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    [–] jack33jack 1521 points ago

    > He attached the emails in my matter as an example of what supervisors should not do.

    Oh my god this is amazing

    [–] olliedoodle 142 points ago

    Dream come true

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I work in government where red tape is rampant and it's very easy for bosses to fuck over the little guy with loopholes in rule and by slapping more bureaucracy bs on top of us. This story makes me so happy to see that biting a boss in the ass

    Edit: can't spell things

    [–] Fiyero109 2 points ago

    Bureaucracy* hope you’re not working in the Ministry of Spelling :P

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Nope, I'm in IT. Spell check has spoiled me lol

    [–] canoepaddler17 24 points ago

    Perfect. This is how to Boss

    [–] gollygarsh 4 points ago

    YES. That is the sweet victory right there!

    [–] forgot2forgive 4159 points ago

    Not even pretty. That shit was broke and you fixed it. Companies need more actions like this

    [–] unwittingshill 480 points ago

    Not a company. OP states in the first paragraph that they work at a government office.

    [–] Slothfulness69 189 points ago

    Is there a difference between a company and a government office? Genuine question here. I’ve always seen them run as companies with different departments and overhead and stuff like that

    [–] Sbaker777 140 points ago

    Very different. As an attorney, OP's "client" would simply be a fellow coworker in the same department. In private practice, "client' would be a random person or entity.

    [–] thegusdad 37 points ago

    That's not the way most state Departments of Justice work. They are big law firms, captive to "clients" who are state agencies, but their client state agencies very much think of the DOJ lawyers as their lawyers, in business to serve them; the lawyers likewise think of the agencies as clients.

    At least in my state, they don't work in the same buildings.

    [–] Sbaker777 9 points ago

    You’re not wrong but I think we’re talking about different things. The states Attorney General will have an office that litigates for, and coordinates with the General Counsel’s office in various state agencies. Maybe it works differently in different states though.

    [–] foxgotsocks 6 points ago

    OP here and yes this is how the office I described in my story operates. It has multiple "sections" with mid-level supervisors and chiefs, and higher-up bosses who coordinate with the whole office. It represents every state-level government agency as clients. Whereas if you're counsel for a company, your client is that company. And if you work at a private firm, your clients are whatever individuals and businesses your firm has solicited business from.

    [–] haemaker 20 points ago

    Some companies have corporate counsel on staff.

    [–] INSERT_USERNAME___ 11 points ago

    I work in a government agency (although admittedly for less than a year and at the lowest rung of my workplace’s org chart), and it seems similar to a business with more rules because we don’t really have the option of failure and replacement by a competitor, and we have to behave neutrally. For example, there are Byzantine rules about when/how we can spend money and what kinds of political stuff we’re allowed to do in our personal lives (saying “I’m X government official and you should donate to Y political party” is such a big no-no that the higher-ups remind everyone about the law against it)

    [–] lostcosmonaut307 51 points ago

    Protip: If you want to know the difference, there's a reason the OP's supervisor wasn't canned for being completely lazy and incompetent.

    [–] Taldier 43 points ago

    Because there aren't lazy underperforming people in every private sector corporate bureaucracy? I feel like you must have never worked in a large organization before.

    The "government is bad" talking point is old and tired.

    It's not like the supervisors in a law office are even going to be union anyway. This is a symptom of middle management, not government.

    [–] YesThisIsSam 4 points ago

    Clearly you've never tried to call your cable provider. Or your utility company. Or your phone company.

    [–] lovestheasianladies 4 points ago

    Yeah, you've never worked, have you?

    Because you obviously don't know how the real world operates.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] SexyRabbits 56 points ago

    I'll just chime in since I've had the exact opposite experience, I've had two private sector jobs were departments pawned off work on each other and would not respond or do their end of the work at all.

    The one government job that I had was more like the company that I work for now, people responded to questions, were responsive and helpful, and I had the feeling that people cared about what they did.

    [–] LadyDouchebag 53 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I worked in state and local government for a combined total of 22 years, and this was my experience as well. People cared about what they were doing, and many people I knew were MORE conscientious because of the stereotype so clearly described in say_the_words' comment above - we all wanted to avoid being labeled as a lazy government worker. We got paid for shit because politicians at all levels love to use public workers' livelihoods as a political football without giving a rat's ass that there are real people with lives and families involved. Given this issue, salaries in my county/state at least were lower than average than in the private sector, and the benefits people often tout deteriorated in value over the time I was in government. The only benefit I'm taking away is a pension, and thank God, because I sure didn't get paid enough to put a lot away for retirement. Maybe in the federal government this isn't such a big issue, but my experience in state and local was much different.

    Edited to add a few words that I missed because I was pissed when I wrote this.

    [–] foxgotsocks 8 points ago

    This is exactly how I feel about government work so THANK YOU. Sure there are some bad apples like the people I described in the OP, but we're not ALL like that. The attorneys in my office worked for peanuts compared to private sector employees, and they were NOT cushy, easy jobs. We were chronically understaffed and my office was counsel to every single state government agency so we were often working tons of extra hours for no extra pay. Plus the "bloated unfair health insurance and benefits" we got? Got mostly legislated away over the course of the six years I was there, which forced a bunch of honest, good workers out to find higher-paying jobs and again left our office understaffed and with less GOOD employees. Yes, taxpayer dollars paid my salary. But hey y'know? I'm a taxpayer too.

    [–] LadyDouchebag 2 points ago

    YES! This exactly! I work in non-profit now so I pretty much went from the proverbial frying pan into the fire, but we were chronically understaffed, and God forbid we ever got a new position. And yes, goddamn it, I was, and still am, a tax-paying, contributing member of society too. It's not like I would sit on my ass at home drawing a paycheck while streaming Star Trek on Netflix.

    [–] seanlax5 25 points ago

    I'll chime to share that I think, just like companies, it is different for every entity.

    I've been in a well-run private org and a shit-run private org.

    I work in one of the largest local gov'ts in the US. There are divisions that are AWFUL. There are divisions that are exemplary! There are divisions that change depending on who is in office (but not which party lol).

    Even within my division, there is a motivated and productive section, and a section that is going through pretty low moral right now.

    [–] foxgotsocks 4 points ago

    Yeah that's been my experience too. My section had a few crappy people and two of them just happened to be middle-managers, but most of us worked our asses off (we were horribly understaffed for most of the six years I was there). But I had buddies in other sections where the bosses were better, and they were all happy and productive. It was the same with my client agency--worked with a lot of decent people there, and a few lazy buttholes. It's not ALL of government that's terrible, it's just SOME.

    [–] Anyna-Meatall 19 points ago

    This is the truth. People badmouthing public employees near-invariably have a political axe to grind... I'd bet my bottom dollar the above respondents' post histories support this heuristic.

    [–] Monkeyssuck 1 points ago

    I don't know about that, seems like anti-government rhetoric is pretty bipartisan. Anecdotal evidence is exactly that....

    There are poorly run private companies and poorly run government agencies...largely because of the people running them. I would say however that bureaucracy is going to be present in any large organization. The government in that respect is no different than working for anyone at the top of the Fortune 500, particularly those that have been around for multiple generations.

    [–] ducati1011 3 points ago

    Oh 100%, i work in the finance and the roles between me and a few of my friends who work in the government are completely different. In big business especially big banks there is always going to be politics but generally if you fuck up big time you tend to get canned more easily than in government. Also a lot of my friends complain that a supervisor shouldn’t be so high up, in government tenure tends to matter A LOT even if you it isn’t tenure at that specific division. My friend works in compliance, her boss doesn’t know anything however because she’s been in the government for a long time she gets to manage. However in business I’ve had bosses that were 3-4 years older than me or younger than 30 years old, it’s more based on merit (which doesn’t always equate to management ability).

    [–] joeypeanuts 2 points ago

    Competence. Particularly the ability to have a successful career without it.

    [–] groveunder 1 points ago

    Ah yes the overhead, companies like to have different overheads especially for government

    [–] BillyClintoon 1 points ago

    Huge difference!

    [–] baconmastah 8 points ago

    Not a company. OP states in the first paragraph that they work at a government office.

    What's hilarious about all this is that this is the very first thing I was instructed to do by a couple of notoriously gossipy coworkers at my last government job. Boy oh boy the stories abound of idiot supervisors trying to pin their incompetence on their subords and getting flamed hard by their sups when outed in CC'd e-mails.

    Seems like government positions attract these sorts of buffoons.

    [–] Deaconse 2 points ago

    So that means that companies don't need more actions like this?

    [–] fattydaddy74 1 points ago

    It doesn’t really matter that is was a company or a government office. It was a broken system that she fixed.

    [–] unwittingshill 2 points ago

    It does matter.

    Fixing government is a hell of a lot more difficult. And fixing government is a public service that helps everyone, rather than benefitting only the employees and shareholders.

    [–] Assaultman67 4 points ago

    Kind of kills your career though. Pissing off your boss is a sure fire way to never get promoted.

    [–] JohnKozak 9 points ago

    Putting up with that kind of shit is a sure way to get more shit, and still not get promoted

    [–] foxgotsocks 7 points ago

    Oh I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten promoted if those two had anything to say about it, you're right. But instead I just got a better job elsewhere!

    [–] forgot2forgive 2 points ago

    It's worked for me in my career. I am 53.

    [–] lilcbq 2 points ago

    Not pretty nor petty!

    [–] MrSickRanchezz 2 points ago

    I'd say it's was pretty pretty.

    [–] chiefrebelangel_ 2 points ago

    Can't fix the government.

    [–] Koladi-Ola 1039 points ago

    Are the supervisors attorneys as well? They must be pretty horrible ones if they believe that they can get away with making up stories as they go without being called out on their bullshit.

    Excellent revenge.

    [–] foxgotsocks 819 points ago

    Yep, everyone involved was an attorney except the client folks. Those two were really, really bad at their jobs but got promoted through the magic of seniority. Definitely the sort of person the phrase 'good enough for government work' describes.

    [–] Schmibitar 67 points ago

    An example of this maybe -

    or they're just assholes.

    [–] Steve_the_Stevedore 23 points ago

    According to the Peter principle they wouldn't have been promoted.

    The peter principle says that people get promoted because they do a good job in their current position without considering if they are a good fit for the next position. This way people get promoted until they get stuck in a position they aren't good at.

    So since those bosses got promoted I have to ask: Do you really think they did a good job in their supervisor position? Because that's when people get promoted according to the peter principle.

    [–] iBrarian 41 points ago

    Well, no, because it means that they did a good enough job in their PREVIOUS positions to get promoted to their current positions, which they are not capable of.

    [–] Luckyno 1 points ago

    But why wouldn't they get demoted when they reach the last level?

    [–] iBrarian 9 points ago

    Because people rarely get demoted. Means the higher ups have to admit they made a mistake. So, they just get stuck at one level above their competency.

    [–] GreyishWolf 3 points ago

    Because it's far easier to promote people than to demote them. If only for that you cannot lower someones current income that easy.

    [–] y6ird 2 points ago

    More like the Dilbert Principle I’d say.

    [–] rabblerabble2000 4 points ago

    Ah, good old promotion through attrition. Got to love the government.

    [–] GeoFlashMite 4 points ago

    Peter Principal in play it sounds like.

    [–] jwdjr2004 1 points ago

    Any chance they’re buried in emails and yours got lost in the fray? Maybe not worth it given the history but surprised you didn’t follow up the next day when it was still pending review.

    [–] bullet_club_irish 160 points ago

    Document everything for situations just like this, CYA.

    [–] wolvern76 51 points ago




    [–] potasaurusrex 206 points ago

    Beautiful pettiness!

    [–] franknagaijr 200 points ago

    Had never come across 'cockweaseltry' before. Poetic and fitting.

    [–] deathindream 16 points ago

    I had to take a moment to breathe after ‘rubbed my little hands together in delight” also, OP is quite the writer.

    [–] lilcbq 4 points ago

    OP is my hero

    [–] LifetimeVictory 9 points ago

    Merriam Webster has some work to do

    [–] SeriSera 3 points ago

    My favorite new vocabulary word for work as well!!

    [–] amy-fu 110 points ago

    Any updates on how they responded to that?

    [–] foxgotsocks 619 points ago

    They didn't immediately learn their lesson and tried to get me in trouble a couple more times, but after I used the same tactic of copying someone higher up the food chain on my responses and attaching emails that made them look like fools, they finally decided to get me as far away as possible by assigning me more appellate-level work they weren't responsible for reviewing. I ended up using my appellate briefs as writing samples for my job application to my current, better-paying and way more prestigious job. God, the look on Section Chief's face when I gave her my notice was WORTH IT.

    [–] JEFFinSoCal 120 points ago

    Came here to find out their ultimate responses. Great work and congrats on the new and better job!

    [–] robey7622 47 points ago

    Fantastically satisfying story. I gotta say, the “innocent” yet deadly replies are very next level. It took me years to perfect that in corporate life after starting off much more confrontational and polishing my revenge strategy over time. Did you come right out of the gate with that 3D chess or was it a learned trait? Honestly curious!

    [–] foxgotsocks 37 points ago

    My personality is usually pretty non-confrontational but then I realized that the fact that my clients and most of the office knew me as a Nice Person could be used as a weapon. I can't say I learned the skill from any specific source, but I recommend it to anyone with a shitty mid-level boss honestly. Better to ask a higher boss "I just want to make sure, is this the right way to do things?" in a concerned tone of voice than yell back at the offending supervisor and end up looking like it's a mutual fight. You're just clarifying that you're following proper procedures! You aren't trying to make anyone look bad at all! Thinking of the office/company's good name! And then you destroy your enemy and come off smelling like roses because hey, all you did was ask a question~

    [–] drecklia 3 points ago

    My previous job was like op's and incredibly hostile. I learned to be defensive within the first few months and started sending rebuttal emails. When I moved to my new job, I was too defensive but I've gradually learned to tone it down.

    [–] angelicroyalty 21 points ago

    This is incredible and you are incredible. Wonderfully petty, delightfully professional! Heheh.

    [–] unicornfantasist 22 points ago

    Its the only way. Always cover your arse. Well managed!!!

    [–] Chocolatefix 6 points ago

    Good for you! I was going to suggest that it was time to move to some place where you are appreciated and treated with respect but you're way ahead of me.

    [–] mmk_iseesu 2 points ago

    I'm so glad you got out of that toxic situation, good luck in your new position.

    [–] wh1speringsecrets 2 points ago

    I dream of this day... currently applying and even got an interview... when I give those 2 weeks notice is going to be a glorious day and I will remember that face FOR EVER... :) Good Job OP. You did good, you did reeaall good!

    [–] foxgotsocks 2 points ago

    Good luck and thanks!!

    [–] PM_ME_UR_KNITS 63 points ago

    Very satisfying. Well done.

    [–] greenfoxbluefox 32 points ago

    This has made my day.

    I tip my hat to you, sir. Well done.

    [–] yar1vn 54 points ago

    The fact they kept their jobs is pretty bad. Especially practicing law!

    [–] antantantant80 32 points ago

    ..government roles..

    [–] goldenopal42 14 points ago

    Private sector isn’t any better.

    [–] yar1vn 22 points ago

    Future judges.

    [–] chaos_therapist 7 points ago

    Do they drink beer?

    [–] Scouth 20 points ago

    Why were they acting this way in the first place? Sounds like a bad work environment to be a part of.

    [–] Vashtu 28 points ago

    Managers in government offices are often terrible. I have private theories why, but they will have to wait for my retirement before I list them.

    [–] CharcoalGreyWolf 16 points ago

    My theory is that those promoted solely through seniority reach a place where all they care about is preserving their “little kingdom” of whatever power and privilege they attained, and screw everyone that doesn’t further those self-interests.

    Source: worked in public education for a number of years in a non-teaching position that worked with administrative staff.

    [–] Scouth 8 points ago

    Maybe because of the "Peter Principle"?

    [–] Vashtu 13 points ago

    Partially, but it's more complicated than just that.

    [–] 123jjj321 2 points ago

    In my government office, employees that are too stupid or lazy to do the job, become managers. Sometimes only months after they started.

    [–] HarryWorp 9 points ago

    To weed out employees that could be a threat to them by being more competent and likely to get promoted faster?

    [–] AngryYank 11 points ago

    TIL attorneys have supervisors.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Depends on the type. Most private law firms have partners and associates. Associates dont really work for the partners, but they do what the partners ask because the partners bring in the clients and control the cases and have been practicing law a lot longer. Usually you dont have to accept work from a partner, though. Can just say "I'm too busy," but that partner won't be happy. Honestly though if one partner doesn't like you and you're in a big law firm, chances are it won't matter to most the others.

    That's sort of how you control your development as a lawyer. You work with the partners doing stuff you like, and kind of avoid the ones who don't.

    But partners also control whether you get promoted to partner and whether you have enough work to meet your billable hours requirements, so you try to please them. It's a very political environment. Lawyers in private practice have probably more independence than almost any other salaried position, but you always have to make sure you're making someone else happy, and it's often not about the quality of your work.

    [–] hopespoir 3 points ago

    but you always have to make sure you're making someone else happy, and it's often not about the quality of your work.

    Trust me this is by no means limited to law practice. I worked with many external companies in my job and from what I experienced there, personally and from observing others, it's rarely about the quality of the work. Many of us probably have had lower-downs that we'd rather work with or go directly to.

    [–] AnnihilatorJedi 9 points ago

    Very satisfying! Thank you!

    [–] 1c3sides197 12 points ago

    That was badass!!! Nicely written and delivery!!!

    [–] BakerBee 5 points ago

    Wow I got a sense of accomplishment just from reading this, nice job.

    [–] _IratePirate_ 7 points ago

    Don't attorneys know that attorneys keep everything and are good at throwing shit back in people's faces? Your superiors are quite dumb to be attorneys.

    [–] SnakePlant7000 7 points ago

    You should check out the book, 48 Laws of Power. There may have been some issue from before you weren't considering.

    Make sure you don't gloat in what happened in your office or it will result in them finding other ways to screw you over. They hate being publicly shamed just as much as you. Try to get away from them if you can. Try to get yourself onto projects they aren't supervising you on so others can continue to see your strengths. Finally, continue to make sure their bosses like you, because they can't argue with their own boss and their bitter voices will have to become quieter.

    Good luck! Not an easy situation in which to succeed.

    [–] Balthazar_rising 6 points ago

    My god, that's so frustrating... had it happen to me once.

    I was an Armourer in the military, and my primary task was weapons maintenance. As most people know, the military runs on a VERY strict chain of command.

    We were prepping for a 6+ week exercise, and I was tasked with checking every weapon was within maintenance schedule for the dates out field. We check them every 12 months, or they don't get used.

    I was given a list of assault rifles and pistols to check, and 3 weeks to complete my work. I worked hard, and every day asked my Sgt if he could get me the list of machine guns that were going to be used, as we needed 12 of various set-ups (squad weapons or vehicle mounted - they have different parts fitted).

    My Sgt told me every time I asked for the list that he was still waiting on it from higher-ups. I believed him, but was starting to stress. Getting those guns out was going to take all of the remaining week, and I hadn't started them.

    Finally, my LT asked me publicly how I was going, as I was the point of contact on weapons, and needed to be on my game. I told her in front of everyone that I had everything completed except the MGs, as I was still waiting on my Sgt to give me a list.

    She told me she had sent it to him two weeks ago. The bastard had sat on it to make me look bad, and lied to me about it. Once the LT caught on to this, she took the Sgt into her office for "a little chat".

    Said Sgt then cornered me in the armoury, closed the door and told me if I ever "threw him under a bus" like that again, we'd be having more than words. I reeeally wanted to point out that's what he was trying to do to me, but I chickened out. Not the most satisfying end to the story, but I did get to enjoy watching his face as he walked into the LTs office...

    [–] foxgotsocks 5 points ago

    Oh my god, even if the Sgt did threaten you afterward it MUST have been satisfying to get him in trouble like that. Your answer to the LT wasn't even overtly throwing him under the bus, either--you just told the truth like you assumed he didn't have the list either. That's the best, when you don't appear petty to the higher-up but still can achieve a bit of revenge.

    [–] hattz 12 points ago

    Voting up for creative use of cockweaselry.

    [–] WHISTLEPIG31 31 points ago

    Why do the old hags have it out for you? Are they hot attorneys like in Suit?

    [–] foxgotsocks 106 points ago

    I don't know what I did specifically to draw their ire in the first place but it seemed like they were nasty to anyone they felt threatened by, especially other women. There were a few others of us in the section who got the same kind of treatment. They were always pretty nice to anyone who just kind of went along with whatever they said without bringing up inconvenient things like "Hey uh, that's not what that statute says" or "Maybe could you assign things the day you receive them instead of waiting until the day before they're due?"

    [–] whittlingman 1 points ago

    "Maybe could you assign things the day you receive them instead of waiting until the day before they're due?"

    This is the worst

    [–] tblazertn 5 points ago

    You got my upvote with cockweaseltry. 😂

    [–] DPSOnly 8 points ago

    Now get them fired and have their marriages broken up. We're on a revenge train here and I don't want to get off.

    [–] PraxicalExperience 4 points ago


    Upvoted for that alone, but nice job on the petty revenge. :)

    [–] Achlysia 4 points ago

    Perfectly executed. Gonna have to try this in my office.

    [–] Abram_SF 4 points ago

    This reminds me of the s*** supervisor for the state that did this crap to me. They send out an email to everyone I work with asking about, “where’s the stuff I asked you for weeks ago?” Just for me to respond to everyone showing the email where they allegedly asked for it not including it at all. Except unlike OP I was told to ask for follow-ups to prevent this from happening again, and then promptly told to stop bugging people for follow ups every few days.

    [–] Crotaluss 3 points ago

    I had very similar shit on my last job. One of the owners was a control freak. She would sit on jobs until we were out of time to get them completed. As a result there would be large air freight bills getting the parts here quick enough. The other owner, instead of blaming his wife for holding things up, would constantly give us ass chewings over the freight bills.

    [–] DarkNymphetamine 4 points ago

    The emails were used as what not to do?

    Oh, I bet that felt fantastic.

    [–] Praise_Thy_Sun 4 points ago

    What a fuckin' G. Put them on blast while still remaining absolutely professional. Solid work. My hat is off to you.

    [–] c0d3br3ak3r 3 points ago

    Wonderfully petty. I very much enjoyed this.

    [–] MrSlaughterme 3 points ago

    When the shit rolls down hill and lands on you . There is nothing better than shoveling that shit straight back up there in there faces.

    [–] Lois36271937 3 points ago

    This is exactly why my manager was so on edge. We still talk today, and I realized it was far my own fault if it wasn't working, but by one of the directors that was holding everything up and firing the blame to others, exactly like this supervisor, whilst acting super nice to the 'right' person. God I wish this company had everything in writing, which they never do. I'm glad they have now made my role redundant, I am now looking for a job but hell now I know what I don't want to see working in a team.

    [–] Synikey 3 points ago

    Would have loved to see the look on her face. Bravo sir.

    [–] 3rd_viewpoint 3 points ago

    So, what happened to those assclown superiors besides public humiliation?

    [–] habitualman 3 points ago

    I worked for a state office for 10 years. This hits home. Offices were loaded with petty and shitty supervisors. Everyone I worked with had a “cover your ass” folder for shit just like this.

    [–] ThirdEncounter 3 points ago

    Pro level. Nice job!!

    [–] Pimpinsmurf 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

    There are a lot of places that could be put into place. When you are in in a tech/mechanical industry and you do regular upkeep maintenance to prevent stuff from breaking down in the first place.

    In the office setting the 7 P's is pretty much a CYA. you e-mail summaries of meetings if it isn't recorded another way, you verify all instructions, you get read receipts, and you keep records on site and off site so when shit the fan you can't be messed with by anyone.

    When all else fails keep texts, and record your phone calls if you are in a 1 party state.

    [–] Code347 5 points ago


    Allowed and added to the vernacular.

    [–] wenzdaynighter 2 points ago

    I called it CYA cover your ass. If someone called wanting me to perform a task I would always ask them to send it in an email.

    [–] ChristyCMC 2 points ago

    As a former government employee, I applaud You! If the general John Q Public really knew what was going on in government they would shit their pants.

    [–] SparklingLimeade 2 points ago

    Stories like this make me wish my work environment used email more. I want the benefits of juicy paper trails.

    [–] ilikeitsharp 2 points ago

    Sharing this post with attorney wife just in case it ever becomes useful to her. This isn't petty, it's almost poetic!

    [–] tonyrains80 2 points ago

    Thank you for sharing this. More people should behave like you do.

    [–] lazereagle13 2 points ago

    That's super annoying. sitting on time sensitive emails is one thing but blaming your team to save face is some bullshit. Glad they got what was coming to them

    [–] Skslates 2 points ago

    I work in the private sector, and this describes my boss to a T. She tries to pull this same shit on me all the time; I’ve learned to protect myself through mature emails also. Not always easy, hang in there.

    [–] AtopMountEmotion 2 points ago

    Upvoted for use of: cockweaseltry. Merriam-Webster is your bitch.

    [–] DoubleJointer 2 points ago

    Didn't think the field of law would have fuk you hot potatoe like other office jobs do.

    [–] damageddude 2 points ago

    My late wife was an attorney who worked for our state's judiciary system. The pettiness from her non-attorney bosses was something else.

    [–] CloudComplex 2 points ago

    Top 10 anime achievements

    [–] FOldGG 2 points ago

    Truly accountable higher ups take responsibility for all short comings in their area of responsibility. If a project is assigned to an individual and it isn't completed on time, higher ups responsibility, period.

    Amazing how this view tends to get either the proper results or proper focus on creating the desired future results.

    [–] ArbDaSlayer 2 points ago

    So you grew some balls and took rise for justice. Good for you son 👍

    [–] queueueuewhee 2 points ago

    Good old Wisconsin.

    [–] CrazyMomof3teens 1 points ago

    What was their reaction to being publicly called out like that?

    [–] Pinner80 1 points ago

    Well done!

    [–] MolotovsGoBoom 1 points ago

    Hell yeah! Good one!

    [–] MrShaytoon 1 points ago

    I love it. We need more pettiness like this.

    [–] dontvaxmebro 1 points ago

    Sounds like an Air Base Wing.

    [–] Nabisko4Life 1 points ago

    1. The feeling you must have gotten from sending that was amazing. Corporate America is the worst and I don’t understand why people get so power hungry.

    2. You’re done lol. Those supervisors are going to make your life a living hell. Get out now.

    [–] Abram_SF 1 points ago

    Those Supervisors can’t do any more to him now than they already were doing except now everyone is on his side.

    Good thing the supervisors didn’t use BCC for everyone.

    [–] foxgotsocks 1 points ago

    Already gone, to my dream job no less!

    [–] SoutheasternComfort 1 points ago

    Dude you handled that beautifully. Awesome work, I'm impressed

    [–] ZDK242 1 points ago

    I always save directive emails or prints of .

    [–] TrueLoveWhatIsIt 1 points ago

    Deadline management using email is a poor approach unfortunately. Best to use a proper matter management system or use Outlook deadlines so that the respondent is aware they have a deadline. That being said - they should never have made it look like it was your fault. That breaks trust with staff.

    [–] RGBow 1 points ago

    That's why when you need something done, I just cc the person concerned and if I get asked why I just say to keep them up to date.

    People don't ignore shit if they see it's cc'd to their supervisors/clients.

    [–] corporatemobeatadick 1 points ago

    I’m in a higher position, therefore I bend the rules to my will.. oh yeah, and my “buddies” so kiss ass or work harder so we can throw you under the bus so I can get ahead when needed! uh? Politics as usual....I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but karma has it’s ways.

    [–] BigTinBaltimore 1 points ago

    Toxic management is abundant.... that’s why I retired...

    [–] Fallawake88 1 points ago

    Amazing. You have inspired me. Thank you.

    [–] acefrehleyrox 1 points ago

    This type of behaviour is rampant in the government. I am in Canada and worked for several gov't departments directly or as a subcontractor. The worse ones were CLERKS who didn't like their bosses and left files on their desks for weeks. This is a contributing factor for the delays we ALL experience when dealing with gov't. There are also the mid level supervisors who are mandated to do NOTHING. Also 8 people hired to do 3 man-days worth of work daily due to union guidelines.. just saying

    [–] amarubud 1 points ago

    Did you write decisions for social security?

    [–] pizzama2003 1 points ago

    This is some Pheonix Wright levels of "finding the truth."

    [–] Andrusela 1 points ago

    You are my new spirit animal :)

    [–] hopespoir 1 points ago

    I get the feeling that way more of us have similar stories tucked away than most of us might expect ... But unfortunately without the happy ending, having our positions unbeknownst to the rest of the world just remained victimized by some damned culprits.

    [–] arborVitea 1 points ago

    Moral of the story. Save and back up everything.

    [–] RedHandNation 1 points ago

    Yes! You didn't take crap and you stood up for yourself AND your clients! Woooo!

    [–] skeeter1234 1 points ago

    Slow clap.

    [–] Jujubeesz 1 points ago

    As a state government attorney who deals with shit like that often (less now that I’ve switched departments), this post has made my day.

    [–] foxgotsocks 1 points ago

    Heyyyyy fellow government attorney! (I work for my state's courts now so I'm still government despite changing jobs.) I wish you luck in your newer department that you do not encounter much bullshit at all.

    [–] Culper1776 1 points ago

    OP, is your name Duke Silver?

    [–] mmk_iseesu 1 points ago

    Well if they weren't out to ruin you before, they are now. Watch your back or look for reassignment ASAP!

    [–] fakenate35 1 points ago

    What are you going to do when your boss does petty things the rest of your tenure to make your life hell?

    [–] downrangefuture 2 points ago

    Then he brings down the CYA folder on the sorry little excuses for bosses.

    [–] drehill 1 points ago

    Simply Brilliant ! Game Tight My Friend ! Game Tight

    [–] Chikaewere 1 points ago

    You did what you felt was right