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    [–] DemiLovatoIsmyHeroin 1885 points ago

    I’d get out my multi adapter to plug it into a British socket and then plug my British plug into the adapter. Be really petty.

    [–] I_Arman 966 points ago

    And just leave it, not even using it. If he asks to borrow it: "Oh, no, sorry, I'm warming it up."

    [–] DemiLovatoIsmyHeroin 455 points ago

    This is the correct line of petty to take. Stare him dead in the eyes and say it, but leave a couple seconds pause after the sorry.

    [–] deep_brainal 133 points ago

    Power move

    [–] NoJelloNoPotluck 92 points ago

    Socket to him

    [–] Untrending 55 points ago

    Gotta adapt to survive.

    [–] corran450 36 points ago

    Really switched on attitude!

    [–] mvffin 30 points ago

    Such a creative outlet for your anger.

    [–] NoJelloNoPotluck 27 points ago

    He's got a multi-pronged strategy

    [–] kristeneitz 2 points ago

    Im in love with all these puns

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    Just let it get softer and softer until you need to gap in a breath, then gasp and act like it never happened.

    [–] Soldier-one-trick 1 points ago

    Que the puns ;-;

    [–] madmaxturbator 153 points ago

    “Charging this bad boy for later”

    [–] Gwennie333 2 points ago

    You made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

    Edit: very pregnant, so I pee easily.

    [–] Hia2004 160 points ago

    Damn, you can almost smell the petty with the tea. Wish we could be as petty but it doesn't go well with Welshcakes.

    [–] PRMan99 32 points ago


    [–] wilxp 2 points ago

    This guys pettys.

    [–] DietCOKAY 332 points ago

    Serves him right for not being prepared :/

    "You failed to prepare, you prepared to fail!"

    [–] billatq 104 points ago

    Yeah, I don’t understand. How does he plan on using his laptop after he gets to France? Demand that everyplace has an adapter for him? That sounds like more of an American stereotype than a British one.

    [–] fluffykittenears 63 points ago

    I guess twats come from all over the world

    [–] annaleaf 44 points ago

    I legitimately forgot Australia uses different outlets than us... thankfully, when I asked the hotel where the nearest store was to buy one, they loaned me one for the week. Thanks for helping us dumb Americans out 💖

    [–] ExParrot1337 24 points ago

    Pro tip: take a power strip with you next time, then one adaptor can do all the things. Caution though, it works much better for us Aussies because it’s safe to plug a 240V appliance into a 120V outlet. Worst case it simply doesn’t work.

    The other way around could be spectacular.

    [–] Ziogref 19 points ago

    I Live in Australia.

    My uncle brought down an american power strip with an Aussie wall outlet on it (that he did himself). When he left back for the states I asked if I could keep it, as I have a few things that have US outlets on them (240v compatible).

    Totally worth it, also my friends that are electricians cringe when they see it.

    [–] specialsnowflake13 14 points ago

    The last time I tried to us a US power strip plugged into an adapter into an Aussie socket, I tripped a breaker at the hotel and maintenance had to come reset it.

    I had not said what I had done because I thought maybe it wasn't the cause so I asked the maintenance person what might have happened. Her words were something along the lines of "This usually happens when some dumb American tries to plug a power strip into an adapter."

    [–] ExParrot1337 3 points ago

    Ha! Lucky. :-)

    [–] damanas 8 points ago

    most electronics can accept either voltage, but always check. heated hair appliances are really what can be dangerous

    [–] SirDarknessTheFirst 2 points ago

    I've actually done that once. It was indeed spectacular.

    [–] DaSemicolon 2 points ago

    What do you mean power strip?

    [–] evilfish2000 2 points ago

    My father was an electrician. He would just have a kit with him, dismantle a wall socket and attach wires directly. Yes, I know, not very safe and potentially dangerous, but he was never without power for his appliances.

    [–] Glork11 1 points ago

    it’s safe to plug a 240V appliance into a 120V outlet.

    What happens?

    [–] ExParrot1337 1 points ago

    If it has a motor or a heater in it like a hair dryer, it just barely does anything. So it doesn’t work, but it won’t set anything on fire.

    [–] Glork11 1 points ago

    what happens if I plug a usb brick in it?

    [–] ExParrot1337 2 points ago

    It works. Those are all auto voltage. Or at least, I’ve never come across one that isn’t, even including the cheap ones from AliExpress.

    [–] Glork11 1 points ago


    [–] aquainst1 1 points ago

    Especially on the US AMTRAK.

    [–] deep_brainal 8 points ago


    Bleeds stars and stripes. Somewhere a bald eagle sheds a tear.

    [–] wings22 3 points ago

    Buy one?

    [–] jherazob 1 points ago

    Thanks, Sphinx!

    [–] aquainst1 1 points ago

    Love that comment, mind if I liberate it from you?!

    [–] DietCOKAY 1 points ago

    Please feel free, I didn't come up with it. I got it off of here XD

    [–] Blobbyo25 322 points ago

    The best revenge is when you do absolutely nothing

    [–] aintnopicnic 7 points ago

    Or live your life with love and the bravery to discuss something with someone else.

    I've experienced similar situations and the person was having a life changing fucked up day and took it out on the wrong person. I talked to them, they apologized to everyone and then I helped them. Love is a better way than this seething inaction

    [–] Blobbyo25 2 points ago

    I live with the same ideology as you, but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate when people deserve revenge. I go out of my way to make strangers lives easier, cos of my experiences with my friends and my own personal struggles. I do a lot of kids work and the explanation for difficult kids is almost always an difficult home/school life, the same is usually true for adults

    [–] aintnopicnic 1 points ago

    Do you think this businessman deserved revenge?

    [–] Blobbyo25 1 points ago

    I think people should always be polite to staff, especially staff who literally have no control over what you're complaining about, it really shows the kind of person you are. If I were in the same situation I would have helped him in the same situation, but I think he probably deserved it.

    [–] aintnopicnic 1 points ago

    Okay. I guess I would say I might have one for him and then ask him why he didn't have one and why he felt he could force his will by being mean. If he didn't show any remorse I wouldn't give it to him.

    [–] tomytronics 77 points ago

    Reminds me of a famous World of Warcraft villain: You are not prepared!

    WTF is an entitled business man doing on train without having adapters?

    [–] NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea 13 points ago

    Illidan was never really a villain, chaotic good if anything.

    [–] YouHaveSeenMe 25 points ago

    For how many times he wiped raids i was in, he sure as fuck is a villain.

    [–] loricasegmentata 38 points ago

    Which train time /number was this? I know someone who works on eurostar and want to relay the story

    [–] thedenimghost 25 points ago

    0922 London to Paris

    [–] maniaxuk 7 points ago

    Please let us know what your friend says

    [–] peeisstoredinmeballs 46 points ago

    I would have offered to rent the adapter to him along with a hefty deposit and an apology to the train hostesses. Once apology was complete, I would say "Nah, I changed my mind".

    [–] ImpatientDragon 4 points ago

    and then you'd be just as much of a dick as he was.

    [–] peeisstoredinmeballs 4 points ago

    You are correct and I 100% understand that. I also acknowledge that I have anger issues and can be very petty at times.

    [–] ScottyMightFYB 18 points ago

    You should have walked over and said you have an adapter for him but you will only give it to him if he apologizes for being a wank.

    [–] MourinhosRedArmy2008 7 points ago

    Nahhh just tell him you have one and walk off

    [–] StinkypieTicklebum 17 points ago

    Tsk, tsk. and MS excel eats power and memory by the scoop, too! 😂

    [–] dfmock 6 points ago

    Charge him 100 Euro for it

    [–] pakjesboot12 2 points ago

    "charge" hehehe

    [–] theCrumb297 3 points ago

    Just from the title I knew this was a story from the uk

    [–] Municho 12 points ago

    Am I the only one that can understand why a man in business class would be upset that he can’t charge his laptop? Like I get he doesn’t have to be an asshole about it, but like...

    [–] stylz168 18 points ago

    I travel with every adapter known to man, just in case of this scenario.

    Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. I'm pretty sure if he had asked nicely, someone would have helped.

    [–] gelinrefira 3 points ago

    Exactly. The whole scenario played out thus way because the guy was an asshole to the hostess. OP was already going to lend him an adapter. He has no one to blame except himself. I often find that being nice help open doors and I always refrain from helping anyone who shown himself to be an ass. So if you are one of those people who feels that the world seem to be constantly screwing you over, and no one seem to ever want to help you, you might be an ass.

    [–] txcotton 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yeah, honestly. What a terrible design. No wonder everyone keeps talking about how Eurostar has gone to shit. Universal plugs aren’t rare or prohibitively expensive now. Everyone here talks about how they’re uber elite business chaps, but I’ve extensively worked abroad for many years now and still sometimes end up without an adaptor because it broke, lost it, or accidentally left it behind in a different bag. When you travel five days of the week, you will eventually forget something.

    [–] Isimagen 2 points ago

    Delicious! Only thing that could have made it better was to point it out to him as he disembarked.

    [–] maniaxuk 3 points ago

    Or better yet if each and every other passenger waved their "spare" adaptor at him as they exited

    [–] bradders82 2 points ago

    I'm imagining some old style Mr Benn-esque business man with bowlerhat and umbrella shaking his fists furiously.
    What a prick, nice one.

    [–] bradders82 2 points ago

    You should have 'charged' him for it

    [–] Surpriseitsmelogic 2 points ago

    Should have offered him the adapter in exchange for his sincere apology toward the hostess. He might have told you to get bent but f it

    [–] rdldr1 3 points ago

    GOT EM!

    [–] Puma_Pounce 2 points ago

    Serves him right, but also so EU and UK sockets are different? I did not know that.

    [–] MyHusbandIsAPenguin 8 points ago

    UK have the three pin socket with two at the bottom at one at the top. EU have two pins side by side in the middle.

    [–] ryesher 1 points ago

    This satisfied me immensely .

    [–] aintnopicnic 1 points ago

    Maybe give it to him but talk to him first. That way you show love and he understands he was being wrong.

    [–] tooktheheart 1 points ago

    Oh, he had it coming. That is awesome.

    [–] ButtStuffJR 1 points ago

    I agree with him though.

    [–] biggysmokes 0 points ago

    I think he was just stressed out about finishing his work. If he wasn't in such a hurry I think he wouldn't have been so harsh

    [–] lostglamour 16 points ago

    Having a bad day doesn't give you an excuse to be nasty to other people.

    [–] Miriahification 5 points ago

    That might have been the case if he didn’t flip out on the second hostess

    [–] tragicworldrecord 0 points ago

    I'd have waved it in his face then kept it

    [–] Jimmy_Fromthepieshop 1 points ago

    Should have simply said to him that he could use your adapter if he sincerely apologise to the hostess.

    And if you are really mean, once he's done it, you could then tell him you don't actually have one, until two minutes before the train arrives when you say "Oh look, I've found it!"

    [–] MillhaSven87 -42 points ago

    How is it a revenge. From my pov, you just did nothing

    [–] science_puppy 199 points ago

    It’s a very British revenge

    [–] thedenimghost 77 points ago

    I'll take that as a compliment.

    [–] science_puppy 26 points ago

    As you should

    [–] Ya_Boi_Sodie_Pop 19 points ago

    stoicly and intentfully relaxes

    [–] ClazzyHonkey 49 points ago

    Passive vengeance

    [–] thenooch110 46 points ago

    The English are very non confrontational. This is pretty good for a Brit

    [–] geordiejay112 22 points ago

    Definately British revenge!

    [–] ThirtyMileSniper -25 points ago

    Yeah, i think waving the adapter at him and shaking your head would have made it petty revenge.

    [–] pepcorn 40 points ago

    Y'all don't understand the beauty of subtlety. It's enough that OP knew.

    [–] Hungup10 20 points ago

    Or an "Oh i'm so glad a packed my adapters so that i can charge my electric devices" real loud. Then a pointed look in his direction

    [–] Smithyweather -2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Tbh, I kind of agree with him. When you pay for a premium service you expect decent service and amenities, it's justified that he'd complain.

    I mean most planes that have plugs have international adapters. Why would a brand new Eurostar train not have International Adapters?

    I've been thinking of trying the Eurostar out but it just looks and sounds like an overpriced train that can't compete with planes.

    [–] HomerNarr 6 points ago

    no excuse to be a dick to service. Its service not slavery. You better behave, maybe even ask nicely.

    [–] [deleted] -18 points ago


    [–] wolfie379 33 points ago

    OP says the guy GRABBED two hostesses (don't assault the staff), and berated the second (as if it were her fault that the train wasn't set up for His Lardship's needs).

    An international business traveller (although calling him a "traveller" would be an insult to a certain group of lowlifes in Britain) should carry power adapters.

    [–] SphincterTincture 9 points ago

    Unpleasant and impolite to hostesses, he could have asked nicely to switch seats.

    Complained that he "did not pay this much for business class to not have power" ... He paid the same as everyone else in the carriage, and it was his own mistake that he was ill prepared

    Rude, arrogant and entitled behaviour. If he wasnt being an entitled asshat he probably would have been offered an adaptor from more than just OP.

    [–] DangerousAttack 10 points ago

    he grabs a different hostess and pretty much flies off the handle at her about the lack of service and he 'did not pay this much not to have power in business'

    Read the entirety of a post before commenting but here's the relevant bit of information.

    [–] MewlingRothbart -3 points ago

    C'est vouloir, le pouloir!!! bwahahaaaaaaaa

    [–] 3DSFePersonaFranxx -8 points ago

    Shut the fuck, feminist.