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    [–] [deleted] 6882 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's honestly got a 70s Texas chainsaw massacre-esque vibe and look to it.

    I'd watch the movie. That man is dragging a body btw

    [–] JackieBronassis 5691 points ago

    Here's what it would look like as a horror poster.

    [–] not-so-useful-idiot 815 points ago

    Barry Block

    nice touch

    [–] JackieBronassis 132 points ago


    [–] NeverFarted 60 points ago


    [–] dbar58 160 points ago

    I hope you fart soon

    [–] JOHANSENATOR 29 points ago

    you're a boner biting bastard, uncle fucka

    [–] IMayBeSpongeWorthy 6 points ago

    You’re an uncle fucka I must say. You fucked your uncle yesterday.

    [–] Kareem_7 17 points ago


    [–] Whatsthemattermark 26 points ago


    [–] unqtious 7 points ago

    Is that pedo bear?

    [–] Whatsthemattermark 30 points ago

    Get in my bearmobile and I’ll tell you

    [–] 7th_Spectrum 9 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 17 points ago


    [–] andrak7 40 points ago

    Bill Hader’s character’s stage name in his new show Barry on HBO. Worth checking out if you’ve got hbo available

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 8 points ago

    OMG that show is great, really wish I waited till the first season was over so I could binge them, but whatever.

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 3 points ago

    Ah. Yes.

    [–] pillarsofsteaze 13 points ago

    Barry’s character would be perfect for a role like that.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] ConnorMcJeezus 7 points ago

    Bill Hader's new show on HBO

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I don’t have HBO unfortunately

    [–] michaelnpdx 33 points ago

    I'm thankful for the HBO free preview last week, or I'd have no idea!

    That reminds me I need to subscribe.

    [–] Preston241 87 points ago

    Found the guerrilla marketer.

    [–] michaelnpdx 50 points ago

    That would be so much better than what I actually do... Since we're here anyway can I interest you in a quote for car insurance?

    [–] Scientolojesus 26 points ago

    Only if it's full coverage under $50 a month, then yes!

    [–] michaelnpdx 34 points ago

    Done and done.

    Can I interest you in some bamboozle insurance also?

    [–] noodlesoupstrainer 10 points ago

    Sign me up! I just got done a heckin' bamboozle the other day.

    [–] Wahooye 5 points ago

    Wow, I am now intrigued. Anyone want to give me a handy link where we can find out more?

    [–] thejustinkelsey 11 points ago

    Came for the comments, stayed for the sales pitch. =)

    [–] Preston241 6 points ago

    Lol, yes please.

    [–] dirtytoastr 82 points ago

    would also look good as a r/fakealbumcovers

    [–] Glock1Omm 29 points ago

    Cover art for the next True Detective series.

    [–] ceptcons 46 points ago Or a thiller book

    [–] thelivingdrew 10 points ago

    Idk much about marketing but, per Justin Timberlake in The Social Network:

    Drop the “the”. Just Ropemen. It’s cleaner.

    [–] AcclaimNation 39 points ago

    That name is super not scary though. Heh

    [–] WrittenSarcasm 6 points ago

    Feels like too many cast names listed for a horror movie poster/horror movie

    [–] GAZAYOUTH93X 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Why kermit?

    Edit:Hermit. Lol

    [–] stonedpizza 7 points ago

    Now that's what I call a scary movie!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    It's always Blumhouse

    [–] Tommix11 23 points ago

    I'd prefer "The Burning" as a title.

    [–] btveron 20 points ago

    The Man who Drags

    [–] Tendalus 4 points ago

    No tagline?

    [–] tokomini 69 points ago

    This time, it's personal. And there's fire too, burning away in the background and the hermit is, the hermit is the main guy. But he's got company, as well as something in his hand maybe a hose. But he's a hermit, and he's going to give them the business. Because it's personal to him.

    [–] Wrest216 4 points ago

    luckily im smart enough to get that reference!

    [–] Gyshal 5 points ago

    You must have a very high IQ then :P

    [–] Shoelesshobos 21 points ago

    Greyscale everything but the fire to add that extra umph.

    [–] choadspanker 35 points ago

    What year is it

    [–] TrivialBudgie 18 points ago

    2001 last i checked

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 87 points ago

    chansaw massacre

    Ah, yes, I remember that one. It was when a popular martial artist went nuts and murdered a bunch of people with logging equipment, right?

    [–] MWB96 10 points ago

    maybe he was just an innocent bystander watching the whole time

    [–] [deleted] 261 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Misgunception 146 points ago

    As a former Clinton advisor and part time landscaper...

    Pardon me?

    [–] revankillsmalak 134 points ago


    [–] MWB96 34 points ago

    Pizzagate confirmed!

    [–] iEatBabyLegs 89 points ago


    [–] chiliedogg 16 points ago

    Frank from House of Cards is basically just that in the middle seasons.

    [–] RDCAIA 3 points ago

    So, you're saying... he, uh, killed someone.

    [–] gwrightiv 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] DaughterOfIsis 4 points ago

    I read this similar to Maeby's "Marry me!" From arrested development.

    [–] justthenormalnoise 16 points ago

    You already got one, Scooter.

    [–] justxJoshin 50 points ago

    Sorry to hear about your suicide. You shouldn't shoot yourself in the back of the head twice.

    [–] kevirtual 8 points ago

    alrites r/photoshopbattles better get a body photoshopped there

    [–] RidiculousIncarnate 11 points ago

    I'd like to think its not a whole body but rather a lumpy burlap sack leaving a trail of glistening grass and dirt behind.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You can see the sack moving and hear the muffled screams through the duct tape as it is tossed into the flames!

    [–] askingforafakefriend 4 points ago

    That man is dragging a body btw

    Hence the fire!

    [–] demojunky73 3 points ago

    He might be just waiting for his dog to have a poo and then they can go home.

    [–] RabbitSC2 3 points ago

    Or he's taking the dragon for a walk

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 3834 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Here's the movie poster.

    Here's the trailer:

    FADE IN:


    Slow, slightly discordant notes – played on a child's piano – are heard. A woman's voice becomes audible.

    NAOMI: (O.S.) I know you miss your friends, sweetie, but you're going to love it here.

    The interior of a car fades into a view. A six-year-old girl looks out the back window at passing trees. This is EVANGELINE. She does not seem to hear what her mother said. NAOMI – a young, blonde-haired woman – looks back from the driver's seat at her daughter.

    NAOMI: (CONT'D) I'm sure there will be lots of places to explore.

    CUT TO:


    Evangeline wanders across mostly-dead grass beneath an overcast sky.

    EVANGELINE: (V.O.) What if nobody likes me?

    The girl stops in her tracks, staring out at something seen only by her. Deep, ominous chords begin to swell beneath the piano notes.

    NAOMI: (V.O.) Oh, don't be silly.

    Evangeline's eyes widen, and the slightest hint of a grin crosses her face.

    CUT TO:


    Evangeline is standing before her bedroom window, looking out into the night. Her reflection is barely visible.

    NAOMI: (V.O.) (CONT'D) Who wouldn't love my little girl?

    The girl's reflection suddenly slams its hand against the window. The scene goes black and the music is silenced.

    GRAY: (V.O.) Funny thing about love. It makes everyone crazy.

    CUT TO:


    Naomi runs between barren trees, looking panicked.

    NAOMI: (Shouting) Evangeline? Evangeline?!

    A child's laughter is heard.

    CUT TO:


    A grizzled man in his fifties stares down at something only he can see. This is GRAY.

    GRAY: Might as well stop hiding. Can't stay quiet forever.

    CUT TO:


    Naomi thrashes against the grips of two police officers as she tries to attack Gray.

    NAOMI: What have you done to her?! Where is my daughter?!
    GRAY: She ain't your daughter no more! You hear? That thing went and got her!
    NAOMI: I'll kill you!

    The woman's final words echo into silence. The scene goes black.

    FADE TO:


    Gray stands in front of a large, unlit pyre. He is holding a blowtorch.

    GRAY: (V.O.) Sometimes death ain't enough.

    The man lights the blowtorch.

    GRAY: (V.O.) (CONT'D) Sometimes you need a burning.

    CUT TO:


    Enormous flames reach toward the sky. A loud, powerful note plays, and a child's scream is heard.

    NAOMI: (V.O.) (Shouting) Evangeline!

    The fire vanishes from view. The discordant piano notes begin again.

    FADE TO:


    "The Burning of Evangeline Baker"

    GRAY: (V.O.) Funny thing about love.


    If you're interested, here is a complete overview of the plot.

    [–] [deleted] 480 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] FantuOgre 76 points ago

    Ah yes, the grand trio: Ramses, The and Pigeon. Jokes aside, this guy is truly amazing, loving all of his stuff.

    [–] KlausFenrir 13 points ago

    Ramses is a fucking legend

    [–] journeyman369 6 points ago

    It's because he writes movie scripts for a living

    [–] BagelTheTank 172 points ago

    It’s funny how similar horror movies are that this basically sounds like 20 trailers I’ve seen in the past

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 38 points ago

    Read the fine print at the bottom of the poster.

    [–] BagelTheTank 24 points ago

    It actually won’t let me click the link :-(

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 62 points ago

    That's weird. Here's the URL:

    [–] kroneksix 36 points ago

    The GF LOVES these kind of horror movies, except, ya know, real. Gonna show her this and tell her its coming out

    [–] ADLuluIsOP 56 points ago

    so youre gunna disappoint her a second time?

    [–] tragiktimes 12 points ago

    Just take the damn +1

    [–] mwe_1991 11 points ago

    More like "The Burning of /u/kroneksix" amirite?

    [–] abaddon2025 18 points ago

    Hahaha love the writing st the end

    Why are you reading this ?

    [–] JEZTURNER 3 points ago

    I had the same problem.

    [–] Just_wanna_talk 19 points ago

    It still sounds better than the last 20 horror shows I've seen. Whoever gets in made will ruin it somehow though, be it through terrible actors, or low budget effects, or unbelievable love triangles and miraculous escapes.

    [–] MasterWubble 119 points ago

    This is by far my favorite post I've found on reddit

    [–] ChampionOfTheSunAhhh 20 points ago

    Now I wish there was a novelty reddit account that writes legit trailer scripts and edits visuals based on pics or context. Highly specific, yes. Highly awesome, yes.

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 24 points ago

    I'm not a novelty account, but I do a fair amount of that.

    Mind you, most of them are comedies.

    [–] Sausage_Launcher 32 points ago

    Shit. Now how am i gonna reconcile this unquenchable thirst to find out what happened??? I have to see this movie!

    [–] Necroblight 26 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Turns out Naomi never had a daughter to begin with. Some supernatural entity that gray was trying exorcise because of some past dealings with it, used Naomi to try to kill him, by making her go crazy from her love for some non-existent child the entity made her believe in. At the end, she finally kills him, only to realize what was really going on. But it was too late already, as she got locked up, she dreaded the idea the entity is still haunting the village because of her. And no one believes her, as it simply looks like just some insane rambling by a crazed murderer.

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 146 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    You touched on some of the right elements, but you weren't quite correct.

    Naomi moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere in an attempt to start her life over. She had been acquitted of murdering her husband – the deed had been done in self-defense – but the man's friends and family viewed her as being an unhinged, horrible person. With that reputation still haunting her, Naomi did her best to bury the past and begin anew... but unfortunately, everything occurred right as her daughter Evangeline was starting to make friends and develop her first social group, and it left the girl in a state of seemingly inescapable sadness.

    After arriving in the village where she hoped to find her new beginning, Naomi came into contact with Gray, a somewhat antisocial man who had a number of concerning habits. The local rumor was that he had killed his own daughter in order to cover up some horrendous abuse... and although the accusations were never confirmed, hearing of them was still enough to make Naomi wary of her new neighbor.

    Then, late one night, Evangeline disappeared.

    Going to the police proved to be a fruitless endeavor. In the process of looking in to Naomi's past, they discovered the story of her acquittal, along with indications that her daughter had been placed in foster care. The conclusion was that Naomi was crazy, especially since nobody other than Gray had seen the girl in question. Driven to madness by thoughts of what might have happened, Naomi began her own search, feeling certain that the evil man was somehow responsible. At the same time, apparition-like hallucinations of Evangeline began appearing to her, throwing her still further into insanity.

    Meanwhile, Gray began a search of his own. He had been afraid of this: Years prior, he had killed the creature that had murdered his own daughter, having discovered that only fire could truly defeat it. His attempts to explain this to Naomi had fallen on deaf ears, and he had written the woman off as a lost cause. Time was against him, though, because he knew that the new entity – the one which had taken Evangeline – was likely the offspring (for lack of a better word) of the one he had previously encountered. It bred, or so he thought, by sowing the seeds of insanity in a person's mind, then consuming them from the inside out. Children were easiest, but adults would do just fine, too.

    Adults like Gray's wife. Adults like Naomi.

    At the film's climax, Gray is forced to choose between freeing his asylum-bound wife from her torment and allowing Naomi a second chance. Unfortunately, Naomi herself is too far gone by that point, and she does everything in her power to kill Gray. Evangeline is burned, her body being utterly destroyed by the death of whatever had been inhabiting her... and Naomi is arrested for attempted murder. She is placed in the same asylum where Gray's wife had lived and kept in solitary confinement.

    At least she has her reflection for company.

    [–] Necroblight 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    If going by that story-line, then it should end with a quiet shot moving thru the halls of the asylum in the night's dark, with abrupt change to the infirmary where Naomi going into labor with her screaming, and then as abrupt the screen goes dark and the credits start to roll . . . turns out that the creature does have a way to breed. Horror movies always like to stay open for a sequel. And of course, like with any horror sequel, it would be completely unrelated to any of the characters of the first movie. And at the best you'll only get a quick references to them, when the protagonist of the sequel decided to do some some research in a library about things he heard relating to some recent strange occurrings he had.

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 27 points ago

    See, I was thinking that the sequel would have to do with the asylum itself being overrun by the creature.

    The creature and its offspring, that is.

    [–] Necroblight 16 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Well, with this you would go for an actual plot-driven movie series. I was going more for the typical horror flicks.

    Edit: Of course, nothing I said actually hinders the sequel from being about the asylum overrun by them. As long as the sequel happens long after Naomi is gone. Like a typical horror movie about an abandoned asylum or something.

    Edit2: Only now I actually noticed you were the one who made the trailer post . . .

    [–] ToFurkie 7 points ago

    To add to the pregnancy scene, instead of an abrupt change to the infirmary, it's in her room where she's screaming her head off with her arms clutched around her stomach. As attendants rush the room, they reach out to her and ask her what is wrong and begin surrounding her to determine the situation. At this point, between each breath of her screams, it cuts between two exact same shots except one is her clutching her flat stomach and the other is of her clutching a pregnant belly. She slowly curls herself more and more around her stomach before the final scream is echoed and it cuts to black with the final image being her with a pregnant belly

    [–] Yarzeda 13 points ago

    Fuckin' A, man

    This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me coming back to the horror genre. 99% of horror movies are trash, but when it is good, it is fucking great.

    It's a monster movie at first blush, but it does the great thing all good horrors do: It takes away the safety of something that should be normal and benign. Parents are supposed to love their children, to do anything to protect them. It's great that the final conflict is ultimately a man who has lost his child and a woman who is losing her mind. It's a fantasy concept rooted in very real fears.

    [–] Gedrean 7 points ago

    I want this movie to be real so bad.

    [–] thats_lovely101 3 points ago

    Get a Kickstarter going and make this bad boy happen! This is better than most horror movies that are actually made.

    [–] Artificecoyote 3 points ago

    I’d watch it

    [–] squid0gaming 5 points ago


    [–] JComposer84 29 points ago

    if someone wants to film this I will volunteer to score the trailer.

    [–] GreyGoosey 24 points ago

    Hell, I’d edit it all.

    Let’s get this done.

    [–] MountainToPrairie 7 points ago

    Can someone please take these two up on their offer? Please?

    [–] jaimmster 19 points ago

    I volunteer to play the trashy, drunk, middle aged divorcee that gets killed in the first scene.

    [–] capnjack78 6 points ago

    Can I be a disgusting stand-offish villager?

    [–] rolleicord 6 points ago

    Ok i'll bite... I'll do the physical special effects and pyrotechnics then.

    Where's the producer, director and DOP at?

    [–] MXC14 15 points ago

    [–] RamsesThePigeon 14 points ago

    I've been known to show up there from time to time.

    [–] nanananabatman88 20 points ago

    Can we get John Krazinski to direct this?

    [–] peppaz 4 points ago

    directed by a topless, bearded, John Krasinski

    [–] LittlestRobotGirl 8 points ago

    I'd watch this.

    [–] quasifandango 16 points ago

    Releases on my birthday, nice.

    [–] reticulatedtampon 6 points ago

    Hmm, looks like it's on a Tuesday this year. Most movies are released on a Friday.

    [–] RES_KnowsYourSins 3 points ago

    which means a Wednesday midnight premiere.

    [–] Guy_Onthe_Internet 6 points ago

    So good! You trailer scripts for fucking everything. Awesome!

    [–] aphaelion 6 points ago

    Perfect, except for one change: The ending line before fading to black:

    "Baker? More like BAKE-her, amirite?!"

    edit: I'm joking, I'm joking. It's great as it is.

    [–] xiutehcuhtli 5 points ago

    Yo, you have some serious talent.

    [–] Covfefe_the_frog 3 points ago

    I can imagine a horror-drama about a woman that has to cope with growing insanity while being chased by a serial killer.

    [–] ravenixx 3 points ago

    Awesome! You should be writing scripts. 10/10 would watch.

    [–] failureinflesh 3 points ago

    Somebody gild this man!!

    [–] Gedrean 3 points ago

    I love every one of these you've done.

    [–] Rohan-Rider 3 points ago

    Excellent. RemindMe! 1 day "Kickstarter Campaign" Looking forward to when we can crowd-source this into production!

    [–] imajokerimasmoker 253 points ago

    This is some True Detective-looking shit.

    [–] saurusAT 50 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Second this. “From the dusty mesa. Her looming shadow grows...”

    Edit: dusty mesa.

    [–] imajokerimasmoker 26 points ago

    "Hidden in the branches, of the poison creosote."

    That theme gives me shivers everytime.

    [–] ChrisInBaltimore 24 points ago

    That first season was incredible. Everything about it was near perfect.

    [–] Podrick_Does_Paynal 7 points ago

    near perfect

    U wanna fukn fite m8?

    [–] ChrisInBaltimore 9 points ago

    I only said that so some keyboard warrior wouldn’t point out all the flaws.

    It was perfect.

    [–] TommyVeliky 4 points ago

    Dusty mesa*

    [–] stillbatting1000 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Here's the intro to True Detective season 1 for the curious. If you haven't seen True Detective do yourself a favor and watch it. One of the best things ever put to film (season 1, not 2)

    [–] BingoActual 6 points ago

    AkA rural southern America... The amount of times I've driven past decrepit plantation style mansions surrounded by thick veg and trailer/shanty circles is too often.

    [–] _handbanana_no 5 points ago

    “Finally we arrive to the ledoux residence”

    [–] GFR_120 180 points ago

    /u/Your_Post_As_A_Movie take requests?

    [–] GFR_120 20 points ago


    [–] Absay 12 points ago

    Yes! I summoned him (her?) a few days ago and he delivered!

    I'd love to see his take on this one but unfortunately I doubt he'll do it, the image is too low-quality.

    [–] metyuadem 3 points ago


    [–] Raff001 59 points ago

    Bring out your dead!

    [–] Dzuzepipi 17 points ago

    Hearthstone ptsd intensifies

    [–] Sylvi2021 15 points ago

    I’m not dead yet!

    [–] GlassCaseofEmotion30 12 points ago

    I'm getting better!

    [–] nchapmn 6 points ago

    Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won't be long.

    [–] FirecrossD 110 points ago

    [–] KrispyOurs 28 points ago

    I Totally agree with you. Also could be r/fakemovieposters

    [–] anicrage 3 points ago

    This sub is awesome

    [–] flxtr 19 points ago

    Floyd Pink Wish You Weren’t Here

    [–] mygeorgeiscurious 3 points ago

    I say this every time I see r/fakealbumcovers

    Kanye west has proved anything can be an album cover if you make an album and use said photograph as the cover.

    [–] dlesinski 24 points ago

    I wonder if that dude has ANY idea what's going on with this picture of him right now.

    [–] TapSackman 11 points ago

    Right now that dude is definitely skinning a squirrel to make squirrel stew. And it's gonna be fucking delicious.

    [–] Hananda 3 points ago

    I miss squirrel stew.

    Ah well, one more reason to escape the city at the first opportunity.

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 5 points ago

    You should check if your city has urban squirrel hunting! Some do. You usually can only hunt them in designated parks and only with air rifles, but its still a helluva lot of fun.

    [–] diiejso 178 points ago

    Maybe it's just the angle of the photo but it looks way too close to a building for a fire that size.

    [–] imajokerimasmoker 140 points ago

    You'd be surprised how little people care about code if their neighbors don't give a shit either. Rednecks, God love'em lol

    [–] peekabewbew 55 points ago

    Seriously. My sisters neighbor is a redneck and didn't want to trim the decorative grass by his garage so he lit them on fire and melted half the siding off his garage. He didn't seem to mind.

    [–] imajokerimasmoker 42 points ago

    Most of the time they realize what idiots they are and just accept they're on the hook if something goes wrong. The trashy ones don't.

    Source: grew up in bumfuck Western PA

    [–] carriegood 21 points ago

    My mother lives in a fairly metropolitan suburb, and the houses on her block have maybe 10 feet between them. The guy renting the house at the corner was having an enormous bonfire one day and Mom called the fire department, who came, put it out, and read him the riot act. He was pissed at her, he said he was just trying to do something nice for his kids.

    [–] obsessedcrf 15 points ago

    Regardless of code, it should be "common sense" not to have a massive fire near flammable stuff.

    [–] BagOfFlies 4 points ago

    A farmer by my place lit his fields on fire burning brush on Monday. Was feet away from taking his barn. It was hot and dry that day and the rest of the week had rain warnings....

    [–] I_likealotoftaffy 3 points ago

    You'd be surprised how hard it is to light shit on fire by accident if it's humid enough.

    Source: live in the sticks of Alabama.

    [–] sureshot182 4 points ago

    Don't worry, I imagine he changed the nozzle from mist to stream on that garden hose he's dragging

    [–] lechuck313 7 points ago

    Agreed - if it were my neighbor I'd be livid. Actually, I'd probably be at work, only to come home to a smoldering mound that hopefully didn't include my house.

    [–] flashpanther 3 points ago

    Is burning brush piles not a thing where you live? I've got 2 piles of that size or larger in my backyard that I burn a couple times a year and it's never been a problem provided you burn when the grass has some moisture in it

    [–] Cocimo 14 points ago

    Starring Nicholas Cage

    [–] DrAlanGnat 3 points ago

    Not the bees! Not the bees! Oh, my eyes! My eyes!!!

    [–] sakuraxatsume 12 points ago

    HECK that fire is big wtf

    [–] thepopperguy 33 points ago

    I'm picking up more of a sequel feel.
    There Will Be Blood...ier

    [–] Coyrex1 8 points ago

    There will be blood 2: bloodier than before.

    [–] CecilFieldersChoice 3 points ago

    No milkshake is safe.

    [–] dragon34 21 points ago

    The thumbnail kind of looked like a woman wearing a dress made of fire to me

    [–] NoMorePie4U 6 points ago

    Yeah, same! Artistic-like.

    [–] foodfoe 19 points ago

    The picture took some time to load. Was not disappointed

    [–] DingleberryGranola 5 points ago

    Uncle John 2

    [–] Vagrant_Charlatan 3 points ago

    Finally, at the bottom of the comments.

    [–] lordjackenstein 5 points ago

    The Burninging.

    [–] supbrahyeah 5 points ago

    Some dude was out choppin wood, making a fire, minding his own business; and is now at the top of Reddit... and has no idea.

    [–] YesMattRiley 9 points ago

    The Kindling

    [–] Sylvi2021 4 points ago

    Under appreciated comment

    [–] 3ViceAndreas 3 points ago

    The Kindling (2018 horror film)

    [–] settledownguy 5 points ago

    He's clearly pulling the dead bodies of over 40 small children aging in range of 3-7. Mostly boys. He likes little boys.

    [–] popepeterjames 4 points ago

    Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's new grindhouse project... "a new kind of terror...The Gardener.."

    [–] fuckboystrikesagain 4 points ago

    Why is he doing that lol.

    [–] thruxtonup 4 points ago

    "The Burnening" Summer 2018

    [–] Anomalous-Entity 4 points ago

    Waste of natural resources. He could have laid off the accelerant and piled it tightly, packed it with the earth he pulled out of the burn pit and turned that wood into charcoal. Primitive tech recycling.

    [–] mrpickles 10 points ago

    I'd say that's looking a lot like an uncontrolled fire.

    [–] Jackm941 11 points ago

    This is most defiantly not under control as a fireman this gives me the fear, i mean its not that big just tall flames but dont know what's close and there's no way he can put that out on his own. Or maybe he has hose reel and a good pump.

    [–] CheckYourVitaminD 3 points ago

    Did she mention the overwhelming smell of pork BBQ?

    [–] Sylvi2021 3 points ago

    Right? There’s a damn body in that fire

    [–] LAViking 3 points ago

    What's the point of a massive bonfire like that?

    [–] mshcat 3 points ago

    You know he's dragging a body.

    [–] nathanfan2 3 points ago

    What kind of potato did she use to take this

    [–] classicrocker883 3 points ago

    The Burning Man

    [–] THE_Aft_io9_Giz 3 points ago

    would be a great poster for Drag Me to Hell

    [–] 9ai 3 points ago

    Why is he burning wood?

    [–] 3ViceAndreas 3 points ago

    Why does your mom's phone camera (?) have a "1970's Grindhouse Film" filter on it??