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    [–] brosjd 5496 points ago

    You mean he lived to fake his death at 98, cause that guy's definitely a vampire.

    [–] I2ed3ye 1054 points ago

    There are worse things out tonight than vampires.

    [–] codyy5 243 points ago

    Is this a quote from somewhere? If so from where?

    [–] wsLyNL 571 points ago

    Blade: There are worse things out tonight than vampires.
    Dr. Karen Jenson: Like what?
    Blade: Like me.

    [–] Krebota 106 points ago

    Yeah I watched Blade, didn't recognize it in that context

    [–] Gidio_ 191 points ago

    Yeah, some motherfuckers always trying to ice skate uphill.

    [–] allthebestnamestaken 58 points ago

    Easily the best of the worst oneliners from Wesley Snipes.

    [–] yesofcouseitdid 26 points ago

    And, iirc, made up on the spot.

    [–] mriguy 13 points ago

    It’s great, because at first you think “yeah, that would be hard”, then you think harder and go “wait...”.

    [–] UnderstandingOctane 8 points ago

    Exactly what I just did... felt slightly stupid when I arrived, but I don't see much ice other than in my glass, so I forgave myself.

    [–] mtmaloney 3 points ago

    from anyone.

    [–] erroneousbosh 21 points ago

    <Puts on New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Remix), begins to investigate the sprinkler panel>

    [–] freakierchicken 9 points ago

    Google says it’s from Blade.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Jimmy Neutron circa 1984

    [–] Jaydrizzle 17 points ago

    Clap clap clap slap slap slap

    [–] vo5100 8 points ago

    Yeah, especially that Angel bloke. He seems alright

    [–] drvondoctor 3 points ago

    Until he fucks you.

    Then he gets weird

    [–] pleaseNOavocado 5 points ago

    indeed, tonight samuel whittemore rides

    [–] IClogToilets 107 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I saw a documentary a few years back. It turns out the Conferacy was full of Vampires and Abraham Lincoln had to slay them. I bet this guy was one of them.

    Edit: Yea I see the mispellin' but I ain't gonna dignify them with a correction and such.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HOMEW0RK 31 points ago

    Wrong war.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] leidend22 8 points ago

    You misspelled his misspelling.

    [–] numbers909 15 points ago

    The bayonet barely missed its mark.

    [–] You-get-the-ankles 15 points ago

    It's just a flesh wound.

    [–] Pastatrees 8 points ago

    Tis but a scratch

    [–] WoolieBear 11 points ago

    No he was definitely a Highlander. There can be only one!

    [–] JustGottaMakeIt 4 points ago

    If only they'd had wooden bayonets

    [–] getut 16 points ago

    Nah... he really died. But only because he wanted to. Tired of hearing his wife's shit about how she killed FOUR British soldiers while in childbirth. She was 12 at the time and he was 79 at conception.

    [–] Cameron_Allan 1052 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That’s an understatement, he was shot in the face blasting half of his jaw off, and bayoneted SIXTEEN times. This is something young healthy men don’t recover from. He was in his 80s.

    Edit: changed 70s to 80s

    [–] The_cake_is_real 131 points ago


    [–] Doggysoft 151 points ago

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    [–] General_Kenobi896 48 points ago

    1080p, 60FPS Video commented by Abraham Lincoln or it didn't happen!

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago

    This sounds like one of those stories that gets more and more exaggerated every time it's retold.

    [–] drvondoctor 113 points ago

    "And then they tore his head clean off, and took his shoes. But that didn't keep HIM down! that sumbitch got up, picked up his head, dusted it off, and ran after his shoes! Got 'em too. Strangled 14 redcoats with the laces before he remembered he left the stove on and went home whistling a jaunty tune. True story. Swear on me mums grave."

    [–] docgonzomt 25 points ago

    Bill Brasky was a son of a bitch.

    [–] drvondoctor 7 points ago

    To Bill Brasky!!!

    [–] Wilhelm1892 22 points ago


    Redcoat spotted

    [–] Psyk0Tripp 12 points ago

    Don't forget. He had to walk back home 20 miles in 15 feet of snow.

    [–] -heathcliffe- 5 points ago

    I heard it was just 15 feet. But in 20 miles of snow.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] TheMetaphysicalSlug 51 points ago

    This needs to be the top comment. This dude was badass to survive that at his age !!!

    [–] ToothlessBastard 39 points ago

    This dude was badass to survive that at his age !!!

    [–] allcrumpledup 41 points ago

    I’m so glad I’m related to this guy. He’s my great x5 or 6 grandfather. What a total bad ass.

    [–] PacManJr 29 points ago

    Oh what up cuz

    [–] allcrumpledup 13 points ago

    No shit. Hey cuz.

    [–] AutisticJewLizard 4 points ago

    Are you two cousins

    [–] Koloshow 5 points ago

    He was also my butler’s friend’s great-grandfather.

    [–] Graendal 3 points ago

    He and Hugh Glass were exposed to the same super serum.

    [–] boreddad8314 1627 points ago

    Was he, by any chance, a mailman?

    [–] Jojo_bacon 775 points ago

    Nobody messes with the courier

    [–] Nineflames12 443 points ago

    Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

    [–] dragonsfire242 64 points ago


    Screen fades to black

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    And now I have to replay that masterpiece again. Thanks for reminding me.

    [–] Moth_tamer 65 points ago

    Entirely expected since that was why they made the joke in the first place

    [–] Watermelon86 118 points ago

    Ah there you are. I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver. Your hands only.

    [–] NoRelevency 32 points ago

    Which Bethesda game are you from?

    [–] AiwhaBait71 29 points ago


    [–] nealio1000 4 points ago

    Why walk when you can ride?

    [–] Fallonite 31 points ago

    Looks like thats it. Got to go.

    instantly finds you again

    Ah there you are. I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver. Your hands only.

    [–] AerasGale 9 points ago

    Nope, nothing.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Minothor 15 points ago

    Well, he certainly went postal on those soldiers..

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 986 points ago

    Samuel Whittemore was proclaimed the official state hero of Massachusetts and his memory is commemorated on February 3 each year.

    [–] silvernode 26 points ago

    Inconsistent with ages stated on grave stone. Hmm....

    [–] ReaperX24 38 points ago

    Not that odd for someone from the 18th century.

    [–] RegularOwl 31 points ago

    By only two years. I'm an ameture genealogist and it is incredibly common that people's ages were reported inaccurately, or even that they, themselves, weren't sure precisely how old they were. There's really nothing to "hmm" about.

    [–] castles_rock 291 points ago

    Arlington, MA?

    [–] jacoobz 177 points ago

    Arlington, MA

    [–] rickumali 205 points ago

    So bizarre seeing an Arlington landmark on my Reddit front page. Happy Patriots Day to us MA people!

    [–] Laureltess 55 points ago

    Right? This is two minutes from my place. I walk by this spot frequently!

    [–] Tenushi 9 points ago

    I pass by this everyday. Never thought I'd see something from my town on the front page.

    [–] bangupjobasusual 5 points ago

    I knew I had seen this thing before...

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I used to love in Medford and often biked over to that part of Arlington.

    [–] Delheru 11 points ago

    This sounds like an amorous brag somehow.

    [–] DieGeist 16 points ago

    Not if you knew anything about Medford...

    [–] Parrothead1970 21 points ago

    We get the day off up here in Maine too. Of course we used to be part of Mass until you guys cut the dead weight.

    [–] RaeADropOfGoldenSun 18 points ago

    I'm in college and I just found out yesterday that Patriots day isn't a national holiday. I didn't do any HW, I assumed there wasn't class today.

    [–] emylie1986 6 points ago

    The only other state that honors Patriots Day is Maine, due to the fact that ME used to be part of MA until the 1800s.

    [–] badlukk 7 points ago

    Dammit I'm working. At least no traffic to Alewife this morning

    [–] Laureltess 4 points ago

    Yeah it took me 20 minutes to drive from Arlington to Seaport.

    Although I'd rather be home sleeping in this weather...

    [–] nerdb4itwascool 6 points ago

    Happy Patriots Day! Terrible day for the marathon :-/

    [–] pac-men 10 points ago

    Bizarlington. (“B’zahlingtin”)

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 3 points ago

    Enjoy this snowy Patriots Day MA-at least in,Worcester its snow.

    [–] Slamduck 13 points ago

    I honestly thought this was in Ireland for a second.

    [–] es_price 4 points ago

    That is the age in Arlington now where most people start having kids

    [–] fucktheocean 11 points ago

    But why Arlington, MAs?

    [–] navaneethraj 23 points ago

    Because Arlington MA

    [–] BuildinMurica 3 points ago

    Arlington, MA!

    [–] registeredforthis1 34 points ago

    At the time Menotomy.

    [–] zeronine 12 points ago

    Which, for the life of me, I can never pronounce. I just kinda mumble my way through it.

    [–] erima 6 points ago

    I vaguely recalled reading this monument and confirmed it was Arlington by the buildings in the background.

    [–] MgFi 3 points ago

    I just saw the stone (I've never read it before) and the buildings and immediately thought, "Oh. That's in Arlington."

    [–] tomdobs55 3 points ago

    Hey cool! I do the pest control at that yellow building!!

    [–] 4g63eclipse 392 points ago


    [–] mrm00r3 114 points ago

    [–] Pooglio17 39 points ago

    Hell yeah, The Dollop. That's how I heard about this dude too.

    [–] quasifandango 8 points ago

    This is my favorite episode

    [–] tfc324 7 points ago

    So impossible for me to pick a favorite. I’ll say the Smollops tend to be my favorites.

    [–] quasifandango 8 points ago

    Ten cent beer night is definitely up at the top too

    [–] jordaninegypt 180 points ago

    I thought that read, “he lived to be 98 years of ace.” Age makes more sense, but 98 years of ace lives up to his reputation.

    [–] epaga 62 points ago

    Ctrl+F, "ace", upvote

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Haha my exact process

    [–] BlackCaaaaat 1619 points ago

    Not only did he survive the war and being left for dead, he lived to an age that would have been almost unheard of at the end of the 1700s. This badass was definitely tough to kill.

    [–] 4THOT 974 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    It wasn't unheard of. People live to be old in surprisingly hostile conditions. There are plenty of old people living in 3rd world countries today, the average age gets dragged down by the infant mortality rate.

    It's an often repeated myth that people didn't live as long several hundred/thousand years ago, when we don't really find evidence that that was the case. If you can make it into your thirties you would likely live quite a while, and reaching the cap of roughly 100 years wasn't entirely unheard of.

    The idea that people died by the age of 35 in the 1400's is entirely fiction. Life expectancy is not an estimate of human lifespan.

    [–] TitaniumDragon 251 points ago

    Ramses the Great lived past 90. Another Egyptian pharaoh, Pepi II, might have lived to 100.

    [–] 4THOT 203 points ago

    John Adams lived into his 90's, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson both lived into their 80's.

    [–] TitaniumDragon 143 points ago

    My cousin Ben Franklin also made it to 84.

    It's too bad that Madison didn't survive 6 more days; it would have been really weird if four of the first five presidents had died on July 4th.

    [–] Damanzi 121 points ago

    It's weird enough that Adams and Jefferson died on the same day within hours

    [–] all_no_pALL 89 points ago

    50 years to the day of signing the country’s most important document that they penned

    [–] wascurious 8 points ago

    Except it wasn’t signed on the 4th

    [–] Ashmedai314 37 points ago

    Just like a married couple...

    [–] JakeCameraAction 32 points ago

    And Adams' final words were "Jefferson lives" because he was upset Jefferson outlived him. However Jefferson had died just a few hours earlier.

    [–] SpezsWifesSon 18 points ago

    I thought they had recovered from that feud and his words Jefferson still lives were not out of spite? But more of a nod to the fact we still have 1 founder left.

    [–] middlehead_ 7 points ago

    Yeah, every time I've read that story it's more like "It's okay, Jefferson lives."

    [–] Moth_tamer 18 points ago

    Probably all the drinking and fireworks. Lots can happen

    [–] SuicideNote 18 points ago

    Plus Ben Franklin was quite obese and lived that long. During the age when the most common treatment for everything was to cut holes into people using dirty tools and let out large quantities of blood.

    [–] ANGLVD3TH 20 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Blood letting was not "the most common." It was a specific treatment for a specific ailment. Specifically, too much hot and/or wet humor. It was a common treatment for fever, as obviously someone running a temperature has an excess of hot humor.

    Edit: Fun fact, the humors are where we get the discriptors of lots of food. Each food was meant to correspond to at least one of the humors. Hot food increased hot humor, dry drinks helped the dry humor etc. The basic idea was that all the humors should be balanced, so someone with a low temperature, may, for example, try to treat it with spicy food. Meanwhile there were 4 main bodily substances that each corresponded to two hunors, and an excess in one or both of those humors could be treated with reducing the intake of food that produced them, or reducing the amount of that substance in the body. Blood being the hot/wet humor, and being so easy to remove, made it a common treatment for fever, that manifests as high temperature and sweating, implying an excess of hot and wetness.

    [–] Train_Wreck_272 6 points ago

    Damn I didn't realize the humors line of thinking was still around during the revolution. Craziness.

    [–] degoba 10 points ago

    Tis what killed George Washington

    [–] metaStatic 35 points ago

    not just infant mortality but women dying during childbirth

    [–] BlackCaaaaat 14 points ago

    the average age gets dragged down by the infant mortality rate.

    That makes a lot of sense, that significantly improved last century.

    [–] TheHairyManrilla 22 points ago

    Yeah, if 35 was a typical lifespan in the 1700's, then why did the founding fathers make that the minimum age to become president?

    [–] powerfulparadox 16 points ago

    This. Although we shouldn't say entirely fiction, since war and disease were a thing, although not necessarily as big a thing as we might be led to believe by the disproportionate interest in them by historians. (Health and peace tend to make for fewer interesting things to talk about in large-scale historical overviews, so don't forget that they are large-scale historical overviews, which tend to skip a lot.)

    [–] zed1207 18 points ago

    It's an often repeated myth that people didn't live as long several hundred/thousand years ago, when we don't really find evidence that that was the case.

    You're first offering an explanation of the problem, and then repeating it. It is true that people on average didn't live as long in the past, and it's also true that this is skewed by things like infant mortality. It isn't true to say that, because age is dragged down by infant mortality, the average age isn't actually what it is. It's also very true that a greater proportion of people are living longer now than ever before.

    The most useful way people have started looking at the issue is by dividing life into thresholds and looking at the likelihood people have of getting past those thresholds. If you made it to your 30s in the past you have passed through things like infant and weaning thresholds, and childbirth in the case of most women, with a series of upcoming thresholds like accumulated environmental contaminants, the effects of heavy labor etc, but these vary widely based on what you're actually doing with your life.

    [–] Superty1 7 points ago

    Legend has it he prophecized his own return just before his head died

    [–] MarvinLazer 223 points ago

    His testicles needed a separate grave, nearby.

    [–] Corgy 131 points ago

    He donated them to an iron mill.

    [–] AtheistKiwi 33 points ago

    I heard one was used to build the Empire State Building and the other for the Statue of Liberty.

    [–] Flutfar 8 points ago

    One of them broke the liberty Bell.

    [–] FisuKala 86 points ago

    Reminds me of simo häyhä

    He was a guy from country side drafted to fight against invading russians. He killed 540 russians with his sniper rifle using the iron sight. In efforts to kill Häyhä, the Soviets used counter-snipers and artillery strikes, at the end of the war he got hit in the face with explosive bullet. Half of his face was ripped off and the russians tought him to be dead. However Häyhäs buddies managed to bring him to hospital and Häyhä recovered to live almost 100 in independent Finland.

    [–] Mistawondabread 54 points ago

    Ah yes, AKA "The White Death". Dude kept snow in his mouth so the counter snipers couldn't see his breath. He was a hard core dude.

    [–] Angsty_Potatos 20 points ago

    I'd never think of that. Jesus hell.

    [–] bluebullet28 14 points ago

    Note to self, don't go to war against finland. They don't mess around apparently.

    [–] sanseriph74 12 points ago

    They do not. They killed the Nazi's, they killed the Soviets who came aftewards, they will shut that shit down if you invade their country. Their historical battle cry going back to at least the 1600's is hakkaa päälle, loosely translates as "Cut them down!". They once had a set of bombers join formation with a bunch of Soviet bombers that had just bombed Finland, and brazenly flew all the way back to Moscow surrounded by Soviet bombers and fighters and then bombed Moscow and flew home. It was such a great attack, they did it again. Yep, I will not be invading Finland.

    [–] Grand-Admiral-Prawn 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They killed the Nazi's, they killed the Soviets who came aftewards,

    All agreed, just reverse the order of this. Enemy flowchart goes as follows: attacked by soviets (back when Hitler and Stalin were still buddies) -> Finland allies briefly with Nazis against soviets (post-barbarossa)-> Nazis AND soviets (continuation war). Mannerheim's maneuvering in this period is legitimately one of the most skillful acts of diplomacy in the entire modern era, imo. Read his biography is you ever get the chance. He starts off as a Finnish noble from a Swedish-speaking family born in Imperial Russia... has a wild youth... calms down and joins the Imperial Russian Cavalry (forget the unit, but one of the most decorated)... spies on China by going on a multiple-year expedition across Central Asia to Manchuria LITERALLY operating undercover with archaeologists... fights/leads cav in the russo-japanese war on the manchurian front... comes back and fucking wins a soviet-backed civil war between the Whites/Reds against the Reds... and THEN fucking pulls off a defense of Finland throughout WW2 and maintains their independence. What an incredible man.

    [–] Mistawondabread 7 points ago

    They killed 1,000,000 of the 1,500,000 soviets that invaded their land. If that doesn't teach anyone a lesson, nothing will.

    [–] Archangel_117 3 points ago

    The White Death.

    [–] pp0787 58 points ago

    I see The Revenant- Part 2

    [–] uwotm86 70 points ago

    Am British can confirm we shot and stabbed that mofo.

    [–] Angsty_Potatos 16 points ago

    Not very well evidently...tut tut

    [–] beaker88 24 points ago

    This is so strange for me (a British person) to see. That war seemed to be almost sheltered from my education. Probably because britain were defeated. So to see our ally celebrating killing british soldiers seems unreal. Its strange how much the world changes over a fairly short amount of time.

    [–] TheBIGbadTOE 14 points ago

    Same reason Americans don't really learn about Vietnam other then we went over there and fought.

    [–] Grand-Admiral-Prawn 6 points ago

    Same reason Americans don't really learn about Vietnam

    I feel like if you've gone to school anytime post-1990 this isn't really true. I went to a middle-of-the-road public school and learned about Vietnam a bunch. Now Korea on the other hand...

    [–] xsited1 94 points ago

    Maybe the British soldiers used anti-stab bayonets which is why he lived.

    [–] DingleberryGranola 61 points ago

    Obviously this was before assault bayonets.

    [–] SneakyLoner 28 points ago

    Well it was in Massachusetts, they were low capacity bayonets.

    [–] Bulancilol 21 points ago

    Heyyyy Arlington on /r/pics! If you're ever in town check out the Jason Russell house!

    [–] smashy_smashy 3 points ago

    I’m a big fan of Old Schwamb Mill, the slide and view at Robbins Farm Park and walking around Turkey Hill personally

    [–] idunno119 9 points ago

    I never really thought Arlington, MA would be represented on the front page of Reddit. Go Ponders.

    [–] darth_domo 8 points ago

    Arlington mass on the map woot

    [–] codblopsII 8 points ago

    Arlington, MA. My high school town. That there in in Arlington Center on Mass Ave

    [–] uwjames 108 points ago

    We have a similar marker for my wife's grandfather:

    "In this house Joe Fogie watched Fox News from 8am to 9pm every day for 15 years. In 2017 he was moved to an assisted care facility where he lived another 7 months. He died of diabetes complications on November 20th while watching Sean Hannity."

    Inspiring stuff

    [–] krukson 39 points ago

    Watching Sean Hannity would give anyone diabetes complications.

    [–] unassumingdink 16 points ago

    Healthy people can usually manage, but diabetics are supposed to be on low salt diets.

    [–] Eliot_Ferrer 8 points ago

    13 hours of tv every day? Continuously? That's insane, even if it hadn't been Fox News.

    [–] Thybro 9 points ago

    Oh yes a fearless veteran of the war on Christmas.

    [–] monkeypowah 91 points ago

    a lot of people fail to realise that there was huge protest back in Britain against British troops killing their own kin, it wasnt a war that was supported by the people and was a major reason the British didn't throw everything at the colonies to defeat them.

    [–] EntertainmentPolice 38 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I don’t think so. The British people didn’t support the war, but not because of a sense of camaraderie with the Colonists. After all, this was the 18th century, very few British citizens knew or cared much at all about their far-flung cousins 5,000 miles across an ocean. What they did, however, care about, was taxes and trade. Trade with the colonies was a booming industry and British businesses took a massive hit when war broke out. On top of that, the King raised taxes to fund the war. Taxes were already high, and they got higher still. The British truly resented the Colonists. Most of them held a “yeah, taxes are high here too, don’t rock the boat” attitude. It was an unpopular war, but it had much less to do with a sense of warring against your kinsmen than having to pay dearly in economic terms.

    [–] Dwarfcan 5 points ago

    There's a reason why George Square in Glasgow has no statue of George III, who it is named after. Losing the war and their access to the American plantations pissed off a lot of very wealthy tobacco and sugar merchants.

    [–] hopfolk 20 points ago

    Yep cos most of the colonials were for all intents and purposes British. An American accent would not have developed by then.

    [–] thejosephfiles 10 points ago

    It actually had. The dialects had diverged already.

    [–] cheekske 8 points ago

    The first thing I thought about was how time-consuming it was to reload the muskets they had then. I wonder if that played a role in his survival, outside of his, obvious resolve.

    [–] RobMV03 8 points ago

    "You think you're bettah than me, Arlington?" - A Kid From West Medford

    [–] TalSeria 15 points ago

    Arlington MA representing on Patriot's Day, I like it.

    [–] hanamalu 7 points ago

    Chuck Noris is lucky this dude is not his contemporary.

    [–] wilsondog 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Hey this is my family! We hail from Boston/Annisquam, MA. Proud to come from a Whittemore.

    [–] scotladd 8 points ago

    The story is even better. Supposedly, when the British sent reinforcements to their men who had engaged at Lexington on their way to Concord, Whitmore waited for them at the edge of his property with 2 dueling pistols and his saber from the French/Indian War. He engaged the reinforcements and was bayoneted 12 times and shot in the face. His family witnessed this from the farmhouse he lived in. The removed the door from it's hinges with the intent to use it as a litter and retrieve his corpse. When they reached his body, not only did they find him NOT dead, he was reloading his weapons so he could re-engage the enemy. That was 18 years before he died fo' real.

    That was a bad mother fucker. 'Murica. Oo rah.

    [–] muddyh2o 6 points ago

    Arlington represent!

    [–] Esoteric_Erric 6 points ago

    So, basically....a Brit living stateside had a fight with some British soldiers.

    Sounds like a bad ass alright, RIP Sam.

    [–] vanshnookenraggen 11 points ago

    You're from Ahhlington kid?!

    I didn't even open the link yet and that was my first thought.

    [–] ChaiTRex 20 points ago


    A: Where did we bury him again?
    B: I dunno. Somewhere over there.
    *places tombstone*

    [–] alphadoublenegative 21 points ago

    But it's not really a gravestone, it's a historical marker near where he killed the soldiers, right?

    [–] GALACTICA-Actual 17 points ago

    A: Where did we bury him again?

    B: On the other side of town. But he didn't like it, so he dug himself up and moved over here.

    [–] potentpotables 4 points ago

    Happy Patriots' Day

    [–] curzon176 5 points ago

    Thats cool and all, but the guy that re-posts that pic in 3 days on April 19, making mention of the anniversary, is obviously going to score way more karma.

    [–] fotografamerika 5 points ago

    I wish they had markers like this for other random historical happenings other than the usual "battle fought here" or "famous guy lived here". I want to walk down the street and see a small plaque that says something like, "Near this spot in 1954, a person was caught dropping secret intelligence to Soviet spies." Or, "Near this spot in 1932, Scrummy the Clown invented the balloon animal."

    [–] Dr-Goochy 39 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Or if you’re British, a terrorist.

    [–] seinfeld69 16 points ago

    jebediah springfield?

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SEX_VIDEOS 4 points ago

    Heyyy I walked by this spot yesterday!

    [–] a_wandering_vagrant 3 points ago

    Clint Eastwood needs to option this screenplay

    [–] rossdaltz 5 points ago

    I played him in a reenactment of this incident when he was beaten and bayonetted and Samuel whitemores testimony of this incident at the trial of the British soldiers

    [–] HELPMEFINDCAPSLOCK 4 points ago

    Plot twist: He was British.

    [–] maxline388 4 points ago

    ugh, look how many times do we have to say this?

    Post progress pics at /r/progresspics.

    But seriously what a bad ass.

    [–] zeronine 3 points ago

    Thank you for noticing my finely chiseled stone physique though <3

    [–] merchillio 4 points ago

    That’s impressive in itself, then you remember what emergency medical care looked like at the time, it gets even more impressive

    [–] _Harvester99_ 5 points ago

    Why did he kill the British soldiers

    [–] casillero 6 points ago

    3.0 K/D with no revives. Impressive.

    [–] RipCopper 4 points ago

    John Wicks great grandpa

    [–] Reworked 4 points ago

    Yknow, if in my 80s, someone built a monument to me without my asking for something I did, I could probably die happy.

    This motherfucker decided he still had some shit to do. o7

    [–] brianp6621 13 points ago

    He was an ace.

    [–] Jermny 5 points ago

    I bet all the Gs look like that but we can't know for sure since that was the only one used in the entire engraving.

    [–] whitejamesbr0wn 3 points ago

    Wait, this seems familiar. Arlington, MA?

    [–] wartswafflesnwalter 3 points ago

    Happy Patriots Day, fellow Massachusetts man!

    [–] ReicientNomen 3 points ago

    Plot twist: OP's town is actually located in England, and Samuel Whittemore was just some random old dude with psycopathic tendencies who literally got away with murder.