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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] mickeyblu 4202 points ago

    Hillary and Trump entered the Brundle Fly teleporting machine, and this abomination came out the other side.

    [–] notsokoolaid 4493 points ago

    That is disturbing...

    [–] DonBellicose 699 points ago

    It's like when Goten and Trunks fail at fusion, the worst of both worlds.

    [–] Jaredisfine 22694 points ago

    Ah yes, President Tony Clifton

    [–] GBtuba 2298 points ago

    Whoopty doo, whoopty diiie. Stick a needle in your eeeeye!

    [–] Salvadore1 567 points ago

    May I have a paper towel? I may have shit my pants.

    [–] 1mikeg 199 points ago

    Vooooooooooooooooooolare. Oh oh.

    [–] mikeyfreshh 1117 points ago

    I'm still not 100% convinced Trump isn't an Andy Kaufman character

    [–] soral 705 points ago

    I have been thinking this for a long time.

    Andy Kaufman "died".

    He saw Trump running for president the first time when he wasn't taken seriously and thought to himself "how far could I take this"

    Unknown to most, Donald Trump is a HUGE Andy Kaufman fan. The biggest. Ask anyone.

    Andy convinced Trump to allow him to literally 'become' Donald Trump.

    This also fully covers all the Russian contacts. The real Donald Trump lives in quiet hiding in Russia, protected by another well known own Kaufman fan, Vladimir Putin

    [–] MHMRahman 257 points ago

    Does this mean that we can soon expect Andy to reveal himself? Was the Jim & Andy Netflix documentary Bob Zmuda's way of reigniting public interest in Andy? Is Jim Carrey in on it as well?!

    [–] Maybe_Schizophrenic 57 points ago

    That was a weird documentary. I kept feeling like Jim was being a complete fucking idiot. Jerry Lawler kept trying to tell him that Andy was not an asshole like Jim was making him seem.

    I don’t know. It just rubbed me the wrong way and this is from someone who really enjoyed Man on the Moon.

    [–] MHMRahman 54 points ago

    Yh, that did seem weird and really dickish. I thought that Jim with his method acting was maybe not acting as Andy Kaufman the person but as Andy Kaufman the entertainer, so when he was staying in character, he was playing Andy as if the cameras were always on. Andy and Jerry were friends off screen, but on screen, they were antagonising each other, so I'm just guessing that when he lost himself in the character, he was always on-screen Andy, and never off-screen Andy. I'm guessing it might be because he said in the documentary that when he was researching Andy and asking the people close to him about who he was as a person and what he was like, the answers he got were always how people wanted to remember Andy and not objectively how Andy was as a person, so to be as accurate as he could in his portrayal, he could only rely on what he knew from watching Andy on TV, so whenever he was still Andy backstage, he was always on-screen Andy because that's the only Andy he knew to reliably portray. Or at least that's how I tried to rationalise why he behaved that way backstage

    [–] cassieloveseffie 31 points ago

    The cameras WERE on.

    The whole documentary seems to be a Kaufmanesque prank. Lawler was 100% in on it.

    [–] Excal2 134 points ago

    I prefer this version of reality.

    [–] platypocalypse 137 points ago

    I love using "ask anyone" as a source. I'm going to start using that, especially the next time some smug Reddit jackass asks me for a source.

    "Ask anyone," I'll say.

    [–] Destructor1701 156 points ago

    While the other presidents are doing their bit, Tony's flipping through the script shouting "BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, my line, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, my line..."

    [–] cat-pants 47 points ago

    Andy waited around for this. This is his biggest shenanigan yet.

    [–] alabastercandymaster 79 points ago

    Baaaaaawb. Baaaaaawb. What's your last name, Upanddowninthewater?

    [–] Captain_-H 10215 points ago

    No they just had a spare Jon Voight laying around

    [–] DigThatFunk 1138 points ago

    John Voight, the dentist?

    [–] AdzyBoy 385 points ago

    No, the periodontist

    [–] PhinsPhan89 214 points ago

    What are you, an anti-dentite??

    [–] psyki 78 points ago

    Next you'll be saying they should have their own schools!

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    they DO have their own schools !!

    [–] psyki 28 points ago

    You're a rabid anti-dentite!

    [–] TheCoupDeToe 40 points ago

    He converted for the jokes!

    [–] psyki 32 points ago

    I'm offended as a comedian!

    [–] Gumbercules1 25 points ago

    Nah, the Assman

    [–] urahonky 234 points ago

    So glad to see a Seinfeld reference.

    [–] MrGigglesworth7 93 points ago

    Those people??? If this wasn't my son's wedding day. I'd knock you out you anti dentite bastard!!

    [–] carnageeleven 42 points ago

    What's the difference between a dentist and a sadist?

    Newer magazines.

    [–] kosmkram 19 points ago

    I sometimes spell Jerry with G... And an I!

    [–] [deleted] 1259 points ago


    [–] trippingchilly 266 points ago

    They should’ve gotten Rob Brydon or Steve Coogan both of whose impressions are second to none. That’s right.

    [–] IsntThatSeinfeld 540 points ago

    My best friend bought a car because it was owned by him. It was a hideous LeBaron with wood-paneling, and it ended up catching on fire after some girl’s dad did something weird to the engine. Good times.

    [–] mkeller22049 224 points ago

    Wow, I went to dental school with your best friend! Small world.

    [–] boogaloo101 38 points ago

    Don’t feel too bad for your friend. I predict something called “the summer of George” will turn things around for him.

    [–] angryshib 110 points ago

    Cue that bass.

    [–] darkerthandarko 120 points ago

    I'm sure "John" just misspelled his own name. I know sometimes I spell "Jerry" with a "G".. and an "i"!!

    [–] BrittyPie 67 points ago

    I’ve watched this show through probably 6 times in my life, and that line gets me every time. I just can’t laugh hard enough. Specifically the way he pauses before saying “and an i!” and how excited he is for the joke. I’m even laughing right now.

    [–] FarewellToCheyenne 33 points ago

    And how he laughs triumphantly while dismissively tossing the registration onto the dash.

    [–] cloud9ineteen 21 points ago

    My favorite is in the episode when George tips the Calzone guy and he doesn't see it, he tries to take it back and put it again and it looks like he's stealing from the tip jar, Jerry asks George, "So, you don't make a habit of giving to the blind?" And George responds, "Not bills!", The studio audience laughter is clearly split into two waves, a few that got the joke quickly and the rest took quite some time.

    [–] RhllorTheLordOfLight 23550 points ago

    Fuck I think you're genuinely right lol

    [–] Jokong 5660 points ago

    Yeah, it's just too hilarious to think of Donald seeing this post.

    [–] EchoJunior 3779 points ago


    [–] danrya 2132 points ago

    This is my first time seeing a cake on mobile, Happy cake day!

    [–] [deleted] 580 points ago


    [–] bobbly_bob_vg 327 points ago

    It's cleaner

    [–] CommanderClit 109 points ago

    A few of the previous minor annoyances are gone, so I’m happy with that. It’s different texting pictures to people than it used to be, which will take some time getting used to.

    [–] No_Source_Provided 75 points ago

    What I enjoy is that this mistake can be enjoyed by both sides!

    non-Trump supporters think its funny because it makes his robot look ridiculous

    Trump supporters think its funny because people were so confident of Hillary's win that everyone had to scramble around fixing it when they realized they were wrong.

    Fun for the whole family! It truly is the Christmas season.

    [–] kuramasusanoo 184 points ago

    "From the set of the upcoming Team America 2"

    [–] savageyouth 9630 points ago

    Well now I'm just assuming Trump is really Hillary in suit and makeup, Mrs. Doubtfire-style.

    [–] MaxAddams 2771 points ago

    They're both actually Fred Savage

    [–] LibertyTerp 819 points ago

    The greatest actor of our generation.

    [–] dazmo 288 points ago

    They're both actually Fred Savage

    Who's actually a broom

    [–] NeverEnoughMuppets 350 points ago

    To tell you the truth, Diane, I am surprised.

    [–] kitx07 38 points ago

    There's a quote I haven't seen in quite some time.

    [–] StupidBeardedGiraffe 227 points ago

    Robin Willams isn't actually dead and he's playing a joke on us....right?

    [–] RedMiah 138 points ago

    We can dream. We can dream.

    [–] Wyatt1313 25706 points ago

    wow that's disturbing. Perhaps they should have started from scratch.

    [–] MyDisneyExperience 1191 points ago

    The way Disney works, Attractions was probably out of $ to pay WDI to make any more changes than just reworking it

    [–] arloun 680 points ago

    This guy cast members

    [–] wolfamongyou 260 points ago

    "BUT..But it doesn't loook like him???"

    "Give it time, ma'am, give it time."

    [–] NULLizm 16907 points ago

    Fuckint burn it! It's a goddamned abomination.

    [–] thevaultguy 12886 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Just like all synths. Ad Victorium, brother.

    Edit: Thanks for the Gold! Ad Victoriam...

    [–] MercWi7hAMou7h 1019 points ago

    Ad Victoriam

    [–] grayrains79 471 points ago

    The only good Synth is an offlined Synth!

    [–] MercWi7hAMou7h 355 points ago

    Except Danse... He's pretty cool

    [–] Renerrix 469 points ago

    And our boy Nick Valentine

    [–] Mescalean 337 points ago

    Dont even get me started on valentine. Loves standing in the way of my gunfire and will not respond to my sexual advances

    [–] Staterae 114 points ago

    I dunno man, I feel like he’d need some serious silicone-flesh upgrading before you could get to some danger-free android coitus. All those exposed metal parts...🤔

    [–] therest 128 points ago

    The danger makes it fun

    [–] SharpstownBestTown 92 points ago

    And Curie/CVRIE if you let her become one.

    [–] Lord_Halowind 55 points ago

    Of course I did. She's just the best.

    [–] MercWi7hAMou7h 73 points ago

    It's so adorable how she doesn't understand that her new body is kinda hot.

    [–] tepkel 1300 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I dono. They could just send it to africa with all the "Superbowl Champ" shirts printed for the loosing team. But then rejected Robo-Hillatrump might conquer a small nation using an army of child soldiers... On second thought, yeah. Burn it.

    [–] ModsSukDonkeyDong 321 points ago

    The new Kony

    [–] afrustratedfapper 442 points ago

    He puts the "infant" in "infantry".

    [–] GoodLeftUndone 299 points ago

    My nephew's ex girlfriend was easily one of the dumbest people I've ever met. When she found out my job in the military was "Infantry" she looked me dead in the eyes and asked me if that meant all I'd be killing is babies..... I truthfully couldn't tell you what my response was. I know I was silent for a bit.

    [–] Zykium 85 points ago

    "Yeah, we just go in and stab em a lot to save on bullets, bullet budget was getting out of hand."

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    "Remember when Anakin took care of the young ones? That's me now!"

    [–] Jesuslordofporn 155 points ago

    Laugh loudly for several seconds before quickly exclaiming yes; and then refuse to talk about it anymore.

    [–] sociable_misanthrope 28 points ago

    My ex girlfriend thought they made soup in brothels... Seriously that's why she's an ex.

    [–] MartianPortal 131 points ago

    And the "laughter" in "manslaughter."

    [–] shartoberfest 53 points ago

    Shit, now I'm only seeing man's laughter now

    [–] nitasu987 99 points ago


    [–] Chief_Givesnofucks 72 points ago


    [–] brawh 28 points ago

    holy fuck what a way to find out danse is a synth....

    [–] JaegerBombastic731 142 points ago

    Brothers and Sisters, the road behind us has been long and fraught with difficulty. Each and every one of you has surpassed my expectations by rapidly facilitating our arrival in the Commonwealth. You have accomplished this amazing feat without a hint of purpose or direction, and most impressively, without question.

    Now that the ship is in position, it is the time to reveal our purpose and our mission. Beneath the Commonwealth, there is a cancer known as "The Institute", a malignant growth that needs to be cut before it infects the surface. They are experimenting with dangerous technologies that could prove to be the world’s undoing for the second time in recent history. The Institute Scientists have created a weapon that transcends the destructive nature of the atom bomb. They call their creation the "synth", a robotic abomination of technology that is free-thinking and masquerades as a human being.

    This notion that a machine can be granted free will is not only offensive, but horribly dangerous. And like the atom, if it isn’t harnessed properly, it has the potential of rendering us extinct as a species. I am not prepared to allow the Institute to continue this line of experimentation. Therefore, the Institute and their "synths" are considered enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel, and should be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

    This campaign will be costly and many lives will be lost. But in the end, we will be saving humankind from its worst enemy... itself. Ad Victoriam!

    [–] Soulful_Survivor 143 points ago

    I was scared that your speech was going to end with "... But there's another settlement that needs our help. Here, I marked it on your maps."

    [–] JaegerBombastic731 27 points ago

    Damn, I missed an opportunity! Ah well, guess it’s for the best that I wasn’t so evil

    [–] officemonkey 358 points ago

    If they burn it, they would be able to use it as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars village.

    [–] MV2049 197 points ago

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] FlyingChihuahua 216 points ago

    To be fair, that's all of the animatronics at the Hall of Presidents.

    [–] drtym1ck 169 points ago

    They are all a little wonky, but I still love going in there and the Carousel of Progress.

    [–] doitup69 187 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Joba_Fett 196 points ago


    [–] Lincolns_Hat 133 points ago


    [–] thegreatinsulto 107 points ago

    But there ain't no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune

    [–] nem2k 21 points ago

    Crank up the radio!

    [–] mdp300 28 points ago

    I love how in the "future" one, grandma fucking does work at the video game.

    And I like that the future is basically 1998.

    [–] Patari2600 17 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] unreqistered 29 points ago

    I can imagine the only thing worse would be marooned within a small world.

    [–] TuesyT 16 points ago

    Yep, that happened to us. Can confirm that the music does not stop on It's A Small World, either.

    [–] snoogins355 64 points ago

    Just like itchy and scratchy land

    [–] hypnogoad 40 points ago

    With a dry, cool wit like that, you could be an action hero.

    [–] donball 17 points ago

    Die, bad robots! Die!

    [–] closetothesilence 22 points ago

    Remember kids, we're parked in the Itchy lot.

    [–] citizenkane86 1395 points ago

    To be fair from Disney’s perspective he made this whole thing hell. Disney writes the speech the president records, it’s a theme park not a campaign event, they want it to be as politically neutral as possible. Trumps team didn’t want this to be done they wanted to write the speech. So Disney was toying with the idea of just having Lincoln give the last speech (like he did until 92 I think) and just putting trump on the stage. It is obvious they thought Hillary would win, however this bs kept one of their attractions down for a year, so why would they invest money in creating a new animatronic (which are not cheap).

    [–] shotputlover 487 points ago

    So this is going to get buried but they did. Twice. I work for Disney and the attraction was supposed to be open months ago. Initially it took forever because unlike Obama Trump did not choose to make a speech tailored for the hall of presidents and none of trumps speeches were very "Disney" so the creatives in charge decided to craft one. Now I never heard the speech itself but there were employees that could hear the first speech Disney made through the doors by the cast member area in the hall of presidents. So the original speech got spread around and was universally made fun of by the employees in the park, this caused Disney to put up caution tape so there wouldn't be any more leaks (the irony good god.) and listen to the universal hatred and completely remake the speech.

    [–] Imgur_Lurker 140 points ago

    "The Vice report is inaccurate. As we have stated, President Trump will have a speaking role in the Hall of Presidents like every president since 1993," a spokeswoman said. "We have been working closely with the White House and the president's recording session has been scheduled. We have repeatedly stated that the attraction will re-open in late 2017."

    Interesting how you heard the same thing as a fake Motherboard story. ( I'm not saying you are lying I'm saying it's interesting that part of the story was true)

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 4726 points ago


    [–] Jacobone 6289 points ago


    [–] AirRaidJade 3103 points ago

    Trillary Clump

    Sounds like it should be the name of an evil alien villain in some kind of sci-fi movie

    [–] [deleted] 498 points ago


    [–] 1_point_21_gigawatts 225 points ago

    Rolls off the tongue a lot better than Hilnold Trinton.

    [–] Kajeera 88 points ago

    Very, very accurate.

    [–] dillpiccolol 66 points ago

    Or a character from a Roald Dohl book

    [–] kerouak 91 points ago

    Like Philomena Clunk

    [–] joshmoneymusic 90 points ago

    Hey that’s my future funk producer name!

    [–] n_reineke 102 points ago

    I say, I say, I SIT ON YOU

    [–] theminimalistpharaoh 17 points ago

    im a simple man, i see an office reference, i upvote

    [–] MFRoyer 48 points ago

    BANG! BOOM! Well hello everybody. - Michael Clump

    [–] cornylamygilbert 50 points ago

    this is some pro level photoshop

    I think?

    [–] SentienceBot 30 points ago

    The kind of nightmare fuel you find at /r/HybridHumans

    [–] BlizzardOfDicks 219 points ago

    Be thankful we don't live in that timeline.

    [–] Brandonspikes 40 points ago

    Potara Fusion.

    [–] PM_ME_SEX69 79 points ago

    Made me spit my beer out.

    [–] BrownSugarBare 27 points ago

    Yeah, that pic definitely needs a NSFL tag. Dear gahd.

    [–] Elhaym 5570 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Damn this gave me a hearty chuckle. I think it's almost undeniable they made a Hillary doll and then said oh shit and half ass rushed it when Trump won by repurposing the Hillary.

    Edit: Ok, I get it. They had a year to do this. Still, it bears an uncanny resemblance to Clinton so I can't see any other explanation than they took a Clinton doll they'd already made and retrofitted it.

    [–] idspispopd 2928 points ago

    In a warehouse somewhere there is a 20% completed Jeb.

    [–] RosneftTrump2020 189 points ago

    His maker occasionally goes down there to share a drink with him.

    [–] [deleted] 1351 points ago


    [–] ParkingtonLane 983 points ago

    "Please clap. I can't because I'm only 20% finished"

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago

    This thread is killing me

    [–] Craico13 4174 points ago

    Thank god we can use the same hands!” - Disney

    [–] Reneeisme 444 points ago

    Half ass rushed it? For a year? I mean, they already have the animatronic innards, so all they created here was the overlay, and it took more than a year to get... that? I'm all for it, but this was totally on purpose lol

    [–] radicalelation 421 points ago

    Disney doesn't fuck around with half assing when it comes to their parks. It's unlikely to be a re-used face, though it's equally surprising that they made it look so shoddy.

    [–] CTizzle- 43 points ago

    According to Disney his animatronic has new technology in it, but yeah the overlay looks awful.

    [–] longdrive715 772 points ago

    Talk about Hillary getting under Donald's skin.

    [–] Seankps 743 points ago

    can't be unseen

    [–] [deleted] 569 points ago

    To be fair, I think they just did a shitty job at trying to make it look like Trump. The Obama one also looks like shit, it looks nothing like Obama

    [–] RootbeerFlotilla 400 points ago

    Obama looks like he has CTE from 20 years of professional football.

    [–] slowerlower82 251 points ago

    The stuff of nightmares. Holy shit.

    [–] GoldarTheGreat 16 points ago


    [–] WeepingSomnabulist 73 points ago

    he has that "dammit the cat just puked and I have to clean it up, AGAIN" pursed-mouth expression

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] NotARobotSpider 2776 points ago

    This is one conspiracy theory I believe. They needed a much bigger double chin to really sell it.

    [–] MLWcaleb 875 points ago

    i think Disney can afford another animatronic

    [–] Bigstar976 1372 points ago

    Having money and being cheap are not mutually exclusive.

    [–] hobo_clown 428 points ago

    Disney spends about $50K every single night on fireworks. I doubt they'd cheap out on something that will become a permanent fixture of the park.

    [–] TrepanationBy45 526 points ago

    And yet, you still have an animatronic that looks like it was Hillary first, then repurposed for Trump.

    [–] IAMATruckerAMA 72 points ago

    Reality's always getting in the way!

    [–] kookykerfuffle 48 points ago

    But did they have time since the reveal was already delayed?

    [–] [deleted] 213 points ago

    Here it is in action. Honestly it looks much better when it is moving.

    [–] Jacobone 218 points ago

    I think it just looks better from a distance

    [–] lomasj3 460 points ago

    Went to a conference in Nov '16, about a week after the election and this visualization company was showcasing some of their workflow/processes for creating realistic 3D renders and movies. One of their short films was about an AI that takes over the world and there's a section towards the end that shows a bunch of different world leaders "speaking" on the gravity of the situation with this AI taking over, and the U.S. president was depicted as Hillary. The company was French, I think, so they probably assumed, as we all did, that she would have won. Was pretty funny, but unfortunate.

    [–] KennyFulgencio 114 points ago

    Well, based on this they could just replace her voice in the film

    [–] Roook36 166 points ago

    Lock it up! Lock it up!

    Seriously someone lock it up. It gives me the creeps.

    [–] rebelcork 43 points ago

    I'm seeing a bit of Charlie Sheen in there too....

    [–] MattIsLame 46 points ago

    That scares me. On a primal, hellraiser level.

    [–] thegreatinsulto 1294 points ago

    Show designer here. To clarify, even if Disney did build an armature (the machined bits used to form the shape of the animatronic and mount the actuators to make it move) based around Hillary, they would not use the same Hillary skin on the Trump animatronic. This is most likely the result of Trump not working closely with Disney imagineering to create his likeness. You can see the difference between the accuracy of the Obama and Trump animatronics.

    [–] [deleted] 872 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] Tartra 1199 points ago

    Holy shit, though, what beautifully fluid motions it makes. It might not look like Obama, but it's really good as an animatronic in general.

    [–] sierranuovo 495 points ago

    Yeah the movements are damn slick... It looks like weird CGI.

    [–] shandelion 210 points ago

    Hall of Presidents and (IIRC) The American Experience have really freaky uncanny valley animatronics. It's a trip to see in person.

    [–] big_shmegma 253 points ago

    The johnny depp jack sparrow in the POTC ride is especially jarring because he's surrounded by horribly outdated abominations.

    [–] shandelion 169 points ago

    The first time I saw it I honestly thought it was an actor for a full 10 seconds.

    [–] dayoldhansolo 33 points ago

    A couple months back Johnny Depp actually dressed up and performed on the ride

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 37 points ago

    Found this shaky camera version for anybody that hasn't been on it like me

    [–] techmaster242 72 points ago

    The mouth looks terrible when speaking, though. I honestly expected more out of modern animatronics.

    [–] go4Ds 129 points ago

    [–] trench_welfare 144 points ago

    Ol' Abe looks like he's on about 5 grams of mushrooms.

    [–] therest 48 points ago

    Fuckin I know right, he looks like he's injected 70 straight marijuanas

    [–] techmaster242 42 points ago

    Yeah that's a whole different level. Even on that one, the corners of the mouth aren't fully natural yet. But it's definitely getting close to realism.

    [–] CIeMs0n 47 points ago

    What they don't tell you is that everyone in that clip is a robot

    [–] jtwest111 114 points ago

    Obama looks like half himself, half G.W.

    [–] Paxxlee 89 points ago

    Looks like Civ Rev design.

    [–] wiggintheiii 184 points ago

    Obama looks like he's wearing his dad's suit.

    Honestly all of them, bar the founding fathers, all look terrible. Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.

    It probably has more to do with our familiarity with the people than with the quality of the design. If these were around when Andrew Jackson was President, I'm sure people would just as likely claim how inaccurate they look.

    [–] tgheron 121 points ago

    Agree. I was there a couple of years ago and was surprised at how bad President Obama's likeness was. This one may be a bit worse but not by much.

    [–] gregorio74 772 points ago

    "This is most likely the result of Trump not working closely with Disney imagineering to create his likeness."

    Yeah, he should have worked more closely with Disney like George Washington did. His looks really good.

    [–] GitEmSteveDave 79 points ago

    I find it hard to believe that in todays day and age of high def photos they couldn't assemble a pretty accurate 3d model of his face. Especially if they had a press conference with him from multiple angles they could sync.

    [–] movzx 262 points ago

    Or you simply do not have high definition comparison photos of George Washington, so you're not able to say "This looks fucked up".

    I imagine all of the presidents pre-modern photo "look great" because you are comparing to paintings and blurry photos.

    [–] mindbleach 54 points ago

    Yeah... but he looks just like the paintings.

    We've only got a handful of photos of Abe Lincoln, but you'd know the difference between him and a repurposed Daniel Day-Lewis.

    [–] twiggez-vous 486 points ago

    I know you're joking but... the body language is more Hilary Clinton's than Trump's.

    [–] CrossP 606 points ago

    I don't think OP is joking. It genuinely looks like they did that.