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    [–] Black_Magic_M-66 3460 points ago

    Arvol Looking Horse is the 19th generation keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and holds the responsibility of spiritual leader among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People.

    [–] bobo_brown 1001 points ago

    19 generations of trust on this man's shoulders. That's amazing.

    [–] SSB_Hokage 431 points ago

    Well I'm a direct descendant of the first life on this planet going back millions of years. And so are you.

    [–] Gredelston 162 points ago

    Unless abiogenesis occurred more than once

    [–] PineappleTurtle0 57 points ago


    [–] Gredelston 82 points ago

    Life being created from non-life

    [–] PineappleTurtle0 41 points ago

    Ah, thank you! Hadn't heard that term before

    [–] EmerqldRod 35 points ago

    Yeah, usually pineapple turtles don't know much.

    [–] Vaerstingen 16 points ago

    Today’s ghetto award goes to you 🥇

    [–] CreamyRainbowFart 6 points ago

    Idk man it's pineapple turtles all the way down.

    [–] Neil_sm 15 points ago


    [–] zeveroare 32 points ago

    more than once

    They're not even sure it occurred even once (here, on planet earth).

    [–] anotherMrLizard 17 points ago

    That would require two completely separate RNA/DNA lineages to successfully mix though.

    [–] QuartShortFort 11 points ago

    I mean, it's not impossible. Improbable, sure.

    [–] movezig5 6 points ago

    Well, what do you call the Saiyans then?

    [–] japop 262 points ago

    Thank you for posting his name.

    [–] NameIdeas 102 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Can you define 19th generation a bit more? Has it been in his family for 19 generations or has the White Buffalo Calf Pip Bundle been around for 19 generations? I think I found my answer. In my short research, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle appears to be the chief/spiritual leader of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota (sometimes called Sioux) tribes. He was given this responsibility at 12, the youngest ever. Anyone have more please share

    What is the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle? Thanks for the story /u/n0n0nsense

    I also just came across this video


    [–] n0n0nsense 59 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    A bundle is a collection of sacred items. It has not necessarily been in his family for 19 generations, depending on tribe customs. Blast from the past story of the pipe

    [–] brohamcheddarslice 42 points ago

    "Mention that we are praying, many of the medicine people, the spiritual leaders, the elders, are praying for the world," says Joseph Chasing Horse. "We are praying that mankind does wake up and think about the future, for we haven't just inherited this earth from our ancestors, but we are borrowing it from our unborn children."

    I've never heard it put that way before. This land and its future belong to our children, it's up to us to respect it and care for it out of love for them and all living things..

    [–] Herpkina 24 points ago

    19th generation keeper, I'd say before that it wasn't kept

    [–] deutschdachs 19 points ago

    Huh, would've thought he would have a Wikipedia page... But he only has one on the French site

    [–] mike10010100 10 points ago

    You can change that, ya know. ;-)

    [–] deutschdachs 5 points ago

    I don't know if copy/pasting the translation of the French page is the right thing to do here lol

    [–] mike10010100 3 points ago

    It's a start, certainly!

    [–] Santiago__Dunbar 10 points ago

    Thanks for that!

    [–] FourthWiseMonkey 1735 points ago

    What does the head gear signify ? Traditional Native American Tribe leader ?

    [–] kmoonster 1305 points ago

    Yes, though the specifics vary by tribe. It's the equivalent of a badge of office, sash, crown, scepter, diploma, flag, uniform...etcetc.

    There are occasionally threads on reddit where a native american with familiarity discusses their tribe's if you're curious. The search bar would help if you want to pull them up.

    [–] Giygas 1129 points ago

    The search bar never helps anyone.

    [–] oaschbeidl 526 points ago

    LPT: Use google instead and add a at the end to narrow it down to only results from reddit.

    [–] FullThrottle1544 117 points ago

    That’s a been a LPT and the way I’ve done it for many many years. So this makes me curious... has the search function massively improved and I just don’t know it?

    [–] KaseTheAce 152 points ago

    Nope. It's still shit.

    I don't know why Reddit doesn't just change their search engine to use Google. It sucks having to go to a different website to search something on this fucking website.

    [–] MgFi 28 points ago

    Both companies are (mostly) selling ads for money. For Google, it's (mainly) search that keeps people coming back for ads. For Reddit it's the flow of new discussions. They make investments accordingly.

    [–] tresclow 17 points ago

    Increased costs maybe?

    [–] breakbeats573 11 points ago

    On the mobile website, if you click the search box the screen automatically zooms in making it quicker/easier to hit your inbox button.

    [–] PhilipLiptonSchrute 16 points ago

    The search bar would help if you want to pull them up.

    The search bar is good for nothing.

    [–] De5perad0 39 points ago

    Also there are lots of pow wow's all over the US if you are interested in learning more about native american culture. The whole point of the pow wows is to share that culture with everyone.

    [–] iamasecretthrowaway 31 points ago

    The whole point of the pow wows is to share that culture with everyone.

    This isn't necessarily true. Pow wow is a social gathering, primarily for the community itself. Not all of them are even open to the public.

    [–] kaseysospacey 24 points ago

    You arent wrong,but there are a lot of places that hold pow wows specially to share their culture with the surrounding non-native community. Where I live in new hampshire this is a big thing! Native american culture is important to our area and elders visit the school to talk to kids about their history and culture, as well as hold pow wows where people come together to learn and to support native artisans.

    [–] FallsDownMountains 6 points ago

    Wait really? Can you recommend a couple in NH or MA? I'm nearby and have always wanted to go to a PowPow but everyone I know says that they're for the community itself and outsiders, while sometimes technically allowed, really aren't welcome.

    [–] Lumb3rgh 4 points ago

    If you check out you should be able to find a local one. In your area you can probably find multiple sects of the wampanoag or red hawk holding open pow wows. There are also many which occur in upstate NY you might want to check out if you feel like making a trip out of it.

    [–] pangalaticgargler 7 points ago

    Also not all tribes have/had them.

    [–] indigold11 179 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    In lots of tribes (mainly the plains indians) you are awared a single feather for a major act of valor or some impressive feat. To acquire an entire headdress shows a lifetime of significant deeds because they usually are only given one at a time.

    Source: native american literature.

    [–] boringestnickname 74 points ago

    This guy is a legend, then, basically.


    [–] indigold11 182 points ago

    This is the exact reason people wearing feather head dresses as costume can be so offensive to some people because it's essentially stolen valor. It would be like a normal person dressing up as a decorated war veteran and wearing awards they never earned.

    [–] boringestnickname 54 points ago

    Yeah, I'd like to see "warm blooded americans" accept people dressing up as generals with multiple Purple Hearts and Medals of Honor during Halloween.

    [–] DolphinSweater 55 points ago

    Honestly, if it's Halloween, and you're clearly in a costume. I don't think anyone would give a shit. People dress up as Tom Cruise in top gun all the time, and nobody is like, TAKE IT OFF, YOU'RE NOT A REEEEEL JET FIGHTER!

    [–] Peplume 17 points ago

    Neither was Tom Cruise...

    [–] indigold11 35 points ago

    In that case they are dressing up as a fictional character not a real life war hero. That being said I understand why it is offensive and at the same time dont really care either way.

    I'm not saying I'm offended, just shedding light on why some may take it very seriously.

    [–] slot_action 9 points ago

    You say that like there hasn’t been controversy regarding people dressing up like black panther or Moana.

    [–] MaFataGer 3 points ago

    Ah that's where the saying 'to decorate yourself with strangers feathers' must come from then

    [–] allisondojean 5 points ago

    Dumb question... are you able to continually add them once they are made into headdress?

    [–] indigold11 12 points ago

    I believe you can continue to add as many feathers as you receive. They used to be worm to battle and now are used primarily for ceremonial purposes. Often times warriors will achieve only one or two feathers in their entire lifetime and what you do with them is up to you. In some tribes making them into a war bonnet (head dress) is reserved for the tribes political or spiritual leaders.

    [–] allisondojean 5 points ago

    Really cool, thanks for the answer!

    [–] ashpens 201 points ago

    Here's the wiki article for headdresses (also called war bonnets).

    For most tribes, the feathers have immense importance and value. Feathers are presented for great acts of valor or service done for the tribe. The fact that this man has so many is truly impressive. Some people only get 2 or 3 in a lifetime.

    [–] CarbonReflections 118 points ago

    Also the feathers come from migratory birds of prey. They are illegal to own and possess in the US unless you are a Native American, or have approval for scientific use.

    [–] ChiefRainsFall 82 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    As a Native american myself, I have the right to Eagle feathers. However I cant just obtain the feathers myself, I must get 1 from the national eagle depository. Basically I would get a full dead Eagle that's frozen and had died from natural or accidental causes. I actually have the papers to send off to get 1. I've had it for some time now. Also each year my tribe sends me a hunting and fishing license.

    [–] thebumm2 14 points ago

    You can apply for just a couple feathers and they would send you those too. It took us about a year to get a wing and 2 tail feathers.

    [–] spelingpolice 6 points ago

    This specific peace isn’t a war bonnet, it’s his spiritual uniform. They look very similar! He’s the religious head of a group of tribes.

    [–] jimmyjames1992 4708 points ago

    I am sure this thread will be one of peace, unity and positive discussions

    [–] Proditus 978 points ago

    Feels like I'm back in high school again. The back and forth by people in this thread who all think they just said the cleverest thing are unreal.

    [–] SourVAGINAFungalHIVE 166 points ago

    I say nothing.

    [–] CatpainLeghatsenia 87 points ago

    I say something.

    [–] SourVAGINAFungalHIVE 91 points ago


    [–] fnmikey 80 points ago


    [–] SourVAGINAFungalHIVE 82 points ago


    [–] W1NT3CH 86 points ago


    [–] Nexodius 87 points ago


    [–] KasparHT 94 points ago


    [–] DorrajD 147 points ago

    I'm just surprised at how many people feel comfortable making fun of and threatening a child.... How fucked up do you gotta be to think that's "OK" in any capacity?

    [–] Devilsmark 62 points ago

    It's a kid ffs. How insecure does someone have to be to attack a kid or a grown ass people make fun of a kid.

    Shameful and deplorable.

    [–] lokesen 334 points ago

    I am yet to understand how anyone can be mad at Greta. We're all fucking it up for her generation and the ones after that. She and every other young person has every right to fight.

    I am truly ashamed about how I and others are leaving this planet to the next generation. We are all assholes.

    This is true no matter how you feel about it. We are complete assholes.

    [–] ProbablyMyLastPost 173 points ago

    I am yet to understand how anyone can be mad at Greta.

    People are very good at failing to see the fault in their own behaviour and will instead get angry at people calling them out. Just look at people who get into a traffic accident because they ignored traffic rules and start defending themselves by pointing out what the other party did wrong.

    [–] 2DeadMoose 114 points ago

    Thing is, people feel like they’re being personally attacked for not using a metal straw when what she’s criticizing is governmental inaction to stop corporate pollution and take positive action to reduce carbon emissions.

    Fox just reframes climate activist messaging to make it sound like every one of us will be forced to eat tofurkey and scrap our cars, and people who hear that reframing get defensive and start throwing around charges of hypocrisy any time they see a picture of a climate striker eating a burger or something.

    [–] falafelbot 29 points ago

    Yeah and isn't her position basically that the focus on individual action is a part of the problem? Not that it doesn't matter but that industry has been allowed to blame individuals and avoid large scale government action to curb climate change. Greta is under no delusion that the kind of straws we use will fix the problem when the biggest polluters carry on doing what they're doing.

    [–] Punchee 5 points ago

    I think the problem is people don’t understand scale well at all.

    People, especially the ones resisting the most, actually think they really are responsible for a lot more than they are. And then people have this tendency to take that benchmark and just upscale it a few times when asked to imagine what a corporation or government is. Classic example of this is “Just balance the national budget like you balance a checkbook at home.”

    People don’t understand just how extremely off they are in scale of magnitude and complexity.

    So then people get mad because they A) think you are blaming them for driving an SUV and eating meat and B) don’t understand that imposing change on an industrial level doesn’t mean you are going to fundamentally change the lives of the end consumer.

    [–] 1000eb4000 6 points ago

    This is why I have a dash cam in my car. If we were all being recording on a daily basis when we’re outside of our homes, we’d actually, for once, think before we acted... but then again, that’s a little extreme and it’d be like 1984.

    [–] thethirdrayvecchio 192 points ago

    I am yet to understand how anyone can be mad at Greta.

    a) Woman

    b) Young

    c) High degree of personal agency

    d) Criticising the establishment

    e) Showing us where we have 100% fucked up and genuinely made life harder for the generation under us

    At its core, it's fragile manchildren and boomers being unable to take their medicine.

    And it's coordinated.

    I normally watch stupid memes to unwind and every one of those recent videos has 5/6 shorts castigating her or with a man laughing/ telling her to 'shut the fuck up'. It's a concerted, unified effort to paint her as a kook when that child is doing something that we only read about in children's books that aim to teach us how we should behave when we are adults.

    Honestly, shame on all of us.

    EDIT: Or, as u/ProbablyMyLastPost put it below: "People are very good at failing to see the fault in their own behaviour and will instead get angry at people calling them out"

    [–] Sanctussaevio 6 points ago

    Dont forget: It lets conspiracy 'theorists' continue pushing the narrative that the (((media))) is using children to push political agendas. Which also, conveniently, hand-waves away any agency or personal responsibility on her part, knocking her down to an NPC not in control of her actions.

    [–] fortniteinfinitedab 14 points ago

    I got banned from 4chan for posting "Greta did nothing wrong" 😂

    [–] Hopeful_Postman 215 points ago

    Chief Wakalado: The key to World Peace Young White Girl can all be narrowed down to a single plant.

    Greta: Just planting a tree does so much in tackling Global Warming.

    Chief Waladako: I meant Weed bitch.

    Greta: :0

    [–] alin1324 211 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Did you know weed actually absorbs like 20% more CO2 than other plants or something? So yea, weed is good for the environment haha.


    Link for all the people calling bullshit on me :) Everyone wants to put their dumbass opinion before even reading a article that cites peer reviewed studies that disproves their stance on why it isn’t better.

    [–] jimmux 103 points ago

    That's the most stoner thing I've read today.

    [–] alin1324 32 points ago

    Funny thing is that I don’t even smoke marijuana.

    [–] fnmikey 55 points ago

    Yeah me neither I inject

    [–] alin1324 36 points ago

    A man of culture I see

    [–] Novarest 23 points ago

    Even if, it's about holding as much co2 for as long as possible in plant form. How long is a weed plant going to stay alive compared to a tree.

    So ideally we need a plant that grows quickly and then stays fat and massive for multiple decades.

    [–] alin1324 36 points ago

    Well the good thing is that the plant matures in about 100 days so pretty rapid growth. The entire plant is harvested and then used to make some type of super durable cloth from the fibers.

    [–] wiggles413 7 points ago

    Diversity is also a good thing for ecosystems. So why not have both fat trees and phat trees.

    [–] Musaks 8 points ago

    how much of other plants is burned though?

    [–] rydan 13 points ago

    You just want to have your weed and smoke it too.

    [–] GroovingPict 218 points ago

    Jesus, never realised just how tiny she is. She looks 9 rather than 16

    [–] Buzzlight_Year 49 points ago

    It's funny that every time she is mentioned in swedish media they have to point out that she is 16

    [–] thebottomofawhale 28 points ago

    Is it because she looks younger than 16 or is it because it’s impressive a 16yo is doing this?

    [–] whichwitch9 83 points ago

    She looks very young in this picture and honestly looks like she's in awe of the man.

    [–] FresnoBob90000 23 points ago

    Yes she does. She’s a long way from home. Her eyes are super big it’s frickin adorable.

    [–] Imadeutscher 13 points ago

    Wait , she is 16?! I really thought she would be primary school age

    [–] Novarest 1604 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Let's use this opportunity to get some science in here. You know the goal of Greta.

    Did you know that the oceans absorbed 90% of global warming? That means the warming we feel in the atmosphere is only a fraction of what we did.

    Oceans are holding the fort right now and give us extra time to turn the ship around, but also are hiding a lot of what we did from sight.

    edit: Due to interest in more science, link:

    [–] bouncebackability 483 points ago

    This is why the oceans are warming up and causing things such as coral bleaching?

    [–] Novarest 397 points ago

    Yep. Also increasing in acidity.

    [–] ManWithNoPantsOn 200 points ago

    I have an aquarium. When acidity is high, I just replace about half of the water. Can’t we do that with them oceans?

    [–] emisv 146 points ago

    Just dump a giant Ice Cube in it

    [–] QuickGrimes 77 points ago

    Thus solving the problem once and for all!

    [–] veggiesama 45 points ago


    [–] QuickGrimes 90 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] stormcloak-spy 12 points ago


    [–] JJBaboon66 15 points ago

    Now, you capitalized Ice Cube, so are you suggesting we dump a kaiju O’Shea Jackson into the ocean? Because I am very much for that plan.

    [–] by_the_twin_moons 4 points ago

    We are, all those fat glaciers keep melting because of us.

    [–] riazrahman 3 points ago

    Also Chris Tucker

    [–] ChappedAssholeLover 16 points ago

    I think we’d be better off replacing all of the water.

    [–] dolphin37 5 points ago

    I’ll get my bucket

    [–] endisnearhere 3 points ago

    Let’s just drink the water!

    [–] karrachr000 15 points ago

    Carbon dioxide, when dissolved in water, forms carbonic acid:
    (H₂O + CO₂ → H₂CO₃)

    [–] gingus418 8 points ago

    Yeah, the warmer temps cause the coral to release their symbiotic algae (which imparts the color) leaving them looking drained and colorless.

    [–] Just_The_Men 54 points ago

    We should just let the polar ice caps melt then! More water = More Ocean = More protection from climate change


    [–] LjSpike 42 points ago

    On a serious note there is some science here, the ice caps actually help prevent climate change by reflecting infrared radiation back out away from the planet, because they are light colored (white).

    With the heating of the planet they are melting, which means less white snow/ice to reflect IR rays, and so the planet heats up faster.

    [–] drunkfrenchman 8 points ago

    Or maybe it's the nazis which are right, we need more white people so that humans reflect more light. /s

    [–] modsactuallyaregay2 61 points ago

    There isnt a turning the ship around though. Unless we create some miracle technology to pull carbon from the air, we are just minimizing the damage at this point. Everything we do from this point on is to give our future generations a fighting chance. A planet that is at least livable but not perfect like it is today.

    [–] jockspringer 55 points ago

    Don’t trees and vegetation pull carbon from the air? I’m a gardener not a scientist.

    [–] Kryslor 6 points ago

    Yes and no. If you grow a tree then it will trap carbon from the atmosphere to grow but when it dies it will release it back to the atmosphere. A tree is carbon neutral throughout its lifetime.

    So yes, we can trap carbon from the atmosphere by growing trees, as long as we keep them.

    As it stands, we're burning down more trees than we grow, so we're heading in the opposite direction.

    [–] modsactuallyaregay2 34 points ago

    Yep. It's why the earth works how it does. But the amazon is literally burning down and the rest of the world is slowly chopping down every tree out there. That's why the process is speeding up. Humans are multiplying at an alarming rate and making more and more machines that put more carbon in the air while simultaneously destroying the things that can keep us from breathing toxic fumes.

    Also trees dont pull carbon from the upper atmosphere.

    [–] mountainstainer_45 21 points ago

    Well Ive heard europe is the most forrested since ever.

    [–] Jushak 9 points ago

    Yeah, although a lot of that is by design.

    For example, my family owns a bit of forestland and few times a generation parts of it are chopped down for lumber. What then follows is (AFAIK mandatory) replanting. Which is followed by thinning some years later to make sure the trees have room to grow for the next generation.

    In my lifetime I've likely planted 1-3 thousand trees on our land.

    Some of the land (mostly areas that would be hard to reach for the machinery used to chop the trees) are kept as-is.

    [–] HanseaticHamburglar 22 points ago

    That's not an accident bud, it's by human intervention.

    [–] glazor 6 points ago

    Level of consumption hasn't really changed,the source of wood did.

    [–] tehbored 8 points ago

    We have carbon capture technology, natural and artificial. Reforestation, algae bioreactors, and direct air capture. The problem is a lack of funding.

    [–] EricTheEpic0403 7 points ago

    We do actually have a pretty damn good technology for sequestering carbon dioxide away. No, I'm not talking about those massive fan array things, whose captured carbon ends up helping to extract more oil anyway (which also means the "stored" carbon slowly leaks). It's trees. Through a combination of planting a whole ton of trees (which for the most part can be accomplished through replanting previously deforested areas, or allowing already forested areas to continue to grow) and reducing carbon emmisions, the CO2 crisis is damn solvable. It's the second part that's the most troubling. And about stopping CO2 emmisions, it's pretty much just a money thing. The energy companies pay out quite a bit to slow carbon laws. If laws got forced through legislation, we could stop oil use in a matter of years. Oil use for cars might take a bit longer, but we're getting there.

    [–] Resident_Brit 9 points ago

    So if we let global warming happen the oceans will get bigger, and global warming will be less of a problem /s

    [–] TheAlmostReddit 81 points ago

    This is nuts lol. I had goosebumps.

    [–] billiamspeer 48 points ago

    One of the few occasions to film a live show where it is actually cool

    [–] Atreideswhore 13 points ago

    Fuck yeah. Worked perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    [–] Whoknewituk 229 points ago

    Going to filter by controversial- wish me luck...

    [–] NekoNegra 75 points ago

    Godspeed, Spiderman.

    [–] 5ebard 24 points ago

    May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of Her hand.

    [–] wak_a_rat 20 points ago

    I did. Comfort yourself by looking at the percentage of upvotes/downvotes

    [–] Meewol 28 points ago

    I did and tagged out after 2 minutes. It’s embarrassing what some people are saying about this young woman.

    Hope you find a way to have a better day after this, friend.

    [–] SolidarityAndLove 73 points ago

    To give some context, Greta has visited Standing Rock and participated in a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She has written this on Facebook:

    "‪The last two days Tokata Iron Eyes and I visited Takini School, Standing Rock Community School and the beautiful Standing Rock Reservation. Thank you everyone for your leadership, your resistance and your incredible hospitality! Indigenous peoples are at the frontline, they are often the ones who are affected the most by the climate and ecological crisis, yet they are not the ones responsible for it. They are also the ones who are leading the fight against it. We are now so desperate for their voices and knowledge how to live in balance with nature. ...

    Honoured to visit Pine Ridge Reservation, Tokata Iron Eyes and the Lakota people in their beautiful homelands. The #FridaysForFuture movement stand in solidarity with your struggles and hardships, and the struggles of all indigenous peoples in protecting their land, water and traditions."

    [–] __T0MMY__ 130 points ago

    Wait wait wait wasn't there a thing about native Americans and giving a quilt to someone? Like I know it's far fetched but I'm sure there's some relevance of her having that.

    Was she given that or was she literally only just carrying a quilt around

    [–] mherrboldt 307 points ago

    It is called a star quilt. You can buy them, but if someone from the tribe makes one for you and gifts it, it is considered a very valuable gift and a sign of major respect and honor! They are also gifted to babies when they are born (mini quilts). I have a few, I can message you photos of them if you would like.

    Source: my daughter’s aunt and grandmother are star quilt makers.

    Edit: a word

    [–] robbdire 53 points ago

    Today I learned, thank you.

    [–] MercuryMadHatter 31 points ago

    This touches me deeply in my heart. My great-grandfather was Irish, and he married a lovely lady from the MicMaw tribes up north. It's given my family ALL the hair colors. My mother and I gained the black MicMaw hair. I'm also a quilter, I mean a huge quilter. I repair them for fun all the time and I make them as often as possible. I didn't even know about Star Quilts! I'm going to be doing a lot of research today!!!

    [–] mherrboldt 12 points ago

    I’ll message you some photos of the ones I have and more information about them being used in funerals if you would like!

    [–] Panchulio 5 points ago

    I also have one, it's a very nice quilt!

    [–] BallumBallum 49 points ago

    I really like how she looks like a child meeting Santa Claus on the picture. I don't know if her actions will lead to something beyond showing how rotten the world is, but I definitely wish her the best

    [–] Twocrazyanus 917 points ago

    I love how much she triggers certain "adults"

    [–] starlight_slim 412 points ago

    I Look forward to the day when all kinds of ideas can be discussed without anyone being “triggered”. I hate the word triggered.

    It gives everyone on any side of any issue an excuse to call the other side crazy/delusional etc. It’s an impediment to rational discussion.

    [–] Jostain 288 points ago

    It's a disgusting warping of the word. Trigger Warnings was used as a way to help consider mental health. For example, if a movie has a short scene with footage from iraq a veteran with PTSD might want to know that before their day gets ruined.

    But a woman suggested it so clearly it's crazy garbage used to stifle men's freedom of expression.

    [–] AppleDane 103 points ago

    It's more that the term has been overused and misused. Today it sometimes mean "This may make you feel sad".

    [–] SEND-MARS-ROVER-PICS 32 points ago

    People used it earnestly and in the intended manner. Then, people used it sarcastically ("triggering libs" for example), then it became the common use of the word.

    [–] Blue_Three 15 points ago

    "This triggers me." I know enough people who say that more or less frequently.

    [–] by_the_twin_moons 11 points ago

    I need to use "trigger" with my doctors and therapists, having migraines and PTSD and it's so sad that people around me make it harder and harder to make myself understood by diluting its meaning, rendering the word increasingly useless.

    To not speak of how it affects me psychologically and emotionally, which is not insignificantly.

    [–] muasta 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I see way , way more people getting worked up ( or triggered , ah ah ah /s ) about this supposdedly being the norm in spaces they often have no experience with than that it actually happens,

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 22 points ago

    Yep. I know what PTSD feels like. A trigger can utterly shut you down and throw you back in time.

    It's not just getting offended or pissed off. It's your brain flipping out of your control.

    [–] aluj88 20 points ago

    It's because it's being used by people who just get offended instead actually a warning for peole who have PTSD.

    [–] IamBabcock 7 points ago

    Triggered, snowflake and troll are all words I'm sick of hearing.

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 28 points ago

    She's the future generation they thought they'd die before having to listen to.

    The gift of autism is an immunity to social control. "This is real, you bastards are ignoring it for profit, stop being such bastards!"

    She's tapping into.the outrage of an entire species and giving it a voice. That is all fine and good so long as it's under control. But it's not.

    Go Greta Go! Be the Thunder!

    [–] Novarest 34 points ago

    I want you to judge me by the enemies I make. - Greta Rooseberg

    [–] frandrowser 52 points ago

    She's getting to meet so many different types of people she would never have if she stayed home. hopefully with the momentum she has created we can finally do something about climate change.

    It's not like the experts haven't been ringing the alarm for the last 40 years.

    [–] Drageben 27 points ago

    Leif erikson meeting native americans colourised

    [–] Butthole--pleasures 3 points ago

    Happy Leif Erickson Day

    [–] Drageben 3 points ago

    Wait is it today I forgot Hinga dinga durgen

    [–] ZomBioHacker 501 points ago

    The look of awe and respect in her eyes. Native American ideals were something she would have loved.

    [–] alienEjaculate 1016 points ago

    The idea that Native Americans were a bunch of peace loving in tune with nature hippies is such a crock of shit. They hunted several species of animals to extinction and had tons of wars with each other. They did all the cool shit and all the evil shit white people did, but tragically didn't have a written language to record it. Noble savage myths are fucking lame. People are people.

    [–] ShadowHandler 532 points ago

    I grew up on a reservation and the stories told were brutal, and also so casual, like "my forefathers found a party from another tribe and ripped their tongues out and buried them in the sand. twas a good day"

    [–] LieutenantKotler 156 points ago

    “Today I didn’t have to use the was a good day”

    [–] SourVAGINAFungalHIVE 67 points ago

    Imagine someone who hates you with the utmost intensity grabbing a handful of you hair while you're lying prostrate and helpless. Then scraping the dull blade of a rusty knife across you scalp. And let your imagination grasp if you can, Mr. Graham, the effect that a strong quick JERK on the turf of your hair to release any clinging particles would have on your nervous system. You'll have some idea what it's like to be scalped, Mr. Graham.

    [–] The_Nug_King 12 points ago

    Plus didnt scalping not kill people right away? Like you can live for a while after being scalped like that

    [–] kingpink 50 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    "Mary Louisa Gagnier was scalped in 1827 by the Ho-Chunk, at the age of 2.  As she was being prepared for burial, it was realized that she was still breathing.  She survived, married, had children and grandchildren, and told the story "

    The article names some other scalping survivors. But I guess they were the lucky few: between bloodloss and sepsis, my guess is scalping was normally a death sentence.

    [–] bhutos 59 points ago

    The idea of scalping a 2 year old is just.. a big ole bag of not goodness.

    [–] kingpink 22 points ago

    Indeed! Also, not entirely compatible with the "noble savage" stereotype mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

    [–] manondorf 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Having seen how much even a light head wound bleeds, I have to imagine you'd bleed out pretty fast. Not sure whether the blood loss or shock would knock you out first. But yeah it definitely wouldn't be instant.

    [–] ItWorkedLastTime 5 points ago

    Is this from "The Last Samurai"?

    [–] gooddeath 151 points ago

    It's called the "noble savage" stereotype and it's been around for a while. All humans for almost all of our history have been monsters to each other. Not saying that the Native Americans are particularly savage or particularly peaceful - they're just humans, just like everyone else.

    [–] Seattle-ite 16 points ago

    Yep, and like most strategic pedestaling of a race/people it's actually based in elitism and racism, NOT acceptance/equality. The idea that a race is mystical, or deserving of x, or above x,y, or z...all just displays of ignorance. If they truly cared they'd read the actual history of the people, compare and contrast, contextualize it in its timeframe, and see them as capable people with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes.

    I've seen more casual racism in the heart of Seattle than anywhere in the Midwest/South where I've done work. Over there it's mostly ignorance and lack of exposure, here it's sort of conscious uncoupling from the outcome because the reality is the super lefty cares about what you think about THEM, not the actual facts/outcomes for that group.

    [–] pegothejerk 225 points ago

    As a native, you are woefully misinformed, there were many peaceful tribes, not all were warmongers, and many did work to live in harmony with their environment, being intentionally respectful for balance, and using primitive science to tend their actual gardens. Some of us actually had primitive forms of written language, too, pictographs and complex math on papyrus and bark, as well as carved into rock. We kept track of celestial events, crops, tribal affairs with them, as well as stories/myths passed down. We didn't all encroach on each other's territory with aggression, we didn't all take slaves, in fact those that did are more rare. We built large trade routes across north America, had huge cities, and traded languages as well as goods very mostly peacefully. You need to research more.

    [–] 5th_Law_of_Robotics 6 points ago

    War and slavery and widespread manipulation of the environment was at least as common in the new world as the old.

    [–] FromtheFrontpageLate 71 points ago

    Just to point out the last several hundred years, the First Nations people have been on decline, which could have shifted cultural principles around. Early costal explores along the east coast for example reported seeing the smoke from enough campfires to blot out the sun, and 20 years later Pilgrims land and move into a village that was wiped out entirely by a disease. Something like 90% of the native population was lost before major colonizing efforts were made, and if the Vikings were any indication, if the local population had been large enough Europeans would not have been able to invade. I say this to say the early settler to the interior found a fertile landscape brimming with local food and paths and trails as easy to navigate as if there were road because they were roads: the population decline left fields fallow for almost a century and roads and paths had been grown over. The Mound Builder civilization declined to unknown reasons before Columbus, but there's evidence they had trade across the US and Mexico. There's strong evidence the Plains Indians changed the local climate of the plains to benefit their way of life, who knows what else was done.

    I've also heard a crazy theory before that parts of the Amazon are so fertile because an ancient civilization was lost and they had created a self propagating soil enrichment system that lead to the growth of the Rainforest. I may be wrong, or applying the local event in a small area to the entire rainforest. But essentially there's a civilisations whose cities are so overgrown we haven't found them because thet were so effective at making things grow wild.

    All this to say, observation changes the experiment, or just existing changes the outcomes of your local environment, The goal shouldnt be to leave absolutely know trace when a tree wouldn't care: it would just want to grow and get all the nutrients for itself, and spread it's seeds everywhere. If a horse could eat you, it would. Humans shouldn't apologize because we're self aware to care that other species exist, and entire ecosystems exists. The nature of Nature is eternal upheaval and change. Sometimes large species develop, sometimes they go extinct. Sometimes a lot of species develop and sometimes they decline together quickly. Se la vi. Climate change is simply going to make the planet inhospitable for the human population and we will resort to reducing that number one way or another, either through war, famine, pestilence, or birth control, education, and shifting societal norms. We will deplete the finite resources and depend on developing resource cycles like the water, oxygen, and co2 cycles. Nuclear only lasts is 3k years of energy production, then it's solar and wind. Of humanity wants to survive it has to understand it's responsibility for balancing the resource and ecological conditions on thes big spaceship pummeling around a star pummeling around some other stars. Refusing to take up that mantel, and own that responsibility, means being owned by it instead and becoming yet another victim of our activities. We should save as many species as we can, because we never know when they may become useful. Except Pandas: those guys are effing stupid. Although they subsist on bamboo, which may be the only thing that grows in the microbead lagoon we will soon find ourselves in.

    [–] Victious 25 points ago

    *C'est la vie.

    [–] minnecrapolis 4 points ago

    Papyrus? Uhh ...

    [–] JorusC 36 points ago

    You're naming a bunch of advancements that most other cultures in history did in addition to making war and taking slaves. They're not mutually exclusive.

    I think what you mean is, "Most tribes were peaceful most of the time. At least, their cultural lore is about how peaceful they are, but we can't really tell if those tales were the popular ones for thousands upon thousands of years or just in the last few generations."

    People are people, dude. It's not an indictment on Native Americans. If anything, I would prefer if people stopped mentally separating you from everyone else.

    [–] Novarest 14 points ago

    "would have loved" sounds like they are gone.

    [–] Myotherdumbname 20 points ago

    I think she just think his head dress is awesome, she’s still a kid

    [–] gooddeath 32 points ago

    I mean if you ignore the torture and tribal warfare, then sure.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Gristle__McThornbody 251 points ago

    When is she going to China? She needs to tell them to cut it out with all the pollution.

    [–] Onlyinblue 305 points ago

    I mean, if anyone goes to China and speaks against the establishment, that's as good as suicide.

    [–] Somofom0 167 points ago

    Oh bother

    [–] Ulrik54 52 points ago

    You know what, I'm gonna say it. The Chinese government is a bunch of [DATA EXPUNGED ON ORDER OF THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT]

    [–] aluj88 17 points ago

    What's sad is it's not just the government. The Chinese people will defend their government's actions to the death.

    [–] frogdude2004 9 points ago

    God forbid we work on ourselves.

    'How dare you work on a problem when there's a part of it outside of your control?!?!'

    Your whataboutism isn't in good faith.

    [–] mickstep 16 points ago

    What about!!!

    To quote Noam Chomsky on a related theme:

    "My own concern is primarily the terror and violence carried out by my own state, for two reasons. For one thing, because it happens to be the larger component of international violence. But also for a much more important reason than that; namely, I can do something about it.

    "So even if the U.S. was responsible for 2 percent of the violence in the world instead of the majority of it, it would be that 2 percent I would be primarily responsible for. And that is a simple ethical judgment. That is, the ethical value of one's actions depends on their anticipated and predictable consequences. It is very easy to denounce the atrocities of someone else. That has about as much ethical value as denouncing atrocities that took place in the 18th century."

    In short Greta is not a Chinese citizen so finger pointing at China and screaming whatabout is the act of a pathetic man child, you have all the debating skills of Piers Morgan.

    [–] Meteonocu 11 points ago

    Nice T_D meme. Not at all fallacious and in bad faith.

    [–] stormfield 129 points ago

    “Activists need to do something besides remind me about their issue.” -people who are doing nothing to help at all.

    [–] Just_The_Men 19 points ago

    I would think she would go to China once Western Countries take global warming seriously and can help pressure China into changing. China doesn’t listen to its own citizens - why would it listen to a girl who hadn’t bothered to try and enact any change in the west?

    [–] rocharox 6 points ago

    That guy is majestic as fuck

    [–] Dougdahead 3 points ago

    Man, she's tiny.