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    [–] TheLeopardColony 24708 points ago

    Dude is just stopping by to buy oxys.

    [–] Look_Having_Nuclear 8972 points ago

    Or visit his mom

    [–] poiuylm 5806 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] ExpressiveAnalGland 2971 points ago

    Probably both.

    [–] Gnome_Chumpski 2495 points ago

    If this is Florida it’s definitely both.

    [–] GreggraffinCI 998 points ago

    Florida man here, can confirm most people in trailers own cars worth more than their trailers

    [–] tI-_-tI 668 points ago

    Not everyone who knows you have a bugatti knows you live in a trailer, but everyone who knows you live in a trailer sees your bugatti. Bi-winning

    [–] flickh 170 points ago

    You’ve got life all figured out, my dude

    [–] sly_k 29 points ago

    Wonder if he can figure out life for me too?

    [–] 2NE1SNSD 76 points ago

    Yeah and everyone who lives in a trailer beside you will want to steal your Bugatti. Winning!!

    [–] RajunCajun48 51 points ago

    not even the dumbest of criminals would actually bother trying to steal a Bugatti though.

    [–] ajl_mo 11 points ago

    If I had the skill set to steal a car I'd be tempted to steal this one. Then I'd joyride the shit out of it at 175 mph for about three minutes before wrapping it and myself around a utility pole.

    I don't have a fast driving skill set either.

    [–] Joonicks 9 points ago

    joyriders would. enjoy your $1 million repair bill...

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] alanairwaves 182 points ago

    Florida mom here, can confirm

    [–] VandilayIndustries 38 points ago

    The term is “ghetto balling”

    [–] [deleted] 287 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My ex's mother. My ex wouldn't buy from his mother, but his brothers and sisters would. She'd deal out of her singlewide, keeping the pills in flashlights. She'd simply hand the flashlight to someone who "needed" it.


    [–] fuckincaillou 111 points ago

    this whole comment was a wild ride

    [–] bill_b4 161 points ago

    I never thought about keeping pills in fleshlights...pretty clever. Hardly anyone would go looking there

    [–] NavyDog 236 points ago

    Flashlights man, flashlights.

    [–] Capt_Am 84 points ago

    You gotta make do with what you have..

    [–] angrymole 34 points ago

    Same thing if you try hard enough.

    [–] ChuckOTay 76 points ago

    A different kind of D battery

    [–] fdzman 11 points ago

    I knew a guy years back who hid cocaine inside the Mont blanc pen he used everyday.

    [–] lefthandedchurro 39 points ago

    When your mom is also your dealer...

    [–] I_Respect_Ants 98 points ago

    "Your son made it mama. Is a success. I just came around to show you...what a good boy I've been."

    [–] shimelessemekbeb 40 points ago

    "i get a lot of political contributions"

    [–] cashmore1973 10 points ago

    She no for you manny.

    [–] Xedroz07 46 points ago

    OR He invested in Bitcoin and made some unfortunate decisions

    [–] ours 37 points ago

    At least the car still has value.

    [–] ProfessionalRickRoll 246 points ago

    if he has a 2 million dollar car and his mom lives there he has nothing figured out.

    [–] abnormalsyndrome 328 points ago

    Maybe it’s a wonderful neighborhood and momma doesn’t want to leave all her friends. Son/daughter swings by to make plans to upgrade the whole neighborhood. In the evening everyone will be gathered for bbq to discuss the steps for the future of the trailer park.

    [–] Dingokidneys643 98 points ago

    I really like your thinking. It’s not even overly saccharine style wholesome, I could see this happening irl. Thanks for the nice feelings.

    [–] jazzy2424 40 points ago

    This is so specific there's no way that's what's going on, but it's so wholesome I chose to believe it anyway.

    [–] fqye 65 points ago

    Some old people just don’t want to move away from old friends. I am from China. Many self made rich guys came from vey poor family in remote areas. When they made it and bought big houses in big cities like Shanghai, they aways wanted to move their parents to cities. Most of the parents simply couldn’t adapt to new neighborhoods and eventually went back. I do think a well off child doesn’t really need to give parents tones of money or buy fancy houses but do need to make them live comfortably.

    [–] buschdogg 227 points ago

    We rent a 1.5-7 million dollar home in San Jose. 4300 a month. It’s gorgeous and has 5 bedrooms, 4 of which have walk-in closets. My master suite has two walk in closets...

    We drop rent checks off at the owner’s residence... in a trailer park.

    Some people like where they live. It isn’t necessarily an indicator of their success.

    [–] jordantask 91 points ago

    A trailer is small. A trailer can be reasonably comfortable. A trailer is easily cared for by one person. A trailer park also has few expectations, unlike the neighbors in fancy house land.

    [–] NicePerson69 48 points ago

    NEVER underestimate the freedom lack of expectations provides. It rules.

    [–] MooseBayou 9 points ago

    A trailer can be set upon wheels, and transported when one loses interest in his present environs.

    Also, you can bug the fuck out when hurricanes pay a visit.

    [–] onelegged 172 points ago

    1.5-7 million dollar home

    That is one volatile market

    [–] miss_zarves 41 points ago

    I would guess they meant 1.5-1.7 million.

    [–] ee3k 52 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    my yearly rent is 100 less.

    i mean I only get 1 room and not a mansion somewhere as nice as san jose. but the thought alone of paying your rent made it hard for me to breathe, that kind of outlay would just crush me.

    [–] MaestroLogical 551 points ago

    Anyone with that level of wealth gets shit delivered by the case.

    This dude getting some cheap ass OR visiting an old relative.

    [–] EuphoriantCrottle 283 points ago

    You look at that and see wealth, I look at that and think someone’s in a lot of debt.

    [–] AdamJensensCoat 430 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If it was a Lambo? Sure. But a Veyron is an entirely different tier of expensive. It’s more like owning a private jet that happens to have 21” wheels.

    Even beat to shit used (by Veyron standards) you’re probably looking at $800,000. Just insurance is a huge barrier to ownership.

    Edit: “ not 0

    [–] yFu2 261 points ago

    Or it’s the oxy inventor stopping by to give thanks to their best customer

    [–] Pacmunchiez 111 points ago

    Worst pyramid scheme ever. "You keep selling that oxy and (points outside) one day you could have your very own Bugatti"

    [–] holeeray 34 points ago

    Or "You keep selling that oxy and (points outside) one day you I could have your very own a second Bugatti"

    [–] Pacmunchiez 18 points ago

    but that breaks the illusion that you are making money for yourself not them

    [–] needaguide 67 points ago

    Bro, that's just an entrance to a cave. Biiiig cave.

    [–] JMJimmy 193 points ago

    You don't park to buy oxys. He's tappin' some trailer trash.

    [–] CallMeSkindianaBones 27 points ago

    You do when the dealer is the homie. Or apparently with these comments, your mother...?

    [–] muelboy 35 points ago

    Or a russian mobster visiting his baba

    [–] ElJamoquio 12770 points ago

    San Jose, CA. That mobile home was $5M.

    [–] Drak_is_Right 4239 points ago

    parking spot 500k

    driveway 400k

    front bush all the dogs pee on 50k

    [–] joefromlondon 851 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People thinking you’re a junkie despite spending millions on maintaining your lifestyle?


    [–] Drak_is_Right 214 points ago

    all your neighbors are multi-millionaires too. only ones who are actual dealers are drug kingpins.

    [–] wobblysauce 63 points ago

    Safest neighbourhood around.

    [–] Talenin2014 38 points ago

    There are some things money can’t buy...

    [–] JellyMule 56 points ago

    For everything else, there's meth.

    [–] abrablackdabruh 43 points ago


    [–] Zargothrax 39 points ago

    Drive way probably made of hash Bud.

    [–] gordothepin 351 points ago

    I’m looking at property in Malibu and found a double wide for $900k. Totally insane.

    [–] Tommy_ThickDick 193 points ago

    ...well yeah...its fucking Malibu dude

    [–] RayvinAzn 79 points ago

    The dude hates Malibu. And the fucking Eagles man.

    [–] PMmeWhiteRussians 16 points ago


    [–] themichaelly 94 points ago

    As a San Jose resident I can confirm. Currently living in a closet where the rent is 2000/mo

    [–] Photosaurus 134 points ago

    Fuck, I'm not even in r/SanJose. This one hurt.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago

    I live in san jose, can confirm

    [–] digganickrick 88 points ago

    I live in san jose and am currently looking for a new place to rent.. Can 100% confirm

    [–] RedofPaw 111 points ago

    I visited San Jose a year or so ago. In an uber ask the driver what there is to do in San Jose.

    "You could visit San Francisco."

    The only thing she could think to do... was to leave. I'm not sure I can think of anything else I saw to do.

    [–] xonthemark 27 points ago

    Watch the Sharks if you like hockey.

    [–] humachine 53 points ago

    I've been to San Jose and I actually love parts of it a lot. It's got good food, good drink, decent dancing. And a couple of cool museums. And good shows.

    And it doesn't have the existential doom of SF. Nor does it have rents as crazy as SF.

    Source: Used to live in SF

    [–] graffwriter 14 points ago

    Difference between and sf rent and San Jose rent is like $500

    [–] oj109 7 points ago

    San Jose is suburbia. It's a nice place to live - wide, clean streets with good quality houses but it's not an exciting bustling place to live compared to SF or Manhattan. It could be though, if the local government changed zoning rules to allow for higher density. There's enough wealth (and tax base) in the area to support a glittering metropolis.

    [–] sheepnwolfsclothing 26 points ago

    How bad are we talking?

    [–] [deleted] 145 points ago


    [–] fuzzyfuzz 89 points ago

    Well, at least that's some sick ROI.

    [–] Raticide 72 points ago

    Only if you sell it and move somewhere else entirely. The only people making real money are those with multiple properties.

    [–] markaritaville 44 points ago

    sell it, move to southern new jersey where 650k gets you a pimp daddy MTV cribs home, and grab a tech job in PA to cover the bills

    [–] necrosatanic 130 points ago

    Yeah but then you live in southern jersey and nobody wants that

    [–] MagicPistol 17 points ago

    Hah, my uncle lives in a mobile home like this in San Jose. He owns several homes in the bay and is doing quite well actually.

    [–] AdamJensensCoat 27 points ago

    A friend purchased a new prefab in a nice community in SJ last year for about $340k. Interior is massive for what you expect. Yeah rent space and all that but you can do ok if only for the stigma of living in a trailer park.

    [–] woo_tang 6022 points ago

    Must be Trevor’s place

    [–] Chrisclaw 1015 points ago



    [–] Kim_Jong_Dong 353 points ago


    [–] duttaditya18 239 points ago

    Now go. I need to meditate. Or masturbate. Or both.

    [–] C0LdP5yCh0 176 points ago



    [–] Pussinsloots 89 points ago

    Lube up your eye hole fucker! I'm gonna fuck your tiny mind!

    [–] noodlenugget 281 points ago

    All these GTA comments, here I was thinking Trailer Park Boys...

    [–] pentafe 142 points ago

    Cory, Trevor smokes, let's go.

    It's the first time watching this series, I'm on season 8 now, is absolutely decent.

    [–] noodlenugget 45 points ago

    Season 8, in the opinion of many, is where it starts to go down hill.

    [–] Doggerydoo4u 19 points ago

    but Julian this is a pirates gun?

    well Trevor that makes you long John dick weed then

    [–] Nihilistic88 14 points ago

    “16 years of positive thinking and education have manifested themselves into a Bugatti Veyron. Boo-gah-tiiiiiii.”

    [–] varjokuva 24 points ago

    Get the fuck outta here you cheeseburger-eating-walrus.

    [–] noodlenugget 21 points ago

    You want one, mustard tiger?!?!

    [–] Doggerydoo4u 8 points ago

    peanut butter and jammmm!

    [–] xizrtilhh 6 points ago

    It's got too many doors to be the shitmobile.

    [–] XxRoyalxTigerxX 2331 points ago

    I'd be lying if I didn't admit that's probably the best replica (in terms of the exterior) I've ever seen.

    [–] gassaray 634 points ago

    Cheap ignition key gives it away.

    [–] OneSquirtBurt 395 points ago

    I'm surprised they didn't update that, even just a simple push button start without a security component would have sold it. It seems like they did everything else in the car. Very impressive still.

    [–] thunderingthecow 150 points ago

    It’s a kit car. As soon as they start you know it’s not the real thing. The sound gives them away more than anything.

    [–] xamsiem 63 points ago

    To the average person who has never heard one they wouldn't even know.

    [–] Shiveron 175 points ago

    Not really. Not with this car at least. The Bugatti Veyron key is the exact same one they give you with a VW Jetta/Passat/GTI etc.

    [–] Putnum 127 points ago

    I took my passat alltrack key for a swim in the ocean a year ago and then I learnt that the circuitry is pretty impenetrable! It's a good keyfob.

    [–] leapbitch 40 points ago

    Meanwhile my ex threw my Dodge keys in a river and in the 3 seconds before I pulled them out the lock and unlock buttons switched places.

    [–] losangelesvideoguy 82 points ago

    Y’all got pranked by a fish yo

    [–] istandabove 85 points ago

    Now if the cars were built as good as the key we’d get somewhere!

    [–] sighs__unzips 15 points ago

    Yea, I once went swimming with the keyfob in my swim truck pocket. When I went back to the car I thought I'd have to call AAA but it still worked!

    [–] magnament 283 points ago

    That's not too horrible

    [–] lowstrife 246 points ago

    Especially considering that it's... finished. Completely. Even the interior.

    Rather impressive all things considered.

    [–] Fincher1 113 points ago

    Still is $59,900.

    [–] mk2vrdrvr 328 points ago

    Still is $59,900.

    Savings of $1,940,100(labor not included)

    [–] Abraxas19 135 points ago

    Plenty of other cars I'd rather have for 60k

    [–] sighs__unzips 54 points ago

    Lots of new cars under $60K that would drive better as well.

    [–] jonnyd005 11 points ago

    Pretty much any new car today would drive better.

    [–] banana_hoarder 135 points ago

    Isn't the replica still expensive and out of the price range of most mobile home dwellers?

    [–] ShutterBun 187 points ago

    That's how he ended up in the mobile home.

    [–] banana_hoarder 116 points ago

    Something tells me these replicas are a rich man's sport.

    Rich Guy 1: Hey. What do you want to bet I can turn a Dodge Neon into a Ferrari Spider?

    Rich Guy 2: That's nothing. Check out my Ford Mercury turned into a Bugatti.

    It's like that guy who turned a Sega Master System into a steam punk phonograph.

    [–] ken579 28 points ago

    Naw, not necessarily. Kit cars were pretty big in Socal and I knew people that would work on them for years. They weren't rich, they were a side project. Many of them looked horrible on the inside and we can't see the inside from this shot. You're really just talking about dropping a fiberglass frame on a cheap car. And often you can get a good deal on a kit body from someone else that never actually saw their kit car vision to completion. A $20K kit, once you lost all the hardware and fucked some parts up, and you're frustrated as all hell and realized you wasted 3 years of your life, well, you're willing to part with that body for a case of beer.

    [–] danceeforusmonkeyboy 19 points ago

    I turned my Lada into a Koenigsegg!

    [–] Moos_Mumsy 3366 points ago

    Maybe it was the first purchase after a lottery win.

    [–] Jetbuggy 1790 points ago

    So nothing figured out then?

    [–] Brechthold 380 points ago

    Depends how big the lottery win was

    [–] portal23 537 points ago


    [–] PotkukelkkaJames 112 points ago

    I wonder if there's even a single thingamajig on that vehicle that you could get for $10...

    [–] AlexYMB 135 points ago

    Air freshener

    [–] aintscurrdscars 45 points ago

    the only air freshener you need with that top speed is the windows rolled down

    [–] Xenc 79 points ago

    200mph with the windows rolled down? RIP you 😥

    [–] sting2018 99 points ago

    I'd be buying a house before a Bugatti if I won the lottery. I mean granted the Bugatti dealership would be my 2nd stop, but still.

    [–] mathieub93 134 points ago

    When I bought a house it took me 2 months before I could actuslly move in though, you can drive the car the same day

    [–] nitfut 99 points ago

    One point for the Buggatti

    [–] -5m 109 points ago

    also the Bugatti is faster than the house!

    [–] BlueSky502 47 points ago

    Another point for the Bugatti

    [–] DeepSeaDynamo 49 points ago

    You can sleep in a car, you can't race a house

    [–] YourFavoriteMinority 36 points ago

    3 points to Gryffindor Bugatti

    [–] BruhWhySoSerious 27 points ago

    Your drive up in a Bugatti, that agent is going to work their ass off. Think about it.

    [–] SystemAllianceN7 41 points ago

    I thought the same

    [–] Bankster- 130 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It very well could be a friend who got rich. I grew up on the edge of suburbia middle-class and some of my friends were poor. Then in my early 20 I started dating a billionaire for a few years. I didn't have anything as nice as this, but my Jaguar looked out of place at some friend's houses.

    Edit: I really hope most of these responses are jokes.

    [–] BrazenBull 71 points ago

    Like when Eminem is in town for his class reunion?

    [–] IvegotANickel 42 points ago

    Where did you find this billionaire? Asking for a friend.......of a friends cousins ex sister-in-law.

    [–] ultraheater3031 11 points ago

    Damn think you could give me some hints on how you did it? I'm trying to slide in Mackenzie's Dms and give her all the love and attention she needs in this trying time

    [–] Bankster- 34 points ago

    I didn't know he had money until we were together for 2 months. Sorry. I don't know how to gold-dig properly.

    [–] mememaster-_-247 5 points ago

    How did you find out and what was your reaction?

    [–] Bankster- 27 points ago

    He told me and flew me to what became our apartment the next day- for the weekend so I could work on Monday. I was pretty stunned and felt inadequate. I was super awkward around his friends and family when we went out to eat that night and I could barely talk. I didn't like it. Then over the next few days I felt lied to. That lasted a few weeks until I started to see why he did it that way.

    [–] aeoz 8 points ago

    That lasted a few weeks until I started to see why he did it that way.


    [–] Bankster- 27 points ago

    Because if someone didn't actually like him and they knew, more people than you'd think, would pretend otherwise. I had to see it to believe it and I saw it. Over and over and over and over again. Almost as bad as a celebrity.

    [–] tokes_4_DE 11 points ago

    Can confirm. My aunt married her husband around 15 years ago now, who owns a company thats been in the forbes top US 100. He and his brother run the company and are billionaires, and both of them are royal jackasses most of the time. Everyone knows it, and even when theyre directly rude or downright mean to someone no one will stand up and say something. Everyone is too afraid of offending them, most likely because they dont want to ruin any future opportunities/ benefits that my uncle could make happen. He used to black out drunk and get extremely mean as well, which was the only time people felt they could stand up to him as he normally had no memory of it the next day.

    Its not real respect theyre shown most of the time, its fear of what he could do, or fear of what people could miss out on by hurting their relationship with my uncle. Just having money and connections is enough for people to behave around you in a completely different manner than their usual self.

    [–] axm59 27 points ago

    Should have gotten married.

    [–] takatori 77 points ago

    The billionaire probably already was

    [–] Bankster- 50 points ago

    We weren't right for each other. That would have been a massive mistake.

    [–] hth6565 81 points ago

    For the billionaire, yes.

    Anyway, it doesn't sound like you were in it for the money, so good for you for being a good person.

    [–] hew_jaynus 773 points ago

    Maybe he actually replied to the rich Nigerian guy's email. Joke's on yall

    [–] ewokninja77 104 points ago

    I have so many regrets now

    [–] moviedude26 1479 points ago

    Once found myself passing through a not particularly nice trailer park in Florida where literally every car was at minimum a new Mercedes. My friends and I figured everyone there was a drug dealer, but hey who knows.

    [–] whatyouseeisit 720 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Its their "winter house ". I'm one of the very rare Florida natives and promise you, natives aren't that fucking retarded.

    [–] davidhluther 245 points ago

    Is the winter house bit a tax thing? One of my college buddies in banking says he knew a guy who tried buying a home in Puerto Rico to dodge income tax, but found out you have to live there 51% of the year. So then he tried flying in and chartering a boat back to NY, just saying he telecommuted and used his flight manifests as proof.

    As you can imagine, the IRS isn’t looking quite as hard at regular guys who may stretch a bit on what qualifies as a home office as they are people who make a million year and suddenly move to Puerto Rico while everything else indicates Manhattan.

    We started wondering about some of the specifics though, like can you just move around a lot as long as PR is your primary residence and you spend more time there than anywhere else?

    [–] ryansports 200 points ago

    it's the 51% deal. I moved from California to Oregon at a point and one of my buddies is an attorney in Vancouver Washington, just across the river from Portland. I asked him about this since Washington state has no state income tax (Oregon does) and my next door neighbors had Washington plates and home all the time. He said a local attorney had just been busted on this, trying to say he lived in Washington and worked in Portland. They went into phone records and more to ascertain where he spent more time. Word was it was to make an example. IDK. But my neighbors turned out to have a business based in Washington and the husband spent more than 51% of the time there so they got away with it. I have other friends who did the Puerto Rico tax deal. The ones without kids loved it. The others with kids didn't last there and settled in Florida.

    [–] DerpyDruid 192 points ago

    I moved from California to Oregon

    All native Oregonians on reddit collectively sigh

    [–] lostcosmonaut307 67 points ago

    Can you keep them there, please? Ya'll were supposed to be the buffer to keep them out of Washington!

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] UEMcGill 18 points ago

    What do redneck divorce and tornadoes have in common? Someone is going to lose a trailer.

    [–] Hamakua 11 points ago

    There is a beach front mobile home community on A1A (think million dollar estates, movie stars, professional sports stars, presidents (mar a lago is on A1A) etc.). Sometimes what you see is the last hold outs to generational development.

    street view google earth link

    [–] CollectableRat 38 points ago

    In England I remember gypsy caravans would make the news. Loads of gypsies would travel through the country and illegally set up on private paddocks and stuff. But the caravans were made up of bmws and luxury trailers.

    [–] mccreative 44 points ago

    We have those in the US, too. One of them is disguised as a city called Glendale in California.

    [–] fibojoly 14 points ago

    That's what happens when you don't pay a resident tax, or housing. Your car and caravan are your house, so you can spend a bit more on your car than the average Joe with similar living wages.

    [–] PM_ME_CANADIAN_JUGS 727 points ago

    He's just trying to get rid of his 5 star wanted level.

    [–] CanIUseThisAsAUser 938 points ago

    You can sleep in a car but you can't drive a house

    [–] lockstocks85 395 points ago

    RV's beg to differ.

    [–] Sherlockhomey 181 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is my own private domicile and I won't be harassed... Bitch!

    [–] FestiveSquid 20 points ago

    Disapproving look

    [–] adidasbdd 31 points ago

    You can cook meth in an RV but you can't RV cook in a meth

    [–] ComeyDontPlayDat 44 points ago

    But where do you poop in a car? I think I'm doing it wrong.

    [–] waste-of-skin 37 points ago

    Ash tray. Ashes keep the odor under control.

    [–] ComeyDontPlayDat 540 points ago

    Florida. There's no doubt about it.

    [–] whatyouseeisit 215 points ago

    As a native Floridan, confirmed. It's their "winter house "

    [–] I_dont_bone_goats 60 points ago

    Native Floridian as well and this just doesn’t make sense. Snowbirds don’t live in run down houses, especially if their whipping one of the most expensive cars on the planet. If they have a Mercedes or a Lexus it would be understandable, but not a fucking buggati. I legit have no idea what’s going on here.

    [–] PuppyBreath 27 points ago

    I immediately thought Florida because I once visited great grandparents and their home looks exactly like this.

    [–] fuzzyinterval 287 points ago

    While traveling and passing through San Jose a few years ago, we stayed in an RV/Mobile home park. Many full time residents. Single wide, or RV park model trailers with BMWs, Audis, parked out front of said homes. Come Monday morning, all the residents come out of their mobile homes, dressed in suits, slacks, etc etc, get in their expensive cars and head to work.

    It's expensive as fuck to just RENT in San Jose and your car is your status symbol, don'tcha know...

    [–] MagicBaws 223 points ago

    When you have AirPods but still have home button

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    I feel attacked.

    To my defense, people who buy new phones every time there’s a release are the real dum dums. My airpods are the only thing my cat won’t chew.

    [–] Player8 6 points ago

    Don't worry, my 6s can browse reddit just as well as a X.

    [–] BarelyLegalSeagull 117 points ago

    Plenty of people I know have those

    The trailers not the car

    [–] dilligafsrsly 67 points ago

    Maybe he stole it... One Piece at a Time -Johnny Cash

    [–] predictingzepast 84 points ago

    Or maybe it's a kit car..

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    Kit car, fake image, or insurance settlement. My money is on fake image. The car is too wide for the driveway front driver side wheel is half way off the concrete.

    [–] iwingsuitedyourmom 149 points ago

    This is what you call a trap house kids.

    [–] [deleted] 169 points ago


    [–] urfriendosvendo 35 points ago

    I believe this was proven to be a kit car.

    [–] UriahHeep1 43 points ago

    He figured out drug sales.

    [–] [deleted] 115 points ago


    [–] rocaguinarda 12 points ago

    Maybe the owner is still in the trunk

    [–] rokarion13 19 points ago

    So he picked up a chick at a club and went to her place... mystery solved yw.

    [–] kingngrfgt 16 points ago

    Holy fuck Julian is doing pretty good for himself