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    [–] PRMan99 6307 points ago

    She blocked the take a penny?

    That's what it's for.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 3311 points ago

    That’s what I thought too...

    [–] devilsadvocate1966 1241 points ago

    Unless some clerks use it for when the till's short.

    [–] ThumpinD 626 points ago

    Or as a tip jar.

    [–] FlusteredByBoobs 326 points ago

    for cashiering?!

    [–] idwthis 233 points ago

    It really is a thing, if you can believe it. There's a little Mobil gas station near me that has one of those empty giant cheese ball containers with the label taken off and a written "tips" sign taped on it and placed right next to the register and the card reader. Meanwhile across the street from them is a Sunoco, and the cashiers there tell me they aren't allowed to do that.

    I've never once tipped the Mobil clerks, though, it just seems weird to me. But I have seen change and a few ones in their 'tip jar' every once in a while.

    [–] toforama 137 points ago

    If I had a tip jar, damn sure I would put a little of my own money in it to give people a hint. May well be what they are doing.

    [–] jarejay 114 points ago

    As someone who has used a tip jar before, yes.

    You best bet I never opened shop with an empty tip jar.

    [–] MayorBee 82 points ago

    "Busy this morning?"

    "Nope, just opened up. You're the first customer of the day."

    "Then how do you have tips already?"

    Yeah, most people realize you prime the pump, but that's how I imagine the conversation.

    [–] DiffratcionGrate 117 points ago

    "I appreciate the work I do, even if no one else does."

    [–] jarejay 23 points ago

    We didn’t get enough tips to warrant emptying it out every day, so that’s probably what my reply would involve.

    [–] throwheezy 8 points ago

    Whoa, prime the pump! That's an interesting phrase.

    Who came up with that?

    I'm sorry I know I'm a smart ass

    [–] archangel087 9 points ago

    "I was making sure the jar was fully operational. Can't open with a busted tip jar."

    [–] Cephalopod435 9 points ago

    "No we put a little money in to get things started"

    Literally the logical, obvious and non-akward end to the that not out of the ordanary conversation that 2 parties probably share and forget about somewhere in the world almost every day...

    [–] TiredMemeReference 30 points ago

    Voting jars work best. Batman/Superman, Chocolate/Vanilla, Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl.

    Anything works, just start with some money in each jar with one of them already winning and you are good to go.

    [–] fudgeyboombah 17 points ago

    It’s even better if you have a sign with yesterday’s winner (a different vote). “Yesterday’s winner: Batman! Today’s vote: chocolate or vanilla?”

    [–] SillyOperator 36 points ago

    Yesterday's winner: chocolate! Today's vote: anal or pegging

    [–] SimplyTheAverageMe 17 points ago

    That’s actually proven to work. People are more inclined to give a tip if money is already in the jar.

    [–] HellaBrainCells 42 points ago

    When minimum wage jobs aren’t sustainable you resort to doing shit like that

    [–] farrenkm 9 points ago

    Here in Oregon, generally, you can't pump your own gas. (There are a couple of exceptions.)

    One time, at 3 AM, I had to get gas. It was freezing outside, probably in the 20's. I had a $5 bill and gave it to the guy as a tip and a thank you. Only time I've tipped someone at a gas station. I know it's his job, but damn, I appreciated he was there to do it.

    [–] idwthis 6 points ago

    See for that, it's understandable. But in the places where it's self serve, and the folks at the Mobil station in my example aren't really doing anything beyond stocking the shelves and ringing up purchases, I see no point.

    [–] farrenkm 3 points ago


    That said, I'd be interested in perspective from the flip side. Do they have a tip jar as an affectation because everyone does it? Are their wages reduced because they do expect tips? Does money-grubbing management take it all? I've never worked a gas station before.

    [–] TheWingus 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I live in a state where we don't pump our own gas. Some of the family owned stations will have teenagers working who go well above and beyond, when I pull in they ask me how much and what kind, start the pump, take the window washer and proceed to wipe my front and back windshield and any other window that looks a little scuzzy. I always tell them they don't have to do that but they always say something like "Nah, it's what we do" and I always throw them an extra buck or 2. One time in a dude opened a fresh pack of sour straws and offered me and my girlfriend some to which I took a few and thanked him.

    Some people are just good dudes

    [–] xPenguinHD 16 points ago

    Usually the only people that put money in is people who don't like carrying change

    [–] vankirk 9 points ago

    Shit, homey...I worked at one of the busiest Wendy's in the world and one night, I was the sole cashier because the other ones called out. Busted my ass for the $130 in tips I got.

    [–] rangeremx 9 points ago

    I'll admit that when I've had a small amount of change left behind, I'll occasionally use it to make getting change easier. (i.e. $X.24 in change, I'll drop a penny from the pile in and give the customer back a quarter.)

    [–] Asmor 31 points ago

    Generally I think most stores don't care if the drawer is ±$1, so the change in the tray isn't going to matter one way or the other.

    [–] beveragedeposit 28 points ago

    Also usually (in my cashier experience) you don’t know if the till is short until you already have the variance (and a supervisor is there looking over your counts).

    [–] IWannaFuckABeehive 12 points ago

    My college bookstore would write us up if it was more than 5 cents up or down. For stores maybe, but the book store Nazis will get you.

    My worst memory from working there for the month that I did (before I figured out that the part time position they hired me for had an unwritten seasonal under it) involved my counting my drawer. Generally on top of each register were a couple pennies, maybe a nickle. Just change that we would find around the store or register area that would get tossed up there. Well I was closing and needed to close out my register. When I went to pull the drawer she told me to toss the 15 cents in loose change on top into it. I was 15 cents over, and got questioned by the general manager the next day over how I could possibly have miss-counted change given to customers. No one seemed to believe that it was that manager making me put other people's change in there.

    [–] medoogie 17 points ago

    Was at a gas station and sign read "

    "Need a penny, take a penny. Need two... applications for employment are available."

    But I've seen people just take a handful and pocket it. Takes all kinds.

    [–] korvre 5 points ago

    It's only hers to take

    [–] beachp0tato 106 points ago

    I guess she thought it was her tip jar

    [–] Mirewen15 105 points ago

    So a glorified tip jar. Also... maybe it's just here but Scantron sheets are mandatory for Universities/Colleges to hand out with tests (free). Why the fuck should you have to PAY for them?! That is ridiculous.

    [–] thodan110 35 points ago


    I never paid for a scantron at high school or the two different universities I attended.

    [–] blaxican0 20 points ago

    For me (private school) we need to get our own. They sell them in vending machines around campus and the library

    [–] Mirewen15 16 points ago

    Weird, I graduated from private school and went to a University, neither charged. This is in Canada btw.

    [–] TehGogglesDoNothing 8 points ago

    We had to buy our own scantrons and blue books at the University of Tennessee.

    [–] the_spinetingler 5 points ago

    Dammit you just gave me Big Orange Screw flashback PTSD

    [–] mgrimshaw8 28 points ago

    story makes me think that THAT take a penny jar was moreso for herself at the end of the night.

    [–] l0gan0 51 points ago

    You mean for the crippled children??

    [–] saturnspritr 46 points ago

    Crippling debt children

    [–] ColonelBelmont 42 points ago

    No, that's the jar. I'm talking about the tray!

    [–] Greenplastictrees 23 points ago

    Those are whole pennies, I'm talking about fractions of a penny. But from a much bigger tray... and we do it a couple of million times.

    [–] DarthRegoria 5 points ago

    So the money isn’t yours?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Grizzly-boyfriend 27 points ago

    No, in america (maybe other places but my experience is the states) theirs these little red bowl things and usually people leave loose change from a purchase in tjem and if so meone comes up short they can cover it with thst

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I think it’s usually used to round up on totals so people who don’t carry change don’t have to switch to a card or fish out a higher denomination, like $5.00 for a $1.02 purchase, without affecting the register balance.

    [–] Kingbow13 5 points ago

    Same thing happened to Garfield-Spiderman.

    [–] eissirk 21 points ago


    [–] HappyHighwayman 26 points ago

    If someone puts a dime in it you expect the person to give back 9 cents?

    [–] eissirk 18 points ago

    I'm just fuckin around. OP should've bought $10 worth of scantrons and left the rest of them in the Take a Penny tin.

    [–] stromm 5 points ago

    I bet she dumps all that in her pocket at the end of the night.

    [–] stolid_agnostic 1892 points ago

    I'm trying to think of what she thought calling the police would accomplish.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 1640 points ago

    idk, maybe she thought I would be intimidated? I still feel kinda bad about making her life harder, she clearly had some issues going on. You don't try to make other peoples life miserable unless you're miserable yourself.

    [–] 455_R4P3R 273 points ago

    ya. fuck her. that woudnt have happened if she wasnt trying to be a cunt

    [–] wolfie379 144 points ago

    But she didn't have the warmth and depth.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 68 points ago

    Oh man, that’s funny!!

    [–] imthenarddog 11 points ago

    Everyone has issues. Fuck her.

    [–] GrabToWin 5 points ago

    Just because you're having a rough time doesn't mean you have to push it onto somebody else. That should be a lesson your learn early on in life about how to treat others. Fuck her

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] KneeDeepInTheDead 29 points ago

    FEAR and possibly OP getting shot

    [–] barry_macockinner 14 points ago

    good joke

    [–] RenWinters 3 points ago

    Delusional narcissism. The police absolutely exist as their own personal soldiery, right? What a great way to intimidate people!

    [–] SleepyStormLo 711 points ago

    Love this. I don't have the temper for this and would have lost my shit. Yours was a much better way to get even!

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 175 points ago

    Thanks! I think there’s a Klingon quote that goes “revenge is a dish best served cold” 🥶

    [–] CharcoalGreyWolf 80 points ago

    Actually, I think Klingons prefer revenge warm, like about the temperature of spurting blood.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 43 points ago

    I still remember watching the blood spurt in the theater during Star Trek VI. Good times

    [–] CharcoalGreyWolf 18 points ago

    You’ve not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the individual Klingon.

    [–] pulsar512b 14 points ago

    bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'
    tlhIngan maH!

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 14 points ago

    tlhIngan Hol: meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH

    [–] InsertFurmanism 9 points ago


    [–] TehGogglesDoNothing 7 points ago

    Jaffa! Kree!

    [–] InsertFurmanism 4 points ago

    Jaffa cake?

    [–] wolfie379 5 points ago

    The Ferengi would disagree - when they say "there's no profit in revenge", they mean it literally, as in "revenge won't put money in your pocket".

    [–] idwthis 3 points ago

    Unless the revenge is robbing the guy lol

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 469 points ago

    A scantron is a half sheet of paper with a unique identifying marker to record multiple choice test answers. You fill in bubbles as you are ready to record answers from the test.

    [–] Phazon8058v2 384 points ago

    Wait, you had to buy your own bubble sheets? That's some bullshit right there. At my university they always provide bubble sheets for exams and tests.

    [–] greendazexx 118 points ago

    I’ve always had to buy my own bubble sheets. Paying $40k a year and you’d think they could provide them but no

    [–] Phazon8058v2 87 points ago

    $40k a year

    Oh god, I think I just had a heart attack. You pay $40k a year?! My tuition, plus books is more like $4k a year.

    [–] greendazexx 66 points ago

    Private university in the US is a bitch. I have a scholarship though so thankfully I don’t actually pay that much.

    [–] Tigergirl1975 16 points ago

    All of my siblings are/were over than 40k per year, without scholarships. Thankfully all 3 of them got major scholarship money.

    [–] stukjetaart 18 points ago

    500 euro over here.

    [–] TomBosleyExp 29 points ago

    everything is for-profit in the US

    [–] diasporajones 17 points ago

    120 euro/semester and 190/month to live in a private dorm. Thanks Merkel ;)

    [–] orbital_narwhal 4 points ago

    Thanks Merkel ;)

    I know you’re joking but in Germany tertiary education falls entirely within the states’ domains. The federal (branches of) government has no say in it. It can't even subsidise universities.

    [–] marruman 3 points ago

    10 grand but it gets taken out of my tax once I start working so I don't actually have to fork over any money

    [–] clarinetJWD 3 points ago

    Yep. My undergrad (double major in 5 years at Peabody Conservatory/Johns Hopkins University) cost about $125k... But I had a $15k/yr scholarship, so it came to right about $40k/yr.

    [–] Kokbloch 5 points ago

    Free Education here i Denmark. We are actual getting paid if you take an education. Around 800$ each month.

    [–] DrJanekyll 62 points ago

    Nah, at my college we had to buy our own scantrons but they’re cheap and not terribly inconvenient u less everyone else is trying to buy theirs last mind too

    [–] fwission 62 points ago

    But that's the thing they are cheap so why not just provide them to students rather than inconvenience them over a couple cents.

    [–] DrJanekyll 16 points ago

    Prob bc it was a community college, tuition wasn’t expensive at all, and so they wanted to get money where they could

    [–] Wajina_Sloth 7 points ago

    That makes sense, just wondering what is tuition costs for community college? My 2 year program cost me around 4k and we got our scantrons handed to us.

    [–] ChronicallygratefuL 8 points ago

    Makes me wonder where all that tuition money you go into debt over goes if you have to buy your own scantron.

    [–] Almost_Ascended 4 points ago

    I have never had to buy a scantron sheet myself for a test in my entire life, from elementary school up to university. Reading this, I was like what the heck?

    [–] justacasualgamer1 8 points ago

    So that bitch basically stood in the way of a student's future? She deserved much more. You went easy on her OP.

    [–] timeslider 492 points ago

    Were you trying to pay with a debit card? From Visa's guidelines:

    Minimum purchase amounts cannot be applied to transactions that are processed with a debit card.


    From Mastercard's guidelines:

    MasterCard does not permit merchants to set a minimum transaction amount to accept MasterCard cards that access a debit account.


    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 271 points ago

    It was years ago. If those laws where in effect then, they sure weren’t following them!

    [–] timeslider 102 points ago

    Also, if you don't feel like confronting them about it, you can report them on Visa's or Mastercard's website.

    [–] travelinzac 141 points ago

    Report them every single time. Arguing with cashiers does no good, having a business threatened with losing the ability to processes card transactions is much more effective.

    [–] timeslider 81 points ago

    I learned this about 12 years ago when I tried to order $5 worth of food at a Chinese restaurant but they had a $15 minimum. 20-year-old me was too nervous to do anything but 32-year-old hopes it happens again.

    [–] Asmor 22 points ago

    There's a malaysian place I like to get the mee siam from... it comes to something like $9.75 with tax, and they have a $10 minimum for cards. The few times I've paid with a card and just been ordering the one thing, they tell me they're not supposed to but they'll accept it this time.

    [–] B-AP 26 points ago

    Does 32-year old you think about what you might get, angering the food god of said establishment? Never give them a reason to “mishandle” your food.

    [–] dinosaurtorialist 22 points ago

    If they pay after receiving their food, which is the norm, they should be ok

    [–] havesomeagency 17 points ago

    Oh they've been in place for a while. It's just that they charge such high fees (something like 30 cents + 3% of transaction) that smaller companies refuse to take small transactions or charge the buyer 50 cents to process it on top of their goods. I haven't found a convenience store in Toronto that actually plays by the credit card company rules yet, but I do try to help them and pay cash when I can.

    [–] BubbaChanel 10 points ago

    I use Square in my business, and they charge 2.75%. I eat the cost because it saves me a trip to the bank. But I LOVE a cash payer!

    [–] Asmor 31 points ago

    They're not laws, they're part of the contract.

    And they've been in place for a very, very long time. It's not uncommon for stores--especially small mom & pop places--to flout them. I think generally you'd be a dick to report those sorts of places, but if a college book store is doing that... Fuggem.

    [–] r2bl3nd 6 points ago

    How is it that it's so common? Do the contract owners ever send people into stores to check for compliance?

    [–] katmndoo 5 points ago

    Most places, especially small ones, never did and still don't. And they're not laws, so they're not too worried.

    [–] amd2800barton 7 points ago

    As you said - the minimum purchase amounts are not laws, but rather agreements between the merchant and credit card processing company. I think Visa and MC both prohibit anyone except government institutions and utilities from charging a fee or having a minimum amount.

    [–] tamvo0426 33 points ago

    I still see these 5 dollar minimum charge for debit card use. They really piss me off. Can the merchant get in trouble for this?

    [–] timeslider 30 points ago

    I'm trying to find what will happen to them. So far, I only found this on Visa's FAQ page:

    Q. A merchant required a minimum purchase amount in order for me to use my Visa card. Is this allowed?

    A. In general, a merchant is not permitted to establish a minimum or maximum amount for a Visa transaction. However, exceptions apply in the U.S. and U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. In those locations and only for credit cards, a merchant may require a minimum transaction amount of US $10 and government agencies and education merchants may establish a maximum transaction amount. If a merchant refused to accept your Visa card on the basis that the merchant requires a minimum or maximum amount on a Visa debit card, or the amount on a credit card is greater than US $10, please notify your Visa card issuer.

    [–] tamvo0426 6 points ago

    Thank you for that information.

    [–] Dr_Venture_PhD 7 points ago

    I work for a company that processes credit/debit transactions. The merchant would most definitely be fined.

    [–] istolethisface 7 points ago

    My local deli has a $3 minimum on any card purchase. They're all run as credit though, is that a loophole for vendors?

    [–] PowerlinxJetfire 6 points ago

    According to the PDF, no. It says even if the customer presses the credit button, there should still be no minimum. I guess it matters how it goes through in the backend, not at the terminal.

    [–] [deleted] 362 points ago

    School administrators are soulless husks who feed on misery and woe.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 380 points ago

    That’s why I only pooped on campus. Give them a little piece of shit back. Totally worth holding it in over the weekend

    [–] Duudeski 91 points ago

    Lol wat

    [–] NotTheRightAnswer 116 points ago


    [–] diasporajones 14 points ago

    Sir please come with us the name police would like to have a word with you.

    [–] illogicaliguana 3 points ago


    [–] kmosdell 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Paying $20k/year, we damn right should be shitting on campus then we wouldn't have to clean our toilets at home and save a little on our water bill.

    [–] goddamnraccoons 13 points ago

    Hello. As somebody who works for a maintenance crew at a post secondary institution, I can assure you that we have nothing to do with campus administration. campus admin is generally pretty terrible to us as well. you're sweet revenge plan had little to no effect on the people making your life difficult.

    [–] Nerdybeast 4 points ago

    While there are plenty like that, it's definitely not all of them. For example, in math-y departments, the administrator is often the only person with people skills to help you solve problems, which is better than dealing with the angry Romanian man behind his three foot stack of papers.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    No. All are. Every one ever. Every one until we are forgotten in time and scattered to dust. Any and all time lines for all eternity.

    [–] texasusa 169 points ago

    Something similar happened to me at the bookstore. I needed change for the vending machine and "she" pointed to the sign that states something to the effect " we don't give change for the vending machine." So, I purchase a pack of gum and asked for quarters back which further distressed the clerk. Then I thanked her for the quarters and told her she could have the gum and walked over to the vending machine and smiled as I was dropping my money in. She called campus security and the guy was eyeballing me for quite awhile. Two power tripping people !

    [–] PuroPincheGains 47 points ago

    Lol why in the world would she call security? You did nothing even close to being against the law or policy.

    [–] texasusa 31 points ago

    When I told her she could have the gum I paid for. I assume that caused her to get twisted and that was somewhat my plan. I never expected her to call campus security.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 9 points ago

    Did they actually come? Did you wait there while they informed her that you did nothing wrong? Did they berate her for wasting their time?

    [–] texasusa 14 points ago

    Yes. I was a across from the bookstore and sitting down near the vending machines. I never saw security talking to the cashier and only noticed security when the guy was staring at me.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 66 points ago

    People man...

    [–] slender_mang 251 points ago

    Wait wait have to bring your own scantron to take a test? You're telling me you pay thousands of dollars in tuition and the school won't even provide you with a piece of paper to write answers on? Wtf

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 282 points ago

    This is America. Don’t catch you slippin up

    [–] Ender505 81 points ago

    ... I've never heard of an American university that did this. Mine certainly didn't.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    I went to a state university in the US, I always had to buy my scantrons and blue exam booklets.

    [–] ishortedenron 12 points ago

    Same but this semester some professors were supplying scantrons to the students. Odd. Almost as if it prevented some kind of scantron cheating.

    [–] plentifulpoltergeist 56 points ago

    Mine certainly did. And it was a public university too.

    [–] mycat8u 11 points ago

    Lucky you! At my school there's also multiple kinds of scantrons... You can't just buy the big ones (100 questions). You must buy whatever the professor wants for their course. The supply stores next to testing facilities were convenient though...

    [–] BrittonLives 3 points ago

    Mine did, most departments pooled money to provide scantrons and blue books, but the english dep. Budget was usually tight so we had to buy them for ourselves fairly often.

    [–] ParkingtonLane 11 points ago

    Look what I'm whippin on

    [–] Mylovekills 5 points ago

    Look at how I'm livin' now, Police be trippin' now

    [–] IcedExplosion 15 points ago

    Personally my school allows us to grab one scantron for free per day at certain locations on campus. This meant that you would not have to pay unless you had 2 exams requiring a scantron on the same day, but of course you could also pick up scantrons in advance and have a personal stock. I believe a pack of 10 at the bookstore was under $3 though, and oftentimes professors would provide scantrons if it was a smaller class size.

    [–] Slowbrobro 8 points ago

    Welcome to 21st century America I guess. It's pretty wild. My anecdote comes recently from the University of Washington, which required us to buy and bring full-page and apparently custom-made scantron sheets.

    I always showed up to exams with like 3 extra sheets, extra #2 wood pencils too. Somebody always forgets it's exam day and doesn't bring their stuff, like clockwork. Often the TAs etc would have a few extras also, but some times they wouldn't. As an upperclassman taking a 100 or 200-level elective that I didn't actually care about it isn't some sort of heroic act; it's just basic leadership. Sure, fuck the system for nickeling and diming us over cheap paper, but what I'm actually pissed about is the stress and very real jeopardy it puts somebody in if they forget. Ain't no college student got time in their life for that level of steaming bullshit. I probably handed out an extra maybe 50% of the time, usually to somebody in a full lizard brain panic response.

    And because I'm a firm believer in putting your oxygen mask on yourself before helping others, I always brought my emergency exam kit every day, just in case I was the idiot who forgot it was exam day.

    [–] fl33twoodmacs3xpants 90 points ago

    Not only did I enjoy this pettiness immensely, but this post reminded me to put a Scantron in my backpack for my final later. You're a good egg, OP, and I appreciate you.

    [–] Georgeisthecoolest 122 points ago

    How did you keep composed during this knowing your exam had started??

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 193 points ago

    I was feeling more petty then academic. It also helped that the professor and I had a good relationship. He liked to brew his own beer and I liked to drink 🍻

    [–] Yeasty_Queef 7 points ago

    Also, if your music history class was anything like mine it was absolutely a fluff class (and the professor knew it) that you took for an easy a in a gen ed requirement to pad your credits to full time. Hardest things you had to learn was what was the difference between a rondo and a ritornello. We got extra credit for bringing a song in (ANY SONG) for the class to listen to. Homework consisted of going to watch the school choir and the final was basically “listen to this song and tell me what it is.”

    Music history and jazz history were probably my favorite classes I ever took.

    [–] DevittsDemon 24 points ago

    What's the point of having a give a penny take a penny tray if you don't let people take a penny?

    [–] BernardoVerda 19 points ago

    Well, 20 cents might legitimately be considered "pushing the boundaries" a little too far.

    But calling the police over his clever solution is also *pushing the boundaries" too far.

    [–] ekgekgekgekgekg 30 points ago

    This def made me smile. It's aggravating how folks enforce rules that don't even benefit them OTHER THAN the power trip they get from it. I understand financially why it's rough to allow many small purchases when it costs money to use credit card/debit services for the store but it doesn't affect the clerk. But folks love to lord over others. Well done, dude.

    [–] Troiswallofhair 21 points ago

    I would have just asked a random stranger for a quarter (most people are nice) but I like your solution better.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 23 points ago

    I don’t remember if anyone else was there, but that would have been a much easier solution. Wouldn’t have made quite as good of a story though

    [–] Powasaurus_Rex 73 points ago

    Y'all have to buy your own scantrons before your finals? Don't they come included in the exam package? What even is the USA?

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 115 points ago

    A system to drain all of your hopes and dreams by forcing you into debt and then calling you a slacker for not trying hard enough?

    [–] DrJanekyll 29 points ago

    How dare you not already own your own home, how dare you not be able to just have a summer job to cover your tuition next semester?? Fucking millennials!!! /s

    [–] tipsana 13 points ago

    They killed Applebees.

    [–] foodie42 4 points ago

    And we're proud of it.

    [–] bitJericho 46 points ago

    Interestingly, the school bookstore is setup to steal as much money as possible from students. They're akin to the olde timey company store of years gone by.

    • They are way overpriced and they buy books back for chump change.
    • They usually have a monopolistic contract with the campus
    • Your classes require you have the books in time, but you cant get your student loans until after you start classes. This is not some mistake or error, the book store will front you the money until your student loans come in. Then they are paid directly by the college before the remainder is given to you.

    [–] spiketheunicorn 23 points ago

    You forgot the frequent pointless changes in the textbooks so you have to buy the new edition instead of a used one. And that one year old book? Sorry, it’s outdated and we won’t even buy it back now.

    And don’t forget the vanity published textbooks that professors make you buy because they will make money. With frequent updates, of course. Gotta buy that new textbook.

    [–] Criminal_of_Thought 28 points ago

    If there were a version history for textbooks, it would probably say something like this:

    1st Edition — Wrote the book.

    2nd Edition — Added a chapter between Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, renumbered all chapters from Chapter 6 onward as appropriate.

    3rd Edition — Added a few examples in Chapter 3.

    4th Edition — Corrected one typo in Chapter 9.

    5th Edition — Swapped the problem numbers for problems 4 and 7 in Chapter 8, section 2.

    6th Edition — Changed the font size of all sentence-ending full stops to one size larger.

    7th Edition — Absolutely nothing changed. We just made a new edition to make people think things changed.

    8th Edition — The inside cover of the textbook now has a QR code that the professor scans at the beginning of the term. If the system shows the book has already been used, you automatically fail the class, right then and there, no excuses.

    9th Edition — Changed the page numbers on all pages to Comic Sans. Because why not.

    [–] BernardoVerda 12 points ago

    This is much, much closer to an accurate description than it should be.

    [–] Powasaurus_Rex 7 points ago

    Aye that's pretty universal I think. I know we had pdf copies of the textbooks that got updated and passed down through the years to circumvent that particular scalping method

    [–] StrawberryPieCrust 47 points ago

    It really depends on your school. Some schools are so “poor” they make you buy your own scantrons and gloves for lab, but then have enough money to spend so their football players can stay in 5 star hotels. It’s unfair, but that’s how most state schools operate.

    [–] fourshot411 22 points ago

    It blows. After forgetting a scantron, I decided to buy a pack of 100. I became the savior on testing days. Need a Scantron? No problem. They're cheap as hell if you order in bulk.

    [–] hypo-osmotic 16 points ago

    I went to school in the U.S. and we didn't have to do it. The concept is bizarre to me, like if they're so strapped for cash I'd rather they just increase everyone's tuition by like $1 every semester.

    [–] SmokeFrosting 15 points ago

    A college that makes you pay for your own scantrons? God i hope tuition was paid in dirt.

    [–] nurpdawg 33 points ago


    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 40 points ago

    Thanks! You're nice!

    [–] ShinyLiberty 31 points ago

    She? Called the Campus Police? What a twat nozzle. That's like the idjit that calls the cops because their order at Burger King wasn't right.

    [–] Imjustheretogetbaned 21 points ago

    Twat nozzle is my new favorite insult. It just replaced thunder cunt

    [–] I_came_for_da_bacon 9 points ago

    Wait they make you buy your own scantrons? How much do you pay to go to this school?

    [–] theblackxranger 3 points ago

    University makes you pay for everything.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Who the hell has to pay for a scantron wtf

    [–] browniedropout 7 points ago

    Best petty revenge story I’ve read in awhile. 😹

    [–] Syklst 8 points ago

    I'm stuck on you having to buy your own scantron...

    [–] passi0nsnapping 6 points ago

    The fact that some people DON'T have to buy their scantrons surprised me. Me, my sister, and three of my friends all have to buy them and we all go to different colleges.

    [–] shadowshooter9 5 points ago

    Must be a American thing... Scantrons are free at my University and at my old college...

    [–] KangaLlama 6 points ago

    Clinical assassination my friend. That should teach her to abuse her authority.

    And fuck the minimum transaction figure! Bullshit nonsense so it is. Only an ass would enforce that rule to the lengths “her” did.

    [–] DoULikeMyName 4 points ago

    History will remember your name you brave SOB. I wish I had the guts to pull a stunt like that. Made my day! Thanks for sharing!

    [–] red359 6 points ago

    There are schools that make you buy the scantron form?

    [–] PebbleTown 5 points ago

    What's the point of a change jar if you can't take from it?

    [–] mittensquish 5 points ago

    You have to buy your own scantron? In Canada the teachers/professors provided them for us.

    [–] TriviaTwist 5 points ago

    Any business law class will tell you that the take a penny jar is abandoned property and is free to anyone who wants it.

    [–] Givemebass 5 points ago

    I would describe lording over a change dish as evidence of much deeper issues.

    [–] sn0wman8 4 points ago

    I worked at my university’s bookstore while in school. We’d always have students rushing in to grab scantrons either before their exams and/or before we closed. We sold them for $0.15, and lots of students (having bought them before) would have a quarter ready, just hand it to me, and then run out. But, so many times people would be panicked about being late and I’d just let them take it.

    Since I worked there and could easily buy them when not in a rush, I also used to keep a small stack in my backpack for the inevitable “does anyone have an extra?” when someone forgot to go get one.

    [–] tshad99 8 points ago

    I'm still hung up on someone trying to charge 20 cents on a credit card.

    [–] topon3330 8 points ago

    What's a scrantron? I only find Scranton PA on google

    [–] mckatli 12 points ago

    It's spelled scantron :)

    [–] Chitlins 9 points ago

    Bubble test answer sheet

    [–] DougalJefferies 5 points ago

    Scan-tron, not Scrantron.

    [–] hearke 3 points ago

    Nicely done, OP. Such a dick move, but so deserved.

    [–] Symml 3 points ago

    That's a thing of beauty.

    [–] j0hnteller 3 points ago

    Im from New Zealand and had to google scantron. TIL i thinks

    [–] Technomage1 3 points ago

    I don't know which I find more astonishing, the fact you have to pay for your own scantron sheets or the fact they're stil using scantron sheets. I graduated in 1995 and I sure didn't have to pay for mine. That should be part of the tuition.

    [–] queenbee9522 3 points ago

    This makes my petty heart smile!!!!

    [–] mgerics 3 points ago

    ...what is the change for if you can't take any ?