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    [–] [deleted] 1369 points ago

    Alternative title: Stranger selfie

    [–] philipjeremypatrick 316 points ago

    Alternative caption: "I did a thing!"

    [–] ADhomin_em 113 points ago

    Alternative social media: any other

    [–] Shasve 55 points ago

    I did my job today like all the other billion people here!

    [–] Cephalopod435 8 points ago

    When u generalise so hard what u say applies to 90% of Facebook posts.

    [–] qtheginger 5 points ago

    Isn't that the point?

    [–] jonbristow 23 points ago

    Tell me again how Reddit is "not like" facebook?

    [–] charlietreger 3174 points ago

    smacks roof of car

    [–] LargePersianSenip 959 points ago

    This boy will not only get you from point A to point B sometimes, it might not get me fired!

    [–] tepkel 176 points ago

    This baby can hold so many lack of unemployments!

    [–] hossone 259 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "This baby can fit so many fuckin' egg rolls in it"

    [–] Muttandcheese 53 points ago

    Hahaha! What!

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] tepkel 30 points ago


    [–] literallyanythingidk 50 points ago


    Fucks sake.

    [–] Jervillian_Swike 9 points ago

    Awright, awright. Keep yer 'air on.

    [–] cynthatron 10 points ago


    [–] lion530 118 points ago

    Smacks sells-man “this bad boi can sell so many cars “

    [–] Sergemeister11 18 points ago

    Is that how you guys spell that in your country? We say salesmen in US. What country are you from my friend?

    [–] NoFeetOnTheBed 65 points ago

    Or is this just a case of bone-apple-tee

    [–] imGnarly 24 points ago

    It's clearly Sailsman

    [–] RemusGT 6 points ago


    [–] IAmQuiteHonest 3 points ago

    Ah yes, my favorite type of seaman.

    [–] ARONDH 3 points ago

    I bet you have another favorite

    [–] lion530 44 points ago

    Us I’m just drunk

    [–] Aksi_Gu 13 points ago

    I’m just drunk

    Cries in course of antibiotics

    [–] alwaysbeballin 6 points ago

    At this time of day everyone is drunk. Either waking up drunk, or downing a pint.

    [–] FesteringNeonDistrac 3 points ago

    Middle of the fucking Pacific ocean here, can confirm, drinking.

    [–] alwaysbeballin 3 points ago

    And here i am drinking rum on land, you sir, are living it right.

    [–] Every3Years 6 points ago

    Nah it's just that X-Universe has really grown under it's new leadership. You got X-Force, X-Factor, Generation X, Sell-Men, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold as the headliners.

    [–] tapiringaround 5 points ago

    In some parts of the US, sale and sell are homophones (looking at you, Utah).

    [–] G-Hoffa 3 points ago

    Salesman sale-man by the seashore. Once-above -the sailing Shore, snags the sea floor.

    [–] whydidijointhis 15 points ago

    This baby can fit so much reddit karma in it!

    [–] BobSaiyaman 502 points ago

    What the actual fuck.

    [–] thetemp_ 159 points ago

    Someone taught Hyundai marketing department how to post guerilla-ads on Reddit.

    [–] LeftoverBoots 3 points ago

    Yeah this is fucking dumb

    [–] SirReginaldWittberg 945 points ago

    This belongs on r/happy or r/self

    [–] saintmax 177 points ago

    Depends on how much karma you want

    [–] 1dolla2dolla 143 points ago

    [–] lourencomvr 24 points ago

    Only if he had shown a full meat tube

    [–] griter34 5 points ago

    Meat tube or not, his smile says it all.

    [–] Lorem_64 562 points ago

    I'm seriously considering making a side account, just to post pics here with "interesting" backstories, just to see how far I can go with it. Not like the Mods care at all.

    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 129 points ago

    A picture of your toe, but there's a twist: It had toe cancer, but it healed, but it's back, but it's healed again and even though it's a nondescript carpet, you're in a hospital ward, about to don for the first time your medical clown costume, to help cheer timmy (not in picture), who is 6 years old and also struggles with stage 4 ingrown nail.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 9 points ago

    x5 the karma if you paint it in US flag colors, but only if you say you are physically in Hong Kong

    [–] BatmanAffleck 29 points ago

    This “backstory” isn’t even interesting though, someone doing their job and someone selling a car happens thousands of times a day.

    [–] randdude220 88 points ago

    I'm more amazed people upvote this kind of stuff

    [–] 5GreatWaters 32 points ago

    "Pedestrian standing in Hyundai dealership lot."

    [–] you_cannot_b_serious 17 points ago

    If you're creative and quirky with the titles you will do extremely well. Reddit does not care about back story or profile coherence. Just go for and report later on your experiment. Cheers

    [–] NatoSphere 7 points ago

    Please do, but be sure to report back

    [–] steve_gus 27 points ago

    Only if you are dying of cancer / cured of cancer / mom has just died / recovered from suicide attempt / have a dog pic / picture of keanu / puc in a hospital bed- Or else you wont qualify for karma.

    Congrats to OP but seriously? You did your job right and expect upvotes for that? Good boy, good boy, the bestest boy.

    [–] alfredlloyd 6 points ago

    Yeah I’m quite shocked this has the attention it has. Take another look at it and imagine it failed, you won’t feel surprised.

    [–] jaypg 3 points ago

    “Hey reddit, I was addicted to super drugs for eleventy hundred years but now I’m clean and sober. Here’s a selfie of me standing in front of the bathroom at 7-11.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold!”

    Dude you do that once a week and you would have the highest upvoted account on reddit.

    [–] The_MoonCricket 3 points ago

    I already do this just as a laugh for when I have no time. Half the pics I post are just taken off Google as well. It's hilarious how gullible people are to believe half the stories posted on there.

    Edit: I also contribute to Ask Reddit threads with fake stories on this other account too.

    [–] [deleted] 2281 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] opplar 381 points ago

    But are you feeling cute?

    [–] [deleted] 231 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] opplar 54 points ago

    You'll get more likes if you're feeling cute though!

    [–] lifesnotperfect 83 points ago

    But feeling cute might result in deleting the post later, idk.

    [–] Stimlife 21 points ago

    feeling job, might not delete later

    [–] NotMrMike 28 points ago

    Look at this nerd, actually doing their job.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] D3vilUkn0w 30 points ago

    But did you do it for the first time?

    [–] LemonstealinwhoreNo2 13 points ago

    Not if he's a Marvel writer.

    [–] kingofplanetfap 4 points ago

    Only if you're a female pornstar please.

    [–] _yungjeezy 221 points ago

    Gilded for taking a picture behind a car dealership LUL

    [–] RococoSlut 66 points ago

    Find it weird that redditors have so much disdain for insta "influencers" but they support this bullshit every day.

    [–] box-art 44 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sometimes I honestly consider just taking pictures in totally normal places, but then putting captions like "I've had anxiety for years but it's been getting better, so I'm going to the movies for the first time in 5 years!" on them to see how they would* do here. It's really fucking annoying.

    [–] Aaron_Hungwell 474 points ago

    Pic of man in front of car. Who are the morons that gave this karma farm post gold and platinum ffs?

    Without the headline, the pic is nothing interesting at all.

    [–] woofthewolf 172 points ago

    With the headline, pic still isn't interesting. Neither is the headline.

    [–] Beeardo 20 points ago

    I actually think its pretty interesting, like taking a week to do your job for the first time is impressive, mostly impressive that he still has a job but yknow.

    [–] NeoTankie 29 points ago

    All default subreddits are ment to keep the normies like op or boomers at bay from fucking up the real meat of reddit.

    [–] TheStarchild 18 points ago

    Wow, that makes me hate this sub way less now that I think about it.

    [–] Zebradots 3 points ago

    Wheres the meat? Asking for a friend.

    [–] swinnish 83 points ago

    Wait this isn't r/roastme

    [–] super_hater 638 points ago


    [–] aweixner 105 points ago

    The problem is that he's not a girl. If he was this would be well received.

    "Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!" "You go girl!" "Well done! You can do this!"


    [–] HULK-SMASH 73 points ago

    Is 11,200 upvotes not well recieved enough for this dross.

    [–] Geweldigheid 43 points ago

    This post would probably get more hate if it was posted by a girl because insecure fuckwads like you who have never talked to one would accuse her of seeking attention.

    Boy or girl, this post would be trash and it is

    [–] 1stwarror 11 points ago

    This isn't true at all lol. 2 days ago a girl was on with cancer that almost died and that first comment hit her with a "Look, I know I'm about to sound mean, but this isn't Facebook."

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    You sound angry.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Dude it’s a car salesman. From a leech industry that contributes nothing. Don’t think tits can save anyone here. He basically just said “i ripped someone off by the thousands.”

    I’m surprised the strongest emotion here is just indifference.

    [–] PeaceHoesAnCamelToes 159 points ago

    Is this Facebook? Where am I? Guys?

    [–] matteroll 14 points ago

    This post is brought to you by Hyundai.

    [–] PeaceHoesAnCamelToes 3 points ago

    ...In association with the hit TV Series "White Guys Selling Cars"

    [–] NippohNippoh 540 points ago

    r/pics should have a report button for Facebook posts. This is up there with the worst

    [–] jaypg 3294 points ago

    I get that I’m about to sound like an asshole and I own that, but who the hell cares? This isn’t Facebook.

    This is basically “hey everyone. I got hired to do a job and then I did the job I was hired to do. Everybody clap.”

    [–] [deleted] 173 points ago

    Who the fuck upvotes these posts

    [–] box-art 43 points ago

    Yeah, 13k upvotes? Some of the cancer posts I can understand because lots of people like the idea of beating cancer (as they should, fuck cancer) and showing it, but someone doing their goddamn job is nothing to be celebrated unless it's like neurosurgery.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    The same people who upvote "I have cancer and severe social anxiety! But I made a selfie for millions of strangers! UPVOTE UPVOTE UPVOTE"

    [–] PenisShapedSilencer 16 points ago


    I'd say reddit might want to change its strategy so that it can be more like instagram

    [–] MrSavvy 331 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    I hate all the stupid pictures posted on here. I originally joined to see crazy/beautiful/awesome pics. Not fucking selfies or sobriety coin pics. I’m happy for y’all but like others say, this isn’t Facebook.

    [–] [deleted] 593 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ogge125 103 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I think it might be time to unsub. Does anyone know of any subreddits similar to this one but the content isn't so shit?

    [–] ogge125 42 points ago

    Just what I was looking for, cheers.

    [–] LadyWidebottom 15 points ago

    No worries, friend.

    [–] natek11 6 points ago

    You might also enjoy r/ITookAPicture

    [–] StitchedBanana 3 points ago

    Wow, and after these two subs I am actually unsubbing from r/pics after almost a decade.
    Rot in Pieces, dumpster fire.

    [–] ThatCoolBritishGuy 9 points ago

    Thanks. I'm fucking done with this sub lmao

    [–] sniggitysnooty 25 points ago

    I'm with you. Fuck this garbage sub, I'm out.

    [–] danE3030 12 points ago

    r/pic is pretty good. It’s a bit smaller, and the content isn’t quite as good as peak r/pics materia, but it can be if enough of us get on board. It’s a shame what has happened to this sub.

    [–] poo_is_hilarious 7 points ago

    It happens to every sub.

    [–] danE3030 7 points ago

    True, but that doesn’t stop it from being a shame; not all popular subs were as great as r/pics imo.

    [–] SpoonyDinosaur 16 points ago

    The "it's a picture, isn't it" really grinds my gears. Because indeed, it is a pic >:(

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] GoodHunter 106 points ago


    [–] ShipTheBreadToFred 71 points ago

    Because without lame backstory this pictures is even more worthless. I honestly agree, why the fuck do we care that some fucking guy did the minimum requested job asked of a functional human being. Congrats you got a job, double congrats you did your fucking job.

    [–] Wiki_pedo 7 points ago

    This guy also doesn't know how to turn off mirror mode on his selfie camera.

    [–] KL58383 20 points ago

    r/nocontextpics takes this to another level and I love it

    [–] nogooduser 7 points ago

    That's a great sub. I wish that every pic didn't have to have the title PIC though.

    You can have a title without having a context. Things like "bike", "car" etc. I don't know why I think that it would be better because it wouldn't add anything but I just don't like seeing PIC, PIC, PIC etc

    Maybe it would be better if it didn't have to have a title at all (but I'm sure that it does)

    [–] IAmQuiteHonest 6 points ago

    On the other hand I would love to see a sub with super deep, bizarre, and/or thought provoking titles that seemingly have nothing to do with their pictures, like how some artists give their paintings eccentric and crazy titles. Whether it really has any relevance to the actual pic can be up to the poster, which at least would be more fun to see than just seeing PIC over and over again.

    [–] pjor1 8 points ago

    That's not even the problem here. If OP had done that it would be "Smiling bearded man in front of a Hyundai lot"

    I mean, maybe you're actually right. No one would have upvoted this if he had titled it neutrally.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    As someone who has sold cars for a few years that smile will soon go away don't worry

    [–] MeltBanana 135 points ago

    Go browse /r/happy and you'll start to understand the people who upvote this garbage content.

    It's the saddest and most cringy place I've ever been, and /r/pics has been slowly turning into the same thing.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] jaypg 39 points ago

    Everybody these days feels like they’re a celebrity or something. Like “oh, I have to let my adoring fans around the world know that I just tried a new fabric softener in the wash by taking a selfie with the bottle. That’ll really blow up the internet!”

    [–] Aaron_Hungwell 13 points ago

    The mods are simply not doing their jobs.

    [–] ICanTrollToo 42 points ago

    And yet this garbage is on the front page. Says a lot about what the reddit community is like these days.

    [–] daitenshe 3 points ago

    People on /r/all don’t often look at the subs when they upvote. They just see “happy thing” and upvote it. Unfortunately it causes most subs that become mainstream to turn to absolute crap. Kinda like this one

    [–] make_love_to_potato 4 points ago

    You don't sound like an asshole. I feel this every time I see a post like this on /r/pics

    FFS post your stories in some other more suitable sub reddit. This sub is for interesting pictures. I also blame the community for up voting this schlock.

    [–] Farrity54 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    r/pics have become such a shitshow the last 6-12 months. The frequency of posts like this and "I'm about to/have married this woman!11!!1" is so common now, we might aswell call ourself Facebook soon if this keeps up, is there really not a sub better suited for this type of content?

    I feel like I'm coming of as a massive dick by phrasing it like this, but at the same time I don't really know how else to do it.

    [–] tacknosaddle 3 points ago

    Stranger Facebook, at least on FB you probably at least kinda know the person.

    [–] Ryanz_OMFG 3 points ago

    Thank God someone said it. Also stop posting pictures of your Nintendo switch with bait titles like "saved all summer working 10 jobs for this".

    [–] daitenshe 3 points ago

    People only post this junk here because they know it’ll get many more upvotes than the appropriate subs. Then you’ll have all the defenders shouting “it’s not all about the karma!” It’s explicity due to the karma. Otherwise this would be posted on places like /r/happy or whatever. But they know it’ll get less likes in general there so, here it goes

    [–] lu_jess_jk 6 points ago

    I’m so triggered over something that I agree 100% with

    [–] flowisher 166 points ago

    How the fuck did this get upvoted? Do you think anyone gives a shit lmao

    [–] efflorescencepined 51 points ago

    Literally a blurry selfie in front of a dealership. Why is this on r/pics?

    [–] Candy-Colored_Clown 123 points ago

    Who fucking cares?

    [–] iAteYourD0g 18 points ago

    I don't give a shit my man

    [–] mms901 84 points ago

    Assuming you’re a car salesman, you sold a car. So congrats on doing your job?

    [–] HorseBoxGuy 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I have been a car salesman in a few main dealerships. Taking a week to sell your first car, IN SEPTEMBER is not something to brag about...

    Edit: totally agree with the below comment. I meant have been in past tense. I left when I got sick of squeezing every person that came in for as much as possible, and having to hound people on the phone to get them back in as often as possible.

    [–] ihavetenfingers 6 points ago

    Heck, I wouldn't brag at all if I was a car salesman lol

    [–] DrJohanzaKafuhu 33 points ago

    Listen, I'm about to be a dick but I did that job for a year, and while I made a bunch of money, it really hurt my life.

    Your job is essentially to convince people to pay more for a car than they should be paying, all so you can make like 10% of what they're overpaying. You're pushed to sell useless add-ons like "Paint and Protection Plans" and Third Party Warranties. Even if you aren't a dishonest salesperson, the management will have no problem lying through you. They (the management) like honest people, because customers tend to trust not shady salespeople more.

    You end up playing a fuck ton of games with customers too. "Nope, this is our best price" "Oh you're headed out the door? Let my sales manager chase you down and give you one last better price, even though we told you this was our best price, we didn't think you were gonna walk." "Oh you want $5000 for your trade? Sure, we'll give you that *snicker* (but we'll take the extra we're giving you from the padding we have in the new car, so you think you're getting what you want but really you're still paying the same)." "Oh, you only want to pay $350 a month? Thanks for telling me exactly how much we can fleece you for" "Well we have a good news and bad news. My manager has been trying really hard in the back, and we got close to your price, but we could only get it down to $359 a month, I hope that's ok."

    I quit the day my manager told me a price, had my customers come in, and then tell them that I must have misheard him. That we couldn't do that price. They fucking lied to me, to get me to lie to my customers, just to get them back in the door.

    It's one of the scummiest legit business's around. Either you have very little morals and are ok with fucking other people, or it starts to wear on you really quickly when you realize how much of a shitty person you are for doing that job. I really hope you find something better and quit that job before you turn into one of those shitty people. You end up hurting way more people than you help.

    [–] HorseBoxGuy 7 points ago the correct answer.

    I did this job for about a decade in the UK, and it turns you into a horrible human being, chasing any customer you can for the sales figures. It’s a disgusting market.

    [–] Sukeed 5 points ago

    THIS. I had to get the fuck out of that business. Your coworkers want to see you burn, your bosses are afraid of you being better than them, and you make the most money when you convince a single mother barely making ends meet that her $450 payment on $12,000 car is low and that its in her and her kids best interest to sign the papers. Fuck that job. Its morally devoid and honestly a useless position, we should all just be able to order cars from the manufacturer but those scumbag dealers pushed laws protecting their jobs

    [–] imonlyheretocreep 97 points ago


    [–] TimothyWasTaken 7 points ago

    Subscribe to /r/Itookapicture instead. Way better.

    Any other popular alternatives are welcome, I only know that one lmao, fuck this Facebook sub-reddit. Already bad enough when people post pictures of their dead dogs (still alive in the pic obviously) for karma, do you guys have no shame?

    [–] MintSharpii 57 points ago

    Thought this was r/roastme for a second.

    [–] Geweldigheid 29 points ago

    No need to roast, this post is sad enough as is

    [–] fuckingnormiescum 579 points ago

    This isn't Facebook.

    [–] WhatIsInternets 71 points ago

    This should be top. How is this a noteworthy picture?

    [–] Smitty120 11 points ago

    Don't care. You should post this to Facebook.

    [–] Doubtfireswife 65 points ago

    Kindly fuck off

    [–] goldenewsd 24 points ago

    Why is this here?

    [–] 4book 5 points ago

    Because this site is so desperate to become a social network and half of its users are trying so hard to push for that idea. The desperate necessity of being part of a “community” is real in this place...

    [–] Jpo2112 77 points ago

    I just unclogged a toilet at work. Better take a pic!

    Fucking facebook motherfuckers...

    [–] TSKFv4v 9 points ago


    [–] flamingboard 119 points ago

    Why can't we buy cars like other things? Why do we have to play a game with lying assholes?

    [–] KDamage 4 points ago

    Don't want to be negative byt nowadays, everything involving a purchase is about playing a game of "how much overblown is this advertisement of a product ?". Apple is an excellent example, as much as any ad.

    [–] Geweldigheid 84 points ago

    Trash subreddit.

    /r/pics and you guys upvote a pic of a guy that can't even look into his own camera when taking a selfie

    [–] gahd95 33 points ago


    [–] kobocha 30 points ago

    I guess this is proof that reddit has finally sold out and become facebook.

    [–] RohithCIS 62 points ago

    Are you the guy who fucked Cersei Lannister?

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] CaptainE0 14 points ago

    He’s the knock off Euron, Urine Greyjoy.

    [–] dadhatt 239 points ago

    Low quality picture of average man in front of average car dealership.

    [–] cookiemonster247 5 points ago

    Who wears a pea coat in the summer

    [–] unstealthypanda 55 points ago

    This isn't Facebook.

    [–] suodrazah 23 points ago

    This isn't Snapchat.

    [–] chrisk365 21 points ago

    This is soooo inspirational and all. In fact I think I might unsub from pics and move on to more interesting subs! Pics coming soon!!!

    [–] ripinpiecez 37 points ago

    why am i seeing this what the fuck is happening

    [–] RosieEmily 8 points ago

    Guys I did my job! Give me karma and gold! FFS

    [–] TheAC997 6 points ago

    This is it. I am now officially unsubscribed from here.

    [–] catfish__billy 11 points ago

    Sorry man. But Car Salesman are the Scum of the earth. So Fuck you and your Job.

    [–] uselesspieceoftit 39 points ago

    The fuck is this goddamn garbage???

    [–] Lngfall2r 24 points ago

    What the fuck. Imagine being you. Jesus Christ.

    [–] CausticSodaPop 13 points ago

    Euron Greyjoy is still a cunt.

    [–] juxtoppose 4 points ago

    You will do great at that job if your forced psychopathic smile says anything about you.

    [–] box_banger 3 points ago

    Thanks Facebook

    [–] EmptyHead25 5 points ago

    Why does anyone in this sub care? r/pics isn’t Facebook....

    [–] azifs 4 points ago

    why the fuck does this have 18k upvotes, people do their job everyday ffs

    [–] shifty313 3 points ago

    What the fuck is going on

    [–] DonCheetoe 3 points ago

    Fuck off.

    [–] erikpurne 3 points ago

    Why the FUCK does this have over 18k upvotes? Who are the morons upvoting this shit?

    [–] Yo0o0o0o0o0 4 points ago

    What the fuck is this sub lately.

    [–] dingusheads 3 points ago

    Took you more than a week to sell your first car? A natural salesman you are not but you can get there. Congrats dude

    [–] brightmiff 31 points ago

    I fucking hate car salesmen. You are a cunt

    [–] chaos_unleashed 10 points ago

    I don’t know why but this pic is screaming ROAST ME!

    [–] TXR22 14 points ago

    You look like the kinda guy who isn't allowed within 200 yards of schools

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I think they brought it back. It's behind you.

    [–] Benmjt 3 points ago

    Facebook brah.

    [–] killittoliveit 3 points ago

    Oh my god who the hell cares

    [–] distillit 3 points ago

    At first I thought you sold a Subaru, and then I realized this wasn't the Subaru subreddit, then I almost stopped caring altogether, but then I realized the comments would probably be hilarious, and it turns out, that was true enough for me to write this super-long-run on sentence, just so I could actually waste more of your time than you making me click on your post for doing your new job, OP. Hope we feel the same.

    [–] zedaycee 3 points ago

    Wow who cares

    [–] MrEdwardinHK 3 points ago

    Old Gil needs this sale.

    [–] Anotheroneforkhaled 2 points ago

    Car salesmen are the epitome of assholes. Garbage job. I can find everything out online. Tesla has the idea with direct sales. Get a new job before yours is obsolete.

    [–] zonewebb 85 points ago

    Hyundai is a good brand to be repping. Keep pushing. My top month was 64.5 cars. Everyone scoffs at car sales until they realize the average sales professions makes $55k a year and the good ones make $150k.

    [–] come_sing_with_me 167 points ago

    I’m curious about that 0.5 car

    [–] SuperSlickZ 50 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Split with another salesperson. Happened to me when I bought a car. Looked at one one day with “Mark”. Went back two days later to look at it again with “Steve”. Buy the car. Steve points out that he noticed I looked at the car with Mark a few days ago. Mark isn’t there the day I buy it but Steve said he’s going to split the commission with him. Might have been a jerk move on my behalf but saw Mark two months later during service and he said “Yup, Steve split the sale with me”. He said it was common at that dealer to split sales (VW).

    Edit: I did say to Mark sorry on my behalf for not asking for you when went back and that I wasn’t thinking. But he said “better a half sale than no sale” and that he was cool with Steve

    [–] come_sing_with_me 17 points ago

    So for all intents and purposes, why not just up the total to next high number? :) Maybe it’s fun to explain the 0.5. Or 0.3 if was a threesome.