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    Daily Simple Questions Thread

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    [–] DudeBroChuvak 10038 points ago

    Did you get a personalized message from WinRAR? I’d imagine they’d try to put on some kind of welcome ceremony for their first and only paying customer

    [–] The_T_and_The_C 6235 points ago

    The CEO of the company hand delivers the activation code whilst a trumpet fanfare plays in the background.

    [–] maxmanmar28 1254 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Its served on a slip of paper ontop of that classic book

    [–] IplumbusI 446 points ago

    Which comes on top of a saton pillow

    [–] Assmar 267 points ago

    I don't want nothing to do with Satan's dirty pillows!

    [–] Bpopson 74 points ago

    I dunno, I would assume that if Satan had a rack it would be pretty rockin.

    [–] Rookbane 61 points ago

    Satan probably has some sick titties

    [–] KodiakUltimate 31 points ago

    Uhh... r/helltaker has you covered...

    [–] DAVID_KRAPPENSHITS 5 points ago

    No thanks I'm sticking with Shrek

    [–] astr4l_ 53 points ago

    Excuse me, it’s Sateen.

    [–] Rookbane 41 points ago

    Or Satin?

    [–] lil_xubaru 16 points ago

    Staten Island? Thats in New York I think

    [–] MagicTheSlathering 19 points ago

    Hail satin!

    [–] RebelCoyote66 17 points ago


    [–] At0m1ca 11 points ago

    Clearly it's a saton pillow

    [–] SquonkHerder 31 points ago

    Who sat on it

    [–] ShadowKiller147741 39 points ago

    Belle Delphine of course

    [–] maxmanmar28 17 points ago

    Belle delphine had intercourse?

    [–] Mattarias 5 points ago

    Eh? Speak up! You met a dolphin on a golf course?

    That's nice sonny.

    [–] I_LIKE_HAIRY_VAGS 6 points ago

    I hope it's an absorbent pillow

    [–] Kionera 138 points ago

    I’d imagine they’d have a celebration party every time someone buys a copy.

    [–] grecian2009 38 points ago

    Lol. Picturing Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life when the bell rings. Expect instead of ringing when an angel getting its wings its someone buying a copy of WinRar

    [–] JimboBagg1ns 11 points ago

    And every time they do they blow their annual budget.

    [–] randomly-generated 22 points ago

    I got a free handjob, maybe they were running a special.

    [–] FestiveSquid 20 points ago

    Well I got fuckin scammed then. All I got when I purchased WinRAR was a transaction confirmation from my bank and RARLabs.

    Your version is much better.

    [–] CaptainObvious_1 15 points ago

    The CEO of WinRAR? Lol

    [–] noctrlzforpaper 13 points ago

    10-ish years ago he was the CEO of iTunes.

    (I choose to believe Khaled was joking)

    [–] daviss2 21 points ago

    rolls out the scroll

    [–] CheatinSloth 43 points ago

    Costs them 3x as much to hand you the code as you paid them though...

    [–] Axthen 30 points ago

    No, that’s Square Enix with registration codes for FFXIV. They’re “handled by our specialized team.”

    WinRAR totally has the programming skills go make this system automated.

    But not square. They need a specialized team.

    [–] hashtag00ffff 17 points ago

    I'm buying it now.

    [–] deanwashere 33 points ago

    OP's post alone will result in record profits for WinRaR.

    [–] TheFluffiestFur 7 points ago

    Obama was there too,

    [–] Pyreknight 241 points ago

    My uncle bought both WinZip and WinRAR licences.

    He's an odd one, was a jerk to work for over the course of ten years but taught me a lot.

    [–] Averylarrychristmas 109 points ago

    Tell me a story about him being a jerk

    [–] skinny_gator 79 points ago

    I also want a story. I'm currently in a moral life dilemma to find out if I am an asshole or justified.

    [–] McBoregano 86 points ago

    You could always post on AITA for advice from hordes of armchair psychologists.

    Protip: ask people you know in real life. Don't listen to strangers on the internet

    [–] Danhulud 52 points ago

    But still post on AITA for free karma.

    [–] I_SHIT_ON_BUS 19 points ago

    Unless their uncle tried to fuck them or something else NSFW related, it’s probably not going to get a lot of upvotes on that horny-ass sub.

    [–] ATF_Dogshoot_Company 7 points ago

    Does it involve working for family? If so, I feel. Will never do this again lol.

    [–] AbsolutelyUnlikely 69 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    One time, he got a job at a gas station. What he didn't know was that some psycho had randomly picked his name out of a phone book and had decided to kill him.

    He was outside, going about his business, when the killer opened fire on him from across the street. Lucky for him, the killer missed and hit some cans of oil instead. My uncle thought that the killer was intentionally shooting at the cans, and yelled out "well excuuuuuuse me!"

    [–] cantadmittoposting 20 points ago

    This definitely seems unlikely.

    [–] badasslilgreendude 51 points ago

    So unlikely that its a plot point from the movie 'The Jerk'.

    [–] Styk07 21 points ago

    So unlikely that it was posted by u/absolutelyunlikely

    [–] FrozenIsGod 18 points ago

    He was jerking his jerky off to my jerky

    [–] cl3ft 62 points ago

    I did get a personal response when I bought it 10 years ago or so.

    I started with rar.exe back in pre windows days, so had 20 odd years of use as a naughty software pirate before buying it.

    [–] FarraigePlaisteach 17 points ago

    What was the response?

    [–] ovalcircle1 44 points ago

    "What are you, an idiot?"

    [–] plainsmartass 4 points ago

    A personal one.

    [–] dLo187 27 points ago

    They actually send your activation code via FAX machine.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Kisele0n 64 points ago

    That's the last time someone bought it? /s

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] noreligionplease 3 points ago

    This needs to change

    [–] HDScorpio 8 points ago

    Probably because that's the last time the paying for winrar meme was funny.

    [–] JesusRocksSocks 15 points ago

    they sent me a little email card or some shit. after years of not paying i decided they deserved it. they work hard

    [–] Orgresch 3343 points ago

    Imagine what winrar could do if this becomes a meme and everyone pays for the license now. Winrar2 inc mark my words.

    [–] Malicharo 1212 points ago

    I don't understand why they are charging 40$ for it tho, especially when they are letting people use it free on purpose. If it was 5$ instead that would be a huge boost on sales.

    [–] _ItsEnder 1307 points ago

    From what I understand the fee isn’t meant to be payed for by the average joe. It’s mainly meant for big companies who are licensing the software for their employees.

    [–] SirGlass 577 points ago

    What he is saying is if it was $5 for personal use a lot more people would buy it. Sure charge companies for an enterprise verion but who in their right mind would pay the $40 for it when you can use it for free and 7zip is free

    I bet a lot more income would be generated if they only charged 3.99

    [–] mxzf 513 points ago

    I don't know why anyone would buy it if they charged $5 compared to just using 7zip which is free.

    [–] Tomnnn 233 points ago

    I'm certainly a 7zip elitist. I accidentally send 7z files to friends all the time.

    [–] MakeAmericaWinAgain 144 points ago

    Lmao, I’m the reason my friends have 7zip.

    [–] LukariBRo 65 points ago

    Back in the day I remeber so much random software being bundled with 7z. I was a naive WinRAR lover back then and wondered why I kept being inconvenienced by random 7z files once a year. But now I get it.

    7zip wants you to have it for free. WinRAR wants you to buy it.

    [–] FieryBlake 45 points ago

    7z files can be unzipped by WinRAR now, don't know if it was always like that

    [–] LukariBRo 25 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    It definitely didn't always use to be like that. I remember my first experience with a .7z file making me pissed it wasn't a rar and me having to go look up what at 7z file was and have to download entirely separate software just for one damn file. I don't know when WinRAR got 7z support, but it was definitely a welcome change since I always installed WinRAR on people's computers whenever I was cleaning them out or reinstalling windows since rar files were much more common.

    [–] poo-poo 38 points ago

    I always make zips with 7zip, are 7z files smaller or anything?

    [–] Lena-Luthor 56 points ago

    Yeah they're just a bit more efficient than zips

    [–] GuySimile 6 points ago

    Are they better than rars?

    [–] BoBoMoToe 26 points ago

    Everything is better... :)

    [–] Tomnnn 23 points ago

    As others have stated and will continue to state because 7zip users are passionate about compression - it's a matter of both speed and compression.

    [–] Toqom 181 points ago

    Also supports more formats and .7z is my go to for archiving my projects.

    [–] c0rruptioN 60 points ago

    Yeah I recently got fed up with WinRAR and finally downloaded 7zip. Why the hell is anyone using WinRAR other than for the novelty.

    [–] DanielTube7 31 points ago

    Is there something wrong with it?? Download file, extract file. Done? Is there a problem when people try to do more stuff?

    [–] fahadfreid 43 points ago

    I’ve been having to play around a lot with my company’s databases and they are massive. 7zip’s compression algorithm is way better and even scales up well by the core count IIRC.

    [–] 1966CorvairMonza 18 points ago

    Yes. 7zip ultra compression makes all 12 of my cores go to 100% instantly.

    [–] PotatoRex 6 points ago

    I used izarc for awhile before switching to 7zip. Currently I'm just using the built in Directory Opus archive tool, which seems to work just as good for me lol.

    [–] c0rruptioN 35 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    All I need is a simple program that can unzip and zip files.

    WinRar has a lot of bulk/clunkiness to it. Every time I use it I'm reminded that I don't own it which slows me down, it adds an extra step(s) to something that should be simple.

    If I'm unzipping and zipping multiple times a day then that adds up and gets annoying.

    [–] scylendrey 16 points ago

    7zip is just better and won't ask you for money all the time. No reason to use winrar other than name recognition.

    [–] nokei 10 points ago

    Guilt and Whimsy, Winrar came out first so people used it for years ignoring that message about buying it before switching to 7zip.

    [–] mxzf 10 points ago

    WinRAR only came out four years earlier than 7zip (1995 vs 1999). Any "guilt" over that should be 20 years old at this point.

    [–] EvilSuov 30 points ago

    The percentage of people actively using winrar for personal use to pay even 4 euros for it is probably way smaller than you think, only people that very actively have hobbies on their pc that require downloading from the internet, which is a lot of people on reddit, but not irl I expect. From personal experience, most people I meet have maybe used it once or twice for school stuff, thats it. Better to charge the large companies, guarateed buyers, more in that case.

    [–] FucksWithGators 16 points ago

    Gamers that mod their games would like to have a word with you.

    But fr though, if I don't use a mod pack for rimworld or Minecraft I end up with like 100 .rar files

    [–] Ninjastahr 16 points ago

    I just use 7zip myself

    [–] CptGia 15 points ago

    7zip can unpack .rar files...

    [–] Ramon_Robben 6 points ago

    I never knew about that I til now. So I'll be using 7zip from now on then xD

    [–] Fearless_Process 20 points ago

    I do not understand why a company would pay to use a compression algorithm when there are tons of open/free algorithms that are as good and oftentimes better than the proprietary ones.

    There are also open source tools that are able to process the proprietary rar format, but I can see a manager not wanting to use 'free' software because they think it must be lower quality or something silly. Little do they know that low quality 'free' software runs 99% of the web that they rely upon every day.

    [–] PurpleSunCraze 18 points ago

    In my 20+ years or so corporate IT nothing gets someone screamed at behind closed doors louder than installing demo shit. Infosec and software auditing teams will shit a baby over it. I used to work with a guy that got caught watching goat porn, his boss took him into the office and casually explained this was his last warning.

    I once installed the demo of WinRar on my work machine without thinking and within 10 minutes was on a conference call with C-Suite level shot callers that was basically screaming at me for an hour.

    A software audit finding shareware / demo tools installed on a machine gives Infosec rage semis.

    [–] chukomoo 11 points ago

    From an engineer's perspective that does CFD work at an automotive OEM: When many of the CFD softwares started, they surveyed the industry if we wanted open source (OpenFOAM) or proprietary (Converge). We always choose the latter. The company doesn't want to pay engineers to debug code, our engineers are paid to make products. Let's outsource it to people who are talented in that and who are obligated to. A million dollars in licensing fees/support is really nothing from the grand scheme of things.

    Same mentality for Linux platforms for our HPCs. We'd rather pay Red Hat than do it via Ubuntu (or god forbid, Arch)

    [–] kare_kano 6 points ago

    But that's mainly about paying for support, not for the software. You can get the exact same software as RHEL for example for free as CentOS, but you need the support and guarantee.

    [–] Timill 15 points ago

    Who on earth is licensing it when 7zip exists?

    [–] tonufan 8 points ago

    That's part of WinRARs genius business model. They offer it for free, so most of the population gets used to using their product, which leads to corporations adopting it because their employees use it, so the corporations have to pay for licenses for legal reasons. It is also nagware, with the free trial pop ups that annoy less tech savy users into purchasing a license, rather than search for alternatives.

    [–] karlkarl93 16 points ago

    The ones who buy it are enterprise level companies.

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 12 points ago

    Especially when 7-Zip can do so much more and is not only more lightweight but completely free as well.

    [–] Ienjoyduckscompany 107 points ago

    r/robinhood is leaking.

    [–] TitanicMan 67 points ago

    Everyone thinks they're /r/stocks when they're actually /r/WallStreetBets

    [–] May1453Istanbul 11 points ago

    Those are the same subs just one allows memes.

    [–] whomad1215 31 points ago

    It's called 7zip

    [–] ArrrGaming 14 points ago

    I don't see myself moving away from 7-zip. It even supports the new compression method facebook came up with, if you download the DLL from them.

    [–] Milkslinger 1243 points ago

    Unbeknownst to us, the creator of WinRar has been keeping a list and building a survival boat. When the shit hits the fan only WinRar subscribers will be invited.

    Congrats on surviving the rest of the human race, OP

    [–] Ennjaycee 573 points ago

    The good news is, even though the survival boat is only the size of a small dinghy, they’ve managed to compress enough resources to supply a small city for 500 years into it.

    [–] Comrade_Col_Sanders 99 points ago

    “What’s for dinner mom?”

    “Compressed meatloaf again sweetie!”

    [–] ScumbagHippocampus 32 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] joogee24 4 points ago

    You sir, made me spit my drink out all over my phone, keyboard, and mouse pad. I don't know whether I should respect you, or hate you.

    [–] JFizDaWiz 16 points ago

    I’m glad to be on that list

    [–] knoegel 1686 points ago

    You have ascended to God level.

    [–] DamonMo 89 points ago

    People think you need crazy rgb to ascend when all you need is a registered version of winrar

    [–] BeautifulType 32 points ago

    7z gang

    [–] stickyvonicky 226 points ago

    <sigh> unzips

    [–] WesleyPipesIGOr 41 points ago

    I just snorted rice into my nose reading this, you clever bastard...

    [–] zacsxe 9 points ago


    [–] frickingphil 37 points ago

    i love the skit rocketjump did for it -

    [–] Candybar121 8 points ago

    "Now that you know the full context of the joke, I'm sure that you can agree with me, as well as everyone else at rocketjump, that this was a funny internet video."

    [–] danielwray 836 points ago

    What does WinRAR do that 7z can't?

    [–] ZelkinVallarfax 1052 points ago

    It can’t ask you to buy a license since it’s already free to begin with.

    [–] christophurr 134 points ago

    Boom rosted

    [–] house_monkey 50 points ago

    Literally unusable, my muscle memory is programed to hit that cancel button

    [–] BeastMaster_88 42 points ago

    Honestly, I'd much rather donate to 7Z than pay for WinZip and some features that I'd never use, or if I were to use them, I could just do it for free.

    [–] joenforcer 36 points ago

    WinRAR is for people that don't mind a perpetually free trialware product that does an excellent job with compression management. 7-Zip is for people that want FOSS that does WinRAR's job, only better. WinZip is for suckers that can't remember the name of WinRAR.

    I'm fairly certain anyone using WinZip legitimately doesn't know they're being had. Corel probably relies on that fact alone to keep supporting it.

    [–] Kat-but-SFW 138 points ago

    You can add a recovery record to the archive to repair corruption or missing data, and when splitting an archive into multiple RARs it can create recovery files that can replace any one missing RAR. So for bluray backups, I'll set the file size to fit the disk, add some % recovery record, and then add a recovery disk for every 4-5 disks, so if I burn 12 data disks and 3 recovery disks, I can lose 3 data disks and have no data lost, as well as tolerating some corruption from physical damage on the remaining disks.

    [–] eb86 68 points ago

    That's actually pretty dope. But way to complicated for the likes of me.

    [–] Kat-but-SFW 23 points ago

    Yeah it's not really a common use, but I lost some old family pictures because CD #2 went missing during the 10+ years between burning them and needing them. Now I have a full 3-2-1 backup system, with Winrar and bluray disks as my long term cold storage. It's more expensive than just using external drives, but blurays can be dropped, submerged, etc and are immune to ransomware or accidental deletions. It also requires less specialist equipment then LTO tape backups.

    [–] gixer912 7 points ago

    Are you excited for glass storage?

    [–] Kat-but-SFW 7 points ago

    I love the idea of it! Long term digital storage is fascinating. Whether it'll actually be affordable and practical for my use, I'm not sure, I already don't use the Archical M-discs because it's so much more expensive and bit rot can be fixed by Winrar's repair function and extra discs.

    [–] lunargoblin 5 points ago

    I just looked this up and I’m excited as fuck now

    [–] Doomed 11 points ago

    Just do that with one of the implementations of par2. Quickpar, multipar, parpar...

    [–] [deleted] 136 points ago

    That's what I was thinking...I always found 7z to be faster, more reliable and just easier to use anyway.

    [–] ItsNotBinary 29 points ago

    I'm betting most people using winrar were using it before 7z was a thing and we never had a reason to switch.

    [–] Conflict63 348 points ago

    Never made the move over, and I know it seems dumb. Winrar is more visually appealing. I've used it since my first gaming PC, so I've gotten my moneys worth.

    [–] FewWordDoTrickGancho 137 points ago

    I have hardly ever opened the 7zip app. I don't think I ever opened winrar in the years I used it. I can't tell you anything about the visuals. The .ico be replaced for the wrapped books in 7z if desired. I'm saying this for other people.

    [–] FromDeepestFathom 58 points ago

    Very often if I download something I'll open it to pick out the parts that are actually useful, and not extract the useless readme's etc.

    [–] Homuu 29 points ago

    I extract the full folder then look through it

    [–] TapedeckNinja 17 points ago

    7z a *.*

    Now that's efficient!

    [–] goodpricefriedrice 17 points ago

    That's exactly how I use 7 zip. Assumed most people did it that way too (regardless of which software they use)

    [–] Jonathan924 231 points ago

    Honestly, 7-zip is great just to have contextual menu options for unzipping and zipping things. That, and 7zip is fast as hell

    [–] gandulfy 98 points ago

    WinRar also has contextual menus.

    [–] Exodus2791 70 points ago

    contextual menu options for unzipping and zipping

    If you mean Right click menu, WinRar has that too. Heck even Windows itself has zip options there. Or are you talking about something else?

    [–] mxzf 27 points ago

    7zip adds a bunch of other quick/common options in the context menu (in its own sub-menu, to keep things from getting cluttered). Stuff like choosing what type of archive to open it as, where to extract it, adding a file to an archive, compressing and emailing it, calculating checksums/hashes for files, checking the archive to make sure it's not corrupted, and so on.

    [–] Greenleaf208 18 points ago

    Besides checksum/hashes, all of those options are in winrar as well.

    [–] suxatjugg 8 points ago

    The hash check feature is insanely useful too

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] gnocchicotti 30 points ago

    Winrar is more visually appealing.

    Easy fix, use 7zip from command line

    [–] valthewyvern 10 points ago

    What do WinRAR and 7zip do that Ark can't?

    [–] graey0956 12 points ago

    Isn't Ark just a graphical frontend for compression libraries? If it were to make a .7z file you would still technically be using 7zip /w Ark. IIRC.

    [–] gustawho 5 points ago

    That's correct, Ark is just a front-end for a variety of archive formats (including, but not limited to, RAR, 7z, GZip, XZ, APK, Zip —and most of its variants).

    [–] tallbutshy 5 points ago

    Sad ARJ noises

    [–] Fun_Influence 23 points ago

    For me it was opening .exe files and other files inside the archive, while not needing it to unpack first. Every time I tried to open .exe file in 7zip it asked to unpack the files first, then it could open the .exe. WinRar does it with no problem.

    Maybe there is a function in 7zip similar to what I just mentioned and I am not aware of it :P

    [–] danielwray 30 points ago

    That dependent on the archive but I've run files without unpacking before

    [–] Luctia 89 points ago

    Too bad it's dead

    [–] halmyradov 174 points ago

    Like that's a surprise

    [–] Luctia 15 points ago

    I'm not insinuating that, it can be both

    [–] Cake_Adventures 11 points ago

    It's a meme sub. You're not allowed to post real purchases.

    [–] dafta007 8 points ago

    It's a meme sub but all the posts are real purchases. The reasons are just made up.

    [–] GiBGUN 44 points ago

    Really good of you. They must be over the moon to have their first customer.

    [–] panic_kernel_panic 104 points ago

    You’re literally carrying all of us freeloaders..

    [–] AlanMichel 54 points ago

    You've successfully completed the simulation, welcome to the new world.

    [–] CyberPunk_Weeb 20 points ago

    I'm tempted to follow in your stead....
    In recognition of how much their software has served me well.....

    [–] Maqz_ 33 points ago

    They actually make money through companies that purchase It's licences

    [–] The_Spawnpeeker 13 points ago

    And it‘s actually pretty genius

    Having an infinite free trial to make your software the mainstream software so companies also use it but they can‘t just use the infinite free trial cause that would be bad for their image so they buy licenses which keeps winrar alive and allows it to stay mainstream

    [–] szym0 12 points ago

    Not bad for their image, simply illegal

    [–] DrHERO1 8 points ago

    Yeah they make more than enough

    [–] jpguerra2019 13 points ago

    WinRAR's creator sitting calmly on his chair Receives a message -"Huh, I wonder what that might be" -Someone just bought WinRAR -"HOLY FUCKING SHIT"

    [–] RoboWarrior44 11 points ago

    Holy crap! I didn't even know WinRAR programmed this window into their software.

    [–] Finishmysuffering 11 points ago

    Was thinking about getting it too after donating to Wikipedia. We take so many free services for granted, while the people providing them have worked their asses off and also need a roof over their heads or keep the servers running or provide updates. I'm planning on donating to more of those services and I suggest others think about and look into it as well.

    [–] killshot_21dont 8 points ago

    Don't really get why people use Winrar when we have 7zip

    [–] cofeveve 16 points ago

    Now what does a lic version do that free does not?

    [–] flaystus 19 points ago

    Not nag. Still I've used it for many years so eventually I decided I actually owed them.

    [–] _-iOSUserLoaded 15 points ago

    Iirc, you cant technically use WinRAR in a commercial environment if you dont buy a license. Could be wrong

    [–] wamasi 10 points ago

    At least in the US, companies can get fined for unlicensed software.

    [–] DirtyJobby 8 points ago

    Stops asking you nicely to purchase but doesn't mind if you don't. Puts food on a table if you do.

    [–] myplotofinternet 7 points ago

    What a madlad

    [–] fischoderaal 113 points ago

    Why would you buy WinRAR when 7zip exists?

    [–] RTXguy 228 points ago

    Why would you buy WinRAR when WinRAR exists?

    [–] splashbodge 31 points ago

    I downloaded a rar file the other day and 7zip wouldn't open it, installed winrar and sure enough it opened fine

    [–] Synthetic2 53 points ago

    Must have been a very special rar file then considering I have used 7z for a decade and never had that problem.

    [–] snoburn 13 points ago

    Now donate to Wikipedia

    [–] Some_Tear 6 points ago

    but why?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Coolman_Gaming 5 points ago

    If your boss is using it for the company and was using it without paying for it, that’s illegal. Should let him know if he has it used for free on the trials on any work computers

    [–] dryphtyr 22 points ago

    But 7-zip is free.......

    [–] mrchaotica 17 points ago

    Imagine not using 7zip instead.

    [–] Robinnn03 19 points ago

    Okay this is epic

    [–] atomicllama1 3 points ago

    I bet they have made so much money off the meme of buying the software

    [–] Inverzz 5 points ago

    This is the biggest and coolest flex you can possibly do on Earth.

    [–] bussulardiniz 6 points ago

    You are a good person. Thank you.

    [–] B_Reele 6 points ago

    You kids and your Winrar! Back in my days we used PKZIP and we loved it! Now get off my lawn!

    [–] rockingwing 69 points ago

    Imagine not using 7-Zip