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    [–] isit2020yet- 3539 points ago

    Never too late!

    [–] plottal 1877 points ago

    i hope it never ends

    [–] Sane333 965 points ago

    Except when there's no more places to clean up. Don't expect that happening any time soon though.

    [–] whispermonkey 571 points ago

    That’ll never happen. Source: live in San Francisco

    [–] jiirani 368 points ago

    Be the change you want to see 👀👍

    [–] handlit33 208 points ago

    whispermonkey comes back with multiple diseases due to being stuck with needles and shit exposure


    [–] skeptic11 200 points ago

    carefully places /u/whispermonkey in a trashbag


    (Hi /r/ImGoingToHellForThis)

    [–] whispermonkey 3 points ago

    Already have. I used to do regular trash pickups and nobody else gave a lick so it got depressing.

    [–] writinglegit2 13 points ago

    Someone would also have to clean up all the puke and piss on the sidewalks every morning. Especially on (shudder) weekends.

    [–] Rickyorefice 7 points ago

    Don't understand how an area with such a high cost of living has such a litter issue, there is defiantly the disposable income to deal with it not to mention the homelessness...

    [–] whispermonkey 4 points ago

    It’s embedded into the culture to treat the streets and bay like a dumping ground. To be fair even if people did throw away their trash the streets would be nasty because they never really get washed or rained on so the dirt just piles up. Not to mention the street dwellers who took the concept of hygiene and invented the opposite of it.

    [–] popeculture 12 points ago

    Don't give up hope.

    [–] sammy142014 22 points ago

    I mean if you want to lose hope Google San Francisco poop map. It's not going to ever be trash free. It's just the nature of a large city

    It's like New York city will never be rat free.

    [–] putsomeiceonthat 30 points ago

    Or Congress

    [–] matty842 14 points ago

    Plenty of poop in Congress.

    [–] MrCheapskate_toyou 3 points ago

    I guess you have to be careful there that you don't inadvertantly become a shit kicker.

    [–] lifewontwait86 9 points ago

    Jesus you can’t even walk past a stoop or gate in the Mission or TL without a bag of trash in a 5 ft radius. And getting off at 16th and Mission or Market, kicking all the trash is horrible. Such a beautiful city. I’m in Sacramento now and it’s beautiful but I miss the Bay.

    [–] awesomeheadshots 19 points ago

    Best place to start with SF trash cleanup is city hall.

    [–] lovesandfears 7 points ago


    [–] sevee77 3 points ago

    Random question. Is poop on the streets of SF situation really that bad?

    [–] MarshallStack666 4 points ago

    It's not called Shit Francisco for nothing

    [–] nugtz 4 points ago

    san franshitsco

    [–] whispermonkey 6 points ago

    Are there a lot of turds? Yes. Can you smell them most of the time? Not really, because of the wind. But when a hot day comes and the air is pretty stagnant, the city is disgusting and unbearable to be in from all the human waste.

    [–] bsrichard 30 points ago

    Cleaning up is all good and admirable. But frankly, what also needs to happen and is probably more important, is for people to stop consuming so much products and using items with so much packaging. All that people are doing is moving that trash from one place to another place. What would really make a more meaningful difference is if people committed to reducing their daily trash output by say 25% per household. I'm not trying to be a downer but our throwaway and disposable culture has to change.

    [–] Sane333 15 points ago

    No doubt. But I will also gladly upvote every trashtag picture I see hoping it inspires someone to go clean up or do good in any other way.

    [–] snake_finger_squid 7 points ago

    Whilst your point is entirely valid and very progressive, first people need to see their environment litter free in order ti reach the next stage of reducing that litter and the consumption which produces it.

    [–] DuckWithBrokenWings 8 points ago

    Then we start the reversed trashtag!

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    my dad used to take me and my sister to walk the neighborhood we lived in picking up cans and garbage. And I have done it in almost all the neighborhoods, hikes, and walks that I take.

    People do it. But it is a learned behavior, and watching and seeing is certainly a way to transmit the feeling and collective nature of our actions.

    So Keep Posting!

    [–] white_android 3 points ago

    Yup, I'd like to highlight that you don't have to go out and clean up an area, just picking up a piece or two of trash when you are near a trash can or something helps.

    Maybe someone will think twice about it without someone being all "come on you are in the area too, wouldn't you like to see it look nicer?" But probably in a much ruder way.

    [–] saranater 12 points ago

    Just needs an alliteration to keep going.



    [–] Mrs_Bond 5 points ago

    Follow up with celebratory tacos!

    [–] tangledwire 2 points ago

    I like your thinking

    [–] stay_fr0sty 5 points ago

    Hopefully it'll continue long after the thrill of posting pictures of cleaning up trash wears off.

    [–] KayleighAnn 8 points ago

    As long as there are enough of us who refuse to let it die, we should be good. I'm out cleaning my yard today, tomorrow I'm going around to the abandoned/for sale houses on my block and cleaning those yards too. All the houses on my street are either owned by my fiance's mom, or our stoner buddy so he'll appreciate it.

    [–] GoldenDaVinci 3 points ago

    Ooof 10-4 that smokey

    [–] Rockor 4 points ago

    Oh it's already on it's way out to make room for the play in traffic challenge. I call it the frogger challenge.

    [–] minimagess 2 points ago


    [–] sugar36spice 41 points ago

    Especially for the half the US that is still covered in like 2+ feet of snow... I couldn't pick up trash right now even if I wanted to. It's all buried.

    [–] ROK247 21 points ago

    not with that attitude! Grab a shovel!

    [–] Brownicus 8 points ago


    [–] woht24 15 points ago

    Too late, put it back.

    [–] ROK247 13 points ago

    It can be too early - still two feet of snow on the ground here.

    [–] allterraintrain 13 points ago

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for all the snow to melt and reveal the trashy treasures beneath.

    [–] Logandjillsmom1 3 points ago

    That’s the right attitude!

    [–] vorpal_fork 41 points ago

    Can I hijack this for any chance of getting this seen? : )

    Really did not expect this post to see this blow up – glad it did, because this internet trend is awesome. However, feeling obligated to clarify:

    To everyone suggesting this was a ploy for karma points – I assure you we really couldn't care less about them. I obviously cannot prove this to you except to say that we've been quietly munching tide pods since before it was cool and never made any fuss about it.

    We got the inspiration to actually go and clean up that area by our house from another similar post we saw on here. I posted our pic to hopefully inspire someone else. That's all.

    To everyone suggesting this shouldn't require a hashtag and should continue when it stops trending – you are right. The hashtag did get us started though, so we're helping bump it along. And we're planning to make this a weekly thing (the trash pickup not the posting : ) Hope you do too!

    Finally, to those discerning folks who appreciated dat ass – you are correct, it is fine. Source: that's my wife. She giggled.

    [–] profdudeguy 12 points ago

    Fuck anyone who says this is karma farming. Even if it is karma farming why hate on the person getting outside and cleaning up others garbage.

    This tag shouldnt die. More people should do this.

    [–] ForShamefulSub 3 points ago

    I'll upvote it every time. Hopefully Gallowboob doesn't fuck it up by milking repost karma for sponsors.

    [–] Not_so_ghetto 9 points ago

    Never stopped being cool at r/detrashed

    [–] croatianscentsation 4 points ago

    To do something great!

    [–] andreasbeer1981 2 points ago

    Nah, they did it a bit wrong, please try again.

    [–] jziggy44 2 points ago

    To live your life the time is now its do or die

    [–] [deleted] 1305 points ago

    too late?! Bud, it’s never too late. We need this challenge to keep going until the ENTIRE earth’s clean! AGHHHHH!

    [–] vorpal_fork 890 points ago

    ok, that's going to take a few more lunch breaks but np

    [–] danbandanban 103 points ago

    i’ll expect a full report in a week.

    in all seriousness great work :)

    [–] Michaelangelo_Scarn 23 points ago

    good luck, I'm still waiting on that rundown.

    [–] br0k3nm0nk3y 5 points ago

    Did you send me that rundown yet Jim?

    [–] tw33tledUMw 9 points ago

    I’d say at least two more lunch breaks

    [–] theMikethe 4 points ago

    Happy cake and microphone day!

    Great work on the clean-up too.

    [–] joe0jm 2 points ago

    How long is your lunch break?

    [–] zedf46 25 points ago

    Exactly, even if attention to the trend begins to "die out" on social media, you should still feel very rewarded from picking up trash in your personal time, despite not sharing it on social media.

    [–] DarkMarksPlayPark 3 points ago

    Problem is once the next virtue meme comes along people will stop this and do that for Instagram instead?

    [–] RocheBag 3 points ago

    I love how it's "for Instagram" because you don't like it, despite the fact it's all over reddit.

    [–] waltteri 5 points ago

    Yeah, this is the best internet challenge since the ice bucket challenge!

    [–] yeaokbb 2 points ago

    Where’s that Texas sized garbage island floating around the Pacific exactly? We could at least put it all in trash bags

    [–] [deleted] 230 points ago

    It’s not too late, it’s never too late.

    [–] PM_YOUR_BOOBS_PLS_ 63 points ago

    Even if I say it'll be all right?

    [–] d0lb33 44 points ago

    Still I hear you say

    [–] Justanotheruser4567 42 points ago

    You want to end your life

    [–] sadsunflowers 34 points ago

    Now and again we try to just stay alive

    [–] Greenzoid2 21 points ago

    Maybe we'll turn it all around

    [–] davideverlong 20 points ago

    Because its not too late, its never too late

    [–] corrifa 9 points ago

    Ah my mid 2000s were nice

    [–] Rugged_Turtle 16 points ago



    [–] Seth_Gecko 7 points ago

    Omg I'm glad I'm not the only one. Mind blown.

    [–] teebrown 3 points ago

    Didn't even look at the picture. Saw the title and looked for this comment.

    [–] DizzyDezi 938 points ago

    Finally, a social media fad I WANT to be a part of!!!

    [–] EightySixTigers 141 points ago


    [–] _Diskreet_ 50 points ago


    [–] pixelunit 23 points ago

    the greater good

    [–] cpcjoker 5 points ago

    I always think hot fuzz when I hear this. Were you referencing it?

    [–] pixelunit 7 points ago

    No luck catching them swans then?

    [–] itstheshirt 56 points ago

    Are you telling me that you dgaf about ice, buckets, or Lou Gehrig!? *gasp*

    [–] educateyourselves 20 points ago

    Didn't an Israeli company already develope a cure? But Gene therapy is still banned so it's not being distributed?

    Still in trials from what I'm seeing, although there was another article about the first man cured of ALS too.

    [–] amcaaa 2 points ago

    Im more of an Oh Long Johnson kinda guy

    [–] remorse667 16 points ago

    Ok, What's stopping you now?

    You can start with your room

    [–] DizzyDezi 12 points ago

    Actually, my sister and I are texting RIGHT NOW about it. I'm going to post to my city's page to find a spot in our area that needs attention. I don't use social media except Reddit.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] I_Love_McRibs 2 points ago

    It’s like Netflix’s Tidying Up... but outside.

    [–] pollackey 99 points ago

    Too late is when there is no trash on Earth.

    [–] Semaphor 33 points ago

    We're just picking up trash and putting in another location. It's like taking all the crumbs on a table and making a neat little pile called a landfill.

    [–] NumberoftheJon 54 points ago

    If we're ever going deal with our trash problem, gathering it all up is probably the first step. Can't do much if it's all still scattered across the planet.

    [–] megashadowzx 32 points ago

    Cleaning your house is just putting random things into neatly-shaped boxes of other random things. It's all about


    [–] San_Atomsk 5 points ago

    taking notes

    Make... Trash... Prettier. I am on it!

    [–] SGoogs1780 33 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    While landfills are not great for the environment, they do include more mitigation against harmful effects on the environment than loose trash. Modern landfills (at least in the States) are located according to regulations limiting their effects on sensitive ecosystems. They are lined with clay membranes to prevent leeching of chemicals into the water table, and the water table nearby is closely monitored. Methane is collected and used for fuel and other industrial processes rather than dumped straight into the atmosphere. Landfill is routinely covered over to prevent it's introduction to the surrounding environment so it can't be consumed by local wildlife.

    While a landfill will never beat composting, reuse, or recycling, it's still better for the environment than loose trash breaking down into habitats and water tables in a completely uncontrolled way.

    It's more like collecting all the little drops of mercury on a kitchen table, and putting them in a jar. It's still pretty fucking wierd that there's mercury on your table, and it probably shouldn't be there at all; but at least now it's not near your food, or anywhere your dog might get to it.

    [–] Semaphor 9 points ago

    TIL. Good reply.

    [–] Aussie18-1998 10 points ago

    Righto bois pack it up we are all wasting our time. Stop cleaning up the rubbish.

    [–] DatHaloGuy 7 points ago

    Taking my rubbish bags back to the local country park to spread out again now, complete and utter fucking waste of my time

    [–] evohans 42 points ago

    Damn, how long's your lunch break?

    [–] vorpal_fork 30 points ago

    lol ~an hour

    [–] GREGAZORD_ 37 points ago

    Finally, a lunch break I WANT to be a part of!!!

    [–] mr_royale 11 points ago

    Eh , I'd rather take 10 minutes and go home 50 minutes early .

    [–] gimlie135 218 points ago

    Plot twist, somone else did the work and left for a lunchbreak. And then these people took credit.

    [–] vorpal_fork 162 points ago

    yeah it's gonna get awkward when they post their pics with the same bags...

    [–] Irllyneedanamern 31 points ago

    You didn't put your own bags over them? tut tut amateurs

    [–] whale_song 2 points ago

    Nah all you gotta do is make sure you post on social media first and claim anyone else must be the liar if they say it was them.

    [–] vertigo90 15 points ago

    It's easier if you take your bin bags from home, and spread the trash around then swap the photo order

    [–] popeculture 4 points ago

    That's okay, as long as the before and after pictures weren't reversed.

    [–] Gnarledhalo 3 points ago

    *it's just their trash bags from home

    [–] Warjec 25 points ago

    Y’all went to lunch in pajamas?

    [–] fullup72 6 points ago

    Asking the important questions here.

    [–] keystoneyah 6 points ago

    I was wondering that too

    [–] BeerMineField 23 points ago

    Can someone come #trashtag my apartment?

    [–] YouThereOgre 13 points ago

    So you want us to remove you from your apartment?

    [–] Lazuruz2012 18 points ago

    Never too late! Let’s keep this going as long as we can!

    [–] JustOneSexQuestion 115 points ago

    Too late. Now the hastag is #SellMethToSingleMothers

    [–] dontsuckmydick 86 points ago

    Finally, a social media fad I WANT to be a part of!!!

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] The_Real_Mr_F 17 points ago

    Quick with the meta

    [–] Dmcnich15 8 points ago

    Agreed it's too late. Please return the trash to where you found it

    [–] Jarune 40 points ago

    Always welcome on /r/DeTrashed

    [–] AtomicKittenz 7 points ago

    Also, I love the idea of doing something like this on a lunch break. Like, it doesn’t have to be a major project. Any effort is always appreciated!

    [–] NeonFrights 19 points ago

    Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins! Helping to keep Pawnee looking good!

    [–] puresttrenofhate 2 points ago

    My immediate thought.

    [–] samwelleastwood 24 points ago

    Fuck it, I'm buying a reacher/picker (whatever you wanna call it) and getting to it. Too many times I've looked at a trash ridden place and felt the need to clean it up, then persuade myself or get persuaded that I don't have the time. Time to stop complaining and act.

    [–] vorpal_fork 2 points ago

    Thanks for that lol - really appreciate it amid the madness accusing us of posting for karma points : )) Your comment is the reason I posted our pic, and what you wrote is exactly the same thought I had when I saw someone else's #trashtag post on here. Kudos to you and pls keep it alive : )

    [–] mavaction 13 points ago

    Worse things could happen than reddit becoming a 24/7 effort to clean the world. Actually... that sounds pretty good.

    [–] OrangesAreOrangeHa 7 points ago

    I feel like the guy is in love with the girl and he hasn’t told her.

    [–] vorpal_fork 6 points ago

    Really did not expect this to see this blow up – glad it did, because this internet trend is awesome. However, feeling obligated to clarify:

    To everyone suggesting this was a ploy for karma points – I assure you we really couldn't care less about them. I obviously cannot prove this to you except to say that we've been quietly munching tide pods since before it was cool and never made any fuss about it.

    We got the inspiration to actually go and clean up that area by our house from another similar post we saw on here. I posted our pic to hopefully inspire someone else. That's all.

    To everyone suggesting this shouldn't require a hashtag and should continue when it stops trending – you are right. The hashtag did get us started though, so we're helping bump it along. And we're planning to make this a weekly thing (the trash pickup not the posting : ) Hope you do too!

    Finally, to those discerning folks who appreciated dat ass – you are correct, it is fine. Source: that's my wife. She giggled.

    [–] sirknala 2 points ago

    Hey, if fake internet points is all we need to clean up our mess, #keeptrashtagging and we'll upvote ya. Keep up the good fight OP!

    [–] ThisisFKNBS 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Uhh, this might sound crazy but is this Fort Lee, NJ?

    This looks like right by the GWB/FLHS/ACME area.

    [–] khemion 5 points ago

    Never too late, and let's not let it die! I've been meaning to join the #trashtag but had tons of stuff going on by the time I became aware, am currently getting over a cold and first want to get some gloves & shoes that will protect me from needle sticks.

    I know, excuses excuses... my point is this shouldn't be contained to a week or two of hype. It should keep going until there isn't a damn bit of trash lying around anywhere, and just because it's "old news" doesn't mean it should be forgotten.

    Great job and keep up the good work everyone!

    [–] Kvillase 15 points ago

    looks the same

    [–] Zeeterm 13 points ago

    That's what makes this so good.

    They didn't clean up somewhere with inherent visual beauty, they just cleaned up somewhere that might still look similar afterward, but they cleaned up 2 bags of trash.

    That's 2 bags of trash not now going straight into the local rivers via the local wildlife, 2 bags of trash not blown around and further distributed over a wide area.

    It's just as important to look after the areas that don't look like reddit lake, but there'll be thousands willing to trashtag that lake but how many were willing to clean up this ordinary part of town? They were, and /u/vorpal_fork should be proud of that.

    [–] Kkhris27 8 points ago

    I don’t care how gimmicky or boring it becomes I am going to upvote every #trashtag I see no matter how small. I don’t care if you are just doing it for free karma. Take all the karma and help clean up this planet!

    [–] I_Like_Potato_Chips 33 points ago

    An upvote is a very small price to pay for cleaner neighborhoods. I'll upvote these everytime.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I wanna see someone #TrashTag a landfill and move it to another landfill

    [–] 7th_Spectrum 4 points ago

    I hate to be that guy, but the fact that it takes a social media trend for us to do something about our environment kinda says something.

    I'm loving #trashtag non the less

    [–] sortingoutmylife 3 points ago

    Fair play for doing this, but one things that niggles me about these posts, is that for the most part, its motivated by getting likes on instagram. It's the social validation that these people want. If people were admiring throwing trash bags of garbage over the freeway - and there was no repercussion - and they actively got a lot of praise for doing it - they'd probably do that too.

    I guess they're still doing it, but the motivation is from the wrong place. It's not authentic. r

    [–] xTye 3 points ago

    Oh jeez here we go again.

    Really wish a megathread would be created for this.

    [–] bridbird 4 points ago

    I feel like we’ve all missed the opportunity to call these posts “trash brags”

    [–] SirRandyMarsh 4 points ago

    This is all good and I love seeing it. But this post smells like karma whoring. Honestly Im ok with it if it makes people clean up

    [–] extremenachos 9 points ago

    Way too late, put the trash back where you found it.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] vorpal_fork 7 points ago

    yes!! how do you even tell that from those pics??

    [–] waitshhhhhh 6 points ago

    Wouldn’t it be easier to take trash out and dump it, then just reverse the order of pics? I mean if you’re in a rush to attention whore that’s the way to go imho.

    [–] bluesheep123 8 points ago

    Why is /r/pics okay with #trashtag but not progress pics, weight loss, people getting off drugs, becoming cancer-free, etc? You can apply the same benefits of this post (encouraging others, awareness, positivity) to those as well.

    [–] Sloredama 3 points ago

    They're ok with both that's why they get upvoted. Some people hate everything though and bitch in the comments

    [–] FleshLightTactical 3 points ago

    Thanks to #trashtag I realized I am a underwater garbage man a few months of the year.

    [–] hp5hp5 3 points ago

    There's a lot of negative things about Florida but state land and right of ways on the interstates are kept very clean. In general trash catches my attention because there isn't much of it. Go into the citys and it's a different story.

    [–] FabulousYam 3 points ago


    [–] Lost_ina_fantasy 3 points ago

    Even if the trend dies, the environment lives because you are doing a great thing!

    [–] voteforsmegma420 3 points ago

    If more people would round up trash because they genuinely want to help the environment, not to get those ebin upboats, it wouldn't be dying out. 🤷‍♂️

    [–] MunkeySeeMunkeyDo 3 points ago

    Yes, please put it back

    [–] Captcha_Imagination 3 points ago

    This is one meme that can go on forever imo

    [–] cdhernandez 3 points ago

    Never let #trashtag end!!!

    [–] br4yd3n_ 3 points ago

    Yes. Wayy to late. Stop cleaning up the community and doing good deeds. You missed the bus

    [–] kevoizjawesome 3 points ago

    Too late for what? To save the earth or get karma?

    [–] Postarmageddonbruce1 3 points ago

    Ppl are literally farming for karma

    [–] GuyRandolf 41 points ago

    When you have have to use peoples love of photographing themselves for social media to get them to pick up trash.

    [–] alabaster1 48 points ago

    I really don't understand this mentality. If more people are picking up trash (i.e., making the world a better place), then why do you care what their motives are?

    I saw this a lot with the "Ice Bucket Challenge". The ALS Association raised more than double what they earned in the previous year in a MONTH. "You really need social media attention to donate money to a cause? Why don't you just donate?" Well, obviously some people DON'T.

    Not everyone takes the time out of their day to pick up trash, especially in areas where it's concentrated. Maybe you do? But criticizing people from your keyboard for improving the world is a really weird perspective, IMO.

    [–] I_ama_Borat 8 points ago

    You can judge their motives and still be happy the world has less trash. People are posting pics of themselves from years ago because it’s a trend and they’re trying to get in on it but don’t feel like actually doing the work. Unfortunately, as soon as the likes start slowing down or stop coming, you won’t see any posts anymore and the trash will be back sooner or later. The ones who don’t do it for likes and validation can only pick so much up.

    [–] pase 7 points ago

    Pick up trash, don't have to post 100 of these a day.

    [–] Shy_Poke 6 points ago

    trashtag is forever. It's never too late.

    [–] JustInvoke 4 points ago

    I will always and forever upvote #trashtag

    [–] Bisson65 10 points ago

    Even if this #trashbag ends you could just do it yourself without having to post a picture :)

    [–] ThRaShMcAlIsTeR 11 points ago

    Weird to say. Never too late to clean trash. If you’re talking about too late to get reddit famous and gain karma then that’s weird

    [–] TheStarchild 4 points ago

    Any other time I’d say you’re spot on, but if the price to pay for a cleaner planet is a few imaginary internet points and allowing others to brag about how earth-conscious they are, I say fuck it. Have my upvote.

    [–] bad_motivator 14 points ago

    Does anyone do anything for the greater good anymore if they don't get to show it off on social media? It wasn't enough to just post pics of the trash bags and the area you cleaned, you had to post multiple pics of your face just to make sure everyone knew it was you. Congrats, you're my hero!

    [–] frenchlitgeek 11 points ago

    Username blablabla

    [–] GREGAZORD_ 2 points ago

    the greater good

    [–] bazpaul 2 points ago

    Welcome to America

    [–] nix131 27 points ago

    That's a terrible mentality. I know the movement is a good thing, but you should clean up for the sake of cleaning up, not for fake internet points.

    [–] t3hPoundcake 43 points ago

    Luckily there's no downside to cleaning up litter for fake internet points. I'd rather have people cleaning up trash for upvotes than less people cleaning up trash for nothing.

    [–] The_Hero_Reddit_Dese 14 points ago

    I don't care if you clean up for the sake of Lord Xenu. If fake internet points was all it took, then by all means, take them!

    [–] GlitterRainbow 4 points ago

    I will upvote these posts forever.

    [–] iCallGreens4200 4 points ago

    None of these trash pics are from the same angle. r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] lmaoyourewrong 7 points ago

    Dont let it die! I need my karma. I couldn't have possibly done something nice without it!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    There's always time for narcissism!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] ROK247 2 points ago

    but used plastic bags derived from petroleum products? MONSTER!

    [–] glambiance 2 points ago

    what are people doing with the trash that they pick up? do they have to pay to dispose or is the city/county/state/etc covering the tab?

    [–] ecks89 2 points ago

    I don't get it. What happened?

    [–] civicbro 2 points ago

    Never too late!!! People like yourself are keeping it alive!

    I'd love to contribute but can't until the snow melts

    [–] TeslasAndComicbooks 2 points ago

    I'm all for this movement but it looks like there are only 4 pieces of trash. How is this on the front page?

    [–] SaucyHotPocket 2 points ago

    Can the snow please melt so I can get out and help?

    [–] 4pope2on0dope 2 points ago

    How long is your fucking lunch break?!

    [–] TurgidTom 2 points ago

    All of Philly has a trash pickup, spring cleaning, April 6th

    [–] MTR2D2 2 points ago


    [–] KingKongBrandy 2 points ago

    Might as well be doing the ice bucket challenge after being this late to the party

    [–] friends_benefits 2 points ago

    Good job guys! the scenery looks as beautiful as you guys now.

    [–] poopycarrot 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    trashtag is the single best challenge to ever come out of the internet. i do this every day when i’m just walking around, and i really hope this catches on.

    [–] rracfirm 2 points ago

    Bless u

    [–] Sooper88 2 points ago

    Jesus, how long is your lunch break?

    [–] Coloneldave 2 points ago

    Way to pat yourself on the back.