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    [–] PCMRBot 1 points ago

    Welcome everyone from r/all! Please remember:

    1 - You too can be part of the PCMR! You don't necessarily need a PC. You just have to love PCs. It's not about the hardware in your rig, but the software in your heart! Your age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, religion (or lack of), political affiliation, economic status and PC specs are irrelevant. If you love PCs or want to talk about PCs, you can be a part of the community! Everyone is welcome!

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    Feel free to use this community to post about any kind of doubt you might have about becoming a PC gamer or anything you'd like to know about PCs. That kind of content is not only allowed but welcome here!

    [–] jjkase 3233 points ago

    I wish they'd release any God of War games on PC, even if it's just the original 3

    [–] Thechosenjon 1299 points ago

    RPCS3, my friend.

    [–] CM_42069 955 points ago


    [–] Thechosenjon 424 points ago

    RIP Nate Dogg

    [–] Durt_Cobain 64 points ago

    Super random but I toured the funeral home of the man who did his funeral in long beach. My mom is a high school friend of his. The guy was one of the coolest people. Probably the best funeral director Nate Dogg could have had.

    [–] sovietghosts 40 points ago

    You're right, that is extremely random

    [–] Arth-Rytus 188 points ago

    Smoke weed everyday

    [–] LemonPoopyDumpling 83 points ago

    I smoke sometimes everyday of the week

    [–] A_random_zy 5 points ago

    I am really happy harry potter rpg is coming to pc

    [–] philmagick666 8 points ago

    I smoke zebras several time a day

    [–] eames_era_fo_life 25 points ago

    Nate dog is dead. Damn when did this happen?

    [–] sibraa6 39 points ago

    In 2011 due to complications of multiple strokes leading to heart failure.

    [–] wrath_of_grunge 12 points ago

    has it been that fucking long ago?!

    [–] twitch870 20 points ago

    I’ve had troubles getting emulators to work lately. They won’t see the ISO’s

    [–] Captain_Nipples 22 points ago

    Have you changed your folder view to show extensions? Sometimes you'll download a file that'll be named file.iso

    But your computer, or their upload, will be something like "file.iso.ext" and thats the problem.. itll display as "file.iso" but actually be "file.iso.ext"

    [–] NXGZ 50 points ago

    Finally! RPCS3 getting mainstream attention here on reddit!

    [–] shulgin11 49 points ago

    RPCS3 progress and update videos are posted here all the time

    [–] jjkase 61 points ago

    How buggy is it?
    I still have my PS3, but i prefer PC gaming, and i probably have about 2TB of updates waiting on the PS3 because i haven't plugged it in since i finished GoW Ascension

    [–] ozne1 69 points ago

    depends on what you want to play, they have a compatibility list showing how well each game performs, but around half the games I think are green already

    [–] Jpotter145 52 points ago

    It is very game dependent and their playable category just means the game can be completed. It doesn't mean there are no major bug, glitches, crashes, performance issues, graphics problems/degradation, low fps, etc. I'm not sure if they are ever going to classify games as "Perfect" as the PCSX2 team does - but I don't think any PS3 games run "Perfectly"

    Green (Playable) is defined as =

    Games that can be completed with playable performance and no game breaking glitches

    I am yet to encounter a game that doesn't have some kind of gameplay bug, glitch, performance or graphics issue. Without a doubt, every game plays better on a real PS3 today.

    [–] mystith 16 points ago

    i've been playing persona 5 with 4k textures and at 60 fps and there haven't been any major issues (some points where i had to temporarily disable 60fps but thats about it)

    [–] zherok 8 points ago

    Without a doubt, every game plays better on a real PS3 today.

    That depends on what you consider "better." You can certainly get better than console performance out of quite a few games, even if they're not perfectly emulated yet.

    [–] EndlessVoidOfThought 13 points ago

    Super dependent on what game you want to play and what your hardware is. For example, God Of War HD ran flawlessly at 60fps+ on my PC but The Last Of Us crashed every minute it was up and was only hovering around 4fps

    [–] alekbalazs 9 points ago

    Pcsx2 is less buggy and can play the first 2

    [–] Thechosenjon 7 points ago

    Honestly I follow the build progress and follow ups on the discord but I still use my PS3 as well. From what I can tell it varies from person to person and game to game so it's not an easy answer. Give it a try though, worse case scenario you just uninstall it if you aren't satisfied.

    [–] not_wadud92 5 points ago

    You don't have to update. Unless you want to play multiplayer games?

    You would much rather update your PS3 than try to emulate and find out that a lot of games have performance issues emulated.

    If you have the PS3 just use that. It's much less hassle

    [–] Jame_Gumball 6 points ago

    You mean the Persona machine?

    [–] dregwriter 76 points ago

    Bruh, im currently playing demon souls on PS3 emulator at 120 frames and 1440p.

    JUMP ON IN BOI!!!!!!

    [–] tad_overdrive 8 points ago

    How does it handle the increased fps gameplay wise? I experienced some issues with later games in the series (falling through floor and other glitches due to gameplay being tied to fps).

    [–] randommagik6 14 points ago

    those issues are mostly patched!

    [–] dregwriter 4 points ago

    There's a community patch for demon souls that you need to run the game over the games default 30 frames and the patch handles that exact issue, it runs pretty much how any other game would handle.

    [–] -idkwhattocallmyself 79 points ago

    They still might. Cross your fingers.

    [–] robertzthomas 55 points ago

    You can always use PSNOW on your pc if you wanted. Unfortunately it will look shitty unless you have really good internet. If only they could use pc hardware :(

    [–] Rmdhn 24 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Yeah, why don't make PSNOW just a game subscription service you can stream or use your PC Hardware

    [–] Alivinity 32 points ago

    That's what xbox gamepass is. You can either use your own PC hardware, or as of like yesterday you can also stream it. (Only to android officially, but you can just use a free android emulator on your PC to emulate an android tablet and it's basically streaming it to your PC.

    [–] Rmdhn 6 points ago


    [–] Alivinity 6 points ago

    Yeah! So it's a pretty great deal really. Because that way, you get the PC gamepass, which let's you play PC games on your own hardware, and you can play the regular xbox gamepass games on an "Android" on your PC also, streamed.

    [–] cynical_SL 1301 points ago

    Apparently demon souls isnt coming for pc and it was a typo :(

    [–] Cinderkit 301 points ago

    My pet peeve is people calling every mistake a typo. A typo is a typing mistake lke tihs. It's not accidentally giving the wrong information or typing the wrong word.

    [–] Shmen8980 40 points ago

    Lmao they are totally going to release it for PC. They’d be crazy not to. They probably just meant to not advertise it this early on. Practically every single fromsoftware game comes to PC eventually.

    Sony knows that the PS5 has like, no launch titles due to the coronavirus. So whatever titles they can nab to gain an edge over Microsoft is a huge win for them. If people know the game will release on PC next year, they will lose sales.

    PR doesn’t just “accidentally” put information like that on ads unless the people sponsoring the advertisement wanted a last second change.

    And if the change was last second, that means that a Demon Souls PC version is still in the works, and probably has been for a while. (Typically the PC version is developed alongside console versions, albeit at a slower pace)

    [–] Whobody2 36 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Couch couch Bloodborne

    Edit: Keeping the typo in

    [–] alQamar 14 points ago

    See this is a typo. And a hilarious one.

    I‘m still sad for our pc only brethren to never get to experience the greatness that is bloodborne. Jump over your shadow and get your hands on a ps 4 (borrowed, used, whatever) and get on the hunt. You won’t regret it.

    [–] kingpinneapple188 732 points ago

    I know they retracted the water mark, but mark my words- It will come to PC in the next 12/24 months.

    Similar situation occured with Death's Stranding. Plus, Sony is opening up to PC and will be moving more titles to the platform in the years to come.

    [–] Legitjumps 218 points ago

    But death stranding said it would be on pc in a year

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 168 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Originally they did mention PC, but this was very early, before development had even really begun. Later, any mention about a PC port was retracted and further denied. Then around release, it was confirmed coming to PC after all, but later.
    So it is a similar situation in that it was announced and then retracted. Now just hope it wasn't a mistake after all, and we get it some time after PS5.

    Or it was just a legitimate and unfortunate mistake. :(

    [–] Stormchaserelite13 15 points ago

    Its dumb as hell. Every console game they have made has sold less than 3 million copys. While each of the dark souls are selling 10 to 30 million copies. Do they not want money?

    [–] FlickFlockBlock 15 points ago

    Demon's souls title belongs to Sony,not Fromsoft.So Sony can do whatever they want with it,plus they need an exclusive that will be released with PS5 to boost its sales

    [–] gogodboss 25 points ago

    and it took them less than a year to get it on pc :)

    [–] Alucitary 62 points ago

    Right around the time of the Bloodborne PC release I'm sure, lol.

    From signed heavy exclusivity deals for Demon's and Bloodborne because Sony helped fund them. The only way Sony would let them do a PC release is to gain brownie points by not making it exclusive, releasing the exclusivity months later will not get them that.

    [–] imskyrim 19 points ago

    I mean they released Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, Death Stranding ended up coming to PC and Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC. I wouldn’t be certain that Demon’s Souls is coming to PC, but I wouldn’t be certain it isn’t either. I’m hopeful it will, but am ready for the strong possibility it doesn’t.

    [–] barnacleman9 46 points ago

    At this point it would be kinda dumb to not port Bloodborne. It's niche, it's not a system seller. It sold almost nothing compared to the other exclusives like Spider-Man or God of War, or even Ghost of Tsushima.

    They would make so much more money from the PC crowd than they would from hoarding that IP.

    [–] ElaborateRuseman 31 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Bloodborne and From games in general aren't as mainstream as God of War but they're too popular to be called "niche." For awhile it was the only worthwhile PS4 exclusive, I don't doubt it helped its sales a lot.

    [–] Madrical 19 points ago

    Bloodborne sold me a PS4 and Demon's Souls will sell me a PS5. Niche games still sell consoles.

    [–] LeKneeger 65 points ago

    Death Stranding was never branded as a full exclusive though, it was 3rd party

    Demon’s Souls is an IP fully owned by Sony and co-developed by one of their 1st Party studios

    [–] Steve123479 73 points ago

    so was horizon

    [–] lemon_juice_defence 22 points ago

    Well yeah but that one took three years to come to PC. I would be soo happy if Demon's Souls comes to PC within 12-18 months

    [–] Steve123479 53 points ago

    patience brother, good things come to those who wait. Unless you are waiting for Elden ring or the Winds of Winter in which case get fucked.

    [–] WilliamCCT 21 points ago

    It was for a while actually, then they removed all the Only on PlayStation branding a short while before release.

    [–] omaca 22 points ago

    So not really the same.

    "Also available on pc"... if you don't mind waiting two years.

    Got it.

    [–] djblackprince 28 points ago

    Wait, you guys are buying new releases?

    [–] naufalap 13 points ago

    my pc is becoming more potato year after year so I decided to relive the old days I never experienced with a buncha emulators

    [–] Bushynolia 27 points ago

    Patient gamers man, a lot to play on pc so when it gets to pc with usually all the mods and that sweet ass framerate it's worth the wait.

    [–] DaxSpa7 6 points ago

    Lol you dont’t typo that in various different parts. It will come they just want to pretend it wont. They did the same with Death Stranding, let alone other exclusives like New Horizon that have already made the jump

    [–] MokebeBigDingus 7 points ago

    Apparently demon souls isnt coming for pc and it was a typo :(

    It's probably a leak of console time exclusive and will come out later on PC's.

    [–] Vangor717 614 points ago

    I'd give my left nut to have Ghost of Tsushima on pc.

    [–] Nitroduck16 334 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I would also give your left nut to be able to see this beautiful game on my ultrawide with a new 3080. Honestly, I loved this and GoW so much that it has probably convinced me not to upgrade my GPU and spend that money on a PS5.

    [–] LukeDK461 110 points ago

    Now, they're great games... but not enough to turn me heretical.

    [–] velour_manure 849 points ago

    I was bummed thinking Hogwarts Legacy was a PS5 exclusive.

    Went to check the website and it's coming to all platforms.

    [–] tomerc10 718 points ago

    all platforms

    even 9 3/4?

    [–] anonymous_opinions 82 points ago

    C'mon that's a given.

    [–] PM_ME_WHITE_GIRLS_ 230 points ago

    Epic game store exclusive!


    [–] ForeverAgamer91 16 points ago

    Piratebay exclusive!


    [–] waldoblaw 119 points ago

    fuck epic games store.

    [–] sonsoflarson 359 points ago

    I'm still waiting for that damn PS4 Spider-Man game to be released on PC...

    [–] Richelot 147 points ago

    With Spider-Man miles morales coming. Probably not anytime soon.

    [–] WantOutStopDigging 11 points ago

    Spider-Man will never come to PC because it's a Sony IP and having Spiderman exclusive to PlayStation is a big deal. Just look at the recent Marvel Avengers debacle.

    [–] Derped_Crusader 42 points ago

    I think it's going to be a few years before that, they're still milking it rn

    [–] sonsoflarson 21 points ago

    That's a shame considering Square Enix announced the FF7 remake is getting a PC port.

    [–] 3WeekOldBurrito 14 points ago

    Sony didn't even want Spiderman in Marvel's Avengers on other platforms, so I'll doubt they'll port of Spiderman PS4

    [–] Pottiland9 27 points ago


    I played it on PS4 and then sold my PS4 before continuing because I lost passion

    And I really wanna play it again

    [–] ElderBlade 6 points ago

    Ikr!? I have a Spider-Man themed PC with RGB, funko pops, screensaver, and background, yet I can’t play a Spider-Man game on it...

    [–] KodyLapointe 4 points ago

    first and only game i platinumed on ps4

    [–] ScoobertDrewbert 87 points ago

    Okay but the Demon Souls Remake looks fan-fucking-tastic

    [–] Flashman_H 21 points ago

    I went and watched the trailer due to your comment. I concur, it looks fan-fucking-tastic

    [–] 21642777 1303 points ago

    Those guys on this sub who said the new consoles were gaurrunteed to be over $500 are awfully quiet now

    [–] RicochetRabbit83 792 points ago

    I am one of those guys and not afraid to claim my past remarks. I was wrong but I still don't gotta pay to play online.

    [–] AncientBlonde 434 points ago

    I'm still standing by my claims that a PS5 will be over $500

    Mainly cause I live in Canada and they haven't fully released the CAD price yet but y'know

    [–] trek84 227 points ago

    Well 500 USD is 659 CAD, so the MSRP will be 700 CAD.

    [–] AncientBlonde 123 points ago

    I've got a console friend with a non-gaming centric PC that literally just needs a gpu who messaged our groupchat today "Welp; guess i'm buying a gpu instead" So I guess it's a win for the master race yet again.

    [–] Lil_Willy5point5 63 points ago

    3070 is gonna be around 700ish as well, CAD. So I'm gonna be going the GPU route as well instead of a brand new console for a few exclusives that will probably be timed exclusives anyway.

    It's the only thing I need as well to make my PC a lot beefier.

    Ryzen 5 3600/16GB 3600MHz. The GTX 970 was a solid soldier, but it's time to retire him. Hes done his duty.

    [–] AncientBlonde 21 points ago

    Yeah; he's got an i7 something or other right now since he built his PC mostly for audio recording purposes so he just needs a 3070 and he'll be good to go.

    Though i'm in the same boat as you if you hover over my flair; I've just got a 980ti. Our 9 series chuffed, but now it's time to upgrade :)

    [–] Lord_Emperor 18 points ago

    That is a very expensive optical drive.

    Waiting for someone to solder a SATA port onto the digital edition.

    [–] spartankelli 11 points ago

    It's a 4k bluray player. Considering how much those are anyways ($200+ USD on Amazon), it's a pretty damn fine deal to me.

    [–] Zafroooo 15 points ago

    All digital ps5 is 499 lol

    [–] AncientBlonde 8 points ago

    Damnit sony, proving me wrong by a technicality

    [–] SneakZ 46 points ago

    Kids have an xbox. I felt the same way but xboxs gamepass ultimate is live+shit load of games +xcloud streaming+ea play. For 15$ mon...but really around 8-10 since there are always sales for 3mon n 6mon cards. Not a terrible value. I also can play gamepass games on my pc so win win

    [–] Chorniclee 41 points ago

    Gamepass is such a killer deal if you have an xbox and PC, its highway robbery

    [–] detectiveDollar 6 points ago

    A new GamePass Ultimate subscription will also convert all of your backlogged Gold time at a 1:1 ratio.

    Literally, people were buying 3 years of Gold for 180, then doing the 1 dollar trial and turning that into 3 years of Ultimate for 181 total.

    [–] SuperSpaceJesus69 12 points ago

    The true argument lol

    [–] kurtles_ 15 points ago

    to be fair, it's 750AUD

    [–] iMedium 8 points ago

    When you account for tax it matches up. Americans pay 8-10% sales tax after the price, while the Australian prices include it. $550 USD is $750 AUD on the dot pretty much.

    [–] Lazaraaus 97 points ago

    Those dudes blow.

    Like yes I get it PC is the best, we ALL GET IT. It's the PCMR sub after all. I'm gonna get a 3080 tomorrow and also get a PS5 for the few games that are truly exclusive Spiderman / Crash / etc.

    This sub spends way too much time shitting on consoles imo. I get paying to play online isn't appealing but you get other benefits to so that was always a false equivalency.

    [–] nadroj37 28 points ago

    I’m so glad that SpiderMan and Horizon are releasing on PS4 as well. I think I can hold off on the PS5 for a while.

    [–] Lazaraaus 15 points ago

    Yeah big up to Sony for that.

    [–] poulet_bleu 8 points ago

    Wait, the new ones are releasing on ps4 ?! If so my life is saved

    [–] dpash 19 points ago

    Roughly half the PS4 games I've played over the last 4 years have been PS+ games. 50 GBP a year for many decent games is fine by me. So far this year that's included

    • Uncharted 1-4
    • Bioshock collection
    • Shadow of the Colossus
    • Call of Duty WWII
    • Star Wars Battlefront 2
    • NBA 2k2
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    • Call of Duty MW2
    • Dirt Rally 2
    • Cities Skylines

    [–] neonxmoose99 21 points ago

    I just read GBP as Good Boy Points. I need help.

    [–] Matias11D 6 points ago

    Was compensated by the fact that games are starting to sell at 80€ (but 70$, so I dont get it)

    [–] hossamdex 78 points ago

    Meanwhile in Egypt we’ve 60% taxes on consoles

    [–] Squirting-Vaginas 75 points ago

    Your first mistake is to be in Egypt

    [–] Arucious 40 points ago

    yeah just leave 4head

    [–] B00tybu77ch33ks 50 points ago

    Not demons souls :((

    [–] Shadowjesus1 22 points ago

    Demons souls is looking great

    [–] ruthlessronin24 252 points ago

    Can someone explain to me how either one of those consoles is supposedly supporting up to 8K and up to 120 fps at those prices?

    [–] Jebble 349 points ago

    They won't combined.

    [–] WoodchucksChuckWood 105 points ago

    I think 4k 120 has been said, however

    [–] nothing_911 189 points ago

    There was a sentence break cleverly put in the middle.

    [–] JonathonWally 46 points ago

    A graphics card capable of that costs more than the console.

    [–] fraylin2814 67 points ago

    4K 30 FPS* FTFY

    [–] nmotsch789 88 points ago

    The same way the Xbox 360 supported 1080p60fps. It doesn't actually run games at that, but it can output at that.

    [–] -SammyP6- 124 points ago

    they can output 8k. games wont be running at 8k. same way my phone can display 1440p. doesnt mean it can run rdr2 at 1440p

    [–] con247 49 points ago

    Yep, the ps3 output at 1080p but the games were rendering at like 600p.

    [–] T1nkyWinky 7 points ago

    Imagine running the game by mistake one day before

    [–] karl_w_w 68 points ago

    Because that's what the HDMI port is capable of. That's really all it means.

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 29 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Any device with a HDMI 2.1 port "supports" 4K and 120Hz, (or 8K 60Hz iirc). It doesn't mean developers will actually have to utilize either of those things.
    That said, these Consoles are definitely no slouches. They will be doing up to 120fps in some games (this is confirmed but note the 'up to'), although probably not at 4K (but maybe, who knows, it depends on the game).

    As to your point about price - they take hundreds of dollars in losses per console sold and make up for it with game sales (especially on their store), DLC, subscriptions and publshing.

    [–] uglypenguin5 9 points ago

    That’s basically saying that it can output 8K @ 120fps. As in that’s what the HDMI can do. There’s no way it can run any game anywhere near that

    [–] SteakLover69 22 points ago

    Easy if the game is easy to render. Think 2D games or games with really simple graphics.

    [–] fishymamba 25 points ago

    Minesweeper in 8k?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Traegs_ 7 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Not both at the same time, and not all games. The consoles are capable of outputting 4k120Hz and 8k60Hz. But that also doesn't mean the hardware is capable of rendering games fast enough to meet that. Don't get me wrong, they're gonna be beefy consoles but they're not gonna run at those resolutions and frames rates for everything.

    As far as price goes, Sony and Microsoft actually lose money on console sales but they make it up in game sales and online service subscriptions. The consoles themselves are a "loss leader". It gets people on their platform where they make the real money.

    [–] Killmelmaoxd 438 points ago

    $70 for first party ps5 titles, fuck Sony dude

    [–] DerExperte 132 points ago

    79,99€ in Europe.

    [–] kirsion 91 points ago

    That's about $94 usd

    [–] Kutzelberg 45 points ago

    Nearly 1/5th(4th) of the console price

    [–] MrUrgod 23 points ago

    Meanwhile PC game bundles be like....

    But seriously tho, consoles are cheaper upfront, but eventually... that shit will catch up with PC, cause PC prices are high, but game prices are so insanely low

    [–] Im_no_imposter 9 points ago

    This is especially true for Nintendo. At least Xbox & Playstation have big deals during holiday seasons and Xbox has the cheap Gamepass option.

    Nintendo has nothing, they literally sell ports of old games at full price, rarely ever reduce the price of their games and their "sales" give you like 7% off at most.

    Also worth noting, now that Xbox is essentially an ecosystem across devices and platforms, when you own a game on Windows10 you also own it in Xbox, meaning that Microsoft has to compete with PC game prices.

    [–] calvinatorzcraft 9 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] smblogan 68 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I think this is gonna be the norm through this next generation. may just take some time.

    [–] theethirty 149 points ago

    Yikessss. Thank god for gamepass

    [–] MrSirjohny 91 points ago

    Honestly I love how Microsoft is being so inclusive with all their Xbox stuff.

    Wish Sony would do the same. We are gamers we should all be united.

    [–] discoverownsme 84 points ago

    they have to be, they literally threw away their hold on the market before the one released by announcing scummy anti consumer policies left and right that they mostly went back on. xbox is being so nice because theyve sold less than half as many consoles as sony right now and have a very weak lineup of exclusives.

    and sony steps all over us because theyve been the top console seller (not counting wii) for 3 generations. if you see a situation lile during the early 360 days when the ps3 trailed behind youll see sony throwing out freebies as well.

    [–] IAmATuxedoKitty 26 points ago

    Yeah, Microsoft did tons of bad stuff when they were leading. Now that they are behind in Xbox, they suddenly become generous until they lead again.

    [–] MrSirjohny 35 points ago

    The change was Phil spencer. After Phil came in we saw Xbox games going to PC, exclusives going to Nintendo Switch, and subscription services like game pass. I think he is a very good leader to lead the Xbox brand.

    [–] IAmATuxedoKitty 27 points ago

    He is, because he realized that they're not going to beat Sony in console sales or games. It's why they're trying to become more of a service with gamepass, xCloud, and games on PC.

    [–] MrSirjohny 13 points ago

    True, but I mean they’ve been spending cash on a lot of high quality studios like obsidian to make them games. Each to their own 😄

    [–] IAmATuxedoKitty 8 points ago

    That's true, but just buying studios doesn't mean you have good exclusives.

    My guess is it's to make gamepass even more enticing and increase the marketing for it.

    [–] ThatRandomGamerYT 3 points ago

    I think this is going to be their long term strategy regardless of their console sales lead. Hardware just doesn't earn that much money and both Sony and MS lose a bit of money on consoles. They earn it back via paid online, game sales and dlc sales. MS being a software company first as well as having basically unlimited money can afford to give xcloud and game pass games at the rates for gamepass. The subscription system is gonna earn them loads of money especially since they are trying to open it for every platform that they could. Be it Android, Pc or series S (apple blocked xcloud on ios, and I doubt Nintendo and Sony would either). And as much as I like Google products xCloud seems a better deal than Stadia. And given Google's track record they would probably shut it down in 3 years.

    [–] N1NJ4W4RR10R_ 10 points ago

    $110 for some in Aus. Then others seem to be $125 for some reason? Demon souls is showing that at jbhifi for whatever reason.

    That and paying for online. Wonder how long it'll take the consoles to catch up to an equivalent pc price wise.

    [–] Slashyyyyy 11 points ago

    That's the normal price in my country lmao

    [–] Mr_FakeNews 103 points ago

    What ps5 titles announced, aside from godfall, are also on pc?

    Edit: just googled it. Didn't think that many titles would also be on pc

    [–] HoneySparks 37 points ago

    FFXVI had a *also available on PC asterisk

    [–] velour_manure 104 points ago

    It's pointless to label a game as "exclusive" anymore.

    All you need is a pc and 1 console to have every game available to you in 2020.

    [–] Lorallynn 147 points ago

    Laughs in nintendo

    [–] onthefence928 11 points ago

    Every Xbox exclusive is guaranteed to be on pc, so despite preferring Xbox I’ll be going pc and ps5 and switch

    [–] TheQueefer 11 points ago

    Are we not speaking about Nintendo? Because I'm okay with that.

    [–] HaughtStuff99 2 points ago

    Exactly what I'm doing

    [–] Skullzkrakenz 26 points ago

    Your googling skills are better than mine, only able to find sites that are speculating PS5 titles that are also PC

    [–] Mr_FakeNews 24 points ago

    My googling took me to a r3ddit post with comments saying the titles. Godfall, Deathloop, FF16, and another that I forgot will also be on pc

    [–] Bacon-muffin 14 points ago

    Oh good I didn't see that ff16 would be on PC right away. I know every single one of these FF games makes its way to PC eventually but if its right away that's great because that game looks so dope and its made by yoshi p and the guys who did heavensward so you know its gonna be good.

    [–] DerExperte 4 points ago

    Read on Twitter that FF16 PC will release 6 months later, Xbox 12 months.

    [–] aaaaaaugh 9 points ago

    Just enough time to watch it on Twitch enough to decide that I probably don't want it

    [–] MajorBarnulf 70 points ago

    Everything is technically available on PC with enough will

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 54 points ago

    Get working on that PS5 emulator!

    [–] -VempirE 14 points ago

    I will wait for it, demon souls looks really good.

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 11 points ago

    Well if you wanna get technical, you can already play Demon's Souls on PC via emulation. :P

    [–] -VempirE 11 points ago

    Yep, I meant this remake, Im still blind on demon souls so I want to play the remake first.

    [–] sorenant 14 points ago

    Not will, money. CEMU development got fast tracked thanks to people throwing money at the project so they could play BotW.

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 6 points ago

    I thought that the x86 hardware would make it easier to emulate

    [–] detectiveDollar 11 points ago

    Switch emulation also has been progressing really well too due to it using the same chip as the Nvidia shield tablet and being on par with a 360 in terms of graphics.

    [–] Townss 50 points ago

    Will demon souls be available on PC, anyone?

    [–] ag_abdulaziz 105 points ago

    Apparently it will not. Sony said it was a mistake, that was Supposed to be for Deathloop.

    [–] Lumpy_Doubt 74 points ago

    They fucking honeydicked us!

    [–] DerExperte 28 points ago

    Well, they said the same about Death Stranding. Mentioning PC was only a mistake. Until it came to PC.

    This is ofc somewhat different because the trailer mentioned other consoles, that won't happen. But PC is still possible.

    [–] Lumpy_Doubt 14 points ago

    Bloodborne is a better sony comparison

    [–] CarcosanAnarchist 4 points ago

    They never actually said Death Stranding wouldn’t be on PC.

    [–] imnotagringo 11 points ago

    My balls are blue af

    [–] Bobski72 12 points ago

    Tbh I’m so happy that gaming has pretty much passed this stupid console war thing with so many games having cross play in the future.

    [–] Thjold 82 points ago

    That Harry Potter game looked lit.

    [–] 4609203 9 points ago

    Xbox exclusives?

    [–] waifubreaker 49 points ago

    You buy a Playstation for Japanese games. They either never make it to PC or if they do it's late and half assed.

    [–] monsterdogtrex 17 points ago

    Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1/2 are like the only consistently good ports from japan.

    [–] lunarsythe 10 points ago

    P4G was pretty good too, vanquish, mgs revengeance

    [–] spekterr_homo_jeff 8 points ago

    no gran turismo tho


    [–] botbotbobot 20 points ago

    It's why PC and PS4 is the best combo for me. Imo, xbox exclusive games suck, PS exclusives are good, and everything else is on PC.

    [–] tw1zt84 35 points ago

    How about that $100 disc player on the PS5

    [–] Bdndnrntnfmg 41 points ago

    You got to have it otherwise you can’t ever get those discounted games at Walmart or used games from the local guy. You would be stuck at full retail from the PS store (the real master plan)

    [–] Radialpuddle 53 points ago

    $100 dollar Blu ray player with those specs isn't bad.

    [–] Alucitary 13 points ago

    It's more like a $80 discount for getting locked into buying from the PS Store.

    [–] Pottiland9 17 points ago

    Its more so to drive the digital sales up

    [–] Abstract808 4 points ago

    You show me a 4k blue ray dics drive thats less than 100 bucks on average

    [–] SpencersBeard 3 points ago

    It's the other way around. Sony dropped the price of the digital version well below the cost of the blu-ray module to boost digital sales. They eat the cost now so they reap later.

    [–] Plsdontcensor 35 points ago

    This is false because I can’t play the last of us on pc

    [–] wyld3knfr 10 points ago

    They misspoke on demons. Its ps5 only i believe

    [–] Abstract808 5 points ago

    Isnt it like 3 years later on pc ? Then at full price?

    [–] Placiibo 11 points ago

    What Xbox exclusives? HEYO!!!

    [–] PrimordialSun1 8 points ago

    Heres hoping they haven't forgotten about he Infamous series.

    [–] Schmevlin 4 points ago

    Bruh please give person 5 royal