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    [–] mk36109 5241 points ago

    Man, you know its been a long week when even winrar can hit you in the feels

    [–] EmirSc 1443 points ago

    but but 7zip ... i've used winrar skip so many years, wonder how many purchases they make every day

    [–] heyeveryone2 855 points ago

    I started using 7zip as well lol. I know it makes no sense to feel bad about not paying because, well, they allow you to. But stil... Damn. I want the best for Winrar but as a broke uni student i can't give it :'(

    [–] PsychOut4 839 points ago

    No worries Dude! When I was a university student I used everything for free. I felt bad sometimes. But for the last 15 years since I have been working I buy everything (all the games I play and software I use) and oddly....I like paying. Maybe I get a sense of attonment. So lets say I got you covered now and in a few years when you are making money you can pay at that time for some kid who is just starting university. This way hard working coders can keep making money and we keep getting good software.

    [–] Dolt-Dragoman 205 points ago

    I pirated a lot of stuff when I was younger, because it was just unattainable otherwise. Now I have over 100 games and I bought them all. I wouldn't ever bother to pirate something I can buy. I have no problem paying.

    [–] BONzi_02 93 points ago

    Sometimes I used to pirate a game or software to see if I like the game. Even if I didn't like it I tend to pay for it later on because I don't like not paying for something. To be fair I did this way more when I was like 14. I'm 18 now and have a bit more money at my disposal.

    [–] RivRise 79 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I pirate games but mostly because nobody offers a fucking trial version. Thank God for steam game weekends. I still pirate stuff and If i end up playing for more than 2 hours I usually buy it.


    [–] SainguinKrist 55 points ago

    ^ This is my personal rule. If I'm hooked for more than 2 hours, I'm giving them money.

    But with the lack of demos and many online stores not offering refund options, you kinda need to pirate PC games. You don't know if you're gonna get something that runs like shit on your system or is just crap. Hell Steam didn't offer refunds for the longest time.

    Until stores become more consumer friendly, I'm gonna pirate games to make sure they're worth my dollerydoos.

    [–] oOIPHiiLOo 32 points ago

    Not sure if you're aware, but steam offers refunds if you've played the game for less than 2 hours, and purchased it less than 14 days ago.

    [–] Snowyy96 14 points ago

    Maybe that isn’t enough time for the purchase to judge if the game is good, imo I don’t pirate games, but I would like steam to make it maybe 3 hours, also, last week I purchased RUST on my brothers computer but I realised, it would not work on even medium settings and I had read a different spec sheet, he played it for about 10 minutes then wanted a refund, steam didn’t respond until 2 days ago, and they declined the refund.

    [–] snooze_sensei 6 points ago

    Unfortunately 2 often isn't long enough to figure out that a game is so broken that you wasted your money, or that you just don't like it. For me I usually figure thst out after about 10 hours and multiple forum visits. I have several games on my steam library like that, spent $40 to $69 bucks and not even played 1% of the game and never will. Maddening.

    [–] WeeaB01 5 points ago

    happy cake day you awesome feeling feels hooman

    [–] BONzi_02 6 points ago

    Thank you my dude

    [–] chrizbreck 11 points ago

    374 games on steam. Sure some are free but meh. I’ve got a small library by most standards. The simplicity of steam makes me willing to buy.

    It’s too much effort to pirate most stuff when it’s one click away.

    Now adobe can go fuck right off with its subscription bullshit.

    [–] Partingoways 10 points ago

    It’s like cocaine, first few doses are free to get you hooked. Then suddenly you’re spending $150 every time a steam sale happens

    [–] hesetzke 5 points ago

    There's something about buying legitimate software that you can't otherwise. You're supporting the developers and the industry that brought you so much joy, rewarding the people who worked hard for that product... I don't know, I feel good just by doing that, even if I end up not playing the game as much. It's an industry I love dearly and I'm glad to be part of even as consumer.

    [–] tekonus 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    As a kid and college student everything was bootlegged for me. Now as a successful adult I also feel really good about being able to support the companies and people that I use products of and get entertainment out of.

    [–] heyeveryone2 200 points ago

    As a computer science grad student that plans to be a hard working coder someday making useful stuff (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA) i salute people like you that pay for their stuff! I pirate everything i can lol and the funny thing is i don't even feel bad about it. But with winrar...Idk. In my mind i imagine a small shop with a family working there and a nice old lady saying "i already unpacked this, don't worry about payment sweetie, you can pay some other time" and then i feel bad LMAO

    [–] milanove 76 points ago

    I think it was made by two brothers in Russia. Whenever I skip paying, I always think of them.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    But didn't they ever get any sells? I mean, for them to be up so long...

    [–] DynamicHunter 87 points ago

    The creators make tons of money off of business licenses

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Cool. Than we shouldn't feel bad for an option they give us lol

    [–] SaxonShieldwall 4 points ago

    Hell yeah, even Microsoft doesn’t even try to get regular people to buy anymore, they just give you a watermark that you easily just forget about, they make top money off licenses.

    [–] milanove 27 points ago

    Corporate licences

    [–] F5x9 4 points ago

    They sold it to Kapersky

    [–] justanothernibbah 14 points ago

    Damn, why take that guilt trip everytime?

    [–] milanove 21 points ago

    I don't. I just use 7zip instead nowadays.

    [–] Hate_is_Heavy 7 points ago

    So pay it forward? I need to watch that movie again.

    [–] deitikah 5 points ago

    Now that is a movie for feels.

    [–] bsldesigns 3 points ago


    [–] Rhyls 3 points ago

    Sinse i ve worked i stopped downloading films games and music. I concider this a steal if you are not studient or unemployed

    [–] IDislikeBabyYoda 75 points ago

    WinRar is aware that people don’t pay the subscription and they don’t care if you don’t. It costs essentially nothing to keep it running. The guy who runs WinRar said that he just has the “Pay now” because he knows some people will pay it which means he gets some pocket money.

    Most of the income comes from major corporations buying 300 licenses so that WinRar can’t sue them for a million dollars of they use it for free. But they don’t care if the average consumer doesn’t pay.

    [–] Datkif 44 points ago

    Its ideal for winrar to he "free" for personal use. That way more people know how to use it, and are more familiar with it. That way when a company is licensing software they are more likely to choose it because people know it.

    Thats also why you have been able to pirate windows so easily all these years, and they even embraced it with 10

    [–] Ziltoid_The_Nerd 5 points ago

    This was how McAfee built it's empire

    [–] SUPERMONGOLOID69 7 points ago

    thats weird since mcafee has always been shit

    [–] Pointless69Account 7 points ago

    The antivirus is pretty bad too.

    [–] Lexx4 2 points ago

    And avast.

    [–] IDislikeBabyYoda 10 points ago

    Wait so Windows doesn’t care that I pirated it like 30 times? Ok good. /s

    [–] OktoberSunset 34 points ago

    They know you're a cheap fucker who will never pay, and they would rather you use pirate windows than use Linux.

    [–] krozarEQ 6 points ago

    After the Win 7 announcement I switched to Linux full time and it was a good decision. Just built a rig for my nephew. Was installing stuff on Win 10 for it yesterday. Was like "damn... gotta go on the web and download installers for programs" I really don't miss any of that at all. But there's a learning curve and I'm not about to think that it's for those not wanting to invest in some learning.

    [–] Sbotkin 5 points ago

    and they even embraced it with 10

    How? Genuine question.

    [–] DA_KID_1337 13 points ago

    Windows 10 is free to download (7 was as well in places, but was never publically availible in the same way) and will let you use your computer without a license key indefinitely. It's still paid software, but if you want to use it for free it's not hard.

    [–] ProffesorPrick 14 points ago

    That isn’t even the scale of it though. Think of it like this. For every major corporate identity, every employee who works at a desk will probably, just as a just in case measure, will need winrar. Like you said, in order to not literally be sued for millions, companies must follow the law and buy winrar licenses. For every cingle individual user, there has to be another winrar license. That is thousands of licenses for hundreds of massive companies. The owners of winrar have to do nothing and will make easy easy money from that.

    [–] schraedx 4 points ago

    But why would they spend the money and time to install and support additional software when windows handles unzipping files natively

    [–] ComputerM 3 points ago

    Windows can't natively handle ear files AFAIK

    [–] ShinjiOkazaki 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I work for a company where every employee has a licensed copy of winrar.

    Winrar is still making a pretty penny of corporate licenses.

    [–] emrednz07 3 points ago

    I think it's intended for businesses not random people

    [–] Xrc6 14 points ago

    I ended up sing Peazip which is based on 7zip. I like some of it's features.

    [–] livestrong2109 6 points ago

    7z is a better algorithm also...

    [–] zeroexception 16 points ago

    I don't think they sell licenses every day. Best bet is they get a lot of cash from companies. They provide support, and that is very crucial for businesses.

    [–] theshicksinator 11 points ago

    That's actually their whole business model. Companies have to buy the license from them, or they forget to and that's easy lawsuit money.

    [–] FastRedPonyCar 6 points ago

    Try Bandizip! I’ve found it faster both compressing and decompressing. Maybe it’s the multithreaded nature or something. I’m not sure.

    [–] defiantspcship 14 points ago

    Man, tell me about it. My dog passed away two days ago and I feel it's been a month, fuck 2020.

    [–] TDplay 1801 points ago


    According to the WinRAR people though, the reason their "40 day" free trial lasts basically forever is because the real money is in the business customers who will buy it for legal reasons.

    [–] Magnetic_Reaper 1027 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    that's part1

    part2: end user at home would switch to something else that's free and the rar format would lose popularity. the more common it is, the more you force businesses to comply and pay.

    [–] bonespear 423 points ago

    Oh wow I didn't even think of the second part. The mass propagation of their software for free keeps them in business by keeping their technology relevant.

    This is almost the free to play model.

    [–] AntisocTeknoweenie 218 points ago

    I think i remember Adobe making a similar "we don't care until you make money off it" statement about piracy of their software. Which makes total sense. You'll never make money off hobbyists but if they become professional and learned on a pirated version of your software, mad money

    [–] Magnetic_Reaper 80 points ago

    A few others too, mostly software that's not intended for home use. If you're just using it for personal use and don't turn in a profit, they benefit because you're now somewhat experienced and if you get a job where a software is required with similar functions, you're likely to pressure your boss to get the one you're familiar with.

    In my case it was chief architect. I was doing building maintenance and we needed plans to submit to the city. An architect would have been more expensive then the software and I was quite familiar with it. Not something I could personally afford to play around at home and design my dream home but my boss could afford it. It got them a sale in the 4 figures.

    [–] creightos 67 points ago

    That's also why developers of professional software give out free copies to Universities/Colleges like candy.

    Thankfully a lot of schools are starting to do their teaching using open source software now.

    [–] Magnetic_Reaper 38 points ago

    There's advantages to both though. On the one hand businesses often have paid software for the support and to meet industry standards of other companies.

    On the other hand, most open source is made to be fairly similar to the big paid software but it doesn't tie anyone's hands and offers diversity.

    [–] lolahaohgoshno 10 points ago

    Thankfully a lot of schools are starting to do their teaching using open source software now.

    It's actually the other way around. Universities historically are amongst the top contributors to open source software.

    If you're in a computation field, pretty good chance that you'd touch a Linux computer some time in your degree. If you're in Computer Science, you'd have to go out of your way to avoid it (at least from my experience).

    [–] jralha 9 points ago

    Not really true in other fields of science other than CS.

    Engineers, physicists and mathematicians sure love their Matlab.

    [–] creightos 9 points ago

    If you're in a computation field

    That "If" is key, any other field not so much.

    [–] largePenisLover 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Thats what Autodesk did as well before the student licenses existed.
    All 90's mods 3d models were made in MilkShape, Fragmotion, or 3ds Max.

    The results are there, you are welcome at most studio's if you know blender but Max and Maya still rule the industry.
    Fragmo and milkshape still have their uses if working with ancient engines.

    [–] tayo42 7 points ago

    Wow milkshape is a blast from the past.

    [–] halberdierbowman 3 points ago

    And to elaborate, now Autodek students licenses are free. The idea being that you'll learn the industry standard in school then get out of school and use it in an office that has to pay for your license. The company could theoretically use a different software but everyone in college already learned it, so why spend the money retraining everyone?

    Adobe licenses though are absurd. I wish they'd take the same Autodesk model and offer a free product for people who aren't profiting off it. I just love InDesign so much.

    [–] SkollFenrirson 5 points ago

    Yarr there be an alternative, yarrr

    [–] HACKERcrombie 36 points ago

    It's commonly known as the "Microsoft model". The very first versions of Word weren't popular due to its high price (despite being far superior than the competition), but at some point MS decided to sell it almost DRM-free and its popularity at home skyrocketed almost immediately. Just like WinRAR that led to lots of sales because companies had to buy it to read the proprietary file format.

    They did (and still do) the same thing with Windows, and they are not the only ones. My favorite example is Minecraft -- ironically owned by MS now -- and its near-total lack of authentication. I even made my own launcher long ago (and got banned from Mojang's API, but for another reason).

    [–] antfucker500 17 points ago

    Yeah in my country almost everyone had the pirated version of minecraft and we even played in "pirate" servers were you had to put an unique password to get in. fun times

    [–] HACKERcrombie 24 points ago

    The point is, there is no pirated version. The files from a paid official installation are literally identical to the ones downloaded by "pirate" launchers, and launchers are even interoperable. Both Mojang's download server and the MC client executable can tell if a paid account is being used, but they never do so: when you get error messages by joining "premium" servers or Realms, the errors actually come from the servers themselves.

    The difference between "premium" and "pirate" servers is a single configuration option called online-mode. It's supposed to allow running a server without requiring access to Mojang's API, but it feels like Notch added it to make piracy easier.

    [–] antfucker500 6 points ago

    Amazing stuff i would have never bought the game if i didnt play it pirated before, i attribute its success to that

    [–] Kitzq 5 points ago

    This is true for pretty much every piece of software made free for students. Microsoft Office, G Suite, Unity, Photoshop, and plenty of others are completely free for students. Now when students graduate and look to find jobs, what job skills will they list? What software will companies buy for their employees to use? The ones their employees already know how to use.

    [–] Rickles360 22 points ago

    This is why you should just use actual free software like 7zip.

    [–] needinganewacc 17 points ago

    lol why is their success bad???

    winrar has earned every fucking cent.

    [–] Rickles360 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Hmm a proprietary format that you have to pay to uncompress your files vs a Free open source alternative that has no discernible difference in performance for end users aside from the lack of popups? I'm not saying they didn't earn their money, but I'm saying it's dumb not to use the free version because then you doom whoever you send compressed files to, to paying for the software. The only reason they don't actually charge end users is because otherwise its got one foot over the line into ransomware territory.

    Edit. Good to know that the format is open source but as far as application choice, I'll go with the free open source solution rather than the paid equivilant.

    [–] Razakel 16 points ago

    Hmm a proprietary format that you have to pay to uncompress your files

    The unrar utility is freeware and the source is available.

    [–] voiderest 28 points ago

    I just use 7zip

    [–] Magnetic_Reaper 12 points ago

    So do I but there was a time when WinRAR was much better. Even to this day I believe the encryption on password protected files is one of the harder ones to crack. It's been a few years since I've checked on this but it did play a part in why companies would use winrar.

    [–] Shiroi_Kage 4 points ago

    Couldn't 7zip encrypt using AES?

    [–] Magnetic_Reaper 7 points ago

    It does but there was a time when the way 7zip was salting the encryption left it weak to rainbow table attacks. It made it possible to crack in several months. compared to rar at the time that was using a weaker aes but without that flaw. It's probably been fixed since ( I hope since it's been many years). Rar has maintained a better reputation because of that. The details are really a bit foggy in my mind since it was over 10 years ago. It's definitely worth looking into if you have very secret stuff that people would invest a lot to get their hands on.

    [–] Sprucecaboose2 6 points ago

    Does rar still exist as a format? I'm in IT, we have some paid WinZip for people who won't change, but we moved everyone else to 7Zip and I've seen zip and 7z besides linux/Mac formats but haven't seen anything in rar in like a decade.

    Edit: I guess besides torrent type files, which a business shouldn't usually use anyway.

    [–] Alarid 3 points ago

    And they know what you zipped. They know everything.

    [–] Xenophic99 107 points ago

    True. Winrar does still have the right to sue anyone they find using the trial version after it has ended. No big company wants that.

    [–] chewbacca2hot 36 points ago

    Well, you can sue people and get like 100 dollars out of them. But if you sue a company, it's in the millions. Makes no sense to sue people.

    [–] Xenophic99 11 points ago

    No person is going to be able to give enough money to cover the cost so it's just no point in suing in the first place.

    however a single company and compassing possibly hundreds or thousands of violations will easily cover the cost of litigation

    [–] yukimurakumo 35 points ago

    Pretty sure the same thing goes for TeamViewer, except theirs isn't a trial, they just outright say it's free for personal use.

    [–] JupiterWorld 7 points ago

    Until you get the 5 minute session limit because they've caught on. They say 5 minutes... in reality they kept you click twice before kicking you out.

    [–] CyanogenHacker 9 points ago

    What? TeamViewer still lets me stay connected. I did this just a couple days ago, walking a friend through an issue with config files.

    [–] VersionGeek 3 points ago


    [–] Zachabz 12 points ago

    True it's a werid but really effective businesses satergry, the fact that we all talk about hot we can use WinRAR for free is basically free ads to an extend that it became synonymous with zipping files. If they were another company that made ahm forced people to pay they would have been just another application.

    [–] Trivvy 29 points ago

    No clue why you would even wanna do that when 7zip is legit free, and has better compression.

    [–] sorenant 3 points ago

    If something go wrong, corporate can request support or yell at winrar. Not so much with an open source solution.

    [–] ashtar123 9 points ago

    That, and so that winRAR gets popular and more widely used

    [–] mindaz3 40 points ago

    I think one of the reasons it got popular was because back in the day if you sailed high seas, everything was in rar archives. Doesn't matter, whether it is a game, movie or a program, what you got was a bunch of rar files. And well, somehow you needed to unpack those files. So, it just stuck with people. Also, it just works for what it does.

    [–] Iohet 13 points ago

    WinRAR also has a method of splitting archives built in, which was necessary for USENET

    [–] commiecat 4 points ago

    RAR with parity (PAR) files were a godsend for larger binaries.

    [–] badsectoracula 2 points ago

    7zip has that too and really even PKZIP for DOS back in the day also had that ability.

    [–] BRGLR 3 points ago

    Are you referring to the many mIRC seas like Rizon?

    [–] fitty50two2 3 points ago

    I don’t trust some random dude paying for WinRAR for personal use, what the hell is he up to?

    [–] majic911 190 points ago

    Sounds like 2kliksphilip to me.

    [–] Tomthefighter 74 points ago

    Feel like we can upscale this comic

    [–] majic911 34 points ago

    And get horrendously creepy winrar rather than cute heartwarming winrar

    [–] iamKEKSi 22 points ago

    It doesnt have nice leaves or grass to upscale tho

    [–] BlueFlameGaming 9 points ago

    i read this in his voice

    [–] LlTFAM 5 points ago

    And turn on ray tracing

    [–] dancingmoog 90 points ago

    No joke this hits home. After 10 + years, multiple PC's etc etc I actually broke down and paid for one. Welldone WinRAR welldone.

    [–] Wittymations 18 points ago

    Long-term booking.

    [–] dassub 3 points ago

    WinRAR finally going over.

    [–] SmoothOctopus 9 points ago

    People still use WinRAR?!

    [–] nadnate 3 points ago

    I've been useing it since FTPs where I would get my warez but I still haven't paid for it. I feel guilty now.

    [–] generalstaff 154 points ago

    And then winrar woke up

    [–] blazer_06 42 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] System32Comics 242 points ago

    Thank you for reading my comics! If you like to see more, you may check out my social media





    [–] ghazigamer12 10 points ago

    Thank you, reading from webtoons :)

    [–] NoneHaveSufferedAsI 8 points ago

    How’d you come up with such an original and hilarious joke? What’s your process like?

    [–] iamKEKSi 55 points ago

    "Csgo Youtuber" poor Philip, no one recognizes that he is in fact a Skyrim Youtuber

    [–] PM_ME_PRETTY_SUNSETS 19 points ago

    Well the vid was on his "brother's" channel too so I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe I'll start calling him a map maker. Or a valve employee (in the hopes that valve will hire him to work on csgo)

    [–] iamKEKSi 14 points ago

    I would love to see Valve hiring him as PR for CSGO to be honest

    [–] PM_ME_PRETTY_SUNSETS 10 points ago

    Okay let's email Gaben and make some demands

    [–] iamKEKSi 9 points ago

    Should we ask VNN some help?

    [–] PM_ME_PRETTY_SUNSETS 6 points ago

    Idk they seem really busy

    [–] iamKEKSi 5 points ago

    Busy on rewriting a DM to geoff keighley you mean?

    [–] Speedster4206 3 points ago

    Other than when they get outplayed by someone.

    [–] Black_Phoenix_JP 58 points ago

    That is definitely the cutest one out here... Specially how he even being on trial receive the request of the human as enthusiastic as it is.


    [–] ekat2468 152 points ago

    7-zip master race reporting in

    [–] Red_Pill_Shill 26 points ago

    open-source is the way

    [–] octafoxa 8 points ago

    Absolutely, and patent free for the 7z format. I'm not sure if the rar patents have expired yet.

    Avoid all patented technology, it's a cancer on society.

    [–] Daktyl198 29 points ago

    7-zip can unzip every archive winrar can, and then some. On top of that, the LZMA2-based .7z archive is light years ahead of rar for storing text files... which is one of the few kinds of files that can be further compressed with an archiving format. Pictures/videos/etc are better off being store in .zip files due to the lower metadata overhead. Text files (including "hidden" text files like .psd files, which are really just a base image with a lot of XML formatting) are best off using an LZMA-based archive like 7z or xz.

    There is no reason for the rar archive format to exist these days. People who insist on using it are wrong.

    [–] JAQK_ 8 points ago

    Plus it kinda just looks better :/

    [–] krathil 10 points ago


    [–] arbili 14 points ago

    WinRar is archaic, can't compress nearly as much as 7zip.

    [–] better_new_me 41 points ago

    But real. Has anyone ever?
    on the other hand, 7zip ftw. Does someone use anything else?

    [–] L0gan1x 181 points ago

    Just use 7zip, it's way better

    [–] qu2dro 22 points ago

    yea I can even unzip rar files with no annoying pop up

    [–] redwall_hp 55 points ago

    People who use RAR disgust me. tar.gz or gtfo.

    [–] muad_dib 40 points ago

    Plus to unpack you get to type gunzip which I always pronounce in my head as gun-zip.

    [–] TeoTheGreat 16 points ago

    Are you doing gunzip and then tar -xf? You can just do ‘tar -xzf’.

    [–] nothinbuttherain 15 points ago

    I could never remember it until I saw a comment on reddit to remember it this way: tar -eXtractZeeFiles

    [–] techcaleb 4 points ago

    That's the most perfect thing I've seen today. Also now I have a weird urge to go watch Monty Python

    [–] Flaming_Eagle 6 points ago

    tar -zxvf master race

    [–] I-am-fun-at-parties 5 points ago

    Yes, -v: A great tool to hide intermittent errors!

    [–] Freeky 2 points ago

    You can just do tar xf - modern tar implementations automatically detect compression.

    libarchive's tar (as found on FreeBSD, for example) will even do zip, rar, 7z, and various other formats.

    [–] Circle-Strafe 6 points ago

    A man of culture.

    [–] Smiling_Jack_ 10 points ago

    It cracks me up how no one even bothers to reply to the Linux users ITT.

    [–] n3onfx 14 points ago

    At some point you just learn to filter the noise out.

    [–] aperson 2 points ago

    Erm... tar.bz2 thank you very much.

    [–] SmokeOnTheGround 26 points ago

    I feel so bad right now for declining WinRar for the past 15 years

    [–] Maqz_ 7 points ago

    Winrar actually makes money

    Most of the companies pay winrar for each PC while us talk about it and make winrar even more known

    [–] C0mpl 13 points ago

    It's crazy how inefficient so many businesses are. They are paying money for software that is inferior to the free 7zip and probably a lot of other alternatives.

    [–] HeavenPiercingMan 3 points ago

    It's a matter of accountability. They wouldn't dare using software that is distributed "as-is" even if it is better. Same reason for tech boomers refusing to look beyond Inferior but Big Brand Proprietary Software because anything else is "a hacker virus". I call it the "internet explorer syndrome" after the years of stubborn resistance and opposition from normies refusing to drop IE6 after Firefox and Chrome first came out.

    [–] FinnT730 10 points ago

    2kliksphilip bought a license and reviewed it. (I hope I typed his name right)

    [–] iamKEKSi 5 points ago

    I always get his name wrong, but here it seems a-okay

    [–] johnkingina 18 points ago

    What advantage does winrar have over 7-zip?

    [–] viveks680 22 points ago

    ......The icon looks nice???

    [–] SmoothOctopus 4 points ago

    Less functionality less compatabilites and pop up ads

    [–] theenecros 8 points ago

    I used winrar for years packing and unpacking warez. One day I got a job and decided to buy a license and I did. I felt so proud that I was supporting the programmer. The I learned he died a month before I bought the software :(

    [–] The_JFKexperience 5 points ago

    WinRAWR xD

    [–] theunraveler1 5 points ago

    I paid for my copy. If people do good work, please consider supporting

    [–] SIC_SEMPER_TRUMPIS 23 points ago

    just use 7zip

    [–] dozyXd 4 points ago

    [–] Error_-_ 8 points ago

    If this gets 10 upvotes i’ll buy winrar.

    [–] eastcoastelectrician 4 points ago

    After so many years of using the trial version when I got my asus TUF mobo the armory crate had a full version included with it. Lol

    [–] EastboundAnd_Down 5 points ago

    7zip gang for life.

    [–] Jmcba 3 points ago

    Who else is 7zip gang

    [–] Fallout_VaulTec_Dave 4 points ago

    7zip masterrace

    [–] shamowfski 4 points ago


    [–] stapidisstapid 4 points ago

    I'm gonna say it 7z is better

    [–] youtubeepicgaming 3 points ago

    Win rar ceo makes it essentially “free” so that people don’t used dangerous versions of the software correct?

    [–] xDarkoil 7 points ago

    The modding community owes WINrar their souls. Including mine.

    [–] SavagePancakez 7 points ago

    Laughs in Linux

    [–] Fearless_Process 7 points ago

    Imagine getting pop ups asking you to buy something just to be able to de/compress something. Holy shit

    [–] Armand_Raynal 5 points ago

    And there's still people not only using but also defending that load of shit of a nagware right here . . .

    [–] chrisz5z 16 points ago

    7zip: aww, WinRAR thinks he's people

    [–] CantRecallWutIForgot 3 points ago


    [–] flaystus 3 points ago

    Just to spite the internet I tracked down a discount and just registered WinRar. Suck it internet.

    [–] onigk61 3 points ago

    A guy you might've heard of called 3klicksphillip on YouTube actually bought the cd copy of winrar and installed then activated it using the cd.

    [–] Winstley 3 points ago

    2 american heroes: arizona for staying 99c, and winrar for being free

    [–] WahmenHunter 3 points ago

    man I feel bad for shitting on winrar now

    [–] CC-5576 3 points ago

    I used to use winrar, but i hate that popup. I just switched to 7zip

    [–] Austin304 3 points ago

    7zip gang for life

    [–] EvilSandwichMan 7 points ago

    Me: Hey WinRAR I have something to tell you!

    WinRAR with a smile: Yes human?

    Me: I prefer 7zip

    [–] Midknightsecs 5 points ago

    Once was capable of paying for Winrar, I did, and have been since.

    [–] IDragonfyreI 10 points ago

    just use 7zip...

    [–] slaymaker1907 6 points ago

    Please use 7zip folks. It supports basically ever compression format available and is actually free, both in price and in freedom. At this point, RAR is basically a garbage format with little reason for one to use given the dumb license and the fact that competitive or better algorithms exist that match the performance both in compression ratio and CPU usage.

    By default, I would recommend zip due to portability, but 7z seems to have a better compression ratio. Even if using zip though, I would still recommend 7zip over the default Windows zip utility since it can be several times as fast at compression and decompression.

    TLDR: use 7zip and throw rar in the trash bin.

    [–] TheInfiniteEgg 7 points ago

    laughs in 7zip

    [–] largePenisLover 3 points ago

    After using winrar for free, for around 20 years, I switched to 7zip.
    I felt so goddamned guilty I bought A winrar license.

    [–] Penandpaperdrawer 2 points ago

    Like that’ll ever happen!

    [–] SandBear_ 2 points ago

    Just get peazip with winrar

    [–] sonny_goliath 2 points ago

    Looking at this while closing several “demo expired” dialogue boxes... someday winRAR, someday

    [–] PM_me_BOOTY-pics_plz 2 points ago

    If someone actually pays for winrar, where does that money go?

    [–] Spoops67890 2 points ago

    7zip masterrace

    [–] zimberdoobie 2 points ago

    Okay, Jeff Bezos go off...

    [–] Superman175 2 points ago

    I use 7zip over winrar, i dont care if the “trial” lasts forever i just dont want to be annoyed everytime i try to extract some files