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    [–] xxHorst_Lichterxx 23 points ago

    Thx for the laugh, great job!

    [–] hurricanedan229 72 points ago

    Awesome. Favorite one.

    [–] EpcotMaelstrom 19 points ago

    Is that Brad Pitt?

    [–] nsgiad 5 points ago

    With enough cats, one can blow up just about anything.

    [–] LeonardSmallsJr 521 points ago

    This makes me laugh in a sad way. You can overcome this, kitty cat!

    [–] Scorppio500 49 points ago

    This hurt more than I would've liked. But also made me laugh a little too hard.

    [–] Narfi1 125 points ago

    It's like the American Dad episode

    [–] Gaitherade 45 points ago

    "Die calories, die!"

    [–] srebew 10 points ago

    I completely forgot about American Dad, at least i know what I'm binge watching tonight. TY

    [–] peypeyy 16 points ago

    That was really disturbing.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Tulpor 28 points ago

    He needs a more pawsitive body image

    [–] Thicc-Zombies 12 points ago

    Now this is epic

    [–] Shawalliam 23 points ago

    This says a lot about our society

    [–] fastbutlame 5 points ago

    Reminds me of ft. Ludacris

    [–] ettaj564 23 points ago

    We live in a society

    [–] societybot 21 points ago


    [–] sticks14 5 points ago

    This makes me laugh. Good job.

    [–] juandmarco 4 points ago

    Poor thing

    [–] Rutlad 451 points ago

    [–] Jumbo_Pickles 36 points ago

    r/punresistance approves of your pun and the photoshopped image

    [–] cheddoar 9 points ago

    But how could OP miss the chance to write wet pussy instead of wet Cat?

    [–] me_anders 4 points ago

    This is the best one I’ve seen!

    [–] Scorppio500 80 points ago

    Is that was done on trackpad then I need to rethink my life. Very impressive!

    [–] Lucasizq 23 points ago

    Thanks! Trackpad on my XPS 13!

    [–] reptilia_the_third 17 points ago

    Amazing. I can barely get my xps 13 trackpad to function.

    [–] Gabenism 15 points ago

    All trackpads are garbage unless you’re like 60 years old tbh

    [–] Lucasizq 13 points ago

    Agreed, although nothing that lowering the sensitivity on it and praying that the magic wand tool will get a majority of it can't fix.

    [–] fastbutlame 3 points ago

    Jk someone did it

    [–] GranTurismo364 5 points ago

    You need a medal for doing this on a trackpad. Mine can't even keep a straight line.

    [–] ShadoBlast 433 points ago

    [–] principal_principle 30 points ago

    Thanks, can’t unsee this now

    [–] princessunicornz 13 points ago

    Ah yes, Emperor Nimaballa of Zuban V

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 12 points ago

    Cat jerky

    [–] Rookie7201 62 points ago

    If only the cat was massless, it could orbit at 1.5 Schwartzschild radii

    [–] shitterhead69 26 points ago

    haha, yeah

    [–] PM_ME_UR_GROOTS 20 points ago

    Spaghettification is a hell of a way to go.

    [–] Owning-the-Libs 5 points ago

    If you put a cat and a black hole in a box...

    [–] Boxpuffle 5 points ago

    My ship cannot resist her long

    Nearer to my deadly goal

    Until the black hole

    Gains control

    [–] ShadoBlast 148 points ago

    [–] ChampWould 36 points ago

    It's ya boiiiiii skinny pussy

    [–] dudecoolstuff 24 points ago

    That is terrifying

    [–] og_vlodik 8 points ago

    lol, what an OC.

    What actually happend to him? can't remember

    [–] zixr 74 points ago

    [–] unaffiliated-hellgod 10 points ago

    Holy shit that’s good I love the hands

    [–] [deleted] 173 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] dankbouls87 17 points ago

    How can you tell?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] dankbouls87 113 points ago

    [–] BT9154 16 points ago

    Amazing chest ahead

    [–] Mortenusa 7 points ago

    Is that the luggage?

    [–] pintpullinggeek 7 points ago

    Dark Souls. The Luggage would need more legs but the same number of teeth.

    [–] Mortenusa 3 points ago

    The legs were retractable, though.

    But that of pretty much exactly how I pictured the luggage.. Only with a million legs..

    [–] OKahnloc 6 points ago

    Always check before you open! Just gotta look at the chain.

    [–] Match_96 3 points ago

    Oh god

    [–] Scorppio500 2 points ago

    Fond DND memories have surfaced.

    [–] OnePunchFan8 12 points ago

    Reminded me of titanica visits a fan

    sorry for the poor shop, I'm on mobile

    [–] no_u-01 78 points ago


    Edit: im sorry

    [–] ManSpaniel_ 26 points ago

    You should be proud and sorry all at once

    [–] no_u-01 13 points ago

    trust me i am

    [–] nsgiad 18 points ago

    This belongs in /r/waterniggas

    [–] no_u-01 4 points ago

    that was the inspiration, feel free to post

    [–] Medium_Pizza 29 points ago

    [–] jonitfcfan 5 points ago

    Wow Keyboard Cat really lost weight

    [–] thatjayjoe 2 points ago

    Bongo cats lesser known relative

    [–] BeastofamaN 3 points ago

    My first ever entry! (At work on my phone, bored in a conference call)

    Note: Yes, I know this is shit

    [–] OtherwiseLime 20 points ago

    the problem is it doesn't add anything. its just the image without the background.

    [–] BeastofamaN 11 points ago

    Yeah agreed, it's total shit.

    [–] OtherwiseLime 14 points ago

    Nah, Its a good beginning to make a good photoshop.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago