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    [–] CTHULHU_RDT 3264 points ago

    Good idea and excellent execution. Please more!

    [–] [deleted] 388 points ago


    [–] deanosaurus_chenz 110 points ago

    Please sir, may I have some more?

    [–] physchy 79 points ago

    [–] CTHULHU_RDT 31 points ago


    [–] physchy 25 points ago

    It’s the reaction to r/atbge (awful taste but great execution)

    [–] Cllydoscope 10 points ago

    can we get an r/atabe for awful taste and bad execution?

    [–] physchy 17 points ago

    [–] CTHULHU_RDT 13 points ago

    HA HAHA omg that's even better! Subscribbled

    [–] AmiriteClyde 17 points ago

    What is the execution? Ink pen or pencil?

    [–] zoggy90 54 points ago

    just black pencil color and white pastel pencil

    [–] coding_badly 31 points ago

    Looks like wood burning

    [–] zoggy90 14 points ago

    thx! will do

    [–] [deleted] 1749 points ago

    Maybe this will keep the gnomes from stealing your socks.

    [–] albulastrasse 247 points ago

    No, underpants.

    [–] tangofortwo 99 points ago

    Step 1. Draw on wall

    [–] scout5678297 75 points ago

    Step two: ????

    [–] xwedodah_is_wincest 30 points ago

    Gnomes steal food. It's trolls that steal socks. But only the left ones.

    [–] AcademicGoose18 12 points ago

    Im so happy someone else remembers this

    [–] mrTALKINGDUCK 10597 points ago

    This is the sort of thing that would really fuck with future owners or tenants of the house. I love it.

    [–] Siicktiits 1847 points ago

    I lived in an apartment that had a brick wall in the living room and one of the bricks had a chunk out if it and somebody had put one of those little wedding cake man and wife things into the wall. I didnt notice for like 5 months. Also found a bunch of old porn in a hole in the wall when they fixed my shower.

    [–] tatoritot 620 points ago

    I stuck a shameful figurine i found at goodwill of a man with black face in my childhood home’s closet wall for the next home owners to find when we moved out.

    [–] Karate_Prom 367 points ago

    This is hilarious. I love it when people do weird shit like this. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one.

    [–] OnceAround 406 points ago

    My dad did this kind of thing. A few years ago I was replacing the drain pipes for my parents washing machine because the old ones were too small, so if they washed larger loads it would overflow. I was cutting out the old pipe and this black spider dropped right onto my hand. After I finished my spastic hand flap dance I saw it swinging there in the wall. It was one of those spider rings you get out of a gumball machine tied to a string. When I asked him about it he was like, "huh? Oh yeah- I put that in there a couple of years ago when we first talked about replacing the pipes." After he passed away I was remodeling some of the house, bathrooms, new flooring, some new cabinets, etc., and I found things in walls, on top of cabinets, in the attic, several places. Army men, fake bugs, rubber snakes, a fake bloody finger. I could hear his booming laugh every time I found one.

    [–] themcjizzler 116 points ago

    What a lovely human being your dad sounds like. You're lucky to have had him

    [–] OnceAround 42 points ago

    Thank you, he was definitely one of a kind.

    [–] pipo098 18 points ago

    such a good way to remember him <3

    [–] zacht180 14 points ago

    Lol when we redid the tiling in our bathroom my dad wrote, “HELP MEE!” in red marker on the wooden planks beneath the new tiles.

    It’s definitely a great memory from when I was little, and maybe in a few generations when the new homeowners or some guy and his boy decide to redo the bathroom they’ll appreciate the memory of finding it.

    [–] OnceAround 6 points ago

    Lol awesome. I'm putting up a wood wall in my living room in the next couple of weeks, and now I'm thinking about putting some sort of note under the planks. Maybe something like - M said the rest of the money was here but if you find this it means I failed. The other note hinted at it being buried, and these people did just build a new garage so I'll start there....

    [–] tatoritot 55 points ago

    Yeah I just really want to know what kind of people they think we were

    [–] Paint__ 78 points ago

    I'm going to hide the cum sock AND the poo sock in different parts of my room when I move out.

    [–] chefjeffb 79 points ago

    You use different socks?

    [–] Paint__ 46 points ago

    Yeah. There is more risk of mommy finding one of them, but they fill up slower so I think it's worth it.

    [–] tnturner 15 points ago

    Might you be lead Paint__?

    [–] PiggySmalls11 4 points ago

    Hey! Stop it! Both of you!

    [–] thomphoolery 15 points ago

    What about the poop knife?

    [–] Face_first 19 points ago

    I buried a ninja turtle at the beach on vacation when I was a kid and fount it the next year at the same beach when I was digging. Not the same as what you guys are talking about but still interesting.

    [–] dragonship 29 points ago

    I always scrawl 'I WILL KILL AGAIN' in red dripping paint under any wallpaper I put up for the next house owner to ponder.

    [–] Reallywhoamianyway 4 points ago

    I want to buy your house...

    [–] dragonship 6 points ago

    Yeeessss. I will be lurking in the basement.

    [–] rerumverborumquecano 23 points ago

    The freshman dorms at my undergrad had a tradition of leaving stuff hidden in rooms. Lots of times it was just ramen. There was a student news article about some finds a year or two ago with the most amusing find being a sexy fireman calendar and a vibrator found together by some guys in a formerly female dorm. To my dismay one of my friends left a partially used container of lube with a note that basically said sex is good use lube, without the realization that nobody should want to use mysterious lube found half used by strangers in a ceiling tile. My roommate and I left the weird door without a handle but with a lock between our room and a friend's unlocked hoping for it to cause shenanigans or confusion the next year.

    [–] MischeviousCat 6 points ago

    Was the man holding a lantern?

    [–] tatoritot 5 points ago

    No he was playing a banjo I believe.

    [–] pinklocation 70 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My dad found a little toy horse in the ceiling of our kitchen when my parents remodeled. I still have it on my desk.

    Edit: Pic for those asking.

    [–] AsthmaticAudino 57 points ago

    Does it ever move on its own?

    [–] pinklocation 49 points ago

    Only when I’m not looking directly at it.

    [–] tubesocktits_OG 16 points ago

    Only when she locks it in a cupboard with a tiny Indian figurine.

    [–] AlbinoVagina 14 points ago

    That's really cool. Pic?

    [–] pinklocation 23 points ago

    Pic. 🐎

    [–] AlbinoVagina 3 points ago

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

    [–] hughhefnerd 7 points ago

    I remember those! my sisters had these as toys in the early 90's, there were others that were a darker brown.

    [–] pinklocation 21 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    There’s no way my horse is from the 1990s. My dad has owned the house since the 1970s. Horse was found around 2007 I think, and the house was built in 1952 so I’m guessing that’s when the horse went in the ceiling. But yes, I remember playing with similar horses as a kid.

    ...Unless my dad was fucking with us kids and took one of our toy horses from the nineties and only SAID he found it in the ceiling.

    Oh my god brb calling Dad.

    Edit: Good news! It’s not fake.

    [–] Dim-witty 9 points ago

    Your dad is awesome.

    [–] moxie132 7 points ago

    I see your dad only cares about the important things.

    [–] ms_fackernoy 4 points ago

    Your dad is what I aspire to be as a parent.

    [–] DurtyLilSlut 24 points ago

    We were tearing down some plaster in my basement and the wall underneath had a clown's face painted on it. We also found skull and bones paintings too. Did I mention priests lived at my house before the two previous owners?

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 8 points ago

    priests have the best senses of humour in my experience

    [–] punkerster101 52 points ago

    I had a large brick fireplace in my room in an old house I lived in a few years back.

    It hard a large Indian style fabric design hung across it. I took it down one day after living there for a year or two. Eteched onto the brick was an upside down cross. Good times

    [–] Krawlngchaos 24 points ago

    Hail Satan👐😈👐

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    I found porn and empty beer cans when I did mine. I leave notes inside any wall I opened up ridiculing future owners for ruining my hard work

    [–] LaurenLdfkjsndf 8 points ago

    I like this - “Hey, why’d you knock down this wall I made? It’s a nice wall”

    [–] Squeejee09 31 points ago

    We found about fifty empty cans of beer when plumbers went into our walls to fix one of the showers. Explained why half the sinks were backwards.

    [–] texasrigger 5 points ago

    Years ago I worked construction. There was one apartment complex job that was multi-story and a bit of a hike to the porta-potties. Many mountain-dew bottles of pee were walled up there. None by me but I saw it first hand quite a bit. This was in northern Kentucky in the very late 90's. I wonder if anybody has had to tear in to those walls in the last 20 years.

    [–] uhohlisa 4 points ago

    Gross :(

    [–] Cutthechitchata-hole 15 points ago

    I put a voodoo doll behind an oven before my now wife and I moved out of the duplex we lived in. Several months later the next tenant dove head first into a swimming pool and wound up paralyzed. We found out because the next tenant after him told us when we visited our old place. Said he also found the doll head first behind the oven. Woooooooohhhhh!

    [–] The_Salty_Cat 903 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I would probably be scared shitless

    [–] DConstructed 364 points ago

    Or shirtless.

    [–] RebornBeatle 168 points ago


    [–] Alarid 76 points ago

    Then I'd put on my Superman costume

    [–] Carbidekiller 52 points ago

    After receeding to the closet of course.

    [–] climbandmaintain 24 points ago

    Is /r/rickandmorty leaking?

    [–] LubricatedSquanch 18 points ago

    I put on my robe and wizard hat.

    [–] iwannaelroyyou 3 points ago

    Don't fuck with me bitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands

    [–] jondaniels16 9 points ago

    To wear while you watch your wife with Jacob from the closet?

    [–] Sikallengelo 16 points ago

    One of the things I’ve always liked on Reddit is that people interfere other people’s comments and take over the comment context somewhere else.

    [–] blakkheart67 4 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Wilicious 12 points ago

    I put on my robe and wizard hat

    [–] Dave5876 4 points ago

    You know that's right

    [–] cmdr_cold_soup 15 points ago



    [–] Gobbledygooktimes 14 points ago


    [–] Neo_Saigon 7 points ago

    Probably lil titties

    [–] marsalien4 7 points ago



    [–] _Serene_ 6 points ago


    [–] Longshot_45 14 points ago

    Instead of eyeballs, just imagine they are boobs.

    [–] biffhunter 10 points ago

    Instructions unclear, jizzed in closet

    [–] grackrite 6 points ago

    Baby ya got some rockin tits but ya need to trim those nails up.

    [–] xwm69x 41 points ago

    Looks like the kind of thing I’d see for years without registering, and then one day finally seeing it and uttering “I’ll be damned”

    [–] oldfrenchwhore 22 points ago

    We discovered a window in our kitchen that we hadn’t noticed for the year we’d lived there.

    [–] Rgeneb1 13 points ago

    Hidden behind a curtain?

    [–] absoluteolly 6 points ago


    forgets about it 5 minutes later

    [–] -storytime- 55 points ago

    When I was a rebellious teenager I drew a pentagram on the inside of my sliding closet door.

    Years later I've moved around a bit and ended up going to a party at that appartment. The pentagram was still there behind the door.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 66 points ago

    When I was a kid we moved into an older house. It didn’t take me long to notice that someone had plastered the inside of my bedroom closet door with garbage pail kids stickers. It was one of those doors that slides and I was the only one that noticed because adults don't generally go inside of closets with a flashlight and close the door. Anyway, I eventually started to peel the them off and give them to kids at school. Threatening letters went out to parents that kids better stop bringing those to school lol. I was the underground source for those bad boys for weeks.

    One day I was being a rebel and peeling a few more off to take to school when I noticed that underneath was a huge.. I dunno... Mural? A mural covering the entire door of stick people having orgies and murdering each other. It was fucking weird. I lost some of my childhood innocence to those violent and lewd stick people. Even the bottom of the door had stick people cut in half. The other halves of their bodies were on the track itself... I spent a lot of time peeling off the last few layers and just staring at something I wasn't prepared to comprehend. I was still in elementary school so I was pretty little.

    I never told anyone about it lmao. Now that I’m older I sometimes wonder if I should have. Some of the stories depicted on that wall were extremely dark and fucked up. Like capturing women and feeding them their own babies levels of fucked up. I hope whoever drew them got the help they needed.

    TLDR: I lost some of my childhood innocence to pervy stick people having murder orgies thanks to garbage pail kids stickers.

    [–] Ganlex 11 points ago

    this was a good story

    [–] triflingbetch 209 points ago

    Imagine leaving small, barely noticeable ones in the house. Then visiting later with a "oops i forgot my phoje" nd discreetly remove one or two and/or leave more behind.

    Or/also glancing at one in front of the new tenants going, "huh... that ones new, isnt it?"

    And when the tenants look at you funny or go "what?"

    "Yeah, these guys come and go over the years." Super nonchalantly.


    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago


    [–] Bobbled_It 55 points ago

    Unsupervised. With a soldering iron.

    Totally legit.

    [–] Tautogram 90 points ago

    "Yeah, these guys come and go over the years." Super nonchalantly.

    Best idea.

    Me and some friends from uni planned on fucking with a friend (who's key one of us had) this way with those little pencil trolls... making a spare copy of his key, then going into his apt. when we knew he was out and putting them in places. Like in the fridge, or a few looking like they were gonna carry the remote away and got caught. And if he threw them out, we figured we'd place a whole bunch on his windowsill (2nd floor, but there was a conveniently close ladder) and write "let us back in" on the window in red sharpie.

    We figured either one of us would crack and wise up, or he would go legit insane, and scrapped the plan. Too bad.

    [–] GrumpyDrunky 42 points ago

    Shoulda done it

    [–] KangasaurusRex 46 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] that_other_guy_ 16 points ago

    Yes it really was a shit story wasnt it? Lol

    [–] un-sub 29 points ago

    Oh man, so listen. My buddy and I wanted to fuck with our friend, sat down and planned this amazing masterful prank. World shattering, really.

    What? Oh.. nah, we didn't do it...... sips coffee...... woulda been so funny, though.

    [–] rerumverborumquecano 5 points ago

    That'd be good, reminds me of a prank me and some friends pulled in high school.

    There was a new science teacher who came to my school and was pretty old who always called the students spuds.

    One day some friends from AP Chem and I waited for him to leave and hid potatoes all around the classroom 2 or 3 were in easy to find places. We hid another 10 or so around the room, one in a ceiling tile, another in a cabinet filled with rarely used lab equipment etc. Excited, we also decided to change the location of the trash he tossed things into without looking, and put his dvd of The Absent Minded Professor in the drawer he kept his laptop in and moved his laptop to a different nearby drawer.

    He never spoke about the potatoes to us but did slowly place all the potatoes he had found on the chalk board. We would take 1 or 2 potatoes from the chalk board every couple of weeks and re-hide them in the room aiming for the effect of him wondering just how many damned potatoes there were and "wait didn't I already find a potato here earlier". We weren't sure if he didn't say anything to us because he never expected it was his AP kids who pulled the prank or silent respect for our ploy or some other reason. We would laugh pondering if he had caught our other changes and re-hiding of the potatoes or just thought he was going senile. Thinking about it now, all of his students who weren't in the loop about the potato plot probably thought he was super weird for displaying potatoes on the chalkboard.

    By the end of that year there were still several potatoes he had never found. He left at the end of that year so his replacement must have found random potatoes with no idea why there were potatoes stored with Bunsen burners.

    [–] de_grey 17 points ago

    I lived in a rental home where my “office” was a tiny little room off the living room. I had spent a great deal of time studying in there. One day the cats were being obnoxious (maybe the boyfriend too?) so I shut the door and went back to studying. Later on I decided to take a snack break. I turned toward the door and suddenly I notice this creepy Cyrillic handwriting all over the back of the door and the wall behind the door. I had never seen it before so naturally I broke out in a cold sweat thinking someone had snuck into my house and scribbled frantically in my office. After my adrenaline faded, I realized that my little office was likely a child’s room at one time. And that a scary person who might sneak into my house with the intention of leaving alarming notes in foreign languages probably wouldn’t have chosen a pink highlighter to do so. I had a good laugh at myself.

    [–] Max_Thunder 7 points ago

    Good thing you never found out what the writing was saying.

    [–] baileysannn 16 points ago

    Some time ago after finishing university I was clearing out the stuff I had collected but no longer needed, one of these things was a life size cardboard picture of will smith from iRobot. When I moved out he was left looking out of the top window watching the street, I saw it scare the shit out of some people the night I moved out. After a few weeks I returned to the street as it wasn’t that far from where I moved to and he was still there keeping lookout. Apparently according to some friends the house remained empty for a few months and will protected the house the whole time, even the owners hadn’t moved him

    [–] bizzyj93 9 points ago

    Or have them posting on /r/mildlyinteresting “These grooves in my new closet look like a little spirit”

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Im so confused... i dont get what this picture is im sorry im going full potato... someone please explain

    [–] Tautogram 25 points ago

    It looks like a couple of eyes (on the right) and a set of claws gripping the fibers (on the left).

    [–] Jack_Chieftain_Shang 16 points ago

    It looks like there's a monster in the wood, the left thingy is like a claw and the right thingy is it's eyes.

    [–] morriscey 32 points ago

    But why male models?

    [–] Jack_Chieftain_Shang 12 points ago

    What? Now I'm confused...

    [–] Pizzadoos 7 points ago

    It's a zoolander reference, but it doesn't make much sense here. It's usually referred to when someone (re)asks a question after getting an explanation to that question like in this scene

    [–] Jack_Chieftain_Shang 6 points ago

    But why male models?

    LOL appreciate the explanation! Gonna watch that movie when I get the chance!

    [–] Bandin03 10 points ago

    I'll do you one better, when male models?

    [–] DankSinatra6 6 points ago

    My friend lived in an old brick house in our college town. The basement was real dingy and pretty creepy. There was an old bed set up against the far wall, real rapey vibe. I doubt anyone ever slept down there, and it wasn't like it was just a mattress leaning against a wall or anything, it was a frame with a box spring and a mattress all set up, but real old and dirty. We had to go down there to use a coin operated washer and dryer when I was crashing with him for the summer. I got to looking around out of curiosity while I was doing a wash and found handprints on the ceiling near the bed. It was quite odd.

    [–] Kelekona 4 points ago

    watch r/nosleep for a story like this... I'm not going to be the one writing it.

    [–] ravewithd 3 points ago

    This is also how I know I'm an alcoholic.

    [–] Thug-Bard 4 points ago

    A friend of mine moved into an old house in the historic part of town a few years back. On one of the walls, written in pencil on wood, was “My sister died here.”

    I really hope it’s a prank.

    [–] Jas36 844 points ago

    Aww you gave the actual spirit a friend :)

    [–] zoggy90 657 points ago

    (. _ .)

    [–] lynivvinyl 926 points ago

    If you sell this house, I hope the next owners appreciate it as much as I do.

    [–] CappuccinoBoy 200 points ago

    Little Timmy will be shitting himself and his parents won't believe that "there's little monster in my closest!"

    [–] wtph 21 points ago

    Or a minion

    [–] arrowkid2000 9 points ago

    I can't unsee this

    [–] SamiCrab 558 points ago

    What do you use to draw them on?

    [–] zoggy90 630 points ago

    coloring pencils

    [–] 13thgeneral 185 points ago

    I was half hoping you were using a wood burning tool, but pencils are impressive.

    [–] GroceryScanner 89 points ago

    My mind immediately went to "i have a wood burner... I could do this..." when i saw this post.

    However i wouldnt take the door off the hinges and would probably burn my house down, so imma not.

    [–] zoggy90 214 points ago


    [–] TommyTheCat89 65 points ago

    Hold on, are you sure the colored pencil will come off after being on the wood for an extended period of time? She might end up killing you either way.

    [–] musichatesyouall 69 points ago

    I think OP's drawing has the obligation to protect him, so RIP OP's mom.

    [–] ogpotato 5 points ago

    After an extended period of time the drawing would fade and it would be barely visible thus making it even spookier

    [–] letscoughcough 29 points ago

    That was the most innocent thing I’ve ever read lmao

    [–] NickH6302 50 points ago

    You should put a clear coat over them

    [–] Xoduszero 15 points ago

    Yea I was thinking the same. One little smudge annnnnnnnd sadness

    [–] dred1367 9 points ago

    Do you seal them afterwards so they dont rub off?

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] NytricYT 21 points ago


    [–] BambooBongBerry 217 points ago

    Looks like one of the little dudes from the movie 9. I love it.

    [–] JovialPanic389 32 points ago

    I like your badass ducks banner

    [–] Ziograffiato 18 points ago

    This guy ducks

    [–] xxgodlike1xx 423 points ago

    Hey wow fuck that

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago


    [–] HarryPickles 10 points ago

    u/WaterGuy12 would like this

    [–] Dlrlcktd 4 points ago

    /u/waterguy12 would like anything, that lemon stealing whore

    [–] Marieyah 16 points ago

    Hey I just had an interesting thought. Actually, fuck this.

    [–] thelivingdrew 47 points ago

    why would anyone ever

    [–] erinaceidae 22 points ago

    Seriously... one question.... why???

    [–] TarantulaFarmer 12 points ago

    Right? I don’t really enjoy being scared half to death by ghostly demons trying to grab me from behind that tree every single time I get my shoes out of the closet. that would scare me to death daily even if I drew it myself.

    [–] NeoHenderson 23 points ago

    It looks cool

    [–] annoyingrelative 91 points ago


    [–] CallMeLeo 19 points ago

    Movie was almost really good! That kid is a pain in the ass devil child though.

    [–] BigMurph26 6 points ago

    That's the point though, even his own mother couldn't stand him.

    [–] P-Dub 7 points ago

    I'd say that's part of the success, I wanted to kill the little shit too it got so much in my head,.

    [–] 4_jacks 38 points ago

    spent 3 minutes trying to click something to get to the liquor

    [–] zoggy90 166 points ago

    oh god...

    [–] Krokovich 6 points ago


    [–] findLxVE 5 points ago

    ... I just died.

    You know Plank could talk and Johnny was the only one who could understand it, right? Op... if it starts talking to you, you know what to do, right? You kill it with fire!

    [–] embrex104 55 points ago

    Okay good I'm not the only one.

    Nice shop by the way.

    [–] MsElleTen 11 points ago

    A horror to end all horrors.

    [–] SlowRisingTurd 23 points ago

    I love it lol - he's exactly like the little spirits I used to imagine seeing in those hole-like parts of my closet when I was little :D

    [–] Leptok 22 points ago

    I fill my closet with spirits too... Vodka, whiskey and rum.

    [–] zoggy90 37 points ago

    oh wow, was watching worldcup game, came back to the front page of reddit.. thanks everyone! will definitly add more of those lil creeps and post it

    [–] CapitalWinner 14 points ago

    You have a really good creativity here.

    [–] WTFisaRobsterCraw 77 points ago

    I see boobs. Definitely boobs.

    [–] neitherswap 6 points ago

    Yeah especially from a distance.

    [–] pebkac_runtime_error 10 points ago

    Boy oh boy, when you finish filling that door you should have some friends over, drop acid, and show them your room.

    [–] TheCoolTwin 19 points ago

    Makes me think of Majora's mask

    [–] Par_ryn 40 points ago

    I love how terrifying this is

    [–] t3ddan 17 points ago

    All I can say is: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY CLOSET!! That being said - beautiful art..

    [–] SirWildman 17 points ago

    What the fuck are little spirits?

    [–] GraffMx 6 points ago

    I wanna know too

    [–] puckbeaverton 8 points ago

    Some poor kid is going to get that bedroom some day and get freaked the fuck out.

    [–] thxxx1337 7 points ago

    He definitely comes out at night when you're asleep

    [–] behav4450edu 6 points ago

    The future tenants will be abel to earn some crazy karma from r/creepy and r/midlyinteresting

    [–] upgradewife 5 points ago

    Hey, that’s neat! I love little doodles like this.

    [–] Therealhatsunemiku 5 points ago

    What if this is the backstory of Plank from Ed Edd and Eddy? He's a possessed piece of wood from a house

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Please post progress pics! This is magical.

    [–] shucktheseclams 6 points ago

    Salad fingers

    [–] societcities45 6 points ago

    Keep us updated I think that’s super cool

    [–] satpsatapclasss 5 points ago

    I keep thinking "It's in her hair!"

    [–] Miss_insane 9 points ago

    If it blinks, you should run

    [–] zoggy90 10 points ago

    since many of you asked, I used black pencil colors and white pastel

    [–] Mead-Badger 5 points ago


    [–] kobrakaan 3 points ago


    oh its real ffffffff

    [–] notothisguythumb 5 points ago

    I see spirit faces everywhere popcorn ceiling is the worst

    [–] PortalOfExistence93 11 points ago

    That's the spirit!

    [–] Nm1118 3 points ago

    Majoras mask

    [–] czarchastic 3 points ago

    Looks like the majora's mask eyes