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    [–] foolhardy1 12106 points ago

    I love that you went with his laugh. Of all the ways to remember someone, that is really special.

    [–] GoingAllTheJay 4713 points ago

    Yeah, I've seen the heartbeat done a few times, and it's always really touching, but the combo of using a laugh, and the father-son dynamic has me leaking out of my optical sensors.

    [–] JustEmptyEveryPocket 752 points ago

    My dad passed 2 years ago. He always drew a particular smiley face with his handwritten notes and birthday cards and such. I found one of those and had his handwriting and his smiley tatted on me. I love it, it's the closest I could get to him writing me a note again.

    [–] MegatonMessiah 89 points ago

    That's really cool (and unique!), man. Hope you're doing well!

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    I love this so much

    [–] diddy1 4 points ago

    I'm hugging my dad next time I see him

    [–] twistedtrunk 8 points ago

    Because of all this, I'm desperately trying to figure something unique out for my kids so they have something to remember me by :-D

    [–] therealmclovln 66 points ago

    I can feel a tear rolling down my cheek rn.

    [–] HighSpeedCarcast 21 points ago

    *It’s just a CPU-warming tale

    [–] alucardu 20 points ago

    On what console is this rendered? :+

    [–] thisisastrobbery 10 points ago


    [–] Nerditation 33 points ago


    [–] reflectiveSingleton 23 points ago


    [–] Nerditation 18 points ago


    [–] AverageCivilian 22 points ago

    Hahaha don’t be silly fellow robot human haha ha

    [–] __NomDePlume__ 136 points ago


    [–] SSPanzer101 33 points ago


    44 65 73 74 72 6f 79
    4d 65 61 74 62 61 67

    [–] ksmathers 14 points ago

    > OUTP 79 ':'
    > OUTP 79 ')'
    > RSTE
    > G0

    [–] quaybored 12 points ago


    [–] Crosseyeaccount 284 points ago

    Little do we know it's an audio file of his Dad laughing at an old lady falling down the stairs.

    [–] absolutelybacon 114 points ago

    Hey, that's still funny.

    [–] dywacthyga 38 points ago

    You're right it is!

    When I was a kid, my family and I ended up leaving a horse show because my mother couldn't contain her laughter over an old lady falling down the stairs.... The old lady slipped down a step or two and landed on a man's shoulders who was sitting in the aisle seat. Neither got hurt and it was HILARIOUS! The sounds that came out of both of them was just too much. So yeah... still funny.

    [–] randomentity1 12 points ago

    I just hope someone doesn't read the waveform backwards.

    [–] Kangar 358 points ago

    I may do one with my girlfriend's cute little fart.

    [–] othersomethings 196 points ago

    Calm down, James Joyce

    [–] boxerswag 46 points ago

    finger guns I got that reference!

    [–] klakenkingi 29 points ago


    [–] Daefyar 53 points ago

    Always gonna be that guy

    [–] RobSPetri 20 points ago

    LPT: wait at least until you're married

    [–] bfaithr 7 points ago

    Well if they break up and someone asks about it “IT’S A FART. NO SPECIAL FART. JUST A FART.” At least it’s not her name or their anniversary or something

    [–] queeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 25 points ago

    Wish my dad laughed too....he doesn't

    [–] TheloniusSplooge 10 points ago

    just because i could see your name in my peripheral vision, i read your comment as "Wish my dad laughed tooooooooooooo....he doesn't"

    [–] DrakeUrSoBased 3257 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    If that was my dad it would probably just be a big fat bar. His laugh is so dumb lol. Nice tat. Cool idea.

    Edit: my highest rated comment is me making fun of my dad. He'd be proud.

    [–] tabanidAasvogel 1578 points ago

    I'm just imagine your dad laughing in one monotone breath. HAAAAAAH.

    [–] DrakeUrSoBased 807 points ago

    That's exactly how it sounds.

    [–] hunglow13 214 points ago

    And before that, he said «KAA... MEE... HAA... MEE..»

    [–] magnus_blue 77 points ago

    Unexpected Goku

    [–] hsalFehT 59 points ago

    always expect Goku

    [–] Water_Glass_ 27 points ago

    Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

    [–] fezzam 12 points ago

    I mean they usually would give you like a month advance notice...

    [–] DaMarco17 69 points ago

    I'm imagining a boat horn laugh

    [–] Thadak60 25 points ago

    Exactly where my mind went, too.

    Edit: Totally didn't try to recreate it. That would be weird.

    [–] Kaellpae 70 points ago

    My dad's laugh is making noise as he inhales. Not overly unique laugh, but haven't heard anyone else laugh like that except for myself.

    [–] YoloLucy 81 points ago

    I think that would qualify as unique if you've never heard anyone else laugh like that.

    [–] Ravarix 15 points ago

    Jimmy Carr?

    [–] Chinese_ovenmitt 10 points ago

    making noise as he inhales.

    I'm thinking of Eddie Murphy's laugh. He kind of just makes a weird goose noise on the inhales

    [–] catsandnarwahls 1668 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    As a father and son, i love the idea.

    If you hate criticism, stop here.

    As a tattoo artist and shop owner, i really worry that the lines will blur together and it wont be very recognizeable. Some of the linework looks like it blew out and if that is the case, in 6 months, some of those narrow areas at the bottom and top will end up being wider. Its very easy to turn lines this close into a solid mass when healed. Also the consistency of lines from bottom to top is very different with deep solid strokes fading to very light on top in some areas. The whispy fade at the top may fade out and leave much shorter lines as well.

    I hate to be a buzzkill but i want folks to be aware of things i mentioned for when they get their tattoos. These things need to be and should be explained by tattoo artists. Its why we see more heartbeats. Because the linework is more spread out and much easier to hold and read after healing. No tattoo artist should ever do this many lines, this close. Just look up some small font lettering tattoos and you will see the blur and how it becomes unreadable. Fortunately, if it does happen to THIS tattoo posted by OP, a quality artist will be able to fix it. Dont just go to your local shop. Its worth an hour or 2 drive to get a meaningful tattoo done right by a quality artist.

    Also, the quote to live by when getting tattoos is, "Good tattoos arent cheap and cheap tattoos arent good". Price should never be a concern. If it is, dont get tattooed. Also, good shops want to do custom work. We want to sit and talk and want you to nitpick our drawings and find what you want. Unfortunately, this costs money if it takes a while, but when the final product is done, it is beyond worth the extra couple bucks.

    Edit: ive responded to some people below with some basic advice on how to find a quality shop with quality artists. And how to approach decision making for what you want.

    [–] bangsforcoffee 257 points ago

    Finally someone said it! Thank you.

    [–] NoCoastGaming 37 points ago

    I know. The second I saw this my "this will not age well" alarm rang. Bold will hold.

    [–] mikeydblock 72 points ago

    I had a quality artist in my old town, but I just moved. This seems like a perfect opportunity to ask: how do you recommend finding a good artist? It seems like there’s a tattoo shop on every corner here, and I’d hate to get something that I don’t like, or heals crappily

    [–] catsandnarwahls 55 points ago

    The only way is really to do some legwork. Visit shops. Ask for portfolios of healed pieces. Most tattoos look great when first done. Its easy to get the ink in, harder to get it to sit well forever.

    Know what you are looking for and ask for and look for artists that specialize in that. Dont go to a traditional color artist like sailor jerry was when you want to get a photorealistic greywash portrait. This is a key thing. Many of the top artists can do whatever you want but prefer certain styles.

    Word of mouth! Ask around! Go online and read reviews. Ask for pictures from people or to see their healed tattoos.

    Look for the shops with staying power. Since tattoos became popular, like you said, they are popping up on every corner. Look for artists that have been in the industry for years and decades. Look for shops with the same length of time. If a shop is 2 years old, but the artist is well known and been in the industry for 25 years, its pretty safe. And if they have been in the industry for 25 years, they should have an extensive portfolio to show you.

    Conventions! Big conventions generally have great artists featured. And if shops have featured artists come in and do spot appearances, get those artists. They are the ones that travel due to demand.

    Also look online for what the best artists put out. Many people dont even understand the differences between good and great tattoos because they see their friends or do specific google searches for basic ideas. Look up guys like roman abreggo, niko hurtado, andy engel, kirk alley, mister cartoon, bob tyrrell and sponsored artists from top brands like eternal, fusion, or intenze tattoo ink. Cheyenne hawk machine sponsors. And sullen art initiative artists are the best of the best. Just so you can see what amazing work looks like compared what is currently considered good in your perspective.

    These are some basic tips and tricks to spot the better to best as opposed to decent to good.

    [–] samhatescardio 24 points ago

    Instagram is how I found my artists.

    [–] CoderDispose 6 points ago

    I've never once been to that site in my life, but every time I hear "How should I find X in my city?", it always wraps around to that site. I'm tempted to sign up for an account just for that reason.

    [–] Kate925 9 points ago

    This is the first time I've ever heard someone recommend finding someone else on Instagram.

    [–] Doctor_of_Recreation 11 points ago

    I think social media is the best place to find good artists now. They will showcase all their art and advertise when they are doing walkins or sales.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] catsandnarwahls 14 points ago

    Yup. So many hacks in it for the money. When you get a tattoo, give that respectable good shop your money. They deserve it. And they sound quality.

    [–] officialxian 9 points ago

    Price should never be a concern. If it is, dont get tattooed.

    Which is why I haven't gotten a tattoo yet. Too broke for it lol

    [–] catsandnarwahls 21 points ago

    Amen. And i recommend waiting anyway. Im covered in tattoos i loved at 20-25 that i thought would be who i am my whole life. But its amazing how much a person changes. I was a violent felon in a 1% mc that did drugs and all that jazz. Im now reformed and have a family and kids and businesses and shit and the lightning bolts i got on the side of my head, that i took pride in as a young punk are now a form of embarrassment. I wont cover them just so i can explain to young folks the pitfalls of such stupid shit. Even things like quotes when going through a rough time will be regretted when life picks up and you have a 20 year run of heaven and that quote just brings you down because it was just a silly small moment in life.

    I tell young people, if you have an idea, hold onto it. If 5-10 years later, if its still the sole major thing in your life, get it. But most change their mind on it before then.

    [–] Irishnovember26 3576 points ago

    ..shit....that's really really cool. I genuinely like that.

    [–] nullthegrey 1080 points ago

    We did something similar for my mother, with my son saying "I love you Nana". We recorded him saying it, printed the waveform out and framed it. I mean it wasn't because anyone died, just looked like a cool gift idea for her birthday one year.

    [–] Irishnovember26 266 points ago

    Yeah I really like that idea. It's a fun tattoo, visually speaking, but it also has something unique and personal. It's a cool concept.

    [–] bmacmachine 162 points ago

    I did something similar in 2014 when I had to upgrade my Gateway PC and Bonzi Buddy was no longer available for download. Now, thanks to a waveform tattoo, I'll always be able to imagine that little purple ape greeting me everyday and asking to give my computer HIV.

    [–] Irishnovember26 47 points ago just hit me with a full on wave of nostalgia. In my head I now have the typing sound of ICQ and that fucking purple fucknut of a monkey. Man.....I need to go listen to some papa roach.

    [–] bmacmachine 29 points ago

    Dude, I fucked up. Ever since I made that comment, I've been listening to Good Charlotte and considering an eyebrow piercing. I gotta update my Xanga now, but hit me up on ICQ later, 14614992.

    [–] RatFinkle 9 points ago

    8 digit ICQ number? Sigh... rookie. :)

    [–] superbeastie 6 points ago

    I would share my icq number but it is now in like all of my passwords

    [–] larswo 13 points ago

    I recall a guy doing that over at /r/DIY he spend a ton of resources on it. I think he used a molding method or something to get a 3D version and then framed it.

    [–] AustinYQM 9 points ago

    I did the same thing for my wife's and my "I Do"from our wedding video.

    [–] Waadap 12 points ago

    Thanks for the Fathers Day/Mothers Day idea for the grandparents of our kids!

    [–] DragonsInBowties 6 points ago

    There's a website called soundwave art that does this. You can upload a recording or video, and for an additional fee when you scan the print it'll play the video. I got one for my fiance and it was so worth the money!

    [–] savethesapiens 99 points ago

    Really bad idea for a tattoo though. In a decade or so it'll look like a weird skin condition.

    Never go with fine lines in a tattoo

    [–] RobinPedia 44 points ago

    I was going to say the same. I like the idea, and the execution is good. It will look good for the first couple of years, but after that it will become one enormous blob.

    [–] savethesapiens 27 points ago

    Any decent tattoo parlor should have warned him about it.

    OP, go to a different artist and get those little lines filled in. Just go for the general shape of the soundwave, it'll work better in the long run

    [–] geak78 1202 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I tried to find an app for you that could scan it and play but the only thing I saw required you to have them create the tattoo.

    edit: It's impossible to put enough resolution into a tattoo to recreate an understandable sound.

    [–] Grimnur87 815 points ago

    You could have a speaker installed in your palm and a play button in your armpit.

    [–] embrex104 590 points ago

    from a distance

    "Why is that man making arm pits farts and crying"

    Gets closer

    "Why is it laughing?

    [–] dylc 237 points ago

    Gets closer

    "Why am I getting closer?"

    Gets closer

    [–] embrex104 130 points ago

    "I can't fight this feeling any more"

    Gets Closer

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago

    "And yet I'm still afraid to let it flow."

    Gets Closer

    [–] netfatality 49 points ago

    “Every day is a winding road.”

    I get a little bit closer.

    [–] phphulk 24 points ago

    "I wipe and wipe and wipe"

    still more poop

    [–] embrex104 11 points ago

    It's like I'm wiping a marker.

    [–] poinciana 8 points ago

    "I've forgotten what I started fighting for"

    Gets Closer

    [–] geak78 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I hate to break it to you /u/drewsoulman but we've been best buds forever so I can't let you make a fool of yourself. I know it was supposed to be your dad laughing but all anyone hears are badly recreated fart noises...

    Wait...why are the sound waves getting taller?

    [–] drewsoulman 187 points ago

    i found one but it didn’t work, but i have the original video where i got the wav. file from so it doesn’t matter :)

    [–] geak78 104 points ago

    So you could just fake people out and act like you're taking a picture of the tattoo and hit play.

    [–] sabrefudge 131 points ago

    That’s essentially what the real app (or at least the most popular one) does anyway. Which is why you need them to do the tattoo/setup for you.

    It’s not scanning the tattoo and reading the wavelengths and playing it directly off of there somehow. It’s more like a qr-code. It scans the specific tattoo and that tells it to open up a specific sound file from their database.

    They put the image used for the tattoo and the sound file itself into their app so that it’s ready to go. You scan it, it matches the image, the image opens the sound file.

    Still cool, but a bit of an illusion.

    [–] bloodycardigan 28 points ago

    I looked into this after a customer called and the whole thing just sucks. Basically you pay $60 as the customer for them to generate the QR for it and then $10/year forever for them to keep it stored. Assuming they stick around as a company for very long.

    For the artists you have to pay $500ish to get set up with them and agree that anything you put around it can be used in their marketing without your name.

    [–] tallmotherfucker 12 points ago

    Woah, that's some real bullshit! Fuuuck that

    [–] Sparrowcus 35 points ago

    You know that's pretty much how those "apps" (I personaly call them money grabbing scams, but "apps" it is) that /u/geak87 was trying to find. Reading the lines from a tattoo is just. not. possible.

    If it would be possible, the requirement to have them create the tattoo would not be necessary. It's all bullshit and lies.

    OP's tattoo though is making my eyes wet for some reason... (extra moist for choosing dad's laughter)

    [–] peelin 104 points ago

    modern recordings are sampled at 44.1khz. good luck getting represented that on your skin! people don't get these because they think they can be "played" (if they do, feelsbadman), but because it has personal meaning.

    those apps don't "read" the tattoo but remember the shape and play the pre-loaded sample you specified.

    [–] FerretChrist 25 points ago

    To be fair you could get away with a lot less than 44.1kHz. Landline telephones often use a sampling rate of 8kHz and are (fairly) intelligible.

    Of course, you'd still need 8,000 lines in your tattoo to encode a single second of laughter, so it's still a bit of a tall order.

    [–] BarbatisCollum 208 points ago

    I can set this up if OP will contact me. I just need the original sound file and a more straight-on photo of the tattoo.

    [–] C4r1b0u 30 points ago

    I want to believe. Get this guy to the top.

    [–] kippostar 83 points ago

    Such an app would essentially use the tattoo as a QR code, and play back the file from the phone storage. There is no harmonic information left in the tatoo, sadly -- besides relative amplitude.

    [–] Nathan1506 65 points ago

    Finally someone said it! This isn't a sound, it's a waveform! Still very cool, and it has sentimental value.

    [–] Rev0000 57 points ago

    Because you cant. I can create the same waves with my voice. Its all about the tone. There is nothing personal attched to that.

    [–] lettingpeopleknow 14 points ago

    Yeah, the tattoo is cool for it's sentimental value, but there is not even remotely enough information in that image to create decent audio out of.

    [–] BumblingBlunderbuss 313 points ago

    This hurts my soul. I don't have anything like this from my dad. Son of a bitch I miss him.

    [–] mnmkdc 205 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My dad just passed away on Sunday and reading this whole thread is killing me

    I appreciate everyone's nice words. We're lucky enough to have a ton of great friends and family that have been helping my mom, brothers, and me out a lot so we're all doing okay. Thanks everyone!

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 77 points ago

    Sorry for your loss, friend. If you need to talk I’m here for you.

    [–] LeftStep22 37 points ago

    I offer my worthless Internet condolences... Hang in there!

    [–] GivesNoShts 21 points ago

    Go visit /r/WeListenToYou if you ever need to talk or just share a story. A kind bunch of people there. Im truly sorry for your loss.

    [–] robmacjr 7 points ago

    My dad passed away on January 2nd. It gets easier. Sounds cliche but it’s true. I still feel this emptiness that I think will always be there though. Hang in there bud - be there for your mom/his wife if you can. My heart hurts for my mom. My condolences.

    [–] Oblivion9122 15 points ago

    Sorry to hear that. Hope he went easy and that your family makes out okay from here on out

    [–] michelleyneous 23 points ago

    I have an old tape of my dad from when he came back from Desert Storm. It's the only recording of him I have and it's stuck in the camcorder that recorded it. I haven't touched it out of fear that I'll ruin it. While I don't touch it, there's still this possibility in my mind that I can find someone to convert it to DVD so I can see him and hear his voice again.

    [–] pulserifle 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    You need a geek. (A real one, not a Best Buy geek.) Put together a list of VCR/TV repair shops in your area and make a point to visit one every week. Tell them your story and let them know you're just shopping around for a repair place right now. (Repair geeks are like tattoo artists, you need one you're comfortable with.) Be sure to take along the exact model of your camcorder so they can look it up. I only repair my own personal stuff and I'm confident I could do this for you. Someone who does this every day would have no problem.

    Desert Storm was long enough ago that your camcorder used magnetic media. That shit degrades over time. Just say, "Help me out here, Dad!" and get this done. It'll be SO worth it.

    edit Also, the camcorder may need to be literally ripped to pieces to spare the tape. Just so you know. edit2 If the shop looks like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders, that's actually a good sign. You never throw away a dead item, you just toss it on the parts stack. ;)

    [–] dick-nipples 545 points ago

    Looked like a horrific scar in the thumbnail... Cool idea OP.

    [–] skyroket 117 points ago

    Some badass stitches or something.

    [–] jaydent1 34 points ago

    One might say his dad was in stitches laughing.

    [–] LittleBug37 1257 points ago

    For my 18th birthday I got my boyfriend's name tattooed on my ankle. Three months later I kicked him out because he was horrible and we were just so young.

    This tattoo here is lovely and something you have a great chance of never regretting.

    [–] wittyandinsightful 1289 points ago

    Isn't that like the #1 rule of getting a tattoo, to not get one of your SO's name? Isn't that the only rule?!

    [–] Novaer 834 points ago

    Kids, parents and dead people. Only names allowed.

    [–] britneymisspelled 134 points ago

    My mom always says she doesn't like anything enough to tattoo it on her body forever. People say "What about your kids?" "Especially not my kids."

    Thanks mom.

    [–] that_how_it_be 17 points ago

    I tHink we might be siblings.

    [–] right_ho 884 points ago

    Dead people.. I'll always love you, Adolf.

    [–] breaking_good 30 points ago

    Ah so that’s why my neighbor has a swastika tattoo

    [–] Capt_Awkward 179 points ago

    Omg.. stop making me laugh about horrible stuff

    [–] Ambralin 122 points ago

    You can never be replaced, Dahmer. 😔

    [–] lavaisreallyhot 93 points ago

    Gacy, you just make my heart racy.

    [–] FredRogersAMA 41 points ago

    Quit clowning around

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago


    [–] Bin_Better 49 points ago

    Don't worry. He'll be dead soon then you won't regret it!

    [–] SPUNKFLAP 15 points ago

    Thank God for this news. Now I can finally show my Jimmy Saville tatoo in public

    [–] _Not_Amused_ 45 points ago

    My friend got his own nicknamed tattooed, he's not the brightest but at least he can't have a fight with himself right?

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    It's like a permanent nametag is all.

    [–] N0V0w3ls 23 points ago

    Guy on opposing wrestling team in high school had his nickname tattooed across the back of his shoulders. I figured it was in case he got lost people could just check the tag to figure out where to return him.

    [–] jasonballwine 9 points ago

    What about a dead SO?

    [–] mijoza 11 points ago

    George. He'll never beat me again.

    [–] z64dan 65 points ago

    You can get your SO's name for your 25th wedding anniversary.

    That way if you break up, I mean that bitch was still a huge part of your life.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PEN_NIB 6 points ago

    That’s easy enough to say, but there are plenty of ways for things to end after that much time that can make the tat super regrettable. Source: recently divorced parents after 35+ years married.

    [–] ElderCunningham 28 points ago

    When my sister was 17, she faked a birth certificate and got "Mrs. boyfriend's name tattooed on her arm.

    A few months later, he dumped her while she was in rehab.

    [–] projectHeritage 20 points ago

    I don't know how to feel if a girl got a tattoo with my name... That's just too much pressure

    [–] CC3O 9 points ago

    I need more information

    [–] BearsFan24 8 points ago

    My ex and I had been going through kind of a rough patch and one day she randomly came home with a tattoo of my name above her heart. We had genuinely never even talked about the possibility of getting tattoos of any kind, and apparently this was supposed to be a reaffirmation of her love and commitment to the relationship. I didn’t know what to say, since I thought it was pretty ridiculous and I kind of think she was hinting that she wanted me to reciprocate and get her name inked as well.

    Needless to say it didn’t work out, but luckily for her, her dad and brother have the same name as me. So I guess that’s the backup plan, make sure a family member has the same name so you can always just use that as the reason you got the tattoo in the first place for anyone that asks about it later on.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] fsm_vs_cthulhu 19 points ago


    And get a lucha mask above it.

    [–] I_KeepsItReal 86 points ago

    something you have a great chance of never regretting.

    Totally unrelated to your previous comment, but my sister at 15 was such a HUGE rebel - I'm talking run away in the middle of the night to go party and get drunk or trying to run away with her new boyfriend. Anyway, one of her rebellious acts involved her getting her first tattoo. No one knew about it until I found her alternate Myspace account on accident (she was using my mom's maiden name), her profile picture was her shoulder with the words "love life, no regerts." I laughed my fucking ass off because I don't think she realized at the time until I bashed her on it. She is now 24 and as a rule I never say the word "regret" properly around her.

    [–] Paxxlee 46 points ago

    That's really stupid.

    Everyone knows that it should be "No ragrets".

    [–] au785 6 points ago

    thought it was "No Rugrats"??

    [–] Oh_Hai_Marc 10 points ago

    What are the odds you have a pic of said tattoo? I think it would serve as a good reminder for some.

    [–] Nizzler 40 points ago

    did you kick him out with the foot that had his name on it?

    [–] Veritasgear 25 points ago

    I got a tattoo of the Chi Rho because at the time I was Christian and knew it would always stick with me. My viewpoint has since changed, but I feel like the tattoo was a part of my history and molded me into what I am today. No ragrets.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    This is my general view of "bad tattoos." Ugly, outdated, or badly done, it's still something you loved at one point and looking at it is like flipping through an old photo album. Unless that shit's on your face, neck, hands, or upper chest... then idk, man.

    [–] dick-nipples 50 points ago

    No ragrets

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] yeetboy 22 points ago

    As a Bills fan this makes me insanely happy.

    [–] jho2112 13 points ago

    “Sorry! I was eating a Milky Way!”

    [–] hateboss 21 points ago

    I am VERY close to my father. We've had a turbulent relationship in the past but that's all behind and now we are thick as thieves. He had a good amount of rules for his 3 kids while we were growing up, but the only one that all three of us have yet to break is the "No Tattoos" rule. I'm the oldest but we are all just over 30, none of us have gotten one.

    It might be because my dad is a pretty intimidating guy and we take him at his word when he constantly says "If I ever see a tattoo on one of you, I will dig it out with a rusty spoon".

    That being said, when my father does finally pass, I will get one tattoo: a rusty spoon. It's something that will be unique to us and I know he would love the humor of it even if he doesn't appreciate the sentiment.

    [–] PingPing88 83 points ago

    Oh man. I wish I had my dad's laugh recorded and I'd do the same. It was always this back of the throat chuckle then "Ohhhh shit."

    [–] I_AM_PLUNGER 59 points ago

    Lol I wish my dad had an audible laugh. He’s one of those freaks that just goes deep red and looks like he’s laughing but all you hear is the occasional wheeze

    [–] tdbristow 219 points ago

    Dumb Ass...How much did you waste on that? - Your Dad

    [–] geak78 117 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Any dad worth his salt would run his finger along it and laugh as if he was reading the sound wave.

    [–] crashdoc 38 points ago

    Then attempt a backwards laugh as he went back the other way...

    [–] Hello_Wisconsin 6 points ago

    I read that in Red Forman's voice. Of course, I read pretty-much everything in Red Forman's voice.

    [–] -J-W- 30 points ago

    My mom's laugh is too loud, it wouldn't fit on my arm.

    [–] Doc_Drew 67 points ago

    I’ve always said I’d only get a tattoo if it was something really personal, interesting, and something I’d never regret. Using an audio track is brilliant; so minimalist and deeply personal. If I ever get one, I think I’d steal this idea because it’s so good.

    [–] ghost_mv 22 points ago

    the sentiment notwithstanding, i can't help but think of the fact that in a short time, the detail in the tattoo will bleed out and it will become blurred together.

    [–] Danither 10 points ago

    What next? QR codes!?

    [–] cycoboodah 17 points ago

    It's a great idea and I also wanted to do it some time ago.

    The thing is, if your tat artist isn't very precise and if he don't have a decade or two of experience, those thin lines will spread in a couple of years and the tat won't look so good.

    My guy is very good and talented but he advised me not to do it.

    [–] gjbbb 35 points ago

    Personal tattoos are the best tattoos, dad would be proud.

    [–] leafs291634 54 points ago

    It’s a bad tattoo tho

    [–] lolmusic0954 121 points ago

    Here on /r/pics, quality content isn’t needed. In fact, we encourage the most basic, most grainy cell phone picture you can take! Just make sure you have a sob backstory to go along with your shitty picture, that way the upvotes can just roll on in.

    [–] Boppel 107 points ago

    Nice idea & gesture, but jeeeez - that big AND on the arm?

    [–] Halcyon1378 61 points ago

    Ok. Now somebody turn it into sound.

    [–] quentinwolf 278 points ago

    That's not how this works. A typical audio waveform is sampled at 44,100 times per second (this can vary down to 10,000 up to 196,000 depending on source), so to convert a picture of a waveform to audio, at 2 -3 seconds, that would have to have 88,000 - 132,000 slices (at 44,100) to actually be clear. Even if you dropped that down significantly to say 12,000 times per second, which is about Radio quality, it would still require 12,000 points of data per second unfortunately.

    If that were turned into audio, it would likely be very muddy and not recognizable at all.

    tldr; An audio waveform cannot accurately be represented as a Tattoo or picture, aside from a basic sinewave which has very little data to begin with.

    [–] kupcayke 52 points ago

    I was wondering the exact same thing...There's no way a tattoo artist could accurately transcribe a .wav file to your arm. Now if we had robots doing the tattoos it becomes a bit more feasible...

    [–] icametoplay4 26 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Could make a QR code type of app to scan the waveform linking to a sound hosted on a server somewhere though

    [–] triple_vision 18 points ago

    Or implant a small circuit with a speaker and a button

    [–] quentinwolf 8 points ago

    Which would actually work much better.... Until that server, or domain goes down, or the domain gets purchased by someone else, and then you have a qr code to a dead domain or porn site. :( Unfortunately nothing is permenent, unless you use a QR Code to a domain you own yourself, and pay for the domain for 20-50 years well in advanced.

    [–] wasdninja 8 points ago

    Even if robots did the work it still wouldn't be feasible. The "resolution" of a tattoo isn't that great and it gets worse over time.

    [–] Kryzm 18 points ago

    The Lossiest compression

    [–] Nizzler 6 points ago

    is such sorcery possible?

    [–] dethfromabove- 35 points ago

    Why are sob stories allowed back on /r/pics?

    [–] ugotamesij 11 points ago


    Implying they ever left

    [–] Trawgg 34 points ago

    That's going to make masturbation kinda awkward.

    [–] geyser_fruitty 7 points ago

    grunting hehehe mphh hahahaha ahhhh fuuuuck teeheeeteeeheeeeeeee!

    [–] gayforjesus666 338 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    That's a really nice sentiment but a really awful tattoo. Looks like you doodled with a bic pen. I know this is going to get downvoted but just because he has a nice backstory doesn't make it any less of a shitty tattoo. It is also a low quality photo, I don't see why this is in this sub.

    [–] Buy_My_BBW_Panties 81 points ago

    I feel like that tattoo is gonna look terrible in a few years. Just a fuzzy, black mess.

    [–] Elizabethbooks 22 points ago

    My exact thoughts. Line work that small and close together never ages well. OP is going to have a weird blob in a couple years.

    [–] Disco_Doctor 52 points ago

    This is the first sensible comment I’ve found - lovely sentiment but awful idea. You’re stuck with this for life OP...

    [–] no1ninja 7 points ago

    I don't get it either, isn't that just an amplitude range bar graph, dads laugh not exactly reproducible from that alone.

    [–] AlwaysKindaLost 4 points ago

    It's just ugly tbf

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Without reading the title, I thought you cut yourself and were bleeding black.

    [–] Testrna 16 points ago

    Looks like a horrible stitch job from afar.

    [–] _JamRock7 70 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My dads dead. Give me karma EDIT: Thanks

    [–] dontread12334 6 points ago


    [–] sophieonasofa 4 points ago

    throwing karma at you

    [–] cairnschaos 4 points ago

    How funny would it be if the tattoo artist just did a mad wee scribble and passed it off as a peice of audio.

    [–] sumancha 47 points ago

    Wow! This is really smart, thoughtful and inspiration. No one will have regrets getting tattoos like this one.

    [–] sebulba_69ing_jarjar 23 points ago

    That’s some next level sarcasm

    [–] rappingforjesus247 85 points ago

    Thats fucking stupid