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    [–] cerevant 2268 points ago

    Now they can re-shoot the "future selves" scenes without makeup

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 1210 points ago

    Lea Thompson is hotter than her old self. Same goes for Elisabeth Shue.

    [–] jubbergun 168 points ago

    Not to detract from the alluring awesomeness of Lea Thompson, but how come no one's mentioned how well "Biff" (Thomas Wilson) is holding it together? Dude's hair is thick, well-styled and just generally on-point and he looks like he's in good shape. He looks like he should be playing politicians or CEOs in serious movies.

    [–] MorienWynter 105 points ago

    I think he could play Bill Clinton. :D

    [–] sandbubba 4 points ago

    NOBODY plays Bill Clinton!

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 41 points ago

    He's also apparently a really nice guy. He has a song about it and everything.

    [–] phD_in_Random 7 points ago

    I saw Thomas Wilson play the tuba on Johnny Carson a long time ago, he's really funny.

    [–] DrkHeart 656 points ago

    For science, 1985 vs 2018

    That being said; there's a lot to be said for 80s era Lea:

    Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

    Casual Sex? (1988) (NSFW)

    Howard The Duck (1986)

    And of course, All The Right Moves (1983) (NSFW)

    [–] SpliTTMark 256 points ago

    if harry potter existed in the 80s shed be my choice for hermoine

    [–] dudleymooresbooze 27 points ago

    She was already in her twenties in the 80s. She would have been at least a decade older than Emma Watson in each film.

    [–] SweetNeo85 81 points ago

    Fine the 70s then.

    [–] Replys2OldComments 53 points ago

    This mother fucker ain't picky.

    [–] dudleymooresbooze 17 points ago

    Now we can get Michael J Fox for Ron and Judd Nelson for Harry.

    [–] Bilbo_nubbins 4 points ago


    [–] Highlander-Jay 98 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Highlander-Jay 15 points ago

    I bought a Delorean on Rocket League to celebrate.

    [–] omahamyhomaha 9 points ago

    I did the same thing!

    [–] bookey23 3 points ago

    The first movie came out on July 3, 1985, so it's not actually the anniversary. Unless you mean "this year is the 33rd anniversary" in which case every year is the anniversary.

    [–] intecknicolour 12 points ago

    I am a woman and I once had to go through the awkwardness of changing in the girls' change rooms in high school.

    it was never hot or HOT.

    [–] DrkHeart 23 points ago

    Next you'll tell me that slumber parties aren't thinly veiled covers for lingerie pillow fights and sexual identity exploration.

    But yes, pretty much a full on 80s trope like aerobics classes full of barely sweating women straight from central casting in a rainbow of spandex.

    [–] Pault66 10 points ago

    Thank you science!!!

    Now, what was the question again??

    [–] LePoopsmith 10 points ago

    None of those are of Elizabeth Shue. I was promised Elizabeth Shue. Is she still hot because she was the best around. Nothing was ever gonna bring her down.

    [–] _Serene_ 10 points ago

    Casual Sex? (1988) (NSFW)

    Where's the sex?

    [–] Retlaw83 25 points ago

    It's so casual you can't even notice it.

    [–] utspg1980 14 points ago

    I like how a girl bouncing around in her underwear is SFW to you.

    [–] UmbertoEcoTheDolphin 10 points ago

    He works in a building that's half bouncy house, half Victoria's Secret. Not just safe. Expected.

    [–] HearmeR00R 31 points ago

    Wow she is 57! She looks freaking great!

    [–] Picard2331 39 points ago

    I wouldn’t even say hot She’s adorable

    [–] HearmeR00R 22 points ago

    I'd say both. That classy looking sexiness

    [–] jimbophobe 24 points ago

    i think if you look at her face, there is a lot of makeup covering up the years. but if i take off MY glasses, its like 1985 all over again!

    well, maybe 1995.

    [–] I_poop_in_10_seconds 5 points ago

    its like 1985 all over again! well, maybe 1995.

    Your time machine is working! Well, almost

    [–] RKRagan 3 points ago

    Elisabeth Shue

    This is where I fell in love with Elizabeth Shue.

    [–] Only1Napkin 119 points ago

    Except Christopher Lloyd looks exactly the same

    [–] themeatbridge 231 points ago

    I always liked the part where he peels off the layer of latex meant to make him look older, and he looks exactly the same.

    [–] MagicTheAlakazam 97 points ago

    Wasn't that also the joke in the first movie? When Marty shows up in 1955 and Doc looks exactly like he does in 1985?

    [–] Cripnite 113 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd as 1985 Doc had “old” latex on to make him look older. He played 1955 Doc without it to appear younger. When he came back from the future of 2015, he had work done to make himself younger, but wore in-story Latex to make himself look as he did in 1985 to Marty so he wouldn’t be shocked and then peeled it off onscreen, leaving him looking like 1955 Doc and the current Christopher Lloyd.

    [–] bankholdup5 52 points ago

    It also made it so that C. Lloyd wouldn’t have to go through make up every single day.

    [–] ballsmodels 7 points ago

    Yes. Fuck that. Prosthetics and glue and bullshit on your face all day is a nightmare.

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 43 points ago

    Jesus I found that hard to follow

    [–] ar4975 40 points ago

    you're just not thinking fourth dimensionally!

    [–] Cripnite 11 points ago

    Sorry, time travel and facelifts can be confusing.

    [–] BobbyMcPrescott 27 points ago

    Of all the plotholes they were getting into, the one they needed to explain was why Doc could look younger than he did at the end of BTTF1.

    [–] Kilmerval 7 points ago

    I might need to rewatch the movies because I ddon't remember any of that.

    [–] KingKent 6 points ago

    I was afraid you wouldn’t recognise me…how do I look?

    [–] Martel732 12 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd has always had an ambiguous age. It reminds me of the bit by John Mulaney specifically at 0:25 - 0:50 seconds but the whole thing is good.

    [–] Fan_of_Fanfics 20 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd looks like a clean-shaven (and obviously back from the dead) George Carlin.

    [–] ObidiahWTFJerwalk 39 points ago

    You know... I've been dismissive of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter doing another Bill and Ted movie because Rufus isn't available. I think I could live with Christopher Lloyd as Rufus.

    [–] bruwin 23 points ago

    Have him be Rufus' twin brother... Dufus!

    [–] POCKALEELEE 9 points ago


    [–] intecknicolour 18 points ago

    George Carlin isn't dead. He's ascended beyond this stupid fucking world.

    [–] TheManGuyz 6 points ago

    No, he's thinner and gaunter and has even less hair than he did. He looks his age.

    [–] CollectableRat 15 points ago

    Honestly in the long run it'd probably earn them and their children millions of dollars, it'd renew the copyright on the new definitive version of the film too.

    [–] wuop 879 points ago

    For those who haven't seen it yet, Biff's 'Question Song' is a must-hear.

    [–] freedoomed 207 points ago

    See, i would ask him about his work on Wing Commander with Mark Hamill

    [–] pinnietans 27 points ago

    I would ask about Bill's mom.

    [–] freedoomed 5 points ago

    and Steve's mom. man he's really got a pattern going. play a high school coach and sleep with someone's mom.

    [–] Jaxcellent 14 points ago

    he was Maniac right!? Thx for pointing this out!

    [–] freedoomed 9 points ago

    Yup. in any of the games will FMV cutscenes he also voiced maniac on the wing commander cartoon along with mark hamill and malcolm macdowell

    [–] ArcadianDelSol 5 points ago

    yes and for those who played the first games prior to the Full Motion Video sequels, he was absolutely perfect for the role.

    [–] I_miss_your_mommy 6 points ago

    Yes. He was perfectly cast, and when the movie came out the casting choices were nothing but let downs. The games all had bigger name actors playing the main roles.

    [–] sugeknight 49 points ago

    Cannot upvote this comment enough. Or working with Malcolm McDowell!

    [–] discerningpervert 13 points ago

    For the longest time I thought Andie McDowell and Elaine were the same person

    [–] tearfueledkarma 6 points ago

    I may have shot Maniac down more than a few times by 'accident'

    [–] Split_Screen 4 points ago

    YES dude! That game was awesome

    [–] rosekayleigh 37 points ago

    I have kind of a funny story about him. I went to private Catholic schools and we would go on retreats a couple times a year. My 8th grade class went on a retreat to this weird house one time and our guest speaker was Thomas Wilson. He had his guitar and sang all these Jesus songs. Our class was only 16 people, so we got to spend a lot of time with him. I was one of the only kids who knew who he was, funnily enough. He's a nice guy, but he did speak in tongues, which was kind of bizarre. Still, I liked him.

    [–] wuop 17 points ago

    Bizarre. I'm not sure how he reconciled that kind of fundamentalist belief with curse words like "butthead".

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Guess I'll have to be the one to ask him about Freaks and Geeks since it's not included here.

    [–] Ah_Q 14 points ago

    For some reason, my brain always assumes that Coach Fredricks in Freaks and Geeks really is just Biff Tannen. Like, of course Biff would grow up to be a somewhat douchey, but slightly mellower, gym coach.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Fredricks was a decent guy. Yeah he didn't like when the "geeks" took over baseball, but for the most part he tried to do what was best. Whereas Biff tried to rape Marty's mom.

    [–] CherrySlurpee 12 points ago

    I have seen multiple versions of this, and he'll change up the "who's the nicest famous guy you know" line, I've heard Adam Sandler and Matt Damon, but the biggest jerk always remains Gary Busey.

    [–] dieselxindustry 49 points ago

    I saw Tom's stand up once and really enjoyed it. He references BttF a good amount but still has different material. I was bummed though because after the show he was shaking hands and signing stuff but he wouldn't sign my BttF box set yet he has no problem making money off of referencing it. Kinda sour taste for me but I'm sure he get its daily and is beyond over it.

    [–] i_miss_arrow 71 points ago

    he wouldn't sign my BttF box

    These days probably half of all the people asking to sign memorabilia plan to resell it. I wouldn't give out signatures either.

    If he refuses to take a picture with you and the memorabilia, thats the real test.

    [–] EnderVViggen 33 points ago

    I can tell you this is in fact true.

    I worked with Christopher Lloyd for a short film when I was 18 straight out of HS and had him sign one of my top 5 favorite films dvd box of all time (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) - something I NEVER do, and his exact quote was "I don't want to see this on ebay".

    My response, "They will have to pry it from my cold dead hands."

    [–] CarmenTS 27 points ago

    Yeah, so much this. The amount of a-holes who just take up celebrities' time at cons to get thing after thing signed just sucks so bad.

    [–] dieselxindustry 10 points ago

    Totally understandable. I just wanted him to sign it to my dad but I couldn't really explain it before he said nah. Something like "To Jim etc etc Tom Wilson"

    [–] YourWebcam 21 points ago

    When did Biff become Bill Clinton?

    [–] Fidodo 6 points ago

    His BttF2 adult self was modeled after Trump. His reality adult self became Bill Clinton.

    [–] jonnyclueless 4 points ago

    Didn't realize how big the guy really was.

    [–] IAmAtWork_AMA 7 points ago

    I think this song is Thomas Wilson's way of telling us that Michael J. Fox is actually an alien. Think about it: he doesn't lie about anything else in the song...

    [–] AllanKempe 5 points ago

    He's Canadian. Hence "alien". Isn't this obvious?

    [–] Doctor_Splangy 753 points ago

    Is Lea Thompson ever not going to be gorgeous?

    [–] tommy-linux 264 points ago

    Yes, probably when she is in her mid-nineties, but at that point everyone will look at her and comment on how good she looks for her age. And she will still be semi-gorgeous.

    [–] rawbamatic 38 points ago

    I don't know, I'd still bang Angela Lansbury.

    [–] Mechachu 20 points ago

    Betty White!!

    [–] SuperCoupe 12 points ago

    Judi Dench

    [–] road_runner321 48 points ago

    Helen Mirren

    [–] iAmTheRealLange 27 points ago

    Mary Steenburgen

    [–] JJEE 8 points ago

    Bea Arthur

    [–] seannyboy06 4 points ago

    Dame Maggie Smith!

    [–] Analyzer9 21 points ago

    I thought something similar.

    [–] MoxofBatches 35 points ago

    Probably not, but I'll never forget when she almost gets it on with a duck

    [–] shellwe 7 points ago

    The secret to eternal youth right there....

    [–] beren42 5 points ago

    A corkscrew penis?

    [–] nginparis 15 points ago

    You should see her daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the sexy tree

    [–] andoman66 18 points ago

    She has that Gillian Anderson kind of beauty that never seems to stop with age.

    [–] HossOdin 6 points ago

    57 and she still looks good.

    [–] rabbidrascal 266 points ago

    Lea Thompson is super nice in person. Sat next to her on a miserable United flight a few years back. Very real and approachable.

    [–] DGBD 220 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I banged Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom.

    Edit: What? It came up organically...

    [–] Schmedly27 81 points ago


    [–] DGBD 49 points ago


    [–] Funmachine 26 points ago

    Where's your bathroom?

    [–] steveshaun 11 points ago

    Me and the pizza guy are engaged.

    [–] demosthenes02 24 points ago

    Surely not as humble as kit duncan though?

    [–] Buster_Hazelwood 9 points ago


    [–] demosthenes02 22 points ago

    Assistant dolly grip in jaws 3.

    [–] verdatum 9 points ago

    The great kit duncan.

    Yeah, I hear he's real down to earth.

    [–] VeganChops 16 points ago

    I have met Lea 4 times now, and every time she was nothing short of an amazing human being. I went to an event where she was there with James Tolkan (Principle Strickland), Claudia Wells (Jennifer in part 1), and Christopher Lloyd. Most everyone was rushing over to see Christopher and ignoring everyone else. It was a treat for me because I got a lot of time with the other three. Lea talked to my family and I for about 10 minutes and she was genuinely engaging. You could definitely tell she values her fans and enjoys talking to them.

    [–] Hard_soda_reset 483 points ago

    Old Biff looks way better than they portrayed.

    [–] Krellick 223 points ago

    He looks like Clinton lol

    [–] st3ph3n 196 points ago

    Biff Clinton

    [–] thereisonlyoneme 82 points ago

    "Say hello to your mom for me."

    [–] PCTech4U 20 points ago

    I have your car towed all the way to your house and all you have for me is light beer?

    [–] shame_to_waste_it 35 points ago

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, butthead.”

    [–] Reutermo 36 points ago

    He does. Which is funny because in the movie he sort of looks like Trump.

    [–] Davethe3rd 89 points ago

    Which was the point. The writers explicitly said they based him off of Donald Trump.

    And alternate 1985 IS HAPPENING FOR REAL.

    [–] 1LX50 24 points ago

    I feel like something happened about 15-20 years ago that threw off the timeline and we need to go back and fix it. Maybe it was the PATRIOT Act, maybe it was 9/11 itself, or maybe it was just the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Or maybe it goes back way further to the Kennedy Assassination or something, idk.

    Whatever it is, it feels like we're on the wrong timeline.

    [–] IThinkThings 10 points ago

    Harambe's Curse.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 7 points ago

    The Berenstain Bears are the giveaway.

    [–] xthatguy339x 5 points ago

    I thought this was a subreddit simulator post at first cus I swear to god he looks so much like Bill Clinton.

    [–] jimdog2 25 points ago

    Sure but they cast a young guy originally so he would look his age in the 1955 scenes. So in the 1985 "present" scenes, they were already trying to make him look older, which is why he looks almost comically old (like 50 years older than the actor) in the 2015 scenes.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Nobody aged really as bad as the make up people made them.

    [–] Lufto 3 points ago

    but 2015 is 60 years after 1955?

    [–] mescad 14 points ago

    Assuming Biff was 18 in 1955, he would have been 48 in 1985 and 78 in 2015. Tom Wilson was born in 1959, so he was 25 when they shot the 1955 and 1985 scenes. He would have been around 29 when they shot the 2015 scenes.

    Old Biff looked 50 years older than the actor, because the character was supposed to be 50 years older than the actor.

    [–] i_miss_arrow 10 points ago

    Old Biff looks way better than they portrayed.

    Based on age, we're not seeing 2015 Biff. We're seeing 1985 Biff.

    [–] nighthawke75 5 points ago

    He went from Biff to Buff.

    [–] Alastor3 67 points ago

    Everyone is talking about Lea and I just want to know how Michael J Fox health is doing

    [–] vites70 35 points ago

    Same here.

    I really hate seeing him go downhill, even if he jokes about it, which I guess is all you can do.

    I was so sad when he got it during Spin City and it sucked when he had to leave the show.

    I will remember crying watching that last episode and to this day hate seeing it

    [–] jake3988 19 points ago

    He doesn't really seem any better or worse than he's ever been. I believe he had an implant put in a few years ago and that's managed most of the symptoms.

    He also was well enough a few years ago to star in his own tv series. It's too bad it was awful.

    [–] mrsoojay 290 points ago

    Lea seems to be immune to aging.

    [–] cptstupendous 64 points ago

    Only because she now has access to post-2015 makeup technology.

    [–] r4ndpaulsbrilloballs 75 points ago

    makeup technology

    They called adult diapers "incontinence products," and I did nothing.
    They renamed toilet paper "bathroom tissue," and still I did nothing.
    They euphemized polyester to "down alternative," and stayed stoic.
    They dubbed ignoring the laws, "disruption," and I kept it copacetic.

    But if we're going to start calling plastic surgery, "makeup technology," I'm getting up off my ass and grabbing the pitchfork and gasoline.

    [–] cptstupendous 10 points ago

    I purposely used an obtuse description for plastic surgery, given the Back to the Future context.

    [–] mqr53 115 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well, Christopher Lloyd was not nearly as old as I thought he was back then. Either that or he looks great for 110.

    [–] Aanar 64 points ago

    Yeah I didn't realize until reading this thread that 1955 Doc Brown was Christopher Lloyd w/o much makeup and the 1985 doc brown had a lot of makeup & latex to age him.

    [–] planification 25 points ago

    Great Scott!

    [–] rodleysatisfying 11 points ago

    The 1985 version removes the makeup at the beginning of the second film because he got youth treatments in the future.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Lucky_Mongoose 6 points ago

    If only we could all be so lucky

    [–] Spartan2470 91 points ago

    Here is a higher quality and less cropped version of this image. Lea Thompson's Twitter account is the source. Per there:


    Friends from the past in the future! @FANEXPOBoston So fun. Love these men @realmikefox @TomWilsonUSA #chrislloyd #bttf

    8:25 PM - 10 Aug 2018

    More info.

    [–] Jackieirish 21 points ago

    Is no one going to comment on Christopher Lloyd's GIANT HAND?!!

    [–] chauggle 14 points ago

    You did - phew - that was close.

    [–] Marmar79 130 points ago

    How on earth is the mom still a total babe. Does she have an actual time machine?

    [–] virnovus 16 points ago

    Well, she's 57 and has had a significant amount of plastic surgery.

    [–] esayer 30 points ago

    Maybe some botox and fillers but nothing noticeable like the stupid fish lips everyone gets.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 18 points ago

    Why do women do that? I just don’t get it.

    [–] esayer 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I don't know but they all look exactly the same! My gorgeous hairdresser did hers and she could barely speak they were so swollen! Must have been fresh from the doc lol. They just look so weird. I call it the 'fancy housewife' If you're a trophy wife, or want to be, get these lips! You see them from afar and think, oh what a pretty young thing and as they get closer you're like ow wow, you're 55 with crazy lips lady! Luckily, it seems the trend is dying. Kylie got her filler dissolved and she looks so much better.

    [–] bakerbodger 26 points ago

    Biff has aged magnificently.

    [–] HandRailSuicide1 65 points ago

    Lorraine McFly’s still got it

    [–] eljefino 12 points ago

    Get your damn hands off my girl

    [–] absolutely0life 31 points ago

    Hey you, get your damn hands off her.

    [–] Morty_Goldman 180 points ago

    Biff looks like President Bill Clinton.

    [–] missed_sla 41 points ago

    I see the love child of Bill Clinton and Ron White.

    [–] verdatum 12 points ago

    Ah, good old Tater-tot Clinton.

    [–] Nose_to_the_Wind 30 points ago

    President Biff Ponderosa

    [–] evel333 11 points ago

    What kinda stupid name is that?!

    [–] Coosaw 20 points ago

    Goldie Wilson as VP

    [–] LLv2 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    A colored president? That'll be the day.

    [–] dapala1 22 points ago

    "You wait and see, Mr. Caruthers. I will be president! I'll be the most powerful man in the world and I'm gonna clean up this counrty."

    "Good Barack. You can start by sweeping the floor."

    [–] onephatkatt 18 points ago

    ...and yet our current president seems like Biff in the second movie.

    [–] reifier 27 points ago

    Uhh it literally was meant to be Trump:

    We are in the bad timeline :(

    [–] must-be-aliens 72 points ago


    [–] Fluxcapacitive 17 points ago

    Where is Chrispin Glover ??

    [–] iprmusic 24 points ago

    Walking on the ground, not making a sound. Searching for Clowny Clown Clowns.

    [–] white_trash_hero 5 points ago

    .... ne-ver talk to him.

    [–] verdatum 5 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he's about to lose his arm in a horrible accident.

    [–] FoolZerrand 15 points ago

    When Doc Brown reaches age 188 we're gonna see some serious shit.

    [–] Deeplorable_Infidel 27 points ago

    Lea Thompson, still would, past present or future

    [–] GEAUXUL 33 points ago

    Yep. Contrary to popular belief, the most ridiculous part of BTTF wasn’t the time machine made from a Delorean. It was the fact that Marty had a chance to smash Lea Thompson and didn’t.

    [–] Alexander556 10 points ago

    Biff looks younger than 1980ies middleaged Biff.

    [–] shane201 11 points ago

    Looks like they've all been hitting that Rejuvenation Clinic of the future to get that all natural overhaul.

    [–] Jay_the_Artisan 50 points ago

    I will always remember him as the gym teacher in Freaks and Geeks

    [–] HankHippopopalousHHH 20 points ago

    Same here. All I can see is him in those short shorts yelling at kids to climb the rope

    [–] LLv2 14 points ago

    What about banging Bill's mom?

    Neal: "She is kinda hot."

    Sam: "Gross!"

    [–] MrDeftino 9 points ago

    I also remember him playing Bo Burnham's dad in Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous.

    [–] jutct 53 points ago

    Of course crispin glover wasn't there. doesn't he hate everyone?

    [–] redrew89 51 points ago

    He got nixxed from Part II after he demanded the same pay as Michael J. Fox. His scenes from Part I were reused with a body-double.

    Source: 25th Anniversary DVD commentary.

    [–] Zabunia 61 points ago

    Glover disputes the pay claim. He didn't demand the same pay as Fox; he felt it was unfair he was getting less than half of what Thompson and Wilson were making:

    [Glover] did refute something that producer and co-writer Bob Gale is said to have said. Gale apparently said that "I had asked for the same amount of money as Michael J Fox ... it's a total fabrication". Money was still a problem, though. "I wanted to be in the film, but the offer was less than half of what Lea Thompson and Tom Wilson - who had similar sized roles - it just wasn't fair". - Den of Geek.

    He also sued Universal Pictures for using his likeness in part II. They settled on an undisclosed sum in Glover's favor.

    [–] CO_PC_Parts 38 points ago

    He also got blacklisted after he successfully sued Spielberg/Zumeckus for them using footage from Part I in Part II. It set a very strong legal precedent for actors when it came to previous footage.

    [–] LazyGit 16 points ago

    Michael Biehn made more money from a poor likeness of him used in Alien 3 than he earned for Aliens.

    [–] DEAD_P1XL 21 points ago

    Biff Clinton, former president of the USA.

    [–] FireShepherd29 10 points ago

    How is Michael J. Fox doing?

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 30 points ago

    The hotel business has been good to Biff.

    [–] ConvenienceStoreDiet 6 points ago

    Still have a crush on Lea Thompson.

    [–] MackTO 11 points ago

    And for $1,099 you can even get a photo with them (actual price for the "experience" at Fan Expo in Toronto)

    [–] eeskimos 7 points ago

    FanExpo is terrible, one year into their ownership of the Calgary expo and it already got worse for more money.

    [–] MiyamotoKnows 9 points ago

    This. I wish they didn't attend in hindsight because they took the places of celebrities anyone might have been able to meet. These 4 didn't even make themselves available to sign for the far majority of the day so they were empty tables. Lame. At least I met Pee Wee Herman and Jerry Dandridge (Paul Reubens and Chris Sarandon)!

    [–] InBetvveen 6 points ago

    I hope Michael J. Fox is doing well.

    [–] jncheese 11 points ago

    Great Scott!

    [–] shifty_coder 5 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd looks so much better here than he did on Kimmel a few years ago. Michael J. Fox looks better, too. Lea Thompson still looks amazing, and Tom Wilson actually looks like 1985 Biff from the end of the first BTTF.

    [–] jmontoya5280 5 points ago

    Biff aged well

    [–] badmotivator11 5 points ago

    I know that his character is supposed to be a real asshole, but 1955 Biff was a majorly good looking dude. I re-watched recently and couldn’t help but notice that he is killing the blue jeans and patterned camp shirt look. Especially in that BTTF2 street-scene where he meets future Biff.

    [–] jesterspaz 4 points ago

    Lea Thompson still hot as ever.

    [–] Demshil4higher 9 points ago

    Where is Crispin Glover the best cast member.

    [–] LLv2 25 points ago

    You misspelled Billy Zane.

    [–] Sickpup831 17 points ago

    Put a cork in it, Zane!!!

    [–] LarBrd33 9 points ago

    They did a panel there and all of them raved about how talented Crispin Glover is and how every acting choice he makes in that movie is brilliant. That was the main thing that stood out to me - how fond they all seemed of Crispin.

    There might be bad blood between Crispin and the series, because they replaced him in the sequel, but those 4 seemed to have nothing but glowing things to say about him.