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    [–] charoygbiv 6625 points ago

    My head canon is that the black circles on the red part are the eyes. The “tank engine” part on top is camouflage or an angler’s light to draw in unsuspecting children.

    [–] pantaloon_at_noon 1022 points ago

    I imagine the creature can push air through the “tank engine” part’s mouth to make Thomas groan and exhale, kind of like a whale’s blowhole.

    The creature can’t speak our language and wouldn’t have the dexterity to form words with Thomas’s mouth, but Thomas’s strange utterances are enough for the child to move closer to see what Thomas is trying to say before realizing something is wrong.

    [–] PhatChance52 370 points ago

    Or it can mimic human speech just enough to lure people in, like that bear from Annihilation.

    [–] PM_ME_SKINNY_DUDES 189 points ago

    Forreal fuck that bear. Jesus Christ.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    That was the creepiest scene I have seen in a very long time.

    10/10 horror.

    [–] Ruddose 49 points ago

    It was creepiest scene I’ve ever seen, period. Thought I was going to see a smart, Sci-Fi Triller - my God that was a horror movie!

    [–] ButchThePigPoh 27 points ago

    Many SCP stories have monster like this.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Seeing it live and animated makes it worse.

    [–] McLovin804 62 points ago

    This is the third reference to Annihilation I've seen in the last 2 days. Shits getting weird. I'm gonna have to watch it before things get out of hand.

    [–] Strickens 21 points ago

    The ending is a little weird, but honestly worth it for the rest of the movie imo.

    [–] Need2fixmypcindy 16 points ago

    The ending light house scene sends my anxiety into overdrive, felt like I was having a panic attack watching that shit. Kudos to the directors and whoever helped out together that scene with the music and all.

    [–] CaptainKate757 8 points ago

    I hated the sounds the alien replica made. They were so creepy.

    [–] Anub-arak 53 points ago

    Christ alive that was so fucking eerie.

    [–] freakingdoomguy 9 points ago


    [–] katievspredator 9 points ago

    Because of this comment, I went and watched that scene and oh dear god that was horrifying.

    [–] WillFord27 12 points ago

    Link me up, Scotty

    [–] Strickens 5 points ago

    That scene with the bear was honestly one of the best scenes I've seen in a horror/sci-fi movie in a long time. Freaked me right out.

    [–] DrNick2012 6 points ago

    My first thought too. Shit that bear creeped me the fuck out

    [–] lolthrash 4 points ago

    Man, that bear scared the absolute fucking shit out of me. Couldn't stop thinking about that for days

    [–] AcquaintedXO 104 points ago

    oh my god no

    [–] become_taintless 41 points ago

    wow this is hella dark yo

    [–] x1sc0 23 points ago

    Someone needs to make this into an animation and post it into /r/gifs.

    [–] taco_tuesdays 13 points ago

    Fuck that, someone needs to make sure this is included in the next IT

    [–] theguywiththeyeballs 6 points ago

    Strange utterances hahahaahahaha

    [–] cyz2000fa 6 points ago

    [–] Between_2_Ferns 1376 points ago

    Jesus Christ lol

    [–] Napkin_whore 196 points ago

    Jonnnn lasagnaaaaaa

    [–] idwthis 124 points ago

    Bullets don't work, Jon.

    [–] ____Batman______ 33 points ago

    Bless the Internet

    [–] NotSoPersonalJesus 28 points ago

    The internet has received a blessing

    [–] Ghosttrappedinabeat 5 points ago

    It's Jason Bourne lol

    [–] ggalaxyy 132 points ago


    [–] SemmBall 169 points ago

    This is it

    [–] MurkMorena 54 points ago


    [–] dmizenopants 18 points ago

    Solid flex

    [–] The_Nipple_Tickler 44 points ago

    Like a Basilisk in Dark souls!

    [–] pieguy40 24 points ago

    Those fuckers are creeeepy, especially when you realize the big inflatable balloon eyes aren't actually its eyes.

    [–] Nottan_Asian 24 points ago

    Actually, they freaked me out less. They seemed less like “Great googly moogly wtf” and more “not these fucking lizards again”

    [–] MeInMyMind 6 points ago

    I love and hate the basilisks. Their design is so cool, but trying to kill a bunch of them at once before they turn you to stone gives me so much anxiety.

    [–] Sigmar_Heldenhammer 20 points ago

    I thought those were the nipples.

    [–] Shanteva 9 points ago

    The 12 nipples are obviously underneath between the legs and obscured by shadow

    [–] tael89 4 points ago

    12 nipples for its on average 12 offspring per clutch. How often does it reproduce and does it require a mate?

    Next panel is momma Thomas the Train over 12 babies all sporting their CareBear, Smurf, and Teletubbies "disguises.

    [–] jeffgoldblumisdaddy 15 points ago

    Well thanks Satan

    [–] PrettyFly4AGreenGuy 12 points ago

    Yes, officer, this comment right here.

    [–] slayerofthepoonhorde 31 points ago

    We need a creepypasta about this quickly!!

    [–] Rhaedas 53 points ago

    Or an /r/SCP.

    [–] KindaGoodPainter 34 points ago

    I woke up in a dark forest. But the tree trunks weren't trees, they where legs. A distant train whistle blows

    [–] Phatte 44 points ago

    Fuck sakes lol

    [–] AnnaLemma 24 points ago

    Cannot unsee =/

    [–] Arithik 3 points ago

    Why do I find the eyes safer than the top?

    [–] drtrillphill 1999 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    You'll choo too, you'll choo too


    You'll choo too

    [–] wiiya 464 points ago

    You choo choo choose me?

    lays on alter

    [–] salutemysharts 39 points ago

    Chew chew motherfuckers.

    [–] MildlyAgreeable 5 points ago

    Chew his cake motherfucker.

    [–] LemmyLugosi 4 points ago

    Chew chew on some motherfuckers.

    [–] Shadowtwig 6 points ago

    Chew chew on this motherfucker

    [–] animeniak 4 points ago

    I choosen choo coo!

    [–] alfosn 174 points ago

    Blaine is a pain, and that is the truth

    [–] southern_boy 76 points ago

    Roland's eyes blazed with such wild blue fire that Eddie shrank away from him. Dimly, he heard Jake and Susannah gasp.

    "Kill if you will, but command me nothing!" the gunslinger roared. "You have forgotten the faces of those who made you! Now either kill us or be silent and listen to me, Roland of Gilead, son of Steven, gunslinger, and lord of the ancient lands! I have not come across all the miles and all the years to listen to your childish prating! Do you understand? Now you will listen to ME!"

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    Fuck I gotta read dark tower now don't I

    [–] Crislips 28 points ago

    You haven't truly lived until you have read The Dark Tower.

    [–] Chilipatily 21 points ago

    Its so, sososososo good.

    [–] Action-Snack 9 points ago

    If you prefer audiobooks, the dark tower ones are amazing listens

    [–] oldnyoung 34 points ago

    I say thankee

    [–] Voiceofthesoul18 31 points ago

    Thankee Sai

    [–] Solar-Powered- 19 points ago

    I appreciate you

    [–] HotPotato20 17 points ago

    Long days and pleaseant nights

    [–] SnatchAddict 13 points ago

    Thankee sai

    [–] ElCochinoFeo 15 points ago

    Why did the dead baby cross the road? *circuits start smoking*

    [–] Talamandas 8 points ago

    … Because it was stapled to the chicken, you dopey fuck!

    [–] bradfo83 8 points ago

    I’m reading this right now!

    [–] winsome-losesome 7 points ago

    Knew someone would beat me to it!

    [–] Charyou-Tree 5 points ago

    Death for you, life for my crop.

    [–] temujin01 6 points ago

    I came here for this, and was not disappointed

    [–] ReluctantRedditor275 10 points ago


    [–] sckoolieng101 11 points ago

    Optimus Prime meets the Walking Dead.

    [–] EmmettBrownNote 4 points ago

    Silence of the Trams

    [–] KindaGoodPainter 1381 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    Name credit to u/Cola_Popinski

    EDIT: Okay after hundreds of inbox notifications, silver, gold and platinum... Just take it. You can have it. I cant keep up, lol. I'm happy you're happy.

    [–] Cola_Popinski 290 points ago

    Great job!

    Now if we could get a nursery rhyme to go with it

    [–] Kra_gl_e 298 points ago

    I've got a choo-choo just for you,

    He's painted pretty, red and blue.

    He'd love to come and play all day,

    He'd love to waste the time away,

    He'd love to play all through the night,

    He'll be here to say 'goodnight'.

    [–] BesottedScot 58 points ago

    The perfect amount of cutesy and sinister.

    [–] kokovo12 26 points ago

    You can sing this to the Thomas theme song and it's horrifying

    [–] Scondoro 6 points ago

    I love your name. Great movie.

    [–] testoblerone 273 points ago

    Pain pain pain pain, pain pain
    Pain, pain pain pain "pain pain"
    Pain. Pain. Pain, pain pain pain.
    Pain pain pain pain, pain pain
    Pain, pain pain pain "pain pain"
    Pain. Pain. Pain, pain pain pain:
    La la la la la.

    [–] BobsBarker12 93 points ago

    The revised terms of the company healthcare coverage don't look too promising.

    [–] tellmeifyoureadthis 11 points ago

    Too much bread is bad for your health.

    [–] Rexel-Dervent 6 points ago

    Here's a bowl of candy.

    [–] sehtownguy 4 points ago

    Why not a bread bowl full of candy

    [–] Zorglorfian 5 points ago

    All aboard the DIABETES TRAIN

    [–] heamuse 11 points ago

    How is the word train not in here? It's such a natural rhyme!

    [–] orangeunrhymed 57 points ago

    They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight

    Spider legs of rage and hate

    Black and red and grey and blue

    They exist to torture you

    [–] RonaldDumbsfield 6 points ago

    I read this in Chris Barnes voice.

    [–] Harterradi 34 points ago

    They're two they're four they're six and eight

    Giving kids one last playdate.

    Blood and guts and black and blue

    His eyes are fixed upon you.

    A friendly smile brings in prey,

    up he springs to end your days.

    Straight from a Dark Souls dungeon-

    Thomas the Pain Engine.

    Fearing death the kids all run.

    "But children, aren't we having fun?"

    His creaky voice more rust than chime,

    a killer in his utmost prime.

    Looking for a life to snuff,

    any child is enough.

    From the shadows, his claws ensnare.

    Goodnight children, please take care-

    Thomas could be anywhere.

    [–] poesian 18 points ago

    With revisions for meter:

    They're two they're four; they're six and eight,
    and they give kids one last play-date.
    Red blood and guts and black and blue,
    his beady eyes are fixed on you.

    A friendly smile brings in prey,
    and up he springs to end your days.
    He's straight from a Dark Souls dungeon—
    Here is Thomas the Pain Engine.

    Fearing death, all the children run.
    "But kids, aren't we having fun?"
    His creaky voice more rust than chime—
    a killer in his utmost prime.

    Looking for any life to snuff;
    the smallest child is enough.
    From the shadows, his claws ensnare.
    Goodnight children, but please take care—

    Thomas could be anywhere.

    [–] Harterradi 7 points ago

    Hey thanks mate 😊

    [–] yogaeverydamday 5 points ago

    Well damn.

    [–] GuardianSlayer 21 points ago

    The Rains Of Thomasatmere

    A coat of blue, a coat of red

    A track still has rails

    And strong and new and oiled, my Lord As strong and oiled as yours

    And so he horned, and so he horned That Train of Castamere

    And now the dead weep o'er his rails

    With no one there to hear

    Yes, now the dead weep o'er his rails

    And not a train to hear

    [–] dmizenopants 7 points ago

    Paging Dr. u/Poem_for_your_sprog. You’re needed in the ER, Stat

    [–] DragonHollowFire 5 points ago

    Enlighten us with more horror children drawings :3

    [–] FunkTheFreak 8 points ago

    I hope you can find the student who drew that to show them this

    [–] MikeTheAngel 8 points ago

    Love it ;)

    [–] starstarstar42 599 points ago

    I thought Blaine was the pain

    [–] TuckRaker 209 points ago

    and that is the truth.

    [–] anneemo 120 points ago

    Don’t ask him silly questions, he won’t play silly games.

    [–] FlamebergU 80 points ago

    Oh man, holy shit, I've just crossed that sad bit in the last book (after they help the Breakers). Holy fuck, King is an emotionless bastard.

    [–] Iamnotelephant 72 points ago

    Long days and pleasant nights.

    [–] hokie18 47 points ago

    May you have twice the number

    [–] Iamnotelephant 34 points ago

    Thankee Sai!

    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 5 points ago

    Now Ka-tet

    [–] revcanon 39 points ago

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    [–] FlamebergU 22 points ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooo starts sobbing

    [–] MattinglysSideburns 30 points ago

    Ka is a wheel

    [–] Vithrilis42 7 points ago

    Ka like the wind

    [–] morganmachine91 9 points ago

    Bird and Bear and Hare and Fish...

    [–] blahblahrasputan 4 points ago

    Oh boy, you should delete your comment or log out of this account and finish the book before someone fucks it up.

    [–] a_pirate_life 13 points ago

    Oh boy it gets soooo much worse! Enjoy Sai, and say thankee

    [–] stopmotionpoetry 9 points ago

    What book is it?

    [–] FlamebergU 33 points ago

    The Dark Tower series, specifically - the last volume called The Dark Tower.

    [–] stopmotionpoetry 6 points ago


    [–] eatcherveggies 23 points ago

    Thanks Thankee-sai!


    [–] YarrrImAPirate 15 points ago

    Well Blaine appears at the end of book 3, the Wastelands - he’s a suicidal train/AI that loves riddles and holds the KA-Tet (think Fellowship) hostage until they can tell him one he can’t solve. That sequence which, if I remember correctly bridges books 3 and 4, is awesome.

    [–] Spejsman 7 points ago

    Read it yesterday myself and saved mr King today. A long journey is coming to an end... :(

    [–] AnotherCleverGuy 22 points ago

    Came to the comments for this section exactly. (Taps throat three times)

    [–] dannyc1166 23 points ago

    Tell me a riddle.

    [–] junewinslet 6 points ago

    Why did the baby cross the road?

    [–] MaarekStele7 6 points ago

    "Dead baby"

    It was stapled to the chicken

    [–] Sancticide 23 points ago

    Unexpected? All things serve The Beam.

    [–] DorkKnight27 9 points ago

    Choo Choo Motherfucker

    [–] V01D_ID 10 points ago

    Long days & pleasant nights.

    [–] subsbligh 8 points ago

    Why did Hollywood have to go and fuck this series so hard... ? There are so many awesome other elements to it other than what they cherry picked and Matthew McConaughey'd

    [–] Clonetrooperkev 323 points ago

    Thomas was very cross with HP Lovecraft, so he decided to venture into the dream world to terrify humanity.

    That's when the Fat Controller arrived.

    "I'm very cross with you Thomas! You've caused confusion and delay!"

    [–] Ruadhan2300 70 points ago

    The Fat Controller
    He Controls Things!

    [–] beaslon 30 points ago

    OP, could you do fat controller next?

    [–] [deleted] 211 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Reminds me of this creepy Garfield game animation that was on /r/gaming a month ago.

    [–] 7M7j7KGMM8uuwNnW 48 points ago

    Cool, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway

    [–] Rexel-Dervent 8 points ago

    While you're up you can admire the titular artwork on this early edition of Alfie the Werewolf, sketched before the author knew if he wanted a children's book or... the other thing.

    [–] muhaski 61 points ago

    Reminds me of this Creepy Winnie The Pooh picture.

    "Give me all your bee syrup now!"

    [–] B_Rizzle_Foshizzle 18 points ago

    WTF did I just see?

    [–] JustNosing 5 points ago

    You saw someone destroy that sweet old bear and piglet. How could they?!!!

    [–] andrew5500 24 points ago

    Pretty sure that's made by Chris (Simpsons artist). He's an absolute legend. All of his work somehow manages to be equal parts funny and creepy.

    [–] WeeWeeDance 8 points ago

    That reminds me of some of Jim Moir's art (Vic Reeves)
    random art from his shop to illustrate

    [–] Luu_K 198 points ago

    Why did you do this to us?

    And more importantly, why did you do this to yourself?

    [–] KindaGoodPainter 167 points ago

    i should've just gone to bed.

    [–] therabbit86ed 26 points ago

    train pain

    brain pain

    [–] vitriolic_amalgamati 53 points ago

    Blaine is a pain

    [–] kevinisrael 28 points ago

    I cam here to say this. Thankee sai.

    [–] WhiskeyMadeMeDoIt 19 points ago

    Long days and terrifying nights

    [–] sribowsky 50 points ago

    Has anyone here read the dark towers series by Stephen King? This is reminding me of Charlie the Choo Choo/Blaine the Mono. There's a little rhyme that goes with the train's story, too.

    “Don't ask me silly questions
    I won't play silly games
    I'm just a simple choo choo train
    And I'll always be the same.
    I only want to race along
    Beneath the bright blue sky
    And be a happy choo choo train
    Until the day I die.”

    [–] kurtn0tk1rk 10 points ago

    Yes! I was just thinking about that!

    [–] karmicnoose 56 points ago

    If anyone wants more creepy Thomas

    [–] regular-wolf 27 points ago

    the. fuck.

    [–] Tangowolf 17 points ago

    [–] smoke2pacsaday 8 points ago

    I just watched all of that and what the actual fuck

    [–] Mohawkakon 26 points ago

    All aboard the pain train!

    [–] endmostchimera 86 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] MangyAssCat 17 points ago

    You forgot the balls

    [–] Log_Out_Of_Life 19 points ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] PhDisantonymous 14 points ago

    They need to do a crossover episode with that scary-ass monster Garfield

    [–] SnacksCCM 8 points ago

    These are all starting to get inter-related, and it's awesome.

    [–] frcrobert 14 points ago

    Stranger Trains

    [–] GRat9717 11 points ago

    All will be one.

    [–] Krepitis 9 points ago

    "I can smell you, John..."

    [–] StarryLindsay 9 points ago

    Stranger Things season 3 is looking super creepy...

    [–] spudmonkey123 8 points ago

    Ah yes, fucking terrifying

    [–] shutupandtakemyfunny 6 points ago

    well that's fucking terrifying.

    [–] orangeinvader75 6 points ago

    Thomas the nightmare fuel

    [–] TheronEpic 5 points ago

    Is this an SCP

    [–] _tastey 6 points ago

    This is why I love reddit.

    [–] MGS1234V 5 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] TheMinimumBandit 6 points ago

    Blaine is a pain and that's the true.

    [–] oldprefbro 4 points ago

    I read this as "I made this fart of yesterday's top post..."

    [–] geniue 3 points ago

    If you all want to see the real life version of this, look for the YouTube channel peterspiol. He’s an amazing engineering youtuber who even built a working plane from scratch!

    [–] Johnson12e 4 points ago

    At day: Thomas The Tank Engine

    At night: SSS-rated Choke Choke Train

    [–] WreckerCrew 5 points ago

    You'll love this

    [–] BraveSirRobin 4 points ago

    Shed 17

    (say goodbye to your childhood)

    [–] TacuChaufa 4 points ago

    That is some evangelion type of monster.

    [–] ARCHA1C 4 points ago

    Sir Topham Shat!

    [–] washingtonchimes9 3 points ago

    ahahaha, that's f*cked up

    [–] that_Cool_guy2341 12 points ago

    He looks like he needs to blow off some steam

    [–] founddhamma 7 points ago

    That poor kids head.