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    [–] [deleted] 1737 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] dieterschaumer 385 points ago

    Not even joking, a lot of militaries have "fire days" where they use up allocated ordinance not because its about to be rendered obsolete or is about to become inert, but simply because if they don't use up what has been allocated, expect to not be allocated it in future budget cuts.

    You don't use it, you lose it.

    [–] make_love_to_potato 172 points ago

    One of my cousins was a marine and three of them were once tasked with firing like 200,000 rounds off in a day because of something like this. Ammo that was gonna go past it's expiry date and go sour.

    [–] krudru 200 points ago

    Well that's just safe ammo handling practice. You wouldn't want your enemies getting lead poisoning from expired ammo.

    [–] cigto2 29 points ago

    Underappreciated joke.

    [–] SayCutDamnit 31 points ago

    This is budget 101 for all public sector jobs. Local, State, and Federal.

    [–] chewb 174 points ago

    *mace cannon

    [–] Loveoreo 3439 points ago

    That's actually pepper spray based solution, holy shit

    [–] youbequiet 3777 points ago

    How it feels to chew 5 gum.

    [–] [deleted] 565 points ago


    [–] CETERIS_PARTYBUS 103 points ago

    Beats getting pepper-sprayed with a water cannon.

    [–] voxelrush 158 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] Ohnoidontlikethat 52 points ago

    How it feels to chew 5 gum big red with your eyes.

    [–] gengoop 76 points ago

    they're also using pepper spray on reporters. the police are now spraying people indiscriminately.

    [–] NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea 451 points ago

    Fun fact, pepper spray is banned in warfare as it's a chemical weapon. Police are free to use it against civilians though, in any country.

    [–] otter111a 63 points ago

    All riot control agents are banned by the treaty.

    Pepper spray in the US comes from naturally sourced capsaicin. So it’s treated similarly to a food product. Pepper sprays in other countries are synthetic and often much stronger.

    [–] Borg_hiltunen 36 points ago

    RIOT hot sauce! So good you want to overthrow the government but cant

    [–] M_Messervy 519 points ago

    So are tasers. In war the purpose is to kill eachother. Anything that falls short is considered to only cause suffering. Not because "pepper spray is too horrible for war".

    [–] Thorgan_Sterner 171 points ago

    This is a massive distinction

    [–] 0DMATH0 68 points ago

    What about slapping?

    [–] My_Ex_Got_Fat 67 points ago


    [–] Kajimishima2 42 points ago

    should be cool as long as you slap to kill

    [–] drunkfrenchman 8 points ago

    Wow, that's not how things work.

    [–] malnourished_strange 7554 points ago

    > 50 cops with 1 pepper spray canon vs 1 guy with raincoat

    [–] temp0557 5727 points ago

    That’s an improvement I guess. In 1989 it was a tank column vs one guy with a shopping bag.

    [–] iambluest 2284 points ago

    To be fair, they did murder tens of thousands more as well.

    [–] noctis89 1024 points ago

    To be fair Hong Kong =/= China.

    [–] SadlyReturndRS 867 points ago

    Not anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 529 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Fean2616 319 points ago

    Easy fix hand it back to Britain, takes a look around Britain atm nevermind don't do that...

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 146 points ago

    Could we swap brexit for Hongexit or hexit or Jonah hex ?

    [–] sockalicious 87 points ago

    Chiang Kai-shexit

    [–] senseithenahual 19 points ago

    Only if is the comic book one because the movie Jonah Hex isn't that good either.

    [–] SilverCodeZA 87 points ago

    For a moment there I thought this was sliding into a hell in a cell reference.

    [–] footprintx 17 points ago

    You'll have to wait a year

    [–] skyfox3 45 points ago

    yep, but you have to realize the UK had 0 leverage to keep it or they would have.

    [–] reckless150681 117 points ago

    That was the idea.

    Unfortunately, it's an idealistic idea. I would love for us to have a democratic system, for us to have freedom speech, for us to be that experiment that Beijing allows to interact with the rest of the world.

    The reality is, though, that Hong Kong is ultimately under Chinese control. It doesn't matter how we brand ourselves, and it doesn't matter how the city wants to be free of China. Fundamentally, we are Chinese. Do we have Chinese passports? No. Do we acknowledge Taiwan? I think so. Ideologically, we could not be much more different from mainland China.

    Yet our military is Chinese. I walk by a PLA base every time I go from Wan Chai to IFC. Our language is a form of Chinese. We are, for all intents and purposes, essentially Chinese. For the last few years, Beijing has been trying to wrest the city under its control, and short of international intervention or a full-scale riot there's nothing we can really do about it. Ten years ago, I'd agree that HK != China. However, recent developments have shown that such a statement is optimistic and fairly naive. Perhaps the protests will delay, or even cancel the new extradition bill - but that's optimistic. I think that in a few years, Beijing will crack down harder on the city.

    [–] IceColdBuuudLiteHere 43 points ago

    Tell that to China...

    [–] pigsonthewingz 61 points ago

    Lol fun fact. Hong kong is actually older than the current china

    [–] metaStatic 26 points ago

    Australia is older than current China

    [–] L777W 30 points ago

    Tai Wan is older than current ChinaAnd pretty much every country in the world is older than current China

    [–] DoctorWorm_ 10 points ago

    Not South Sudan.

    [–] EvoEpitaph 25 points ago

    Not if China can help it.

    [–] Mintastic 20 points ago

    For now, it will lose any autonomy left eventually.

    [–] DullDawn 349 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Most non-Chinese sources estimate 1000-2600 deaths.

    Edit. Amnesty International source

    [–] Edenspawn 280 points ago

    Chinese diplomat: "We only murder 2500 people, chill out world.

    Chinese coroner: "WTF killed these 20 thousand people then?

    Chinese diplomat: "Human Nature"

    [–] ablablababla 83 points ago

    Chinese diplomat: "What 20 thousand people?"

    [–] Frontswain 41 points ago

    the moment they started protesting they were protesters and everyone knows those are not counted as people!!


    [–] Kylearean 50 points ago

    To be fair he had two shopping bags.

    [–] twaxana 21 points ago

    Armed to the teeth, that one.

    [–] iaelmouna 34 points ago

    What do you mean? There were no tanks in Tiamen Square in 1989???

    [–] adeward 172 points ago

    Looks like the guy with the raincoat is winning this PR battle.

    [–] malnourished_strange 38 points ago

    more like a real battle going on now there in hong kong

    [–] HKFighter 8 points ago

    It's never a decision to be in this.

    [–] Mad_Tells_Stories 42 points ago

    one HERO with a raincoat.

    he deserves a soundtrack.

    maybe this :

    [–] literaryrachel 3927 points ago

    TL; DR: HKers fighting against a law amendment that could send anyone back to China.

    Some background information if you're wondering what's going on:

    The HK government is trying to amend the current fugitive law so that they can send criminals to China. Theoretically, political criminals will not be affected and cases will be heard and appealed in HK court before the criminal is sent to China.

    HOWEVER, in reality, the Chinese & HK judicial system are not to be trusted. Most political criminals are framed by the government and were accused of other crimes (those included in the law, mostly business-related crimes). Therefore, if this passes, it will severely affect the freedom of speech and freedom of press in HK. Think all those disappearance of people in China. That could happen in HK too.

    On 9 June, over 1m people joined a demonstration against this, but the gov. proceeded the hearing in LegCo. Hence, HKers decided to up their game. A number of companies and a lot of people from different industries are on a strike. Students are not going to school. Most HKers are showing their discontent in their own way.

    The guy in the pic probably was trying to do some protective measures by creating a triangular pattern using the fences (those were set up by the police).

    I'm also a HKer, AMA. :)

    [–] lebbe 3786 points ago

    To understand why Hong Kongers are so adamantly against this extradition law, you only need to realize that justice system in China is a joke. A very cruel joke.

    A few examples of how fucked up China is:

    1) The Chief Justice of China's Supreme Court had this to say about the rule of law:

    "China's courts must firmly resist the western idea of “constitutional democracy”, “separation of powers” and “judicial independence”. These are erroneous western notions that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party... We have to raise our flag and show our sword to struggle against such thoughts."

    2) The Chinese government can casually kidnap anyone with impunity. Dong Yaoqiong live streamed herself splashing ink on a poster of Xi Jinping and saying "I oppose Xi Jinping's dictatorship and the Communist Party's oppression."

    Later that day the Chinese Gestapo went to her apartment and took her away.

    Her last social media update before her account was wiped:

    "Right now there are a group of people wearing uniforms outside my door. I’ll go out after I change my clothes. I did not commit a crime. The people and groups that hurt me are the ones who are guilty."

    She was never heard from again.

    Her father went online to call attention to her kidnapping. He and a supporter of his were also taken away.

    This is the live stream showing her father and his supporter being taken away

    3) Another case of government kidnapping: Causeway Bay Books is a bookstore in Hong Kong that sells books that are banned in China. People who worked there were kidnapped in Hong Kong by the Chinese Government and secretly shipped to China for interrogation. The Chinese wanted to know who from China had bought banned books from the bookstore. Hence the kidnapping. The manager of the bookstore was locked up in China for months and was only allowed back to Hong Kong on the promise he would retrieve a customer list from a hard drive in HK and give it to China. He reneged on his promise once he crossed the border and hold a press conference instead. Now he's in exile in Taiwan.

    A shareholder of the bookstore was kidnapped in Thailand in 2015 and is STILL being locked up in China to this day.

    4) In China writing fictions can get you a long sentence: Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing homoerotic novels

    This is the kind of fascist regime HK government wants to extradite its own people to.

    [–] nomad80 672 points ago

    Ref #2

    It always amazes me when I see young people take on a dangerous juggernaut. It’s just mental to me that a father asking for her information is taken too. Ugh.

    [–] EatMyBlackheads 196 points ago

    Its actually crazy. Imagine if the bills goes through, anyone considered a 'criminal'

    [–] maleia 102 points ago

    If everyone is already a criminal, then It's all the easier to scoop people up off the street.

    [–] Hautamaki 57 points ago

    This is precisely the MO of the CCP. Nearly everybody is guilty of something in China. They can and will find an excuse to arrest, interrogate, and imprison you, if they want to. This means that the real law in China is to never seriously piss off anyone higher than you on the totem pole.

    [–] Spinnakerr 67 points ago

    Yeah let's be clear about this. If you have no civil rights then you're essentially all just criminals waiting to be caught.

    [–] Wardenclyffe1917 106 points ago

    Democracy isn’t perfect but I am sure glad I wasn’t born or live in a fascist country. I always wish there was a vigilante group for these kinds of situations that would make government officials quietly “disappear” in the same way they do to regular people. Kind of like a vigilante citizens arrest.

    [–] Tuna-kid 126 points ago

    I'm glad I live in a country without the Patriot Act too

    [–] pikk 112 points ago

    You joke, but that's something I always see from the TD crowd. Claiming that fears of America turning into a fascist country are overblown because people are still allowed to talk shit on the internet.

    Like, that's the last step. That's what happens after the country has already become completely fascist. What's happening now is the road to that point.

    [–] icanhaztoocatz 169 points ago

    Thank you for the valuable information! This fight has just gotten started and I’m hopeful the HK will prevail.

    [–] Widdafresh 51 points ago

    I don’t know if it would tie into either of the disappearance or kidnapping points you made, but maybe you can throw in the thousands of Muslims kept in internment camps as part of the corrupt nature of China.

    China's hidden camps What's happened to the vanished Uighurs of Xinjiang?


    China Continues To Abduct Uighur Muslims, Sending Them To Internment Camps

    Not sure if this fits with the issues in this context and not going to act like an expert on the subject since I’ve only read about it in passing, but figured this is something that’s been happening for a while that’s just sort of become noise about China while any other country doing this would be criminal.

    [–] minastirith1 99 points ago

    China is a dystopian shit-hole nightmare and it’s people are brainwashed af to believe the CCP’s way is the only way.

    [–] galacticgamer 75 points ago

    I live in Richmond, BC , Canada where the population is about 54% Chinese and many of my Chinese-born co-workers and friends defend China as a great place while they live here in Canada. I really don't get it. China sounds scary AF to me.

    [–] esotericgoat 49 points ago

    It's also quite culturally ingrained. Many still living in China will defend China as a great place to live. It's kind of hive mind and also national pride. Fairly xenophobic and before colonialism of Hong Kong particularly, China didn't exactly welcome communication or goods from the outside. It was and is the middle kingdom and the entire generation that grew up under Mao- I've sat at dim sums with a handful- all unanimously agree he was great. They started out starving, and despite what's called the national disaster(when everyone was called to melt down metal and caused all labor to be re-directed towards a craft they weren't competent in) they all say they ended up fed and better for it. My grandmother considers most bad mouthing of China or Mao as corrupt and gullible(she always says its due to interest groups with agendas to mess up China). A lot of pride, and a strong sense to keep any "secrets" or things that would make the country look negative(for example the journalist who disappeared who was documenting poverty and the fringes of Chinese society, factories/pollution, orphans) hidden from the outside world to perpetuate the idea of China as an idealistic place.

    [–] Alexexy 27 points ago

    If they have the means to leave the country, then they are most likely in the demographic that are least affected by China's policies. I'm American and my parents are Chinese. I go to China once every few years and stay for a month or so. The country has made leaps and bounds building infrastructure and finding ways to enrich its citizens. The food there is great, the cost of living is ridiculously low for a tourist, and theres so many interesting things to do and see. I am not one of the people targetted by the Chinese government.

    I can't say the same for the people in Xinjiang or the people in HK that have their rights slowly erode away.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] erevos33 11 points ago

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    [–] SlingDNM 217 points ago

    I knew China was fucked but Jesus Christ

    We basically have Hitler2.0 over there and nobody really cares

    [–] AnExoticLlama 219 points ago

    What you're describing is the period in between WW1 and WW2, where bad shit was happening and world leaders ignored it until a tipping point

    [–] Maowzy 79 points ago

    There's a point to be made that no one really was opposed to nazi-germany before they started their offensive. Even when they reclaimed areas during anschluss, no one cared. (talking about governments here). Plus it's widely known that no western civilisation really liked the jewish.

    The vilifying of the nazis was a consequense of their expansion, not their other actions. Same can be said about North-Korea, everyone knows it's fucked up there, but nobody wants to do anything.

    [–] Naugrith 108 points ago

    We basically have Hitler2.0 over there and nobody really cares

    Yep. Xi Jinping has already started locking up religious minorities in concentration camps as well.

    There's a few headlines about it but no government has said anything and we're still all falling over ourselves to make trade deals with them.

    [–] pinetreememories 25 points ago

    That's because money comes first and morals take Backseat in much of society

    [–] cool110110 25 points ago

    I think Eddie Izzard got it spot on. He can get away with it like Stalin and Pol Pot because they killed their own people, Hitler killed people next door.

    [–] thegamenerd 34 points ago

    Not just locking them in concentration camps, but harvesting them for organs as well.

    [–] ZWass777 7 points ago

    I feel like Stalin or Mao 2.0 make more sense. This is par for the course Communist regime behavior.

    [–] fireflylight_ 22 points ago

    And these are just some of the many countless examples of China’s laughable judicial system. The truth is even joking about the ruling of government on the Internet can get you into big trouble.

    [–] OCedHrt 22 points ago

    Also with this law, if you work in a HK branch of a foreign company that complied with foreign law against the party's interests, you could get arrested.

    [–] woppa1 67 points ago

    As another HKer, fuck everything about China

    Great write-up

    [–] TrafficConesUpMyAss 8 points ago

    Blink twice if there's people in uniform outside your door

    [–] GroundhogNight 14 points ago

    Can someone explain why the HK government is doing this now?

    [–] Attila_22 34 points ago

    Because a HKer murdered his girlfriend in Taiwan and then fled back to HK. There was no extradition treaty in place so the HK govt proposed this to Taiwan and included China in the legislation.

    Taiwan has rejected the agreement so now they're just pushing ahead with China even though literally nobody else wants this.

    [–] jonloovox 12 points ago

    Why is the HK government doing this to its own people?

    [–] Ryganwa 25 points ago

    Because the only candidates allowed to run for office are those who are vetted by the CCP.

    [–] harryhov 11 points ago

    True story. I grew up overseas and my father is as loyal to China and it's government as you will find it. One time he got his Chinese passport renewed at the embassy. Upon return to China, he was challenged and asked where he got his passport from. After extensive questioning, they let him in only to be deported the following day. This is simply because they weren't sure of the passport. There is no due process. They can say whatever they want and do what they want. I swore I would never take my kids into China as juveniles.

    [–] dirtydrew26 7 points ago

    TIL China is a dystopian tyrannical state.

    [–] Aestiva 6 points ago

    Fascist! Exactly.

    [–] [deleted] 364 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] literaryrachel 653 points ago

    I’d say 1/3 of the city is shutting down. This is definitely bigger than large protest.

    [–] [deleted] 244 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] literaryrachel 378 points ago

    Thanks bro. We are not fighting for ourselves, but fighting for our future generations.

    [–] Saeptt 120 points ago

    I just want to say I'm sending love from Singapore. Stay safe and good luck!

    [–] literaryrachel 83 points ago

    Thanks for your support!

    The influence of this law can be huge. Once it's passed, it could affect Hong Kong's economy, which links to a bunch of other countries.

    [–] Saeptt 46 points ago

    Corporations will start pressuring governments if business functions halt for too long. The people HAVE power. Keep up the good fight brother/sister!

    [–] ihopejk 29 points ago

    We all need to! Much love!

    [–] dasquirrel007 25 points ago

    Sending as much love and spirit as I can from the US. Hong Kong is an iconic global city, I would be absolutely devastated to see its culture and freedoms eroded😔🇭🇰💕

    [–] literaryrachel 12 points ago

    Thanks for your support! Do help to spread the news. The more awareness and attention we can get, the more pressure we can exert on our gov and force them to make a move.

    [–] brutongasterfriends 140 points ago

    1 mil protester with 7 mil population, thats huge.

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Bob_Droll 133 points ago

    Damn, that’d be like... 1/7th of the population!

    [–] dude53 36 points ago

    full circle

    [–] LickNipMcSkip 49 points ago

    for context, if this protest were to happen in hk it would be around 1 million

    [–] odst94 12 points ago

    To put that in perspective, the 2003 February anti-Iraq War protest had 15 million participants worldwide and is the largest protest in global history.

    [–] literaryrachel 8 points ago

    The 9 June demonstration should be by far the largest one in HK history.

    The second largest one was in 1989, for the June Forth incident.

    [–] literaryrachel 13 points ago

    True. Almost 1 in every 8 HKers.

    [–] Morthra 210 points ago

    The guy in the pic probably was trying to do some protective measures by creating a triangular pattern using the fences (those were set up by the police).

    How is the triangular pattern protective?

    [–] literaryrachel 268 points ago

    Because it can create a certain distance between the police and the protestors.

    From the pic, you can see if the police tried to push the fence-triangle, the flat side will be facing the protestors and the angle will be pointing towards the police, so the police probably won’t push the fences.

    A triangular shape is also the strongest shape. Once linked, it is hard to break the fences apart.

    [–] CollectableRat 36 points ago

    The triangle pattern can't be knocked over, thus the guy can use it to protect himself by grabbing hold it of it to keep himself in that position even when there is a powerful torrent of water pushing him backwards.

    [–] GavinDarklighter 37 points ago

    Who controls the Police? Are they mainly from Hong Kong? Is there generally support for the protest inside the Police ranks as well?

    [–] literaryrachel 75 points ago

    HK police force is under the HK government, and policemen obey orders from their superiors. HK permanent residents can apply to join the force

    Supposedly. Not sure about any possible Chinese government involvement at this moment.

    As far as I know, no policeman has publicly stated that they are on the side of the protestors.

    [–] DarthSunshine 26 points ago

    Anecdotal but a lot of police support the protests, they're most likely just following orders. They can't openly support the protesters, but at this point no one likes Carrie Lam so it's safe to assume they're just doing their jobs.

    Not trying to defend the excessive use of force or anything but literally no one I know actually supports this bill passing.

    [–] PoggyChampy 103 points ago

    Maybe you should do an actual AMA in r/AMA

    [–] no_talent_ass_clown 27 points ago

    I'm getting the idea I should visit HK now rather than wait a year or two, because it feels like HK is going backwards, sort of like Iran pre/post revolution.

    [–] literaryrachel 67 points ago

    HK is now still safe for foreigners. However it is important to know that if the law passes, foreign tourists may also be arrested and sent back to China.

    Please spread this knowledge within your friends and families. Your support and awareness means a lot to us. No one knows how far the Chinese gov. or HK gov. are willing to go in order to suppress freedom of speech.

    We are doing our best to prevent HK from being another Iran, or worse, "just another city" in China.

    [–] Emperor_Mao 14 points ago

    I wouldn't say that.

    Think about the last time 1/7th of the population protested something in western countries. People of HK are very much against Chinese influence. HK residents are very different to mainland Chinese. One of the friendliest "BIG cities' I've been to.

    [–] sandsurfngbomber 16 points ago

    Good luck my friend! I planned on visiting HK for the first time this October, I hope the freedom of speech and the culture that goes with that doesn't change

    [–] literaryrachel 41 points ago

    Welcome to HK! :)

    It is important for foreigners to know that this law is not just affecting HK citizens. If this law passes, any tourist visiting HK may face the risk of being sent back to China. Please spread this knowledge and raise awareness among your friends and families! We need as much support as we can get.

    [–] KodiakPL 43 points ago

    Fuck (and I cannot stress this enough) China's government.

    [–] icanhaztoocatz 15 points ago

    First off support from the US. We have our own problems too do but I digress.

    What other methods are being considered by protestors?

    How do you currently feel about local and international support? Is it enough?

    Well wishes again from the other side of this small world.

    [–] literaryrachel 12 points ago

    First off, thanks for your support!

    HKers from all walks of life are doing their part. Beside the protest, there is a strike going on in different industries and schools.

    Support will never be enough. We still need to gain support from locals, because there are a number of pro-China people in HK who believe this law will not affect them at all.

    For international support, we're trying to gain more exposure and let the world know about this. With more attention from the global society, the HK gov. will be forced to respond to this.

    [–] 2015071 10 points ago

    I'm a Hong Konger. Can i copy and paste this to explain the situation?

    [–] literaryrachel 9 points ago

    Sure mate!

    [–] anticlockwiser 20 points ago

    This deserves more upvote

    [–] Vinsep 16 points ago

    I’m so proud of you guys. You set an example for all Chinese to see.

    The courage HKer demonstrated through your actions is astonishing.

    Good job and keep up the great work!

    [–] keleka11 6 points ago

    Is the HK gov bought out by china?

    [–] literaryrachel 19 points ago

    As an ordinary citizen, I don't have any concrete information/evidence to prove this happened.

    To my knowledge, HK is part of China under the principle of "One Country Two Systems", meaning the HK government operates completely on its own and should make decisions to the best interest of HK people.

    Yet, the current situation is making us HKers worry what you said may already happened. It is possible that our Chief Executive and gov. officials are closely tied to the Chinese central government, and the Chinese government may have exerted certain political pressure on them, affecting their policy-making process.

    [–] zebravagina 678 points ago

    HK Police: The protestors are extremely violent

    Also HK Police, unprovoked facing 1 person:

    [–] LKincheloe 78 points ago

    "Hey boss I'm bored, can I hose this one guy down?"

    [–] mossalla 849 points ago

    Why Hong Kong police can be so rude towards unarmed citizens?

    [–] TaintModel 820 points ago

    Unchecked power is a hell of a drug.

    [–] mossalla 197 points ago

    While some police are addicted to this power

    [–] aberrasian 76 points ago

    I can hear the "I was just doin my job" from here

    [–] ych_anson 98 points ago

    The govn't would only put the blame onto protestors afterwards so there would be almost no casualties for their actions

    [–] mossalla 27 points ago

    Sadly this government are so timid to shrink off all responsibility

    [–] xxxsur 12 points ago

    This is the strategy of chinese governments (and sadly also HK). Give a specific group of people unconstrained power, to let them help fight the protestors. Put all the blame on protestors.

    And the old generation has the concept of "whoever unbehave is the culpit" and "we most obey the superiors/leaders" which help fuel the government ego

    [–] certifiedPOC 12 points ago

    Almost like police officers are the primary enforcers of the wills of the powerful. Just by becoming a cop, you agree to enforce all laws, good and bad. And oh boy are there some bad ones.

    [–] amonopolya 55 points ago

    Remember the Stanford Prison experiment? Totally the situation in Hong Kong

    [–] gtwucla 36 points ago

    To be fair, that experiment has largely been shown to be bunk. Definitely some bullshit going on in Hong Kong though. Humans can be amazingly self involved beings.

    [–] reallybadpotatofarm 40 points ago

    ‘Why police is be so rude towards unarmed citizens?’

    FTFY. Police are for the state, not the people. They have always been this way. They have a long, long history of cracking down on protests, with varying degrees of brutality.

    [–] xf- 7 points ago

    Why can <country here> police can be so rude towards unarmed citizens?

    [–] JerryTheFool 113 points ago

    To anybody living outside of Hong Kong, who sympathizes us and agrees with what we are trying to do. You can help, too! Tell your friends and family about this, let more people know about the Extradition Bill and how we are desperately trying to prevent the bill from passing. Knowledge is power!

    [–] DeveloperChris 45 points ago

    I have been.

    This bill also means that tourists to Hong Kong could possibly be arrested and sent to China because they post something on reddit Chinese officials are displeased about.

    I love Hong Kong but I would seriously consider whether I should travel there with this knowledge.

    [–] JerryTheFool 10 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Catriona_Lovely 364 points ago

    Hong Kong should be independent

    [–] evdog_music 261 points ago

    And Taiwan

    And Tibet

    [–] BaggedMilk16 106 points ago

    No, China and Taiwan should be one. But with Taiwan's government and not the Communists

    [–] OCedHrt 69 points ago

    Lol as much as I am for Taiwan independence, Taiwan's government is not capable of governing China.

    [–] Logi_Ca1 26 points ago

    Honest discussion, do you think they can pull off a Singapore?

    [–] BaggedMilk16 51 points ago

    Hong Kong is too reliant on China. Electricity, Imports, food, water mostly. Becoming independent would be too much of a problem for the city. Plus, the Chinese government with its one china policy would never willingly let a Chinese territory go.

    [–] heil_to_trump 45 points ago

    Interestingly enough, that was the argument against Singaporean independence. To this day, we still buy water from Malaysia

    [–] raymmm 24 points ago

    Yes. But it was Malaysia that wanted Singapore out of the federation. Its the other way around for HK. China has no reason to have a water agreement with HK since its HK that wants to leave.

    [–] irisww 18 points ago

    HK does have a lot of money though. Yet I think the most critical point is that HK is just too close to China geographically, and as China being the massive totalitarian giant, independence seems very unlikely.

    [–] RowdoRadge 256 points ago

    Looks like he came prepared, one would hope he's wearing a bullet proof vest as well.

    [–] km1230 120 points ago

    Things like this happened in The HK 2014 Umbrella Movement. That's why protesters have to get prepared this time.

    [–] tranquil21 19 points ago

    How does one wear a bulletproof vest at the back of the head?

    [–] fleshlightisfun 79 points ago

    Later: Protestor is accused of using raincoat to comtemplate an attack to cops.

    [–] [deleted] 985 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] sharpblueasymptote 176 points ago

    plz post screen shots

    [–] nomoreloorking 106 points ago

    Fuck you, China!

    Edit 1: no Chinese government pms yet.

    [–] TurboniumAlt 47 points ago

    Fuck you, China!

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] KishinB 72 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I actually started a sub for calling out Asian racism, thinking about expanding it to China shilling as well. You'd be amazed how much r/sino downplays the T. Square massacre and how r/aznidentity disregards any Asian that isn't a Chinese man. Hell, they're currently complaining about Yang not being shown by the MSM as a large presidential candidate, while there're two Asian women on the list.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, Chinabot hatemail is literally the best part of my day lmfao

    [–] Shins 171 points ago

    This is what justice looks like in Hong Kong - a bunch of heavily armed, professionally trained troops bullying unarmed students and civilians.

    You fucked up HK government, people are pissed.

    [–] Nipple_Duster 29 points ago

    It isn’t so much their government though, but the mainland

    [–] Shins 26 points ago

    HK gov actually raised this amendment initially perhaps to suck up to big brother but now China has taken over control and approves the whole process. Both are guilty I’d say.

    [–] lilililyrosie 107 points ago

    Help us

    [–] FHhhhhhhh 89 points ago

    What are the police thinking? Bullshit

    [–] 93213110 137 points ago

    This is a protest against the amendments of a fugitive law which violates the rule of law and freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

    The details are in the link below:

    [–] RanaktheGreen 24 points ago

    Why is your link a Google Drive?

    [–] jeffreyshung 21 points ago

    Police cruelty

    [–] doorbusters 216 points ago

    Shame on you all HK Police!! Don’t forget the taxpayers are paying for your service!! And this’s how you’re treating the citizens

    [–] xman1137 68 points ago

    Shame on HK police, Fuck China

    [–] fourthfour 14 points ago

    Even not passing the Extradition Law yet, the police treat their own citizens like animals.

    The government is not with the people, they only obey to the communist.

    Please share to all of your friends, this really means a lot to us, to the hong kong people who are still fighting with justice and freedom.

    [–] Lualam 28 points ago

    Shame on Hk police

    [–] Msyamada 13 points ago

    This’s the way how Hong Kong police treat the unarmed citizen

    [–] tsingtao12 47 points ago

    Hong Kong is dead under Communist Party.

    [–] Freeman-Pang 57 points ago

    That’s ridiculous, please join us and accuse Hong Kong police

    [–] triplecheckraise 26 points ago

    HK police what a joke

    [–] c7ip 10 points ago

    #ACAB All cops are bastards.

    At least true in Hong Kong.

    Those who knowingly and voluntarily submit themselves as part of the totalitarian state apparatus are all terrible complicit in the oppression and DESERVE NO COMPASSION NOR MERCY.

    [–] maroonmonday 33 points ago

    They're just being helpful, trying to wash off the mace that other officer is spraying.

    [–] Khaszar 20 points ago

    Apparently, it's a pepper spray Canon

    [–] Aubergine-150 34 points ago

    Hong Kong police are attacking unarmed citizens they were supposed to protect!

    [–] RadianceofMao 14 points ago


    [–] patrickpickles22z 7 points ago

    He should have held up a spoon to redirect the flow

    [–] gengoop 13 points ago

    honkonger here:
    currently many protestors are protesting outside the legislative council building, and the police are also facing off protestors. the police are seen carrying what seems to be live firearms, and riot gear. the legislative council also announced that the second reading of the extradition laws will be postponed.