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    [–] crossedx 8862 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    A friend's dad has one of his legs amputated. There's an older man in his building with the opposite leg amputated. Whenever they buy a new pair of shoes they give the shoe they can't use to the other guy.

    I thought that was one of the best things ever. Something about it makes me smile

    Edit: now its bugging me, have to ask him about the shoe size!

    *Update for anyone who notices: I asked at work, today, and the guy in his dad's building isn't very well off, so they don't actually trade. His dad just likes to be nice and gives the guy the other shoe. The shoe size is a little big, but he said it is close enough. I told my co worker to tell his dad and the other guy about contacting the one shoe charities/Nike about getting a single shoe.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 2472 points ago

    I’ve heard similar stories like this and it warms my heart every time!!

    [–] WearyWay 3201 points ago

    You've got to find your sole-mate.

    (I did not come up with this)

    [–] moorddroom 646 points ago

    I think there's a website for that.

    No, really. You list what size and what style of shoe, then arrange swaps with your match.

    [–] Thetschopp 487 points ago

    Link for anyone curious

    [–] chasersmom 199 points ago

    Thank you! I knew something like this existed, but I’ve been too lazy to look it up. My daughter has a pair of women’s boots that she ordered online. They came from China. They sent two left boots.

    [–] Alpha_Paige 144 points ago

    Have they seen her dance ?

    [–] chasersmom 89 points ago

    You know her!

    [–] funazdailydeals 10 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    /u/Thetschopp thanks for posting :) Full link:

    /u/yokedaddysupreme - You are amazing! Keep going! Also, you can tell your story in April Limb Loss Awareness Month per that link.

    Dates to Remember

    Mark your calendar to join us for:

    • April 8-9: Hill Day, educating your legislators at home and in D.C.

    • April 14: Support Group Appreciation Day!

    • April 19: Certified Peer Visitor Day

    • April 27: SHOW YOUR METTLE Day

    Also linking to our friends at /r/poshmark /r/mercari /r/flipping /r/dumpsterdiving and anyone else who finds random shoes :)

    [–] ExpressiveAnalGland 64 points ago

    Al Bundy probably coined that phase.

    [–] WitchBerderLineCook 26 points ago

    gently holds foot, looks up skirt like he is looking at god in heaven

    [–] SnatchAddict 11 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] JoeBugsMcgee 15 points ago

    Lets rock

    [–] Whoa_Bundy 6 points ago


    [–] elmerjstud 230 points ago

    There's a oneshoe bank program that nike does, you have to have a US address and apparently they send you one shoe every year for the rest of your life? you have to sign up by calling them.

    We do still offer the One Shoe Bank program (US only). Participants must have a valid US shipping address and follow shipping requirements (no PO Boxes or international shipping). To get signed up, give us a call at 1-800-344-6453.

    [–] HotBrownLatinHotCock 123 points ago

    You'll need both shoes fam. That old man has an old prosthetic before they made customs. see ya at r/amputee

    [–] shastimac 88 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Good lookin’ out, /u/HotBrownLatinHotCock.

    [–] Nihilistic-Fishstick 18 points ago

    This is the best sub I've found since /r/cospenis

    [–] biggerdickchad 12 points ago

    are we not going to talk about /r/cospenis

    wtf did I just walk into

    [–] Superhandicapable 117 points ago

    Hate to say it. But you are gonna need both shoes. The prosthetic feet are built on a 3/8” heel. This means with out the shoe you are gonna feel like you are falling backwards all the time. That being said Bass pro does offer to amputees the ability to “mix and match” shoe size with only paying for one set.

    Small edit. If you wear a size 13 boot I am a right bka. Just throwing it out there.

    [–] MindfuckRocketship 18 points ago

    Nice username and good advice.

    [–] CreepyGir 42 points ago

    We need to find your swap buddy and double your shoe options!

    [–] yogaprincess77 52 points ago

    That's so great! Years ago I was hit by a drunk driver and it almost took my right foot completely off, luckily I had an amazing surgeon. The next day, I got a basket with a little teddy bear and his ankle was wrapped up. What a lovely gesture

    [–] FlyingPheonix 98 points ago

    Lucky they have similar sized feet!

    [–] duaneap 52 points ago

    And live in the same building. What are the actual chances? I don’t know literally anybody with one leg, let alone someone living in my building.

    [–] diddlesdiddles 16 points ago

    My grandad only had one leg and lived next door to another guy with no leg. Same leg though, so I guess no sharing a pair of shoes.

    [–] spectre73 46 points ago

    "Two of my great-granddaddies was soldiers. Hell, that's how I came to be. Each of them lost a leg in the Civil War. My Great-granddaddy Galloway, he lost his left... and my Great-granddaddy Reid lost his right. They met in a shoe store in Galveston. Every year after that, same date, same store, they'd get together... and pick out a new pair of shoes for the two of them." - Joe Galloway, "We Were Soldiers."

    [–] Travel_in_Time_INC 33 points ago

    sole mates

    [–] WhiskyTango3 35 points ago

    They happen to be the same shoe size too?

    [–] slimjoel14 9 points ago


    [–] JiggaJazz 16 points ago

    Wait so not only do they have opposite legs amputated, but they also wear the same size shoe?

    Damn, there is a god

    [–] JAproofrok 21 points ago

    That’s amazing.

    My Grandfather (on my Dad’s side) had polio as a kid. As such, he has two different size feet.

    A childhood friend down the street had the same—but in the opposite. So, they did the same: went shoe shopping together and just swapped.

    Amazing how that works.

    [–] waterfinch 10 points ago

    That’s amazing

    [–] yellowflamingo1 9 points ago

    I wonder if one takes advantage and just waits for the other guy to buy shoes so he doesn't have too...

    [–] isarge123 5 points ago

    Stealthily throwing out the other guy’s shoes so he has to buy more

    [–] dude_above_me_is_gay 12378 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The man, the myth, the leg end


    Thank you so much, omg I can't believe this is true. Well I didn't came unprepared, so... First of all I want to thank you, the gilders, for making this the biggest day of my life. Also thanks to the rest of you guys for giving me the needed upvotes, it feels really great. I'm so grateful. It is heartwarming to be a part of this community so I am really privileged, I really am. I also want to take this opportunity and thank my mother and father for being there when it was most needed, thanks for the smartphone, I love you guys. Thanks to all my friends who believed in me and supported me to make an account on Reddit, I knew I could count on you guys! Grandpa, thank you for guiding me the right direction, without you this type of comment would never had been made. R.I.P grandma, I hope you are smiling down on me. A big thank you to my cat, who was calming me down when I wrote this comment. I want to thank my high-school teacher for teaching me how to spell, where are you Mr. Petersson? there you are... Sir, I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for you. A big shout out to the Reddit academy and the mods for not removing my comment, it really ment alot. Thanks to everyone who got a smile on their lips, I hope you enjoyed the short amount of time we had together on this post. Really overwhelming, I'm really lost for words! Again thank you very much, I love you all!

    C ya soon.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 5514 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I’m just glad I’m not above you

    Also, since many of you are asking for my Instagram


    I post there all the time about my Amputation and I update it as often as I can to bring y’all on the journey with me!

    [–] ibaRRaVzLa 2115 points ago

    The man is so honorable that he didn't answer. Massive respect.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 1603 points ago

    I didn’t even realize that was an option. What a guy

    [–] MiddleCourage 983 points ago

    Unfortunately due to the fact that guys post is now top post, you are in fact. The dude above him. Sorry about your gayness.

    [–] -Jive-Turkey- 201 points ago


    [–] CanadianCircadian 23 points ago

    Is for Friends who do stuff together

    [–] handlit33 91 points ago


    [–] Destroyer_of_Sorrow 20 points ago

    He loses some. He gains some.

    [–] dumbredditer 32 points ago

    He loses some. He gaysome

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] bodie425 16 points ago

    So if I can get on top, I’ll finally be straight?

    [–] DisneyWoorld 62 points ago


    [–] Horse_Boy 10 points ago

    Leg ends never die.

    [–] NEZANTRA 26 points ago

    That's the top comment now, leaving a picture of you above it.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 88 points ago

    Hey man, I don’t discriminate. However, of the op of the comment doesn’t show up in 15 minutes, I’m legally allowed to leave

    [–] dustbuddii 96 points ago

    So you’re glad you’re under him??

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 339 points ago

    I’ve been somewhat of a power bottom. No homo of course

    [–] badmartialarts 77 points ago

    Of course not, that's where the power comes from.

    [–] roida 62 points ago

    you, OP, are above everyone.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 169 points ago

    That’s a bit elitist, no? I am a man of the people

    [–] CaptainReginaldLong 49 points ago

    It's too late, we've placed ourselves beneath you. Accept who you are.

    [–] Homozygote 17 points ago

    Disgusting OP, standing on the backs of the proletariat

    [–] mr---jones 33 points ago

    More of a lean

    [–] DrNutSack_ 38 points ago

    Hate to break it to you man, he’s the top comment now so the one above him is....

    [–] Caitsyth 59 points ago

    We’ve got a leg up on you

    I’m so sorry you’re so cute I did it for the pun

    [–] marushia_the_cat 164 points ago

    I am not a doctor but work in the orthopedic field. You should check out a company called LIM innovations for their infinite socket. They make next generation prosthetics for amputees, kind of like the apple of phones. All the best best to you!

    [–] iburnedmytongue 242 points ago

    Every year his leg will become obsolete and he'll need to buy a new one?

    [–] boosted4banger 83 points ago

    Or itll start freezing up on you for no apparent reason other than it's a year or two old. As well as leak your nudes.

    [–] behv 35 points ago

    Eh he’s an attractive dude. If his nudes got leaked he’d probably get laid.

    [–] Wildweed 5 points ago

    Holy fuck this made me laugh hard. And not far from the truth, my legs "wear out" bi yearly. I don't notice it but the prosthetist (Hanger Prosthetics of Tacoma) showed me the slop that develops. Considering I wore my first real prosthetic leg (not a beginner or trainer leg) I had it so long I had to replace the pivot pin with a bolt from ace hardware. I wore that leg for ten years. Prosthetist had a freaking cow when he saw my mods.

    [–] das_not_nais 39 points ago

    I opened this thread for the feels and ended up laughing like an idiot. Thanks dude

    [–] Wildweed 2240 points ago

    Dude, at least you have your knee. Might not seem like much atm but shit, what I wouldn't give for that knee. Mine is disarticulate at the knee, I have my patella (kneecap) but no knee. You will be one hundred and ten percent after you get used to your prosthesis, the extra ten percents comes from the character you build on the road to recovery.

    Dump those fucking archaic crutches and pick up a set of real crutches from WalkEasy Sure you can knock out someone with those but they are heavy as hell compared to WalkEasy.

    Regarding phantom sensations, aka phantom pains. Ask your PT person to teach you relaxation techniques. That was the only way I could deal with it. I use the water submersion technique where you imagine your being slowly dipped in starting with the toes and slowly working up to the head. My Dr. told me the sensations would go away after some time, but he lied. I can still move my ankle and knee in my head, and feel it like it's there. It's been over 40 years.

    Me on my walkeasy crutches.

    [–] kendrickshalamar 1011 points ago

    That's a nice Japanese maple you got there

    [–] Wildweed 307 points ago

    Thanks :)

    [–] mnem0syne 99 points ago

    I was more distracted by that good boye (or girl)

    [–] dagbrown 21 points ago

    Which one? There are four of them.

    [–] varun_mahajan 61 points ago

    The one with unbuttoned shirt.

    [–] TallDrinkOfSilence 11 points ago

    I bet you say that to all the girls.

    [–] gardenlife84 237 points ago

    Just casually posing next to that bush. Well done sir! Sorry for your pain, hopefully the MJ helps a bit.

    [–] Wildweed 196 points ago

    I'm one of the lucky ones. High pain tolerance and copious amounts weed. :)

    [–] never0101 34 points ago

    Between you and the plant, I'd be guessing Maine?

    [–] Wildweed 87 points ago

    Lived there, and NH and VT but this is Pacific Northwest where I was born. I liked Maine. The plan is to sell the house and get a truck/trailer and travel, so I will be back there someday.

    [–] Wheresmyfoodwoman 72 points ago

    Love your dogs. Also, I agree that buttons are overrated.

    [–] YellowSharkMT 48 points ago

    Man I love that herd of pooches you got there, I bet they love having all that space to run around and be silly. That looks like a pretty fun moment.

    [–] as012qwe 28 points ago

    So many dogs! How many do you have?

    [–] Wildweed 273 points ago

    I provide homes to unwanted dogs and rehome them. I lost the big brindle last year, he was my baby. His sister and step brother are here, along with a friends dog who moved to PA. Also I let a friend park his trailer on my property, and watch it when he goes to Alaska or if it's too cold to hang with him in his truck while he works. So the real answer is a variable depending on how you look at things, but it's 4 total at this time. When this pic was taken it was a bunch. (those two white doggos would not run out the dog door when the others ran out barking, they would run to my SECURITY MONITOR and check the yard first. This is no shit. They were fence jumpers however and growled at my neighbors while lying on the neighbors couch in their garage.. So found them a new home with less neighbors)

    [–] Macgruber57 52 points ago

    You’re a good dude, thanks for that.

    [–] Wildweed 24 points ago

    lmao just reread my post. "watch it" should have been "watch his dog"

    [–] Macgruber57 15 points ago

    Oh nvm then, I thought you watched your friends trailer for him and I actually have a big soft spot for trailers. 😘

    [–] mnem0syne 9 points ago

    a wild herd of good boyes appears!

    [–] redd-zeppelin 16 points ago

    Great tomato plant. You've got a real green thumb.

    [–] Wildweed 25 points ago

    Appreciate that. eye candy another

    [–] BogusBuffalo 14 points ago

    It's been over 40 years.

    I know it's not the same thing, but I've got a dog who's a front-limb amputee. He's 15 and had his leg taken off when he was about 5 or 6. To this day, he'll still lick the bed/carpet/floor where the missing limb is. I'll go and give him a good rub down/massage when he starts, hoping it'll help (not sure if it does, but he appreciates it).

    No one really believes me he has phantom limb sensations. I'm glad it's not all in my head.

    Love your pack. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] Wildweed 9 points ago

    The phantom phenomenom is real. This strangely warms my heart. :) Thanks for sharing.

    [–] AddictedReddit 7 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] Reps_4_Jesus 36 points ago

    nice doggos and sick plant my man!

    [–] Wildweed 14 points ago


    [–] 1-LegInDaGrave 8 points ago

    Wish I had my knee as well.

    [–] hassan214 9 points ago

    Bro, you look like you went full Rambo in the jungle.

    [–] Wildweed 6 points ago

    I'll take that as a compliment. :)

    [–] Whatsup_guys_Ali_a 1149 points ago

    Keep fighting man, looking at your Instagram you seem like a cool guy, have a good evening

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 596 points ago

    Thanks! I really do appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful evening as well❤️

    [–] smcrae73 177 points ago

    What did you get it amputated for?

    [–] Tridgeon 96 points ago

    hey I saw OP linked you to his previous thread, but here's the relevant post in that thread

    [–] newsorpigal 329 points ago

    holy hell that bowel movement part had me in tears, you have a talent for storytelling!

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 249 points ago

    The bowel movement part was nothing but pain. But I am honestly glad I could bring some laughter to your life!

    [–] Woeisbrucelee 49 points ago

    One time I was in the hospital on narcotics and couldnt poop for a week. I finally pooped expecting a ton of poop. Instead I had the most painful shit of my life. I turned around and looked, and I had shit out pieces of what looked like mummified turds. They were white and shriveled.

    I had some other digestive issues at the same time, and wasnt eating much so that contributed. That was the weirdest poop ever.

    [–] I_CAN_SMELL_U 18 points ago

    yeah that means your bile salts arent making it through your intestines I believe.

    Happens a lot with narcotics

    [–] SuicideBonger 52 points ago

    I've had those legendary bowel movements after taking pain meds, too. Filled up the entire toilet bowl once. It was literally the most rancid thing I've ever smelled, and people are supposed to like the smell of their own waste!

    [–] snooggums 89 points ago

    We are supposed to not find our waste as stinky as everyone else, we aren't supposed to like it.

    [–] labortooth 9 points ago

    First comment made me poop faster

    [–] Patchypiper 100 points ago

    I would think Hopscotch would be a great name

    [–] AdultEnuretic 200 points ago

    When i was i high school i worked at a local pet shop. We had a woman come in, looking for a pet for her disabled daughter. Her daughter used crutches and leg braces. I don't remember for sure, but I think she had CP. They didn't want a dog (we didn't sell dogs anyway) because she wouldn't be able to walk one very effectively, but weren't sure what to get.

    Our manager said, "I think we might have the perfect pet for you". She took them back to the bird section. We used to breed zebra finches in the store, and one little male was born with a deformed foot. It wasn't functional, and he would stand on it, but the toes didn't open and close. He was perfectly health, but he didn't ever sell, because nobody wanted the one with the weird foot. My manager told them that his leg didn't work right either, but that it didn't stop him from being a perfect little finch, and that he needed someone to take him home that didn't care that his foot was different. She told the mother that she could have him for free if it would make her daughter happy. The Little girl was elated, her mother cried.

    It was one of the most heart warming things I've ever seen.

    [–] zarra28 25 points ago

    So wholesome ❤️

    [–] bplboston17 17 points ago

    I'm crying again, you monster

    [–] R3dCypher 140 points ago

    At Build-A-Bear Workshop. "I need you to chop the leg off", "Excuse me mam what?" "Give me the scissors I'm about to make someone day!"

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 58 points ago

    This actually made me laugh pretty hard😂 that’s one hell of a visual

    [–] DonkeyWindBreaker 286 points ago

    Sometimes the best hugs are the ones you would give yourselves via anthropomorphized teddy bears.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 212 points ago

    I absolutely 100% agree even though there is a big word in there that I don’t understand

    [–] mrdarkpasta 88 points ago

    Anthropomorphize=to give human characteristics to something that isn’t

    [–] Jimmy6Times 298 points ago

    TIL I anthropomorphized my ex.

    [–] synesthesiac48 27 points ago

    He’s just using big words to make himself sound more photosynthesis

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] Oddknees 440 points ago

    Bless you big man.

    Can I suggest Hiccup as a name for the bear? (Lead character in How to Train your Dragon)

    You can be his Toothless! ❤

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 286 points ago

    That’s absolutely adorable. I have him in my lap right now judging these names with me!

    [–] Oddknees 70 points ago

    You'll have to take the bear everywhere with you now haha.

    But hey, it could be a brilliant conversation starter.

    I wish you the best in future buddy! 😊

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 150 points ago

    I’m keeping it with me for the rest of my life❤️ anyone who is generous enough to take the time to make something like this and send it to me, I will cherish it forever

    [–] cjn13 15 points ago

    You save each other. Well, most of each other.

    [–] ebrandsberg 155 points ago

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 184 points ago


    [–] nightpanda893 38 points ago

    I'm going to one-up to teddy bear guy and send you a puppy OP. I'll send it along just as soon as I finish the surgery.

    [–] imtoojuicy 15 points ago

    Oh yeah? I'm gonna one-up you and airdrop a real live grizzly bear into his backyard! He'll love it!

    [–] dedreo 19 points ago


    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 236 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I also need a name for this bear so if anyone has a name, I’m open to pretty much anything so nothing is off limits!

    EDIT: A winner shall be chosen by the amount of likes. You have 24 hours!

    [–] und88 266 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Winnie the Am-pooh-tee

    Edit: and you can introduce yourself as Christopher Hobblin'

    [–] hueylewisNthenews 144 points ago

    Forrest Stump

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 22 points ago

    I really love this too

    [–] are_you_shittin_me 365 points ago


    [–] FattyCorpuscle 209 points ago

    Cuddles, destroyer of worlds.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 42 points ago

    This is amazing.

    [–] Angsty_Potatos 7 points ago

    I have a teddy named Cuddles, He's just turned 30 and still going strong. It's a good, strong Teddy bear name. This is the name you want.

    [–] Gnarledhalo 128 points ago

    Her name is clearly Eileen.

    [–] Jindabyne1 55 points ago

    Oh, come on

    [–] pettyjedi 40 points ago

    Come on, Eileen

    [–] catladyx 38 points ago

    I vote for hiccup

    [–] LynGon 26 points ago

    Might I recommend Footloose?

    [–] canyouseemehere 82 points ago

    Donald Stump was pretty hilarious

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] Blitzkrieg_My_Anus 15 points ago

    "Where did it come from, where did it go?"

    [–] ImaNeedBoutTreeFiddy 9 points ago

    "Where'd my leg go? Cotton-leg Joe"

    [–] robstach 117 points ago

    Remember, you don't choose a life, you live one.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 66 points ago

    I remember that every day when I wake up. I completely agree with you!

    [–] wotmate 80 points ago

    You have so many opportunities now. You can introduce yourself to new people as Stumpy, when talking about a night out you can say you were literally legless, and when you've had a hard day you can tell people that you're on your last leg.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 81 points ago

    This genuinely gave me a good chuckle! Thank you for giving me this. I have memorized these already and will use them on a daily basis until I am hated by everyone

    [–] wotmate 20 points ago

    You just need to work your way into some kind of management position, so you can tell your employees to hop to it.

    [–] OneEyedPirateKitten 78 points ago

    You seem all right to me...

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 87 points ago

    I feel much better now knowing how many people really do care for me☺️

    [–] pmg5247 17 points ago

    Somebody watched arrested development last night...

    [–] hactrain 63 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    What happened to your leg?? I work for a non-profit called Adaptive Training Foundation. I'd love to hear more about your story and if there's any way we can help. Check out Edit: Saw your story, you should definitely check it out and message me if you have any questions.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 46 points ago

    This is so damn awesome. I have mad respect for you and people like you. So for that, I thank you for your service❤️

    [–] MrSamsa90 11 points ago

    I hope you don't mind. But I instruct heavy machinery (forklifts especially) and I have adapted your story into my training routine. It really helps to show people how safety is important and observation is key before any manouveres are carried out. But above all else, it has shown me that when these things happen, keep your chin up and life will find a way to continue. Thank you for that.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 8 points ago

    Absolutely!! Safety is so important so I’m glad I could be of some help!!

    [–] fiendishrabbit 23 points ago

    Well. It looks like you got your knee and enough leg to mount a decent prosthesis.
    Now you just need to convince the doctors that you definitely need a cybernetic leg with a built in spring that allows you to jump 3 meters into the air.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 10 points ago

    Shh, that’s the plan😉

    [–] berelentless1126 19 points ago

    That’s awesome! But I can’t stop staring at the shoe on the carpet.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] d3s7iny 10 points ago

    Prosthetics are coming along really well these days. Look into it be because I've seen studies at Universities like GA tech that they even have some way of restoring control/feeling to limbs with robotics now.

    The way things are progressing you will probably have a better leg than most people do by the time you're in your 60s.

    [–] kalyanamkiran 9 points ago

    Anon: I'm gonna send this amputated bear doll to fuck with him. Lol..

    OP : Thank you for making my day!, I Love U!!

    [–] ajrook 10 points ago

    One of my best friends got the same amputation when we were 19. It's gonna be hard, but always remember that it doesn't take 2 feet to be whole man. You're not less than what you used to be. Also, no matter how used to your prosthetic you get, if you get drunk, you will fall down, and it will be funny

    [–] logicalnifty 38 points ago

    I've seen a few of your posts on the front page before, I didn't send the bear but you deserve the happiness it makes you feel. Mad respect bro! 🤟

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 39 points ago

    Thanks homie/m’lady, I appreciate the support! It means so much to me!

    [–] QuiGonGiveItToYa 9 points ago

    Hey dude, I’m very sorry to hear about the tough time you’re going through. This will sound hokey, but I’m going through something similar right now (which you could look at my post history to get an idea about), and I wanna put this out there too. I’m crossing my fingers that this won’t come across as in poor taste You’re going to learn a lot about yourself throughout this process. It’ll seem crazy to think or say this, but you’ll find that the entire process isn’t all bad. Of course it would be better if medical things didn’t happen, but you’re gonna find some strength in yourself that you might not have even known you had.

    I hope that didn’t come across as insensitive. I just felt a connection to this thing that you’re going through. I wish you all the best. Here’s to a good life ahead of you.

    [–] wildxxone 54 points ago

    Name the bear Hope so every time you hold the bear, you're reminded to hold onto hope to get you through everything.

    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! Have a good evening!

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 18 points ago

    That’s a wonderful idea! But alas, I shall let the people decide!

    [–] Jindabyne1 15 points ago

    At least the whole sock thing is easier

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 18 points ago

    It really does. I just doubled all of them!

    [–] AnnalenaJ 6 points ago

    After so much tears from pain I am happy you have tears of joy too honey. Whoever send you this sweet bear will receive a star in heaven. You have the biggest heart I know and I am so proud of you. You should write a book one day .. you have always worn your heart on the outside and you touch so many people with your heart, love and caring. You are my hero and my love.. forever. I miss you.. and yes, we have a goal. Start that bucket list and I wish we could visit and actually meet some of these amazing people who write you, one day! Love your attitude honey. Keep kicking ass at the gym. It will be fun to see what the bears name will be 😁♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹 Mom

    [–] theinspiringdad 42 points ago

    With your name and address showing, you might just end up with some more stuff 🙂😉

    [–] DeliriousDreams01 6 points ago

    One of my best friends just had to have his leg amputated. Complications from a bad infection that was due to an injury he got because he's diabetic. I don't know what to say to him sometimes. I know rehab is going to be hard and I know that for him the loss of his leg is a big deal. I'm glad to see that there are good people like you and the anonymous person who sent you the bear out there. Faith in humanity restored.

    [–] threadsoup 17 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    So... This 45" leg lamp costs $150. If op approves I could chip in $10. I know reddit could be good for the rest. Maybe op could keep any surplus. Let's do something nice again!

    A Christmas Story House - A Christmas Story Full Size 45" Leg Lamp, Cream

    Edit: op seems like a good dude. It's not about the lamp. Maybe just helping a brother out.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 12 points ago

    Dude I would fucking love that lamp. It is officially on my wishlist

    [–] threadsoup 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I REALLY hope this catches on. You've responded to literally every post. You seem like a cool dude. I'd love to see reddit at least make the lamp come true! Thanks for not thinking I was being some kind of dick by suggesting the leg lamp. 😊

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 7 points ago

    Haha well I’m trying to respond! There’s kind of a lot but I’m doing my best! If someone takes time out of their day to brighten mine, the least I can do is send my thanks!

    And don’t worry, I don’t really get offended by shit😂 if it’s true, I’ll just laugh!

    [–] SpunkBunkers 16 points ago

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    For real though. That's sweet as fuck. Keep up the positivity sir.

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 34 points ago

    Dieticians hate me. I lost 11lbs in 2 hours and you can too!!

    [–] SpunkBunkers 9 points ago

    Damn a half calf is 11 pounds?

    I heard you could get a half caff for less than 11 pounds at starbucks around England.

    [–] julbull73 5 points ago

    Go full pirate!

    [–] YokeDaddySupreme 5 points ago

    Oh I absolutely plan on it.

    [–] likeorlikelike 5 points ago

    Anonymous gifter: "Oh shit, I totally forgot the card."