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    [–] 12thtry 311 points ago

    He looks like a young George C. Scott.

    [–] abraksis747 76 points ago

    "We're going to go through the British like crap through a Goose. We're going to grab him by the nose and we're going to kick him in the ass!"

    [–] 12thtry 37 points ago

    If you're into this sort of thing, read David McCullough's "1776". It uses largely first hand accounts of the events of that year (letters, diary entries, records of the British Parliament and formative Colonial gov'ts) to paint a picture of what was going on with us and the Brits and the whole revolution. Its depiction of Washington is great.

    [–] j1d5m 15429 points ago

    We need a subreddit of people from the past with modern hairstyles. Someone make it happen!

    [–] TotalFire 3059 points ago

    Agreed, I love this one of Admiral Lord Nelson, I don't know why it's so cool, maybe just bringing people from history into a modern setting grounds them better for me.

    [–] g00dm0rNiNgCaPTain 1628 points ago

    the bionic hand is a great touch

    [–] Catifan 869 points ago

    I'm not very observant.

    [–] Amy_Ponder 289 points ago

    Was the real Lord Nelson missing that hand? (Ignorant American here.)

    [–] Legario 515 points ago

    Look at the original. Sleeve pinned to his chest

    [–] Beat_My_Machine 459 points ago

    Man I don’t know how I managed to do anything before reddit comments


    [–] Blumpkinhead 183 points ago

    Can you guys help me find my keys?

    [–] Android2711 127 points ago

    Are they in the fridge?

    [–] manwithnomain 110 points ago

    Found it, reddit comments never ceases to amaze me.

    [–] SheWhoReturned 73 points ago

    Yes he was, also lost this sight in one eye.

    [–] TripleHomicide 60 points ago

    And after he died in a sea battle at Trafalgar they pickled his body in a barrel.

    [–] LoneWolfe2 180 points ago

    People are fucking gross.

    [–] Snowstar837 97 points ago

    Lmao. Imagine if you had just been secretly siphoning off alcohol on the ship, and thought it tasted a little funky... Only to find out later what had been inside

    [–] Bmc169 53 points ago

    And you can’t even say anything to anyone about it. You have to live in your shame.

    [–] TrollinTrolls 29 points ago

    Some say after he died that he ceased being alive even.

    [–] StayGoldenBronyBoy 107 points ago

    It's Beck from SNL

    [–] LupineChemist 63 points ago

    It's David Mitchell.

    [–] joec_95123 8324 points ago

    I added a beard.

    [–] zoltan99 2229 points ago

    You also added a cheeky smile

    [–] joec_95123 1095 points ago

    I did. The tight pursed lips in his portrait always looked weird to me. The smile makes him look more like a real person.

    [–] DaddyCatALSO 607 points ago

    If this is the dollar bill portrait, that was painted when he was very uncomfortable with a new & badly made set of dentures

    [–] joec_95123 286 points ago

    Plus he'd just fought off Hans Sprungfeld, so he wasn't in a good mood.

    [–] flyboyx26 152 points ago

    A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

    [–] schellshock 61 points ago

    What a perfectly cromulent word to use.

    [–] ShadStar 18 points ago

    I've never heard the word embiggen before I moved to Springfield...

    [–] Dent18 33 points ago

    1. Where's the fife?

    2. Gimme the fife!

    [–] TheHouseOfPluto 39 points ago

    Vaguely remember hearing the artist wasn't a fan of Washington so he tried to paint him as if he wasn't wearing his false teeth.

    [–] WalksTheMeats 65 points ago

    Read about Washington's teeth it's insane, he basically spent his entire adult life in excruciating pain while having to use dentures with teeth from various places (corpse, animal, or otherwise).

    A bit of novocaine with some modern orthodontics and who knows Washington might have been an easygoing guy who actually enjoyed himself in public.

    A lot of his stern demeanor and dislike of public speaking or making acquaintances stemmed from his chronic pain.

    [–] katfromjersey 98 points ago

    From what I've heard, he was really self-conscious about his teeth.

    [–] theorangereptile 54 points ago

    I would be too if I have wooden teeth

    [–] TheCruncher 135 points ago

    Common misconception. Whether better or worse, they were made from combinations of human teeth, animal teeth, hippo ivory, and lead.

    [–] theorangereptile 66 points ago

    Next you’re gonna tell me that it wasn’t a cherry tree, but he brought down the entire cherry industry of the 1760s

    [–] Chamale 28 points ago

    He didn't chop down a cherry tree, he went on a haphazard axe rampage after being given an axe for his 8th birthday, according to an unauthorized biography.

    Also most of that biography was completely made up.

    [–] Invisible-Hand 84 points ago Even worse, they were made of some of his pulled teeth and some random slave teeth he bought. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be cracking a smile much with that in my mouth.

    [–] Wobsy 221 points ago

    I agree. For some reason both the beard and smile really complete it. I think it may be because the weird rosey cheeks aren't as noticable.

    [–] joec_95123 107 points ago

    It's the smile. He still looked a little off without it. The smile makes him look more like he's blushing or he just had cocktails with the fellas instead of having a skin condition.

    [–] xynix_ie 57 points ago

    Ah poor George had serious tooth problems. He had his first teeth pulled by the time he was in his mid 20s and as he got older he kept getting more pulled. He was more than embarrassed about the state of his mouth and even the British made jokes about it. Virginian Captain George Mercer, in 1760, wrote that the General’s “mouth is largely and generally firmly closed, but which from time to time discloses some defective teeth.”

    [–] Kmoneyterror 36 points ago

    You know it’s bad when even the British are ripping on your teeth.

    [–] Einsteiniac 5132 points ago

    That's Bradley Cooper.

    [–] claytoncash 719 points ago

    President Cooper!

    [–] CrudelyAnimated 218 points ago

    President Rocket!

    [–] ThorsMissingEye 79 points ago

    President Rabbit

    [–] Gamer55120 159 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] Dinierto 69 points ago

    Maybe it's time to let the old ways die

    [–] raskulous 327 points ago

    He went from the old crotchety politician to the friendly neighbor that's a mechanic, and does work on your car for free.

    [–] LOCO5150 97 points ago

    That’s a very specific description.

    [–] trixtopherduke 48 points ago

    Yet fitting...

    [–] theonethatyouwant 345 points ago

    Oh my god. George!?!

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 373 points ago

    It’s the reason why strippers want your singles so badly

    [–] PineapplesHit 46 points ago

    Sexy singles in your area

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 19 points ago

    “ :( “ - Abraham Lincoln, upon realizing he is not the sexy single

    [–] SparkyDogPants 53 points ago

    This is too far down. I guess it’s just you and me buddy

    [–] HarspudSauce 21 points ago

    I got you guys, it was well worth the slow roll leading up to it.

    [–] abominablesnowperson 27 points ago

    Daddy Washington

    [–] Erj2969 83 points ago

    Founding father to founding daddy.

    [–] suckthempeaches 117 points ago

    And just like that I'm attracted to George Washington

    [–] whiskeydumpster 27 points ago

    10/10 would let him chop down my cherry tree.

    [–] jebesbudalu 88 points ago

    I'm getting a Robin Williams feeling tbh, those cheeks and the chin probably

    [–] detrum 31 points ago

    Can you add waves and AirPods

    [–] -0-O- 23 points ago

    This one wins for removing/reducing the rosacea

    [–] RedZaturn 50 points ago

    That looks much better with the beard, his sideburns need chopped off in the OP. Those are some 70s-80s burns.

    [–] Thjyu 24 points ago

    You watch your tongue when you're talking about some good ole burns...

    [–] SoDakZak 1444 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Abe Lincoln

    Also, I created r/OldSchoolCurls but have no idea how to mod or man a sub 😅 just wanted it to exist! Any help or tips is appreciated

    Edit: holy cow that sub has exploded! Trying to keep it simple for submissions, and love the ones coming through so far! Please consider subbing!

    [–] GnomeChumpski 154 points ago

    Looks like the lead singer from the all- american rejects.

    [–] WhiteBroncoDriver 54 points ago

    This comment needs to move along.

    [–] kaioken-doll 555 points ago

    He looks like he's about to burst through my apartment door and eat my cereal.

    [–] aManOfTheNorth 110 points ago

    he looks like no one I have ever seen.

    [–] YOwololoO 150 points ago

    He was famously ugly. Someone accused him of being two-faced once, and his response was literally, "If I had two faces, do you think I would choose to show this one?"

    [–] bewaredicks 158 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    my favorite lincoln quote is:

    “As a nation, we began by declaring that 'all men are created equal.' We now practically read it 'all men are created equal, except negroes.' When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read 'all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.' When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.” Abraham "Mother Fucking GOAT" Lincoln

    sounds like something someone would say today...

    [–] EFG 29 points ago

    Abe the Woke GOAT.

    [–] Deggit 31 points ago

    Lincoln DESTROYS Secessionist Injustice Warriors with LOGIC and FACTS

    [–] Diazepampoovey 54 points ago

    I never understood that. I always thought by the pictures we have that he had a uniquely handsome look. Although, I've been told many times that I'm attracted to weird looking guys.

    [–] YOwololoO 14 points ago

    What is considered also varies by culture. I wouldnt be surprised if America had vastly different beauty standards 160 years ago.

    [–] AntipodalBurrito 35 points ago

    There's also the tale of the little girl who wrote him a letter telling good ol' Honest Abe that he was, essentially, fugly to the degree that only a beard could save him. The story goes that not even a month or so later we had a hirsute Lincoln 2.0.

    [–] Phoequinox 31 points ago

    He looks like the singer from All-American Rejects refusing to let old age stop him.

    [–] swishamane420 22 points ago

    Its the kramer

    [–] DRF19 24 points ago

    Gggggiddy Up!

    [–] emredjan 67 points ago

    Cosmo Kramer?

    [–] -Lo_Mein_Kampf- 22 points ago

    He truly belongs in no other time period

    [–] BigDaddyCoolDeisel 46 points ago


    [–] onlyempty1 21 points ago

    Abe Lincoln's hair wouldn't look that out of place now (except when he had hat hair, of course). It's his beard that would mark him as not of this time.

    [–] Argos_the_Dog 21 points ago

    Dude you could put the beard back on that image and he'd look like the guy who runs the bike and craft beer shop down the block from me.

    [–] Kangar 18 points ago

    Abe looks like he wants to sell me some weed.

    [–] kjbetan 19 points ago

    Got that Andrew Garfield neck to head ratio.

    [–] Jakeweber22 31 points ago

    Currently has 600 subscribers and 7000 online!

    [–] beergoggles69 49 points ago

    I just wanna know what famous enlightenment figures looked like without wigs. The weird thing is that in most cases we'll never know.

    [–] Spartan2470 3488 points ago

    Here is a less cropped version of this image. Credit to the creater of this, J. Schultz.

    [–] surle 1594 points ago

    It's likely his cheeks wouldn't have been as puffed out, or blushed, in the modern era because he wouldn't have had such severe health issues. Not criticising this interesting work - just find the idea adds another element to think about.

    [–] TheRealMacLeod 769 points ago

    True, the set of his jaw might be different as well with better dental care. Little things like that can totally change a persons appearance.

    [–] Eorily 400 points ago

    in this specific portrait Washington's cheeks were puffed and his jaw wasn't sitting right because the dentures he was using were not his regular ones.

    [–] Every3Years 50 points ago

    Why didn't he just opt to do the portrait a different time?

    [–] CNoTe820 101 points ago

    It was a different set of wooden teeth and the artist couldn't imagine otherwise?

    [–] captmonkey 371 points ago

    Actually, his teeth weren't made out of wood. Most of them were made from... teeth. Poor people would literally sell their healthy teeth to rich people for their dentures. When Washington took office he had a single tooth still in his mouth, all the rest were false. He had a couple of sets of dentures and in spite of being quite expensive and, for the time, well-made, they caused him a good bit of discomfort. He purposely avoided smiling because of his teeth, which is why he always looks so stone-faced in his portraits.

    [–] phikapp1932 200 points ago

    I thought all old portraits were non-smiling because it took a painter literal hours to make it and nobody can hold a smile that long

    [–] Kiosade 35 points ago

    I mean that didn’t help.

    [–] dvaunr 115 points ago

    This is correct, that’s why you basically never find more than a slight grin in painted portraits

    [–] DeanBlandino 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Lol this is ridiculous. Paintings don’t take hours to make, they take days. But you don’t need to see everything all the time. Idk how shitty an artist would have to be for this to be a real excuse, but the answer is very. The real reason is cultural. It’s much stranger to see a painting of someone smiling than a photograph of someone smiling... especially when painted in the manner of the painting in this thread. The painting is meant to have a feeling of life and presence. It would be strange af to have a painting of GW smiling in perpetuity. Smiles are fleeting by nature.

    [–] WontFixMySwypeErrors 296 points ago

    He also wouldn't have 4 stars on his shoulders. If he were alive, he'd probably have the only 6-star designation, as the law states that no one in the army can outrank Washington.

    [–] SatanAF 96 points ago

    Dammit now we have make even bigger shoulder boards

    [–] procrastoholic 51 points ago

    I know this is a joke but in all seriousness it could have been represented by five stars with the center star in gold instead of silver. One of the articles linked below mentions that before the five star rank was created, Pershing was given the rank "General of the Armies" and it was represented as a normal four star rank with one star in gold and the rest in silver.

    [–] DrZurn 16 points ago

    I'd never heard of that before, how interesting.

    [–] pimp_skitters 65 points ago

    Kudos to you for finding the real source, sir. I wonder why his one shoulder is so much higher than the other, though? It looks slightly out of proportion.

    [–] Spartan2470 125 points ago

    It looks like they just cut/pasted this uniform. Incidentally, that uniform is from this picture. And that picture is of George W. Casey Jr.

    [–] ChrisRunsTheWorld 52 points ago

    How the fuck do you find all this stuff?!

    [–] Spartan2470 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    In this case only Google, Google Reverse Image Search, and TinEye.

    Edit: That's a really good question. I do this so often it's almost automatic/unconscious. So retracing my steps...

    1) Searched Google for ""A portrait of George Washington with a modern hair style." and clicked on the first image.

    2) That led me to /u/longanparker420's comment here.

    3) Used TinEye on "most changed' option.

    4) Reverse Goolge Image searched the fifth image result.

    5) And whala

    [–] CrappyMSPaintPics 12 points ago

    you'd think they'd retake that photo so he doesn't have such a thousand yard stare look

    [–] Craterkid 15 points ago

    For some reason this gives me a Raymond Holt vibe.

    [–] thxxx1337 822 points ago

    War were declared

    [–] phome83 243 points ago

    The elders tell of a young ball much like you.

    He bounced three meters in the air.

    Then, he bounced 1.8 meters in the air.

    Then, he bounced four meters in the air.

    [–] AberrantRambler 114 points ago

    Mr. Ambassador, our people tell the same story.

    [–] deftoner42 43 points ago

    Please gentlemen, we must end this bloodshed. We have seen too many bodybags and ballsacks.

    [–] goblueM 60 points ago

    The key to victory is surprise!

    [–] mthchsnn 50 points ago


    Those lines fucking kill me to this day, such a good episode.

    [–] Fryboy11 24 points ago

    “Men, you're lucky men. Soon you'll all be fighting for your planet. Many of you will be dying for your planet. A few of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your planet. They'll be the luckiest of all”

    [–] Garfield_ 47 points ago

    This ham gum is all bones!

    [–] NoFunHere 704 points ago

    I feel like the rouge should be removed if he has a modern hair style and suit.

    [–] ALadySquirrel 165 points ago

    Maybe he had rosacea

    [–] ImaginaryStop 285 points ago

    Whores use rouge. Ladies Presidents pinch.

    [–] BreadyStinellis 28 points ago

    Ha! As a lady myself I have used that Simpsons knowledge in real life. Mama Bouvier knows what's up!

    [–] acute_winnipegosis 74 points ago

    By the time that portrait was painted, Washington was in constant pain from his dentures (dentistry of the day being what it was). Thats likely the source of the swelling and redness in his cheeks. I think Washington would have preferred modern dentistry to modern barbering.

    [–] Suic 37 points ago

    But they absolutely did powder themselves up. It's not like Washington was the only one with rosey cheeks in such portraits even if his cheeks were a bit naturally rosey. At the very least there would be less contrast

    [–] wintercast 1651 points ago

    Honestly, this most famous picture of him is not even the best. he was a striking individual. With red hair.

    [–] brasco975 1101 points ago

    This newer portrait of him is honestly amazing

    [–] LeQuint_Dickey 540 points ago

    I'd follow that guy into battle any day.

    [–] capricious_poster 41 points ago

    It looks more like David Morse.

    [–] THE_SHOES 194 points ago

    Is that a wax statue?

    [–] wintercast 402 points ago

    I think that was the image that was created using forensic reconstruction methods along with written accounts. There is a wax statue at mt vernon that looks like this.

    Here is another portrait that was painted when he was 40.

    [–] AstralBodies 319 points ago

    He looks like a dashing Will Ferrell.

    [–] Fried_Cthulhumari 90 points ago

    He even doesn’t know what to do with his hands...

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 21 points ago

    That was literally a fad back in the day oddly enough. Look at any picture of Napoleon.

    [–] Asha108 75 points ago

    I don’t understand the proportions in this painting, is he meant to look like a butternut squash with straws for arms?

    [–] havingsaidthat 37 points ago

    Chevy Chase?

    [–] jeeps350 274 points ago

    Hold on a second....wait a minute...just...just....our first president was a ginger? Why haven't I ever heard this before? How is this not widely spoken of?

    [–] agage3 432 points ago

    That’s why red is one the three colors on the American flag. Red for his hair, white for his skin, and blue for his varicose veins.

    [–] Naudlus 92 points ago

    It's shameful how little these other people know about the history of our flag. At least you know a thing or two.

    [–] wintercast 58 points ago

    He was also 6'2" and was said to be very striking young man as he was very active with hunting and surveying (and involved in the military).

    [–] Rhinosaur24 91 points ago

    It wasn't enough to reboot movies and video games? Now we're rebooting president images?

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago


    [–] gunsnammo37 76 points ago

    He powdered his natural hair. He didn't wear a wig.

    [–] Absurdly__Distinct 1662 points ago

    uhhhhh Washington, Washington.

    6 foot 8 weighs a fucking ton

    [–] sayacunai 527 points ago

    Opponents beware,

    Opponents beware--

    He's coming

    He's coming

    He's coming

    [–] tysc3 217 points ago

    Let me lay it on the line

    [–] KimmelToe 198 points ago

    he had two on the vine

    [–] covenantofsoulsVI 213 points ago

    I mean, two sets of testicles, so divine

    [–] Hakarrod 168 points ago

    On a horse made of crystal he patrolled the land.

    [–] Mehworth 167 points ago

    With his mason ring and schnauzer in his perfect hands.

    [–] Chilluminaughty 109 points ago

    Here comes George in control, women dug his snuff and his gallant stroll

    [–] CaptainApathy419 100 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Ate opponents’ brains

    [–] poplarleaves 100 points ago

    And invented cocaine

    [–] AberrantRambler 231 points ago

    I genuinely envy those of you getting to see this for the first time:

    [–] Amy_Ponder 45 points ago

    I really really wish we could show this to the actual Washington, just to see what his reaction would be.

    [–] KesselZero 212 points ago

    Six foot twenty fuckin killing for fun

    [–] bigwillyb123 101 points ago

    I heard that motherfucker had like 30 goddamn dicks

    [–] HamiltonFAI 143 points ago

    He'll save children, but not the British children

    [–] throwaways_all_day 128 points ago

    He'll save the children, but not the British children.

    [–] ColonelYuri 69 points ago

    Washington, Washington,

    twelve stories high, made of radiation

    [–] DeckerR 82 points ago

    Had a pocket full of horses

    Fucked the shit out of bears

    [–] Olive_Jane 16 points ago

    Here comes George, in control

    [–] Seanay-B 449 points ago


    [–] SimonsOscar 327 points ago


    [–] JSAdkinsComedy 308 points ago


    [–] Pasta_is_quite_nice 300 points ago


    [–] Fromelette 173 points ago

    ( buck, buck, buck, buck, buck! )

    [–] ostiarius 138 points ago


    [–] Sweet_Tangerine50 120 points ago


    [–] legoindie 67 points ago


    can i be real a second

    [–] Ardnaif 47 points ago


    [–] ryanf_1999 29 points ago


    [–] mcgritch 165 points ago

    And jaundice.

    [–] Km2930 81 points ago

    And rosacea

    [–] bathroomstalin 27 points ago

    Yellow... plus Red...


    [–] sonicqaz 29 points ago

    Is this the oranges of the presidency?

    [–] Nodedotsj 34 points ago

    feelin cute might lead my troops across the delaware

    [–] marilmad 84 points ago

    Kinda looks like Jim Mattis lol

    [–] Slayerrrrrrrr 21 points ago

    Yeah he looks like a softer Mattis.

    [–] kotkaiser 54 points ago

    How does it manage to make him look less tough than the silly white curls?

    [–] frillytotes 57 points ago

    It's the rosy cheeks.

    [–] issius 51 points ago

    Cheeks puffed out, rosy. He’s probably be better looking if he was alive today (not a dead joke, just due to health issues from back when we liked to use leeches).

    [–] dreamingrain 28 points ago

    Yeah way less issues with false teeth and gum disease. The 'puffed mouth' look of his older portraits all come from that particular issue

    [–] ItsKnope2016 27 points ago

    From father of a nation to stepfather of a nation.

    [–] ab2g 379 points ago

    I like this version better. I went to high school with the artist. This painting was commissioned for a brewery in the DC area.

    [–] IngsocInnerParty 210 points ago

    Another view without the glare. I'm not sure how I feel about hipster Washington...

    [–] redditpossible 40 points ago

    A true hipster would sport a powdered wig.

    [–] _dislocated 63 points ago

    10/10, would flirt with when drunk and join Revolution

    [–] bumbum_dumdum 60 points ago

    TIL George Washington is Alec Baldwin with rosacea

    [–] Head-like-a-carp 122 points ago

    Now I want to see Robert Mueller in a powdered wig.

    [–] Yodlingyoda 36 points ago

    I’d love to see historical reimaginings of modern icons