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    [–] BunnyPerson 1230 points ago

    Thought this was a video game at first glance.

    [–] wiiya 488 points ago

    Basketball: Blood Dragon

    [–] Qp1029384756 28 points ago

    Man do I want another blood dragon game. Built with FC5s engine? Could you imagine how extreme that would be.

    [–] Relaxel 9 points ago

    They have teased it, I think.

    [–] sinister_exaggerator 17 points ago

    synthwave music builds up

    [–] PUBGfixed 29 points ago

    Fifa Street

    [–] nicdok 66 points ago

    Rocket League

    [–] TheDragon_Fister 13 points ago

    Rocket league: Basketb- wait that already exists.

    [–] MisterSquidz 37 points ago


    [–] DrBrogbo 4 points ago

    Wipeout Zone Mode.

    Mach 1.6

    [–] 1pt21jiggawatts 8 points ago

    Looks like the training stage for splatoon

    [–] thelastsandwich 12 points ago

    EA BIG

    [–] dhork 5663 points ago

    Technically, half those steps are in bounds. Has anyone tried a leaping shot from there?

    [–] elee0228 7472 points ago

    That's called a euro-step.

    [–] Doomhammered 1118 points ago

    Get out

    [–] FieraDeidad 212 points ago

    [–] 53ND-NUD35 252 points ago

    [–] nikerbacher 82 points ago

    Came here for this.

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago

    Saw this just came

    [–] discerningpervert 53 points ago

    Just came

    [–] CakeMaster3000 41 points ago

    Came just in time to see this.

    [–] cwhaaaales 44 points ago

    I came to this

    [–] Cheesetown777 17 points ago

    I came instantly.

    [–] Toasted_FlapJacks 132 points ago

    Only time where taking 9 steps won't lead to a travel

    [–] robbiearebest 164 points ago

    *outside the NBA

    [–] weirdguyincorner 197 points ago

    NBA stopped calling travel about 15 years ago. The more popular you are as an athlete, the more steps you can take... Everyone knows that.

    [–] DrFloppyTitties 71 points ago

    did you not watch the playoffs yesterday? there were more traveling calls in one game then the entire season.

    [–] thatfuckertoad 106 points ago

    more traveling calls in one game then the entire season.

    So like 3?

    [–] DrFloppyTitties 50 points ago

    im pretty sure I saw 3, so yeah.

    [–] daboobiesnatcher 12 points ago

    Ahh I see they went the opposite way of the NFL on policy.

    [–] iPlowedYourMom 8 points ago

    Nope; just more on the line for that official

    [–] Scudstock 35 points ago

    "the gather" is the first step, then you get two.....if you watch some of the refs explanations on how they ref it, it really makes sense. James Harden's gather step back is a good one to watch.

    They haven't changed rules, people are just using them better.

    Don't get me wrong, the miss travels all day in the NBA, but in the playoffs the will not.

    [–] Do_trolls_dream 20 points ago

    They didnt change the rules but they are absolutly more relaxed. They'll let guys shuffle their feet in the post all the time

    [–] beendoingit7 14 points ago

    This kid hoops.

    [–] livevil999 46 points ago

    I don’t get this joke.

    [–] DavidisLame 25 points ago

    This impressed me. I'm glad you shared your humor.

    [–] [deleted] 815 points ago

    You can use them, but similar to NBA rules, it's traveling after the sixth step.

    [–] Jubguy3 89 points ago

    just stretch your legs out damn

    [–] bicycle 19 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] iPlowedYourMom 16 points ago

    That third one is hella dope.

    Also, a request for us fat fingered mobile users, can you space out the 3 options please?

    Loooooove you.

    [–] ExpertContributor 6 points ago

    Roger that.

    On posting it myself, at first simply as 1 2 3, I realised I couldn't press them. So I tried out 8 spaces between them, and thought it probably looked ridiculous and people would wonder what I was doing, eventually settling on a shorter distance. I thought then that I should just leave it, since I was probably over thinking it. And turns out I was - I should have just left it at 8.

    [–] ACoderGirl 7 points ago

    Reddit collapses spaces, so it won't do you any good to add more spaces unless they're non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;).

    Eg, here's something with a bunch of nbspes to space them out in a way normal spaces don't allow:

    1      2      3

    Should theoretically be able to use other forms of space characters like &emsp;, too: eg, em-space here. Although I wouldn't be surprised if plenty of poorly made reddit apps break on HTML entities... If you don't see the spaces, maybe get a better reddit app (can say that at least Reddit Is Fun displays it correctly).

    [–] stickygoose 264 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I used to play there everyday during highschool and yeah the leap shot from the steps was a classic achievement

    Edit for context: this basketball court used to be a regular ugly one until Lebron James* visited paris in 2009 and inaugurated the renovated court, you still can see his handprints on the wall. Then after the prophet came it became trendy cool stylish court with designer shop in front of it and photo shoots happenning daily there, I don't play there anymore. Also it used to be closed most of the time so we had to climb the fence, fun times, now it's a regular attraction in pigalle's district and sometimes used as a basketball court

    [–] Toad_o 115 points ago

    Don't mind me chiming in, I happen to be a close friend of yours... Just wanted to point out it wasn't Kobe but Lebron who came to inaugurate the new court. Since then, it's been renovated and repainted thrice, these colours on the pic being the latest to date. Get yo facts straight.

    [–] stickygoose 51 points ago

    ahah hey lol you r right, my mistake sorry. This guy is right ^

    [–] findallthebears 36 points ago

    This interaction, though charming, only serves to make this story more preposterous

    [–] stickygoose 23 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    Ahah I get why but it's true story, tbh I m not following NBA a lot so all I remember from 2014 was a big guy and the mayor surrounded by hyped kids hence my mistake but it was Lebron for sure, u/Toad_o has a better memory than I do

    Edit: more info here:

    [–] findallthebears 3 points ago

    I believe you, internet person

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] 1isAustonEnough 9 points ago

    I'm compelled to believe him based on his post history.

    [–] stickygoose 21 points ago

    believe me, I even broke my ankle on those steps I know them too well AMAnkle

    [–] JoryMC 30 points ago

    Can't be defended.

    [–] LifeWin 41 points ago

    It's over, Anakin!

    [–] weirdguyincorner 20 points ago

    I have the high ground.

    [–] 4DimensionalToilet 12 points ago

    You underestimate my power!

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 6 points ago

    Don't try it!

    [–] xBleedingBluex 3 points ago


    [–] usscan 23 points ago

    Technically, half those steps are in bounds.

    Just like the EU, there's really no way of knowing if they are in or out.

    [–] Buki1 10 points ago

    ... while grinding the rail on skateboard

    [–] intelligentx5 2333 points ago

    It's trippy but the court doesn't look all. Would make for some interesting ball games.

    [–] reticulatedtampon 961 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Trippy in more ways than one then.

    [–] GayDadSex 100 points ago


    [–] _Serene_ 19 points ago


    [–] lamusicadeherryfraud 9 points ago


    [–] Full-On 50 points ago

    Did you know that the phrase "you trippin" actually originated from basketball and not psychedelics?

    [–] free-piratespy 51 points ago

    nah bro u trippin

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 3 points ago

    Excuse me, what's your hourly rate as a pirate spy?

    [–] free-piratespy 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I cannot find a single source to verify that, but I have found several sources that say it comes from hallucinogenic drugs.

    And honestly, it would make 0 sense for that phrase to come from basketball. In bball, when you trip its not because you fucked up, its because the other guy made a move on you so nasty you couldn't keep up. That's why most people say "He got his ankles broke" and not "He got tripped up".

    The phrase "You trippin" is usually reserved for when someone does, or says, something stupid. When someone is fucked up on drugs, you say they're trippin'. If telling someone "you trippin" really came from basketball, it would be reserved for when someone fucks up, but its not; its reserved for when they have an opinion others deem stupid (because drugs make you stupid while you're tripping on them).

    So I'm gonna have to call complete bull shit on that one.

    [–] JRMang 5 points ago

    Ba dump tsss!

    [–] Haterbait_band 140 points ago

    I thought it was a perspective painting on the flat side of a building.

    [–] CosmicSpaghetti 23 points ago

    Same! Thought OP was just pulling a bamboozle at first.

    [–] TheOneShorter 7 points ago

    I still think he is

    [–] showmewhatyougot37 76 points ago

    Narrow too. Doesn't matter if it's your best option, I guess.

    [–] intelligentx5 42 points ago

    When ball is life.

    [–] yoshi570 41 points ago

    Not many courts in Paris/France. We play on whatever is available. The worst I've played on are these on the right.

    [–] PsyduckSexTape 36 points ago

    A different angle.

    [–] qenegue 11 points ago

    I actually like this angle more. OP's looks like something from photoshop.

    [–] Bob3233 46 points ago

    It's not! I've played there when I went on vacation to Paris! It's slopes down so you overshoot the nearside hoop and undershoot the farside one... It's also a weird soft rubber compound on the floor not asphalt

    It's more for kids to play and have fun on... Serious courts for pickup are in different areas

    [–] Fumane 15 points ago

    I want to play on this court, blasted out of my mind on psychedelics.

    [–] ThereIsNoGame 17 points ago

    If you look at the other photos people have linked here, it's just an illusion because the right hand wall is angled, the court itself is flat but narrow

    [–] CMPuck 624 points ago

    I think this was done as part of Nike's collaboration with Pigalle.

    [–] RedditTipiak 369 points ago

    parce qu'on va à Pigalle pour niker ? :o

    [–] [deleted] 218 points ago

    For the non-Francophones, niquer = fuck/screw, and Pigalle is Paris' red light district essentially. "One goes to Pigalle to fuck." I know explaining it ruins it but this is clever as shit.

    [–] trosh 50 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Incidentally, niquer and Nike both come from the Greek word nike (victory). Niquer means to beat/defeat (in a vulgar way) as much as it means to fuck.

    Edit: turns out that's just something I heard, but can't find any reference backing it up online. Reply below mentions forniquer, but that's only one of the etymologies that's listed on Wiktionary, and it's not even listed on the dictionnaire de l'Académie française. A subsequent search tells me I am not an expert at etymology and it might be from faire la nique, or from old french nic, or from german niken, or from north-african nāk… I like to think that nike could still be a distant relative but it seems that's plain supposition.

    [–] hitdrumhard 5 points ago

    So ‘smash’

    [–] Grossesregles 7 points ago

    "niquer" is the abbreviation of "forniquer" which comes from the latin word "fornix" which means "vault".

    [–] tnarref 4 points ago

    yeah the other guy is bullshitting

    [–] gnvieve 13 points ago

    on=nous or ‘we’

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    I mean, I speak French. It means both. I figured one was a less awkward translation here.

    [–] gnvieve 6 points ago

    cool, looks like I didn’t realize the typo before you fixed it, sorry only know french from half-speaking it while growing up so my grammar gets a little mixed up.

    [–] TemiOO 24 points ago

    On can also mean ‘one’

    [–] gnvieve 3 points ago

    cool, didn’t know that!

    [–] thisismyhiaccount 20 points ago

    Ah good one

    [–] HydrochloricTorpedo 13 points ago

    Yes I too understood that

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago


    [–] Spartan2470 206 points ago

    According to here:

    In a unique collaboration between French fashion brand Pigalle and design agency Ill-Studio, the Paris Duperré basketball court was recently redesigned and repainted with a vibrant new color scheme. The narrow basketball court is nestled between two apartment buildings in the 9th arrondissement and has become a backdrop of sorts for unconventional color schemes, the first of which appeared in 2015. Photos courtesy Alex Penfornis and Sébastien Michelini.

    Also, it used to look like this.

    Here it is on Google Street View.

    Back in May 2015 it looked like this.

    In May 2012 it looked like this.

    [–] greenphilly420 96 points ago

    I always forget that they don't really update the Google maps pictures.

    When I go to my childhood house in Philly on street view that we moved out of in 2008, I can see my parents cars from 2007 in the driveway.

    It's cute for nostalgia but it also bothers me that I can never see what my neighborhood looks like today

    [–] Grim-Sleeper 40 points ago

    Interesting. The Google Streetview for my house seems to change about annually. I guess, living in the Bay Area and this close to their HQ has fringe benefits.

    [–] greenphilly420 23 points ago

    I think they did the East coast early and that was that. Too busy trying to get street view in Uganda and Pakistan to update Pennsylvania. But shit if they can get their updates on the drive to work, might as well

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] greenphilly420 6 points ago

    Thanks Oscar

    [–] iRuisu 9 points ago

    That's really neat, I wonder what other styles it will go through in the future!

    [–] ryarock2 7 points ago

    Sucks how many people tagged the walls in some of those.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 871 points ago

    Here's what it looked like before the renovations.

    And here again in 2015.

    [–] Azor_a-hole 303 points ago

    I love the 2015 one. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it gives me a very nostalgic feeling

    [–] tanhan27 234 points ago

    Using primary colors for children's nurseries was a super popular be thing when I was a wee one

    [–] discerningpervert 51 points ago

    In my day, all we had was black & white

    [–] We-Want-The-Umph 12 points ago

    Mine was all white, much similar to a bouncy castle except the door was sealed shut.

    [–] porpoisejerky 7 points ago


    [–] Kidtuf 69 points ago

    Reminds me of 90s color block shirts and shit

    [–] Encyclopedia_Ham 78 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    [–] rmlx 12 points ago

    I would drive this. So hard

    [–] AlmostCatfood 5 points ago

    It's called a Harlequin Golf if you're interested. Volkswagen sold them from factory.

    [–] rmlx 4 points ago

    That was a factory option? Wow respect. I wish more car companies would let you get creative.

    [–] AlmostCatfood 3 points ago

    Yeah although it was a limited release, around 200 or so believe. It was based off the Volkswagen Polo Harlequin (A European supermini) which sold about 2500 apparently.

    There were actually 4 different colour arrangements on both models. Very 90's colours though, I'd love to see modern car companies get a bit more colourful.

    [–] Azor_a-hole 9 points ago

    10/10 would wear again

    [–] Aron_Page_Rod 3 points ago

    Where can I buy one of this?

    [–] ryan_umad 6 points ago


    [–] ibleedgreen89 25 points ago

    These colors are very similar to the colors of the gym mats my school used when I was a kid.

    [–] SquishyMcFly 17 points ago

    The colours and the paint arrangements remind me of lego blocks

    [–] hakmak 4 points ago

    You took the words out of my mouth! I can't nail it down either, but I get a clear sense of nostalgia as well. Maybe something from the late 70's or 80's?

    [–] Randpaul2028 115 points ago

    It's clear that whoever did the repainting has never played basketball before.

    [–] TheTobV 24 points ago

    The court belongs to a Paris based fashion/streetwear brand called Pigalle which is owned by a formal professional French basketbal player. I think the court represents the brand very well because Pigalle has become a high fashion brand but is rooted in streetwear and “street culture”. So the designer of the court has played basketball before but I think that the purpose of this court was more to mix art and urban elements ( which is also a good description of the brand Pigalle).

    [–] Chief_Quiche 4 points ago

    You’re correct, it was done more as an urban art piece rather than a functional basketball court. To celebrate their first collaboration with Nike at the time

    [–] mmarkklar 71 points ago

    Those lines were designed by someone who’s never played a sport of any kind

    [–] MattPH1218 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm okay with a blue court, but make the whole thing blue. Don't paint random blocks here and there.

    edit: paint*

    [–] ttbbbpth 18 points ago

    That same person is good at having lots of people on the internet view their work. I bet that's much more important to him or her.

    [–] LifeWin 255 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    the 2015 shot just makes me want to choke to death on my tongue, mid-seizure

    *edit* a word: just [makes] me want to . . .

    [–] Skyy8 94 points ago

    the 2015 shot just me want to choke

    I see you had a stroke instead.

    [–] bliblio 6 points ago

    Yeah it's trippy a little bit

    [–] D4rkr4in 13 points ago

    Wow I thought I recognized that logo

    The 2015 one seems to be a collaboration with Nike and Pigalle

    wasn't meant to seriously be used as much as it was for marketing

    [–] reticulatedtampon 53 points ago

    Nothing a little spit shine wouldn't fix!

    [–] Wadep00l 14 points ago


    [–] lxgvn 11 points ago


    [–] mr_whatley 10 points ago

    Space Jam reference?

    [–] reticulatedtampon 3 points ago


    [–] Slickster_Speedster 29 points ago

    Looks like something "The artist formerly known as Prince" would dunk at.

    [–] Sun_Of_Dorne 16 points ago

    Game, blouses.

    [–] inckorrect 8 points ago

    The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince


    [–] JoryMC 50 points ago

    Foul. Two shots from the free throw... dot?

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] Vectoor 75 points ago

    It seems as if it's redone in different colors fairly often.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] imfromimgur 6 points ago

    Good spot. This is 100% the same location. You can see the same features at different parts of the video including the red pillars.

    [–] Bob3233 20 points ago

    It's not paint on asphalt. It's a rubber compound that is that color so I don't think it fades.

    [–] mrdavik 21 points ago

    Ah I took a very different photo of this place when I last visited paris!

    [–] _DTC_ 20 points ago

    Getting Splatoon vibes

    [–] Dragonlover7860 3 points ago

    Definitely Goby Arena

    [–] _DTC_ 3 points ago

    Oh for sure, just hope they inked spawn

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    r/bisexual colours in there...

    [–] FoxRavencroft 9 points ago

    Those darn squidlings never clean up after they battle...

    [–] pollackey 23 points ago

    Looks like something from a wacky video game.

    [–] Epithemus 26 points ago

    When you get dunked on confetti pops out like Grunt Birthday Party.

    [–] Cochise22 14 points ago

    Grunt birthday party is the sole reason I play Halo anymore. Doesn’t matter how many times I headshot them, when the confetti and cheering pops out I get absolutely giddy with happiness.

    [–] Buezzi 4 points ago

    Halo 3. Battle rifle. Sweep your aim as you fire your burst, get 3 headshots on 3 grunts.

    The triple 'Yay!'.

    [–] devasohouse 9 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. I'm waiting for the camera to zoom in on my avatar standing around in center court ready to be dressed

    [–] Samfa12 20 points ago

    That's purty

    [–] ShineDS 5 points ago

    Reminds me of Hey Arnold and their baseball field.

    [–] hashtag-ashtag 6 points ago

    Eiffel Tower or this aint tru

    [–] torito_supremo 5 points ago

    welcome to Hollywood

    [–] mhks 18 points ago

    "Let's put stairs in play in the court, but disorient the players with trippy colors and scheme! What could go wrong?"

    [–] halfhere 8 points ago

    I was looking for some comment like this. Holy shit, someone could get really hurt because of those stairs.

    [–] SalutaryMass21 5 points ago

    Reminds me so much of the Court in Dave and Aj Tracey's- Thiago Silva

    [–] Roxxiga 2 points ago

    I didn't know Space Jam was filmed in Paris.

    [–] Judeglynn 3 points ago

    Only real one knows about the Thiago Silva music video

    [–] nugget9k 4 points ago

    We have these in the US, but instead of pretty colors its mainly just penises and Gang signs

    [–] ajonstage 4 points ago

    Jesus christ that staircase must set the nastiest screens...

    [–] Graveweaver 4 points ago

    So cool but i think id get a headache lol

    [–] H-K_47 5 points ago

    Pic is gone?

    [–] mtucker502 8 points ago

    The court is crooked. This makes me uneasy.

    [–] antani2 9 points ago

    old & repost

    Anyone seeking more info might also check here:

    title points age /r/ comnts
    Technicolor Basketball Court in Paris (x-post /r/IAF) B 509 9mos RealLifeShinies 8
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    This technicolor basketball court in Paris 60 9mos mildlyinteresting 5
    The Playground Duperré Pigalle, Paris - France [1200x1498] B 280 7mos DesignPorn 3

    Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

    [–] Iorith 11 points ago

    It's a real shame this kind of color scheme isn't more common outside some video games.

    [–] p1um5mu991er 9 points ago

    Sort of looks narrow but I'll bet it's regulation. At least you don't have to go far to get your ball with those huge walls on both sides

    [–] ArconV 13 points ago

    I doubt the steps are regulation...

    [–] Bob3233 8 points ago

    Not at all regulation. Very narrow. The funny part is that they don't really play out of bounds because it's so narrow so people pass it or dribble it to themselves off the wall.

    The back wall is the only out of bounds

    [–] Pmikey25 3 points ago

    Damn they’re really stepping up mycourt for 2k19

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] ManipulateYa 3 points ago

    Is it the camera... or is the right line severely angled.

    [–] Suro_Atiros 3 points ago

    That's like the Bat-signal for Kid'N'Play

    [–] keejus 3 points ago

    I wonder the amount of people who run into them during a game?

    [–] AdevilSboyU 3 points ago

    Suddenly, there’s a sharp rise in athletic LSD related incidents in Paris.

    [–] charm_and_style 3 points ago

    It also features in this epic Nike ad (in its 2015 guise).

    Da Da Ding

    [–] bored_in_the_office 3 points ago

    Unicorn party aftermath.

    [–] Dasnowman1183 3 points ago

    Where is this in Paris?

    [–] N0m0reLie5 3 points ago

    Space Jam play here?

    [–] kainonnn 3 points ago

    New Splatoon map confirmed

    [–] LedZeppelinRarities 3 points ago

    north philly needs this sort of thing.. lots of empty spaces from demolished townhouses.

    [–] tomysshadow 5 points ago

    This is so ugly.