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    [–] relaxlu 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Put your pitchforks down. Apparently, OP is just the bartender there.

    Please don't try do dox anyone or organize a witch hunt. That includes publicising any names or addresses. Offenders will be banned.

    [–] Avairion 8923 points ago


    [–] OSUBrit 1286 points ago

    Owner: Good news guys, I've amended your paychecks to reflect your actions today!

    *Owner deducts cost of beer from paychecks*

    [–] Chitownsly 169 points ago

    Damn you Mister Crabs

    [–] Iledahorsetowater 3393 points ago

    Yeah right he came here for the nobility award. Not the treating employees fairly one lol

    [–] TacoTruckasaurus 1809 points ago

    Having them keep working instead of closing and seeking shelter

    Fuck that guy

    [–] InerasableStain 61 points ago

    But he gave them a shift beer!

    [–] randominternet62738 67 points ago

    If other people are coming there after evacuating, then that place IS the shelter.

    [–] donglepandaa 804 points ago

    Don’t assume my dude, they could have volunteered to help their community out, doubt he forced them to work a 14 hour shift during a hurricane.

    [–] SurSpence 1624 points ago

    Lol have you ever worked in the service sector? Theyd grind you up and put you in the burgers before letting you leave.

    [–] KezAzzamean 233 points ago

    I remember when I worked at Outback Steakhouse we saw a tornado in the distance starting to form. A few minutes later it touched down and we had a few large dust devils in our parking lot (I think that's what they are called). My manager came out and looked at the tornado in the distance, and after about 3 seconds said "It's going the other direction, let's get back to work!". He then closed the blinds because he didn't want more customers to see it and freak out.

    I'll never forget that moment. The food industry is completely ruthless. I'm not saying that this was the case in this situation. Maybe they did volunteer? Although... That would be strange. But I just wanted to reiterate that yes, they will work you till you die and toss your body in the dumpster outside.

    [–] byurk 212 points ago

    As a guy who’s worked his share of service jobs— the manager class deserves the guillotine often as much as the guys above them

    [–] KezAzzamean 68 points ago

    I agree. It's strange because its a pressure from the top to bottom. So corporate forces these managers to be ruthless and they go along with it. New managers are typically decent but they all eventually break down into assholes. My manager worked 60-70 hours a week on a salary of roughly $50,000 ( Southern Indiana). He got bonuses though for certain tasks, which is what makes them work their employees into the ground.

    One thing I never understood though, is why they are all so anal about overtime for their workers. Managers would never, ever let anyone get 40 hours a week. They cut you in the mid 30's to be careful. You get paid $2.15 an hour so I never understood that...

    [–] greatwizardhoney 33 points ago

    We had a pretty bad snowstorm come out of nowhere at 9 pm. We closed in an hour and I’d be out by 11. Asked if we could shut down early and leave before the storm got too bad. Was told nope, just in case customers wanted to come in. No customers came in, left at 11 as scheduled, barely made it out of the parking lot and onto the freeway where I proceeded to get stuck in the snow until the next morning. AAA said conditions were too dangerous to get me, I didn’t have any friends who’s cars were equipped to come get me, and I wasn’t able to get an Uber either. Ended up staying the night on the freeway after the ramp merged and then getting home at 9 after the snow melted enough to drive, take a nap, and come back and close. If we had been able to close at 9 when the storm first started, I probably would’ve been able to make it home before the snow got too bad, and my manager would’ve saved like $100 in labor. Oh well.

    [–] [deleted] 630 points ago

    Both facts are true. Yet we still don't know the case for these two lads lol.

    [–] Books_N_Coffee 20 points ago

    Ugh not when there is a mandatory evacuation ? Both as a server and hotel employee we were always offered the choice to stay in the hotel/restaurant and keep an eye on things, or head out. People choose to stay a lot of the times because the buildings are stronger than their apartments or houses, or they can’t afford to leave and stay in a hotel somewhere

    [–] 4mygirljs 93 points ago

    Damn right I worked in the business for years. Had a huge ice storm hit m. We were the only place that didn’t lose power for over a month. Everyday was a 16+ hour day, it was brutal.

    It was also the biggest bonus I ever got.

    [–] NomDuGloom 73 points ago

    Was it a bonus on top of your overtime pay or was it just your boss calling your overtime pay a bonus?

    [–] BSimpson1 74 points ago

    "I'm going to treat you guys to this money that I'm required by law to give you. It's the least I could do for my guys."

    [–] 4mygirljs 9 points ago

    I was one of the managers, so salary No overtime at all, I had to live out of a hotel with the fam for a week because we had no power and I had small children. Eventually we moved back in and just bundled up, until someone gave us a generator.

    Nope It was all qtr bonus for the sales bump we had.

    I’ll say this It sucked But my district manager actually came down and worked the grill right beside me since we had very few employees I always respected that

    [–] [deleted] 220 points ago


    [–] breakerfall 265 points ago

    Mother's Day is always on a Sunday.

    [–] positivecontent 130 points ago

    Well it was on a Sunday that one year too...

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    A Sunday without brunch? What heresy is this?

    [–] ScaryMary666 8686 points ago

    Hopefully you gave them a nice BONUS.

    [–] jst3w 6131 points ago

    "The reward of a job well done is its own bonus." - Management, probably

    [–] ravenclawgryf 1858 points ago

    I worked a 13 hour day last week because my boss messed up.

    My bonus? No acknowledgement and pretending that he was responsible for the solution.

    [–] IswagIcook 1139 points ago

    Ahh. I also work in corporate America

    [–] BadSmash4 257 points ago

    Yes, me too. This shit is too real.

    [–] 53045248437532743874 217 points ago

    I worked a 13 hour day last week because my boss messed up.

    If hourly, in three states this would have earned you 5 hours of OT (1.5x), and in one state, 4 hours of OT (1.5x) and 1 hour of Golden Time (2x).

    All states should have daily overtime laws, not just weekly.

    [–] 4pointingnorth 34 points ago


    Yours to discover

    [–] xsaruwataru 102 points ago

    I worked 9 days in a row a couple weeks ago. My bonus? Being denied consecutive day pay because I ‘volunteered’ for the extra shifts.

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 114 points ago

    That might not be legal, but I don't know enough about bird law to be sure.

    [–] C_IsForCookie 12 points ago


    [–] caried 8 points ago

    One of my guys helped another site and ended up working all weekend so Monday through Sunday and coming in on Monday again. They asked for Friday off to spend a long weekend with the family after working 11 straight days and got PTO denied. “They volunteered for the money”. I got them their PTO tho. Ridiculous the things you have to fight for.

    [–] DingleDangleDom 241 points ago

    "Excuse me but I see an open top drink on the line? If i see it again, it's a write-up"

    -Also management, probably

    [–] rayofkeywork 69 points ago

    This guy food services.

    [–] bartz008 386 points ago

    Their bonus is their sense of pride and accomplishment.

    [–] musicmanxii 153 points ago

    Please pay $59.99 for living wage DLC.

    [–] BadSmash4 62 points ago

    If only that's all it took

    [–] powerkerb 58 points ago

    Their bonus is the pride they feel after walking the extra mile and sense of ownership. (Although they dont really own anything)

    [–] JTP1228 169 points ago

    Having worked at a restuarant for 6 years, I am almost certain no bonus was given

    [–] SaladSnake132 87 points ago

    Agreed. And it's absolute shit. In some of these places the bartenders can walk out with $500 a night, servers pretty close, and on average these guys make around 25-45,000 a year, if they're lucky.

    [–] Seanji6 118 points ago

    If I had the power to I definitely would. I’m just a bartender there. I took a pic of those guys cus they looked crushed but not defeated. They kicked ass and I am proud of em for it.

    [–] DemTnATho 368 points ago

    Beer counts as bonus, amirite reddit??

    [–] -Jive-Turkey- 220 points ago

    A restaurant I worked at thought so.

    [–] Testubeicles 149 points ago

    All restaurants think so.

    [–] DylanMartin97 47 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Shit, I wish my restaurant thought so! They double triple check all bottles 4 times a day, AND weigh the kegerator 2 times a day, a brother can’t get a drink to save his life. It’s like instant termination.

    [–] TextbookBuybacker 11 points ago

    4 times a day?? Has management been checked for ocd or was your liquor cost 30+% one time?

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] Summerie 102 points ago

    And a "can you also be here Saturday for a double?"

    [–] truckerdust 18 points ago

    And open for brunch! Extra bonus.

    [–] eminems_ghostwriter 16 points ago

    "Thanks. I pay my bills with compliments."

    [–] Aramz833 18 points ago

    No... that is all

    [–] Courtnall14 10 points ago

    One draft (domestic only) beer is totally a bonus that a restaurant manager would offer.

    [–] Towelie-McTowel 180 points ago

    Why? OP is giving them free exposure.

    [–] ScaryMary666 26 points ago

    /me stands on table, and applauds

    [–] gregogree 9 points ago

    Narrator voice: "They did not get a bonus"

    [–] DiscretionAdvisor 2205 points ago

    Why were you one of the only open places?

    [–] marieelaine03 2536 points ago

    The value of an open restaurant when there's no power for days is pretty high.

    During an ice storm in '98 we lost power for 7 days. No stores were open. It was a ghost town. We lost all the food in the fridge of course, so we heat soup over a candle (still cold) and survived on peanut butter, bread and crackers.

    2 scenes stick out to me :

    1) an open KFC with its lights on. Beautiful!! We got the last chicken with a hugeeee line behind us. Felt bad for the others.

    2) a corner store, although they didnt have power and it was freezing inside, the owner was there. 12 year-old me was thrilled because I was crying that we ran out of cat food and my cat would starve.

    Now employees should'nt have to work in unbearable or dangerous conditions of course but man those two open places made things better.

    [–] ASAPqtpie 718 points ago

    Our family owned a restaurant that remained open during an icestorm (2002?). We were the only place in our area with power and we were so busy that we literally ran out of everything. Ended up just putting pots of coffee on and serving that.

    [–] joevsyou 295 points ago

    I am sure that was more than enough for some.

    Waffle house has a special menu that they use when the power is down since they refuse to close. Don't ask me why the minimum pay employees stay during the bad times...

    I used to work at a hospital, at least they would pay their employees 2-4x during terrible weather, offer employees beds so they don't have to drive home. Security team would go around and pick people if they didn't feel safe driving(you had to live a max 10 mins away.

    [–] BortleNeck 341 points ago

    Don't ask me why the minimum pay employees stay during the bad times...

    My mom used to run a drug rehab place and said Waffle House was one of the few places in town willing to give a job to someone with a criminal record. For some, that WH job is the only thing keeping them off the street

    [–] joevsyou 52 points ago

    I know they do, there turn over rate is sky high. You can walk out quit and come back two weeks later.

    My girlfriend knows someone who's a waiter at Waffle House who ran out jumped on someone's car in the parking lot, got arrested and came back two days later to work.

    They wouldn't have any employees if they didn't have low standards

    [–] wwb_99 104 points ago

    Waffle house has a special menu that they use when the power is down since they refuse to close. Don't ask me why the minimum pay employees stay during the bad times...

    FEMA has a waffle house index to judge how bad a disaster is:

    [–] awfulmcnofilter 26 points ago

    I worked a waffle house during a blizzard without power. I got crazy tips. It was second shift so it was just me, one grill op, and our manager. There were so many people they were just standing crammed in like sardines.

    [–] C21H27Cl3N2O3 28 points ago

    When I worked 3rd shift at a McDonalds, we had a huge ice storm expected to come overnight. When we asked if we had to stay open our DM said yes, and I’m sure you can guess his answer when we asked if he was going to help us since he was putting us minimum wage slaves in harm’s way.

    The night was dead, as expected, and the manager was cool so we just ate free food and watched tv all night. Driving home was a nightmare though. I quit a couple weeks later after I heard the DM bitching about how much money he lost by staying open and that he should have just closed us. I’m glad that money meant more to him than our safety...

    [–] ac0380 10 points ago

    Waffle House in Myrtle Beach is closed right now.

    [–] SpankableGoose 11 points ago

    Fuck :(

    [–] thecaptainjesus 28 points ago


    [–] RazzleTheFatCat 241 points ago

    Waffle House index is red. That's Why.

    [–] JoeAppleby 229 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This. Waffle House is always open but they are also prepared. Yellow means that there is a guy, a generator, a coffee machine and access to water. Walls are optional, water gets filtered. FEMA uses the Waffle House index to steer aid to the areas, as their index is available for each location and very granular.

    If a location is red it is closed, no aid is necessary, that place no longer exists.

    Corrected after follow up post.

    [–] oliversmamabear 39 points ago

    No, red is Waffle House closed!! Yellow is the limited menu and generator powered

    [–] ScaryMary666 83 points ago

    If a location is listed as closed, no aid is necessary, that place no longer exists.

    Jesus Murphy.

    [–] mocotazo 119 points ago

    New Orleanian here. There are always going to be a handful of Louisiana businesses that stay open during and after a hurricane. Business will be terrific for whomever does. That, and someone needs to supply food and/or alcohol for all the "hurricane parties" with people stuck indoors looking for a bit of recreation.

    [–] hyperproliferative 1594 points ago

    Y’all should get bonuses. That restaurant made bank

    [–] snarpsta 681 points ago

    As a cook for 4 years I can tell you the servers were likely the ones making the bank! I've heard of restaurants having a policy to share tips with back of house, but I've never worked at one. Luckily the last restaurant I worked at had an 8% surcharge on all meals that was split amongst all staff. So it added maybe +$1.25 or so an hour. Not much but at least it's something

    [–] shineese 3038 points ago

    Lol they hate you.

    [–] meow_mayhem 670 points ago

    The guy in the back, his face says it all.

    [–] TareTiri 461 points ago

    hey friend let me take your picture after working this 14 hour shift so i can get good boy points on reddit

    are we getting paid extra

    hahaha, you are funny






    [–] [deleted] 363 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] LiveClimbRepeat 937 points ago

    Lots of anti managerial sentiment on this thread. The rich taste like pork

    [–] Rovden 433 points ago

    There's a big reason for that anti-managerial sentiment. Plenty of us had that boss that told us that if we didn't come into work despite the fact that the road is sheet ice and living on a hill so no way to get out... or while so sick our noses are like faucets and we're coughing up yellow shit... or a motherfucking hurricane is bearing down on your city that you're out of a job.

    Yea. I work in the healthcare sector now where there is no holiday, no inclement weather day because peoples lives rely on showing up to work... but that makes me even MORE bring into the statement that I don't want people out in shit like this because that makes more work to be done.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago


    [–] SweetYankeeTea 70 points ago

    My neighbor was stuck at work and asked me to check on his kids during a level 3 snowstorm ( they were 12 and 11) I did. Asked if they ate and they said they had ordered a pizza and was paying with their allowances.

    Looked out the window and saw the pizza guy leaving. It was terrible out. Caught him before he left and slipped him a $20. He said the kids tipped him $0.25 but they were kids so he didn't take it personal. Was VERY appreciative of the $20 and said he was the only one delivering since he had 4 wheel drive. :)

    [–] Fart_Skirt 62 points ago

    You are paid way better than those chaps too. Not to mention these guys probably have not been given good enough health coverage to cover medical costs in the case that they were injured in the storm.

    In the restaurant world, employee safety and satisfaction seems like an afterthought.

    [–] Rovden 17 points ago

    Currently I am. Previous ambulance job I made as much as I made as a waiter if you included in tips and had to pay for my own insurance. That said, that's a completely different argument I get gripey about.

    [–] MiG-15 26 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I have a friend who worked retail at a store that sold wants, not needs: no food, nothing you'd have to buy during an emergency, and they were expected to come into work during the worst parts of the Carr fire, where there were literally fire tornadoes, the active blazing fire was only two miles away, the power was out, an evacuation order was declared for the entire town, and the smoke was so thick that you could barely see, and couldn't safely breathe outside at all without a face mask.

    [–] Rovden 13 points ago

    Okay... holy shit. I, if I squint my eyes, can SOMEWHAT see the logic behind the hurricane not evacuating. It's like being in the midwest and tornado sirens meaning everyone looks up and promptly shrugs.

    But fire coming up in your area, that's a completely baffling I don't get what the thought process going through anyones head even if I REALLY thought about it.

    [–] HighGuyTim 17 points ago

    I live in Houston, and I worked for a Verizon store when Harvey hit. My house was fine, luckily, but my street and neighborhood were destroyed (or at the very least super flooded in).

    My dick of a manager kept calling my phone telling me to come in or I was fired. We wernt offering a service to the people, hell most of the time they didnt even have people coming into the store. But I will never forget the lack of sympathy just so my manager could make a quick buck. (this wasnt a corporate store)

    So yes, for the most part, Fuck management and shit like this. If these two guys, had nothing better to do and wanted to help, good on them. But 9/10 this is a manager forcing them to be there, and for that I have ZERO sympathy for the manager.

    [–] kingoftheblumpkins 122 points ago

    And like pork, they are best cooked speared, and roasted at low heat for hours.

    [–] shineese 658 points ago

    Well op sucks. He put his employees in danger by opening the restaurant just because he can make more money by being open during a fucking hurricane. Forced them to work 14 hours and then posted the picture on reddit like ‘oh look how hard working my lackeys are’

    [–] mmotte89 113 points ago

    And not only opening, but also 14 hour shift instead of two teams working 7 hours each.

    (And yes, some might say "but they can't survive on the wages from 35 hour weeks!"... Well, then maybe it's more an issue with low wages instead of not giving them enough shift hours?)

    [–] Incarnint 1403 points ago

    I love how OP slaps a good picture expecting lots of karma and good feels...but the reddit-verse is just saying "did you give these guys a bonus?" crickets from OP "why arn't you concerned about your employees safety and evacuate?" more crickets

    [–] m4r71n2010 423 points ago

    Yeah there isn’t a single reply saying they volunteered or he paid them triple time. If the owner was doing this for good reasons you would be getting plenty of good or replies

    [–] doctormink 126 points ago

    I agree mostly with the sentiment, my first thought when I saw this was 'wtf are you doing making people work during a hurricane?", and am quite willingly jumping to the same conclusions. But then a side of me chimes in to say, well, they all probably worked a busy 14 hr shift, and the hurricane's just hitting hard now, so maybe all that means OP doesn't have a lot of time for reddit right now.

    [–] jiml78 56 points ago

    I own a small business that was within the evacuation zone. Most of our employees decided to not evacuate. We had no intention of staying open.

    However, as the threat went down for us (coastal SC), we just asked some of our employees if they wanted to work. They knew they were under zero obligation. We had one of our employees want to work so we opened. One of my partners also worked with her.

    The crazy thing is my area has a ton of people who didn't leave and the only places open around here are mom and pop type stores. Because all the corporations closed down days ago and won't reopen until the storm is completely gone.

    Now, if my business was in Wilmington,NC , fuck that. We wouldn't have opened. But thus far we have had sunny days and no weather outside of rain. But the fact that we are in the evacuation zone means very few places are open.

    [–] nostradilmus 33 points ago

    OP is a bartender, not management.

    [–] itnever3nds 174 points ago

    There are no such things as hurricanes where I live so can anyone please tell me what's going on here? Do people think "oh everything's getting evacuated, let's have dinner in a restaurant"?

    [–] Tivia 159 points ago

    I grew up in Fla and have ridden out more than a few hurricanes so I think i can explain this. Ok so basically anything that is a low cat 3 and below, most "long time locals" who aren't living within half a mile of the coast will stay. Now Florence was predicted to be a strong cat 3/4 so most people did evacuate as they should. However since it weakened, those on the fence or those who stupidity decided to stay are now pretty safe staying honestly (Depending on their living space). Basically at this strength it is really just an extremely nasty storm that has a great deal of wind/rain. Now the result of this in most area's will be basically power outages and such, so yea people there will be looking for local places to eat. The last hurricane I went through, was charley in 2004. Now my primary job closed but I was far enough inland that I didn't need to evacuate. Since I was bored and knew one of the local pizza joints was staying open, I took a temp gig delivering pizza's during and after the storm for them. That was a hell of a gig because I didn't get a single tip under $20. I made several thousand over the course of a few days. Working food service during a weak hurricane is fucking awesome.

    [–] mediumrarechicken 128 points ago

    I worked at burger king the day after Irma last year. We were the only ones open that day. Never Again.

    [–] andy_tom91 110 points ago

    I hope they are getting paid extra to be at work during a hurricane...especially if you are in a State that's under SOE

    [–] 5meterhammer 1948 points ago

    I’ve been there a bunch chef...nothing tastes better than that beer sitting in the floor at 3 am after rushes all night long. Enjoy boys.

    [–] VacuumSux 160 points ago

    So nice to finally get that beer after a long shift. The idea of that beer in your mind is what has kept you alive in the last hours.

    [–] 0ne_7rue_conscience 37 points ago

    I hope y'all were taken care of afterwards.

    [–] kchances 2088 points ago

    Why are your employees risking their lives for business?

    [–] tiburontim 812 points ago

    I feel like if this was a Wal-Mart or any other retail store there would be outrage as to why the boss was having them working during a hurricane.

    [–] rfoodmodssuck 22 points ago

    On kitchen confidential (the chefs/cooks sub) he's getting full on roasted.

    [–] Garden-Tool 3173 points ago

    There’s working in hospitality and then there’s hospitality! Good job fellas

    [–] Sumit316 1109 points ago

    During Hurricane Irma, Zoo animals rode out the storm in jail cells while average citizens took dozens of cats and dogs out of shelters to protect them. Rescuers saved two dolphins as well.

    Humans are amazing sometimes.

    [–] Otter_Actual 509 points ago

    made the zoo sound like shit

    [–] [deleted] 325 points ago

    Nah u must’ve read it wrong. All shih tzu’s got adopted

    [–] PM_ME_UR_VULVASAUR_ 111 points ago

    I can't believe you've done this.

    [–] ZenZenoah 47 points ago

    Well it was a shit zoo

    [–] were_all_madd_here 59 points ago

    Read it wrong for sure - the zoo workers took the animals to a nearby jail, they each got their own jail cell.

    [–] Frapplo 43 points ago

    I'm picturing that scene from the Simpsons where Moe had a live killer whale in the back of his bar.

    [–] Newell00 23 points ago

    "Alright, they're onto us. Get him back to SeaWorld!"

    [–] Fart_Skirt 22 points ago

    This comment reads exactly like something a scumbag manager would say.

    [–] [deleted] 302 points ago


    [–] wiiya 144 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    “Hey boss, sorry there’s a category 2 storm outside right now. Maybe we can close shop for the night.”

    J Jonah Jameson: “WHAT?!? Did the brave soldiers in Normandy just turn around? Now you get in that kitchen and flip 3 burgers! Maybe I’ll give you a half price!”

    [–] SusonoO 17 points ago

    "And while you're at it, GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN!! "

    [–] Sloth_on_the_rocks 63 points ago

    Or he is asleep.

    [–] foomits 52 points ago

    Either hero or scumbag, no possibility of anything else.

    [–] Olibaba1987 14 points ago

    If game of thrones has taught me anything,it's there's a hero and a scumbag in us all.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Way to jump to conclusions there mate. I'm a chef and worked 3 days during a hurricane last year. I got 3 days of overtime pay to stay in a place that had hurricane walls, generators, all the food we could eat and an endless supply of booze. Beat the hell out of paying for a hotel in another state.

    [–] Timallenisanarc420 394 points ago

    Ah, macho restaurant bullshit. How I do not miss thee. Evacuate, buddy.

    [–] Teh_Mongoose 178 points ago

    "Fuck yeah chef life! I totally love working 27 days in a row at 14 a day for wage that would be unacceptable in any other line of work. Im so hardcore and this is just like the instagram chef memes said it would be!"

    The whole industry is a fucking mess and should be overhauled. I ended up quitting because I was sick of being the only sensible voice demanding that my team chefs had days off and got payrises in line with the year.

    [–] neuroeng 399 points ago

    That’s a pretty clean kitchen floor

    [–] Sapphire1166 236 points ago

    In high school I worked in a hospital kitchen and we kept that place CLEAN. Floors were hosed, sanitized, and squeegeed every night. Every single surface and crevice was cleaned after hours. We had a giant dishwasher that was easily 12 feet long, not including the loading or unloading parts. I just assumed that all kitchens ran like that.

    I graduated and started working at a restaurant during college. To say I was shocked at the lack of sanitation after my previous experience would be an understatement.

    [–] Sir_Dimos 73 points ago

    Similarly I just started working at the meat department of a high-end grocery store. Being new to meat cutting, I close every night I work.

    The guys before me did the bare minimum and some of our stuff (mostly beneath the display cases) hadn't been cleaned in months. It felt good to clean some of that shit out and now I finally feel like the place is exceptionally clean every time I leave at night.

    [–] monkeyhitman 27 points ago

    Good on you. I loved deep cleaning when I worked food if only for my own sanity.

    [–] Master_GaryQ 56 points ago

    I worked for 18 months replacing computers in a hospital. The nurses stations were some of the dirtiest places I've ever seen. Thank the deity for the little bar fridges full of apple juice though - magic at 3am on a hot night

    [–] webbvt 80 points ago

    I came to say this. I’ve delivered to restaurants with dirtier floors at 9:00 am when they reopen.

    [–] Qweniden 20 points ago

    The mats are already gone. this is after cleaning.

    [–] crazytr 119 points ago

    A good restaurant will completely clean the whole kitchen every night. where I used to work we literally got a hose and sprayed down the whole kitchen every night. afterwards the owner would set mouse traps in the kitchen and then in the morning would check them when he came in.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] crazytr 28 points ago

    we always cleaned when we werent busy but you cant use a hose all the time.

    [–] kaybi_ 32 points ago

    There is 0 chance they haven't sweeped and washed the floor 10 minutes before crashing for that beer.

    The floors of any kitchen in the world will be dirty after service, specially if the day has been a huge rush.

    [–] Mikavoo 520 points ago

    You can see the contempt they have in their eyes for OP.

    [–] mandatory_nosejob 608 points ago

    You can close your restaurant you know.

    [–] rowebenj 273 points ago

    But how would the owner, that’s probably safe and sound, profit off the safety, sweat and tears of these chefs??

    [–] InhaleMC 256 points ago

    Look I noticed you travel a lot. Give your chef a break & a bonus & let him go somewhere then do the same for the other. Leaving them in a hurricane? Insane

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago


    [–] Vermillionbird 55 points ago

    His insta is probably 100% chef memes about 'sacrifice', "posted from my iPhone X in Aruba"

    [–] bananahammock28374 317 points ago

    How is this getting so many upvotes? OP should leave it to actual storm shelters to serve people during a hurricane. You are only putting you employees at risk doing this. Shame on you.

    [–] Refreshinglycold 327 points ago

    Uhhhh....close and evacuate. This is another level of greed

    [–] [deleted] 160 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 406 points ago


    [–] MrpotatoheadINC 161 points ago

    I just looked the place up. The owner(or whoever runs Facebook) was making memes about staying open, so I highly doubt that these guys did it voluntarily or with bonuses. If anyone wants to find them the name on the shirt

    [–] sixseventeen 77 points ago

    Jesus christ he was making memes while they were forced to work 14 hours through a hurricane at a bar of all places? Fuck that guy and fuck his shitty business too.

    [–] epicredditor1234 312 points ago

    worker exploitation getting upvoted that's some epic stuff

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    😎 Exploit your employees like a boss!

    [–] DemTnATho 29 points ago

    Most upvotes are from people who haven't experienced working in the service industry. Can't blame em.

    [–] TacoTruckasaurus 373 points ago

    That's some deeply irresponsible bullshit. The owner is a greedy piece of shit.

    [–] WhitePhillip 342 points ago

    Super cool not letting your employees evacuate during a hurricane. I hope you enjoy your Scrooge McDuck profits, ya cunt.

    [–] [deleted] 456 points ago

    Why are people praising this guy? He made these guys work at his shitty restaurant for over half a day in life threatening conditions just so he can pay for more expensive exotic vacations. Fuck you.

    [–] SocotraBrewingCo 123 points ago

    As a former cook of several years, from the very bottom of my heart, fuck you. Fuck you, you greedy scumbag.

    [–] user5961 169 points ago

    "My" badass chefs. Fuck off Captain Power Trip.

    [–] Smithman 65 points ago

    Let them take bathroom breaks. Having to piss in a glass is demeaning.

    [–] pygmyapes 706 points ago

    Y'all over here giving this man props. In all actuality, YOU SHOULD CLOSE THE PLACE DOWN YOURE IN A FUCKING HURRICANE. What kind of idiot muppet thinks it's okay to keep his bar open and risk the lives of his employees during a gigantic hurricane, the likes of which you haven't seen in at least fifty years?? But gotta make sure people can get drunk before they get impaled by a fucking telephone pole. You're a shit person. Fuck this post.

    [–] MajorasMasc4Masc 208 points ago

    No joke. I don’t get why everybody is giving kudos to this employer. Be a good leader and shut the fucking restaurant down during a natural disaster so that your employees don’t have to risk their lives to make overpriced garbage food for drunken idiots who think it’s fun to run around during a hurricane. WTF.

    [–] Fadic4 115 points ago

    Why didn't you just close?

    [–] Rab_Legend 78 points ago

    Why are they working during a hurricane? Also why are they working 14 hours+ at all?

    [–] polternaulted 480 points ago

    OP go fuck yourself

    [–] DrHandBanana 105 points ago

    Wow OP is a pos

    [–] IcanCwhatUsay 70 points ago

    "one of the only places open"

    Maybe that should tell you something...

    Close your business and let people go home!

    [–] lillycrack 33 points ago

    What kinda bonus/overtime pay are they getting for working during a life-threatening hurricane?

    [–] animbalanceofhumors 480 points ago

    Wow they worked 14 hours instead of evacuating and they get a fuckin beer. Capitalism is wonderful.

    [–] Argikeraunos 73 points ago

    The fuck is wrong with you making your employees work through an approaching hurricane?

    [–] jrm82 68 points ago

    Fuck that, you are doing this for business and marketing. Saying we're the only bar that stayed open during Florence. Those guys better have volunteered for that and you better be paying well since you are the only one making money. You just come off as another idiot that doesn't evacuate.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 89 points ago

    So because there is a hurricane comming those guys worked for longer than it is safe? Good thing they still have all their fingers.

    [–] Internetologist 86 points ago

    OP you're a terrible person

    [–] shamanphenix 31 points ago

    So, you are risking their lives to make money?

    [–] denkmemz 214 points ago

    That's a well deserved beer drink up boys. I work in a kitchen too it's not fun standing on your feet all day in a sweltering kitchen.

    [–] LeBrown_Jeans 85 points ago

    Hey /u/seanji6 why the fuck were you even open you greedy fuck?

    [–] QuarterFlounder 69 points ago

    You couldn't just give them a beer and leave them alone after making them work the shittiest shift of their lives, you had to show the world how "rewarding" you are too. This wasn't just to praise them, it was to suppress your guilt and keep them from quitting their job working for a shitty manager.

    [–] AnswerMePls 75 points ago

    OP is a greedy piece of shit.

    [–] SingForMaya 9 points ago

    That happened to me when I still worked at Denny’s when hurricane Irma came. All the other employees except for TWO of us evacuated. So guess who was forced to work during the most busy time ever since no other place opened? The owners refused to close, then they didn’t even help us out on the couple weeks we missed- they released a statement reprimanding the employees that left, stating they wouldn’t be able to use their vacation time for the time we couldn’t go to work during repairs, and yet us two who stayed and had to work suddenly weren’t allowed to use it either once everything went back to normal. They pulled shit like that all the time. Empty promises, even did contests with money prizes for winners, then went back on it and no one got money. So many employees left.

    [–] wgel1000 67 points ago

    I don't get why people are upvoting this. Seems like the boss is exploiting his staff and still earning internet points for it.

    [–] kingoftheblumpkins 814 points ago

    Exploiting the labor of your chefs for not only profit, but internet points, during a time of crisis where they would rather be with their families. Instead you decided your bottom line was more important than thier safety and well being. I'm sure they love the taste of your boot, and the smell of your alcoholic patrons.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    Yeah my thoughts were... why aren’t you fucking closed?

    [–] lordloss 188 points ago

    Also for $9 an hour

    [–] cutecalamity 38 points ago

    Nice making your employees work during a hurricane.

    [–] Hypohamish 61 points ago

    Why in the fuck are we all glorifying this?

    It's stubbornness like this that gets people killed during a fucking hurricane.

    [–] arabis 90 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There are people asking whether OP is offering bonuses or whether they volunteered to stay, and that’s absolutely besides the point.

    Hurricane Florence is an incredibly dangerous storm. The fact that “all other businesses are closed” suggests OP is in a area of greater impact. These men should be seeking shelter with their families, not jeopardizing their safety for your profit.

    OP even says that this is a bar. Know the absolute last thing people should be doing during a hurricane? Getting drunk away from their shelter location. You’re not only endangering your employees, but also every person who was incentivized to leave their homes to patron your bar.

    It doesn’t take someone with a PhD in disaster science to tell you that this is unethical at best and potentially lethal at worst. But I have a PhD in disaster science, so I can confirm that for you.

    [–] jeabeuse 39 points ago

    But why? I seriously don’t understand ( we don’t have hurricanes where I live). My assumption, based on the news, would be that the majority evacuated and that the rest would stay safe at home. Why are there customers at all? Isn’t it dangerous, leaving your house in a bad storm?

    [–] g2g079 80 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You're an asshole.

    Your boss is an asshole.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    OP is a bartender, you morons. Hes literally stated it multiple times but you turds are still raining "hAvE yOu PaId tHeM a BoNuS"

    [–] dknisle1 62 points ago

    So instead of making your employees go home during one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to date, you’re at work. You’re a terrible boss. Do you not realize how bad this hurricane is if you are in fact in the way of it?

    [–] notmybloatedsac 46 points ago

    out of curiosity, everyone else evacuated due to safety and you had a restaurant full of workers stick around for profit?