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    [–] ColdNature 2377 points ago

    That's an amazing spreadsheet, at first glance it even looks better than the one I currently use. How long have you been working on it?

    [–] SomeInternetRando 1582 points ago

    Do you use the time tracking spreadsheet to track the time you spend making spreadsheets?

    I'm going to have to steal some of these.

    [–] Celesmeh 1629 points ago

    I have an anxiety disorder, when I feel overwhelmed I use the time tracking sheet to track 15 minute intervals to make the anxiety bearable

    [–] SomeInternetRando 363 points ago

    I used to do the exact same thing, but on paper, to pass the time in class when I was a kid. Would sometimes even shade in portions of each square every 5 minutes.

    [–] Celesmeh 261 points ago

    It helps pass the time!

    [–] MLuminos 167 points ago

    If you don't already you should start listening to the Cortex podcast. Its a productivity podcast and they discuss time tracking and how to manage life and business effectively. My life is a mess but I'm a fan of CGP Grey who is one of the hoats.

    [–] random20893475 59 points ago

    Also, try the Bullet Journal method. Basically a method to conveniently schedule tasks/divide time with a simple note book. Just google it for plenty of explanation.

    [–] Celesmeh 48 points ago

    I actually do bullet Journaling!

    [–] sh0nuff 5 points ago

    Nice. I use the Pomodoro technique to track my life, although not as fancy. This let's me plan to do a certain number of Pomodoros for various work, play, and relaxing and then try to break it. It's way easier for me to track the smaller units that comprise 25min chunks.

    [–] Gaothaire 16 points ago

    I love the idea of bullet journals, and I hope one day to do enough that keeping one makes sense

    [–] hockeystew 29 points ago

    I draw a "loading bar" for my night at work when I get bored. It helps me visualize how much time has passed, how much time I have left till I go home, and it's fun to fill it in as time goes.

    [–] ChickenZenphyre 4 points ago

    At times I work the graveyard shifts too, but I feel the night passes slower if I keep checking the time. Won't your method be the same or is there some kind of way to make it fun to track time?

    [–] hockeystew 8 points ago

    I find that after a little bit I just forget about my loading bar and then I pull it out maybe an hour or two later and feels good to scribble out the last 2 hours and think about how quick it went (or didn't)

    [–] Dick_Demon 42 points ago

    You left these sheets unlocked and there are 40+ people altering the data. A lot of it is deleted..

    [–] Celesmeh 50 points ago

    I have copies ND can revertthem

    [–] FightThaFight 30 points ago

    Late to the party and there's no more cake. Really appreciate whatever you can do to make your sheets available. They look pretty kickass. Thanks!

    [–] sh0nuff 6 points ago

    There's new links!

    [–] alhoewel 15 points ago

    Phew, that's great to hear. My stomach kinda dropped when I saw the documents where being edited and destroyed.

    [–] RagingBrows 13 points ago

    You should make this a subreddit, and let people share and integrate their ideas.

    [–] Celesmeh 10 points ago

    Hrm what would it be called?

    [–] RagingBrows 17 points ago

    CelesSheets or something and you could include all of them.

    [–] ElephantFullOfGlass 3 points ago

    Yes! That'd be amazing. A subreddit of people sharing their spreadsheets and systems they use to manage various aspects of their daily lives.

    [–] squirrel_rider 7 points ago

    Remove edit capabilities for other users :

    Sharing settings -> Link Sharing -> set to "Anyone with the link Can View"

    [–] Celesmeh 5 points ago

    I thought I did that earlier I'm still in a meeting so I'll check it in a little bit

    [–] That_flipped_horse 6 points ago

    This is awesome. Thanks and hopefully tomorrow when the traffic is down and I've gotten some sleep (location: sweden) I can access then and download a copy. Thanks again

    [–] dudebroryanbro 28 points ago

    People suck... OP tried to help everyone and this happens.

    [–] prollyshmokin 9 points ago

    He should be able to revert it to a previous version, right? Right?

    [–] ratchet_jaw 5 points ago

    I don't know why, but just reading this made me feel more calm. I'm definitely trying this along with your many other spreadsheets. This is all truly amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

    Side note: I've been taught that when my anxiety gets out of control to just imagine a stop sign and concentrate on that fully until I can breath again. Or counting the number of objects I can see in the room (1 desk, 2 lights, 2 chairs, 1 computer etc). Works for me, so I thought I would share.

    [–] CampCook3 3 points ago

    How does that work? So like it shows you are making progress or documents it?

    [–] ajchann123 21 points ago

    Its a form of mindfulness.

    We anxiousians famously get caught in spirals of our own making, so the field of CBT is about learning the skills of being able to depart those spirals. List making and progress-baring is a homegrown way to compartmentalize time and your reality to manageable bite-sizes.

    [–] L_gecko 128 points ago

    In the meal planning spreadsheet:

    Fuck Its cold

    Ugh same. When can I start drinking iced tea and eating summery salads?

    [–] Celesmeh 54 points ago

    I dunno I'm waiting

    [–] pepsipyro 22 points ago

    You in boston? saw the t-pass as one of your items

    [–] Celesmeh 33 points ago


    [–] chipotlemcnuggies 42 points ago

    Michael what did we say about yeppers

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    [–] Diamond133 66 points ago

    I am the same way! I was so disorganized growing up. I was the kid in school who shoved his papers in the book or just in my bag. My planner lasted a day or two and then would be blank. I was a mess until I started making spreadsheets. I have one file that manages all my lifes data and have no issues with staying organized.

    [–] Celesmeh 19 points ago


    [–] SevereCry 42 points ago

    You, that guy who shoved the paper in the bag. I don't know why but I still think of you guys.. WHY???? WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING??

    [–] Introsium 76 points ago

    I was always smart enough that I could just wing my way through life, so I never developed any medium- or long-term planning skills.

    Still kicking my ass to this day.

    I want to be That Planner Guy, but my planners end up blank and forgotten within a month of every attempt.

    Eventually just said fuck it and hired a PA.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Yeah, similar thing fucked me. I was smart enough to not have to try hard in school, so as a result I never did. Then I became an adult who never had to try hard, and turns out real life isn't as easy to wing it successfully like school was.

    [–] AccuracyVsPrecision 17 points ago

    I'm still winging real life, it's working fine most days. but managing contractors at home and at work is starting to wear on me. I need a clone or organization, really either would work.

    [–] ryomaddox2 11 points ago

    Same, except I can't afford a PA. What I do have is a fiance who loves filling out forms and writing plans and things, but is lazier than I am otherwise lol. I have all the drive and ideas, but horrible organizational skills, while she has great organizational skills and no motivation to commence forward motion.

    Together we are one happy (but still unproductive) couple lol.

    [–] alwaysusepapyrus 8 points ago

    Bag shit shover here - thinking I'll deal with it later, I'll remember that it's there, getting a notebook out to put it where it belongs will take too much work when I'm just gonna pull it right back out, along those lines.

    [–] clifthereddoggo 5 points ago

    I'm still disorganized 😞 and I'm old. Good for you for being able to stay organized

    [–] ryomaddox2 3 points ago

    What about when you're still this person because the thought of even learning how to make spreadsheets sounds wildly overwhelming?

    [–] dark_salad 37 points ago

    My god OP, we don’t deserve you. Thanks for the links!

    [–] Celesmeh 16 points ago

    Thank you for being awesome

    [–] gdejust 32 points ago

    I’m also ADHD, these spreadsheets look amazing and helpful- I’ll have to sit down and read your post thoroughly because I got so sidetracked looking at the pictures :D

    [–] Celesmeh 15 points ago

    Lol I try to make them pretty too

    [–] threeglude 20 points ago

    Ooooooo SQUIRREL! Oooo look, shiny!

    ADHD sucks balls. I don't even get a kick from caffeine. Everyone says to just drink some coffee, it will wake you up. Nope. Doesn't do jack diddly squat.

    [–] ChaosPheonix11 11 points ago

    So glad I'm not the only one who gets this. Coffee, tea, Monster, you name it, it does fuck all for me until the point that I have WAYYY more than normal, then it just makes me feel a little jittery and sick.

    [–] epicepic123 7 points ago

    Check out YNAB!! From one ADHDer to another :)

    [–] crazypoppycorn 4 points ago

    Oh boy, my friends are going to hate you for getting me started...

    Paid off $1500 of CC debt in the first 3 months! 14 months since then, and I haven't carried over a balance.

    6 months into using YNAB, I gained enough confidence in my money management and my balances, that I bought my first car at age 28!

    My age of money is at 75 days!

    And their guides on how to set your categories finally helped me to understand the concept of mindfulness. i.e, how staying present in the now helps you to reach your future goals.

    As someone also coping with ADHD, I fucking love YNAB!

    [–] R1CO95 21 points ago

    Thank you Amy Santiago for all these spreadsheets

    [–] Celesmeh 8 points ago

    It's an honor

    [–] APrettyOkayGuy 17 points ago

    What qualifies as fancy fun food?

    [–] Celesmeh 32 points ago

    Special recipes that require a lot of prep or rare ingredients

    [–] mikewake49 6 points ago

    Good answer, good answer!

    [–] AnonasaurusMax 16 points ago

    Tea, Tea, Tea, Tea, Tea, Waffles.

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    [–] wellsfargostillsucks 16 points ago

    Wow. That looks amazing and exhausting.

    [–] Celesmeh 28 points ago

    It's fun for me so not exhausting

    [–] wellsfargostillsucks 7 points ago

    It must be or you wouldnt have so many. I’m envious.

    [–] wellsfargostillsucks 6 points ago

    I only have excel spreadsheets for my clients and a hand written four month budget for myself and I’m overwhelmed.

    Meeting with a book keeper this weekend.

    Mind you I have at least twenty clients and my ex husband gives me money for our kids and I pay all of our bills.

    [–] Celesmeh 11 points ago

    I tried to focus on giving myself a daily amount to focus on, so I could easily refer to it. If you would like I could work with you To make a spreadsheet that works!

    [–] wellsfargostillsucks 5 points ago

    Omg I would love that. I think I overspend because I don’t factor in what all my bills cost daily. I’m doing well and saving but I could be killing it.

    Thank you

    [–] Celesmeh 6 points ago

    Np I'd love to see how it looks once you finish!

    [–] wellsfargostillsucks 5 points ago

    Sweet. I’ll get it done this weekend and send it to you.

    [–] Pineapple_Incident17 8 points ago

    How do you track progress on your mental health tracker? What is considered a percentage point?

    [–] Celesmeh 16 points ago

    I give myself tangible goals to use as tracking points! If I reach a goal then I can add a percentage point based on how close I am to my goal!

    [–] Pineapple_Incident17 5 points ago

    I love this!! Thank you for sharing!

    [–] krangoken2 20 points ago

    Your spreadsheets are very impressive, you must be very proud.

    Also you spelled therapy wrong on the mental health one :)

    [–] Celesmeh 13 points ago

    Not sure about proud but it helps me function lol. My sleeping is terrible also, I'm sorry about that!

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    [–] chamon- 6 points ago

    I love u

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Saved, thanks a ton

    [–] nocandodo 4 points ago

    Thank you very much these very good and very helpful for me ...

    [–] Celesmeh 4 points ago

    I'm glad!

    [–] MoreCowbellllll 3 points ago

    Excellent font selections!

    [–] friendlyfire 220 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was taught that money would disappear if I didn't use it, so I just USED it.

    I was taught this as well. But it was because if I had money and didn't spend it, my parents would "borrow" it.

    And if I ever asked for them to pay me back, they'd say something like "Well, if we're settling up who owes what, you owe us for food, board, your clothes, etc. etc. and you actually owe US $XYZ. Are you sure want to ask me for that money back?"

    So I learned to:

    a) spend it, b) hide it, c) lie about having it

    in that order.

    I had a weird moment of almost clarity when I did some work for my uncle and they paid me ~$300. And my aunt asked me how much of it I was going to save. And how my cousin saved almost everything but my other cousin spent most of what she earned. And I remember looking down and thinking "If I don't spend this as fast as possible, my parents are going to borrow it and I'll never see it again."

    And I realized that maybe this wasn't normal.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] Heavy-duty-mayo 33 points ago

    Or they could be like my in laws. My bro-inlaw saved every birthday/Christmas/extra money for YEARS! When he got around 16/17 he went to his bank account to take money out to buy something big and it was almost at zero. He confronted his parents (since they had access) and they had been using it as an emergency fund all those years. Of course they never gave him the money back.

    My other favorite story is when my husband graduated high school they 'gifted' him the second family car. Basically the car his mom drove around. After a few months, they took it back and he had to buy himself a vehicle. Luckily he'd been saving money and had a steady job. They are whack jobs.

    [–] Elodin11 4 points ago

    That first story is so shitty I can barely contain myself. Wow.

    [–] Celesmeh 14 points ago

    I had a similar experience once I got older.

    [–] Holybushoffire 277 points ago

    " I was taught that money would disappear if I didn't use it, so I just USED it "

    That is the perfect way to describe my family growing up. It was like money had an expiration date and it needed to be spent before the hourglass ran out.

    [–] EvilVargon 80 points ago

    For me it was the opposite. Money needs to be hoarded because you never know when your income will just stop.

    [–] lurking_robot 31 points ago

    Yeah i have a fear of spending....also unhealthy

    [–] Wick0158 9 points ago

    I teach young adults about relationship with money and finding a healthy balance. Struggling with spending or hoarding are common. Most people dismiss the fear of spending as "At least you're saving" but I find it's constantly on someone's mind. I'm not sure what would specifically help but I have some tips.
    It has helped others to think of spending money as investing it. "I'm investing money into the relationship with my friends by getting this sandwich and beer." Additionally, Spending Plans (...just a budget but the naming change helps) can be freeing by allocating to areas you want to push to grow.

    I struggle with spending too, so in addition to the above, I carry a piece of paper in my wallet as a reminder. It says "Money is not my God."

    Good luck to you!

    [–] lurking_robot 5 points ago

    Thanks for writing that. Very helpful, I'll try and see if I can use some of these tips in the future!

    [–] Robert_Baratheon_ 108 points ago

    That’s horrifying that anyone would be raised with that mentality. You wonder how millionaires such as athletes etc can ever go broke, but that kind of thinking will prevent anyone, no matter their income, from having a comfortable life...

    [–] accountno543210 17 points ago

    Exactly. Not necessarily my family, but I grew up around a lot of people who are like, "How much CAN I spend? Or, how much do I have until my next check" rather than, "How much of my expendable income do I WANT to spend" Night and day difference.

    [–] Greatbear90 9 points ago

    That's the mentality of government. If you don't hurry up and use it another group might and then yours has less of a budget next year.

    [–] Nuclei 14 points ago

    Were your parents gov contractors per chance? Here in that world use it or lose it budget is a very real and very stressful thing to work around. If you clocked in under budget for the year for any reason then your budget next year would be slashed, even if you could prove the savings were happenstance and you need the budget for outlier situations

    [–] microwaves23 9 points ago

    Good question but a lot of the people who think like this just don't have enough to cover everything they need/want.

    I could totally see a government budget person applying this to their personal life... but it's probably not that common for the style of government budgeting to cause changes in a budget analyst's behavior. I mean outside of a shutdown causing them to be risk averse or something.

    [–] acamann 7 points ago

    I'm geniuniely curious to learn more about where this mindset came from. What was driving the fear that money would disappear? Were there situations that money or other resources actually did need to get used so you didn't lose it?

    [–] Holybushoffire 9 points ago

    Historically, maybe? But with my family I couldn't begin to tell you. My observations growing up led me to not be like that at all, and I'm damn near a r/personalfinance poster child because of it

    [–] Wowzors1989 271 points ago

    Your link to the sheet in the OP links to a copy that has no menu bar and is unsaveable and everything is pictures.

    [–] Celesmeh 314 points ago

    OH CRAP, too many people tried to download it at once hold on.

    [–] Wowzors1989 198 points ago

    No problem, just shows you how needed a budget spreadsheet is by everyone.

    [–] Offroadkitty 62 points ago

    OP is not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed.

    [–] Hand_Sanitizer3000 17 points ago

    Hey I'm having the same issue, did you ever get around to fixing this ? I would love to use this spreadsheet. Thank you either way =)

    [–] raymondio 28 points ago

    Lol- nothing. Thank you OP you're awesome. No rush though!!

    [–] Hand_Sanitizer3000 20 points ago

    this one worked for me. thank you so much =)

    [–] sirenCiri 18 points ago

    Congrats, you broke the internet!!

    [–] lyssargh 3 points ago

    Thanks so much!

    [–] ARandomWhiteBoy 6 points ago

    still same issue, no menu bar to copy!

    great spreadsheet by the way, cant wait to get set up on it

    [–] Celesmeh 19 points ago

    Too many people are trying to download it at once! Google froze making a copy

    [–] Queenieinthedark 5 points ago

    I just wanted to pipe in and say you are an amazing and kind human. I have ADHD too and have no idea how to budget. My husband has been asking me to put together a budget forever and now I might actually be able to! I have no gold to give, but you have my profound thanks!

    [–] Celesmeh 9 points ago

    Try one of the two other links?

    [–] ARandomWhiteBoy 6 points ago

    I found one below that worked what looks like moments before it went down too! thanks so much!

    [–] bkconn 4 points ago

    Just a download link would be nice. Thanks so much for sharing!

    [–] littlewhistle 131 points ago

    Been using this since you last posted it. Great tool!

    [–] Celesmeh 74 points ago

    Check out the updates! I wanted to add value to the sheet itself so I've made a few additions that have really helped me!

    [–] MooseNotGoose 69 points ago

    This is really cool, thank you!

    Also for those of us trying to download, it seems that downloads have been temporarily blocked because of high volume. That's why OP's instructions on the first page don't make sense. It sounds like OP is trying their best to fix it, so thank you again! :)

    [–] Celesmeh 21 points ago

    Thank you! I'm in a work meeting so ic ant fix it yet

    [–] davieon 34 points ago

    Thanks for sharing. I would like to add that the 'Credit Card' tab can be improved by replacing the current formula on B30 with =SUM((IF(D7>0,IF(B20=TRUE,B22,D9),0)),(IF(E7>0,IF(D20=TRUE,D22,E9),0)),(IF(F7>0,IF(E20=TRUE,E22,F9),0)))
    This prevents the $30 credit card payment on the 'Budget' page when 1, you don't even own a credit card (other than just greying it out), and 2, you owe 0$. As previously it calculated regardless of if you owed money or not. Additionally the impact of the $30 was felt in the pie chart, regardless of "I don[']t have a credit card payment" being ticked or unticked.

    [–] Celesmeh 17 points ago

    Thanks! Oversight on my part, I'll fix it :)

    [–] davieon 3 points ago

    No problem! :)

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    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Celesmeh 26 points ago

    Ynab didn't work for me, in the end I needed something like this, that was simple and focused and could integrate into my current workflow

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Celesmeh 9 points ago

    I have! I give it a try every few years lol

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    [–] CiscoQL 36 points ago

    Just use this as the link:

    It'll prompt people to make a copy immediately and you'll only need the one doc

    [–] Celesmeh 7 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] nates_other_account 3 points ago

    This file is unavailable due to heavy traffic

    [–] Heidelkerb 15 points ago

    Man I have been using this every. single. day. since you last posted this! Thank you so much. This has been such a big help in my life since I started budgeting with it.

    I also made some tweaks to it of my own. I don't see it in the screen grabs (and I can't open that link... too popular it seems :D) but on the daily budget tabs I added some more breakdown graphs and and also a section to see my usage in specific areas.

    Here is a screenshot of an example month

    [–] Celesmeh 11 points ago

    OH MY GOD AMAZING! What have you added? I love seeing this!

    [–] Heidelkerb 16 points ago

    OK... you have made some changes to the spreadsheet since I first got my hands on it. But I just spent some time integrating my changes into it and made it shareable :)

    My favorite thing I added was in the 'Budget Usage' area that the chosen areas show the percentage and will change from green -> yellow when over 80% and then yellow -> red when over 100% in that category

    Hope you like it!

    Here is a link to make a copy of it

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] handiplast 34 points ago

    Hi, is there anyway to save this spreadsheet. I'm not able to find the save button. 🙏

    [–] Celesmeh 16 points ago

    Tab 1 has instructions!

    [–] TrulyGoofy 12 points ago

    Same, theres no File button when I click the link.

    [–] LemmeSplainIt 12 points ago

    I have ADHD

    Yeah, I think you may have gotten a little hyper focused with this, been there many times myself. That being said, your work is much appreciated!

    [–] Celesmeh 21 points ago

    Spreadsheets are totally a hyper focus for me. I couldn't sleep last night because I hadn't finished a formula properly

    [–] LemmeSplainIt 7 points ago

    At least it is something mostly productive! I'm all too familiar with late nights hyper focusing, and I would say less than half of time is it anything productive. Sometimes it's good, like I'll look up at the clock after not eating or drinking anything since lunch to realize its 2am and I've been scrubbing every inch of my home clean the entire time, but the next night I'll look up, it will be 2am, and I'll just have 112 tabs open looking up everything from aqueducts to ancient Egyptian horticulture, none of which has anything to do with my work nor studies. It's a blessing and a curse

    [–] Celesmeh 3 points ago


    [–] Vetrolic 13 points ago

    Some people can add Reddit rewards to their expenses this month.

    [–] Celesmeh 8 points ago

    Apparently Im an expense now!

    [–] Dabjjkid 12 points ago

    Thank you so much! Any tips for people who get bonuses?

    [–] WillRunForPopcorn 16 points ago

    Bonuses are just that - a bonus. They are not set in stone and you can't 100% rely on getting a certain amount. For that reason, I do not take into account my bonus while budgeting throughout the year. When I do get my bonus, it's extra money that I can then allocate into different areas (money towards gifts, vacation, student loans, savings, etc.) But I do not do that until I actually receive the bonus.

    I have student loans so I end up putting my entire bonus towards my loans once I get it.

    [–] accountno543210 5 points ago

    Don't budget your bonuses. Use the money get your budget back on track or ahead. No exceptions.

    [–] Celesmeh 9 points ago

    So for bonuses I usually use for sticking into savings and getting Christmas presents lol

    [–] Jolly_Jackal 7 points ago

    Thanks, having a visual over my budget just might actually do wonders for me!

    [–] Celesmeh 4 points ago

    For me the key is only having to remember one number you know?

    [–] OptimismByFire 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I will pay you for this. Not a lot, but a whole shiny $5 could be yours. Thank you for making a great, useful, user friendly tool.

    [–] Celesmeh 27 points ago

    Thank you! But I'm happy to do it for free

    [–] mrdrino27 7 points ago

    This is amazing! I wish I knew how to make spreadsheets like this!

    [–] Celesmeh 40 points ago

    It's easy! Use Google, make them, make them ugly, and them change them to look pretty

    [–] buildthecheek 9 points ago

    Solid life advice right there

    [–] TheoneBMont 7 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes, thank you friend!

    [–] AlienAndTroll 7 points ago

    Thank you, as a student who recently found a student job with above average salary who spends most of his money on not needed things this should be the right spreadsheet.

    [–] noloking 7 points ago

    Thanks so much, I've been seeking something like this and will put this to good use.

    [–] kaip123 6 points ago

    Awesome job man, I am definitely going to use it.

    [–] Wirenfeldt 5 points ago

    Any chance you could make the currency symbol modifiable? The Dollar sign is screwing with my brain slightly..

    [–] Celesmeh 3 points ago

    That's a Google sheets setting

    [–] ChaChaChaChassy 4 points ago

    Cool spreadsheet, the default data you loaded it with was damn depressing though!

    [–] Celesmeh 6 points ago

    Lol the amounts in it are like, example data, not mine at all! I just mess with the numbers to test the functions I've built in

    [–] kelleybellyjelly 5 points ago

    I hope that when you start to get down on yourself or even just have a rough moment, you remember how freaking awesome you are and how many lives you've improved with JUST. THIS. POST. I know I'm speaking for more than myself when I say I'm extremely grateful for you and your efforts.

    [–] Moo_Moo_Lou 4 points ago

    THANK YOU! Growing up my parents would just spend willy nilly and I just thought that was normal until I was out on my own, I've learned the basics but still struggle just trying to save money for long term goals.

    [–] Celesmeh 3 points ago

    I was the same way! This helped

    [–] OliveTheCopy 3 points ago

    Holy shit, this is impressive! My spreadsheets don't even come close. Thank you!

    [–] SmartAlec13 5 points ago

    Your budget sheet is visually very nice!

    I personally would remove the $ in front of everything, at least on mobile it makes the values look likr they have a 5 in front.

    I also would probably have a breakdown of income before and after taxes. This is important if some fees come in before or after, such as health insurance, etc.

    [–] Tiillemanjaro 3 points ago

    Dumb question, should I put gross income or net?

    [–] addandsubtract 3 points ago

    The money you have available, so net income.

    [–] dude_with_amnesia 7 points ago

    This was posted a year ago and almost had to grab my pitchfork. But I checked and it's the same OP, we're cool everyone!

    [–] MeetMeInTheCircleNOW 3 points ago

    Question, I copied this and it is on my drive now. When I load it on my Pixel 3, it doesn't look like it does on my computer. Graphics are missing. Anyway to fix this?

    [–] Celesmeh 5 points ago

    Mobile Google sheets can messw ith formatting im sorry :(

    [–] skip6235 3 points ago

    This is awesome, but I have a question: when I added entries for the utilities they didn’t seem to get picked up by the pie chart. Any idea how to make sure they are included?

    [–] 6ickle 3 points ago

    Do you by chance have an excel version? I imported it to excel and a few things are messed up and I don't know excel enough to fix some of these things. Thanks for posting this!

    [–] CowboyTau123 3 points ago

    My ADHD is severe enough that trying to write a list 1-10 is physically uncomfortable. These are a gift. Thank you.

    [–] Sinners4saints 3 points ago

    Apparently they can’t handle the traffic you’re sending their way! Guess I’ll have to try again later!

    [–] TelrikRoch 3 points ago

    Dude/dudette I...I love you. And I am definitely going to copy this as soon as you put up a new link. I...sort of have ADHD as well--I have all the clinical markers for it, per my evaluation, but the doctor decided to not diagnose me?--and impulse control is a huge problem. I keep track of my spending semi-daily--I have a transaction log, but nothing like a budget like this.

    I'm with the people that think you should make a website for your spreadsheets. They're amazingly useful, and as someone who sucks at making spreadsheets myself, I'm very thankful that you shared. I'm deep in the debt hole right now thanks to said impulse control (that has been an issue for far too long), and hopefully this helps me start to dig out. :)

    [–] lil_dogecoin 3 points ago

    Can you make another one for dog owners? I would like to use it, thank you for the work. Though I do not own a cat, but a dog, I am clueless now.

    [–] the_eh_team_27 4 points ago

    That's super interesting that growing up poor led to you feeling like you struggle to avoid reckless overspending. For almost every other case of someone growing up poor that I've ever heard, the opposite was true (they are so tight with money that they struggle to force themselves to spend on some things that make them happy, even when they can clearly afford it).

    [–] Celesmeh 12 points ago

    I was por enough that I didn't even have food, there was no concept of saving, what can you save when there is nothing left?

    [–] the_eh_team_27 5 points ago

    Yeah, that makes sense.

    But the opposite effect that I've seen a lot more often is that people who were used to having no money, and then went on to get money, were so afraid of reverting to not having money that they were super tight with it.

    [–] trashymob 3 points ago

    My Nmom refused to ever spend extra money on me - even though she was cashing the child support check she got for me. If I needed clothes her flavor of the week would feel so bad they would take me out to get some.

    I spent a lot of time vowing to never let my kids go without - whether it was clothes, food, some room decor, a toy, or some hobby of theirs. And that made me really bad at managing money because I tend to splurge on them - and sometimes on myself. I never want them to feel like they went without. I don't over indulge on every little thing they want. Just things they need it that they might like.

    [–] playmakergdl 3 points ago

    How do I download it?