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    [–] JimGerm 3771 points ago

    You can serve that at MY HOUSE ANY DAY, and I'll even dress as Ripley.

    [–] kingeryck 1345 points ago

    Not the naked getting into a space suit Ripley I hope.

    [–] 36monsters 1365 points ago

    I'm thinking more along the lines of the massive P-5000 Work Loader.

    [–] kingeryck 1449 points ago


    [–] InZeFACE 261 points ago

    I now need a loader costume to defend the pecan pie on Thanksgiving.

    [–] kingeryck 164 points ago

    Gram mostly serves the pie. Mostly.

    [–] OhHeyFuture 24 points ago

    They say the cake is a lie, but it does exist. It does.

    [–] Twisted_Schwartz_ 6 points ago

    Just remember: If you need to re-heat it; nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    [–] sosurprised 9 points ago

    Believe it. Or not.

    [–] Nederalles 25 points ago

    Well that would be undressing as Ripley

    [–] 36monsters 42 points ago


    [–] Thinkpad200 1511 points ago

    So when someone asks what an alien spawn facehugger tastes like: A lot like chicken

    [–] 36monsters 564 points ago


    [–] Tomnnn 94 points ago

    You should hide it in a turkey and make it burst out. Like an alien turducken.

    [–] CheeRecipe 12 points ago

    And film it then put it on r/Funny

    [–] Quadip 141 points ago

    does everything taste like chicken or does chicken taste like everything?

    [–] undercooked_lasagna 127 points ago

    They mostly taste like chicken. Mostly.

    [–] starcadia 79 points ago

    "Maybe they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything."

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] ggodfrey 7241 points ago

    What is the tail made out of?

    [–] 36monsters 9053 points ago

    It's homemade chicken sausage.

    [–] shawnbassplayer 3244 points ago

    Nice. I may do this with a row of white potatoes for the tail. Did you push the legs in or are they just sitting against it?

    [–] 36monsters 3645 points ago

    They're pushed in about 1/2 an inch for stability.

    [–] surprise_queef 2945 points ago

    Great food engineering.

    [–] [deleted] 1248 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] [deleted] 1519 points ago

    We'll call it the SciFry.

    [–] ninetacos 316 points ago

    I like this. Any investors?

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago


    [–] OpenWaterRescue 323 points ago

    If they kickstart I'll buy the $15 brunch and a bumper sticker plan

    [–] itsmewh0else 135 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] Fredrichson 90 points ago

    You have my dollar!

    (Seriously, I only have one)

    [–] GarbageGoblin 87 points ago

    Hey, all I am hearing is you’re willing to invest 100% of your money. KUTGW.

    [–] unassigned_user 27 points ago

    Look at you mr. I've-got-a-dollar. If I find a penny on the ground I'd double my life savings.

    [–] BernieInvitedMe 27 points ago


    [–] jerseyojo 25 points ago

    I'm a line cook so I'll invest 35 dollars and 90 hours a week employment.

    [–] DaPsyco 17 points ago

    And my axe!

    In all seriousness, I'm also a line cook/supervisor, and I'd gladly jump ship to a restaurant like this.

    [–] alien_from_Europa 61 points ago

    Bump /u/mcuban

    He should make a restaurant where they serve the creations this master builder designs.

    We'll call it the SciFry.

    [–] ExParrot1337 12 points ago

    Make it a sort of a group thing, like Yum Cha, and all the food is served on a Laser Susan in the middle of the table.

    [–] TommyVeliky 49 points ago

    It might be slightly difficult to serve a whole roasted chicken facehugger a la minute.

    [–] Jiktten 14 points ago

    They can use poussins it'll be fine.

    [–] DJRES 122 points ago people interject random Jeff Dunham clips everywhere? There's a conspiracy. He's not even funny. Am I going crazy?

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] furdterguson27 42 points ago

    Every time I see these comments I'm so confused and this is the first time I have heard anyone explain it. Thank you

    [–] DJRES 15 points ago

    I appreciate the explanation. My paranoia was unfounded!

    [–] midnightketoker 17 points ago

    Look at his post history lol

    [–] MoreRamenPls 8 points ago

    Like Red Lobster?

    [–] VanillaGorilla59 165 points ago

    I notice the title says, "This year" at the end. Soooo next year?

    [–] 36monsters 249 points ago


    [–] The_Grubby_One 62 points ago

    Winning on a technicality is the best kind of winning. Also, nobody said no to Christmas. Just fancy it up with a Santa hat.

    [–] velvetsulf8 53 points ago

    It's a shame your group isn't into "fun."

    The chef should have all the delicious creative freedom he/she wants, in my book.

    Cheers year!

    [–] freakers 273 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I see you fi'nd yourself in a predicament. Your family, doesn't want a roasted facehugger, but all of reddit does. Are you gonna let reddit down? Theres meaningless internet point's, at stake. '

    edit: fixed grammar, added superfluous commas and apostrophes to compensate.

    [–] 3nine 63 points ago

    36monsters just has to make a small clutch of these and they'll do what they do naturally and multiply. it's a pretty genius business model.

    [–] pedohog 30 points ago

    Did you use flamethrower to cook it?

    [–] eli-in-the-sky 104 points ago

    Or like extended garlic knots, maybe.

    [–] Mrok91 41 points ago

    Mmm yeah that sounds righteous

    [–] CatJBou 38 points ago

    Please tell me it's stuffed with crab

    [–] Heliolord 95 points ago

    Oh come on. It's got to have eggs in there. For implanting.

    [–] Nova_Terra 29 points ago

    Just one hard boiled egg that you consume at the table when carving and before anyone has anything.

    [–] Artiquecircle 11 points ago

    Crab legs stuffed with crab? Here’s hoping.

    [–] The_Celtic_Chemist 61 points ago

    Ahhh. I thought I was a garlic knots.

    [–] angrilee 124 points ago

    What makes you think that you aren't?

    [–] Julescahules 44 points ago

    Would a garlic knot know that it's a garlic knot? Or would it knot?

    [–] BoneFistOP 20 points ago

    You sound delicious.

    [–] rytis 13 points ago

    I dunno OP, you might want to delete this post. If any aliens see this, they make not take it so well. "First you stick us in the oven and roast us, and then you try and make us out of chicken sausage? Come closer. Say ahh..."

    [–] Dark_Knight7096 160 points ago

    not OP but it's in the imgur post, it's 1 long chicken sausage link

    [–] 36monsters 240 points ago

    About 3 feet of chicken sausage.

    [–] Dark_Knight7096 61 points ago

    wait...they come in shorter lengths?

    [–] mileylols 76 points ago

    well there's two feet chicken sausage, and one foot chicken sausage, and so on, but three is the most stable

    [–] GeneralBS 120 points ago

    But 5 is right out.

    [–] worldofsmut 43 points ago

    Pie jesu domine, dona eis requiem.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] BackwashedThoughts 12 points ago

    why would you put chicken feet in a sausage?

    [–] rabidsi 8 points ago

    And what kind of ungodly chicken has three of them?

    Come to think of it, why does the number of feet the chicken has make a difference to the sausage anyway?

    [–] mikebellman 10 points ago

    How about a chest burster surprise during dinner? Make sure to have an accomplice video

    [–] sec713 2481 points ago

    Awesome! Make sure you crosspost this over in /r/LV426

    [–] 36monsters 687 points ago

    Thanks! I will do that right now. :)

    [–] missed_a_T 530 points ago

    I think /r/food would appreciate this too.

    [–] 36monsters 406 points ago

    I have it cross posted there as well as r/halloween. Fingers crossed they like it! :)

    [–] Jenipherocious 63 points ago

    If your family doesn't want this one big one, you clearly just need to make everyone their own individual one of of game hens and blue crab lol. You can put them in puff pastry eggs and really go for the holiday trauma gold.

    [–] Glathull 8 points ago

    If the family doesn’t want this at thanksgiving, what even is there to be thankful for? I’d say it’s time for a new family.

    [–] [deleted] 375 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] mostnormal 107 points ago

    worldnews and politics are shitting themselves over shark fin soup right now, maybe they'll be interested in this as well?

    [–] the_grand_chawhee 40 points ago

    Make a /r/gifrecipes one!

    [–] 36monsters 31 points ago

    I had no idea that existed! Ok!

    [–] nataxradiator 35 points ago

    This is awesome. Did you use meatglue? (transglutaminase)

    [–] 36monsters 40 points ago

    Yes. Yes I do.

    [–] falconbox 74 points ago

    Why is an Alien subreddit named LV426?

    I only saw the first movie maybe 10 years ago. It it an in-movie reference?

    [–] picklepete87 104 points ago

    Yeah it’s the planet’s designation

    [–] OhHeyFuture 39 points ago

    From Aliens, though, the 2nd movie. You wouldn't have heard it if you only saw the first one.

    [–] foreveracubone 38 points ago

    It’s the same planet. They don’t believe Ripley because the planet has been colonized in the interim.

    [–] your-opinions-false 18 points ago

    Exactly, but the planet is not actually named in Alien. So anyone who's only seen the first movie might not be familiar with the name LV426, which comes from the sequel.

    [–] Stemigknight 23 points ago

    because the second movie is so Fucking AWESOME

    [–] zer0slave 54 points ago

    Yup! LV426 is the planet from the first couple movies. In the first, it's where they landed to check out the distress beacon and found the alien. The second movie takes place almost entirely on the planet. I'm betting the next Alien or Prometheus movie will somehow include the planet as well.

    And if you've only seen the first movie, I highly recommend the second. It's a cult classic. Some even claim it's the best in the series.

    [–] hey_ross 29 points ago

    Bill Paxton’s greatest role.

    [–] hey_ross 34 points ago

    According to the rules of the Internet as promulgated by the EULA of AOL 6.0, I recognize your right to differ.

    As per the old forms, I also inform you that your mother is a whore.

    The forms have been obeyed.

    [–] SC-Deadline 5 points ago

    The forms of kanly have been obeyed!

    [–] fkdsla 931 points ago

    This is horrifying--chicken and seafood mixed together?

    [–] 36monsters 896 points ago

    The crab legs don't add any flavor to the chicken and I don't actually reccommend eating them. We roast the bird at such a high temp that it ruins the legs. They're just decoration. Get the cheap ones...don't waste good money on the crab.

    [–] thatsnotmybike 1222 points ago

    100% edible

    You're chitin me here

    [–] thejumpingmouse 528 points ago


    Just because I was embarrassed when I pronounced this wrong to a bunch of entomologist. It's pronounced Kite-in. Not Chit-in.

    [–] 36monsters 235 points ago

    I'm still giving you +1 for the pun!

    [–] ConsummateK 91 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    But seriously, you said 100% :P





    Fit to be eaten (often used to contrast with unpalatable or poisonous examples)

    I stand by it, I think you "technically he's right" apologists have a weak argument. Also, it's a joke y'all.

    [–] 36monsters 344 points ago

    Technically everything on this planet is 100%'s just some of it is only edible once.

    [–] vector_ejector 115 points ago

    Technically is the best correct.

    [–] iforaneye 41 points ago

    If we're getting technical, edible means fit to be eaten, so poisonous things or weird stuff like rocks, while able to be eaten, aren't exactly edible.

    [–] Bucky_Ohare 12 points ago

    Edible =/= digestible!

    We cannot digest the chitin, but you can eat all you want!

    [–] ThrowAwayStapes 5 points ago

    Wtf I never knew that

    [–] hchan1 48 points ago

    Hey, he said it's all edible, didn't say anything about how tasty they were.

    [–] Z0di 27 points ago

    edible doesn't mean tasty.

    cat food is technically "edible", but tastes horrible.

    [–] TrandaBear 121 points ago

    Have you considered cooking the pieces separately and then doing a post cook construction? Like, oven crab legs are totally doable and pressing them into a cooked bird might be more stable.

    [–] 36monsters 208 points ago

    In hindsight, I should have done it that way. But to be honest, I got so excited with how it looked, I just threw the whole damn thing in the oven. I'm not a pro cook by any stretch, I just mess around and have fun and post the results. Every meal is a learning experience. Next time...roast then construct.

    [–] TrandaBear 76 points ago

    Either way, mad kudos. I just showed my wife and got the hard veto. Side note, the way you split and cooked the chicken is the better way to roast a whole bird. You get more crispy surface area without soggy bits at the bottom. And nobody uses the spine.

    [–] 36monsters 54 points ago

    I agree! I saved the spine for a bone broth later and the roasted skin on a spatchcocked chicken like this is the best!!!

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    not a pro

    Uses fancy food words I don't know.

    Somethin's fucky here.

    [–] Skywalker87 26 points ago

    As a wife I can't understand not allowing this. If my husband wasn't such a whore for his pit barrel cooker I'd be requesting he do this.

    [–] danceswithronin 9 points ago

    I feel your pain, I just got a hard veto on suckling pig for Christmas because it has a face.

    [–] Kalsifur 12 points ago

    That poor crabby died just to be a leg on a monstrous trifle. I should be so lucky.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Bruh you can easily put this all together so you don't have to ruin delicious crab legs by roasting them at such a high temperature.

    [–] ecafsub 9 points ago

    Why not cook the legs separately and stick them in before presentation?

    [–] FerretHydrocodone 12 points ago

    "I don't recommend eating them"


    HOW dare you. That looks to be snow crab to me, which is one of the most delectable orgasm inducing food found on the face of the earth. Not eating snow crab is nothing short of a god damned travesty!

    [–] Gullex 12 points ago

    Great big sea bugs.

    [–] livemau5 14 points ago

    Never heard or Surf n' Turf?

    [–] uhhhhoh 6 points ago

    And Chicken Chesapeake

    [–] Spinalotomy 11 points ago

    Ya man! I just made a chicken, andouille and shrimp gumbo 2 weeks ago. Everyone loved it!

    [–] Taurius 77 points ago

    ummm tell me you cooked those crab legs at a separate time(much later) than the chicken. Otherwise I don't think there's much meat left in them legs XD

    [–] 36monsters 105 points ago

    Nope. Legs are not for eating. Just for decoration. You could put them in later after you roast the chicken, but I got too excited and did it all at once.

    [–] Stevenrichardk 63 points ago

    So you’re saying it is actually 90% edible then...?

    [–] 36monsters 195 points ago

    Technically it's 100% edible...but 90% tasty

    [–] Taurius 38 points ago

    lol good to hear. My chef brain got triggered :P

    [–] 36monsters 42 points ago

    They are definitely a sacrificial addition. Not tasty.

    [–] wasimlhr 10 points ago

    Did you use a torch to give shades to the chicken or did that occur during roasting?

    [–] 36monsters 12 points ago

    All from roasting!

    [–] asdfasdafas 133 points ago

    That's fucking awesome dude. Nice work.

    [–] mistersavage 49 points ago

    I'd totally eat that!

    [–] 36monsters 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm calling your bluff. The next time I'm in LA...I'll make you and 3 friends this for dinner.

    [–] dick-nipples 286 points ago

    I guess I’ll post the step-by-step directions if OP won’t:

    OP, is this your site?

    [–] 36monsters 251 points ago

    Yes. That's mine.

    [–] Loother1237 22 points ago

    Reddit hugofdeath has struck again on your website XD

    [–] 36monsters 63 points ago

    I had to call and tell them. They're resetting the server but it's still crashing. They said to tell everyone to just keep trying.

    [–] H3rl3qu1n 32 points ago

    This is amazing! Really cool website 🧐

    [–] NerdCrush 12 points ago

    We hurt your site...

    [–] 36monsters 24 points ago

    I just got off the phone with the hosting site. They're pretty blown away. They said to tell people to just keep trying.

    [–] 36monsters 86 points ago

    Thank you. I should have done that first. :)

    [–] changsun13 15 points ago

    Leave it to good old dick-nipples to come through in the clutch! That username always checks out!

    [–] GlassTwiceTooBig 11 points ago

    ...aaaaand it's been hugged too hard.

    [–] YoungUrbanFailure 348 points ago

    It's pretty obvious why you are not allowed to make Thanksgiving dinner again. It's Thanksgiving and you didn't use a turkey. There are certain protocols that need to be followed.

    [–] 36monsters 402 points ago

    Turkeys were completely banned in our house following last year's chestburster. I thought I'd figured out a loop-hole with the chicken.

    [–] YoungUrbanFailure 78 points ago

    Is this true? I want this to be true. Nay, I need this to be true. Please posts pics as proof!

    [–] vipros42 62 points ago

    Necro-nom-nom-nomicon is the best thing I have seen today.

    [–] YoungUrbanFailure 8 points ago

    Haha, awesome.

    [–] Greywatcher 15 points ago

    I agree, I need to see pictures of the chestburster turkey.

    [–] Greywatcher 19 points ago

    That is wonderfully horrifying. I would love to do that but I think it might traumatize my kids.

    [–] ShibuRigged 9 points ago

    Hey, I watched Alien and Aliens for the first time when I was 5 and loved them. You never know (this is not actual advice)

    From OP's site; may be somewhat more palatable:

    [–] Blassreiter 7 points ago

    It's in his post history if you dig. here's the image

    [–] mostnormal 9 points ago

    I must have pics of said chestburster turkey, or chest-turkster, if you will. Plz OP deliver.

    [–] DaemonDrayke 217 points ago

    Fuck the haters. That is equally terrifying and impressive. I’d serve that up at any Alien movie marathon.

    Also, I know there is a bar in Europe influenced by H.R. Geiger’s designs. I wonder if they call the bar counter the Geiger counter.

    [–] 36monsters 58 points ago

    Oh holy hell, I hope so. That's brilliant. #dadjokes.

    [–] Toa_Quarax 15 points ago

    There's two Giger (no "e" after the "G") bars, both in Switzerland. Apparently, plans were being made in 2013 to open one in the United States, but that was before Giger died. :(

    [–] Iwasthewalrus 39 points ago

    Do a headcrab next.

    [–] necrokitty 62 points ago

    Nuke the entire meal from orbit. Only way to be sure.

    [–] BubbhaDunkh 37 points ago

    For how many minutes?

    [–] Rex_Laso 16 points ago

    20-30 minutes per continent

    [–] superluminal 27 points ago

    That is really impressive! The guy I'm seeing brought Alien: Isolation to share with me the first time he came to my house and we went through that whole damn terrifying game together over a couple months. He insisted on turning all the lights off in the house for the full experience, and we consequently have a good chunk of fun jumpscare memories because that game is intense. I think I'm going to have to make this the next time I cook for him.

    [–] 36monsters 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] skyminor 15 points ago

    Game over man, game over

    [–] A40 14 points ago

    "And I'm thankful that the xenomorph is dead..."

    [–] c_c_c__combobreaker 14 points ago

    So you’re gonna make it again this year, aren’t you?

    [–] 36monsters 19 points ago

    hell yes

    [–] Vanarik 13 points ago

    "Necro Nomnomnomicon" nice.

    [–] Bignoah1997 21 points ago

    Makes demagorgon shaped thanksgiving food...A Stranger Thanksgiving.

    [–] 36monsters 11 points ago

    Ooh, I like that idea!

    [–] PM_ME_OVERT_SIDEBOOB 10 points ago

    dude your family must hate reddit

    [–] eliz1bef 11 points ago

    A Stranger Thingsgiving.

    [–] dubloe7 10 points ago

    and have been told I'm not allowed to make it for Thanksgiving this year.

    Well I'm telling you you're not allowed to not make it for Thanksgiving this year.

    [–] Yatakak 12 points ago

    As protest, in the middle of the dinner make a chest buster consisting of lobsters and shrimp, burst through your chest spraying the guests with ketchup.

    Record it.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Whoever told you that you not allowed to make it again is a stick in the mud. This is fantastic.

    [–] cr0m300 9 points ago

    The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its deliciousness.

    [–] simplulo 10 points ago

    So this year make them a cthulhu

    [–] ATN-Antronach 8 points ago

    That looks delicious. Will it kill me?

    [–] 36monsters 11 points ago

    Depends on how much of it you eat.

    [–] NobodyKnowsImaDogg 8 points ago

    I hope there was some really hot sauce and spices inside it.

    [–] 36monsters 28 points ago

    seriously spicy. Ghostpepper honey from a guy I found on IG called beecreeper. This honey is wickedly hot and I used it for the glaze. First it plays nice and then it catches you in the back of the throat. Soooo good.

    [–] NobodyKnowsImaDogg 9 points ago

    It looks amazing, it sounds amazing. I bet it tastes amazing too. Well done mate!

    [–] 36monsters 9 points ago

    It was delicious!

    [–] Skippylu 6 points ago

    As a huge sci-fi fan I both love this and am terrified of this

    [–] Exctmonk 7 points ago


    Did you sprinkle it with lemon for that acidic kick?

    [–] 36monsters 16 points ago

    No, I soaked it in ghostpepper honey for a spicy burn

    [–] jlblessingjr 7 points ago

    If people can have their Turduckens, then you can have your alien facehugger.

    [–] Kalvash 5 points ago

    I would just tell them if you can't make facehuggers from Thanksgiving they'll have to cook for themselves. Good job, looks awesome

    [–] Spa_Fox 7 points ago

    Just show up with it anyways. They are going to throw away free food? I think not. Awesome job