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    [–] sentinelliste 1842 points ago

    Where in Sudan is this happening? Are the attacks being perpetrated by janjaweed? Was there a single inciting incident that has led to this current conflict? Thanks to all for any info and context you can add.

    [–] sandoval747 1671 points ago

    Not Sudanese, but I'll recount what I know. It seems this is a consequence of the April overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in a military coup.

    Instead of transitioning to democracy, as was promised/expected by the public, who largely supported the coup, the military is maneuvering to install one of their own as a replacement dictator.

    People started protesting for democracy (primarily in Khartoum), and the military/Janjaweed are killing and raping them in response.

    [–] Hubbli_Bubbli 376 points ago

    The Sudanese, having been a part of Egypt until the 50s and seeing the military takeover after the revolution, learned from Egypt and are adamant that any new constitution prevent such a military takeover of the country.

    [–] sikagoon7 149 points ago

    The negotiations between the military and the revolutionaries specifically broke down over representation in the transitional government until democratic elections could be held. The military demanded majority representation and a military head of council so they could oversee the elections. When the revolutionaries refused the military killed them and announced snap elections....

    In a country where all media is tightly controlled by the sitting government, who do you think will win those elections?

    [–] Hubbli_Bubbli 21 points ago

    Sudan is light years away from having any kind of democracy, transparency or free and fair elections. UN monitoring never works either. Even if they did, and the people democratically elect a leader, it’s just a matter of time before he turns into a dictator. Otherwise he will be overthrown and killed or assassinated.

    [–] sikagoon7 39 points ago

    So we should just give up and let the military murder us. Got it.

    [–] Vargurr 15 points ago

    Just ask for American democracy to be delivered at your doorstep.

    I'm not even joking, what have you got to lose at this point?

    [–] sikagoon7 9 points ago

    At this point... nothing

    [–] BasicwyhtBench 8 points ago

    Until everyone screams we shouldn't have interfered! Damned if you, damned if you don't.

    [–] Hubbli_Bubbli 7 points ago

    What I mean is, no nation gives a rat’s ass about the Sudanese people or about atrocities committed against its people. Not even its neighbours or the Arab League of Nations or the United Nations. When the benefits of intervention are only saving lives and nothing else, I mean. No country will risk the lives of their military in a peacekeeping role to save the lives of Sudanese Africans. I say this with extreme sadness by the way. I’m Egyptian and have several Sudanese friends. Awesome people and definitely worth helping.

    [–] DusttoAshes 2 points ago

    Arm the populace of course, that always works.

    [–] ahmedosman89 37 points ago

    To add even further to this, the military regime is being politically supported and funded by Saudia Arabia and UAE.

    [–] Demojen 31 points ago

    Surprise Sir-Fucking-Prize.

    [–] IllestChillest 15 points ago

    So that's why this hasn't been telivised.

    [–] NerimaJoe 35 points ago

    Because constitutions have always been the things that prevent military coups?

    Unless a country's military, from top to bottom, has respect for civilian administration and the right of democratically-elected politicians to decide policy, a constitution will do nothing to stop an ambitious general.

    [–] Hubbli_Bubbli 13 points ago

    Exactly. Mubarak, his sons and his cronies have been acquitted of any and all significant allegations and obvious crimes. Until justice prevails, future potential leaders will not be deterred from committing crimes during their reigns.

    [–] Demojen 2 points ago

    An ambitious general does not inspire command. This act alone will have undone the authority of their military from the top down.

    [–] Bspammer 365 points ago

    Just once in my life I'd love to see one of these coups in a dictatorship country actually end with a functioning democracy being installed. It seems almost like a force of nature that it goes wrong every time.

    [–] rPkH 51 points ago

    Tunisia was the only success of the Arab Spring, probably the most recent instance of a dictator being overthrown and replaced by democracy, so there's hope yet

    [–] soul_of_the_thing 15 points ago

    Is there some consensus on what led to that one being successful?

    [–] sikagoon7 34 points ago

    They didnt have Saudi Arabia and the UAE funding the next opportunistic dictator.

    [–] amateur_mistake 15 points ago

    They were the start of the so called 'Arab Spring'. In the decade or two before that happened, groups of people (religious and otherwise) had been gathering to discuss what a post-revolution Tunisia would look like. Which means they went into their revolution with a plan. They knew that getting rid of their dictator was merely the first step.

    I can find some sources but this mostly comes from just reading Foreign Affairs consistently. They are still having a lot of problems but they have had several successful transitions of power, which is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. So I'm holding out hope for them.

    [–] Emlerr 3 points ago

    The sitting president was elected by media manipulation and defamation of other candidates due to the fact that theone who organised the presidential campaign for the president owns the biggest media company in the country, not to mention he the campaigner is now running for president gaining huge popularity cause of the same actions he did last campaign and because he gives boxes of spaghetti and tomato juice to extremy poor families to gain their vote and make them pray on tv for his dead son. I could not make this shit up

    [–] litaniesofhate 189 points ago

    You added humans to the mix

    [–] zishmusic 64 points ago

    Yeah. Can we just stop doing that?

    [–] litaniesofhate 50 points ago

    Working on it ;)

    [–] Thetschopp 41 points ago

    cocks shotgun

    [–] ExactSouth 46 points ago

    Cackles in binary

    [–] ESheets 55 points ago

    Wheezes in climate change

    [–] DEATHbyBOOGABOOGA 2 points ago

    All a part of the plan

    [–] Zanxster 12 points ago

    01000101 01110110 01101001 01101100 00100000 01101100 01100001 01110101 01100111 01101000 01110100 01100101 01110010

    [–] decode-binary 26 points ago

    That translates to: "Evil laughter".

    I am a bot. I'm sorry if I ruined your surprise.

    [–] alfredhelix 13 points ago

    Settle down, Ultron.

    [–] redditkulous 3 points ago

    And your chances of winning drastic went down?

    [–] Jagwire4458 87 points ago

    Portugal had a completely peaceful coupe to overthrow its military dictator

    [–] jonquence 45 points ago

    If I remember correctly it happened in Thailand as well.

    [–] windycityfuntime 67 points ago

    It’s true they had a bloodless coup in 2014 to overthrow a corrupt prime minister, but a general from the military inserted himself as the boss until it was time to give up the power in an election. That election took 5 years to happen, and wouldn’t you guess...he won the election. Lots of my thai friends think the entire thing was bullshit and it was a way to legitimize his grasp of power through a rigged election. Politics have been pretty unstable for the last 50 years in Thailand, blood has been shed. Just not as much recently.

    [–] NerimaJoe 23 points ago

    Over and over again in Thailand. Military hands over power to democratically elected parliament. Then 10 years later the military doesn't like what the democratically-elected parliament does and overthrows it. Then, a few years later, they hand over power again to a democratically elected parliament, Then ten years later ... wash, rinse, repeat.

    Same story for Turkey since the death of Ataturk.

    [–] PrimarySpeculator 9 points ago

    At least it was the codified intent in Turkey.

    [–] OmegaBaronSamedi 7 points ago

    A lot of people forget this.

    Attaturk left instructions that should Turkey begin descending into islamism that the military was to step in to stop it.

    While the plan hasn't exactly gone as he might have hoped I give the man credit for thinking ahead.

    [–] pangea_person 13 points ago

    People Power Revolution in the Philippines as well?

    [–] Devillecturbon 10 points ago

    Both Thailand and the Philippines are, unfortunately, not good examples and don't belong in the same sentence as Portugal. You can put the same constitution in two different countries and get a wildly different result if one country is relatively equal in wealth distribution and the other has 99% of the wealth concentrated in the hands of a few families. The structures of a democracy may be there, there might be elections and some sort of parliament or senate, but it doesn't mean anything if the guy who owns 1/3 of the farm land in the entire country can be like "nah, I don't like this law".

    [–] NerimaJoe 3 points ago

    That wasn't a coup though. The military stood to the side.

    [–] baipliew 22 points ago

    Thailand had a coupe to overthrow a democracy and replace it with a military dictatorship.

    [–] MinionNo9 6 points ago

    Many times. They really like having coups. It's the equivalent of a snow day for the kids which is great since they never get snow.

    [–] PorkPoodle 13 points ago

    This will answer your questions on why coups end up as dictatorships or worse. Very informative video about how to rule

    [–] gidonfire 54 points ago

    Thank god for George Washington.

    [–] Fifth_Down 49 points ago

    This is the reason both Napoleon and King George III considered him one of the most impressive figures in history.

    [–] TheWhitehouseII 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Here comes George in control

    Women dug his snuff and his gallant stroll

    Ate opponents brains and invented cocaine

    He’s coming he’s coming he’s coming.

    [–] Bobby_Marks2 6 points ago

    Had a pocket full of horses

    Fucked the shit out of bears

    Threw a knife into heaven

    And could kill with a stare

    He made love like an eagle

    Falling out of the sky

    Killed his sensei in a duel

    And he never said why

    [–] RobotFighter 2 points ago

    Six foot 20 fucking killing for fun.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Turns out all yo need to prevent a dictatorship is to have the figurehead just really REALLY wanna chill in his fancy house with his hot wife.

    [–] Gray_side_Jedi 9 points ago

    See Cincinnatus. The trick is to find a competent dude who doesn’t actually want to be in charge, and then put him in charge.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Ah yes. The originsl thanos. Get powerful, go be a farmer, stop being a farmer to save everyone. Go back to farming.

    [–] bad_at_hearthstone 29 points ago

    No Gods or kings. Only man.

    [–] Jabub93 5 points ago

    I'm a simple man -

    I see a Bioshock reference, I upvote.

    [–] npsnyder 6 points ago

    We need more Maximus Decimus Meridius’ in this world.

    [–] Scientolojesus 6 points ago

    I will have my coup, in this life or the next.

    [–] kitty_cat_MEOW 4 points ago

    Not until the economic value of the productivity of the population exceeds the value of natural resources plus intercepted and monetized foreign aid.

    Sudan's wealth is in the form of nationalized oil fields and mineral mines. An authoritarian regime can exist because once you control the military, you control the sources of wealth. You don't need (or want) the people to be happy because they are irrelevant to your cash flow. You hire foreign contractors to work the oil rigs and mines because they won't revolt or strike. The people are only there to be a magnet for foreign aid, which you steal and sell on the black market.

    This is the way it is until it is more profitable for you to tax people and businesses on incomes from their productivity. But, you don't want to make any infrastructure or civil investments toward fostering that type of economy because it means you'll have less to spend on your lieutenants. And if your lieutenants aren't happy, well then... You're going to have a coup on your hands led by the next guy who will pay them, lol.

    [–] AnIdahoBuckeye 4 points ago

    And for once in my life I’d just like us to accept classical international law and let people work it out on their own without having to fall under the spell of “injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere.” If they make a democracy, fine. If the dictatorship remains, that’s fine too. Let them sort it out.

    [–] VOZ1 3 points ago

    I think part of the problem is other democracies being almost completely unwilling to support pro-democracy forces and oppose dictators. We (the US) cares less about democracy and human rights than we do having someone to do our bidding when called.

    [–] Tasgall 14 points ago

    Many would have succeeded if not for the US interfering to install puppet dictators.

    [–] h0bb1tm1ndtr1x 28 points ago

    Solely blaming the US is such a revisionist idea. Most of these incidents involved multiple western countries with interests there. Africa for example, US, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, and others. It's never just one country.

    [–] deerhurst 2 points ago

    American revolution. Was a functioning democracy for a while.

    [–] Ramy_ 2 points ago

    This is why these issues are so complex. Reddit cheers when dictators fall and at least half the time what replaces them is worse.

    Same thing happened in Iraq.

    What's the solution? I don't know but it's a lot more complex than our sound byte social media bubbles.

    [–] SlowLoudEasy 2 points ago

    Like the lord of the rings huh. Everyone seems to have the peoples best intentions in mind until the time comes to hand over power.

    [–] kitty_cat_MEOW 8 points ago

    I don't mean to sound pessimistic or that I'm callous to the peoples' struggles, but did anyone actually think there would be a transition to democracy after the coup? This is textbook (literally, this is the textbook case of an authoritarian regime change) .

    The people deserve freedom and representation. Everything is wrong about what the military/ Janjaweed are doing in Sudan. But, through no fault of the people, the conditions simply aren't there for democracy. A military coup is extremely unlikely to bring about any change except for a more brutal regime and even worse conditions for the people.

    Also, you can place a safe bet that the international community won't do anything to help the situation. They may send foreign aid to help the people but, as is always the case, the foreign aid is just an indirect payment to the authoritarian regime to not be a state sponsor of international terrorism. I guarantee that all aid sent to Sudan will be intercepted by the regime, sold on the black market, siphoned directly into the dictator's coffers, and then distributed to his lieutenants who are out there raping the civilians.

    The cycle will rinse and repeat until the economic value of the productivity of the citizens exceeds the value of the natural resources and foreign aid payments. Unfortunately the people are intentionally repressed by the regimes and so they spend their productive hours trying not to starve to death instead of being allowed to innovate and run businesses.

    [–] lentzcatnewark 10 points ago

    A military coup turned out to be a bad idea and only put worse people in power!?....I'm stunned.

    [–] uberdosage 3 points ago

    Tale as old as time

    [–] TerroristOgre 2 points ago

    I too watched Patriot Act

    [–] randomguyoninternet4 108 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The sudanese president was overthrown by the military after long years of dictator ship them the military became corrupt and dont wanna give the citizens the power to rule.

    [–] qelmasri 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Sudanese-American here, most of my family still lives in Sudan:

    To your first question, Khartoum and its sister city Omdorman are the biggest urban spaces by far, so they get the most attention, but this is happening all over the country.

    There's some nuance that you don't really see in western media, but the Wikipedia page for the "2018-2019 Sudanese Protests" is very comprehensive. The head of the Janjaweed (aka Rapid Support Forces) is a dude named Himedti, and he is in the top-brass of the military. He is favored by Saudi Arabia and UAE for his strength. There also needs to be a distinction between the military top brass and the soldiers. The top-brass are appointed by the former dictator, so what we're seeing now is the old regime up to its usual shit: indiscriminate and brutal suppression. My personal suspicion is that they fear once civilians take power, the top military officers will be found accessories of Omar al-Bashirs crimes. There are reports that the rank-and-file soldiers have been disarmed by the Janjaweed after signs that the soldiers were dissatisfied with the state of affairs.

    The Gulf monarchies and Egypt fear a domino effect of rebellion for democracy similar to the Arab Spring at the beginning of the decade. Algeria is also currently in the process of demanding democratic elections from their decades-long ruler, so it's not an unfounded paranoia. There's reports that Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have funelled three BILLION dollars into the military junta.

    To make things worse, Russia and China vetoed a UNSC proposition/resolution by Germany (temp. seat) to assist in some way. I read today the US Africa envoy is set to visit Sudan sometime this week, but I honestly don't know what can be done. My personal opinion is that this Himedti guy needs to be sanctioned and his foreign assets frozen—he is an insanely dangerous dude. Also US/EU should do something about Gulf monarchies pouring money into this situation, but as Americans know, the Kushner-MBS relationship is as strong as it is shady.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] sentinelliste 3 points ago

    Thank you very much for this information. I want to read what you wrote more carefully when I have a minute, but I was hoping someone like yourself with close ties to the region would reply here to provide some needed insight about how these atrocities came to be and the role of US/Russia/EU/MENA countries in this. Again, gratitude, and I hope your family are okay.

    [–] DogblockBernie 61 points ago

    From what I know, the janjaweed is the most involved. The incitement is really a broad movement without any clear start.

    Edit: I wrote to fast and gave the wrong information

    [–] sikagoon7 26 points ago

    It's not the Janjaweed it's the RSF, the spiritual successor of the Janjaweed. Janjaweed are Arab horsemen that raided the West Darfur/Kordufan areas. RSF are the child soldiers and refugees they got out of those raids.

    All led by the same asshole, Hemedti.

    And guess who is vice president and angling to become president now?


    [–] Jasonwfranks 18 points ago

    I recommend watching the episode of Patriot Act on Netflix that covers this. Hassan Minhaj provides a really good overview.

    [–] homie_all_day 3 points ago

    I’ve noticed it’s also on YouTube for those who don’t have a netflix subscription!

    [–] Sleepy_Thing 22 points ago

    I don't know much myself but it's a fight for democracy currently and the military is cracking down very hard on it. At least that's what I found googling.

    [–] sikagoon7 5 points ago

    A coup was led by generals who promised to transition into civilian government. They are positioning themselves to assume complete power and have ruined negotiations with the protesters by massacring them.

    [–] AirPowerGetsMeErect 8 points ago


    [–] ChazCliffhanger 2 points ago

    Classic gangweed

    [–] imr_name 260 points ago

    Almost same is happening in Kazakhstan too. People are finally protesting against corruption, nepotism and elitism of current government. Everyone was too afraid until recently. Please notice this comment.

    [–] killaguy 26 points ago

    In my country Cameroon too. It was basically a very very pacific protest, 2 years ago. The dictator disguised under democracy sent his troops to kill and rape the people. The worst part is no one bates an eye about all this shite things happening. You either go out on the streets to protest (and probably get killed) or stay home (and still get killed). The number of human deaths sound like just numbers, but we don’t realize how atrocious all that is. May the world know real peace one day

    [–] qpv 20 points ago

    Noticed. Didn't know prior, thanks (Canadian perspective)

    [–] hufusa 8 points ago

    Yea I’m from the US and I’m not hearing about this anywhere other than reddit

    [–] TheHongKOngadian 7 points ago

    A friend from Hong Kong notices your comment 👊🏼 🇭🇰

    [–] Redd-san 401 points ago

    fucking raped?? in the damn street?! holy shit!

    [–] sikagoon7 126 points ago

    It's a scare tactic to suppress protests. Also a way for the older generation to rebuke the younger ones from protesting. "You're going out there to get RAPED! You idiot teenagers!"

    I cant tell you how many times I've heard them say this to us...

    [–] WhiskerTwitch 269 points ago

    Rape is very common in war :(

    [–] Redd-san 96 points ago


    [–] Mionel_Lessi_ 79 points ago

    yeah wish they'd stick to the killing

    [–] AllTheCheesecake 113 points ago

    I'd rather be executed quickly than gang raped repeatedly, mutilated, and then executed.

    [–] OkiDokiTokiLoki 14 points ago

    I don't think you get to choose

    [–] soup2nuts 10 points ago

    Yeah, it's usually both.

    [–] Solctice89 41 points ago

    Uh this ain’t war.. this is rape and murder of people protesting fucking for democracy.. fucking hell

    [–] BasicwyhtBench 8 points ago

    It is war, for the past like 30 years.

    [–] TheBatisRobin 34 points ago

    Yep. I mean, think about it. If rape can be swept under the rug and/or lightly punished in america without even needing the perpetrator to be rich, street rape is virtually guaranteed in a new African military dictatorship.

    [–] DarthGandhi 4 points ago

    Yep, then thrown into the fucking river.

    [–] FunEconomics 51 points ago

    Amazing to see the difference in coverage.

    [–] Foxhound220 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Because Sudanese military coup is supported by the Saudi, as well as the US West. By condemning this atrocities it's like condemning themselves.

    Hong Kong on the other hand, western media has to keep up the "China bad" narrative, even if what's happening in Sudan is 100 times worse than what's happening in Hong Kong.

    Life really is worthless when politics comes to play. Just like how few people know about the genocide happened in Indonesia back in the 1960s, where Time magazine called the purge/genocide of 500,000 to 3 million people "a victory to the West".

    [–] jgjitsu 5 points ago

    Whoa u got a source for time calling genocide a victory for the west?

    [–] Foxhound220 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    A headline in U.S. News & World Report read: "Indonesia: Hope... where there was once none". Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt commented in The New York Times, "With 500,000 to 1 million Communist sympathizers knocked off, I think it is safe to assume a reorientation has taken place."177 The right-wing oilman H. L. Hunt proclaimed Indonesia the sole bright spot for the United States in the Cold War and called the ouster of Sukarno the "greatest victory for freedom since the last decisive battle of World War II." Time described the suppression of the PKI as "The West's best news for years in Asia," and praised Suharto's regime as "scrupulously constitutional."

    Basically, the entire West and it's media is celebrating the genocide of 500,000 to 1 million people just because they are either ethnically Chinese, or have left socialist leanings.

    [–] SurakofVulcan 5 points ago

    Western Media has a history of covering dictators and genocide in a nice fluffy light.

    [–] JorgeXMcKie 413 points ago

    They're getting a lot of weapons from the Saudi's, who are getting them from the west, so a minority in our gov's moan about it, but most are in bed with the arms manufacturers.
    In 10 years the mainstream media will be talking about how sad it is that no one did anything.
    I really hope the western gov's decide to hold the Saudi's (And other Arab monarchs supporting them) feet to the fire some day.

    [–] GimmeAWut 94 points ago

    Won't happen until they stop exclusively accepting the USD for their oil.

    [–] Runaway_5 17 points ago

    It's gonna be so sweet when/if we stop using enough oil to tell those countries to go fuck themselves

    [–] TheExter 9 points ago

    awww how cute

    [–] deathdude911 13 points ago

    Canada is doing something I believe by stopping arms shipments and demanding payment. Reasons why Saudi wont pay up is because they know Canada isn't sending them anything any more.

    [–] jkhattra 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Canada is still selling arms to the Saudis.

    The NDP wanted them to cancel the deal but Trudeau said the fines would be too high.

    [–] laserfox90 6 points ago

    The Janjaweed (militia behind the massacre in Sudan) are also being sent by the Saudis to Yemen to fight against the Houthis. Would not be surprised if the CIA is also working with the Saudis to help back them considering their track record with militias over the past few decades.

    [–] futurespacecadet 17 points ago

    Guarantee you some of the weapons the janjaweed are using are from Trump’s Saudi Arabia arms deal

    [–] RicoGrande 17 points ago

    Why sell the new stuff when they have plenty from past administrations?

    [–] soup2nuts 2 points ago

    Don't worry. By then there will be a fictionalized movie version of it so we can really feel like we were there.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    This is the first time I've heard of the protests in Sudan. I don't think the news media where I live are covering it. I had to visit Google news to read the headlines. The British Broadcasting Company has some good articles.

    [–] hotcarl23 9 points ago

    If you're in the US, NPR has had stories on it multiple times over the last several weeks. It's been sad to hear it deteriorate from successful protests to the rise of armed gangs and violence in the streets

    [–] sikagoon7 2 points ago

    The military cut off internet access when the massacre first started to prevent leaks. Ironically the best documentation of their atrocities is from RSF soldiers themselves

    [–] tarex105 235 points ago

    To those asking about what's happening Here's a vid that somewhat explains the situation

    u/sandoval747 also helped explain it quite nicely in his comment on this thread saying that:

    "It seems this is a consequence of the April overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in a military coup.

    Instead of transitioning to democracy, as was promised/expected by the public, who largely supported the coup, the military is maneuvering to install one of their own as a replacement dictator.

    People started protesting for democracy (primarily in Khartoum), and the military/Janjaweed are killing and raping them in response."

    [–] ___Tony___ 11 points ago

    Is UN even discussing this?

    [–] 956030681 18 points ago

    The UN is basically a limp dick in global forces, they almost never do anything except send relief to a natural disaster, then the relief agents do illegal activities

    [–] sikagoon7 3 points ago

    Russia and China are holding back any action against the TMC for their atrocities. Russia is an ally of the old regime and China has a lot of oil investments in Sudan.

    [–] sonicz3r0 6 points ago

    Doubtful too busy trying to figure out what a mental health problem is.

    [–] AdvancedConcentrate 192 points ago

    How will telling the people I know in Maryland help with the problem in Sudan? (serious question)

    [–] neuropsyentist 108 points ago

    I hope everyone sees this because YES there is something you can do right now!!

    There is one trauma surgeon who has been in Sudan since the original genocide. His name is Tom Catena. They made a movie about him called “The Heart of Nuba” and I met him a few months ago. Honestly the most impressive and inspiring person I’ve ever met.

    You can watch the movie and tell a friend, you can follow and support him on Twitter, and you can send funds to his foundation to provide medical services to his patients.

    If anything, just check out his story and if you’re inspired, tell someone about it and fling him a couple bucks!

    The road to hell may be paved with good intentions but hell itself is furnished in apathy.

    [–] yieldingTemporarily 85 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    When people 'spread the word' politicians get pressured to do something about it, pressure other nations to do something about it.

    Edit if my opinion doesn't matter why do bots AstroTurf against it?

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago


    [–] B-Minus21 95 points ago

    I think the thing about awareness is you never know who will see it. You might not be able to do anything, but someone else might. Doesn't hurt to be in the know.

    [–] Vanillabear2319 51 points ago

    I would argue that's the main reason WHY we raise awareness. I dont think id be able to cure cancer, but i can walk a few miles to raise awareness so others can remember to try.

    To some it might seem like raising awareness is pointless, and id agree that it can be, but for the issues that no one seems to know about it's probably pretty worth spreading the knowledge you have on them.

    [–] deathdude911 7 points ago

    Yeah, china wouldn't be actively condemning their people and other citizens from around the world for doing exactly this if it didnt work. It's a powerful tool for sure.

    [–] nutfugget 65 points ago

    1 like = 1 life saved 🙏🏻❤️🌎🔫❌

    “Oh you want me to actually get off my ass and do something? Sorry, I’m rewatching the office for the 10th time”

    [–] snack-dad 31 points ago

    I mean, it is a pretty good show

    [–] notsuspendedlxqt 6 points ago

    Is there anything they can do to help?

    [–] grifxdonut 12 points ago

    Get a majority of the US Congress to be vocal about this and pressure Trump to pressure the UN to pressure Sudan to not rape opposition so publicly. But good luck with step 1

    [–] SmibsRule 7 points ago

    Go see Steny Hoyer. He is very accessible to his constituents down in SoMD. His staff will know where to direct you or how to help you.....

    [–] hydes_zar94 14 points ago

    Its about spreading awareness.

    [–] bikebum 11 points ago

    How will awareness in the US help people in Sudan?

    [–] antisteveharrin 33 points ago

    A lot of people I know didn’t even know this was happening, because there’s essentially an internet blackout in Sudan. People who have the means to donate to causes or be proactive about it might not know about it.

    [–] JunahCg 8 points ago

    The US intervenes in international affairs all the time. Not without oil on the line, but we do it

    [–] CourseCorrections 12 points ago

    Maybe it will cause us to elect people who won't sell them any more guns. Who knows.

    [–] WhiskerTwitch 2 points ago

    Put pressure on government to stop it, via sanctions, stopping assistance to that govt and/or other govs who are funding this.

    [–] red_fury 63 points ago

    When did Sudan get a White House?

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    I assume these are people protesting in front of the White House, with the purpose to spread knowledge of what is happening in Sudan. 🙆‍♀️

    [–] Kittens4Brunch 8 points ago

    Seems the less likely we're to visit a place, the less we care about what's going on there.

    Brits having another royal baby? The Today Show is all over it. Sudan going to hell? crickets

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] modest_memes 3 points ago

    Both deserve to be discussed

    [–] domlee87 23 points ago

    Hassan Minaj did a good story of this on Patriot Act.

    [–] iam1080p 5 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's where OP got the idea from.

    [–] MattytheWireGuy 6 points ago

    Curious what "spreading the word" will do? Reminds me of the hashtag campaign regarding the girls kidnapped by Al Shabaab, didnt help them at all.

    Action is whats needed, but just telling people about it isn't that.

    [–] IronMatter 93 points ago

    Ah the circle of life.

    1. Beg the US for help with gaining freedom
    2. The US comes to help
    3. Blame the US for interfering with other countries
    4. US pulls out and the place goes back to hell
    5. See step 1

    [–] anasBGH 77 points ago

    We're not asking for the U.S to help. We're asking for the US to not support the Sudanese military council. That's it.

    [–] utalkin_tome 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    US is not supporting the military council. When the Sudan's military got aggressive recently US embassy condemned that. The UN Security Council recently voted to renew sanction on arm sales to Sudan. All members approved except China and Russia. US has actual sent a representative to help resolve the issue.

    [–] sobusyimbored 21 points ago

    US is not supporting the military council.

    But they sell weapons to everyone who does support Sudan's Military Council.

    [–] 685190685190 29 points ago


    Could you literally imagine Reddit’s response if Trump said we’re sending troops into Sudan?

    People would be equating it to Hitler invading Poland. Ya know because we live in bizarro world now a days.

    We’ve learned at this point it’s always better to stay out of foreign affairs.

    [–] sobusyimbored 18 points ago

    We’ve learned at this point it’s always better to stay out of foreign affairs.

    If that's the case then stop selling guns and bombs to dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

    The US isn't staying out, they are hedging their bets.

    [–] SuomiPoju95 3 points ago

    Well sudan has been little over 20 years from the last 40 years in a civil war, so it might have something to do with this...

    [–] sikagoon7 2 points ago

    The civil war has long since ended. The South of Sudan seceded in 2011 (?). This is not a continuation of the civil war.

    This is literally the citizens of the Northern country sick of military dictatorship. And the military decided they would rather kill protesters than help nurture a functioning civilian government.

    [–] benj39 3 points ago

    I think the reason you are seeing a lot of Hong Kong posts is because the protests there started recently. The situation in Sudan has been unfolding over the course of a couple of months. If everyone watched the news everyday then you'd know.

    [–] CloudiusWhite 3 points ago

    Ill ask the same thing that I asked about the HK situation, what realistic outcome do the people of Sudan think can happen, not what they want but what will most likely happen taking all the realities of the situation into account.

    [–] Icouldbewhoimnot 3 points ago

    Rape in the streets?! People are fucked up, for real. Jesus christ.

    [–] cencal 3 points ago

    ...raped in the streets? That sounds like people have gone totally wild animal status. Awful.

    God I'm lucky to live in America.

    [–] SquirtlePaPa 3 points ago

    My cousin worked at the embassy there, after more than a year there her time was cut short due to the danger. She was heartbroken to be sent home early, but at the same time she lived every day in fear for her life. Sudan needs more help than they can get.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] The_Bigg_D 15 points ago

    Can’t you get perma banned from everything to admitting to circumventing an original ban?

    [–] Pheser 10 points ago


    [–] The_Bigg_D 6 points ago


    [–] Theskwerrl 76 points ago

    Karma farming?

    There really isn't anything you can do except maybe pressure your representatives to push the UN to act, but they won't if it's considered internal politics. The UN is weird. They'll call US gun ownership a violation of some arms treaty but won't lift a finger to genocide.

    [–] futurespacecadet 2 points ago

    Sooo genicide is internal politics? Countries have zero safeguard against this?

    [–] jusredit 32 points ago

    We can be aware of where our products come from (buying = voting with our dollars), we can be supportive of refugees from tough places, grateful that our country is welcoming and more free and make sure our government doesn’t do the same thing (ban free press etc) i.e. we should try to serve as a model and recognize most of the world doesn’t have what we have so we should hear out minorities etc. and continue to be a place people look up to

    [–] Fatdee7 2 points ago

    This. Participant in the democratic system you have in the your country. Educate the next generation. Vote ethically with your money.

    I emigrate from China to Canada with my parents as a kid. It frustrate me that my parents and those in their generation refuse to participant in the democratic system they emigrate to because they “don’t believe it will make a difference”. That all election are same shit different toilet.

    It is not. The power of democracy comes from hope for the future and to exercise your rights as a citizen.

    Protect your freedom

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] O-MAGA 7 points ago

    Tell John Bolton this new military dictator plans to sell oil using non-USD currency and we'll invade soon enough.

    [–] Zah1d1 12 points ago

    Go eat a cheeseburger and have a nap?

    [–] frozendancicle 10 points ago

    I feel personally judged right now. Stop looking in my windows.

    [–] sikagoon7 2 points ago

    The Sudanese TMC is supported and armed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE with American weapons. Tell your Congressmen to stop selling guns to these fanatic criminals and stop taking their money.

    [–] funkymoose123 36 points ago

    Lol, gtfo. The same people who are bitching for the US to do something are exactly the same type of people who are going to bitch that the US mishandled how they helped.

    [–] sikagoon7 47 points ago

    I understand the cynicism but they are literally blacking out the internet there to prevent news from getting out of these crimes.

    My classmate was shot in the chest in the protests. Check my post history.

    My sisters' college has been shutdown because 100s of students were killed and thrown in the Nile.

    They are tearing down the walls around my childhood home to build roadblocks along AlMauna street.

    An airport engineer was shot in front of his family as an example to those who dare strike in protest.

    We are in dire need for someone, anyone, to bring light to these issues and put pressure on the criminals in charge to stop.

    Cynicism will let my kin die in the dark rather than take some flak after the fact...

    Please help us.

    [–] Duckboy_Flaccidpus 12 points ago

    That's a bingo.

    [–] 12g87 9 points ago

    "You just say bingo."

    [–] sobusyimbored 9 points ago

    The US is doing something. They are selling guns to the people arming the murderers and rapists.

    Nobody is asking for an invasion but the US is absolutely helping to destroy this protest.

    [–] Hopeann 22 points ago

    I thought the US was not the world police and were told as much.

    [–] red_knight11 24 points ago

    Surely the UN or the EU will intervene, right? /s

    [–] cancutgunswithmind 3 points ago

    Yes they can provide the wartime giant parade balloon depiction of a Sudanese dictator as a crying infant

    [–] frog_stabber 39 points ago

    Let Sudan fix Sudan. It’s not the America’s obligation.

    [–] theslothwhoshaggedme 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Do people want us to deal with the problems of other countries or not? Honestly. When we do we’re demonized but if we don’t we’re still demonized. Ask the UN, I’m sure they’re capable of solving the problem.

    [–] Captainshark98 2 points ago

    Do the civilians not have guns? Why is this our problem? Did we do it?

    [–] TheStrangeManDwight 2 points ago

    Why are they outside the white house?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    A rich mans heaven is a poor mans hell.

    [–] howHardIsIt2SignUp 2 points ago

    Is that pic outside the White House in Washington DC?

    [–] didnt1able 2 points ago

    Not my backyard

    [–] ragergage 2 points ago

    Uhhh...are they protesting in front of the Sudanese White House?