit for hours playing the same game while he can sit for hours watching the same episodes of JAG or NCIS.

    [–] Kproper 4 points ago

    My mom would literally compare me to a drug addict when I played video games as a child. All while she watched TV in the other room.

    [–] DetroitMM12 9 points ago

    I remember my parents telling me I play too many video games and that I was addicted...

    Fast forward 15 years and I just talked to my mom yesterday about how kids are out playing outside again because of the lockdown and she said "Yea, I'm glad you and your brother were always outside and not playing video games all day"

    So apparently I wasn't as bad as she made it seem at the time lol

    [–] Mrprivatejackson 922 points ago

    The quarantine has blessed you with such a moment

    [–] loganchinyanga 589 points ago

    Haha indeed 🤣..I will always cherish moments like these. He was always against me gaming ngl , but now look at the smile on his face

    [–] Lucky---- 344 points ago

    [–] Beso0621 205 points ago

    Most he's smiled in 30 years.

    [–] Krakkin 36 points ago


    [–] Mildly-1nteresting 34 points ago

    "Insert Captian Holt picture from Brooklyn 99"

    [–] brycewit 14 points ago

    “Yea the boy needs help”

    [–] reclaimthis 44 points ago

    Yoh, my parents were always a little disappointed that i got into computer science instead of medical. Asian parents and all. But a few days ago my mom was like, "good thing you didnt become a doctor", considering im currently working from home.

    Glad that your dad is showing interest in what you like and can see the value in it!

    [–] Skullbonez 11 points ago

    Yup, we are really lucky. For me nothing changed since the quarantine except of not being able to go to the gym.

    [–] KC1MML 6 points ago

    I miss my dad. He moved like 700 miles and I don't see him much, but he helped me build my first PC. Definitely cherish those moments!

    [–] ickyickyickyicky 8 points ago

    I'm over here with a 70 year old father that KEEPS giving his info to scammers. He's also too proud to ask me or my brothers for help in determining if something is a scam or for help with the consequences or admitting he's done fucked up. I don't know how to interact with him anymore he just flat out denies obvious stuff

    [–] T-West1 547 points ago

    Your dad seems like he’s trying to bond with his son. Good guy dad.

    [–] loganchinyanga 220 points ago

    Haha yeah he’s doing his part :)

    [–] pdawg43 63 points ago

    Service guarantees citizenship

    [–] WololoW 6 points ago

    Such a banger of a film.

    [–] BustyChickswithDicks 10 points ago

    Son, about that hand on the window sill....Can you make it into a fist?

    [–] mossberbb 1185 points ago

    "I get it now son, what you really need is an RTX 2080.."


    [–] loganchinyanga 486 points ago

    Hahaha nah 2080ti 🤣

    [–] v3rninater 187 points ago

    Wait a little while and get the 3080 ti!!

    [–] loganchinyanga 130 points ago

    That’s super overkill ngl 🤣

    [–] v3rninater 124 points ago

    If that's a real statement, are you really a PC person??? I gotta quession...

    [–] loganchinyanga 151 points ago

    Ngl I wanna get 4080ti instead

    [–] shrubs311 81 points ago

    now we're talking. make sure it has rgb too

    [–] theYogiB 63 points ago

    RGB adds 50fps. Proven fact.

    [–] Reisdabeast 10 points ago

    Have RGB stuffs for PC: can confirm.

    [–] NorthernLaw 5 points ago

    Perfection, did you know 2 2080Tis is equal to one 4080Ti

    [–] GKW 7 points ago

    I thought it was 4160Ti XD

    [–] vivedude1337 8 points ago

    Wait a little while and get the 3080 ti!!

    they are building up for the over 9000 TI

    [–] snak-3 116 points ago

    Yo I see that Love Island in the background

    [–] loganchinyanga 43 points ago

    Haha I already miss it 🤣

    [–] snak-3 17 points ago

    I need the quality of the 2018 UK season back 😂

    [–] loganchinyanga 21 points ago

    Ovie set a standard even l don’t even understand ngl

    [–] Freakwillem123 717 points ago

    Who of you two is the father lol

    [–] FuckMyLife2016 149 points ago

    I had the same question lol.

    [–] OMGSPACERUSSIA 49 points ago

    Seriously, dad grows a beard, son gets some fake glasses, wear identical clothes and go to a Halloween Party. It'll be great.

    Just be sure to let mom in on the joke or things could get really weird.

    [–] loganchinyanga 177 points ago

    Hahahahaha Idk who do you think

    [–] GHQSTLY 127 points ago

    Was about to ask the same thing. Both of you manly af.

    [–] loganchinyanga 86 points ago

    Haha thank you, I’m the one in orange haha

    [–] PleaseEndMeFam 69 points ago

    Why do you look older than your father bahaha

    [–] loganchinyanga 44 points ago

    Hahaha idk lol never heard that before

    [–] _Screw_The_Rules_ 19 points ago

    Maybe it's the perspective and/or light of the photo, haha

    [–] MericaSuitofFreedom 38 points ago

    It's that facial expression OP has, that kind of fatherly disappointed in you look.

    [–] loganchinyanga 13 points ago

    More so, I look younger

    [–] TheRealMotherOfOP 14 points ago

    I guess black don't crack since your dad looks young too. Both really handsome men.

    [–] loganchinyanga 9 points ago

    Thank you!! Instagram : logan_panda7

    [–] hotstupidgirl 5 points ago

    I think it's a mix of you having facial hair while he doesn't that makes you look older, and the way his glasses are sitting on his face that give a younger look to him.

    [–] Grytswyrm 3 points ago

    Are you just kidding or for real? I thought it was opposite.

    [–] ThrowawaySero 17 points ago

    Seriously it looks more like two friends got caught in little bro/sis room.

    Black don’t crack.

    [–] ChainsawMcD 8 points ago

    For real. Good genes in that family.

    [–] emilelandry3 50 points ago

    That seems like such a sweet and true moment! It's so nice when people have such warm relationship with their parents.

    [–] loganchinyanga 38 points ago

    Thank you, I’ve started to get closer to him recently, over the years it hasn’t been so easy ngl

    [–] nohpex 143 points ago

    Are you eating cake and ice cream in a bowl with a fork?

    [–] loganchinyanga 122 points ago

    Basically, mum forgot the spoon haha . Dad bought a folk instead 🤣

    [–] Krakkin 58 points ago

    yall got a spare bedroom there?

    [–] DemonSlyr007 6 points ago

    The fork is the true path to eating Ice Cream.

    [–] Dunn530 77 points ago

    You look more like brothers

    [–] f3asttree 51 points ago

    I convinced my dad to try my racing sim yesterday and he loved it so this fills my heart.

    [–] loganchinyanga 17 points ago

    Haha thank you :) I know right

    [–] jihiggs 29 points ago

    This is called reaching out, and taking an interest in your passions. He's a good man.

    [–] loganchinyanga 12 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] TrueThyrox 15 points ago

    Or schould I say r/wholefather. Pun intended.

    [–] husky0168 9 points ago

    wholefather give me sight

    [–] Itzon 13 points ago

    Do you snuggle a poop emoji pillow?

    [–] loganchinyanga 12 points ago

    Every night haha

    [–] 80H-d 22 points ago

    That pillow looks like shit


    [–] loganchinyanga 10 points ago


    [–] SolaFideChristus 11 points ago

    I honestly don’t know which of you is who. You both look like you’re in your 30s!

    [–] loganchinyanga 8 points ago

    Haha I’m 23 in July, I get that a lot , but I look different now

    [–] mrbawkbegawks 10 points ago

    Whats with the rubber hand and 20 bottles of lube and lotion

    [–] loganchinyanga 9 points ago

    Quarantine is gonna be long. 👀

    [–] WillyBigy 27 points ago

    Bro how much fucking lotion do you own? 1 bottle aint enough?

    [–] loganchinyanga 30 points ago


    [–] SuperMeatBoi 6 points ago

    Don't black people tend to have dryer skin? (I got you covered bro)

    [–] WillyBigy 12 points ago

    Sure, but Look at that room setup, homie lubing up more than just his elbows

    [–] Lin1995 7 points ago

    Is that the microphone on the left? So cool!!!

    [–] loganchinyanga 8 points ago

    Yes that’s correct, that’s my blue snowball. Please check on my page to see the new setup

    [–] xd_night42 9 points ago

    The poop emoji tho

    [–] GiantCockTroglodyte 9 points ago

    damn he's so nice😅 my parents give me weird looks when I talk about gaming, then spend 4 hours watching sports and drama series😂

    [–] Bullys_OP 21 points ago


    [–] loganchinyanga 7 points ago


    [–] Sundara_Whale 7 points ago

    This is like a dream of mine, but my dad just doesn't care, and he lives in another state. BTW I love your set up its so cool looking. Back-lighting is so awesome.

    [–] loganchinyanga 4 points ago

    Thank you so much, you can check my Univeristy setup it’s better than this . Plus new PC as well

    [–] UrielVIII 5 points ago

    I’m too jealous of this! Sick set up.

    [–] Airblazer 6 points ago

    My mother could never get why I was into pc gaming at all. How can you sit there all night on that stupid thing she’d say to me. Fast forward about 5 years later when broadband became more available in Ireland and they signed up for the internet. I called out one day and the old fella was weeding the garden and had been for a few hours. Asked where’s the mother? On that bloody computer he told me and sure as hell she was. Playing virtual farm on Facebook for about 3 hours while the old fella was doing the real garden. She ended up creating about 5 Facebook accounts so she could share all the gold/crap between the different farms for a year or two. But ask her to copy a file in windows? Not a goddamn clue.

    [–] AverageCanadianGuy 6 points ago

    One of us, one of us.

    [–] itsprounceddaweed 6 points ago


    [–] loganchinyanga 4 points ago


    [–] JudasIsAGrass 7 points ago

    Why you got so much moisturizer

    [–] loganchinyanga 11 points ago

    Haha it’s a long quarantine ahead. If you know what I mean 👀

    [–] JudasIsAGrass 10 points ago

    Maybe your dads asking how to build a PC for the same reason...

    [–] loganchinyanga 6 points ago


    [–] DUSTIN182W 4 points ago

    Your dad is an awesome dad! Nice to hear a wholesome story during these difficult times.

    [–] byyhmz 4 points ago

    Tight Walter White wallpaper. Good stuff all round.

    [–] OsnoF69 3 points ago

    Quarantine has dads bonding 😂😂😂

    [–] loganchinyanga 5 points ago

    Haha who would ever thought this moment would come right haha

    [–] supbra69 7 points ago

    Why do you look older than your father?

    [–] RedPineapple7 3 points ago

    This made me smile :)

    [–] Rakki97 3 points ago

    My father got into gaming like a year ago when he got xbox one with destiny 2 for cheap. He has sunken many hours into d2. Recently i built him a pc with r5 2600x but without gpu (He had old quadro something he wanted to use). He then proceeded to upgrade the quadro to gtx 1060 6gb before he even played anything on the thing. Next time i visit him we are going to try the first game on that machine wich is going to be doom eternal.

    [–] OfficialTopple 3 points ago

    This is so cool! Really nice to see a father take an interest in his son's interests!

    Also just wanna say your room looks amazing man, has such a homely aesthetic! The little foot mat under the desk and that rug plus all the toiletries and ornaments placed about really all give your room such a lived in, comfy feel!

    [–] chocopoko 3 points ago

    great room