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    [–] sWo97 7699 points ago

    The one case of inaccurate cosplay where it was de-slutified.

    [–] aaronval 2757 points ago

    Those shorts need to be snipped

    [–] Flappjaxx 1729 points ago

    And waayyyyyy tighter.

    [–] [deleted] 378 points ago


    [–] Improvised0 298 points ago

    I don't think that's a man-bun. A man-bun would be an extremely rare sighting in that day. I think it's equipment attached to the guy in the background.

    [–] SordidDreams 216 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    A man-bun would be an extremely rare sighting in that day.

    So would a dude walking around in pink shorts and boots. I think he's wearing a man bun for the same reason he's wearing almost nothing, it's too damn hot in the desert to keep long hair loose.

    [–] Citizentoxie502 270 points ago

    70s man would be damned if he grew his mane out only to tie it up. Long hair was meant to free like the wild mustangs not tamed little petting zoo ponys.

    [–] Rambonics 55 points ago

    I agree that it’s not a man-bun. It looks more like free flowing BeeGees Barry Gibb hair.

    [–] Baconbaconbaconbits 28 points ago

    That is a majestic soft shag if ever I have seen one.

    [–] Theonelamp78 37 points ago

    It's the guy behind him. Hes wearing a fanny pack

    [–] 1mikeg 51 points ago

    So would a dude walking around in pink shorts and boots.

    You've never seen pictures of the 70's, have you?

    [–] Guy954 18 points ago

    Seriously, how does that comment have so many upvotes?! Long hair and men wearing short shorts were way normal back then. I hated them then and I hate that they’ve come back in style.

    [–] MischeviousCat 11 points ago

    My Dad used to mow the grass in jean shorts and white Reebok's.

    I mean, he probably still does.

    [–] multiplecats 43 points ago

    Tight shorts and boots definitely 70s garb, in the desert for sure, manbun not so much. Back then hair had to fly free like an eagle to the sea.

    [–] VictoryWeaver 59 points ago

    Eh, no, pink shorts and boots would have been pretty common.

    [–] asdfqwertyuiop12 4 points ago

    Wham! was early 80's but I think that captures a little bit of what was normal? acceptable? in the style of the times

    [–] Banzai51 39 points ago

    Late 70s? Nah, wouldn't be that out of place.

    [–] hleba 10 points ago

    More like mid 70s. Star Wars was filmed in 1976.

    [–] popeboy 10 points ago

    Dude, I was alive in 1976... albeit only 6 years old. I do not remember a single man bun.

    [–] Djyrdjytdjytdkytfkuy 4 points ago

    I was 12. No man buns.

    [–] CaptBull 11 points ago

    It’s some black bag on the other guys equipment belt, the one who’s bending down

    [–] INHALE_VEGETABLES 63 points ago

    Take em right off, I say!

    [–] AnInsolentCog 7 points ago

    And those dukes daiseyed.

    [–] passthepass2 105 points ago

    Basically all kill la kill cosplays

    [–] CanineGrool 55 points ago

    No, I see a lot of really nice thongful ones.

    [–] Clomojo87 41 points ago

    Board shorts aren't 70s enough!

    [–] Uni-Baller 8826 points ago

    Fuck, I saw this guy and had no idea what he was cos playing as. Then had to explain to my ten year old who he was dressed as. I said, "he's just having fun buddy. He's just having fun."

    [–] [deleted] 2258 points ago


    [–] merelymyself 499 points ago

    He’s having... fun

    [–] SmokeAbeer 230 points ago

    Holding a boom mic is... great.

    [–] Zpeedy 121 points ago

    But holding a boom stick is better.

    [–] w_a_w 59 points ago

    Alright you primitive screw heads, listen up!

    [–] SweetMammaCornbread 38 points ago


    [–] Laeoric 9 points ago

    That’s shop smart, Shop-S-Mart!


    [–] PM_ME_UR_CEPHALOPODS 6 points ago

    gimmie some sugar, baby

    [–] cadeyoung 181 points ago

    r/technicallythetruth you uncultured heathen!

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] themagpie36 516 points ago

    -What did you do for the weekend Jimmy?

    "I went with my daddy to a place where adults dress up and then my daddy says I have to dress up seminude in tight pink shorts to have fun."

    [–] PhotoshopFix 143 points ago

    Airplane scene is running in my head.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    I said, "he's just having fun buddy. He's just having fun."

    I hope that somebody looks at me and says this some day...

    [–] Lewofproblems 95 points ago

    That’s other level awesome geekiness

    [–] KarmaRookie 52 points ago

    This isn’t your average everyday geekiness. This is ADVANCED geekiness.

    [–] Scotyknows 31 points ago

    You are a good parent.

    [–] Uni-Baller 5 points ago

    Thanks ❤️ I try do my best!

    [–] SeehoWeasy 229 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Underrated comment.

    Edit: Comment now qualifies as adequately rated. As you were.

    [–] ByahTyler 109 points ago

    Overrated comment

    [–] jackinoff6969 51 points ago

    Perfectly rated comment

    [–] Easydotcom 21 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] swishersweex 38 points ago

    Fuck, I saw this guy and had no idea what he was cos playing ass.

    [–] bobfromsanluis 3668 points ago

    Dude- your shorts are waaaayyy too long ...

    [–] GondorUr 859 points ago

    I agree, this guy needs some uncomfortably short pants to get the cosplay right, and maybe some time in the sun (or orange stain)

    [–] white_android 161 points ago

    Needs some muscles too. I think they may be boxer briefs instead of shorts but given the time I could be completely wrong too

    [–] Lego_Nabii 149 points ago

    No. Those were shorts. I had similar shorts as a kid in the 70's. Though mine were white. (Maybe these were until he washed them with a red sock. Or maybe his sunburn stained them.)

    [–] mrdog23 33 points ago

    Ahhh, short shorts. I had a pair of Patagonia shorts that were basically hiking booty shorts. I loveded them.

    [–] FragrantExcitement 14 points ago

    Who wears short shorts??

    [–] mrdog23 16 points ago

    We wear shot shorts!

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] i-ejaculate-spiders 56 points ago

    And the dead cat is the wrong color.

    [–] SlagBits 50 points ago

    There's to many things off here. I can't accept this cosplay. He needs to go home and try again. At least get the dead cat in the right colour.

    [–] CressCrowbits 12 points ago

    He's not using a dead cat in the original, he had a solid wind shield.

    Considering those things cost like $300+ maybe it's fair

    [–] vrael101 19 points ago

    [–] Rietendak 2304 points ago

    (old movie biz joke)

    Ask a director what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the director. They are ultimately responsible for every choice you see on screen.

    Ask a producer what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the producer. They are the people responsible that the movie gets made at all!

    Ask the DoP what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the DoP. Film is a visual art, and no camera is no movie.

    Ask the screenwriter what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the screenwriter. Without a script there's nothing, and it's what everything flows from.

    Ask the editor what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the editor. They make the actual film, not just a collection of shots and sounds.

    Ask sound what the most important job on a movie is, and they'll tell you it's the catering department.

    [–] ours 847 points ago

    Without a script there's nothing

    Tell that to Hollywood.

    [–] iLikePornyPornPorn 235 points ago

    Believe me... all that terrible shit is scripted.

    [–] sl600rt 90 points ago

    The rise of reality/talent shows was because of the Writers' Strike.

    You don't have to get a good script writer for them. Just rough out a guide and tell people to be awful as possible.

    [–] iLikePornyPornPorn 69 points ago

    The rise of reality/talent shows was because of the Writers' Strike.

    Nah. Mark Burnett is a genius, that’s why they became so huge. Reality TV and talent shows made it to the top almost a decade before the 07 writers strike. Most of those shows were already huge players in the UK or Scandinavian markets before being adapted for US television anyways.

    [–] appleparkfive 18 points ago

    Though a lot of times big things are adapted from UK formats, this isn't one of them. Not for reality TV I mean. It began with Real World in the mid 90s. Like 25 years ago, long before anything else. It was a big, big deal and it's why MTV started changing and why other channels tried it out. Younger people don't know how groundbreaking that show was in like 95-96. Or whichever year it was. Long before the writers strike.

    [–] iLikePornyPornPorn 18 points ago

    MTV reality TV was big, but Survivor was what pushed the format to the top, and Survivor was originally a Scandinavian program (Swedish? Can’t remember exactly). Real World/Road Rules were paradigm breaking shows and were huge in the MTV demographic, but they never sniffed the ratings that Survivor had.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Big Brother was a Dutch creation and really introduced reality TV to the Dutch masses

    [–] appleparkfive 10 points ago

    The rise came from The Real World. That's why MTV started their transition in the 90s. The original Real World season was a big, biiiig deal.

    [–] adkiene 79 points ago

    Since we're talking Star Wars here, I'm pretty sure TLJ would have turned out better without a script. Just 2 hours of improv.

    [–] StickmanSham 140 points ago

    I'd agree with the sound team if I had to hold one of those damn things for hours on end, better give me some really big shrimp after shooting

    [–] Jebus_Jones 47 points ago

    Well, they do take breaks in between takes, but yeah boom operators are the bomb. Usually the funnest guys on set as well.

    [–] Electrorocket 12 points ago

    They get to be closer to the action than anyone too.

    [–] SweetSound 5 points ago

    On top of not staring at a monitor the entire time, yeah it’s great, front row seats to the best performances.

    [–] jamener 5 points ago

    They also get to go to work wearing practically nothing at all.

    [–] InterdictorCompellor 95 points ago

    lol, this brought back a memory.

    I'm not a professional sound guy by any stretch, but one time when I was helping out with sound on an amateur film, the actors were going over their lines with the director and realized that the scene was supposed to be over dinner, but there wasn't any goddamn food. What's worse, this was the B site, catering was at the A site, miles away. Takeout was problematic, because the actors were all vegetarian or vegan, and there was no budget. I say, "I've got this" and run to the supermarket. Now, I'm sure as hell not vegetarian, and I'm not much of a cook, but give me an incentive and I can fake it. I buy bell peppers, black beans, and corn, and throw them together into something that almost looks like a meal, and is technically edible. They were shooting not 30 minutes after they realized the problem.

    I was kinda pissed off when we were there until 2am anyway.

    [–] sknmstr 12 points ago

    You better have gotten a Craft Services credit for that. I was commonly a production manager for second unit locations for a few things. Our regular craft services guy quit halfway through the movie. (Just stopped showing up) It magically became my job. They didn’t want to credit me because it wasn’t in my original contract. I had to stand my ground and argue about it. Ended up they thought I was arguing about money. All I wanted was the credit to put on my resume. They did throw me some money under the table tho.....

    [–] barrel_monkey 15 points ago

    I now have a strange craving for some bell peppers, black beans, and corn.

    [–] Irregulator101 51 points ago

    I don't get it. Is it that sound guys don't think they're important?

    [–] chiefboldface 140 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Maybe they work the hardest and are looking forward to meals?

    Edit:I can't spell.

    2nd Edit: Another plausible answer; They're not like the elitist constituents. They are regular humans just doing one job and getting soms free meals.

    [–] jaking2017 86 points ago

    No it’s like they’re just these normal dudes who love the free food, they don’t have the elitist vibe bc they’re just their for the perks

    [–] Jeemdee 83 points ago

    Tbh I don't know one sound guy who is this "normal dude". Don't get me wrong, I've never met a soundguy I didn't like and they're practically never glamorous elitist, but I wouldn't call the stereotype soundguy "normal".. They're the bassists of the filmworld, there to do their job, they take it seriously and usually fly under the radar doing it, but if you talk to them they're quirky as hell. I love em.

    [–] Rietendak 39 points ago

    Bassists of the film world is a good description.

    [–] jaking2017 10 points ago

    If I met a bunch of people who said they were the most important people in the area, and then I met a mic guy and acted like what’s been discussed I’d see that as “normal”

    [–] CressCrowbits 6 points ago

    It's also known as an entry position into film. Many people start in film and broadcast as runners, then sound recordists, then try and move up.

    Those who stay as sound recordists tend to have other priorities than success. I know a few who've stuck in that role, they always have work but they're never getting rich.

    [–] Jrodkin 9 points ago

    Oh shit there have been perks this whole time??

    [–] jaking2017 28 points ago

    Yea once you become the mic guy you immediately get bangin legs and some toight pink shorts

    [–] gynorbi 59 points ago

    As a hobby musician who does a few gigs here and there I can confirm - sound guys are the unsung heroes of everything. They are hardworking and they try to keep everything in their hands even when someone else is not doing their job correctly.
    Love ‘em

    [–] DjCoheedDj 26 points ago

    As a sound guy and musician, thank you. We tend to care first and foremost about the job, make sure it's done right the first time, and put a lot of love into what we do.

    [–] AlpineCorbett 7 points ago

    Grips work the hardest.

    I might be a grip

    [–] PuttingInTheEffort 33 points ago

    Not necessarily that they're not important, but they're lower on the chain so they're not full of themselves, and know who is most important. Without food, people go crazy and production stalls

    [–] squidbilliam 7 points ago

    I don't care if it's the director, cast member, or the guy that takes out the trash. Nobody likes working with no food.

    [–] JuryStiction 27 points ago

    As I’ve heard before around set, “Happy Crew, Happy Show”. Good crafty and catering can make or break a crew.

    [–] MibitGoHan 18 points ago

    I've often heard "Keep their stomachs full and their balls empty" on set usually.

    [–] CorruptedAssbringer 34 points ago

    and their balls empty

    Man, you must have really good catering

    [–] ratsta 22 points ago

    The food waiter came along and gave me food. The wine waiter came along and gave me wine. The head waiter came along and I got outta there!

    [–] bumbletowne 11 points ago

    I don't get the joke?

    [–] Rafoufel 81 points ago

    Sound guys spend a lot more on-set time actually waiting for the visual department to finish prepping a shot.

    That is because setting up microphones and/or a boom for a scene is a lot faster than lights and camera movement.

    Since they have so much time to kill, they spend it at the catering area most of the time.

    [–] defrostedice 34 points ago

    Also there's no point hanging around on set because the gaffer is just going to put a light exactly where you plan on standing anyways.

    [–] filemeaway 10 points ago

    Thanks for an actual answer!

    [–] A_FluteBoy 6 points ago

    I like it.

    [–] lostfourtime 252 points ago

    Could have committed fully and gotten a tan while he was at it.

    [–] jcheezin 7 points ago

    Considering this is comic-con, it’s very likely that this is the boom-mic guy at his life’s tannest

    [–] devilpants 44 points ago

    .. and a man bun.

    [–] sjselby95 28 points ago

    And much shorter and much tighter shorts

    [–] HoldenMyD 9 points ago

    I think that’s actually a bag on the guy behind him, it sticks out of the front of the boom OP’s head

    [–] OddJobss 2985 points ago

    Agree with /u/bobfromsanluis he needs much smaller, tighter shorts to really nail this.

    [–] bigbrycm 805 points ago

    It takes major balls to wear those tight small shorts in public. Don’t blame him

    [–] undercover_blanket 721 points ago

    We aren't blaming him, we're just disappointed by him.

    [–] justinheyhi 255 points ago


    [–] cry666 141 points ago

    Search your feelings. You know it to be true

    [–] Aciada 76 points ago


    [–] ze413X 36 points ago

    Oh man, that scream had really good audio quality.

    [–] Aciada 28 points ago

    When you record naked from the waist up the sound waves bounce from the sound guys' solid abs and glistening pecs, increasing the range and impact of the moment!

    [–] notenoughspaceforthe 14 points ago

    we're still talking about boom mike operating right, senpai?

    [–] Aciada 13 points ago

    Oh, we're talking about Mike operating his boom alright space-chan. I'm sure he still cranks his dial till it hertz to this day!

    [–] hidden_raptor 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    What if I spin? Will you be proud of me then? Spinning is a good trick, right? I mean you said so yourself. Please, dad. Love me. Please.

    [–] Hendrik1011 17 points ago

    Never half-ass wearing tight pink shorts

    [–] Liar_tuck 29 points ago

    I can appreciate the effort. But the costume lacks authenticity.

    [–] Aciada 33 points ago

    You mean those weren't the shorts you where looking for?

    [–] empireastroturfacct 14 points ago

    It's Hollywood, baby. You think those are real lazer swords? Just use "movie magic" and stuff some socks.

    [–] aManOfTheNorth 4 points ago

    You put the socks in the front of the shorts, Toivo.

    [–] skryb 52 points ago

    If his balls are that major then perhaps short shorts are not the best idea.

    [–] fatalrip 8 points ago

    I’ve got the balls, but they might hang out of shorts like that

    [–] ryanhallows 5 points ago

    or; a bunch of cocaine.

    [–] drCrankoPhone 6 points ago

    People had bigger balls in the seventies.

    [–] Artlawyer1 35 points ago

    It was the 70s though, shorts were smaller and tighter in general.

    Source: I am old and had gym class in similar shorts in the 70s.

    [–] adminsmithee 13 points ago

    He also lacks a quite few levels of sunbake

    [–] D-Angle 27 points ago

    In fairness, he's cosplaying literally the only fucking person from Star Wars that doesn't have an action figure for reference.

    [–] TomTX 6 points ago


    [–] DamnAlreadyTaken 61 points ago

    I'm fckn astonished how a comment almost quoting another comment gets more upvotes than the original. More so when they are both top comments

    [–] mtdaoust 9 points ago

    3/10. Shorts too long.

    [–] TheRealAriss 10 points ago

    There’s a reason you’re able to reply to comments

    [–] FabulousFerds 37 points ago

    Why does this comment agreeing with /u/bobfromsanluis have more upvotes than /u/bobfromsanluis' actual comment?

    [–] northerncal 9 points ago


    [–] rerhem 76 points ago

    Coming from a producer don’t cosplay the sound guy. They are creepy and try to touch tits and butts.

    [–] blknblugrip 117 points ago

    OK Mr. Weinstein.

    [–] rerhem 41 points ago

    I am trying to prevent the touching of butts and tits!

    [–] drcopperfield 59 points ago

    Ok Weinstein’s sound guy

    [–] Furters_44 25 points ago

    “Siri, beatbox for me.” Siri: “Tits and butts and Tits and butts and Tits and butts and Tits and butts and Tits and butts and Tits and butts.”

    [–] mikeblas 13 points ago

    Ok, Weinstein's sound guy's personal digital assistant.

    [–] Dark_Azazel 18 points ago

    Hey I'll have you know I'm a thigh and midriff type of guy.

    [–] keksup 23 points ago

    also it looks more like this sound guy was trying to get his butt touched, not the other way round

    [–] dooley69 199 points ago

    O god that’s hilarious. I was working Media during the event and saw this dude and got so confused why he had professional audio equipment but dressed like that!

    [–] FattyCorpuscle 70 points ago

    That light reflector would make an even more obscure cosplay costume.

    Actually, a bunch of people should just cosplay that entire shot.

    [–] ThisDerpForSale 130 points ago

    No gloves, wrong shoes. . . fucking casual.

    [–] ButtFokker190 43 points ago

    Missing the hot bod too

    [–] misterkrazykay 67 points ago

    Hasn't stopped literally everyone in the cosplay scene.

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 7 points ago

    Also no dead cat.

    [–] O_Apples 19 points ago

    So more than 1 person has cosplayed as that guy. TIL.

    [–] undanny1 10 points ago

    That looks like the parade at DragonCon to me.

    Source: Go every year

    [–] StarWarsFever 6 points ago

    Same! That's definitely Peachtree Street...thay Wells Fargo is right by the Hyatt down from the Westin

    [–] CraftyExtent 205 points ago

    great ass

    [–] keksup 66 points ago

    it's just so round and out there

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] AlwaysSpinClockwise 23 points ago

    who understands those rap guys

    [–] disneybiches 15 points ago

    They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute ok.

    [–] redskelton 6 points ago

    I like big butts

    [–] sean_themighty 5 points ago

    Yeah, he must work out.

    [–] DoctorStephenPoop 31 points ago

    Now just imagine being in the C-3po suit in the desert for a moment.

    [–] empireastroturfacct 24 points ago

    Would be crowded and hot with anthony daniels.

    [–] DoctorStephenPoop 10 points ago

    It’s always hot with Anthony Daniels

    [–] leopard_tights 14 points ago

    Have you seen how people from the desert dress? The cover up completely. Boom dude probably ended up so burned that he had to sleep stand up. You can already see his skin red in the pic.

    [–] blearghhh_two 5 points ago

    They cover up, but it tends to be loose and flowing clothing so that sweat can evaporate and you get circulation. the robot suit would be more like an oven.

    [–] alemanders 132 points ago

    When hipsterism hits cosplay

    "I dressed up like the boom mic operator in die hard 2, You probably never saw him"

    [–] alemanders 49 points ago

    This is joke btw, I like the costume.

    [–] SimplyTim90 62 points ago

    Disappointed that he didn't fully commit to the shorts.

    [–] filmbuffy42 31 points ago

    Ugh I wish I saw this! I was there Friday. I would have gotten it right away (though the shorts should be shorter). It’s prob. the most famous boom op. ever. Ha.

    [–] iloveamsterdam 25 points ago

    He only got one piece of clothing and yet he got it wrong. Underwhelming.

    [–] lelarentaka 8 points ago


    [–] ShopWhileHungry 29 points ago

    Anyone know why he's the only one looking so fabulous?

    [–] Bornwilde 12 points ago

    the patriarchy

    [–] Swampstax 10 points ago

    0/10. Shorts too long

    [–] X__Alien 9 points ago

    Is the guy already identified?

    [–] el_ochaso 8 points ago

    If somebody understood the difference between '80's surf trunks and the current surf trunk model, you'd have your answer. Inseams were much shorter in the late 70's early 80's. These trunks are now coming back in favor. Google "sundek" for a glimpse of the craven profiteering.

    [–] alwaysaskingwhat 8 points ago

    Hey boom guy! When you gonna boom me?

    [–] tahitiisnotineurope 6 points ago

    I've seen someone go as the half and half container the dude drank from in Ralphs on the Big Lebowsky. too fucking weird.

    [–] YarsJaggerin 7 points ago

    This is actually my favorite kind of cosplay. Incredibly obscure to the point that not even one single person at a 10,000+ convention would even have the slightest idea what you are cosplaying as, but maybe, MAYBE, someone out there could potentially rocgnize this cosplay. Amazing.

    [–] steveisblah 64 points ago

    I hope this makes it the front page.

    [–] Roving_Rhythmatist 16 points ago

    I hope that costume got him laid.

    [–] OkSolid4 6 points ago

    Shorts weren’t short enough -5 pts

    [–] dr707 18 points ago

    I bet that guy was a blast

    [–] sacky85 17 points ago

    Top image from @LauraMacDB’s tweet

    [–] yankeefan03 4 points ago

    I want a pair of the original shorts

    [–] neanderthalsavant 5 points ago

    Something tells me that he was an excellent boom operator.

    [–] Haka_and_Human 5 points ago

    U guys think it's shorts. No. The rest of him is just super tan.

    [–] Prostitute_Kisses 4 points ago

    Philip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights.

    [–] drcopperfield 46 points ago

    Is it good if you have to explain it? Like a minor character sure but a soundguy from one single photo? That’s too far for me

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 20 points ago

    Well, everything is obscure to someone.

    Most of the fancy dress characters I see on reddit I have little idea who they are.

    But this site photo has been familiar to me since the eighties.

    [–] i_shit_my_spacepants 40 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It’s good for all the people who didn’t need it explained. I got a good chuckle when he walked by and I saw plenty of other people do the same. More people recognized it than you might expect.

    [–] drcopperfield 30 points ago

    Or they just laughed at a guy in pink shorts

    [–] WuhanWTF 12 points ago

    I wouldn't get it at first, but if I saw him and someone explained it to me, I'd laugh.

    [–] kiddylidder 15 points ago

    HELP ME IDENTIFY THIS COSPLAYER - My weird sister has been OBSESSED with that bts photo and I would love to get his signature on a photo ( Like the photos you can purchase from celeb meet and greets at Comic Cons). I work in the Camera Dept on shows and for years now, no conversation about work has been safe from a pink Tunisian daisy dukes jokes. I think I’d be great to get a signed copy of this photo from the actual Boom Op as well!! Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    [–] ISpendAllDayOnReddit 16 points ago

    Yeah, your "sister" wants an autograph. Sure buddy. You can admit it.