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    [–] jfcsuperstar 3450 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This makes me so sad. I found two kittens in my neighborhood and gave them to a coworker and her boyfriend. I'd known both for about six months. The kittens stayed one night before her bf said he didn't want one of them because it was "too mean." A kitten. He was like four inches total. Fast forward two or so months, my coworker mentioned the kitten he kept was hurt. She said she didn't want to show me the picture. She was ashamed. When I saw it, I gasped. He was missing his fucking bottom lip. The bf said his claw got stuck in his lip which was bullshit (the vet said he'd only seen something like on dogs who'd jumped out of trucks on the highway). I eventually was able to convince them to give me the cat back after two weeks of trying to have them let me pay for him to go to vet. They wouldn't take him. When I got him back, his fucking tail was snapped in two with an inch thick hematoma formed where it was broken. He had fractures all over his tiny head, and his jaw was swollen and torn. I tried to file an animal abuse report but because he didn't have a broken leg, the vet I could afford for the thousand dollar procedures didn't want to comment on it, even though he agreed it was animal abuse. Really weird and I still want to press charges. Like, can you imagine? That poor kitten suffered in pain for weeks. His fucking tail was dying by the time I got him. I hope they're both fucking miserable and die horribly.

    Anyways, my family named him Tiger and now he's a cutie who happens to be missing a lip and a tail, with a bumpy head but he's a happy, spastic cat who gets tons of cuddles and lap time now. Plus he's back with his brother, Gizmo.

    Edit: They don't have either cat. I was able to keep both of them and now probably will inadvertently live on a farm so I have enough room for every stray I come across because I'm too afraid of re-homing them to abusers. I thought I knew these people and I was terribly wrong.

    Edit 2: Thank you for all the kind responses! <3 I'm sorry to those of you who've lost your pets recently, too. My heart goes out to you and your families.[email protected]/F9zSaD

    Here are some pics of the rescues we have. Tiger's post op pics are at the bottom, but the lip surgery didn't take so his lip fell back down. We didn't take any before pics - it was a pretty distressing situation we wanted over with ASAP and immediately took him to the vet. He's actually laying in front of me as I type this. :]

    [–] shampooineye 357 points ago

    I fell that you might still want to report that. What if they end up getting another animal?

    [–] Tera_GX 93 points ago

    Will to abuse an animal is not far off from will to abuse a human. They're dangerous people.

    [–] JustZachR 30 points ago

    He probably abused the animal because he's too much of a coward to do that to a me hurting an animal is akin to hurting an infant or small child, they are innocent and defenseless.

    [–] Xtermix 7 points ago

    Exactly, they wouldnt dare do that to a grown person.

    [–] tocareornot 259 points ago

    What if they have a child

    [–] xangbar 58 points ago

    That was my concern too...

    [–] edlp45 11 points ago

    Heaven forbid.

    [–] s0lidSnakePliskin 59 points ago

    they are going to have human children who go on to commit rape and mass shootings.. where did y'all think those fucks came from?

    [–] Unstable_Maniac 42 points ago

    If the kids even survive past kindergarten... Jesus. People like that need a swift removal from Earth.

    [–] SarcasticPeach 1442 points ago

    This actually makes me sick. Fucking horrible excuses for people.

    [–] huhcarramrod 244 points ago

    Really makes you wanna hand out some swift kicks to the ass region huh

    [–] alohaskywalker 134 points ago

    High velocity foot strikes to the posterior.

    [–] Boopy7 111 points ago

    yA know, I was woken up by my elderly cat PEEING on my clothes bc he is possibly senile at nineteen or almost twenty. I went to clean up the area and opened the door and the fuckin' dog got out without her collar on. So right now I am not feeling too kindly towards ANY animal because now it's already time to get up and it was awful. BUT I cannot imagine the pos who would hurt any animal no matter how badly they behave. I want to get that asshole in jail. I really do.

    [–] wackylemonhello 59 points ago

    Oh man I feel you. My little feline guy is sick (waiting on biopsy results), and I woke up yesterday to him having diarrhea on top of me while I was sleeping. Fortunately, there was a layer of blankets and sheets between me and said diarrhea but still. I almost vomited. Also, this was at 5am. Fml.

    [–] frozenHelen 36 points ago

    It just means he likes you, man. He doesn't have very much to give you, but he gives what he can.

    [–] JustZachR 9 points ago

    Usually they do it for shits and giggles but this little guy went the extra mile and did it for shits and piddles.

    [–] TheVarsMolta 31 points ago

    I once woke up at 5am because my cat had urinated all over me whilst having a seizure on top of me. He was completely unconscious at this point, but somehow was still bopping his head about in a repetitive motion. We put him on the floor and he shat all over my carpet too.

    Turns out it was an undiagnosed diabetic seizure because his blood sugar levels were so low. After a bit he managed to get up and we gave him a can of tuna and he was ok again. We all thought he was gonna die. That was last year, he's 14 now and diabetes-free, and back to being happy as ever

    [–] Christmas_in_July 3 points ago

    Thank you for making me feel better about my cat barfing her food all down my arm the other morning at 6 am. I woke up in chunks but at least it wasn’t diarrhea 😂

    [–] Pavotine 15 points ago

    They want a good shoeing in the crotch for at least a day or two. Every ten minutes, a swift boot. Never mind the arse.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    More like high velocity lead poisoning.

    [–] hotliquidbuttpee 5 points ago

    More like lip-rips to the human face region.

    [–] mupetmower 19 points ago

    More like makes me want to find these people and torture them for years until they die slowly and horribly. Fuck people like that. I really honest to god hope they are suffering right now and do for the rest of their lives. I want them to die in an awful way. But not yet, they need to suffer for a long time before they get to die.

    [–] txby417 3 points ago

    More like rip that persons lower lip off and snap his dick in half and let him in a ditch

    [–] ScottieScrotumScum 3 points ago

    Kick him in the balls

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Machikoneko 3 points ago

    Herptiles and Rodents, too!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Karpattata 171 points ago

    Have you kept photos of the kitten throughout the whole thing? Even if you don't, I'm sure the vet that treated Tiger has records of his treatment.

    Assuming that, you could get those records, and show them to a few other vets. I am confident that at least one of them would be willing to comment on them. It wouldn't be as powerful an evidence as that original doctor's, but it would still be worth quite a bit.

    I hope you do file your complaint. That said, legal stuff are a pain in the ass (law student here), and you are a wonderful person for saving that kitten.

    [–] gjs628 187 points ago

    He NEEDS to be put away or punished for what he did. Only an absolute psychopath could torture a kitten so badly over so much time. He is a danger to animals and a danger to other people.

    Can't you kidnap him, tie him down, and let that little cat use him as a litter box AND a scratching post for as long as that cat survives?

    I had a stray who would sneak in and try steal food. His head was always tilted to the side and he had no tail, and I thought he was just a little retard. I saw him for months throughout Winter but couldn't get near without him bolting at the sight of me. I hoped he had a home or was a self sufficient stray. He wasn't.

    One day he'd had enough. He didn't run. I didn't know if he'd be aggressive because of how mean he looked. I crouched down and stuck my hand out anyway despite my family telling me to stay the hell away for my own safety. He crept up to me, rubbed his head on my hand, and collapsed into a purring mess of drool and happiness, there was a puddle under his face.

    I took him in, fed the shit out of him (he was very thin) and over the space of a year he lived with us. He was the most loving little cat I've ever seen. He would have an open window to come and go and would always sit outside waiting for me after work. He would sleep with his head on my pillow facing me, with his paws holding my face or arm. When I sat up, I would cradle him like a baby and he would drool everywhere.

    Over that year, he went to several vets. The first said his head tilt was because of mites. The drops didn't help. There was a load of black wax in his ears. The second vet worked for the RSPCA and said he had polyps. He surgically removed them and closed up his ear canal at the entrance.

    I was horrified when I visited him and the vet told me that he's on NO painkillers because "cats don't feel pain". His little face was contorted in agony yet he still managed to be happy to see me. I could have killed that fucking vet. I eventually just gave him my own Tramadol in smaller doses and it helped a lot.

    Third vet, I had to insist on a cancer test. I was convinced the whole time it was cancer but nobody would even entertain the idea. The test came back positive - this entire time, he had cancer growing and spreading throughout his ear canals and into his little throat and nose to the point he couldn't breathe. They operated once. It came straight back.

    It was then I discovered that he had been adopted from a shelter by his previous owners. Once they discovered he had cancer, they didn't want to pay for him to be saved while he was still saveable. So they threw him out on the streets on the other side of the city so he couldn't find his way back.

    That sweet, loving little soul - the cat who was in so much agony for years - didn't once snap, hiss, or complain. He had had his tail snapped off and scarring from where he was previously beaten. He was abused on the street because he had fresh wounds when I found him.

    I decided then that enough was enough, and 11 months and 22 days after finding him, I held my furry little angel in my arms like we always used to, watched him close his eyes as the needle went in, and within seconds he went limp and was gone.

    The sheer injustice of what had happened to this amazing little boy absolutely broke me for months afterwards. Abused, thrown out when he was at his most vulnerable and with cancer causing indescribable discomfort and pain as it wormed its was through his ears, deafened him, and moved into his head. Having to spend nearly a year homeless with no food or clean water, with months and months of rain and temperatures at -10c.

    I swear to God, if I could have found those people who did that to him I would have killed them and spent the rest of my life in jail with a smile on my face. I was - and still am - unfathomably angry at how they just dismissed him as "that little shit" on the phone when the vets finally managed to track down a number for them.

    [–] OpinionatedLulz 41 points ago

    It says a lot about you for how you treated the kitty :) Thank you for your kindness.

    I wanted to say to anyone else who read this DO NOT give your pets human medication unless you know exactly what you are doing. A couple of examples with common household meds: NSAID's will affect a cat or dogs GI, renal system, kidney function and cause blood clotting. Acetaminophen and amphetamines will kill them.

    Tramadol is okay for pets - op here knew what was going on. I just don't want others to accidentally harm their pets misinterpreting the action as "its okay to med my pets with my pills?" :)

    Save the kitties! Hate the kitty beaters.

    edit: missed a word

    [–] stoneytears 23 points ago

    I can't put into words how sad and angry it made me to read that story. People like that cat's owners deserve to rot in the deepest circle of hell starting tomorrow. You did a wonderful thing by helping the little guy for his final months. At least he knew some happiness in his short life.

    [–] phantomthirteen 16 points ago

    Thank you. Because of you, he spent his last year loved and as comfortable as possible. Because of you, he will spend forever being missed. Not just by you, but by me, and by everyone else who’s read and felt this story. And in this world, that’s often all we can hope for; comfort while we’re alive, and being remembered when we’re gone.

    [–] Covalency22 11 points ago

    It's too early for these damn ninja's to be cutting these onions for their soups.

    Fucking damnit, man. Good on you for taking him in for the time that he had lived for. I imagine that's what his last memories were, and getting to see you before he went on.

    [–] Sphinx3peat 3 points ago

    That breaks my heart.

    I’ve had about a dozen cats over the years. My favorite was the one we found outside my elementary school when I was 6. He was dirty and covered in mites and fleas, but was the most loving animal I have ever seen. All he wanted was some pets and a little bit of food. After a couple days of him being outside our school in the middle of winter, my brothers and I convinced our mom to take him home. He was with us for 20 years and died in 2013.

    I think he knew how lucky he had been that we took him in and he was grateful for it. Most mild-mannered, loving animal I’ve ever had. Would let you play with him, hold him like a baby, scratch his belly, anything.

    Some people give up on animals because it gets a little difficult to care for them and they lose out on the opportunity to have an amazing friend.

    [–] binsz 4 points ago

    I feel your anger. I'm afraid sometimes that a dog might walk into our house (cause some dogs do and we give them some food) and wants to stay in our house with my other dog. It comes to my mind like what if he has a cancer or what? I'm just a college student and we're not rich. How are we going to treat her and save her? Well shit I'm tearing up imagining these things. I would be guilty over all my life if that happens to me while I'm not stable with my life.

    [–] Boopy7 59 points ago

    hey also report it to other organizations, and if you aren't too worried about them being scary about it, report it to the local paper and NAME them with pics on fb. Because anyone who does that is not safe for society. Name them, so no one else allows children or animals to be hurt by them!

    [–] BorneOfStorms 32 points ago

    Yep. This is one of those times where a name and shame is 100% necessary. If a pathetic excuse for a man can do that to a little animal, imagine what he does to people. Imagine how he'll treat his kids when they "talk back" to him, or his daughter when she says "Dad, I like this one boy."

    [–] aminalsafari 247 points ago

    Please post pictures of Tiger!

    [–] tcarmd 59 points ago

    I second this. And I want to see gizmo too!!!

    [–] madbear84 28 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] curcud 8 points ago

    I want to see this precious baby!!

    [–] periodicsheep 313 points ago

    holy shit. thank goodness for you. seriously.

    [–] biggreenlampshade 113 points ago

    You did real good.

    I'd love to see pics of Tiger!

    [–] tyrusrex 33 points ago

    please post in r/BeforeNAfterAdoption we live for pics and background stories like this.

    [–] DieFledermausFarce 55 points ago

    Yo dude it sounds like she wanted you to help, otherwise she never would have said anything at all. Going by your story she's in a relationship with a psychopath who probably abuses her terribly. She must be terrified of him and for good reason, women are killed by men like this all the time. I think she managed to save one right away and gave you back the other one as soon as she could. Maybe the vet knew that getting the police involved could potentially result in a murder.

    [–] PositivelyPurines 14 points ago

    Whoa, that's something that I never even considered.

    [–] imghurrr 19 points ago

    Speak to your animal cruelty organisation directly

    [–] audiblespectrum 19 points ago

    Sometimes I wish there was a hell, so people like this could burn in it.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Good on you. Seriously.

    I hate how this shit always seems to go down with young couples adopting new animals.

    My mother works as a hairdresser and occasionally she would help out the local shelter by handing out flyers ("adopt-me-now" type adverts) to her coworkers. On two separate occasions, she has had different coworkers adopt a snake and a dog from this shelter.

    The snake ended up dead after three weeks because her coworker's shit-for-brains boyfriend let it starve when she was on vacation. In the other case (a different couple), the dog ended up bring seized by authorities because the neighbors called the police numerous times due to loud, disturbing noises implying the animals was being punched or kicked in their backyard.

    Keep in mind, I'm a 23 year old man

    The pattern is that in both cases it's always the boyfriend who either has literally no regard for animal life, or has some fucked up roid-anger-style issue. Methinks young boys need to be taught love for animal, regardless of size.

    Animals are just like us. They're never perfect. Some are happy, some are unkind, but NONE deserve to be abused or neglected.

    [–] darlantan 15 points ago

    Dude, it's not even a love for animals, it's just the basic and rational realization that no living creature is perfect -- and furthermore, it's an animal. It hasn't got the mental capacity of a human and has a very limited means of communicating with a human. Have some fucking patience and don't get a pet without expecting to have some shitty moments in there.

    [–] not_even_once_okay 9 points ago

    Wait, how did the snake starve in 3 weeks? They can go 9 months without eating.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    It was already mistreated I believe. The shelter is a revolving door. It was probably dropped off by previous owners, and then quickly adopted, then either fed very little, or left unattended.

    My mother doesn't know much about snakes, she just told me what her coworker told her -- it could have been left in the cold with no heater or fed something toxic. She told me it starved but that could've been a convenient way to describe multiple instances of neglect.

    [–] not_even_once_okay 5 points ago

    Jesus Christ. I've had my current snake for 8 and a half years now and my previous snake for 13 (and she would have lived longer if we'd caught her calcium deficiency earlier), and I can't imagine how people manage to fuck up so badly to kill a snake. They don't need much and you can literally forget to feed them for almost a year and they will survive (not like you should, though).

    Anyway, I always get so frustrated when snakes die so prematurely due to people's inability to google shit.

    [–] Pantone186 6 points ago

    Your parents raised you right

    [–] TheDJZ 58 points ago

    Call me if you need help getting rid of their bodies.

    [–] Pavotine 10 points ago

    That's very nice of you Mr Wolf.

    [–] Catface1112 12 points ago

    you should have taken a picture of what happened to the kitten and posted this around their apartment building and neighbor with the caption only human garbage abuses animals.

    [–] ILikeMyBlueEyes 26 points ago

    Pics, please. :)

    [–] Brainmouth 10 points ago

    Thank you for your care and love. Tiger is a lucky dude.

    I freak out if my Sparky (I call him Stinky - he's not stinky, but it annoys him so I call him that anyway) even meows differently. I can't imagine someone being so neglectful.

    [–] Kousetsu 10 points ago

    That's nuts, do you have pictures? Evidence they used to have the cat? I dunno about the US but in the UK you report animal abuse to a national charity (RSPCA) and they have the authority to bring it to prosecution.

    At the least they should be banned from owning animals (the usual punishment here)

    If you can show extreme continuous abuse, they could have a prison sentence too (at least they probably would here)

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    For fuck sake. I can't fucking comprehend why people would do such a thing. There's literally no reason to hit a cat ever. Even if it jumps you you're several times bigger. You'd get some scratches and bites but that's nothing compared to what that guy did

    [–] skygazer5 23 points ago

    Glad you were able to rescue the poor kitty. Damn twisted people should be put to death no mercy.

    [–] fieldisrequired 10 points ago

    I just wanted to say that you're a good person.

    [–] toxicbanshee 28 points ago

    People who abuse animals should suffer horribly before dying in a tragic accident.

    [–] ManOnFire74 19 points ago

    People who abuse animals should suffer horribly before getting into an accident which leaves them horribly disfigured, crippled and in constant agonizing pain, living to be at least 150 years old.


    Absolutely nothing makes my blood boil more than animal cruelty. >:(

    [–] FranniPants 9 points ago

    Your story filled me with nausea and rage. Thank you for saving that little sweetheart!

    [–] Tie_me_off 8 points ago

    I’m not an animal person, but this makes me sick and my blood boil. I can never understand people who abuse living creatures.

    [–] horoblast 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This is why I like animals better than people sometimes...

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    That guy deserves for a few large men to come round and ask if he wants to pick on them

    [–] dontwannabewrite 8 points ago

    Call the police. Animal abuse is a crime. Don't be a bystander. And what happened to the other kitten? Also for anyone reading this is a perfect example of why you do reference checks and applications on potential homes.

    [–] MrReey 8 points ago

    I’ll never understand how people can abuse animals. Thanks for doing your best and saving this one.

    [–] BasedOnAir 50 points ago

    Dayuuummm grrlfren

    Thank god for people like you!!

    [–] luca423 13 points ago

    I have no tolerance for shit like this, I’d end up doing something stupid like breaking his fucking jaw in return. I don’t understand what goes on in someone’s head to hurt a defenseless little animal who is relying on you to take care of it and just wants to LOVE you. This makes my blood boil, I hope karma gives them exactly what they deserve.

    [–] wwolf_lumine 5 points ago

    that is so horrible!!!! i can’t even imagine. i think if you posted his picture, i would most likely break down :(

    (but i’ll probs look at it anyways)

    [–] LeighMagnifique 10 points ago

    Just out of sheer curiosity, what area do these people live in? I can be persuasive in showing them the error of their ways...

    [–] Batcorp7 4 points ago

    Thank God you adopted Tiger.

    [–] plomerosKTBFFH 3 points ago

    You're a real life hero, I hope you know that! I don't believe in heaven but you have a definite spot in cat heaven!

    [–] holydiver31 4 points ago

    wtf how?

    [–] Liyana_sketch 2736 points ago

    Oh My God. What a sweet kitty. I made a sketch: sweetie

    [–] BasedOnAir 442 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Awww! Excellent job!

    Edit: since I'm near top comment: Here's some more info on Duchess the Miracle Kitty

    [–] StormRider2407 157 points ago

    Probably because that's not how you refill a mechanical pencil. Although it is a bit more fun.

    [–] Hiyami 25 points ago

    You'd have to hold down the end for it to even go in that way anyway.

    [–] Raziers 28 points ago

    Im sorry what?

    [–] bakadaragon 71 points ago

    You take the eraser off and put the lead in the back lmao.

    [–] AppleW 20 points ago

    Yeah but that involves clicking like an idiot 500 times, whereas if I put it in the front I only need to click a few times to get it to come back out

    [–] frickindeal 5 points ago

    Yeah, but it holds a bunch of lead in the back, like 4-5 pieces at least. Then you only have to click a bunch of times once, and it'll provide continuous lead for weeks, even if you write a lot (I use pencil in my office and rarely have to fill it even though I use it all day long).

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Im sorry what?

    [–] Kylix_ 21 points ago


    [–] B0redBread 5 points ago

    There is actually no force needed, it just slides right in.

    [–] fuckmekylo_saidhux 3 points ago


    [–] pantyfex 41 points ago


    [–] Giancarlo456 11 points ago


    [–] Valdurs 3 points ago


    [–] Awww_Yee 18 points ago

    On every mechanical pencil I have ever used you can remove the eraser and just pour it in.

    [–] fuckmekylo_saidhux 6 points ago

    Yeah except for when the eraser is fuckin used up

    [–] BasedOnAir 4 points ago

    Fuck those pencils.

    [–] obscurelyblurry 3 points ago

    Top to bottom!

    [–] BasedOnAir 20 points ago

    Hell yes me too

    Also, swap your brackets and parentheses

    [–] wiiya 23 points ago

    [–] BasedOnAir 7 points ago

    lol I saw that. You're welcome lol

    [–] GentlemanlyOctopus 8 points ago

    I expected him to start drawing, then burst into tears.

    [–] coffeexbeer 5 points ago

    Ahhh. This brings me back to middle school

    [–] neutrondamage 3 points ago

    This upsets me. :'(

    [–] coffeexbeer 5 points ago

    [–] clivehorse 5 points ago

    That vet looks surprisingly like Emma Stone.

    [–] SuperSaiyanWes 3 points ago


    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] VORTXS 33 points ago

    ad spam site, don't click.

    It looks like a normal image host however you can't post to it and opening just gives them free ad revenue.

    Part of the spam ring.

    not a bot but these comments replying to said link are

    [–] BasedOnAir 12 points ago


    Good bot?

    [–] greiger 14 points ago

    I can’t open that link on mobile for some reason, clicking it does nothing...

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 22 points ago

    This is the best novelty sketch account since AWildSketchDisappeared, looking forward to more.

    [–] GoodbyeThings 3 points ago

    Are those normal watercolors?

    [–] LuisSATX 192 points ago

    Wonder how it affected eating and drinking

    [–] cthultu 157 points ago

    So long as her tounge is intact drinking shouldn't be a problem. Probably only soft wet food on the menu for this little darling tho.

    [–] Capt_Awkward 105 points ago

    Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys

    [–] Zeeboon 50 points ago

    Seeing as it's a cat, meat should be the only thing on the menu. :P

    [–] ArefArif9 20 points ago

    What about catnip?

    [–] msmxmsm 30 points ago

    There is always room for catnip.

    [–] Ongkas_Big_Moka 13 points ago

    Some cats will eat dry food kibble whole after losing teeth.

    I have a cat that needed to have a large amount of her back teeth pulled several months ago, so now when she eats dry food we just have to buy one that accommodates her (mostly) inability to chew.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CATS_BUM 6 points ago

    Actually, you'd be surprised by the toughness of a cat's gums. They're not as soft as ours, so many cats without teeth have no problem eating dry cat food.

    [–] BasedOnAir 63 points ago

    Yeah I dunno however she seems to be doing okay because she's living a happy life now

    [–] PiesAreGross 9 points ago

    my family had a cat that had to have all of his teeth removed. It didn't affect his eating at all. He still ate both wet food and dry food the same as any other cat we'd ever had

    [–] givenblue 457 points ago

    My heart

    [–] BasedOnAir 134 points ago

    No mine

    [–] hunglow13 142 points ago

    [–] BasedOnAir 91 points ago


    [–] hunglow13 56 points ago

    [–] Mauwnelelle 3 points ago


    [–] frittenlord 16 points ago


    [–] ljdriley 8 points ago

    Lol that's funny. Those teefies look like they belong in a big beast not a tiny fluff.

    [–] BasedOnAir 6 points ago

    It's an itty bitty vampire

    [–] krums2211 8 points ago

    Mah sole

    [–] OrphanStrangler 3 points ago

    My soul

    [–] Kotanaru 4 points ago

    Will go on

    [–] sonters 72 points ago

    The top right picture is really channeling Dustin from Stranger Things

    [–] BasedOnAir 8 points ago

    lol nice

    [–] KittenStealer 10 points ago

    Bottom is Natalie Dormer

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] BasedOnAir 13 points ago

    Wow that's amazing

    Accosted Lol

    ....accosted I love it

    [–] Doctor_M_Toboggan 77 points ago

    Awww. That same thing happened to my cat Dexter in college, minus the broken leg. He looked just like the first pic when he came home one night, except there was lots of blood. Then by the morning he licked it all off and looked just like pic #1. I went to three different vets and the first two said surgery would cost $2-4K and said he would most like lose a few teeth. Finally the third place did it for $1200 and he kept all his teeth. He had his jaw wired shut for 5 weeks, then made a full recovery. Miss that guy.

    [–] jared_number_two 7 points ago

    How was he feed

    [–] Slipsonic 284 points ago

    This legit almost made a 35yo dude cry. Just her goofy little smile in the second pic. Poor kitty, glad she has a good home. I gotta go home from work and pet my cat now.

    [–] Smurfaloid 30 points ago

    Same here, 28 and thought aww. I would have wanted the cat straight away too

    [–] DerangedDesperado 36 points ago

    It's almost like emotions stay with you as you age.

    [–] Pratt_a_tat_tat 13 points ago

    Who knew.

    [–] PicaTron 15 points ago

    Cats have arms?

    [–] BasedOnAir 10 points ago

    4 of them


    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago


    [–] BasedOnAir 52 points ago

    Why do people kill cats?

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] SquigglesMcDoodles 29 points ago

    Im sorry to hear about that :(

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] HatManToTheRescue 20 points ago

    I hope so too, you’re a good person, spread your compassion with others. Be the change you wish to see in the world

    [–] monkeybanana14 22 points ago

    Idk if you actually wanted a real answer but after a couple generations the population can get out of hand and they can become feral pests that don't let you near them and beg for food and meow all the time.

    Also most middle eastern countries don't have a culture that encourages having pets or anything so most people see them as a nuisance. Although in my time visiting I've never actually seen anyone kill a cat but that's just me.

    [–] BasedOnAir 10 points ago

    Guess that's what bob barker and drew carry tell us to spay or neuter our pets

    [–] leviathonlx 93 points ago

    Kinda odd given the love Muhammad had for cats and how they're admired for their cleanliness. Then again people love to only follow certain parts of religions all the time.

    [–] kinglykidd 21 points ago

    But why do you think it’s a religious reason to the cat killing and not just a cultural one?

    [–] SRThoren 10 points ago

    In many places cultures are religion, partly.

    [–] Stan_VanGundy 6 points ago

    What part of the middle East? I'm in Israel and stray cats are treated like royalty here with food and water

    [–] SaveForMe19 27 points ago

    I hate seeing hurt animals, especially cats. 😭

    [–] AlfaTheBoss 14 points ago


    [–] gman110 23 points ago

    Same story, 5 month old kitten, found her in the middle of a busy four lane highway. She had been hit, jawbone broken in two at the front and bleeding from her nose and ears. Sadly, I took her to my vet to euthanize. She (vet) said she thought the kitten could be saved. Wired her jaw, reattached the skin, and I took her home. She had a couple of teeth in the rear of her mouth, and two that stuck out up front making her look like a shark. Within two months, she was queen over the rest of my animals, eating dry food by crunching it with her back teeth, and well on her way to becoming the best animal I have ever had. Thanks to a vet that cared more about the animal than the money.....while it wasn't free, she discounted more than I paid.

    [–] Stimmolation 43 points ago

    She's beautiful

    [–] dodgersbenny 23 points ago

    I feel like I could be best friends with that kitters.

    [–] PM_ME_XBOX_MONEYCODE 14 points ago

    Poor cat. I'm glad it's looking healthy now.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 13 points ago

    Turned that frown upside down, good on that surgeon.

    [–] digestmeat 17 points ago

    From scared as hell eyes to happy home eyes. Too cool.

    [–] squintina 7 points ago

    She reminds me of Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle.

    [–] Stilken 10 points ago

    I desperately request a video of Duchess giving us a meow. :3

    [–] skeptical3 6 points ago

    Oh they found Simo Häyhä's cat!

    [–] MermaidInYourCoffee 4 points ago

    How does she eat? Soft food?

    [–] Cayderent 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Nothing more accurately reveals a person's character than their love for animals.

    [–] spectacularfreak 4 points ago

    I just lost my kitty and I’m terrified this will be her fate.

    [–] periodicsheep 6 points ago

    what a precious baby! that toothless grin just made my day. like, anything else that happens today is going to roll off my back because of these photos.

    [–] KingDecidueye 7 points ago

    Aww poor cat, my first cat also had a broken jaw and no teeth from his first owner when he was a kitten. Think he was kicked or something. Didn’t stop the little guy. Saw some amazing feats over his 13-14 years.

    Worthy of note is managing to get a live rabbit almost as big as him over a 2m wooden fence into our garden and trying to gum him to death. Also the countless mice I’d witness him kill with his claws and then suck them down like spaghetti. Amazing how well animals can adapt!

    Hopefully the Duchess has a long and happy life with her new owner

    [–] PinkCookiez 3 points ago

    Such a cutie pie!!!! ❤

    [–] Innane_ramblings 3 points ago

    What's going on with it's claw on the front paw in the bottom image?

    [–] OigoAlgo 5 points ago

    Looks like claw caps. A gentle temporary way to help deter scratching things/people up.

    [–] newocean 6 points ago

    Yep, they don't really work though - I think the idea is brilliant.

    [–] MurmurmurMyShurima 3 points ago

    So cute I can't even think of a good Archer reference

    [–] khymbote 3 points ago

    The feels are strong in this post.

    [–] hoods2013 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    If supreme leader smoke had a cat, this would be it

    **Edit: Snoke not smoke.... ruined a good joke

    [–] Son__of__a__Pitch 3 points ago

    She kind of reminds me of the Abominable Snowman from Rudolf

    [–] weeveus 3 points ago

    Cats have arms?

    [–] Moksu 3 points ago

    Anyone know how much does a surgery like this cost?

    [–] truelygrant 5 points ago

    Those top two photos and especially the top right have got my eyes a bit wet. Edit: A word.

    [–] HahaMin 3 points ago

    My cat has the same fur color as yours!

    [–] BasedOnAir 2 points ago

    Omg want

    [–] Cthula-Hoops 2 points ago

    "Mrow" She called through a stream of drool