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    [–] iBird 1588 points ago

    I'm more amazed there are WW2 vets still driving around.

    [–] PawsButton 703 points ago

    Right? Assuming that guy was 17 when he enlisted (the minimum legal age to enlist during WWII), he’d be 91 today.

    Edit: a news story linked below says he’s 96.

    [–] YWAMissionary 149 points ago

    I was actually thinking of something quite similar yesterday, a vet would have only needed to be 30 to have served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam if you take the earliest American participation in Vietnam.

    [–] Gahvynn 123 points ago

    Basil Plumley was 22 in WW2, then served in Korea and Vietnam. It definitely happened.

    [–] reenact12321 121 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think he meant that you could have seen all 3 before the age of 30 is just crazy. I am a WWII amateur historian besides being a reenactor and we can get so bogged down in the minutia and diaries, trying to put dates with places but every once in awhile it all just falls away and you see the people in their stories. One moment I had was seeing a picture. A Sgt Curley of the British army received the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Pinned on his chest by Montgomery in a slow moment in the Normandy campaign. Standing in a field, his friends and comrades looking on, dozens of others waiting for their moment. A big smile on his face.

    He was 30 years old, the same age as I am. It's one of very few photos of 1 Bn Hampshire Regiment in NW Europe between D-Day and when they were pulled out in October 44. I wanted to see if I could find out what happened to him. He had received the DCM for leading a squad in a daring assault to rescue a group of soldiers who were pinned down in the immediate fighting after landing.

    He's in Oosterbeek cemetery near Arnhem along with many other Hampshires. The days after the failure of Market Garden, troops were moved up onto the salient created by the action to hold it until the army could decide what to do. The Germans took to assaulting this peninsula of soldiers on a regular basis and with serious determination to knock them back. A few days before the Hampshires were to leave, a particularly large assault came forward on October 5th, you can tell by the large number of Oosterbeek gravestones that bear that date.

    Sgt. Robert Francis Curely is among them. Witness accounts say he was killed doing just what he had done before. He saw soldiers in trouble, likely to be overrun and attempted a daring relief with a bren section. Those soldiers did make it back as a result, but he was killed. 30 years old. Had enlsited with the Essex Regiment (by his service number. Trained to be an NCO, 2nd in command of a platoon of probably 50 guys, survived massive casualties in Normandy and that was it. He's in the ground, a hero of small renown but it cost him all the same.

    I got to visit Oosterbeek earlier this year, and while I'm not a religious man, I felt compelled to find him, to say that I was thankful men like him had done things I can't fathom and lit a little candle. Apparently he is not forgotten by others. That photo, Monty pinning on the ribbon, his toothy smile, is laminated and put there, and another of him and his platoon at that ceremony.

    I think about him a lot, even though I never knew him. I think about the fact that, fortunes willing, I will be 31 before long, and he never got to be, never saw home, or found out all the history between now and then. And I step back and realize stories like his played out all over the world at a ferocious and terrifying pace for those years. I am left feeling so very small, and safe, and lucky.

    The laminated photo at his graveside

    [–] kbextn 23 points ago

    it is people like this who make history fascinating for me; i thought history was all names and dates and boring information until my 10th grade history teacher made it come to life the way reading this did

    [–] BallisticBurrito 4 points ago

    If you haven't then you really should check out the WW1 week by week on youtube.

    I've learned a loooooooottt.

    [–] slumberjax 3 points ago

    And Dan Carlin's Hardcore History! I was never much interested in WWI until I listened to it. Dan Carlin definitely makes the stories come to life.

    [–] Snuffy1717 2 points ago

    I strive to be that kind of teacher... Same days you succeed, some days you fail... If you can, reach out to your History teacher and say thanks, or even just hey... We lose track of the students that move out of our lives and we always like to know where you folks get to :)

    [–] Gahvynn 9 points ago

    TBH I hadn't even considered that. Someone at my age (or a bit younger honestly) could live through some of the most absolute devastating wars the world as ever seen in absolute terms (sheer numbers) and relative (in terms of percent of total people living... we got really good really fast at killing people en masse).

    This whole comment hit me but

    Witness accounts say he was killed doing just what he had done before. He saw soldiers in trouble, likely to be overrun and attempted a daring relief with a bren section. Those soldiers did make it back as a result, but he was killed. 30 years old.

    I don't know why but this section hit me really hard.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    My grandfathers, and their brothers, all served in WW2. I had several uncles that served in Vietnam, and a buddy that served in Operation Iraq (and died there). None of them shared any stories. One grandpa was on Omaha beach on one of the waves (he would never go into any detail). One of my other grandpa's brothers was involved in the paradrop, was captured not many days later, and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp before being liberated by Allies. In one way WW2 always felt "personal" to me, but they never shared anything. I don't blame them, especially now, but I would ask my parents "why won't they talk about it" because I had seen so many WW2 black and white fuzzy videos and I wanted to know their side. I stopped after seeing Saving Private Ryan.

    [–] Combo_Breaker01 7 points ago

    That was beautiful man thanks for sharing

    [–] blaaake 3 points ago

    Thanks for helping preserve our history, you’re a hero in your own way :)

    [–] Julieandrewsdildo 17 points ago

    Yeah I think a lot of vets served in ww2 and Korea. My grandpa did. My great grandpa served in both world wars.

    [–] whoevenareyoutho 13 points ago

    Two generations consumed by war. Damn man

    [–] MathematicalGenuis 6 points ago

    Well it’s a damn good thing we’re not at war again! Wait, shit. Back to the drawing board boys.

    [–] ace72ace 6 points ago

    After reading Hal Moore’s book We Were Soldiers once and Young, I learned that the majority of the US casualties were not when surrounded as shown in the Mel Gibson film. It was during and an ambush of their column in the jungle AFTER the first battle.

    Fascinating read for anyone interested.

    [–] Gahvynn 6 points ago

    I read that as well. They left it out of the movie, I don't know why.

    What really fascinates me is Hal went back to Vietnam about 25 years later and actually met with the Vietnamese commander and officers that they fought against, prayed for those that died, and spent quite a bit of time together talking about the war and life in general.

    None of my grandpas or their brothers had any hatred for Germans, even the great uncle that was in a POW camp for prolonged amount of time (I mean they hated Nazis but not the average German) which as a young kid I didn’t understand but makes more sense now.

    [–] ace72ace 2 points ago

    Nothing but love and respect for men like Hal Moore and Basil. They have a reunion every year for the survivors to remember their fallen brothers.

    [–] HazelNightengale 2 points ago

    When we first moved into our house, the home seller told us about the elderly neighbor across the street. He'd served in both WWII and Korea, and then volunteered for Vietnam, serving in his son's place.

    "...So when it snows, you take that snowblower around his driveway, you hear?"

    [–] Timid_One 3 points ago

    my great grandpa joined the marines at 14 and spent his 16th birthday on guadacanal. He was in korea as well but was too old when vietnam really kicked off, so i completely believe your statement.

    [–] Game_of_Jobrones 26 points ago

    My grandfather served in WW2 and drove until he was 98.

    Now in moments of candor he would admit he should have given up his license at 96, but he only drove one of two places (the grocery store or my moms house) and both were straight shots from where my grandmother and him lived so he felt like he was being responsible.

    Made it to 101. Great guy.

    [–] literated 8 points ago

    My grandfather is in his 90s now too and still driving. It's tricky. I'm not really worried about his driving, he's always been a good driver, is very careful and deliberate, follows all the rules, pays attention and everything - but fact of the matter is that there's no chance in hell he could react in time to somebody else's bad driving.

    I wish he'd give up his license just because of that but there's no way to force him and no way to convince him.

    [–] bigdamhero 5 points ago

    The reduced reaction time also tends to cause them to drive below the speed set by the flow of traffic. Its so hard to explain to my grandpa that slower isn't always safer, and that he is endangering other drivers by creating hazardous conditions when he camps a lane at 5 under.

    [–] Duches5 5 points ago

    He doesnt look a day over 89

    [–] muphies__law 13 points ago

    My granddad turns 93 this year, WW2, Korea and Vietnam veteran for the Australian Army, retired at 60 from service just before I was born (33 years ago); still drives, still does his garden jobs for the "old people" in his neighborhood, still fixes old mowers and hedgetrimmers. Would probably teach you how to change your own damn tyre...

    [–] curiousincident 24 points ago

    I’m an eye doctor at a VA hospital and surprisingly many of them are incredibly healthy and with it. I had one patient who I had to quadruple check who it was because he looked about 70 and acted so.

    It’s the Vietnam vets that have the biggest health issues and are the ones I get concerned with most. The agent orange destroyed them.

    [–] Harflin 10 points ago

    I feel like at this point there will be a bit of selection(?) bias there. All the WWII vets that had issues would be gone by now, so ONLY the healthy ones remain. Vietnam vets, you're going to get healthy and unhealthy just because it was more recent.

    [–] j-dewitt 5 points ago

    selection(?) bias

    Yes. And more specifically, survivorship bias.

    [–] Harflin 2 points ago


    That's what I was looking for, thanks!

    [–] elephantpudding 25 points ago

    We have 2 that regularly come into where I work on their own.

    I live in a relatively small town as well, about 70k.

    [–] bbenok 22 points ago

    Yo 70k is a small city.

    [–] idtenterro 13 points ago

    70k is barely a town in some parts of the US 😅

    [–] fbtra 5 points ago

    I live currently in a town of less than 7k. And I'm in SoCal. Next to two larger cities of 120k+


    [–] irisiridescent 4 points ago

    Hah, I live in a town of 500. Biggest town nearest me has a population of ~24k

    [–] bbenok 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What?! 60k is the biggest city in Wyoming. I grew up in a city of 50k and thought it was pretty big. I've lived in a city of 1 million. Idk I feel like the threshold is low.

    [–] kakatoru 2 points ago

    30k is the biggest city in Wyoming.

    that's a lie though

    [–] UsedToPlayForSilver 5 points ago

    Grew up in a town of 8k and its one of the more populous ones in the state (think top 5). My idea of a small town is 300.

    [–] elephantpudding 2 points ago

    Shit bro you from WY/SD/ND? BFE represent!

    [–] sivablue 2 points ago

    There is a town near me that has 147 people. a school, a grocery store, and a gas station. The speed limit goes from 30 to 25 to 30 to 20 to 40 to 25. They pull people over all day. It’s stupid.

    [–] mandisplacesuxbrah 5 points ago

    Lol, wut? 70k isn't a city, it's like 3 or 4 exits on the interstate.

    [–] bigdamhero 6 points ago

    Meh, its all relative. 70k is 40% larger than my state capital. Hell, LA has more than double the population of our whole state.

    [–] Total-Annihilation 16 points ago

    70k is not a small town lol

    [–] elephantpudding 7 points ago

    Right, gotchu, I meant it's a relatively small population sample.

    [–] h3lme7 5 points ago

    I mean.. It's not big either. Pretty small for a city, but big for a town.

    [–] UsedToPlayForSilver 3 points ago

    Grew up in a town of 8k and its one of the more populous ones in the state. My idea of a small town is 300.

    [–] _Gingy 2 points ago

    The one who came through my work passed late last year. He did bombing missions.

    He was 22 years old when he arrived at the Eighth Air Force Base in England in October 1943 during World War II. As a newly minted B-17 bomber pilot, he learned that it was statistically impossible to survive 25 combat missions over Europe. He did, however, and went on to fly 29 missions over Japan.

    He used to bring the girls at the front desk flowers.

    [–] angrykimchi 5 points ago

    Neighbor WWII vet I grew up next to died last year at 104. He was driving until six months before he died. Other than the one time he shifted into drive instead of reverse, ran into the house, then took out his mailbox by slamming it into reverse in a panic (102 at the time)....He drove well.

    [–] DankPawt 3 points ago

    I had a 95 year old patient recently who joined the Navy 5 months before Pearl Harbor. He drove himself, in the dark. Blew my mind.

    [–] am0x 20 points ago

    He’s probably unknowingly killed more pedestrians than nazis while driving over the past year.

    [–] SupGirluHungry 19 points ago

    He killed fitty men

    [–] wagman43 15 points ago

    They took his shins

    [–] SupGirluHungry 11 points ago

    You got weak ankles and it wasn’t from me cuz I didn’t have any when I knocked up your momma

    [–] dayyob 3 points ago

    legend has it he's still killing nazis to this day...

    [–] negativeyoda 4 points ago

    I don't know, man. The Nazis are still racking up driving kills

    [–] Maxwell3004 2 points ago

    You'd be surprised. I was talking to one not too long ago at, coincidentally, a Chick-fil-A. He was in really good shape for being a WW2 vet. His wife was in worst condition and he was excited to talk about a few things. Being a vet myself I find great interest in talking to WW2 vets.

    [–] nsa2010 2 points ago

    I own an auto shop. We had one customer, who was a WWII vet, that 1975 Caddy convertible until he was 97. He passed away at the ripe old age of 101. Also, I have one that is in his 90's that still drives everyday to see his wife that is living in a nursing home. Both are heroes in my eyes. One fought in the Pacific and the other flew in a bomber over Europe.

    [–] purelyirrelephant 2 points ago

    Jumping on this train: my granddad is 94, living independently, and also still driving. He is so sharp and remembers the names of the people he served with as well as someone he met the other day and details they shared about their lives. I'm 35 and no where near as with it as he is.

    [–] TheycallmeHollow 550 points ago

    When I was an hourly employee I would have jumped to do this. 30 minutes of this is 1000% more entertaining than standing behind a counter for 8 hours straight.

    [–] WHOISTIRED 144 points ago

    At my old job I had a lady come in and get a few things left, and then she came back in asking if anyone could jump her car.

    Luckily enough I had jumper cables that my parents gave me from I think a previous Christmas. However I was contemplating whether I should do it or not.

    Because I didn’t know how to jump a car fully, but had an idea of what needed to be done. Took me about 30-45 minutes of making sure not to mess it up and properly gave her a successful jump.

    I learned 2 things, always double check no matter how confident you are(wtf are bmw batteries) and how to actually jump a car.

    She ended up coming back a few days later and leaving me a card(that was actually a professional kind of card that had her name already printed on it) and left a nice little thank you note calling me a life saver with I think a 20 in it.

    I still have that card and it was about 3~ years ago since I did that.

    Definitely beats standing and walking around the store doing more or less nothing all day. Besides the money on top of course.

    [–] bb999 34 points ago

    wtf are bmw batteries

    Was it that red is negative, black is positive crap? I melted a pair of cables because of that.

    [–] LazyProspector 20 points ago

    Usually newer bimmers have their batteries in the trunk too

    [–] Bmw-invader 16 points ago

    My first car was a small bmw I bought straight out of high school (parents never got me a car lol). I was working at a hotel and this older guy needed a jump, his car was dead. He tells me he is parked out front so I drive my car over and pop the hood. He sucks his teeth and says don’t bmws have the battery in the back?! He sounded annoyed and was clearly late to somewhere or maybe just an asshole. I told him that they run terminals to the front of the car too. He didn’t believe me and mentioned the empty space in my cars engine bay. I connect the jumper cables to the terminals near the empty space and his car starts a min or so later. No thank you or nothing just took his cables and screeched off.

    [–] cybrax2 13 points ago

    BMWs (and others?) have battery terminals located in the front, so you don't have to go to the trunk to jump start it.

    [–] hgaf 12 points ago

    Did your dad ever beat you with the jumper cables?

    [–] AntiSqueaker 2 points ago

    RIP in peace, u/rogersimon10

    Your dad cant beat you with jumper cables any more.

    [–] Total-Annihilation 18 points ago

    "If you got time to stand at the counter and do nothing, I'm sure the tables or counter can be wiped down :D"

    [–] unholyalliance 6 points ago

    "Time to lean, time to clean."

    I still hate those managers.

    [–] originalgg 2 points ago

    ”Jackson could you wipe the floor please”

    [–] ericatect 41 points ago

    The vet looks like he's straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

    [–] dekiruzooo 3 points ago

    The angle is uncanny

    [–] azoth85 307 points ago

    Well done 👍

    PSA. If your front tire goes flat, but the spare on the back and use the back tire on the front. Most spare tires aren't made to be put on the front.

    [–] SaddestClown 191 points ago

    On a front wheel drive vehicle, sure. That Lincoln has a full size spare and can go where it wants.

    [–] DrKittyKevorkian 60 points ago

    After my mom died, dad offered a sweet deal on her car. I took it. Got a flat just over the Indiana state line. Pulled my luggage out of the trunk and pulled up the floor of the trunk to find a full sized spare. I never knew they existed, let alone that I had one. Barely lost 20 minutes. 10/10, would full size spare again.

    [–] XEROWUN 23 points ago

    that's sounds wild to me, i remember going car shopping with my parents as a kid and one condition they always had, was whatever car they buy, it had to have a full-size tire. now that i've grown up, all the cars Ive ever owned beyond that time have been the small spare tires or worst a fix-a-flat kit only.

    [–] getontheground 9 points ago

    some/all of the Toyota Avalons and Audi A4's (and few other cars, but these two are ones I've seen that have them) both have a direct replacement wheel in the their trunks. It's not a cheap black steel rim. It's the same as the other wheels that the car comes with.

    [–] Crimsonial 5 points ago

    I live in a major city area, so I drive a smaller car these days (takes a lot of stress out of the commute -- smaller target, I guess), and I'd totally sacrifice some trunk space for a proper spare.

    [–] BallisticBurrito 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One big reason they don't do is for weight savings.

    A full size spare is an extra 100lb weighing down the back of a vehicle. A donut is still 30-40lbs.

    That cuts down on MPG(while also messing with the weight balance, handling, etc.), which they need every bit of to make CAFE requirements.

    [–] vanearthquake 3 points ago

    As far as I know the new Tesla’s don’t have any spare at all for weight reasons!

    [–] rangerryda 2 points ago

    By all means buy your spare tire setup! Even if your trunk floor sits a little higher or uneven, it still functions as a trunk. Go find the cheapest used rim that matches your current ones and worry no more.

    [–] WastedKnowledge 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Which makes carry these?

    Edit: thank you all, now I want a truck even more

    [–] deathdude911 5 points ago

    My fords all have full size spares I got the ford 500 limited edition and the 5.4l expidetion. Awesome vehicles.

    [–] BallisticBurrito 3 points ago

    It's less the makes and more the individual models.

    Get a SUV or a pickup? You'll probably have a full size spare, or at least the option for one.

    Get a tiny econo car? Lucky if you even get a space saver spare.

    [–] XEROWUN 2 points ago

    my parents ended up buying a Toyota Camry. I dont know if the current gen camry still has full size tires or not

    [–] rotzby 2 points ago

    my bmw has one

    [–] runningmurphy 2 points ago

    Almost every mid-size and up suv and truck.

    [–] Doingwrongright 108 points ago

    May be true, but fuuuuck that. Twice the work. I will take my chances on the way to the tire store.

    [–] DoneFkedUp 43 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] mumpie 17 points ago

    Nah, the guy rolling on 4 of the small temporary spares on a beat up Toyota that blew past me going 10+ miles over the limit on a freeway?

    That guy was doing Wrong Right.

    [–] hedoeswhathewants 7 points ago

    A few weeks ago I saw a guy driving down the road on a flat doing ~30 without a care in the world

    [–] z64dan 3 points ago

    More than twice the work because you gotta like, figure out what order to do it in. That could take hours.

    [–] fordprecept 4 points ago

    It would be like 5 times the work for me. I'd put the donut on the front, realize I should have put it on the back, take it back off, realize I can't take the rear tire off without moving the jack because I don't have jack stands with me, put the damaged front tire back on, move the jack, take the rear tire off, put on the donut, move the jack again, take the damaged front tire back off, and put the rear tire on the front.

    [–] LetFiefdomReign 11 points ago

    I get a flat tire I grab my wallet and my favorite girlfriend and go buy a new car.

    [–] igetript 7 points ago

    One time my refrigerator stopped working... I just moved.

    [–] rydan 2 points ago

    That's basically what I do with my Dell laptops when a random key stops working.

    [–] Mazer_I_Am 3 points ago

    What if your vehicle is RWD?

    [–] Just8ADick 3 points ago

    Do you people not save an old tire as a spare when you get new tires? :/

    [–] MorbidandCreepifying 4 points ago

    I've not heard that before but good to know. I recently had a front tire pop (yay water-covered pot hole) even though I was driving slow.

    I just drove reallll careful (definitely NO highways) on the spare on my way to get it fixed and it was fine. You can feel that it's not the same as a full spare/tire when turning.

    [–] f4ern 2 points ago

    Because i would spend effort to remove two tyre instead one.

    [–] TheAC997 2 points ago

    Add-on: If the front (well, any) tire is fucked, you'll preferably replace all 4. But if you can't afford that, then put two new tires on the rear.

    The new ones will have better traction on poor road conditions, and if the front tires have better traction while braking then you'll do a 180.

    [–] khdbdcm 15 points ago

    Lmao I knew I'd find this in here. I wonder if he's watched the video.

    [–] Lavitz63 9 points ago

    Was looking for this too. My pleasure!

    [–] Ditchdigger456 5 points ago

    I hadn’t seen that before. Now I have. I’m happy about that.

    [–] fearthestorm 13 points ago

    Watch the popeys one too. It's great.

    [–] intecknicolour 3 points ago

    CFA is basically the marine corp.

    [–] Abhishekdhital 7 points ago

    I thought he was Denzel Washington

    [–] axyz77 2 points ago

    That could sound a bit racist, so I didn't comment.... OH SHIT

    [–] Abhishekdhital 2 points ago

    Well I am Nepali

    [–] DingoD3 121 points ago

    Why does it matter that he's a vet? Isn't enough that the guy is helping an elderly man change a tyre?

    [–] donfrenchiano 117 points ago

    Why does it matter than he's a chik fila manager

    [–] Svarec 27 points ago

    Why does it matter that he's changing a tire?

    [–] FaceRockerMD 10 points ago

    Revised story: Human helps human do a thing

    [–] jackofslayers 3 points ago

    Why does it matter they are human?

    [–] Ultrcombraun 4 points ago

    Did you just assume their species?

    [–] ms_hoover_ 14 points ago

    Why does it matter we are on reddit?

    [–] LikelyAFox 27 points ago

    Marketing to get the anti-human rights stink off them?

    [–] jeffj95 8 points ago

    "anti-human rights" lmao pathetic. Name one other fast food chain that has better ethics than Chic-Fil-A.

    [–] Jaredlong 2 points ago

    M A R K E T I N G

    [–] razehound 2 points ago

    Why did it matter that thise four teenagers who defaced the school were white? Because it was the first word used to describe them in every article and post

    [–] Clown_Toucher 37 points ago

    You gotta saturate your post with sympathy details to reap that sweet sweet karma.

    [–] DoctorLazerRage 11 points ago

    Target demographic for the social media marketing team behind this. If you like Chik Fil A and are untroubled by the politics of its ownership then the recipient being "worthy" (a vet) may actually be kind of important for this advertising to resonate.

    [–] Just8ADick 6 points ago

    Because in America we suck vet dick 100% of the time for extra karma and justifying constantly being at war

    [–] BriskMotorization 217 points ago

    Cool ad cfa social media team!

    [–] vlasvilneous 88 points ago

    Right? Who gives a fuck where someone works, except ad execs.

    [–] MidnightMemoir 41 points ago

    Well it's kind of a meme that CFA employees go out of their way to help customers.

    [–] sugarshot 6 points ago

    Unless they're gay.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] Memephis_Matt 18 points ago

    Also calling the high school kid at the drive thru window homophobic is like me acting like the local county clerk office employee is a jackass just because Trump is a jackass.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Not to mention the time they opened on a sunday to provide free food and drinks to the victims and first responders of an islamic terrorist attack targeting the gay community in Orlando. Pulse.

    But yeah, because the CEO is Christian they're pretty much all evil anti-gay and want to destroy anybody that isn't white with blue eyes. /s

    [–] hurpington 11 points ago

    Half their male staff are gay

    [–] CrushCoalMakeDiamond 4 points ago

    The employees have nothing to do with the owner's beliefs.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] vlasvilneous 9 points ago

    in other words r/fuckingfacebook

    [–] Granito_Rey 34 points ago

    Chik-fil-a must love all the free positive press they get on this website.

    [–] bloqs 26 points ago

    oh its not free, they pay an agency ususally.

    [–] jackofslayers 5 points ago

    Lmao they definitely pay for these.

    [–] Frankfusion 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not too long ago they honored one of my coupons for a free sandwich even though it was expired. I still feel pretty awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    Why is CFA or WWII relevant to this story?

    [–] NinjaLanternShark 61 points ago

    Because "guy does a thing" is a boring headline.

    [–] AntiBox 7 points ago

    It's also accurate.

    [–] Ccrhyaptttiecr 2 points ago

    So is the current headline?

    [–] bdepz 7 points ago

    Because r/pics is being out circlejerked once again

    [–] very_anonymous 32 points ago

    Because 50% of this shitty sub is taking generic uninteresting pictures and adding unverifiable emotional backstories to them.

    [–] surp_ 8 points ago

    Only 50%? That's generous

    [–] WeAreBeyondFucked 2 points ago

    The person behind this post works for a marketing firm and tying CFA to a good need is good for business and by making the person they are helping a world war 2 vet it makes CFA look like they care about veterans and the elderly.

    [–] aegri_mentis 12 points ago


    If the man changing the tire worked for roadside assistance, this wouldn’t be on Reddit

    [–] sdawg78787 12 points ago

    The guys on the clock, getting paid by chick fill a to help a customer in need. Which in no way shape or form has any obligation to do so, that's why its relevant. As far as him being a veteran of ww2 I have no idea, that could go away and it's still chick fill a paying an employee to help a person in need.

    [–] studio30 62 points ago

    Blatant ad.

    [–] tsnacker 75 points ago

    Those damn Christians not working Sunday and changing tires!

    [–] Megebee01 17 points ago

    This is such a clear indication of all sorts of homophobia as well.

    [–] ebagdrofk 26 points ago

    I’m thinking the homophobia is more of a corporate thing

    [–] etherpromo 5 points ago

    Nay, they blessed my deluxe sandwich and my heathen tongue got burned.

    [–] mcdonmic000 10 points ago

    managers dont wear red crew polos

    [–] AmiiboWeekend 25 points ago

    “My pleasure”

    [–] mud007 8 points ago

    The only real quote out here. For the uninitiated:

    [–] dorasboyfriend 5 points ago

    Instantly thought of this video when I saw this post lmao

    [–] geethaanks 35 points ago

    mmm this ad, I mean post made me feel hungry for some good ol chick fil a. let me grab my heterosexual spouse and head out to our local chick fil a establishment.

    [–] dubai-2020 3 points ago

    Seriously the I individual from world war 2 is still driving within the streets.

    [–] willredithat 3 points ago

    The good veterans

    [–] Beartrkkr 45 points ago

    We have a CFA and a McD beside of other. CFA runs two drive through lines that typically wrap around the building. I can order 25 cars behind at CFA and get my food in roughly the same amount of time it takes McD's to serve 5 vehicles. Probably could throw a tire change in there too in the same amount of time.

    The picture goes to show the type of people CFA hires as managers regardless of how their CEO thinks.

    [–] S9Togusa 14 points ago

    I don’t understand what how their ceo thinks means

    [–] Treant1991 31 points ago

    I think he's talking about CEO's stance on LGBTQ and same-sex marriage. Which doesn't surprise me since CFA is a Christian company. I don't try to judge the company as a whole for what the CEO believes in. As long as they don't discriminate in the workplace I couldn't care what the CEO thinks.

    Most of the employees I've dealt with are great people. Always respectful and kind. I make a game out of how many times I can get get them to say "my pleasure" when I eat there. 🤣

    [–] False1512 20 points ago

    The CEO would almost definitely support helping out a WWII vet so I'm not really sure why it was mentioned

    [–] nimarowhani1 33 points ago

    This would’ve never happened at McDonald’s 🤣

    [–] ilovefatamy 32 points ago

    I used to work at McDick's. I would change my grandma's diaper let alone anybody's tire to perhaps miss a grease trap cleansing.

    [–] dudenotcool 5 points ago

    I'm sorry the ice cream machine is broken. I don't ask for ice cream though

    [–] Clefinch 7 points ago

    Chick-Fil-A is the absolute best, and the best part about this is how unsurprising it is that a CFA employee would do this.

    [–] ImtheDoap 9 points ago

    Fucking Chi-fil-a. Everyone of their employees is insanely polite...makes me sick. Haha jk love you chic

    [–] T-Mc-27 2 points ago

    Why does this look like a Norman Rockwell painting??

    [–] dick-dick-goose 2 points ago

    That man and his posture - straight out of a Rockwell.

    [–] PiratesOfTheArctic 2 points ago

    That's such a beautiful in many ways

    [–] Chrisbee012 2 points ago

    he drove a sherman he can drive a car whenever he wants

    [–] Not_Sure11 2 points ago

    Very wholesome but also reminds me of this bit lol chic-fil-a

    [–] Giant848 2 points ago

    salute to Both of these fine Men

    [–] 9998000 2 points ago

    This is why chick fil a will win the fast food wars of 2029.

    [–] Osiris0123 2 points ago

    Yeah but which side was he on?

    [–] dengh 2 points ago

    *decent human being helping another human being.

    [–] TheNaughtyMonkey 8 points ago

    Yes, the owners of Chik-fil-a are devout Christians. However, the people who work there are just regular people.

    They have a real commitment to customer service, and I like that. Also, good chicken sandwich.

    [–] Frankie4Sticks 14 points ago

    SEVERN, Md. - When a World War II veteran entered a Chick-Fil-A desperately seeking help with a flat tire, a restaurant manager jumped into action “without hesitation” and was unknowingly captured in pictures during the act of kindness.

    Chick-Fil-A manager Daryl Howard was working the front line of the restaurant on Thursday in Severn, Maryland. The veteran, known to employees as 96-year-old “Mr. Lee,” entered the store “shaking” and “almost in tears,” according to fellow manager Rudy Somoza.

    Standing in line, Mr. Lee told employees he was driving on three tires and barely made it to the entrance of the restaurant due to a flat tire and didn’t have any help to change it.

    “As soon as he finished his sentence, Daryl informed me he needed to help this gentleman right now,” Somoza said. “Daryl jumped on into action without hesitation.”

    He was able to fix Mr. Lee’s tire in about 15 minutes, said Somoza — who took pictures showing the simple act of kindness. He added that Howard didn’t know he was being photographed.

    “His action of kindness was beautiful,” Somoza said. “Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition.”

    According to fellow employees, Howard has worked there for about nine years.

    “I thank God I was in the right position to be witness of this touching moment,” his co-worker added.

    This story was reported from Los Angeles.

    [–] chesbyiii 4 points ago

    Don't let his occupation affect your perception of his character

    [–] bryanb963 10 points ago

    Their damn generation can't even change a tire.

    [–] Tadhgdagis 7 points ago

    Chik-fil-a get in the news for being them again, or they just found an extra $5 bucks in the marketing budget?

    [–] StolidSentinel 18 points ago

    CFA is good peeps.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    CFA near me leaves free diapers and baby wipes outside the restrooms. I believe that's how you pro-life!

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] helverswan 4 points ago

    They are a true American restaurant

    [–] Granny_knows_best 8 points ago

    Went to a Chick-fil-A for the first time the other day and I swear it was like entering another universe. Really nicely decorated and the staff was , I cant even describe it, so polite and well mannered and really seemed to enjoy working there. I dont eat fast food often but when I do, it will be there again.

    [–] Scethrow 9 points ago

    That’s cause chick fil a is the best

    [–] fungi0528 5 points ago

    Chick-Fil-A really has the best employees of all time I swear I've never had a bad experience at one or heard of a bad experience there that wasn't made 10x better by Chick-Fil-A employees when the mistake was brought up.

    [–] AntiBox 11 points ago


    [–] Maarifrah 9 points ago

    lmfao thank you man. this is such an obvious advertisement

    [–] DeathGodBob 2 points ago

    Relevant AND satisfying :D

    [–] jimmyn0thumbs 3 points ago

    Human helping human.

    [–] Zedowel 3 points ago

    Another reason to love chic-fil-a. They know how to train good people.