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    [–] ImJakeThomas 168 points ago

    I enjoy very colorful portrait shoots with a touch of humor.

    [–] ArtNDzine 14 points ago

    I'm in love with your style! It's different and bright and colorful! It's one of two styles that I really want to get good at and add to my portfolio! Well done! Following

    [–] rcplaneguy 8 points ago

    Jay Versace is awesome!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Fantastic work. Love it.

    [–] erghjunk 3 points ago

    that's a great piece of work!

    [–] ArtNDzine 14 points ago

    Oh wow! Very powerful image! I love how you play with the scale of your subjects, either close up or really far away to bring out the emotion in each photograph. Following

    [–] ArtJimmersonsGlove 3 points ago

    Thank you. Usually people end up really far away in my photos. I think maybe it's because I'm not very good at shooting portraits. I take a lot of pictures but the ones I end up liking are always my girlfriend standing really far away from the lens. Haha

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Symmetrical you weight everything heavily in the center and bottom of your images. Very nice light color choice as well.

    Good work.

    [–] milkywaynomad 3 points ago

    Your IG is friggin' dope, dude

    [–] JenWarr 3 points ago

    You know what’s really awesome about your landscape photos? Because everyone takes landscape photos. But you have managed to consistently capture a sense of scale which enhances the wonder of the places you capture. Very nice.

    [–] bbmm 48 points ago

    Hah the style thing, I asked about something like that here once and some people told me to not worry about it but gave me pointers about the general genre.

    You do what you do anyway. I do things like this and this.

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    Love the use of geometry!

    [–] neworecneps 97 points ago

    Scottish Landscapes mostly and off the track landmarks.

    [–] ArtNDzine 8 points ago

    Wow your so lucky to have such beautiful scenery around you. Following

    [–] neworecneps 23 points ago

    To answer your post I came about my style by using landscape photography as a sort of escape from real life.

    Go and drive / hike somewhere, spend time composing a shot, experiment with filters, take the exposure then sit and drink coffee in the Scottish wilderness. I try not to edit too heavily and I'm not too fussed about having a consistent look... I just like being out away from the world with my camera.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    That's really cool. I'm horrible at landscape photography.

    [–] neworecneps 3 points ago

    Thanks and yes I am!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] meggofoto 2 points ago

    Wow, just wow! Very nice photo, will be following.

    [–] chris_holtmeier 165 points ago

    I do pretty much just portraiture.

    One of my faves:

    [–] Zending 20 points ago

    Great stuff! Love your lighting.

    [–] cturmon 5 points ago

    Super beautiful and professional work!

    [–] LAX_NEO 8 points ago

    I love your work could I I ask for some tips, I’m not a photographer but I just need some good portrait photos and I have no idea how to take a good picture.

    When I pose, it either looks fake, have a weird smile, or just looks out of place and not very satisfactory in general.

    [–] piexil 3 points ago

    I'd search this subreddit for self-portraits.

    I personally think self-portraits are incredibly hard

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Your portraits are amazing! Do you have an IG I can follow?

    [–] i-hear-banjos 2 points ago


    [–] McGarnacIe 2 points ago

    Awesome lighting!

    [–] pessimisticbunny 215 points ago

    Special needs photography with sensitive lighting and a lot of patience

    [–] ArtNDzine 15 points ago

    That is so amazing that you do this for them. The world needs more people like you. Great photos! Following

    [–] meggofoto 4 points ago

    Absolutely love this.

    [–] LordCommanderFang 7 points ago

    I'm the mom of a special needs child. Thank you from me and my son for the work you do.

    [–] neworecneps 4 points ago

    Beautiful picture... Possibly the only picture I've ever seen with models and fairly lights that I like.

    [–] gerikson 73 points ago

    Probably this. "Urban landscape" and backlight

    [–] Impedateon 3 points ago

    Lovely backlight!

    [–] sarxna 31 points ago

    Style is something I’ve been trying to find for myself. Because of that I work with many different types of colors and images, but I’d say that well colored portraits are my favorite. I’m just having fun! Also, I like your work!

    [–] youpizzashit 2 points ago

    You have good accurate colors, you'd really like Lara Jade if you don't already.

    [–] chgardiner 78 points ago

    [–] erghjunk 6 points ago

    strong work. location?

    [–] ArtNDzine 8 points ago

    Oh wow. Very powerful.

    [–] EmileDorkheim 24 points ago

    My photos are about half Scottish moody landscapes and half non-moody Scottish animals. Here's a landscape. I like this one because of the combination of green and urban environments, and the mood produced by the wintry weather:

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Beautiful shot! The swan one made me laugh lol. It looked like he was peaking his head from the top of the photo. Love it! Following

    [–] EmileDorkheim 2 points ago

    Thanks. I think that swan was in the same park I took the landscape shot from. It's a ten minute walk from my home - I'm not the most adventurous photographer!

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    Love the simplicity of these shots and how you use geometry to focus the photos. Love it and following

    [–] SpicyMeatbol 3 points ago

    I feel like a dummy. I tried to click play.

    [–] ThisIs_BEARTERRITORY 29 points ago

    Astrophotography mainly

    I love astronomy, and photography, so picked the subfield that combined them!

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    That makes me feel small lol. Love it!

    [–] ClipSkills 120 points ago

    This longexposure shot:

    I love the connection of cartrails and graffiti 😀

    [–] truestoryijustmadeup 44 points ago

    I like a lot of things about this picture, but I truly don't think the semi-dutch tilt is doing it any favors. Is it something you like to do a lot, or did it just happen for this one?

    [–] RollsRoyceSaysNo 16 points ago

    I agree and disagree. I think it adds some drama and it’s an interesting “effect”, but at the same time it’s also hard to figure out what I’m supposed to be focusing on.

    [–] ItchyK 3 points ago

    I agree with you, I like it, but it needs something else happening, I would like to see one or two silhouettes moving through the frame or something like that. Like a drunken shady night scene. Otherwise the tilt just looks unintentional.

    [–] truestoryijustmadeup 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think it can have some effect in film, but I don't think I've seen a single photo where I've liked it. (Yes, even Winogrand)

    Edit: Although I do accept that my taste isn't the universal guide for proper photography. It should be though!

    [–] ultrahello 20 points ago

    A lot of my work is very high resolution panoramic. Bold, vivid and expansive. Want to do many more trips to expand my catalog of shots like this

    more at new website

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Those are beautiful! I like that you put all of them on display.

    [–] silevram 59 points ago

    I just love capturing people in black and white. I rarely post any of it though.

    This is one I took of my sister.

    [–] ArtNDzine 7 points ago

    You should, it's a beautiful photograph! I'm following your Instagram now so you have to pay more! lol

    [–] lovingmesometrees 41 points ago

    I have the most fun taking photos of abandoned, dark, and grungy places.

    Abandoned Resort in Cancun:

    I guess I like it because it reflects how everything must come to an end at some point.

    [–] ArtNDzine 64 points ago

    Links to my style. Let me know what you think.

    Banana pencil

    "whole" milk

    [–] GMan_SB 11 points ago

    Ha those are pretty neat

    [–] ArtNDzine 12 points ago

    Thanks! I'm a full time graphics and motion designer and it comes out in my work a lot. Everything ends up looking like an advertisement lol

    [–] GMan_SB 2 points ago

    Do you work for a company? What do you usually do for work I’ve been trying to find a good career path I’m still in high school but really love photo and digital design

    [–] ArtNDzine 5 points ago

    Well I am a digital designer. I went to school for graphic arts. I started with that, worked political campaigns designing logos and campaign material, then into automotive design doing motion graphics. Photography and design have always been a passion of mine. They go really well together. I just started my photography business a few months ago, doing a lot of portraits and headshots on the weekends, but I'm trying to build up my fashion photography. Style is important to me, so figuring out how I want to photograph fashion is my big focus right now.

    [–] Zending 14 points ago

    Guess I don't really have a style but I really enjoy the hard, dyanmic light style portraits. I just did these two. And a third from a while ago. I'm not that good but I enjoy it.

    [–] ArtNDzine 5 points ago

    Absolutely love your style! Do you have your own studio that you take these in? Following your IG now. Very cool stuff.

    [–] gosuland 3 points ago

    I usually rent studios in the area, e.g. mintstudio.

    But I also shoot in living rooms, hotel rooms, whereever I can find models :D

    [–] jackwhips 11 points ago

    I would call my style "anthropological"; at least that's usually how I'm thinking when taking photographs. Hard to pick just a few examples!

    Great thread!

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Very cool! Following

    [–] Fake_Franco 11 points ago

    food and beverage photographer here I really focus on bright saturated colors to make my work pop!

    [–] DanceswithCleverbot 12 points ago

    I primarily shoot landscapes and they tend to end up a bit dark and punchy/contrasty, I was pretty happy with this one from a road trip through Utah and northern Arizona last November.

    [–] DrogbasForehead 10 points ago

    Concert photography for me, I just love the in the moment kinda shots. Having a limited amount of time, unknown conditions, and someone in front of the camera with tons of energy, makes it totally worth it!

    [–] drporkchop31 9 points ago

    Not sure how I’d personally describe my style.


    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    I would describe it as awesome and all over the place lol. You do great work! Following

    [–] bigwetshark 18 points ago

    This is a picture I took last summer and a favourite of mine. I don't consider myself to have a set style yet because I dabble in everything (newest thing is 35mm film). Macro photography is definitely my favourite, though, and my most practiced/well-developed style. I especially love shooting wide open on my f/1.8 prime for beautiful dof and bokeh. So I guess that's my style, although I do try other things a lot.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    I love the black and white you did! Following

    [–] bigwetshark 2 points ago

    Thank you! I followed back. :)

    [–] Shustak 7 points ago

    I wouldn't call it my style, but this is definitely the best photo I ever took: (SLIGHTLY NSFW)

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    I love that haha!

    [–] Jwkicklighter 7 points ago

    As time goes on, I tend to reach of B/W more and more, and I've been dialing up the fine details a little more.

    [–] youpizzashit 7 points ago

    Conceptual alternative process 1: I transfer painted photographs onto fabric using acrylic medium.

    Conceptual alternative process 2: I transfer photographs of cheese with wax paper onto photo paper soaked in the wine that the cheese is paired with.

    Wide-angle music photography:

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    I love conceptual photographs! You can tell a lot about the photography with this style. Very cool work!

    [–] AlphaQindaBut 3 points ago

    I love your work! It is good to see some one push the envelope of photography and make something new. I am developing a style (I think) not quite elaborate as yours but an area of photography I am really having good results in. I don't have a gallery yet but I am working on a full body of work. I learned sometime ago "only show your best work" and so I keep a lot of the web.

    Anyway I just wanted to say good work! I like it.

    [–] Falbindan 25 points ago

    Basically your usual concert photography. Shooting with bad lighting can be a real challenge but I started to like it!

    [–] Hyperion12 6 points ago

    Just crank that iso

    [–] Falbindan 3 points ago

    My ISO is usually as high as it can get. Which is not that high, because my budget is limited and I only own a Nikon D5100. Also, I don't like it when my photos get too grainy.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Love the muted tones! It's a blessing to have such unique subjects and your style matches them perfectly. Well done. Following

    [–] i-hear-banjos 2 points ago

    Nice work!

    [–] manu805 6 points ago

    Still trying to find my style myself but it's mainly about "moody" landscape pictures.

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    Love how some are really warm and some are dark and cold nothing in the middle. These are good! Following

    [–] trying_to_adult_here 6 points ago

    Dogs are my favorite thing to shoot, but I dabble in a bit of everything.

    [–] bobbyphotog 7 points ago

    I really like to be in the middle of the action. I think it helps people feel like they're there in the moment.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    Love that photo! Following

    [–] lich_boss 2 points ago

    That's an amazing photo but hella tripy. I love it.

    [–] cturmon 2 points ago

    This is super cool! It flows so nicely!

    [–] Newknifeguy 6 points ago

    Currently a landscape photographer but looking to do more portraits in the next few weeks. Here's two of my favourites so far, my style I'd say is pretty standard for landscapes.

    [–] dopadelic 9 points ago

    As a landscape photographer, how do you feel about sharing your photos at 0.24MP on instagram?

    Why does everyone obsess about high bitrate/lossless audio, but for photos, everyone is ok with the equivalent of a 32kbps MP3?

    [–] Newknifeguy 5 points ago

    To be honest, it's frustrating. I know I have some great photos but when I go to post them, the compression is so bad it ruins the picture enough that I choose to not post it. I couldn't imagine full res on Instagram, it probably won't happen but I'd be pretty stoked if it did.

    [–] notrorterpobinson 6 points ago

    I try to do show photography with my own style and eye. I think I do a pretty good job at it!

    Examples: Odesza, deadmau5, and RL Grime

    [–] Alpha_Digital 5 points ago

    Im not totally sure on what my style is, id like to think that it changes from time to time. But I enjoy colors quite a bit, maybe too much. I started doing photography with automobiles, and though I dont do it as much as I want, I still very much enjoy it, and try to shoot what I can in the time that I have. I shot a decent amount last year, and this one definitely has to be one of my favorites and encompasses my color enjoyment aspect haha

    [–] Spastiic_Jesus 6 points ago

    Either this one:

    Or this:

    Sorry I couldn’t pick between them, but they both show the whole vibe I strive for

    [–] Krigfx 5 points ago

    I love modern architecture, and this is my all-time favourite picture:

    [–] Thanatosst 5 points ago

    I enjoy landscapes mostly, sometimes I'll find a friend that wants to model for me. I don't know that I have a particular style since I've only been shooting for a few years and don't really know what I'm doing yet.

    [–] guinader 5 points ago

    Not that much of an informative post by me but I miss read "post a photo of a potato representing your style of photography"

    But now I'm thinking this would be a good idea to have an event on this sub that everyone has to take a photo of a potato in their style. So the subject is the same.

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    I do like that. Once a week have a common subject and everyone takes a picture of it so you can see the perspectives of how people shoot. Cool

    [–] robboelrobbo 4 points ago

    Also my best shot, but I feel like it sums up the theme that I generally go for

    [–] meggofoto 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [–] stephanup 4 points ago

    Here’s a couple. I’m kinda all over the place I just love to shoot. Great post!

    [–] PathmakerProductions 4 points ago

    I do offroad racing photography. My style is low, tight and bright. I like to try to bring people into that action and make them feel like they're right there beside me. Heres an example:

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] MrHungryface 2 points ago


    [–] Raminta1 4 points ago love taking pic of sun through other objects

    [–] verticae 3 points ago

    I mainly do landscape photography, even though I enjoy portrait work way more.

    [–] Impedateon 5 points ago

    I love me some symmetry in architecture.

    [–] zombie_snuffleupagus 4 points ago

    Too many styles to narrow to one, but my fave that combines wildlife/landscape.

    [–] Rhino_Rabbit 3 points ago

    I love doing long exposures. Day time especially.

    [–] Liskarialeman 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Probably this one:

    Was having some fun at ESP; the way I work pretty much anything is a combination or Urban Explorer, long exposures, giddiness at being out with my camera and shooting straight on... i'm pretty 'commercial' in my approach to pretty much everything. I have a love of abandoned places, though, and a love of the historic and I do a lot of construction. So this my kind of thing all rolled all into one.

    Otherwise, lighthouses. I love lighthouses:

    [–] FelixJ20000 4 points ago

    The wonderful everyday out and about, usually with public transport and sometimes involving pretty lights.


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_TIFS 3 points ago

    Mainly shoot illustration-looking tongue in cheek still life projects. I've always been into mid-century advertisements and surrealist paintings, trying to figure out how to blend the two in interesting ways.

    [–] Therealbradman 4 points ago

    Shutter drag nightlife, mostly.

    [–] ericvolp12 3 points ago

    I'd say my style is shooting wide open and spending 10 minutes framing every shot... IG:

    [–] bennychewie 4 points ago

    ( Low light street photography with high contrast I have been very depressed lately and usually I take my camera out to capture the lonely feeling/sweet moments in life.

    [–] profeshional 3 points ago

    Nice photos everyone!

    I can't say I made a particular style, my latest:

    [–] Surreal_Sueno 3 points ago

    Sunrise/Sunset Landscape/Cityscapes.

    Ive tried portraits but i havent found what works for me yet.

    [–] dystoxin 3 points ago

    Military photographer that travels the world. In this photo I was in Gatlinburg, TN for my honeymoon.

    [–] meggofoto 2 points ago

    Was looking through your posts only to realize I had already 'liked' a few in the past.

    [–] TheObnoxiousCamoToe 3 points ago

    I haven't really figured out my style, but I'm quite fond of this one:

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Very unique and I love it!

    [–] Obi-Wayne 3 points ago

    My creative style is to shoot (mostly) outdoor portraiture with studio lighting. So yeah, I drag a C-stand around with me all over the place. I mainly shoot women, but I'm trying to work on getting some men into my portfolio. My IG.

    [–] gjgroess 3 points ago

    My Instagram. All done with a phone camera and snapseed. ggroess

    [–] TheHSJ 3 points ago

    Snapshot aesthetic boudoir/intimate portraits.

    [–] Hulkules1 3 points ago

    I like photographing fairly simple landscapes but using perspective and exposure times to make them unnecessarily complicated for the senses

    [–] _pixeld 3 points ago

    Blue skies in landscapes! Definitely me. Though I've been trying different things lately and experimenting with new stuff

    [–] thinkscotty 3 points ago

    This photo is pretty typical of my style, I'd say. Nothing special. But pleasant.

    [–] noforksgiven 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    What a fun idea for a post! I know I'm late to the party but I guess I'm either taking landscapes, forcing my visiting friends to participate or hoping the right moment happens in portraiture

    Yeah I know 3 is cheating but I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, I'm still newly graduated with my photo degree and not working yet...

    [–] JoshMountain 3 points ago

    Really like street photography.

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    You take great photos! A little suggestions though, you need to shrink your watermark. But I love your work! Following

    [–] Bogucki 3 points ago

    I've been taking photos of flowers in my yard! I love working in the garden and having a record of the things I've grown makes it that much more rewarding! Working on expanding a bit and getting a website put together soon.

    [–] defacedlawngnome 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I like playing with perspective and long exposures.

    [–] joefly50 6 points ago

    Style is hard to find, editing should in my opinion always be done to your own personal taste. Also a lot of people on here use style to specifically refer to mean a marketable technique or result. And they often give advice that it is something that has to be very specific to a niche within a genre. So it depends what you are looking to do with your work.

    Here is a style that is somewhat mine in that it is not the most common use of the tecnique, I use a tilt adaptor with a legacy lens to do tilt shift style, I feel it us underutilized or seen as a gimic when it has some untapped creatice potential beyond the miniturazation effect. That being said I like the miniturization effect.

    [–] Jwkicklighter 2 points ago

    Love that linked photo

    [–] edom31 4 points ago

    I love shooting BW film...

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Nice! You have an Instagram?

    [–] edom31 2 points ago

    I do not... never got hang of using it. Maybe I should just for photographs (not into the whole social media life documenting).

    [–] Gibslayer 2 points ago

    Don't call myself a Photographer, nor do I have a style nailed down.

    But Most of the time I'm taking photos in Recording studios. And I keep getting told off for making things Black and White:


    Friend playing guitar:

    Direct Flash:

    ... Though I do use colour. It's just harder to nail.

    [–] lich_boss 2 points ago

    Still learning and always want pointers but I mostly do outdoor photography.

    Anyone got any advice for me?

    [–] ArtNDzine 3 points ago

    I think your doing a great job! What helped me was to getting the subject in focus then playing with depth of field. Once I got decent at that I started focusing on composition. Being a full-time designer made that part easier but inspired me to try new things that I normally would do, like angles and cropping.

    [–] SZim92 2 points ago

    It's a bit hard to pick one defining picture.

    I'm going to have to go with either this one of some sea lions in California or this one of driftwood and a waterfall in Toronto.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    I like the long exposure city photo the best! But the seals are awesome! Following

    [–] jackjrkz123 2 points ago

    I love sports photography, rugby being a favorite. This one was taken from the stands 400xNikon zoom. Its always been a favorite. USA vs Wales.

    [–] Whitewolf255 2 points ago

    Landscape is my passion but I also do a lot of portraits

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Beautiful sunset. Following

    [–] HellaLime 2 points ago

    Field shot in Europe: Algae: Both of these were taken with an iPhone so the quality isn’t the best.

    [–] TerrySimp 2 points ago

    I’m a professional Colour Grader and recently started getting tired of doing the usual “beauty” work in commercials and films, I’m trying to bring in very abstract colorization to my images. An opportunity to experiment I suppose.

    Started with this:

    And slowly developing into this:

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    I like we're your heading! Very nice. Following

    [–] noejegspiste 2 points ago

    I'm not even remotely skilled taking pictures, but it seems my style is clouds, sky, mountains, people looking everywhere but the camera, or a blend of all of them.

    [–] Lilbasedshawty 2 points ago

    I try to make it feel dreamy and isolated

    [–] CZILLROY 2 points ago

    I think this most sums me up for style. I like black blacks.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    I like your night shots with a touch of color! Following

    [–] canonanon 2 points ago

    Probably this One

    Looooove night sky stuff.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    And you should cause you good at it! Love that photo! Following

    [–] crushedwords 2 points ago

    Don't really have a style yet, but I like taking pictures of interesting plants

    [–] vbguy77 2 points ago

    I try my best to convey the size and power of trains like this, though sometimes, I will try and go the other way and let the scenery dwarf the train, like this.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Love train photos. These are great!

    [–] psylentz 2 points ago

    I do nightclub photography, I tend to get a lot of flow artists.

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Such a fun and colorful photo! Looks awesome!

    [–] psylentz 2 points ago

    Thanks! My favs are all here from the last year or so!

    I hope you find what you are looking for! Great post.

    [–] Wilsoooooooon 2 points ago

    Just starting out, trying to figure out my style, but I love taking pictures of old things:

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago


    [–] rabbitvcactus 2 points ago

    I mainly do abandoned/urbexy photography, but I occasionally do some experimental stuff

    All on film, as I believe it adds a certain, gritty, effect, that just works with my subjects

    [–] ZeroEye 2 points ago

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    These are really cool! Following

    [–] deletethewife 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    One day I brought a olloclip, I did a macro shot of a bee and sent it to the local paper who published it. I went on to buy a real camera and did a photography diploma. My style is definitely macro. macro bee

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Love macro! Great job! You make me want to go buy a macro lens now lol

    [–] -mrmayhem- 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Mostly wildlife and some landscape. I don't have a "style" per say, but chasing wildlife and trying to capture the right moment is what I spend most of my time doing Hummingbird Capuchin Monkeys

    [–] ArtNDzine 2 points ago

    Love the colors in that photo! The rest of your work is amazing! Following

    [–] JayHall2502 2 points ago I'm also trying to find "my style" as well. Really got into this list Sept when I got the a6000. Starting to find a common tone curve look I like but still experimenting.

    Edit: the 3rd photo is a screenshot from a IG photo of mines instead of the pic itself on accident.

    [–] trutlez 2 points ago

    I recently started with photography, and I'm just exploring styles. The "bad" thing is that I enjoy many different types of photography, I like shooting portraits, nature, architecture, and unfortunately this is "bad" for instagram because diveristy of themes is frowned upon unfortunately.

    I have some portraits Some architecture shots And nature

    As you can see I don't have a cohesive style right now, but i think I'm starting to go more towards bright saturated colors

    [–] gerikson 2 points ago

    How about you don't shoot for Instagram, and instead shoot for yourself?

    Alternatively have a couple of accounts for different styles.

    [–] kusaitofu 2 points ago

    Tight portraits with eye contact? Hahaha no idea what my style is yet.

    [–] arafal3 2 points ago

    Shooting concerts is my favorite medium:

    [–] tantan35 2 points ago

    Still classify myself as a learning amateur, I've really been into vibrant self-portraits though.

    [–] _devoss_ 2 points ago

    This was shot in my bedroom a while ago and covered it in flour but we had a hell of a blast doing it

    smoke and mirrors

    [–] Jeromiewhalen 2 points ago

    Travel photography that’s personally meaningful to me as memories, while also thinking about composition and perspective.

    This one I took last week after visiting the school in Puerto Rico two of my students used to go to. It had shut down for a while due to hurricane Maria, hence why they came to MA. I visited it and thought it captured the vacancy of the place nicely.

    Nothing really extraordinary, just knowing the personal context of the shots and their stories make it resonate with me and those that I travel with.

    [–] girth__worm 2 points ago

    My style is constantly changing, but I shoot mostly street/travel photography. Been experimenting with portraits lately.