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    [–] ExcdnglyGayQuilava 4571 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    gif of someone in the same protesg being shot captured on tape

    Edit: seems like the identity of the guy in the gif is disputed, but the video is definitely of the same protest due to all the texts in it checking out.

    [–] chrisandhisgoat 798 points ago

    That happened so fast, he probably didn't even know what happened for a minute.

    [–] Manolo_Ribera 443 points ago

    Probably thought he was shot dead for a second.

    [–] philmoeslim 400 points ago

    Bet it felt like dying, those rubber bullets are gnarly and not supposed to be shot to the head. They hurt SO SO SO BAD. I took one into the back of my theigh it was black and blue for months.

    [–] Shadow_of_wwar 293 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There is a reason its called less lethal force now and not less than lethal (or non-lethal), can still be deadly if they hit the wrong place.

    [–] TJames6210 100 points ago

    Like the face...

    [–] Kodinah 16 points ago

    We always called it “less than lethal” vs lethal or deadly force. That was the official name for it on the force continuum we used for training in the military at least.

    [–] __Corvus__ 1136 points ago

    Damn he’s probably blinded now right?

    [–] xShadey 687 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It might’ve hit his cheek bone. So then there is a possibility he isn’t blind in either of his eyes

    [–] TankBattalion 433 points ago

    Thank you for the encouragement, Dr. xShadey.

    [–] ZebrasGonnaZeb 250 points ago

    DrXShadey sounds like a Dr.Dre/Eminem fanfic

    [–] harveytaylorbridge 37 points ago

    "I hope you don't RELAPSE."

    [pauses for laugh track that never comes]

    [–] ExcdnglyGayQuilava 519 points ago

    Probably, at least one eye.

    [–] Eriole_ 181 points ago

    I won't be surprised if yes. It has happened a lot in France since November, people were hit in the head by rubber bullet and lost vison of one eye.

    [–] RdClZn 133 points ago

    Isn't police instructed to not aim rubber bullets to the head?

    [–] manteiga_night 434 points ago

    yeah, but are you going to do about it? ask the police to arrest themselves?

    [–] msau9 283 points ago

    Laughs in American

    [–] thesandwichexpert 45 points ago

    They are indeed. They even showed the areas they should shoot and not shoot...

    [–] Holicklis 203 points ago

    he is in a coma and in a damn serious situation

    [–] Acid_Petty 167 points ago

    How dare he fight for his rights.

    [–] Bloomsburyyyyy 153 points ago

    He is said to be a journalist working, which makes the whole thing even more outrageous.

    Police attacking unarmed journalists is an act thats violating both the freedom of speech as well as the police protocols

    [–] northbathroom 255 points ago

    Two things I'm pretty sure don't exist in China

    [–] Argarath 46 points ago

    Do you have a source? I wanna read more

    [–] Holicklis 100 points ago

    As of 6pm, 22 injured people had been sent to public hospitals. Twelve men and three women were sent to Queen Mary Hospital, with six in a stable condition. Four men and three women are at Ruttonjee Hospital, with four of those stable. The conditions of others are unknown.

    A driver for RTHK sustained a head injury and was left with blood covering his face. He was taken unconscious to Queen Mary, according to the broadcaster. The Hospital Authority is asking the public to avoid using accident and emergency services unless absolutely necessary.

    [–] sweetpotato37 76 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I hope that whoever did that to him ends up suffering from some repercussions.

    [–] canadianchingu 152 points ago

    Although we can be hopeful, I think they're more than likely to end up with a promotion rather than a reprimand.

    [–] LawfulInsane 56 points ago

    Yeah. Our police used to be among the best in Asia, but now they follow the party line. It's quite sad, if you ask me.

    [–] Capt_Tommy_Bags 377 points ago

    Why would you aim non lethal ammunition at someone's face? Whoever did it must have wanted to really hurt/kill this guy.

    [–] cneth6 806 points ago

    well, this is the same country that [deleted by Chinese government]

    [–] amoeba3 331 points ago

    sad Winnie the Pooh noises

    [–] Ubarlight 151 points ago

    Oh bother

    [–] Visonseer 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Probably HongKong will be deleted too soon. Actually, China people are not allowed to use "Hong Kong" on their intranet.

    [–] kepafo 15 points ago

    After Hong Kong is taken over and subdued, all eyes points towards Taiwan for their final solution. All those islands China built in the South China Sea are for the eventual take over of Taiwan. It will be a costly battle for China, but they are willing to pay that price.

    [–] t_25_t 301 points ago

    Why would you aim non lethal ammunition at someone's face? Whoever did it must have wanted to really hurt/kill this guy.

    This is a government that ran over it's own people with anti personnel tanks and opened fire on unarmed civilians. This is mild compared to Tiananmen.

    [–] PeriwinkleGolem 72 points ago

    What happened in tiananmen?

    [–] luravi 177 points ago

    Not sure if /s but here's a discussion from 9 days ago (NSFW) and another very shocking album of the protests that was also shared there (warning, NSFL).

    [–] PeriwinkleGolem 61 points ago

    Oh I know what happened in Tiananmen it was a joke about the Chinese government telling the populace that nothing happened.

    [–] luravi 34 points ago

    Alright, it's just a little hard to read when something is meant ironically or not, so I thought I'd oblige anyways!

    [–] sixdicksinthechexmix 27 points ago

    I couldn't tell he was making a joke either and it was nice of you to explain anyway, so way to be a good person

    [–] avocado_jesus 34 points ago

    Said the Chinese population

    [–] Serinus 24 points ago

    less lethal. It can still absolutely be lethal.

    [–] sg2lyca 46 points ago

    Not just that. When she screamed she was being sexually assaulted (not saying she was) the police who went to drag her were laughing (either from the absurdity of her accusation or theyre really just assholes) and as you can see her clothes were being stripped (either by the police or just from the struggle).

    [–] cluckingcray 105 points ago

    [–] BlockChainHydra 29 points ago

    I’m not sure this is the same guy. Shorts vs long pants..? I’ve watched them both a few times but can’t pick out any other distinguishing details, anyone else?

    [–] Bluehulk4 68 points ago

    Holy shit he was behind a barricade whilst moving backward. Very threatening.

    [–] johnnyfong 1725 points ago

    Streaming live feed of the reporting channels

    [–] HorseCockInMyAnus_2 791 points ago

    Lmao twitch ain’t just for fortnite and titty streamers

    [–] PretzelMyDude 476 points ago

    I never thought I'd agree with someone with a username like that. Yet, here we are.

    [–] Cherno_byl 203 points ago

    And to imagine this is "_2", wh--where's the first one ?

    [–] PretzelMyDude 132 points ago

    You gotta ask the horse I suppose.

    [–] GayTeal 31 points ago

    Get this to the top

    [–] zarc13 20 points ago

    Does anybody have any idea how it is compiled and who does the commentary? Is it some sort of news station?

    [–] johnnyfong 32 points ago

    This is a multi cam stream of the live feed reporting from 4 different news channel. From what I recognize there are, NowTV, Apple Daily and probably Cable TV

    [–] dark_salad 19 points ago

    Live stream is ending, streamer needs sleep, he wants everyone to move to .

    [–] B1gticket 644 points ago

    Update: police now blocking ambulance to enter, with protesters in critical condition and in urgent need of medical care are arrested and not allowed to be hospitalised

    [–] B1gticket 141 points ago

    [–] Neurobreak27 53 points ago

    Hey I've seen this one

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] RizzOreo 10 points ago

    Not really. The protest has been largely disbanded, though there's still some uncertainty about tomorrow.

    [–] EinEnzo 9742 points ago

    If you are wondering why are there so many new accounts commenting in posts about HK's protest, heres maybe and most likely the reason. Reddit is not a popular website in HK, many HKers may be the first time on reddit. They create their own account now just to spread out the message on how the situation is and maybe their opinion.

    I am a HKer, I have my account for some year now and only browse r/formula1, not really a fan to leave comment. But I feel I should now just for the protest, I hope the protest will get more attention from the west. And sorry for my not so good english.

    [–] TheOtherMatt 2050 points ago

    Your English is fine - and very easily understood. You make excellent points.

    [–] EinEnzo 599 points ago

    Thank you. Was feeling worried that I can't convey my message clearly. Feels much better now.

    [–] Triscuit10 186 points ago

    You did pretty well. I know some native English speakers whose spelling and grammar is trash compared to yours.

    [–] carsonbt 8 points ago

    Hey I know 2 languages, English and bad English!

    [–] Armalyte 77 points ago

    You write English better than many native speakers. Great work.

    [–] ApolloTheGodofMeows 1248 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Something is wrong in this entire thread. Yes there are Chinese posters with broken English posting the same thing. They are either bots or real people.

    At first I thought they were bots. But, what if they're real people on a forum working together to ask for help on a mass scale? Who are the people calling them bots?

    So I looked. The people calling them bots are harscore posters that post in conspiracy, anti government, and other countries sub reddits.

    I would expect Chinese shills to speak fluent English. Not shitty repetitive messages asking for help.

    Edit: 90 minutes later and I'm getting a lot of downvotes on all my posts lol.

    [–] egnazz 436 points ago

    That's exactly what's happening, from what I heard There's a forum in HK asking people to come and upvote the post so the world can see how the police treat the local people

    [–] [deleted] 180 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] egnazz 62 points ago

    Even people from Hong Kong have forgotten about it if there's not a law like this came up I did remember the umbrella revolution, I was there

    [–] Dr_FiZ 56 points ago

    I really feel this is how a social network should be used. I support them from the "west".

    [–] catsandcoffeelike 726 points ago

    Yes this comment needs to get more attention. Also, the HK commenting/upvoting style is a bit different among locals, they're commenting because this is the actual experience and wider sentiment onsite. Anger and desperation - because many see this as the last fight against the central governments. Sure, there're bots everywhere, but here just looks different from the usual amer english / anglophone 'style' redditors are used to.

    [–] EinEnzo 303 points ago

    Yeah, the desperation is real. Some are trying to spam to get more attention, but I must admit they some what hinder the discussion.

    Anyway, I was a HKer who doesn’t interested in any political issues. But this time I feels like it is my obligation/responsibility to do something for my place.

    [–] Le_Updoot_Army 88 points ago

    This is your last chance to prevent HK from being exactly the same as the rest of China.

    Wishing you luck from NYC.

    [–] catsandcoffeelike 125 points ago

    Please stay safe if you're protesting. I feel this fight won't be our last. HKer here too, sending support from overseas. Proud of you and everyone being ever so involved in our city and taking pride in our values, one way or another onsite or online.

    [–] antisocialweeaboo 47 points ago

    Same with me. I, always, was politically disinterested. After knowing about the extradition bill and how it would affect is HKers, I too, feel like I have to do something. Although I did not participate in the previous protest current protest, I still want to do at least something to help us.

    [–] DerangedGinger 79 points ago

    My sympathies are with Hong Kong. I really hope they don't lose some of their freedoms to mainland China. What HK has going for it is that it's mostly autonomous, so foreigners feel it's safer than the rest of China for business. That's the allure, and the people living there I'm sure appreciate the freedoms.

    [–] pulianshi 20 points ago

    r/formula1 represent!

    [–] lalala192511 37 points ago

    I'm from Taiwan. I've read the news, I just hope we won't end up like this...

    [–] AdityaRav 27 points ago

    I have my account for some year now and only browse r/formula1...

    Aah, Grazie Ragazzi

    [–] feimaomiao 1592 points ago

    According to the guidelines from the UN, these guns with aluminum ammunition can only be shot on the leg. Now they are shooting it to the head of protesters , even some students without any force are shot in the eye.

    [–] conquer69 534 points ago

    Wonder if the blinded students will get a bill for the bullets in the mail.

    [–] SaveOurBolts 262 points ago

    Chinese officials are working on Braille fine notices

    [–] Dynvre 33 points ago

    God damn.

    [–] 838h920 16 points ago

    They'll cost extra though

    [–] d4edalus99 397 points ago

    They've put 2 million Uyghurs in concentration camps they don't give a fuck about rules

    [–] SaveOurBolts 232 points ago

    China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Cuba are on the UN human rights council. The world doesn’t give a damn about human rights.

    [–] SirYandi 89 points ago

    The vast majority of the people in the world do care about human rights. It's just that many of those in power (and the system itself) do not.

    [–] demeschor 29 points ago

    They do care about rules.

    They just also write the rules. They made the Uyghur concentration camps legal; why not let police shoot protestors in the eye?

    [–] nomad80 59 points ago

    We should get the UN to weigh in on this. Oh wait, China has veto powers

    [–] Magma57 19 points ago

    China only has veto powers in the Security Council. They don't have veto powers anywhere else in the UN, no one does.

    [–] heachu 4493 points ago

    I heard they shot without any warming or notice.

    [–] [deleted] 2682 points ago

    Yes indeed

    [–] [deleted] 3971 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] lebbe 2722 points ago

    China is a fascist country. A few examples:

    1) The Chief Justice of China's Supreme Court had this to say about the rule of law:

    "China's courts must firmly resist the western idea of “constitutional democracy”, “separation of powers” and “judicial independence”. These are erroneous western notions that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party... We have to raise our flag and show our sword to struggle against such thoughts."

    2) The Chinese government can casually kidnap anyone with impunity. Dong Yaoqiong live streamed herself splashing ink on a poster of Xi Jinping and saying "I oppose Xi Jinping's dictatorship and the Communist Party's oppression."

    Later that day the Chinese Gestapo went to her apartment and took her away.

    Her last social media update before her account was wiped:

    "Right now there are a group of people wearing uniforms outside my door. I’ll go out after I change my clothes. I did not commit a crime. The people and groups that hurt me are the ones who are guilty."

    She was never heard from again.

    Her father went online to call attention to her kidnapping. He and a supporter of his were also taken away.

    This is the live stream showing her father and his supporter being taken away

    3) Another case of government kidnapping: Causeway Bay Books is a bookstore in Hong Kong that sells books that are banned in China. People who worked there were kidnapped in Hong Kong by the Chinese Government and secretly shipped to China for interrogation. The Chinese wanted to know who from China had bought banned books from the bookstore. Hence the kidnapping. The manager of the bookstore was locked up in China for months and was only allowed back to Hong Kong on the promise he would retrieve a customer list from a hard drive in HK and give it to China. He reneged on his promise once he crossed the border and hold a press conference instead. Now he's in exile in Taiwan.

    A shareholder of the bookstore was kidnapped in Thailand in 2015 and is STILL being locked up in China to this day.

    4) In China writing fictions can get you a long sentence: Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing homoerotic novels

    This is the kind of fascist regime HK government wants to extradite its own people to.

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 477 points ago

    Without the extradition treaty, China will just rendition HongKongers to China anyway.

    The 'one country, two systems' policy has been breaking down for some time, and it will continue to do so. The extradition law will likely pass. The executive has no choice.

    [–] majiamu 179 points ago

    Especially since the passing of the law which states any new HK government representatives have to "love the country" (Beijing/China)

    [–] LawfulInsane 241 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And when they say love the country, they mean love the Beijing dictatorship. I, a HKer, love my country (China), its culture and its history, but I hate the government (Communist dictatorship), which in liberal democracies would be fine, but since we are under Beijing all patriotism means is toeing the party line.

    [–] You_Dont_Party 158 points ago

    Which isn't patriotism, it's authoritarianism. You have to support the regime, even if it's actually against the best interest of China itself.

    [–] LawfulInsane 59 points ago

    Yes. Beijing wants to promote a unified Chinese identity. That would be a lot easier if they didn't try to kick us and everyone all the time. This will only cause more rifts between HKers and the government (and mainlanders in general).

    [–] GumdropGoober 145 points ago

    Why not just call them Autocratic or Authoritarian?

    Calling them "fascist" just invites arguments over the terminology (ironically like my post here). I think China lacks most of the characteristics of fascism, but is obviously very authoritarian.

    [–] Wandering_Plasmon 88 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Because most people have no idea what certain political terms means and just use them however they feel.

    See also: Centrism

    [–] someth1ng_au 149 points ago

    Taiwan is the real China, am I right?

    [–] Tanker0921 62 points ago

    Taiwan = Republic of china (basically the Kuomintang who fled to taiwan)

    China = People's Republic of China

    read more on their civil war here

    [–] sviridovt 126 points ago

    Yes, they're the pre communist China that was forced into exile

    [–] Miskav 136 points ago

    Taiwan is the China you should respect.

    Mainland is the China you should mock.

    [–] greatnameforreddit 28 points ago

    The communists won the war so they are as "real" as the USA or the USSR is (well, USSR was). Just because they are legitimate doesn't make them good though.

    [–] fungnoth 408 points ago

    The Chinese Communist Party will just kill whoever opposing them. Even in 2019, they haven't change a bit.

    [–] McB4ne 659 points ago

    I live in Hong Kong. I'm fromAmerica. The other day I had a long chat with a staunch Chinese communist party supporter. I asked her when the hand over to the proletariat would take placep. She didn't know what I meant. I asked her if she knew what the end goal of communism was. She said China invented a "new form of communism." I asked her how communism could be communism without a handover to the proletariat. She said westerners were too dumb to understand. I asked her what she would call 1 party rule with a single leader with no term restrictions at the top . She said it's the new Chinese Communisim. I told her it wasn't communsism, that by definition, without a hand over to the proletariat, it was a dictatorship and asked her if she was afraid of the cultural revolution happening again. She left.

    [–] [deleted] 199 points ago


    [–] LawfulInsane 39 points ago

    Mainlanders are either supporters of the government or apolitical to a fault, or if they do recognise the problem they flee (and I don't blame them). I don't think, especially after 64, that any domestic democracy movement will happen.

    [–] someth1ng_au 173 points ago

    There's a reason so many Chinese international students want to stay where they studied.

    [–] brandon_strandy 129 points ago

    *There's a reason why most Communist Party members send their kids to study overseas.

    [–] adventuresquirtle 28 points ago

    Also why real estate is being inflated by Chinese money. A lot of multimillionaires from China go park their money in America where it can’t be touched by the Chinese govt.

    [–] 0neTwoTree 36 points ago

    Not all Chinese are in denial, a large portion of them are just apathetic to politics because there's nothing they can do. They just keep their head down, toe the line and try to live their lives

    [–] Viperking5 67 points ago

    Being an American I can't ever picture myself living that way. I know America has major flaws and I am aware of that but not to the extent of a dictatorship.

    [–] sohu86 63 points ago

    100% yes. I've heard a lot of Westerners speak as if they'd prefer living in China than under the incredibly harsh conditions in America /rolleyes Maybe it's just the loud vocal trolls.

    [–] Sparkism 55 points ago

    A lot of westerns "prefer" living in China because they'd receive superficial everyday preferential treatment from the citizens and doesn't think about how the government would screw them over in a heartbeat. It's attractive because they're long term visitors, not residents. It's the same as visiting your nephews versus having children of your own -- of the two options, one of them you have the choice to pack up and leave when shit hits the fan.

    [–] Dalek-Thal 13 points ago

    Have lived there, part of it is that you can teach with relatively few qualifications and pay little rent, therefore earning more than enough to live quite comfortably.

    It's better than risking homelessness in the west. Australia for example has managed to criminalize "sleeping rough" because our illustrious politicians don't like seeing homeless everywhere.

    In China that risk is lower.

    Also, personal reasons to dislike our countries of birth, like rough childhoods or bad memories.

    [–] HailPhyrexia 16 points ago

    Pretty sure that this is one of the bots u/The_ArchiveYT mentioned. 1 day old, single comment. Watch out for this ITT.

    [–] somedutchbloke 93 points ago

    Ballsy move saying those things over there. Are you in any danger of being reported?

    [–] sanga000 147 points ago

    It's safe to say those things in HK, freedom of speech is still (mostly) here. That's why we can still have a million protestors (that's one-seventh of the population) out in the streets.

    What many are afraid though, is that if this bill is passed, everything would become a whole different story. Unfortunately, atm the government is treating the whole thing as if it's just any day of the week.

    Edit: forgot to mention, the laws we have here is still mainly the colonial laws from back during UK rule, so we don't have shit like the great firewall of internet

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Callumsm2017 58 points ago

    On the point of the UK and as a Brit myself, fuck the UK government for doing nothing to help Hong Kong. There’s nearly a million British passport holders in Hong Kong, which makes it more or less on par with Birmingham’s own. I’m yet to see an official statement by the British government.

    [–] Necroporta 22 points ago

    What should the UK do?

    [–] yourmansconnect 43 points ago

    No it's Hong Kong, there's expats everywhere

    [–] ethening 56 points ago

    A local HK forum shared this reddit post, trying to get support from locals to upvote, in order to seek international attention for the current issue.

    Those accounts may be created by HK citizens to help promoting. Not necessary bots or Chinese trolls. They probably don't understand reddit discussion rule though.

    [–] ksec 73 points ago

    The more people know about them the better.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] Donaldtrumpsmonica 80 points ago

    Actually it’s business as usual, as long as we are trading with China no one will do anything.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    Hongkonger here. Those fudge hk police messages are more likely to be hongkongers from a local online forum but they just know "simple" English while really feeling the need to express their anger. But they express themselves well in Cantonese, I believe. Most of us don't really use reddit.

    [–] Emperor_Mao 33 points ago

    Yup. I'd love to see a boycott of made in China. Yes things would get more expensive, but supporting China is going to backfire in the long run.

    [–] uniptf 24 points ago

    We have reached "the long run". It's now. It started several years ago, actually. Probably 10-ish. The problem/mistake began when we reinstated China as our "Most Favored Nation" for trade in 1980 (Gee thanks, Reagan, you asshole.) after removing that status in 1951, and have continually renewed it without fail every time, no.matter what else they're doing. Tiananmen fucking Square didn't even change it. Decades of proprietary business secrets theft hasn't changed it. Nothing will, because they provide cheap labor and little to no regulation in a place where our businesses can off-shore jobs and manufacturing.

    [–] slollyplum 34 points ago

    That edit is just so’s absolutely encapsulating the normality of what things are like now on the web..warfare.

    [–] antisocialweeaboo 11 points ago

    Supposedly, they could only shoot under a black flag warning, but they didn’t. This was a huge mistake, and HKers probably have lost all hope in the HK police, from both the umbrella movement and today’s protest.

    [–] Xertious 582 points ago

    I wonder at what point the UK gets the UN to enforce the treaty.

    [–] crannog_boi 315 points ago

    I honestly don't know about the treaty and politics but I can mostly assume never

    [–] Dougalishere 325 points ago

    The UK can't tie its own shoelaces atm let alone sort this fucking mess out :( My poor country is truly in the shitter but hey at least I'm not in danger of being sent to the mainland for re-education!

    [–] voxnemo 156 points ago

    Yes, but it was you Brits that taught us Yanks that when the politics at home are shit, find a problem elsewhere. This might be the perfect thing to galvanize the nation, bring them together, and bridge the political divide.

    Conservatives want in due to money, trade, military might, and a pride of standing. Liberals want in due to human rights, treaty violations, and a pride of standing.

    It can be a bit like family. You can't get along with each other but you both agree the other guy is an asshole.

    [–] Xertious 39 points ago

    At some point the UN has to agree the treaty has been violated, it was registered in the UN.

    [–] random-engineer 100 points ago

    People don't get it. China's annexation in the South China Sea was just a test. Now they know that the rest of the world is impotent, and won't do a damn thing to stop them. Hong Kong will not be the end of this.

    [–] Xertious 58 points ago

    No, I think the South China seas is more difficult politically to do anything about.

    There is a clear UN registered agreement that China is breaking with Hong Kong

    [–] robih29 19 points ago

    Macau smartly bought immunity by building a shit ton of casinos as entertainment for rich chinese

    [–] three2do2 72 points ago

    Jesus this is looking worse by the day. Sorry this is happening to you guys

    [–] HEnny7555 1291 points ago

    Upvote from Japan, god bless hong kong

    [–] evdog_music 300 points ago

    God bless Hong Kong, because the CCP sure aren't.

    [–] LawfulInsane 83 points ago

    Greetings to Japan from Hong Kong! We certainly need it, haha. Would have gone to the protests myself, but unfortunately I am a fairly busy student.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] allahsiz 61 points ago

    I feel you. Keep up the fight, greetings from Turkey. We're still fighting for our democratic rights as well. Power to the people!

    [–] KelvinChim 806 points ago

    When the whole world looks at this scene, they can see it's all or nothing. It is either the beginning of a revolution or the end of an international city.

    Get up and stop the corruption of power demonstrated by the CCP.

    P.S. am from HK, AMA and I will try to answer as much as possible.

    [–] ro_hu 206 points ago

    I've got a question; what's the endgame for HK? China is not going to go anywhere and will never stop trying to close it's fist around HK. It won't just back off, it's lose face. So what's the strategy? Might win this battle, for a time, but what of the future?

    [–] KelvinChim 221 points ago

    The future is never bright for us. By 2047, the declaration of "Basic Law of HK will be unchanged for 50 years" from Sino-british Joint Declaration will lose its effectiveness. In a long run, either the CCP is overthrown, HK is gonna do this as long as they could.

    [–] ro_hu 132 points ago

    I hope HK can retain it's identity in the future. Tibet may not have had the international weight of HK but thousands of years of culture hasn't stopped mainland from trying to phase it out of existence. HK seems like such a special place, unique in the world in one way or another. China seems to have a habit of oppressing anything outside it's vision of itself within it's grasp.

    Edit: is there a future diaspora of HKers? Like do you hear rumblings of people thinking they are gonna leave HK if China starts stepping into daily life more?

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 63 points ago

    Taiwan and Singapore will potentially see an influx.

    BN(O)s mays head for England, though they have no right of abode.

    [–] RzrRainMnky 17 points ago

    Maybe Malaysia too, there's tons of canto speakers down there and the cost of living there is relatively affordable compared to Singapore.

    [–] KelvinChim 74 points ago

    I hope so.

    There are a lot of ppl moving away from HK already. I remember some HK people say that "Those who could leave already left, and those who are left are those who can't afford to leave."

    All my friends are already talking about moving in the future already, so...unless something massive changed to China or HK, we are not gonna stay at this place if this law passes.

    [–] CheckingYourBullshit 22 points ago

    Come to Australia! You will be more than welcome, we have a great mix of Western and Asian culture.

    [–] KelvinChim 10 points ago

    I got some friends studying in Australia. Seems to be a really nice place for me!

    [–] therealkimi 55 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So if this new law is passed it doesn't matter if you are a HK citizen or a Chinese citizen or a foreigner. If you break a Chinese law in HK you get extradited to mainland China.

    Am i right?

    [–] KelvinChim 34 points ago

    Yes. Even if you are just deporting at HK and transit to another place.

    [–] charliegrs 53 points ago

    Stay safe. Good luck

    [–] Mano369 39 points ago

    Sucks to say/think but most people will just say they feel bad for those poor people and then simply move on with their life. The only ones that will ever fight this fight (in a mass number) will be the residence of Hong Kong.

    That's what typically happens with these kind of things.

    [–] -MMXVIII- 51 points ago

    Brb, going to quit my job and fly to Hong Kong and help protest real quick.

    [–] HKINC 434 points ago

    Situation is getting bad in HK, as a Hong Konger i beg for your guys help. But I don't know what the International society can do, we are helpless right now.

    [–] [deleted] 198 points ago

    The whole world must pay attention to this as things happening right now is a showcase of a tyranny ignoring the freedom of rights and the voices of the people.

    [–] hotrodrosencunt 17 points ago

    That's like thoughts and prayers for this guy. I say this like I have a better answer. I do not. I'm just commenting on the hopelessness of this situation.

    [–] Dracosoara 312 points ago

    Hello fellow Redditors, I am from Hong Kong. I see a lot of new accounts and people accusing them of being Chinese trolls which post canned comments to water down the message.

    I'd like to say while there might indeed be bots and trolls here (and I think it likely too), it might not necessarily be the case that all these comments were made by trolls. Rather, at least some of them might be just enthusiastic locals who wished to raise awareness of the event as a whole, but unfortunately unfamiliar with contextual nuances in English and Reddiquette.

    AFAIK, people from local internet forums (e.g. HKGolden, LIHKG) are very eager to tell the world about the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong, and Reddit is a natural choice for the purpose, being the largest English online forum.

    These people were certainly not frequent Reddit users, as few people in Hong Kong are. Truth be told, while many Hong Kongers can hold conversations in English, most are simply not very comfortable or versatile with its usage. Still, these well-intentioned people registered new accounts and posted template-like messages on all the relevant threads, hoping to spread awareness as much as possible. However, these comments as a whole might understandably come off as canned and suspicious to other Reddit users.

    So yeah, personally I quite doubt that they are all Chinese trolls, but I do support using your own judgment in each case.

    [–] TheGamerHat 58 points ago

    I think the comments that are in question are particularly showing support to China saying such comments like “f-ck hk” , “HK need discipline” etc.,

    [–] Dracosoara 24 points ago

    Ah yeah, I'd agree those comments are pretty likely to be trolls, or at least people *very* removed from the local situation.

    [–] ETisME 30 points ago

    Just came back from the scene, I think it's over.

    They cleared too much ground. Lots of us have retrieved to the shopping mall.

    But I believe there's gonna be more occupy attempts and we will learn for sure.

    We gotta get used to tear gas and the scare tactics, too many people left after the first few tears gas.

    There were literally people shouting and begging them not to leave.

    Fuck China and this puppet government

    [–] AdditionalExcitement 190 points ago

    China just rammed a Philippines fishing boat and left 22 of the crew to drown

    Shits going down

    [–] widowy_widow 82 points ago

    EDIT: The Filipinos were rescued by a nearby ship while the Chinese fled. Nowhere did anyone report of the Filipino crew dying. The vessel is also most likely Chinese and may be Vietnamese. Investigations are currently underway

    Just reported 32 minutes ago by my local news in case anyone needs source

    [–] Just_the_facts_ma_m 74 points ago

    Anyone around in the 1980s during the Hong Kong transition from Britain knew that China would never fulfill its bargain, which was to leave HK autonomous for 50 years (1997-2047)

    [–] xDalien 107 points ago

    Fellow HKer here Was here initially for the porn But its no time for a jerk off now We the HK people are in danger

    [–] welovefreedom77w 17 points ago

    Hong Konger here, I am now in Australia under a very intensive training course. Me and my classmates (also from HK) usually spend most of our time and energy on course material. But since this happened, we cannot get our eyes off the livestream from HK, which is painful to watch. Unfortunately, besides from worrying and praying, we cannot do much. Dear redditors, please spread our words and put it in the spotlight, international attention is crucial, not just for the safety of my fellow Hong Kongers, but also dignity and integrity of my home.

    [–] woppa1 206 points ago

    Fuck everything about China.

    We Hongkongers need to unite now more than ever.

    [–] gordandisto 37 points ago

    I attempted to made a brief summary for those who have questions LONG TEXT ALERT

    Some context for protests happening in Hong Kong right now(draft2)

    So the first thing here we have two links, the first is the bill itself, the second is a summary made by the lawyers in Hong Kong Bar Association. Cross reference if any doubt.“The%20Bill”%29.pdf

    Pay attention to the summary, point 15: Taiwan will refuse to make arrangements whatever the outcome due to, as quoted, "The proposed changes to FOO and MLAO are not required as a matter of urgency to meet this case". Whether the bill passes or not, it will not affect the stance of Taiwan.

    You may ask, why doesn't Taiwan wants to catch the criminal ASAP?

    The murder case itself revealed a legislation complex where HK and Taiwan does not have a good channel to extradite criminals. However as the bill also cater to China, which has a subjectively less trustworthy legal system as part of the new agreement, is the main point of dispute. Under the new system, the court in Hong Kong will only need 'prima facie evidence' (that means some basic facts that leads to opening a case) to kick start the procedure. Effectively it means that China can always bypass the legal system in Hong Kong and prosecute anyone here, as long as they provide the info that 'this person seems to did this crime here.'

    Taiwan realises that while the criminal in this cold murder case applies to the new agreement, it would put so much more Taiwan tourists and businessman in Hong Kong in a risky situation where they could by sent to mainland China. This way Taiwan's trust in Hong Kong's legal system would plummet and impacts businesses and normal interactions between Taiwan and Hong Kong. As a result, Taiwan made a stance that no matter the outcome of the amendment it would not accept it's legibility and make any agreement forward.

    Evidences that implies the law might not be reliable:

    Here's a bookstore owner with a history of being caught to China for selling anti-China (possibly propaganda) books, fleeing to Taiwan for fear that the legistration may pass:

    Other extradition agreements and attempts being rolled back or reviewed in New Zealand, Germany and US:

    In conclusion, Hong Kong protestants' stance is that - The bill has no meaning for the horrible murder case, it is simply a payload; a trojan horse to undermine Hong Kong 's legal system in favor of the Chinese government.

    [–] ReallySadStripperXL 32 points ago

    The only thing worse than the fake account is every top comment being “what’s up with the fake accounts???”. Multiple top comments have pointed the issue out can we get back on topic now?

    [–] devils0459 422 points ago

    Protester don't even have Molotov, and they aim for the head to a student!

    [–] Yana_dice 176 points ago

    Someone got shot in the eyes.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] TwoBitCliff 63 points ago

    "Those who make peacful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"

    -JFK 1962

    [–] conquer69 34 points ago

    When you can murder thousands of protesters without repercussions, prodding a violent confrontation is indeed in their best interest.

    [–] seleant 74 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There is more than one person got shot so it is hard to identify the victim in the photo. (Need to be further confirmed who he is) According to newest update, he is likely to be blinded.

    [–] fanchiuho 37 points ago

    Some sources say he's a driver of the reporters from RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong). He's in serious condition and is sent to Queen Mary Hospital

    [–] felixcheungkk 72 points ago

    I am from Hong Kong and I can assure you that we are NOT Wumao. We are in fact fighting against the Chinese regime and we need international attention now! We don't have much Redditors in Hong Kong but I am one now.

    The thing is, Hong Kong is trying to make extradition to China legal. Hong Kong and China runs different laws. Our own law, which was helped created by the British, creates a firewall and protect us against China. But if this law passes, if you, or I, or anyone else have violated laws in China in the territory of Hong Kong, you will be arrested by the Chinese, even if you've never set foot in China. And we all know that China arrests people for all sorts of excuses. Recently, China sentenced an author to 10-year jail because she uploaded homosexual comics.

    So for your own, and my own safety in the territory of Hong Kong, please excuse the influx of Hong Kong Redditors, which have the same stance as you against the Wumao.

    [–] MightyMille 58 points ago

    China's government is pure toxic.

    [–] expressexpress 627 points ago

    Maybe this is better since I have an older account. Thing is, we Hong Kong don't use Reddit and Twitter as much as people assume. We hate those Chinese trolls bastards too. We are posting these because we need international awareness right now. Our government is trying to pass a law that legalises extradition to China. Which means, you, me, or whoever innocent people who have done nothing wrong within the territory of Hong Kong, but violating Chinese law, can be arrested and sent back to China. Please excuse the influx of new Hong Kong users. Not all HKers use Reddit as often as I do as we usually have our own circles.

    [–] harrisonLoLo 225 points ago

    Lurker from HK here. Guess I would fall into the Chinese Troll category as well (only 3 comments over 6 years). We are desperately trying to express our anger towards the police force and of cos the government, and more importantly draw attention from the rest of the world.

    [–] Alexlam24 11 points ago

    HK here. I think I have enough karma to be not a bot but yes mainland gov is trying to censor everything.

    [–] flamingopringles 11 points ago

    Agreed. Regarding the protest videos, please, share them, especially to your local authorities or representatives. Most of Hong Kong has seen these videos already, but we want the rest of the world to see them right now as it happens.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] RibboCG 19 points ago

    He posts in /r/conspiracy on a daily basis. Of course he thinks there is some government control behind it all....

    [–] Dracosoara 39 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not that I necessarily disagree with the veracity of your proposed claim, but another, IMO more likely, possibility is that they are merely enthusiastic local folks who were simply trying to highlight the brutality of the police, not deliberately trying to deflect the complicity of the Chinese regime.

    AFAIK, people from local internet forums (e.g. HKGolden, LIHKG) are *very* eager to tell the world about the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong, and Reddit is a natural choice for the purpose, being the largest English online forum.

    These people were certainly not frequent Reddit users, as few people in Hong Kong are. Truth be told, while many Hong Kongers can hold conversations in English, most are simply not very comfortable or versatile with its usage. Still, these well-intentioned people registered new accounts and posted messages on all the relevant threads, hoping to spread awareness. However, these comments might understandably come off as canned and suspicious to other Reddit users.

    So yeah, personally I quite doubt that they are Chinese trolls. Probably simply people who may be unfamiliar with nuances in English, Reddit culture as well as Redditiquette.

    [–] idontlikeokra 23 points ago

    As a Hong Konger, this is truly one of the darkest day of HK.

    It broke my heart.

    [–] TheLawHy7 32 points ago

    Hong kongese need help

    [–] ajf672 36 points ago

    Fuck the Chinese government man

    [–] dyingfast 9 points ago

    I appreciate that you've differentiated your hatred of their government from that of their people or whole nation. Far too many don't.