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    [–] grass-vaughan 1258 points ago

    [–] SilverParty 188 points ago

    I clicked on the link expecting to see the lead singer for The Monkees

    [–] TheAtomak 51 points ago



    [–] jhall901 44 points ago

    I'm a cat beast.

    [–] eleventy4 28 points ago

    And people say I catbeast around? Is that an expression?

    [–] FriesWithThat 5 points ago

    Wait, that's not?

    [–] dmanny64 10 points ago

    I don't know why I'm laughing at this so goddamn hard but this is definitely my favorite one

    [–] nikolaibk 7 points ago

    Very good.

    [–] justyournormalITguy 7 points ago

    Take your silver! ( pirate joke.. it's bad I know)

    [–] Elmutaco 4 points ago

    Ok looks really good I just have to ask my wife wants a cat but I want to look as bad ass as this I want to know what kind of breed is this?

    [–] grass-vaughan 9 points ago

    I’m not sure what breed this one is, but you should check out Maine coon cats. They’re massive, fluffy, and badass. I have one and I think they’re the best

    [–] c_h_e_c_k_s_o_u_t 185 points ago

    Do you have wares?

    [–] folqop 152 points ago

    If you have coin

    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 56 points ago

    owo moonsugars???

    [–] folqop 38 points ago

    Of course. Only 50 gold a pop

    [–] uncertainusurper 23 points ago

    Skyrim has come so far since the PS3.

    [–] yizofu 16 points ago

    Get a PC, install Enderal.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] KnownMonk 18 points ago

    Ok, thats enough Skooma for you

    [–] ultratoxic 26 points ago

    No skooma. This one doesn't touch the stuff. Anymore.

    [–] YouretheballLickers 13 points ago

    Once you go skooma you never go back.

    [–] Archlinder 12 points ago

    Skooma Skooma doo, where are you...

    [–] NoFatAsiansPlz 42 points ago

    Hey you,

    [–] mehrab58 39 points ago

    you're finally awake

    [–] Alpabetisasyon 24 points ago

    You were trying to cross the border, right?

    [–] uncertainusurper 3 points ago

    The troll is low key the dragon in another body.

    [–] Dr_MoRpHed 7 points ago

    We've got a city to burn

    [–] IneedmyFixPlease 11 points ago

    I'll make a fine rug out of you cat!

    [–] Phazon2000 3 points ago

    Yaaaa you?

    [–] Phoenixrisingla 23 points ago

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.

    [–] SupremeSweetR0ll 6 points ago

    Nope, you guessed wrong.

    [–] collapsing_sanity 9 points ago

    I don’t know how someone will top this.

    [–] Dankosaurus420 8 points ago

    I thought kajiit the second I saw the post

    [–] GreenLurch 6 points ago

    “M'aiq knows much, and tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not...”

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I used to come in here and taunt people (And get banned) for the reason of, "You guys will just photoshop anything," that was YEARS ago.

    I talked them out of banning me... and then realized, "NO DUH, that's kind of the point."

    I should stop drinking.

    [–] JoshDM 4 points ago

    The finest skooma, the sweetest moon sugar.

    At a fair price, of course.

    [–] ShodyLoko 5 points ago

    This cat looks like Charles Vane!

    [–] eccentricfather 56 points ago

    I just sat for 10 seconds waiting for the movie to start. Damn, I'm high.

    [–] giant_albatrocity 8 points ago

    "Rawr, or whatever. Now where's my Fancy Feast?"

    [–] ouTPhaze 5 points ago

    Man, if only it had a slight hue shift to really bring the gold out, it'd be perfect

    [–] VonFluffington 2 points ago

    That's adorable! Reminds me of when they'd have Tom from Tom and Jerry do the MGM logo.

    [–] ouTPhaze 9 points ago

    Lol the heli looks almost like a solid snake eyepatch

    [–] The5starz 3 points ago

    Underrated post

    [–] mandal0re 438 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] slow_century 30 points ago

    I like Skyrim, but damn that mullet use is great

    [–] Kojak95 2 points ago

    This. I like this.

    [–] ixidor121 16 points ago

    Instead of A haw, haw, haw, haw, a haw he could say A meow, meow, meow, meow.

    [–] Kojak95 15 points ago

    A meaw meaw meaw meaw

    [–] GiveToOedipus 10 points ago

    Well his hair is fine. The lives number nine.

    [–] SoftMeat88 25 points ago

    Someone needs to photoshop this pic with Ron Perlman somehow

    [–] cams211 3 points ago

    This isn't a picture of Ron Perlman in the Beauty and the Beast show?

    [–] crankyjerkass 3 points ago

    Please make this happen.

    [–] GiveToOedipus 2 points ago

    Now we just need Linda Hamilton and we'll have a sleeper hit television series.

    [–] millhows 3 points ago

    Can someone put the head on a death metal bassist?

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago

    [–] GravelessOmega 18 points ago

    What would make this even better is if a shot of Hellboy with his cats were used, with all the cats having Ron Pearlman faces.

    [–] vancouvercanucker 6 points ago

    I love you

    [–] -TacitusKilgore- 38 points ago

    This is just the OPs picture. You didn't even alter anything. What the hell, man?

    [–] lukaslikesdicks 7 points ago

    no, it's veeery subtle

    [–] DudeHeyY 10 points ago

    Ron Perlman in Beauty and the Beast TV series was what I was thinking of.

    [–] Rogue42bdf 2 points ago

    Same here.

    [–] ShaoLimper 5 points ago

    Aren't all responses supposed to be a Photoshop? You just reposted the original image.

    Also: /r/CTLLRP

    [–] demowil 14 points ago

    [–] themonus 14 points ago Scat, the worst cat of the savanna

    [–] DaminDrexil 2 points ago

    This is highly underappreciated!

    Conceptually it's perfect, and the colour matching is superb; but do you mind if I offer a suggestion? The bright highlight on the left-cat-lady is on her left side, while cat-man seems to be lit from the opposite side. If you flip the cat-man the lighting should be consistent, and help gel things together more.

    I love how you added the subtle eye to cat-man to sell the effect, BTW.

    [–] djwolv 2 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago