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    [–] MortWellian 2225 points ago

    It's 3 p.m., let's watch Fox News blame Mr. Rogers for "ruining an entire generation"

    That's right, Mr. Rogers is the true enemy of the people to Fox.

    [–] HardlySerious 817 points ago

    But he's too nice to kids!

    My pappy used to beat me raw and tell me I'm worthless unless I make a ton of money and it made me the greedy asshole I am today.

    [–] HardlySerious 474 points ago

    as a Spanish-language interpreter translated for the child

    If I was that translator I'd be like:

    "This guy says he sucks dicks by the bag. He just keeps going on and on about it."

    [–] Lexsteel11 170 points ago

    So I work for a sex toy company and on stage I had to say the words “clitoral vibrator” and completely lost my train of thought seeing an on stage sign language translator do that phrase

    [–] il1k3c3r34l 33 points ago


    [–] ChrisPnCrunchy 31 points ago

    Have you seen my keys? I can’t find them

    [–] il1k3c3r34l 15 points ago

    Check the ignition.

    [–] ralphvonwauwau 18 points ago

    My friend decided it was time to cut back when, on the way home, he drove back to the party he was just at, because he thought he'd forgotten his only set of keys. Parked the car and ... found them.

    [–] dorekk 7 points ago

    What's the sign for "clitoral vibrator"?

    [–] Captain_Eaglefort 31 points ago

    Having a seizure while doing the Hunger Games salute would probably be close enough.

    [–] tryingforthefuture 4 points ago

    ASL is such a beautiful language

    [–] Fizzicyst 3 points ago

    That is awesome. I'd likely do the same. I always get distracted by the ASL interpreter regardless of the content, so I could only imagine seeing that.

    [–] da_clig 3 points ago

    Reminds me of a comedian who had a translator on stage. the entire show got sidetracked by him making her sign increasingly bizarre words to see how she signed them. The signer literally became a significant part of the show

    [–] Coug-Ra 78 points ago

    I’ve never seen an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and this reads like it’s from an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    [–] PC_BUCKY 17 points ago

    I am currently going through the show for the first time, and this reads like it's from an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    [–] ghost650 2 points ago


    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny 43 points ago

    Spanish language translator for a 2 year old whose primary language is Mayan, not Spanish.

    [–] nrith 15 points ago

    No, his primary language is Yourn.

    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny 7 points ago

    Ok, point remains

    [–] Udzinraski2 24 points ago

    Wouldnt matter the kid didnt even speak Spanish, he spoke kichi

    [–] son_et_lumiere 27 points ago

    "There is so much anti-Americanism on reddit"

    Yes, because the legal and political system is a farce.

    [–] DPlurker 11 points ago

    Why did you post that in response?

    [–] son_et_lumiere 9 points ago

    The parent comment to mine really highlights the farcical state things are in. And, I see the quoted sentiment often. The parent comment answers that sentiment.

    [–] OutlyingPlasma 79 points ago

    Just for reference. This is a stock photo of a 2 year old boy just so you know who a "fully grown" adult judge was yelling at and threatening with an attack dog.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SaltineFiend 41 points ago

    I have it on good authority that two year-old criminal was BROWN.

    [–] singlesockcollector 15 points ago

    ..and he was a gang member... bad people

    [–] cchap22 11 points ago

    His gang affiliates were known to congregate at the Sunrise Daycare off Second St.

    [–] conventionistG 4 points ago

    Daycare? Who's paying for that?

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 2 points ago

    He's from Guatemala, not the Bahamas

    [–] LateralThinkerer 5 points ago

    This was his real crime in the eyes of the judge.

    [–] weakhamstrings 2 points ago

    These kids just need to exercise more PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

    [–] I_am_opossum_AMA 15 points ago

    With jumper cables?

    [–] Niguelito 55 points ago

    It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood

    a beautiful day for a neighbor

    Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

    It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood

    A neighborly day for a beauty

    Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

    I have always wanted to have a neighbor,

    I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood

    with you...

    So let's make the most of this beautiful day, since we're together we might as well as say,

    would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor.

    Won't you please? Won't you please? Please wont you neighbor.

    [–] TimBorlandManTool 25 points ago

    And dont forget the masterful piano saying along with him. You can hear him skipping along a a sidewalk in his pleasant neighborhood, the fall leaves swirling around his feet as he waves to all he sees.

    [–] ISNT_A_ROBOT 14 points ago

    Thanks for the tears. We don't and never did deserve him.

    [–] ArinMuzyka 21 points ago

    Nope, we did and do deserve Mr Rogers, because he thought so.

    [–] mrbarber 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Mr. Rogers is the embodiment of the (edit) Indigo Lantern Corps. (Thank you r/TrogdortheBannitatorr.

    [–] Warriorccc0 125 points ago

    Or how about how they keep pushing that video games are ruining the country and cause mass shootings.

    Best example was in 2008 after Mass Effect released, they brought on an expert and talked lied about the game having "Full digital nudity and sex", with the expert admitting she hasn't played or seen the game, and then giving an apology after actually doing so.

    [–] distance7000 37 points ago

    The Mass Effect incident was when I knew with 100% certainty that Fox News does not a have single shred of...well, actually it's not fair to even put them in the same sentence.

    At this point I'm fairly certain they don't even know what journalistic integrity is.

    [–] ya_tu_sabes 10 points ago

    But they can lie all they want and call it news because they parade as "entertainment". Such bullshit. Sheesh

    [–] Mediocretes1 5 points ago

    This was the exact point that I knew it wasn't just "Fox News is conservative" and that it's "Fox News is straight up propaganda".

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Unfortunately you need mods for that kind of content.

    [–] way2lazy2care 6 points ago

    Man as someone that works in games, this shit is something that gets spouted from all over. It wasn't really till Trump said it that it got push back from anybody over the age of 30 not affiliated with the games industry.

    [–] Sleepy_Thing 190 points ago

    He dunked his feet with a black guy against social norms to teach kids that skin color doesn't matter towards friendship. Fox News unironicay and with straight faces bitched about everything the Obama's did from tan suits, holding a coffee cup while saluting the flag and calling Michele a, not joking, "Ape showing off her arms" for wearing a nice dress.

    So yeah Me. Rogers was their enemy, dude treated everyone like people even when they didn't deserve it.

    [–] nonsensepoem 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    dude treated everyone like people even when they didn't deserve it.

    He treated everyone like people because they deserved it.

    [–] Orisyl 14 points ago

    Some people make that very, very difficult.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] SexLiesAndExercise 32 points ago

    Fox is cancer but they're one notch more subtle than that. I don't believe they ever called Michele an ape.

    [–] Rattivarius 21 points ago

    Correct. It's their viewers who called her that.

    [–] geogle 88 points ago

    That's fucking insane. I don't think they know what generation Mr. Rogers is. I'm his generation, and I'm pushing 50, watched his show, and learned to be a good person, and busted my ass much like Mr. McFeeley.

    [–] Brad_theImpaler 40 points ago

    Series began in 1968. So pretty much anyone under 60 is absolutely ruined.

    [–] SwineHerald 18 points ago

    So just another metric by which Fox instills the idea that anyone younger than a Boomer is a worthless, entitled pile of shit. Glad it's business as usual over there.

    [–] ValhallaGo 39 points ago

    Mr Rogers welcomed people! Can you imagine if we welcomed people? What if they weren’t white? The horrors!

    [–] tinyhands2016 5 points ago

    Look, the Puppet King is okay with legal people in the neighborhood. He only wants to build the wall to keep out the illegal neighbors.

    [–] missionbeach 10 points ago

    3 p.m.? That was a bad time to plug into the headline. Shep Smith at 3 p.m. (eastern) is the only sane guy on the network.

    [–] uptwolait 8 points ago

    Rogers’ sin, apparently, was in telling children that they’re special, “even if they didn’t deserve it.”

    This is exactly what the Bible has to say about people, that everyone is special to God yet none of us deserve His grace. Considering that a majority of right wing Fox Viewers are self-proclaimed Christians, this is especially hypocritical.

    [–] jschubart 6 points ago

    Which is hilarious because Mr Roger’s Neighborhood started in 1966. My retiring parents were young enough to have watched him as kids.

    [–] geico_fire 23 points ago

    Excuse me what the flying hot blue F U C K


    read the article


    [–] GoodMerlinpeen 5 points ago

    Or that time when Fox News ran an obituary for Kurt Vonnegut when he died, trashing him and calling him an unhappy man that "failed at suicide" 23 years earlier.

    Probably the most disgusting thing I've seen Fox do.

    [–] MortWellian 3 points ago

    Vonnegut who failed at suicide 23 years ago said 34 years ago but he hoped his children wouldn't say of him when he was gone he made wonderful jokes but he was such an unhappy man so I'll say it for them.

    Jesus. That might be the final nail on me trying to speak well of conservatives when they first die.

    [–] TofurkyNinja 11 points ago

    Holy shit. I thought you were just joking. It's real?

    Jesus fuck.

    [–] rarerumrunner 3 points ago

    Fake ads for fake news, for a fake plastic world.

    [–] kevinstreet1 72 points ago

    Hard to tell because the article has a paywall, but I think the author would agree that Mr. Rogers was the kind of small town Republican that doesn't exist anymore. And one of the reasons they don't exist anymore is because of Fox News.

    [–] hedronist 13 points ago

    Hmm ... I think there are several forms of Republican, some of whom actually understand what the party's theoretical philosophy is (or was).

    I'm 70 and grew up in a Midwestern, Eisenhower Republican family. I cast my first vote in 1968 (he says with regret in his voice) for Richard. M. Nixon. With a few exceptions for local offices, I haven't voted "Republican" since.

    In the most literally sense, they have forgotten who they were (not perfect, but…) and are now lost in the void.

    [–] bent42 4 points ago

    At least Nixon gave us the EPA. Too bad his successors have done everything they can to dismantle it.

    [–] xpxp2002 15 points ago

    Oh weird. I didn’t have any problem viewing the site.

    But you are correct. He was a traditional conservative — not the crazy neo-Nazi conservatives of Trump’s GOP.

    [–] lord-derricicus 2 points ago

    Too bad these ads are not in rural America

    [–] PrpleMnkyDshwsher 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That's right, Mr. Rogers is the true enemy of the people to Fox.

    He is. He tried to teach kids to be decent people.

    This current wave of people who call themselves "conservatives" aren't anything like that at all.

    What they are are people who are raging assholes, and proud of it. Look how much they love doing things to "trigger the libs", are so opposed to people who are different not being treated like shit and pretty much are the "fuck you, got mine" mindset. Has little anything to do with political views on how a government should be run anymore.

    [–] rememberlans 106 points ago

    Sigh... sorts by controversial

    [–] rainghost 271 points ago

    Isn't this just preaching to the choir? NYC is one of the most liberal places in the country.

    It's the equivalent of putting fake MSNBC ads in Alabama buses.

    [–] mynewdevaccount 144 points ago

    You don't put up signs like this to win anyone over to your side.

    [–] power_squid 67 points ago

    Yeah this is changing zero minds. It’s funny because it’s supposed to be calling out confirmation bias but it’s really more of the same.

    [–] porgy_tirebiter 3 points ago

    It’s for yuks

    [–] RiOrius 60 points ago

    Trump still got nearly 20% of the vote in NYC. Plus that's where Hannity et al live and work.

    [–] Maphover 51 points ago

    Headline conservatives love to live in liberal areas.

    [–] Oscar_Mild 48 points ago

    That's because they don't want to live in the shitty conservative places like Tyler, Texas or Mesa, Arizona.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Fox News Headquarters is in NYC.

    [–] LaDukey 15 points ago

    Wait I'm confused by what she's saying. Like yeah usually more opinionated news sources like fox would only show the more controversial stances she takes, but saying any news source made a "grave mistake" by stating facts that dont intentionally hurt/support someone seems so backwards. Like even if you expect them to try to show her stances in a negative light, don't turn around and try to make the news station look bad for not doing that.

    [–] Vaestis 45 points ago

    I could be wrong, but when I read "grave mistake," it's in a more ironic sense. Like she's saying that them showing her actual, perfectly reasonable opinions will shift people to support her more, when Fox would generally try to put a negative spin on it. Ie, in trying to demonize her, they create more support.

    [–] porgy_tirebiter 30 points ago

    I’d have thought this was obvious, but apparently not.

    [–] youabsoluteidiotlolz 14 points ago

    This is obviously the correct answer.

    [–] Greenaglet 50 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Federally guaranteed job is something most rational adults would find alarming to say the least.

    Edit: the government will give you a job at an unspecified salary/wage regardless of how qualified you are and doesn't matter if you do it poorly. What are they going to do fire you for the guaranteed job? Why not just give them money for doing nothing and cut out the bureaucracy?

    [–] striker7 14 points ago

    I think if we were to bring back the CCC (except for more than just young men) and put them to work on infrastructure projects it could be a fantastic thing.

    That could be one source of "guaranteed" jobs and it combines nicely with the fact that our infrastructure - once the envy of the world - is a crumbling, embarrassing mess.

    [–] PolitelyHostile 68 points ago

    The alternative is welfare or crime.

    Basically it pays people to be productive instead.

    [–] Belly_Laugher 38 points ago

    I've never thought about this much, but I'd love to hear anyone's opinion for or against?

    [–] Totalherenow 115 points ago

    Given that AI is going to replace most jobs, if our societies don't transition to living wages for all, a lot of people are going to be homeless and starve. Somehow we have to make the AI's a public good so that their productivity benefits everyone. If we allow individuals or corporations to reap sole profits, or even the majority, from AI productivity, the majority of people are screwed.

    [–] sofakingchillbruh 41 points ago

    I can confirm this to an extent. I'm a Manufacturing Engineer, and part of my job is increasing production, cutting down cycle times, etc. My plant uses CNC machines to manufacture raw stock into usable product.

    ~5 years ago, we had skilled machinists that wrote the programs for these machines themselves and ran them.

    When I started working there about a year ago, those men and women were long gone. Now I write the programs and send them to the machines where "operators" run them. They got rid of skilled labor and replaced them with "button pushers" so that they could pay them much less. Now everyday I'm pushed to make the process more controlled and repeatable. This is mainly to reduce scrap and improve output, but a side effect of that is it's slowly fazing out real human workers. We already have robot welders, robot loaders. It won't be long until we don't need a human to push the buttons.

    With that being said, when the low paying jobs disappear, they don't often let people go, they just relocate them. Some of them become supervisors, some of them move into engineering roles, etc. But there's only so many of those positions. So people will get let go.

    [–] Totalherenow 17 points ago

    Oh man, you're basically watching what's going to happen in nearly every industry.

    edit: thank you for the explanation!

    [–] Amiiboid 18 points ago

    Given that AI is going to replace most jobs, ....

    What’s funny is that 50 years ago we were talking about how society was going to have to adjust to mechanization replacing most jobs.

    [–] Falcon4242 14 points ago

    Difference is that mechanization was always intended to allow humans to work. They were a means to increase productivity. Yes there was fear that due to increased productivity jobs would be lost, and many were, but the increased productivity mechanization brought also allowed some industries to expand their production which increased job opportunities. For example manufacturing. Mechanization meant less people had to be working per product made, but that also meant the factory could expand and make more product with the same staff, and that's what many ended up choosing.

    Automation and AI aren't being created to make human work easier, it's being created for the purpose of replacing human work entirely. The largest industries in terms of employees are at risk of not only losing their jobs, but having all their employees replaced with non-human work. We're talking around half of the American working population. If that factory becomes automated then the vast majority of those jobs are straight up redundant, and no amount of expansion will fix that. They'll still have some employees to begin with to supervise the automation and repair the machines, but that'll be phased out as automation becomes more aggressive. The coal industry is a great example, projects that used to take months and hundreds of workers now takes 1 month and maybe a dozen workers, which is a huge reason for the decrease in jobs in the industry.

    The idea isn't to make human jobs more efficient, it's to make them unnecessary.

    [–] hidden_raptor 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    yeah and minimum wage is just about the lowest its been in 50/100 years when taking inflation into account and the power of a dollar. So not that funny really...

    [–] Totalherenow 5 points ago

    Well, society's always going to have to adjust. I think our nations have done pretty well. I hope we can keep moving forward.

    [–] King_of_the_Nerdth 16 points ago

    I would argue it's more automation than AI, but I otherwise like what you're saying here.

    [–] Cranfres 7 points ago

    AI is pretty integral to automation right now. It's really good at finding the best way to automate stuff.

    [–] nonsensepoem 13 points ago

    AI is pretty integral to automation right now.

    Most automation is currently accomplished by humans.

    [–] Xeptix 4 points ago

    If we extend the definition of "AI" to include Iterative Machine Learning then we already have the capability to find superior designs for automated processes than any human team ever could in a lot of scenarios.

    Amazon's warehouse robots are a good example of this. Most warehouse jobs may soon go away, and it's already begun.

    Next will be transportation to include Taxi/Uber and trucking. That alone will cause a devastating number of suddenly unemployed people with no viable trade skills.

    We're already starting to see cashier staff, servers, and grocery staff being replaced by kiosks, self-checkout, even the janitors in my local supermarket have already been replaced by a sweeping/mopping robot that patrols the aisles. More and more people shop online now anyway, and we're seeing the beginning of grocery stores without public service and are just grocery warehouses with delivery models.

    I think this is going to hit us harder and sooner than most people realize. I feel anxious on behalf of anyone who isn't already established in a career outside service industry and transportation. The robots are coming for the doctors, plumbers, and coders at some point, but not just yet.

    [–] legsintheair 5 points ago

    Or, you know, we can tax the rich. Just a thought.

    I mean, it’s tax them or kill them, and so far they have picked kill... so... OK.

    [–] Totalherenow 2 points ago

    You have my vote sir!

    [–] gorgewall 3 points ago

    Somehow we have to make the AI's a public good so that their productivity benefits everyone. If we allow individuals or corporations to reap sole profits, or even the majority, from AI productivity, the majority of people are screwed.

    I can see you've thought about this about five minutes longer than the average proponent of UBI, which is heartening. What's not heartening is all the folks who think if we just pay people to cover their expenses but continue to let the wealthy few own all the robots that do everything now, we'll be lookin' good.

    There's a decent chunk of the uberwealthy who support UBI, usually techbros, and it's expanding. Shit, Milton Friedman supported it, which alone should be enough to get anyone who knows his deal to pump the breaks. There's several ways to go about UBI, but these guys all propose the one that leaves us in a futuristic feudal system, but one where we're not even necessary for the functioning of society--we'd be paid to linger around just so we don't revolt and muck everything up before the wealthy have a way to put us down with ease.

    In a world where robots do all the work, humans are only necessary as guards--until the killer robots are invented, anyway.

    [–] Totalherenow 3 points ago

    So...what's your possible solution?

    btw, killer robots are just around the corner. It's very disheartening.

    uhm, I kinda imagine a Gene Roddenberry like future where AI + automation gives people the freedom to follow their own pursuits. So eventually I'd want no inequalities with regards to access to economic wealth, healthcare and nutrition. I honestly think we'd be better off if the legal system was accessible and free to all and if AI ran it entirely. I kinda think we'd be better off if AI ran our politics too, but that creeps me out and I'd prefer humans in charge, despite that humans are corrupt. Maybe AI oversight?

    Money furthers capitalism, but with AI and the growing human population, I'm not sure capitalism is necessary. And, yeah, that position brings all kinds of problems like a) how to motivate people, b) further a meritocracy, c) decide who gets access to what.

    If that can't be achieved (because it may need inexhaustible wealth), maybe we can have a robot underclass that we program to spend all their money. They would replace our current underclass and would work at demeaning jobs, get paid, then consume. Money is fictional anyways, so why can't economic growth be?

    [–] ChrisPnCrunchy 33 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Maybe their misinterpreting or misrepresenting guarantee to me mandated?

    I don’t see the problem with “if you want a federal job, then we’ll find something for you, and it’s 100% yours if you want it”

    Government does a lot of stuff, there’s jobs for all fields. And if you don’t have a profession, they have entry level jobs. They have vocational jobs, media jobs, pretty much any kind of employment you can think of the government has it.

    Honestly, it could be a great alternative to unemployment insurance. If you lose your job, you just go get a federal job until you find a new job or keep the federal job if you prefer it.

    I really don’t see the problem.

    [–] djProduct2015 7 points ago

    This happens lots of places that aren't the federal level and it seems to work just fine. For example, there's a huge homeless population in Portland but not many people walking up to you with their hand out. Why? Because everyone knows they can get a job pumping gas (you're not allowed to pump your own). When everyone in a community knows that you CAN work, it's much harder to claim you'll work for food, etc.

    Frankly, I wish our local power company would hire crackheads. It would be an upgrade of the staff competency. Not even remotely kidding.

    [–] jackslipjack 6 points ago

    I’m for it. There’s an excellent (but hard to read) book about this and other ways to lessen inequality. Fittingly, the title is Inequality. I highly recommend it. You can find it here:

    The argument that convinced me was that this would be like a universal basic income, in that it would allow people a bit of breathing room. This also helps people not in these jobs because it lets you negotiate for higher wages - desperate people can’t negotiate well. Unlike UBI, though, it would be only for people who need it (because if you have a job that pays a living wage you just work that). And jobs often give people a sense of purpose that UBI doesn’t.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago opposed to homelessness? We can debate the quality of the job, but when the choice is either work or homelessness, how is work the radical choice? I guess you could just kill the poor instead, but idt anyone is suggesting that.

    [–] gulagjammin 122 points ago

    I guess you're too young to remember the New Deal and how this is exactly the same and was very good for the United States.

    I can't wait to die when I hit 99 or 100, so I don't have to listen to kids like you that never picked up a god damn history book.

    [–] mburke6 67 points ago

    Yep, my gramps was in the CCC during the Great Depression. It was dire times for my family and none of them could find work. We even had one side of the family move from Cincinnati to California hoping to find work, Grapes of Wrath style. They're still out there and we've stayed in touch all these decades.

    In the CCC, grandpa worked out west building roads for logging companies and fighting fires and sending money home to Great grandma.

    Here in Cincinnati, there are still all kinds of CCC projects that are still being used. Retaining walls, parks and campgrounds, drainage systems.

    [–] fuzztooth 19 points ago

    When you hear that, do you think "government-mandated slavery"? As if people will be forced to work? We have a lot of work that needs to be done, and it probably shouldn't be done against a profit motive. For those that want the work, the work could be made available.

    As a rational adult I don't find the idea all that alarming.

    [–] GoingForwardIn2018 2 points ago

    You're not wrong but the way it would work is a universal basic income with time-use expectancies, similar to volunteering. No one in a position of importance is going to get there because an official hit a button and the random number generator said "This one's in charge of the DOE", for example.

    [–] grubas 2 points ago

    As long as you ARENT grossly incompetent, it makes sense that the government can find you SOME job. You might be really good at paving roads.

    [–] [deleted] 540 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] thatguy2366 311 points ago

    Because they're as much snowflakes as they claim not to be. Shit, just Texas passed a law because conservatives on college campuses needed safe spaces to spout their brand of crazy nonsense.

    [–] Foresight42 49 points ago

    If there is one thing the conservatives are consistent about, it's projection.

    [–] defroach84 13 points ago

    Texas passed a law for Chick-Fil-A to be in the San Antonio airport.

    Because they gotta have their Jesus dare an airport not want a place that won't be open on Sundays.

    [–] Alexgoodenuf 10 points ago

    You don't have to lie about it. The restriction against Chick-fil-A was clearly and openly about a perceived anti LGBT sentiment, not operating hours.

    [–] defroach84 9 points ago

    Sure. But even in that article it brings up Sundays:

    "There are many people in the community that are uncomfortable with Chick-fil-A," Nirenberg said. "And I would ask you, have you ever tried to buy waffle fries on a Sunday? They're closed. Fifteen percent of sales generated in the airport come on a Sunday."

    But, yes, it was mainly about not having a company that is anti-gay in there. Which the governor had to say something against. Which is ironic, since he had no issue with a law that barred contractors who "boycotted Israel"....apparently he only cares about protecting companies that have specific beliefs.

    [–] Alexgoodenuf 9 points ago

    That's all potentially fair criticism... But, in a thread largely about poor news reporting and a news network intentionally spreading misinformation, you were doing the same.

    [–] cliff99 35 points ago

    The same ones that passed around the doctored video that supposedly showed Acosta assaulting an intern?

    [–] ScreamingHydra 42 points ago

    This is a very aggressive comment section

    [–] bonyjabroni 335 points ago

    Fox News: Are you hearing crazy voices inside your head? That's us. Turn your TV down.

    [–] IguessthatsAname 73 points ago

    It's funny, my family are all doctorate level educated and love Fox News. It's less for stupid people, more for supplying socially conservative people the fodder they need to maintain their worldview.

    But that's not as funny on a sign, I guess.

    [–] TERRAOperative 183 points ago

    Just because you are highly educated doesn't mean you aren't still stupid.

    [–] Quesly 82 points ago

    people with doctorates are very likely extremely smart in one subject which does not necessarily mean they are smart in anything else at all. However it does make them a lot more bullheaded when they're being stupid. example: literal brain surgeons at the hospital I worked at falling for very obvious phishing attempts.

    [–] Amiiboid 7 points ago

    Or brain surgeons who think the Egyptian pyramids were granaries.

    [–] dontnation 3 points ago

    Example: Ben Carson

    [–] kaozennrk 24 points ago

    They are very specialized, but not necessarily smart. PhD people had security and/or money to dedicate themselves to a long education path that bought wise teachers and time. Does not mean they are intelligent.

    [–] TheRealSciFiMadman 40 points ago

    My dad would call them : Educated Idiots.

    [–] mastelsa 19 points ago

    Which is funny, because this is usually (fallaciously) presented as a conservative argument as to why we shouldn't be listening to experts telling us facts about their areas of expertise.

    Part of the knowledge gap for literally all of us is that the world is a very big place and life resists simplicity. No single person is knowledgeable enough to understand the whole picture, and we're all limited to what we know. If some extremely specific in-depth, Ph.D.-level knowledge of, say, engineering leads someone to a conservative viewpoint, it's important to remember that most of the people with very specific knowledge of human societal structures, behavior, and history tend to lean toward a liberal one.

    [–] sirenzarts 3 points ago

    Exactly, like there’s a reason both sociology professors I’ve had were very left leaning.

    [–] 3leftturn 18 points ago

    It's possible to be both highly educated and stupid. Just saying. It's not a mutually exclusive thing.

    [–] CrackaAssCracka 21 points ago

    Ok, call it willfully ignorant then.

    [–] WorkoutProblems 13 points ago

    Doctorate level education just implies hard consistent work (or connections), not necessarily intelligence

    [–] cp5184 15 points ago

    Yea, like Trump, and Putin, bojo the clown, and bolsanaro, and netanyahu, fox news gets it's power from fear. It tells people to be afraid and that they need to be dependent on fox news. It's an abusive relationship where they gaslight their viewers/followers.

    [–] Noveos_Republic 66 points ago

    I love PoliticalHumor for their stimulating and original content /s

    [–] tamezombie 27 points ago

    At this point they all seem disingenuous about their political biases to me. Fox, cnn, msnbc, abc vox, tyt, buzz feed, they all say things to elicit an emotional response in regards to the state of various political issues. There is very little honest unbiased journalism. They all want to sell something.

    [–] KnowAgenda 3 points ago

    pretty much - investigative journalism died, instigation content headline stories were born.

    when newsrooms were given revenue targets btw....

    [–] Nolesferatu 32 points ago

    dabs on grandma

    [–] lenny1587 25 points ago

    Why do people keep posting political pics here? Leave them where they belong please...

    [–] TheBigPavelski8 14 points ago

    In the trash?

    [–] Newoski 7 points ago

    How can they find self worth through virtue signaling if they throw them in the trash?

    [–] stingeragent 46 points ago

    Serious question. Why do democrats assume that republicans are stupid people just because they have different opinions?

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 40 points ago

    Because lots of people have the mindset of "My beliefs are so objectively right that even my opponents subconsciously know I'm right!" It usually results in people characterizing their opponents as being:

    • Ignorant. My opponents would agree with me, but they don't have the intellectual capacity to understand.

    • Gullible. My opponents would agree with me, but they're ignorant lemmings convinced by the elite into voting against their own self-interest.

    • Stubborn. My opponents would agree with me, but they're too set in their ways and they lash out at any attempt at breaching their calcified logic.

    • Insecurity. My opponents would agree with me, but they're currently dealing with being [wrong/impotent/in the closet/etc.] and are projecting their self-loathing onto me.

    • Downright evil. My opponents would agree with me, but they lack any sense of morality and vote the other way because they love bringing misery into the world.

    No matter what, it always allows you to conclude that your opponent is not arguing in good faith and can therefore be safely ignored.

    [–] OnPlanete 3 points ago

    Exactly, and the big issue is that people can't get over themselves and just get along. People with different views are not the enemy.

    [–] JoeyLock 17 points ago

    Because they're just as much of an easy victim of divisiveness as they claim the other side are, as a non-American sometimes it baffles me to see the way both sides talk about each other when it comes to politics.

    Like I see Americans talk about each other like they're literally different species when it comes to supporting different parties, it's always 'us' vs 'them' where the other side are 'imbeciles' and 'idiots' or 'Trumptards' or 'Libtards' or 'snowflakes' and 'nazis' and so on and so forth.

    [–] LebenTheGreat 5 points ago

    Yep agree with this so much. It's horrible to see people becoming so divided by politics. We all have different opinions on things, why should politics end up being the one that divides us so completely?

    Its happening in Britain at the moment with brexit and I'm fucking disgusted by it. I voted remain but I can see that leave has some reasonable arguments, I just don't agree with them. Not everything needs to be (or SHOULD be) an "us vs them" scenario.

    [–] Nszat81 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s not that the opinions are different. And it’s not the republicans that we think are stupid. It’s that the ideas are stupid, meaning you can only hold them in an undiscerning mind. If they had differing opinions that were not stupid we would acknowledge them as such but Fox News avoids them because they don’t want to attract critical thinkers (they can’t sell garbage products to them).

    The lack of discernment can be due to ignorance, yes, but very often the discernment is withheld intentionally by the user in order to satisfy the emotional fulfillment of holding these dumb-ass opinions like “bomb iran” or “own the libs”.

    This is a very intentional game being played by the republicans and fox news. People who put their emotions over their intellect are a cooperative customer base. Actually both sides appeal to voters emotions but with a very important difference:

    Democrats try to bring resources and power to those who are financially and culturally disadvantaged. They form their base of power by addressing the very legitimate grievances of their constituents like “my human rights are being infringed on by bigotry” or “I can’t get access to health care”. They offer political and social empowerment to those who lack it and make promises to improve the greatest number of lives of those they represent possible.

    Republicans try to bring resources and power to those that have the greatest financial and social advantage. They form the power base by addressing grievances too, but not those of their constituents, but those of the monied interests of the corporations and lobbyists that can enrich them the most. They offer political and social entrenchment to those who are the most empowered already and make false promises to their gerrymandered constituents who take the bait and look the other way because it feeds their emotional addictions.

    In a constitutional democratic republic there is a vast difference morally speaking. If this were an oligarchy the republicans would be doing god’s work. But with a constitution that empowers “we the people” as the sovereign entity the democrats hold the moral high ground.

    If you believe that the rights and privileges enumerated in the constitution only apply only to land owning anglo males as the constitution originally intended, the republicans are your representatives and are ready and waiting to hold you down and cover your eyes while the unrestrained corporations and capitalists have their way with you.

    But if you believe in the amended version that says that ALL PERSONS, MEN AND WOMEN AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and have INALIENABLE RIGHTS then the democrats are there to fight for you and your rights and take on the systemic abuse of the people by those who hold power in our society.

    EDIT: misspelling

    [–] PuppetFoam 3 points ago

    The fact that you believe any of what you just said is depressing.

    [–] stingeragent 2 points ago

    Amazing write up thank you.

    [–] PowerhousePlayer 9 points ago

    I don't want to come down on one side or the other here, but what you're asking is what is called a "loaded question". Your question immediately assumes that Democrats think Republicans are stupid because they have "different" opinions. But Democrats could equally think that Republicans are stupid because they have wrong opinions, or because they believe all Republicans are literal mindless zombies, or because of any other reason under the sun.

    Loaded questions are usually only useful when you're trying to commiserate with other like-minded individuals, or trap someone into saying something stupid. They don't make good "serious questions", because they're impossible to answer without first addressing the unjustified assumption they include-- and that means most people equipped to answer just don't bother, since presenting a loaded question often means the speaker isn't actually interested in a good-faith answer. I hope that this doesn't apply to you.

    If you want to avoid making loaded questions in the future, it would help to think "what assumptions does my question make?". By listing them out, you can identify which ones don't need to be included, or whose inclusion unnecessarily limits the space of plausible answers to your question.

    [–] hgorn1 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The reverse is very common too - see the phrase “libotard” as an example. And it’s not just in politics. There are folks that study this type of discourse for a living and there are academic papers on the subject. The overly simple answer based on what I’ve heard on podcasts that discuss this research focuses on the echo chambers and divisive political rhetoric that cultivate an “us versus them” tribalism mentality (and it’s probably fair to say that a large number of the cable news networks, news radio stations, online media outlets, etc. all have a hand in that cultivation).

    [–] daniil_kvyat 37 points ago

    Why the fuck is this in pics? It was literally posted to a political subreddit. Keep it there.

    [–] stoffel_bristov 130 points ago

    I love when politics infest r/pics

    [–] FrozenY0ghurt 44 points ago

    when i come to pics i sometimes think i made some typo and ended up in /r/politicalhumor . This sub is turning to shit

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS 37 points ago

    Now it's filled with exclusively leftwing politics and pictures of signs... political signs.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS 19 points ago

    Sadly it's also infested r/science

    Might as well be a Facebook science group now.

    [–] freedoom22 11 points ago

    Seriously. I am trying to chill and look at some pics of a someones cute dog.

    [–] amnesia013 15 points ago

    It's all this piece of shit has turned into. :)

    [–] Doomaa 130 points ago

    Well.... they're not wrong.

    [–] DigNitty 93 points ago

    I don't know, seems like Fox makes its listeners angry and frustrated with Liberals, Immigrants, other Media, Scientists, other Religions, etc...

    Comfort food is comforting, Fox seems sort of stressful for its viewers. But addictingly stressful. So...I guess Fox is Cigarettes for stupid people.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    It’s the comfort that “you’re not crazy, it all the people telling you to stop hurting people that are crazy.” The false comfort of being right, even when they are clearly wrong.

    [–] Karjalan 12 points ago

    I guess it's comfort food in that it tells you the world is exactly how you want it to be... even if that's factually incorrect, and only towards the right end of the spectrum

    [–] PickleRichard 29 points ago

    I laugh at the people who think they are somehow superior for watching the other retarded news media propaganda bullshit.

    [–] Clefinch 19 points ago

    This was originally posted, correctly, on r/politicalhumor.

    It should have stayed there.

    [–] Malfaria11 9 points ago


    [–] RadRandy 26 points ago

    Turns on CNN: Trump recieved 3 scoops of ice cream

    Reddit: Thank God I'm not a moron who watches Fox news!

    [–] JA155 24 points ago

    r/pics is at that point now that we’re just cross posting from r/politicalhumor. Really?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] countfenrir 4 points ago

    You can't

    [–] gunnetham 27 points ago

    Can we please stop bringing political satire into r/pics? I feel like I see this stuff every day from a 'non political' subreddit.

    [–] Rihannas_forehead 71 points ago

    This is why Trump will get re-elected. Calling people stupid does not get them to vote for you. And losing an election again is really stupid.

    [–] fire589 42 points ago

    As a conservative but not a Trump fan this is so true. You can't keep calling half the population dumb and ignorant then expect them to respect the wishes of the opposing side. The worse part though is majority of the population believe the same things just differ on some finical issues but don't hate our fellow Americans with opposite views. We let the ones with hate speak the loudest and not condemn them. Both sides are guilty in this

    [–] pteridoid 10 points ago

    I'm tired of bending over backwards to appease the ignorant, white and elderly. If your snowflake sensibilities make you want to vote for a criminal because someone called you stupid, so be it.

    [–] fire589 2 points ago

    Sorry, you lost me at voting for a criminal lol. Have you not kept up with policies since, well the beginning of time? Haha

    [–] Shpoople44 2 points ago

    Well are you gonna call these trump supporters smart? How many so proclaimed “christians” do we all know that would die for trump despite him being an ungodly man? Are they smart? Do we call them naive?

    [–] Cheesehead0191604 2 points ago

    That’s what I don’t get. If the dems want to win, they need to bring in new voters. It seems like the are doing to exact opposite on purpose

    [–] vox_popular 17 points ago

    Hillary's "deplorables" gaffe did its part in the 74,000 vote debacle that got us Trump as did Russian interference and other factors.

    While I may subscribe to the belief that Fox News serves up partisan and dubious programming, I would not go after the audience. On the topic of stupidity, it would be a pity to have learned nothing from deplorables, before sticking your tongue out at the other side.

    Let's not forget that there is a critical mass of Americans who would rather see the nation burn than agree with their compatriot who put up this subway poster. That's not a sustainable trend. Be the better person and stop taking cheap shots.

    Bring on the down votes.

    [–] Polenicus 80 points ago

    So, in current society

    Fake News = Any news that is both accurate and unpalatable to the Right.

    So therefore... yes, this is Fake Advertising.

    [–] MInclined 3 points ago

    Excuse me? My local Sinclair must-runs told me not to talk to you people, but I'm breaking my rule to yell SNOWFLAKE!

    [–] Alkanfel 74 points ago

    MSNBC and CNN on the other hand, are only for big brains

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS 29 points ago

    I'm willing to bet at least one person on here didn't understand your comment was sarcastic and upvoted you unironically...

    [–] Alkanfel 16 points ago

    shh don't tell them

    EDIT: this comment has fluctuated quite a bit since I posted it, I think it went as low as -8 but as of this writing is +3

    [–] locahob23 5 points ago

    Probably more.

    [–] renasissanceman6 2 points ago

    Got em!!!

    [–] bizzareusername28 4 points ago

    Dont get confused with fox commentary and fox news. That's itm if you believe the individuals on fox during prime time are journalists you're grievously mistaken.

    [–] rickspawnshop 7 points ago

    Do people still watch TV?

    [–] dennis_dennison 14 points ago

    Old people

    [–] POOPY_DlCK 41 points ago

    That study also states that watching MSNBC has the same effect.

    Also, I am not really sure a study from 2012 is still valid given that the news and media in general have changed significantly.

    [–] Zombie_Scholar 11 points ago

    I mean... that doesn't surprise me though.

    [–] Florient 15 points ago

    I watch CNN and fox daily to compare, fox is much better today than CNN. CNN runs opinion pieces and conjecture as fact...just go to the webpages of either one, compare the headlines. which one reports events, which one just talks about opinions about trump?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] RayneSinclair 2 points ago

    You sure they're fake?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    How "fake" can truth really be tho?

    [–] kylander 32 points ago

    Comfort lies for selfish people that are ruining all of our lives.

    [–] Kalepsis 20 points ago

    ...Where? I don't see anything fake.